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Claude Fredericks papers, circa 1850-1988 (bulk 1941-1988)

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Fredericks (Claude) papers
Series IV. Photographs, film, and recordings, ca. 1850-1983 6.26 Linear Feet 15 boxes
Series IV.A. Personal photographs, ca. 1850-1983 2 Linear Feet
Subseries includes family photographs, many taken by Fredericks, personal photographs taken by Fredericks (and his friends) of travels, people, social occasions, and places. Photographs of Fredericks were taken by James Merrill on their trip to Europe, 1950-1951. Photographs ca. 1916-1983, taken by various people including Fredericks, document Fredericks, his home in Pawlet, Vt., his travels, family, and friends (boxes 49A, 49B).
41-42 Personal photographs, ca. 1850-1964
233 personal photographs mounted by Claude Fredericks on 9x11 inch boards, with detailed identification on the back of each board. Some images taken by Fredericks. See also oversize photograph of Fredericks in Europe in oversize box, below. See more personal photographs in boxes 49A and 49B.
43 Minox prints by Fredericks, 1963-1983
Minox prints of photographs by Claude Fredericks, 1963-1983 (nos 1-1791), with numbered envelopes containing detailed identification of persons and places. At the end are ca. 100 photographs taken of Fredericks in Europe by James Merrill, 1950-1951.
43 1 Prints 1-24
New York, October 1963. Diana Epstein, Jane Major, James Merrill, David Jackson.
43 2 Prints 25-40
Bennington, October 1963. Claude Fredericks's apartment at the College, David Jackson's pastel of a plate given to him and James Merrill and Fredericks.
43 3 Prints 41-70
Bennington, November 1963. William Meredith. Harold Farmer. Pawlet, November 1963. Harold Farmer, Jocko, Paul Stephenson, Marjory Davenport, Tom.
43 4 Prints 71-90
Pawlet, December 1963. Remmert Huyghens. Arlington, December 1963. Eugene & Anita Witten, Francis & Barbara Golffing. Bennington, December 1963. Ian Laskaris. Boston, December 1963. A friend of Harold Farmer's, Lawrence Hyman.
43 5 Prints 91-109
Putney, December 1963. Ian Laskaris & his family. Williamstown, December 1963. The barber, Ronald Brooks. On the train to Houston, December 1963. An unidentified traveller.
43 6 Prints 110-129
Houston, December 1963. Will McLendon, Marcel, Anna Dollison at The Green Parrot, Vira Fredericks and Ginger, Edward Soph, Vira Fredericks in the kitchen of the restaurant, the house of Russell Toothman, Blaine Hickey. The apartment of Vira Fredericks upstairs at the restaurant.
43 7 Prints 130-153
Pawlet, January 1964. Harold Farmer with Jocko and Tom. New York, January 1964. Sylvia Alloway. The apartment in the East Sixties of Lawrence & Sylvia Alloway. Greenwich, January 1964, at Ruth Stephan's house. Marguerite Young and Ruth Stephan. Stonington, March 1964. James Merrill & David Jackson. Boston, March 1964. Helen Black and Harold Farmer.
43 8 Prints 154-161
Pawlet, April 1964. Williamstown, April 1964. Manes Sperber, Georges Guy. Bennington, April 1964. Paul Stickles. Pownal, May 1964. The Pownal Racetrack. A fraternity party at Williams College. Near Williamstown, May 1964. The house of Paul Stickles.
43 9 Prints 162-185
Bennington, May 1964. Route Seven, The Four Chimneys, Paul Stickles. Williamstown, May 1964. Paul Stickles.
43 10 Prints 186-204
Williamstown, May 1964. A drunken walk near The Williams Inn, Claude Fredericks, Paul Stickles, Joe X., the bartender at The Country Restaurant.
43 11 Prints 205-236
Pawlet, May 1964. A drunken early morning in Pawlet after a night at the races in Pownal, Claude Fredericks & Paul Stickles. A visit to Paul Stephenson in Dorset. The Dorset quarry.
43 12 Prints 237-270
Pawlet, May 1964. Claude Fredericks, Paul Stickles, Freddy X., and X., at breakfast.
