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Charles Henri Ford papers, 1906-1989 (bulk 1939-1989)

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Charles Henri Ford papers, 1906-1989, bulk 1939-1989
Series VII. Personal and business documents, 1936-1986
The series contains miscellaneous official and personal documents, momentos, guest lists, mailing lists and assorted items of a miscellaneous nature. Some of the files relate to Ford's sister, Ruth Ford, to Gertrude Cato Ford, and to the estate of Pavel Tchelitchew. The material in this series was originally interspersed with correspondence. Oversize items are filed in Box 77* and flat file folder 3**. See Series VIII for more material about Ford.
Box Folder
54 1 Chronologies, undated
Biographical sketches and chronologies of Charles Henri Ford, Pavel Tchelitchew, Reepak Shakya and Indra Tamang
54 2 Bibliographies, undated
Works of Charles Henri Ford, with annotations regarding reprints.
54 3 Official documents, undated
Contracts; certification for English conversation class for Indra Tamang; estate documents for Pavel Tchelitchew and Annie B. Aycock; visas and passport documentation.
54 4 Passports, 1955-1981
Renewed and re-issued passports for scattered years (5).
54 5 International certificates of vaccination, 1972-1980
54 6 Health care documents, undated
Medical reports and x-rays.
54 7 Books signed to Charles Henri Ford
54 8 Personal notes, undated
Short personal notes, memoranda, maps to friends houses; includes some annotations on literary works.
54 9 Gertrude Cato Ford papers
School report cards, church membership, estate records.
54 10 Preparatory material for an exhibition: "Postcards to Charles Henri Ford," 1976
Gallery announcements, press releases, mailing lists.
54 11 Photocopies of postcards in exhibition: "Postcards to Charles Henri Ford," 1976
54 12-13 Postcards
54 14 Bellevue Press postcards
54 15 Membership cards, undated
YMCA, New York, Social Security, Medical Information card, The Cavern.
55 Photographs
55 1-6 Family snapshots, passport and other photographs
Some that may have been used as artistic sources. The photographers include Ford, Ruth Ford, Ira Cohen and Indra Tamang.
Box Folder
56 1-12 Address books, ca. 1950s
Box Folder
57 1-6 Address books, ca. 19--
58 Guest lists, mailing lists, ca. 1939-1986
58 1 Guest registers, 1939-1951
Ford and Pavel T. in Weston, Connecticut.
58 2 Guest registers, 1955, 1973
Chez Francois Reichenbach, Place des Etats-Unis, Paris, 1955.
Kathmandu experience, in a chemistry exercise book, 1973.
58 3 Guest registers, 1979-1980
"High tea at the Dakota" (New York City).
58 4 Guest register, 1980 October 15
58 5 Dinner party, 1986, June 26
Notes, letters, guest lists and a photograph related to a dinner party given by Ruth Ford for Operation Minotaur's Handshakes from heaven II.
58 6 Mailing list, 1975
For the Kathmandu experience, New York Cultural Center.
58 7 Old mailing list - finished business, 1981 Jan
58 8 Mailing list, 1982
58 9 Mailing lists, 1986, undated
Out of town, foreign, the Dakota (1986), Press, and Couri Hey.
59 Guest lists and mailing lists, ca. 1966, undated
59 1 Miscellaneous mailing lists
59 2 Mailing list for Silver flower coo
59 3 Old lists (Johnny Minotaur premiere)
59 4 List lend to Iolas
59 5 Lists and labels no. 2 (duplicates)
59 6 Mailing list typed for photocopying, gummed labels
59 7-11 Guest and mailing lists for various events
Lists for teas, parties, Christmas cards, screenings, exhibitions and other events.
60 Things to do, 19--
60 1-8 Lists of things to do
People to call and visit, letters to write, errands to run, and inventory and grocery lists. Arranged chronologically by year.
Box Folder
61 1 Printed matter
61 1 Objects
61 1 Photographs
61 2 The Dakota [apartment in New York]
Directory and sheet regarding tipping staff at his apartment in New York.
61 3 Holy bible with 4-leaf clovers, 1946
61 4 Tru-Vu film viewer of Gypsy Rose Lee performing a strip tease
Box is addressed to P. Tchelitchew.
62 Miscellaneous items
62 1 Unopened birthday present
From Hasley, Denise Mercedes, Patrick Mack.
62 2 7 Photos of Zachary, 1985
Photos of the actor Zachary Scott (married to Ruth Ford), a present from Ford's sister.
62 3 Paris jazz, 1985
Audio cassette tape. Note on envelope: " 1985 Paris tape - begins with Ted Joans re Operation Minotaur. Side II - Jazz, etc."
62 4 Material related to looking for a loft, 1975
Classified advertisements with notations.
62 5 Rental advertisements
Rough drafts for ads.
62 6 All about everybody, 1936-1949
Miscellaneous autographs.
62 7 Press photographs, 1980
"A gift of Balarama."
62 8 Goa: Photos and documents
Notes, newspaper clippings and photocopied articles about Goa, India.
62 9 Illustrations
Printed illustrations of Hindu and Buddhist deities. See also flat file folder 3** for oversize items.
3** Illustrations of Hindu dieties
Oversize items from Box 62, folder 9.
Box Folder
62 10 Indra's notes
62 11 Proposal for an anthology
Entitled The Page as alternative space, co-edited by Martha Wilson and Ingrid Sischy.
62 12 Business cards
62 13-14 Pamphlets - various
62 15 Yoga information
62 16 Horoscope and bio-rhythm information
62 17 Rough drafts for a social column
High Tea at the Dakota. Leonora Carrington.
62 18 Accounts, Kathmandu, 1981
62 19 Order forms
Completed, but unsent orders for books, slides, senior discounts, etc.
62 20 Recipes
62 21 Seeds
3 packets.
Box Oversize
77* 6 Himalayan View Calendar

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