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Charles Henri Ford papers, 1906-1989 (bulk 1939-1989)

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Charles Henri Ford papers, 1906-1989, bulk 1939-1989
Series III. Ford's manuscripts, 1933-1986
Fords manuscripts in various stages of revision. Arranged by titles, and type of manuscript.
Series IIIA. Manuscripts with distinct titles, 1933-1985
Subseries contains clearly titled manuscripts and collected notes for drafts of manuscripts, in various stages of revision. Some of the manuscripts have other, crossed-out, titles on them. Arranged in alphabetical order by title.
30 Manuscripts B-D
30 1 "The Bird and the cat," 1952
Typescript and manuscript with many corrections; folder contains notes and script. Related in subject to the manuscript "One of the thirty-six"; one page is dated 1952.
30 2 "The Charles Henri Ford experience: an autobiography," (?) 1974
Typescript with minor corrections. Originally titled, "Intimate images" (crossed out on first p.). See "The Kathmandu experience" for similar and related material.
30 3-5 "Confessions of a freak," undated
Typescript with minor corrections.
30 6-7 "Culture clash," (?) 1978
Typescripts and manuscripts with corrections.
30 8 "Diary of a decade," undated
Photocopy of typescript with corrections. The decade described is 1948-1957.
Many pages are missing.
30 9 "Diary of a decade," undated
photocopies, illustrations with publication and identification notes.
31 Manuscripts D-I
31 1 "Distilled birthmarks," 1973
manuscript with corrections.
31 2 "Distilled birthmarks" I
31 3 "Distilled birthmarks" II
31 4 "Distilled birthmarks," recopied from I and II
31 5 "Drawings," undated
Typescript with minor corrections. Note on outer envelope: "first drafts and mms poems, sealed 20 Aug 1985."
31 6 "Golden dice in the fountain: an oriental idyll," undated
Photocopied typescript with extensive revisions.
31 7 "Ideas and events," undated
Typescript with minor revisions.
31 8-9 "The Innocent sleep: a play in three acts," 194?
Typescript of final draft without corrections. 2 copies. Alternate title listed on one copy: "Time is a dream."
31 10 Interview tapes with Ira Cohen: conversations with Charles Henri Ford, Kathmandu, 1974
Audio cassette tapes of interview to be published in Gay Sunshine: a journal of gay liberation, no. 24, Spring 1975.
Box Folder
32 1 "Interview with Charles Henri Ford" by Lynne Tillman and Clive Phillpot, 22 Oct 1980
32 2 "The Irresponsibles," undated
Typescript of play with extensive revisions. Original title on first page is crossed out: "No Thanks for Love: a serious comedy."
32 3 "Johnny Minotaur," 1967-1969
Manuscript notes, including notes for a scenario, technical notes.
32 4 "The Kathmandu experience," undated
Typescript with extensive revisions. With several crossed out titles. See also "The Charles Henri Ford experience: an autobiography" for related material.
32 5 "The Labyrinth," undated
32 6-9 "Labyrinth of Baudelaire," 1952
Typescripts and manuscripts with many corrections. See also "What about Poetry and other notations including a paper on Baudelaire" for related material.
Box Folder
33 1-4 "Life of a Child," 1933-1934
Typescript with minor corrections.
33 5 "Maura," undated
Typescript with minor corrections.
33 6-7 "Night is my mother," undated
Typescript of final draft. 2 copies.
33 8-11 "Nora's Novel (Mississippi)," (?) 1933
Manuscript with corrections.
33 12 "Om Krishna," 1977
Note on outer envelope: "Aileen's typing from my final draft. Phase III XVI missing (insert inserted), 1977."
Box Folder
34 1-2 "Om Krishna," undated
Typescript with corrections. With added and crossed out titles: "Book One: Distilled birthmarks," and "Special effects."
34 3 "Om Krishna I: Special effects," pp. 81-133, undated
Typescript with minor corrections.
34 4 "Om Krishna I: Special effects," pp. 81-86, 88-133, undated
Photocopy of above typescript.
34 5 "Om Krishna III: Secret haiku," or 1984 1986
Typescript with minor corrections, and notes about publication.