43 13 Prints 271-306
Williamstown, May 1964. Paul Stickles and Joe X. at The Country Restaurant, the house of Paul Stickles near Williamstown. Boston, May 1964. Friends of Harold Farmer, Harold Farmer and Helen Black with Claude Fredericks at Pier 9, Remmert Huyghens and his house in Wayland. Williamstown, May 1964. Paul Stickles at The Williams Inn.
43 14 Prints 307-337
Pawlet, June 1964. The night before and the morning of Paul Stickles's graduation at Williams, Claude Fredericks, Paul Stickles, William French, Freddy X., Joe X., Jill X. Williamstown, June 1964. The College. Paul Stickles's house.
43 15 Prints 338-374
Pawlet, early 1964. William French, Paul Stickles, Jill X. Pawlet, the evening before Claude Fredericks leaves for Greece. Charlotte Osborne, Robert Dash, Lewis Deane, Robert Isaacson. Pawlet, the morning Claude Fredericks leaves for Greece, Alice Moore, Betty Moore.
43 16 Prints 375-404
The S.S. France crossing the Atlantic, June 1964. The woman from Tulsa at Claude Fredericks's table on shipboard. The two Lesbians and X. at the swimming pool bar. Paris, June 1964. The boy from Zurich in the Sainte Chapelle. Laurence Triboulet from La Pergola. Athens, July 1964. Giorgos X.
43 17 Prints 405-446
Koroni, Pylos, Olympia, August 1964. Claude Fredericks & Giorgos X. in Koroni, at the house of Giorgos's parents nearby, in Pylos and Olympia.
43 18 Prints 446-478
Olympia, August 1964. Claude Fredericks & Giorgos X. The house of Giorgos's parents near Koroni again. The road back to Athens.
43 19-20 Prints 479-550
Benningtom, January 1965. The 421, Joanna's daughter, the girl William French was in love with in Paris, Kelton Miller, the editor of the local paper. Pawlet, January 1966 (?). Remmert Huyghens & Sieb Bohlken. Pawlet, February 1966. The morning Claude Fredericks leaves for Japan. New York, February 1966. The Plaza. Raleigh, February 1966. The YMCA, Chris X. Houston, February 1966. Blaine Hickey & Ogden Robertson at the Warwick Hotel. Honolulu, March 1966. The Royal Gardens.
43 21 Prints 551-560
The S.S. Canberra crossing the Pacific, March 1966. Scenes at sea, a first glimpse of Japan.
[Negatives in envelopes 22 through 32 do not always match the sequence of the numbered prints in this collection and seem in some cases to be missing. This is because Yoshihiro Yoshida took some of the negatives to Japan with him when he returned from America in July 1967 and returned them, or some of them, only after he had had prints of his own made. Some of Claude Fredericks's prints, too, were burned by Yoshihiro Yoshida while he was in America. The present prints of the negatives in envelopes 22 through 32 were made in 1978, when Claude Fredericks began to bring order to this collection.]
43 22 Prints 561-579
Kyoto, March 1966. Yoshihiro Yoshida & Claude Fredericks. The Royal Palace, Arashiyama that first day with Yoshihiro Yoshida
43 23 Prints 580-605
Kyoto, April 1966. Yoshihiro Yoshida & Claude Fredericks. Tea ceremony at the Sakura Festival. Photographs in this group mostly by Yoshihiro Yoshida.
43 24 Prints 606-614
Kyoto, April 1966. Don Erlich's garden and house in Kyoto.
43 25 Prints 615-645
Uji, April 1966. Kenichi Ishi, Yoshihiro Yoshida, Claude Fredericks. The Byodoin, the Uji dam.
43 26-27 Prints 646-661
Kyoto, June and July 1966. Kiyomizutera? The two boys are Tsuru from M'Sieur and a friend? Monkey Mountain in Arashiyama one Sunday with Yoshihiro Yoshida.
43 28a Prints 662-677
At Koya-san alone, staying at the Rengejo-in, July 1966. The boy who served Claude Fredericks meals, the woman who owned the temple-inn, the journalist who had become a monk-priest and sang Buddhist chant, Kiyomi Soeda.
43 28b Prints 678-695
Tagarasu, with Yoshihiro Yoshida, July 1966.
43 29 Prints 696-705
Pawlet, Fall 1966. Claude Fredericks, Yoshihiro Yoshida, Yoshitsune, Jonathan Williams, Ronald Johnson, James Merrill.
