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Charles Henri Ford papers, 1906-1989 (bulk 1939-1989)

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Charles Henri Ford papers, 1906-1989, bulk 1939-1989
Series III. Ford's manuscripts, 1933-1986
Series IIIB. Haiku and Imprints (I-IV)
Material related to Ford's collaborative work with Reepak Shakya on the collection of Ford's haiku entitled Haiku & Imprints (I-IV). The subseries contains material from various stages of production, including original paste-ups of text, hand-colored copies of Reepak's collages and his silhouette cut-outs, as well as the 2 of the finished books. See also Works of art series for possibly related material.
Box Folder
38 1 Haiku & Imprints I, and Haiku & Imprints II, 1984-1985
With collage prints by Reepak Shakya. Kathmandu, Nepal: An Operation Minotaur Manifestation.
38 2 Reepak collage postcards with Ford haiku, undated
Notebook containing hand-colored, photocopied collages glued to postcards and set on pages opposite Ford's haikus.
38 3 OM postcardiograms, 1984
Printed and hand-colored postcards of Reepak Shakya's collages. Note on outer envelope indicates these are from First series, set of 20.
38 4 Enlarged collaged prints, undated
Hand-colored and enlarged from Haiku & Imprints.
38 5 Haiku with collages, undated
Photocopies of haiku juxtaposed and integrated with hand-colored collages (by Reepak Shakya?).
38 6 Haiku by Ford and collages by Reepak Shakya, undated
Photocopies (some hand-colored) of signed and dated collages juxtaposed with haiku.
38 7 Reepak collages, Ford haiku, undated
Hand-colored photocopies of collages glued to graph paper, and photocopies of haiku
38 8 For Reepak to color, undated
Photocopies of collages, some juxtaposed with haiku
38 9-11 Collages I, undated
Original, hand-colored collages by Reepak Shakya with some photocopies of haiku in typographic compositions; and original collages for VIEW.
38 12-13 Collages II, 1986
Original hand-colored collages by Reepak Shakya juxtaposed with haiku.
38 14 Collages III, 1984
Original collages by Reepak Shakya juxtaposed with haiku.
Box Folder
39 1-2 Final production materials, undated
Include original collages at scale of final publication, title pages (including for Public haiku and Operation Minotaur), photocopies, collages, photographs, colophons.
39 3 Production materials, undated
Includes title pages, haiku and silhouette imprint proofs.
39 4 Watercolor prints, undated
Proofs of the silhouette prints, one hand-colored photocopy, 2 geometric watercolor designs
39 5-7 Imprint proofs, 1984
2 envelopes and one notebook of proofs of the silhouette imprints. Envelopes are labeled: " 1984 Imprint proofs (rejects)" and " 1984 Imprints (reserve) framing possibilities."
Box Folder
40 1-6 Silhouette Imprints, undated
Silhouette imprints of cut-out, symmetrical designs used in the printing of pages between the text, also preliminary designs and printing examples.
41 Production materials, undated
41 1-2 Silhouette imprints
41 3-4 Printed sheets
41 5 Blank sheets of paper
Samples of paper used for final production.
41 6 Binding boards
Made of handmade papers tie-dyed and produced by Bhagtapur Decorative Paper Products, Bhagtapur, Nepal.

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