34 6-9 "One of the thirty-six: a dramatist's notebook," 1951-1954
Typescript and manuscripts with many corrections. Includes notes, clipping, drafts of story in prose, scenario and script form. See also "The Bird and the cat."
Box Folder
35 1-4 "Playback," 1980
Manuscripts and typescripts with extensive revisions. Also notes, scenarios and scripts for play. Most complete typescripts are in folders 3 and 4.
35 5 "Poe," 1952
Typescript and manuscript with corrections. Includes notes and scenario for play.
35 6-9 "The Poet in Kathmandu: an oriental idyll," (?) 1981
Typescript with extensive revisions. See also "The Kathmandu experience"
35 10-11 "The Poet in Kathmandu: an oriental idyll," incomplete
Photocopy of typescript with "cut and paste" corrections, only pp. 65-184.
35 13 "Poetry postcards, series 3," 1985
Set of postcards published by the Alternative Press, 1985, and including "Eight Words" by C.H. Ford.
35 14 "Portrait of the artist as a young whore," undated
Typescript and manuscript with many corrections.
Box Folder
36 1-2 "Sacred athlete," related poems and notes, 1950-1951
Typescript and manuscript with many corrections. Includes notes, including plans for a play. Five different titles written at the top of various pages.
36 3-12 "Silver flower coo," 1968
Typographical composition of collaged printed fragments, with notes for publication. Note on outer envelope: "Ford original paste-ups for Silver Flower Coo; for Archives II; Sealed March 31, 1968."
Box Folder
37 1-2 "Special effects," undated
Typescript with many corrections. "Sealed November 23, 1971."
37 3 "Street of stairs" (out-take), undated
Typescript with minor corrections.
37 4 "Theater of the Meaningless," undated
Typescript with corrections.
37 5 "To be: an autobiographical sketchbook," undated
Typescript with minor corrections.
37 6 Untitled play, undated
Typescript with extensive revisions.
37 7-9 "What about Poetry and other notations, including a paper on Baudelaire," 1952
Typescript with minor corrections. Includes: "From a record of myself," and "The Labyrinth of Baudelaire. See also Box 32, f. 6-9 for related material.
Series IIIB. Haiku and Imprints (I-IV)
Material related to Ford's collaborative work with Reepak Shakya on the collection of Ford's haiku entitled Haiku & Imprints (I-IV). The subseries contains material from various stages of production, including original paste-ups of text, hand-colored copies of Reepak's collages and his silhouette cut-outs, as well as the 2 of the finished books. See also Works of art series for possibly related material.
Box Folder
38 1 Haiku & Imprints I, and Haiku & Imprints II, 1984-1985
With collage prints by Reepak Shakya. Kathmandu, Nepal: An Operation Minotaur Manifestation.
38 2 Reepak collage postcards with Ford haiku, undated
Notebook containing hand-colored, photocopied collages glued to postcards and set on pages opposite Ford's haikus.
38 3 OM postcardiograms, 1984
Printed and hand-colored postcards of Reepak Shakya's collages. Note on outer envelope indicates these are from First series, set of 20.
38 4 Enlarged collaged prints, undated
Hand-colored and enlarged from Haiku & Imprints.
38 5 Haiku with collages, undated
Photocopies of haiku juxtaposed and integrated with hand-colored collages (by Reepak Shakya?).
38 6 Haiku by Ford and collages by Reepak Shakya, undated
Photocopies (some hand-colored) of signed and dated collages juxtaposed with haiku.
38 7 Reepak collages, Ford haiku, undated
Hand-colored photocopies of collages glued to graph paper, and photocopies of haiku
38 8 For Reepak to color, undated
Photocopies of collages, some juxtaposed with haiku
38 9-11 Collages I, undated
Original, hand-colored collages by Reepak Shakya with some photocopies of haiku in typographic compositions; and original collages for VIEW.
38 12-13 Collages II, 1986
Original hand-colored collages by Reepak Shakya juxtaposed with haiku.
38 14 Collages III, 1984
Original collages by Reepak Shakya juxtaposed with haiku.
Box Folder
39 1-2 Final production materials, undated
Include original collages at scale of final publication, title pages (including for Public haiku and Operation Minotaur), photocopies, collages, photographs, colophons.
39 3 Production materials, undated
Includes title pages, haiku and silhouette imprint proofs.
