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Charles Henri Ford papers, 1906-1989 (bulk 1939-1989)

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Charles Henri Ford papers, 1906-1989, bulk 1939-1989
Series V. Blues 10, 1978-1989
Correspondence and literary manuscripts related to Blues 10, the tenth issue of the literary journal first published by Ford as Blues: a magazine of new rhythms, in Columbia, Missouri, 1929-1930 (vol. 1-vol. 2, no. 9). Blues 10 was published in 1989 as Unmuzzled ox, vol. 12, no. 4 (no. 26).
47 Letters from poets and writers, 1978-1979
47 1-3 Bennett, Will
47 1-3 Bly, Robert
47 1-3 Boultenhouse, Charles
47 1-3 Bowles, Paul
47 1-3 Burroughs, William S.
47 1-3 Cohen, Ira
47 1-3 Dickenson, George-Thérèse
47 1-3 Farrell, James T.
47 1-3 Garner, Sky
47 1-3 Ginsberg, Allen
47 1-3 Grillo, Paul
47 1-3 Gurewitch, Morton
47 1-3 Gysin, Brion
47 1-3 Higgins, Dick
47 1-3 Jaffe, Susan
47 1-3 Jones, Ted
47 1-3 Kostakis, Peter
47 1-3 Kostelanetz, Richard
47 1-3 Kowitt, Steve
47 1-3 Norse, Harold
47 1-3 Penzi, James
47 1-3 Roditi, Edouard
47 1-3 Rorem, Ned
47 1-3 Sauer, Ronald F.
47 1-3 Tavel, Ronald
47 1-3 Thomson, Virgil
47 1-3 Valaoritis, Nanos
47 1-3 Waldman, Anne
47 4 Blues 10 photographs
Photographs (b/w) of Mark Mendel word piece.
47 5 Blues 10 - manuscripts of works published
Works and or letters from: R.F. Sauer, John Digby, Ben Maddow, Ira Cohen, Paul Grillo, Bill Wolak, Tom Peterson, Valery Oisteanu.
47 6 Rejected manuscripts, and letters from writers
Allen Ginsberg, Jim Goodman, Bill Wolak, Anne Waldman.
47 7 Rejected manuscripts, and letters from writers
Works and or letters from: William Burroughs, Ira Cohen, Bill Wolak, Andrei Codrescu, Ted Joans, Edouard Roditi, R.F. Sauer, John Digby, Edouard Rodin, Ben Maddow, George Thérèse Dickinson, Paul Bowles, Virgil Thomson, Parker Tyler.
47 8 Rejected manuscripts, and letters from writers
Works and or letters from: Richard Kostelanetz, Edouard Roditi, Ronald Tavel, Edmond Jabès, Anthony Rudolf, Sky Garner, Harold Norse, Laura Beausoleil, Brion Gysin, Steve Kowit, George Thérèse Dickenson, Will Bennett, Nanos Valaoritis.
Box Folder
48 1-3 Manuscripts and letters
Works by: Parker Tyler, Will Bennett, Morton Gurewitch, R. F. Sauer, Charles Plymell, James Penzi, Ronnie Burke, Anne Waldman, Edouard Roditi, Peter Kostakis. File of rejected manuscripts?
48 4-7 Manuscripts and letters
Works by: Andrei Codrescu, Ira Cohen, Bill Wolak, George Thérèse Dickenson, Harold Norse, Paul Bowles, Ben Maddow, Neil Hackman, John Digby, Coburn Britton, Morton Gurewitch, Brion Gysin, Nanos Valaoritis, Bill Wolak, Valery Oisteanu, Paul Grillo, Dick Higgins, Peter Kostakis, Harold Norse, Donald Windham, Sam Abrams, Kit Knight, Ronald Tavel. File of rejected manuscripts?
Box Oversize
77* 4 Manuscripts, oversize

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