43 30-31 Prints 706-724
Jamaica, December 1966. Claude Fredericks and Yoshihiro Yoshida, the house in Port Antonio, expeditions.
43 32 Prints 725-746
Fort Ticonderoga, Stonington, Montréal, July 1967. Yoshihiro Yoshida & Claude Fredericks at Fort Ticonderoga, visiting James Merrill in Stonington, at the World's Fair in Montréal.
43 33 Prints 747-779
New York, 14 July 1967. Kennedy Airport, Yoshihiro Yoshida leaving for Japan. Pawlet, July & August 1967. The garden, the house, Yoshitsune, Japanese meals, Corinne Hyman.
43 34 Prints 780-811
Pawlet, September 1967. House scenes. Walter Scherk (Yoshihiro Yoshida's Parisian friend, Onassis's steward) and the young photographer he came with. Hunt Beyer.
43 35 Prints 812-855
Provincetown, Thanksgiving 1967. Fred Matthews. Houston, January 1968. Hermann Park with Edward Soph. The Green Parrot half demolished on MacGregor Way. 1400 Hermann, Anna Dollison, Vira Fredericks. Views from the hotel where Claude Fredericks lived, downtown on Main Street. Vira Fredericks in her kitchen. Jeremy Niendorf.
43 36 Prints 856-886
Marshall Texas, February 1968. Jeremy Niendorf. Pawlet, February 1968.
43 37 Prints 887-912
Pawlet, April to June 1968. The house. Orrea Pernel. Stuart Pettingill. Sieb and Astrid Bohlken. A dinner party with Anita Witten, Faith Westburg, Pat Adams, Eugene Witten, Barry Westburg. Kate Holabird on the lawn.
43 38 Prints 913-940
Pawlet, August 1968. Nicholas Delbanco and Kate Holabird on a walk near Pawlet. John Riordan and his parents. Robert Teare washing windows a few days before his wedding.
43 39 Prints 941-953
Pawlet, Fall 1968. Paul Stickles and Brady Harderode. Astrid Bohlken, her sister and Sieb Bohlken. Michael Benedikt. Robert Kelly's wife, and Tom X. the weekend they came to Pawlet with Jonathan Williams.
43 40 Prints 954-979
Pawlet, Fall 1968. Paul Stickles & Larry Friedman. Thomas Klein & Remmert Huyghens. Breakfast with Frederick Buechner & his family on Rupert Mountain.
43 41 Prints 988-1003
Pawlet, Fall 1968. Edward Soph. Joseph and Joy Dewey. Paul Stickles and Brady Harderode. Peekskill, January 1969. Visiting Edward Soph and his wife.
43 42 Prints 1004-1033
Pawlet, Spring 1969. Paul Stickles and Brady Harderode. Eugene and Anita Witten, with Timothy and Matthew. New Haven, Spring 1969. Henry Wenning and his wife. Stonington, Spring 1969. James Merrill and David Jackson. Peterborough, Spring 1969. Francis and Barbara Golffing.
43 43 Prints 1034-1052
New York, Spring 1969. Roland Williams.
43 44 Prints 1053-1067
Pawlet, May 1969. Roland Williams. Pawlet, August 1969. Yoshitsune, gardens.
43 45 Prints 1068-1097
Block Island, September 1969. Pawlet, September 1969, Roy Andrew Miller & Kobayashi. Bennington, October 1969. William Giles.
43 46 Prints 1098-1130
Pawlet, early September 1970. Nicholas and Ellen Delbanco's wedding breakfast, with Jon and Alice Cannon. Pawlet, late September. Louisa Putnam and Roger Putzel. Henry Rathvon.
43 47 Prints 1131-1196
Pawlet, September 1971. Kate Holabird, Michael Giaggiag. The table for the first anniversary of the Delbancos. Edward Behr and Alec Wilkinson.
43 48 Prints 1147-1167
New York and Pawlet, October 1971. Arthur Becker. Mauro Pejla.
43 49 Prints 1168-1179
New York, Fall 1971. Timothy Baker. Reuben X.
43 50 Prints 1180-1214
Pawlet, Fall 1971. Yasmin Aga Khan, David McCain. Rock Townsend. David Scribner.
43 51 Prints 1215-1221
Houston, Christmas 1971. Vira Fredericks, Nanette.
43 52 Prints 1222-1243
Pawlet, January 1972. Peter Golub, the house.