39 4 Watercolor prints, undated
Proofs of the silhouette prints, one hand-colored photocopy, 2 geometric watercolor designs
39 5-7 Imprint proofs, 1984
2 envelopes and one notebook of proofs of the silhouette imprints. Envelopes are labeled: " 1984 Imprint proofs (rejects)" and " 1984 Imprints (reserve) framing possibilities."
Box Folder
40 1-6 Silhouette Imprints, undated
Silhouette imprints of cut-out, symmetrical designs used in the printing of pages between the text, also preliminary designs and printing examples.
41 Production materials, undated
41 1-2 Silhouette imprints
41 3-4 Printed sheets
41 5 Blank sheets of paper
Samples of paper used for final production.
41 6 Binding boards
Made of handmade papers tie-dyed and produced by Bhagtapur Decorative Paper Products, Bhagtapur, Nepal.
Series IIIC. Haiku
Subseries contains haiku written by Charles Henri Ford, ranging from transcriptions from Ford's notebooks, to collections prepared for publication. The status of these works is unclear; some may be drafts, others appear to have been culled from completed works for other publications. Many files include annotations and notes by Ford, some of which signal his intentions for these manuscripts. Titles are descriptive, or taken from Ford's folder labels. Arranged in alphabetical order by title.
42 Haiku manuscripts, undated
42 1 Caption haiku for the Advocate
42 2 Erotika Asiatica: a haiku testament
Typescript with corrections, first draft. With note: "Haiku (Literati to be extracted)."
42 3-7 Haiku, folder 1
Typescript of haiku in various stages of being cut and pasted. Annotated.
42 8 Haiku, folder 2
Typescripts and manuscripts of haiku.
42 9-13 Haiku transcriptions
Haiku transcribed from Ford's notebooks, with corrections.
43 Haiku manuscripts, ca. 1972-1986
43 1-3 Emblems of Arachne, 1986
Typescript of haiku with corrections.
43 4-5 Haikus and Secret haikus, 1972-1973, 1977-1978
Manuscript, with crossed out titles: Haikus from a diary; Haikus for Indra; Upsidedown butterfly.
43 6 Handshakes from heaven II, folder I, undated
Typescript of haikus used for Handshakes from Heaven II, in various stages of being cut, glued and photocopied.
43 7 Handshakes from heaven II, folder II, 1986
Typescript of haikus used for Handshakes from Heaven II. Note on envelope: 18.ii.86 next-to-last drafts of haiku for Indra's photographs.
43 8-10 The Literati: a haiku commentary, undated
Typescript of poems.
43 11-14 Par Hasard: jeu de mots et d'images, 1983
Photocopies of Ford's haiku juxtaposed against photographs by Indra Tamang. Also preparatory material: photocopies, title pages, haiku collaged on graph paper and clippings from magazines and newspapers used as source material for collage haiku.
43 15 Public haiku, undated
Photocopies of collages and haiku, with a note about sending duplicates to the Advocate; Included is one collage with "View" at top.
43 16 Public haiku, 1984
Photocopies of Reepak Shakya's collages with one of Ford's haiku glued to page. Note on envelope about sending photocopies to the Advocate, 16 Nov 1984.
43 17 Silk Purses, undated
Signed originals of haiku glued onto hand-colored, photocopied collages by Reepak Shakya.
43 18 Silk Purses, 1984
Typescript of haiku.
Series IIID. Drafts of poems, ca. 1973-1985
Subseries comprises drafts of poems, many in single sheets. Titles are descriptive or taken from Ford's original folder. Arranged alphabetically by title.
44 Manuscripts of poems, ca. 1973-1985
44 1 The End of the world is beautiful today, not after 1985
Typescript of collection of poems with minor collections. With note: first drafts and MSS poems, sealed 20 Aug 1985.
44 2-4 Poems: duplicates; typed poems for Book II and first typed drafts, undated
Manuscripts and typescripts of poetry with revisions. Poems include: "Happy landing for Jonathan Williams" and "Om Krishna: a tetrology".
44 5 Poems, first drafts, 1973
Two manuscript notebooks contain numerous poems, vocabulary lists, some journal entries and travel plans.
