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Views of Chile, circa 1880-1889

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Views of Chile

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Views of Chile
1 91.R.13-1 Señora Cousiño's Country Residence at Lota, Chile
1 91.R.13-2 In the Grounds of Señora Cousiño's Residence at Lota, Chile
1 91.R.13-3 Bird's-eye View of the Central Plaza, in Santiago de Chile
1 91.R.13-4 A street in Santiago, on One Side of the Central Plaza
1 91.R.13-5 The House of Congress, Santiago de Chile
1 91.R.13-6 Teatró Municipal, (Government Theatres), Santiago de Chile
1 91.R.13-7 In the Alameda, Santiago
1 91.R.13-8 In the Alameda, Santiago, Chile
Shows the Altar de la Patria with the equestrian statue of Bernardo O'Higgins in the Plaza de Libertador.
1 91.R.13-9 A street in Santiago, Chile
1 91.R.13-10 In the Quinta Normal, Showing the Museum, Santiago
In negative: Junta? S. Conch: Toro.
1 91.R.13-11 In the Quinta Normal, a Public Garden, Santiago, Chile
1 91.R.13-12 View on Santa Lucia Hill, Santiago
1 91.R.13-13 On the Santa Lucia Hill, Santiago
1 91.R.13-14 Patio of the Recoleta Monastery, Santiago de Chile
1 91.R.13-15 The Recoleta Church, in Santiago de Chile
1 91.R.13-16 Inside the Recoleta Church, Santiago
1 91.R.13-17 An Altar in the Church, La Caridad, Santiago de Chile
1 91.R.13-18 Procession of Corpus Cristi, (Body of Christ), in Santiago
In negative: Procesion de Corpus Santiago.
2 91.R.13-19 Front View of Señora Cousiño's Santiago Residence, Calle de Diez e Ocho
2 91.R.13-20 Grand Stair-case in Señora Cousiño's Santiago Residence
2 91.R.13-21 A Room in Señora Cousiño's House in Santiago
2 91.R.13-22 The Music-room in Señora Cousiño's House in Santiago
2 91.R.13-23 A Private House in Santiago, Residence of Señor Concha on the Alameda
2 91.R.13-24 A Hall in Señor Concha's House, Santiago
2 91.R.13-25 A Private Residence in Santiago de Chile
2 91.R.13-26 Up the Valdivia River, opposite the City of Valdivia, Chile
2 91.R.13-27 The Hotel at Vina del Mar, a Fashionable Resort in the Suburbs of Valparaiso
2 91.R.13-28 The Protestant Chapel in Valparaiso
The caption reads: The Protistant chapel in Valparaiso.
2 91.R.13-29 A Street in Valparaiso de Chile
2 91.R.13-30 Sea-men's Monument, near the Landing, Valparaiso, Chile
In negative: Monumento de la Marina Valparaiso.
2 91.R.13-31 A Familiar Scene in Chile
Depicts thatched ox carts.
2 91.R.13-32 A Familiar Country Scene in Chile
Depicts a cart on a village street.
2 91.R.13-33 Dancing the Cuaca, among the Lower Classes of Chileans
Photograph of a painting.
2 91.R.13-34 Typical Saloon of the Middle Classes, in Chile
Photograph of a painting.
2 91.R.13-35 Garden of Señora Cousiño's House

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