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Charles Henri Ford papers, 1906-1989 (bulk 1939-1989)

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Charles Henri Ford papers, 1906-1989, bulk 1939-1989
Series III. Ford's manuscripts, 1933-1986
Series IIIE. Notes on poems, ca. 1945-ca. 1985
The subseries contains sheets with titles and notes, although the relationship of the notes to the poem titles is ambiguous due to Ford's repeated changes. Files also contain supportive materials, such as vocabulary lists, review clippings and notes for illustrations. Titles are descriptive or taken from Ford's original folder labels. Arranged alphabetically by title.
45 Notes, ca. 1945-ca. 1985
45 1-2 Miscellaneous notes I, 1950, undated
Typescript and manuscript notes on Baudelaire, with corrections. Titles at the tops of many pages, such as: "Notes on Labyrinth - Imagery for chapter V"; "The Mirror of Baudelaire"; "Notes on Le Spleen de Paris"; "Phoenix sun"; "Notes (7/26/1950) Sun and Sea."
45 3 Miscellaneous notes II, undated
Manuscript and typescript notes with corrections refer to a number of works in various stages in their production, including: "Johnny Minotaur," "Distilled birthmarks," "Mirages in a labyrinth," "Om Krishna," "Haiku," "A Text," "The Kathmandu experience," "Silk purses," "Secret haiku," "The book of hidden lights," and others.
45 4 Notebook: poems first drafts and vocabulary, 1976
Manuscript includes poems, vocabulary lists and notes, beginning 11/13/1976. Notes under titles: "Om Krishna," and "Lizard behind the curtain."
45 5-6 Poems: imperfect copies, undated
Poems date from before 1985. Typescripts and manuscripts of poems and notes, with corrections. With note: sealed Aug. 20, 1985 .
45 7 Mss poems for archive II (copied), undated
Typescripts and manuscripts of poems and notes, with corrections. With note: sealed Aug. 20, 1985.
45 8 Mississippi notes and re-copied material, (before ) undated 1980
Notes, seemingly taken from reviews, along with vocabulary lists, notes on works, recopied rough drafts and lists of titles. Note on cover: Sealed for archive II, 22.ix.80.
45 9 Notes for illustrations, undated
Manuscript notes about covers for Water from a bucket, View (magazine) and ABC's.
45 10 Notes on poems, 1945
Notebook contains manuscript notes on various poems. Notes on cover: "Prelude {\#}1 to Volume I," and "For Yale University Library: to be sealed until 2000 A.D."
45 11 Notes on poems, 1946-1947
Notebook with manuscript notes on various poems, and journal entries. Notes on cover: "School of existence - 1946-1947," and "Prelude {\#}2 to Volume I."
45 12 Piero Tmar, 1954
Notebook with manuscript notes, contains various titles: "Piero Tmar," "A Life," "Statues in the decor," "Piero," "The Last palace," "The Voice of a man," "A Guiding star."

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