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Jean Brown papers, 1916-1995 (bulk 1958-1985)

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Title: Jean Brown papers
Dates: 1916-1995 (bulk 1958-1985)
Number: 890164
Creator/Collector: Brown, Jean
Extent: 322 Linear Feet (329 boxes, 8 rolls, 64 flat file folders)
Abstract: An extensive study collection of avant-garde materials amassed by librarian and art collector, Jean Brown. Her collection documents the Dada and Surrealist art movements and their offshoots, especially Fluxus, mail art, and concrete poetry. Materials include letters, printed matter and ephemera, clippings, nearly 500 art objects, sound recordings, motion pictures, and video recordings.
Request Materials: Request access to the physical materials described in this inventory through the catalog records for this collection: 890164 and 2016.M.14. Click here for the access policy.
Language: Collection material is in English
Repository: The Getty Research Institute
Special Collections
1200 Getty Center Drive, Suite 1100
Los Angeles 90049-1688
(310) 440-7390
Author: Lynda Bunting, Annette Leddy, Julio Vera.

Biographical/Historical Note

Jean Brown was born in Brooklyn, New York, 20 December 1911. Her father, Irving Levy, was a rare book dealer. During the Depression Brown worked in a library in Springfield, Massachusetts where she was trained in library cataloging.

Brown amassed a significant and rich body of materials by many of the most influential and challenging artists of the 20th century. The initial inspiration for the collection was provided by Dada painters and poets: an anthology, 1951, edited by Robert Motherwell. In the 1960s Brown and her husband, Leonard traveled to Europe frequently to acquire Dada and Surrealist art works, books, pamphlets and papers, many documented in Motherwell's anthology.

When Leonard died in 1971, Brown moved into the Shaker seed house in Tyringham, Massachusetts. From this point on her collection grew rapidly as Brown acquired materials from those movements, especially Fluxus, mail art and concrete poetry, which grew out of Dada and Surrealism. Many of these artists worked on the fringes of the established museum and gallery system and showed their work in alternative spaces or created alternative distribution systems.

Brown's primary goal was to assemble a study collection. She acquired comprehensively on the topics mentioned above. This included standing orders with some small presses to acquire all of their output. Her early appreciation of books lead naturally to an interest in artists' books. If an artist's work interested her she asked the artist to create a book for her archive. In the early 1970s, her son Jon sent notices about the archive to every art history graduate program. Scholars and graduate students with valid research interests were invited to use the collection.

Brown maintained close friendships with many of the artists whose work she collected, including George Maciunas, Dick Higgins, Ken Friedman, Peter Frank, Mirella Bentivoglio, and Rimma and Valery Gerlovin, to name a few. They visited frequently and created works for the archive in her upstairs workroom, a room designed by Maciunas. Brown became a part of the international mail art network. Every major mail artist sent her examples of their work. Eventually, she found it impossible to keep up with the quantity of mail she was receiving and by the mid-1980s had stopped answering their letters. Brown died May 1, 1994 in Tyringham.

Scope and Content of Collection

The Jean Brown papers (1916-1995, bulk 1958-1995) form a significant ensemble of original works and printed matter, and document Brown's intent to build a study collection of avant-garde materials. Dada and Surrealism provided the core inspiration for Brown's acquisitions, as well as for the later artists whose work she collected. In-depth holdings by artists participating in Fluxus, happenings, concrete, sound and visual poetry, new music, mail art, copy art, rubber stamp printing, and video and performance art underscore her range of interests. The collection's broad scope presents a comprehensive account of alternative movements, distribution networks and exhibition venues of the 1960s and 1970s.

A significant portion of the archive consists of approximately 500 objects created by Fluxus artists and other contemporaries. Another large component documents Brown's interaction with the international network of mail artists and those distributing their work via post. Considerable printed matter records the exhibition and performance activities of artists and the alternative artists' spaces which sponsored them. Also included are bibliographic notes written by Brown, audio cassettes, reel-to-reel tapes, and films. Publications received with the archive have been separated to the Getty Research Library.