43 53 Prints 1244-1277
Pawlet, Summer 1972. James Merrill and Stephen Yenser. Timothy Baker. The house.
43 54 Prints 1278-1310
Pawlet, August 1972. William Osborne. James Spicer. Yoshitsune, Pawlet gardens.
43 55 Prints 1311-1342
Pawlet, September 1972. Peter Brodie. David Scribner. Thomas Klein. Ann Goldstein. Charles Lyon.
43 56 Prints 1343-1369
Pawlet, October 1972. Robert Sabin. Mark and Charles Lyon. Pawlet, December 1972. Charles Lyon.
43 57 Prints 1370-1383
Houston, Christmas 1972. Vira Fredericks. Pawlet, 21 June 1973. Charles Lyon. (Some prints are missing.)
43 58 Prints 1384-1412
Pawlet, 22 June 1973. Charles and Mark Lyon on their 21st birthday. (Some prints are missing.)
43 59 Prints 1413-1436
Pawlet, August and September 1973. Peter Brodie. Charles Lyon.
43 60 Prints 1437-1451
Pawlet, October-November 1973. Charles Lyon. Pawlet, 1 November 1973. The morning after the great pine fell.
43 61 Prints 1452-1480
Mykonos, Thera, Crete, July 1974. Mykonos: the beach beyond the hotel; Thera: the temple of Apollo; Crete: in Vasitti the cave of Zeus, wartime Herakleion, Gerald Glynn and Elaine Williamson.
43 62 Prints 1481-1487
Pawlet, Summer 1975. David Beeken.
43 63 Prints 1488-1508
Pawlet, Fall 1975. David Beeken, Roger Kimball.
43 64 Prints 1509-1537
Pawlet, Spring 1976. David Beeken. Houston, Christmas 1976. Vira Fredericks, Anna Dollison, Sparky. Pawlet, Fall 1977. The washed-out bridge. The desk. Pawlet, January 1978. The car in the snow.
43 65 Prints 1538-1567
Pawlet, January 1978. The blizzard. House interiors. David Beeken.
43 66 Prints 1568-1592
Wells, Vermont, 18 April 1978. David Beeken on his birthday. Pawlet, April 1978.
43 67 Prints 1593-1620
Pawlet, May 1978. Tam Stewart, Mark Livingstone, David Beeken. Pawlet, Summer 1978, David Beeken.
43 68 Prints 1621-1654
Pawlet, August 1978. David Beeken. The gardens, Yoshitsune's grave. Roger Kimball, Thomas Matthews, David Beeken. The lawn.
43 69 Prints 1655-1686
Houston, Christmas 1978. Vira Fredericks and Sparky. Pawlet, Spring 1979. The house. Bennington, May 1979. Timothy Cahill in Fredericks's office at the College.
43 70 Prints 1687-1717
Bennington, Spring 1979. Mark Lyon in Claude Fredericks's office at the College. Pawlet, August 1979. Bruce Beeken and a friend, David Beeken.
43 71 Prints 1718-1723
Pawlet, October 1979. David Beeken.
43 72 Prints 1724-1749
Bennington, January 1982. Edward Fox.
43 73 Prints 1750-1774
Bennington, March 1982. Edward Fox. Pawlet, March 1982. The blizzard. Bennington, Spring 1982. David Miller.
43 74 Prints 1775-1791
Bennington, Spring 1982. Timothy Cahill, Donald Furness. Pawlet, Fall 1982. David Beeken, the fallen pines. Houston, December 1982. Vira Fredericks. New York, January 1983. Mark Lyon in James Merrill's apartment on 72nd Street.
43 75 Photographs by James Merrill of Claude Fredericks in Europe, 1950-1951
49A-49B Photographs of Claude Fredericks, family, travels, and friends, 1916-1983
Arranged chronologically. Some photographs taken by Fredericks, others by friends, family. Includes photographs by Carl Van Vechten, and one portrait of Van Vechten by Man Ray, another by Hoyningen-Huene (1948). Many images are snapshots. Three folders at the end of Box 49A document productions: "The Idiot King" by The Living Theatre, 1954 (photographs by Evelyn Hofer); Claude Fredericks's productions of "Funa Benkei" at Bennington, 1965; and his production of "Agamemnon," Bennington, 1982 (see also Box 84). See Box 50 for more photographs of productions.

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