44 6 Poems, first drafts, 1976
Notebook contains manuscript poems, dated 23 Aug 1976 to 11 Nov 1976, vocabulary lists and notes. Cover title of notebook: Cahier of Vocabularies and First drafts, 1976. Note on inside cover regards Ford's plan for the poems. Various titles are listed in back pages: "Operation Minotaur," "Distilled birthmarks," "Lizard under the curtain," "Sausages," and "Last will and testament."
44 7 Poems: some first drafts (Kathmandu), undated
Typescript and manuscript with revisions. Includes poems under the following titles: "Special effects (for Parker Tyler)," "Distilled birthmarks," "Distant lightning," "Jonquils of propinquity for Henry James," and "In search of the indescribable mirages in a labyrinth."
44 8 Poetry reading, Chicago, undated
Photocopies of typescripts with annotations regarding reading.
44 9 Selected poems, folder I, ca. 1938-1964
Typescript. Note on envelope: First drafts and mss poems, sealed 20 Aug 1985. Includes: from The garden of disorder and other poems, 1938; ABC's, 1940; "Ballad for Baudelaire" from The Mirror of Baudelaire, 1942; poems from The Overturned lake, 1941; poems from Sleep in a nest of flames, 1949; Uncollected poems, 1949-1964
44 10 Selected poems, folder II, 1976, undated
Typescripts and manuscripts with minor corrections. Includes: "Serenade to Leonore," "Plaint," "The Overturned lake," "Five elegies," "Bringing culture to Buffalo," "Enshrined," "Untitled," 1976.
44 11 Selected poems, folder III, undated
Ca. 28 typescripts and manuscripts, various titles
Series IIIE. Notes on poems, ca. 1945-ca. 1985
The subseries contains sheets with titles and notes, although the relationship of the notes to the poem titles is ambiguous due to Ford's repeated changes. Files also contain supportive materials, such as vocabulary lists, review clippings and notes for illustrations. Titles are descriptive or taken from Ford's original folder labels. Arranged alphabetically by title.
45 Notes, ca. 1945-ca. 1985
45 1-2 Miscellaneous notes I, 1950, undated
Typescript and manuscript notes on Baudelaire, with corrections. Titles at the tops of many pages, such as: "Notes on Labyrinth - Imagery for chapter V"; "The Mirror of Baudelaire"; "Notes on Le Spleen de Paris"; "Phoenix sun"; "Notes (7/26/1950) Sun and Sea."
45 3 Miscellaneous notes II, undated
Manuscript and typescript notes with corrections refer to a number of works in various stages in their production, including: "Johnny Minotaur," "Distilled birthmarks," "Mirages in a labyrinth," "Om Krishna," "Haiku," "A Text," "The Kathmandu experience," "Silk purses," "Secret haiku," "The book of hidden lights," and others.
45 4 Notebook: poems first drafts and vocabulary, 1976
Manuscript includes poems, vocabulary lists and notes, beginning 11/13/1976. Notes under titles: "Om Krishna," and "Lizard behind the curtain."
45 5-6 Poems: imperfect copies, undated
Poems date from before 1985. Typescripts and manuscripts of poems and notes, with corrections. With note: sealed Aug. 20, 1985 .
45 7 Mss poems for archive II (copied), undated
Typescripts and manuscripts of poems and notes, with corrections. With note: sealed Aug. 20, 1985.
45 8 Mississippi notes and re-copied material, (before ) undated 1980
Notes, seemingly taken from reviews, along with vocabulary lists, notes on works, recopied rough drafts and lists of titles. Note on cover: Sealed for archive II, 22.ix.80.
45 9 Notes for illustrations, undated
Manuscript notes about covers for Water from a bucket, View (magazine) and ABC's.
45 10 Notes on poems, 1945
Notebook contains manuscript notes on various poems. Notes on cover: "Prelude {\#}1 to Volume I," and "For Yale University Library: to be sealed until 2000 A.D."
45 11 Notes on poems, 1946-1947
Notebook with manuscript notes on various poems, and journal entries. Notes on cover: "School of existence - 1946-1947," and "Prelude {\#}2 to Volume I."
45 12 Piero Tmar, 1954
Notebook with manuscript notes, contains various titles: "Piero Tmar," "A Life," "Statues in the decor," "Piero," "The Last palace," "The Voice of a man," "A Guiding star."

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