Arrangement note

The collection is arranged in 8 series: , , , , ,
Series I. Artists' files, 1916-1995, bulk 1958-1985
Series II. Announcements and invitations, ca. 1960-1989, bulk 1970-1985
Series III. Topical ephemera, 1917-1989, bulk 1965-1989
Series IV. Miscellaneous clippings, 1957-1987, bulk 1980-1985
Series V. Notes and personal, 1993, undated
Series VI. Art objects, 1958-1986, undated,
Series VII. Audiovisual materials, 1965-1987, undated.
Series VIII. Additional correspondence and notes, 1958-1973, undated.



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Indexing Terms

Subjects - Names

Brown, Jean

Subjects - Topics

Art -- Collectors and collecting -- United States -- 20th century
Art, Modern -- 20th century
Concrete poetry
Copy art
Fluxus (Group of artists)
Happening (Art)
Music -- 20th century
Performance art
Rubber stamp printing
Small presses
Sound poetry
Video art
Visual poetry

Genres and Forms of Material

Mail art
Motion pictures (information artifacts)


Banana, Anna
Bennett, John M.
Beuys, Joseph
Brecht, George
Brown, Jean
COUM Transmissions (Musical group)
Cage, John
Campos, Augusto de
Cavellini, Guglielmo Achille
Clark, Thomas A.
Cobbing, Bob
Colby, Sas
Coracle Press
Corner, Philip
D S H (Dom Sylvester Houédard)
Desnos, Robert
Duchamp, Marcel
Durland, Steven
Ernst, Max
Etlinger, Amelia
Filliou, Robert
Fine, Albert
Finlay, Ian Hamilton
Frank, Peter
Franklin Furnace (Archive)
Friedman, Ken
Furnival, Astrid
Furnival, John
Galántai, György
Gerlovin, Valeriy
Gerlovina, Rimma
Groh, Klaus
Held, John
Hendricks, Geoffrey
Higgins, Dick
Higgins, E. F.
Hompson, Davi Det
Horn, Stu
Huelsenbeck, Richard
Institute for Art and Urban Resources
Johnson, Ray
Karpel, Bernard
Kirkeby, Per
Kitchen Center for Video, Music, Dance, Performance, Film, and Literature (New York, N.Y.)
Knowles, Alison
Knízák, Milan
Leo Castelli Gallery
Mac Low, Jackson
Maciunas, George
Man Ray
Moorman, Charlotte
Nannucci, Maurizio
Nations, Opal L.
Olbrich, Jürgen O.
Oldenburg, Claes
Ono, Yōko
Paik, Nam June
Patterson, Benjamin
Phillips, Tom
Pittore, Carlo
Porter, Bern
Random, S. (Steven)
Roth, Dieter
Saito, Takako
Schwitters, Kurt
Sharits, Paul
Shiomi, Mieko
Souza, Al
Spoerri, Daniel
Truck, Fred
Tzara, Tristan
Ulrichs, Timm
Valoch, Jiří
Vautier, Ben
Vostell, Wolf
Vries, Herman de
Watts, Robert
Williams, Emmett
Young, La Monte

Related Material

Published items, including a large number of small press books and journals, were transferred to the general collection of the Getty Research Institute. They can be found by searching the library catalog for the phrase "Jean Brown Collection."

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Jean Brown papers, 1916-1995 (bulk 1958-1985), Getty Research Institute, Research Library, Accession nos. 890164 and 2016.M.14

Acquisition Information

Acquired from Jean Brown in 1988 with the exception of Series VIII. Additional correspondence and notes acquired from the family of Jean Brown in 2016.

Processing History

A number of people processed and cataloged parts of the Jean Brown papers from 1988-2002. Eric Vos, a researcher and consultant during periods of 1988, 1989 and 1990, processed and cataloged sections of the collection (see research file for his report and checklist). Jon Hendricks, consultant, visited in 1989 August and helped Vos identify Fluxus materials. Intern Albert DePetrillo organized a portion of the correspondence in 1990 February.

Some of the objects were damaged in the 1994 Northridge earthquake. This incident prompted a team of collection maintenance personnel - Rick Zwies, John Pearson, Jessica Holada - to measure and order boxes for each object and write conservation notes. Most of this work was done in 1995-1996, but continued until 1997. Bennington intern Mikel Wadewitz and Pearson photographed about 70% of the objects.

From April 1996 to May 1997, Lynda Bunting reorganized Vos's series arrangements, sorted and integrated unprocessed materials from ca. 25 boxes, and wrote the bulk of this finding aid. Much of the Dada and Surrealist ephemera had been separated from the archive in 1985-1986. Bunting collected these materials, along with some others that had been separated, and reintegrated them into the collection. In addition, she transferred to the library 181 sound recordings and ca. 950 books, serials, and prints. Over 320 book sales catalogs were deaccessioned. The art objects were reorganized into a rough alphabetical order, thus rendering Vos' numbering system obsolete.

In Summer 1996, Phil Curtis integrated and organized materials within Series II. and Series III. From September-December 1996, Kirsten Hammer organized most of Series III, Series IV., and Series V. Peter Frank was hired as a consultant for four days in February 1997 to make attributions on unidentified items.

In 2000-2002 Annette Leddy and Julio Vera provided object-level descriptions for the art objects in series VI.

In 2016, one box of additional correspondence and notes received from the family of Jean Brown was cataloged by Kit Messick and intellectually integrated into the collection as Series VIII. In December 2018, three boxes of unprocessed material, maily prints and posters, were processed and intellectually integrated into Series I by Pietro Rigolo (boxes 319*, 320*, 321).

Container List

Series I. Artists' files, 1916-1995, bulk 1958-1985 ca. 96 linear ft. 92 boxes, 1 roll, and 43 flat file folders
Files contain of a vast array of media, including manuscripts and typescripts, chapbooks, performance instructions and scores, posters, drawings, prints, exhibition and performance announcementsm, mail art, copy art, rubber stamp printing, and some correspondence and clippings, filed alphabetically by artist. The genesis of the archive can be found within the relatively small, but seminal collection of manuscripts, announcements, letters and clippings of the Dada and Surrealist artists Robert Desnos, Marcel Duchamp, Max Ernst, Richard Huelsenbeck, Man Ray, Kurt Schwitters, and Tristan Tzara (see also Series III for more Dada and Surrealist printed matter).
Materials by Fluxus and mail artists comprise the bulk of this series. Of primary import are manuscripts, performance instructions, scores, correspondence, drawings and announcements by Fluxus artists, including George Brecht, Robert Filliou, Milan Knízák, Alison Knowles, Nam June Paik, Tomas Schmit, Carolee Schneemann, Daniel Spoerri, Ben Vautier, Wolf Vostell, and Robert Watts. Generally, Brown purchased from the artists themselves, and in some instances acquired an artist's personal archive. Thus, this series contains large holdings of documents generated by or sent to Sas Colby, Albert Fine, Ken Friedman, John Furnival, Rimma Gerlovina and Valeriy Gerlovin, Dick Higgins (see also Special Collections accession no. 870613), George Maciunas, Charlotte Moorman, Opal Nations, Benjamin Patterson, Bern Porter (see also Special Collections accession no. 900270), Fred Truck, and Emmett Williams. Most of the correspondence is amongst these artists and their friends and colleagues with a preponderance located in the files of Furnival, Maciunas and Williams. Letters from Brown are interspersed.
Also notable are the large concentrations of mail art, rubber stamp printing and copy art by Anna Banana, Guglielmo Achille Cavellini, COUM transmissions, Amelia Etlinger, John Held, E.F. Higgins III, Davi Det Hompson, Stu Horn, Ray Johnson, Mohammed Archive, Carlo Pittore, Steve Random, Al Souza, and many others. Concrete, visual and sound poetry is substantially represented through manuscripts, typescripts, chapbooks and prints by John M. Bennett, Augusto de Campos, Thomas A. Clark, Bob Cobbing, Coracle Press, Ian Hamilton Finlay, Dom Sylvester Houédard, Jackson Mac Low, Tom Phillips, and Herman de Vries. Scores and performance announcements highlight the new music works of John Cage and Philip Corner.
box folder
1 1-52 A-BAL
1 1 Abady, Sheila
1 2 Aballea, Martine
1 3 Acconci, Vito
mostly announcements (see also *Box 267; Series VI).
1 4 Adamus, Karel
1 5 Adler, Jeremy
1 6 Adorno, Olga
1 7 Adrian, Robert (aka Robert Adrian X)
1 8 Agostini, Peter
1 9 Albrecht D.
See also **flat file folder 1; Series VI.
1 10 Alger, Horatio
1 11 Altorjay, Gábor
See also Series VI.
1 12 Anastasi, William
1 13 Anatol
See also Series VI.
1 14-17 Andersen, Eric
Includes mail art, decals, scores, performance instructions. See also *Box 257; Series VI.
1 18 Anderson, Beth
1 19 Anderson, Holly A.
1 20 Anderson, Laurie
1 21 Andre, Carl
1 22 Andrews, Bruce
1 23 Angelucci, Giulio
1 24 Ant Farm
1 25 Antin, Eleanor
1 26 Anull, Ian
1 27 Apple, Billy
1 28 Aquino, Angelo de
1 29 Arias-Misson, Alain
1 30 Arman
See also Series VI.
1 31 Arnold, Charles A.
1 32 Arp, Jean; Sophie Taeuber Arp; Marguerite Arp
See also Series VI.
1 33 Art & Language
See also **flat file folder 1.
1 34 Artaud, Antonin
1 35 Artistamps
1 36 Arts, Arno
1 37 Ashley, Robert
1 38 Ashworth, Robert
1 39 Atchley, Dana (Ace Space Co.)
1 40 Ay-O
See also *Box 257; Series VI.
1 41 A miscellaneous
1 42 B., Mats
1 43 Baader, Johannes
box folder
319* 1 Babel, Tara and Stitt, Andre
1 44 Baik, Kum Nam
1, 321 Bailey, Peter
box folder
1 46 Baj, Enrico
1 47 Baker, Jan and Warren Lehrer
1 48 Bakhchanyan, Vagrich
See also *Box 257; Series VI.
1 49 Baldessari, John
See also *Box 262.
1 50 Balet, Marc
1 51 Balken, Beck
1 52 Ball, Hugo
box folder
2 1-31 BAN-BENT
2 1-6 Banana, Anna
Includes correspondence; publications of and about her work; announcements and reviews of "Futurist Sounds"; many signed sheets of stamps; and other announcements; ca. .25 lin. ft. See also Furnival and Gaglione.
2 7 Bann, Stephen
See also *Box 262.
2 8 Banville, Bernard (Zona)
See also Box 63; *Box 257; Series VI.
2 9 Barber, Daniel
2 10 Barboza, Diego
2 11 Barnes, Molly
2 12-13 Baroni, Vittore
Mostly mail art.
2 14 Barrile, Paolo
2 15 Bedeschi, Giuseppe and Paolo Ponzi
2 16 Beilman, Peter (Cow Town Art)
2 17 Beirne, Bill
2 18 Bekaert, Jacques
2 19 Bellmer, Hans
2 20 Bellucci, Toni
See also Series VI.
2 21 Below, Peter
2 22 Belt, Mike
2 23 Beltrametti, Franco
See also *Box 257.
2 24 Benes, Barton Lidice
2 25-28 Bennett, John M. (Luna Bisonte Prods.)
Includes broadsides, cards, chapbooks, Lost and found times, catalogs, and works by others for Luna Bisonte Prods. See also library's holdings for more books; and *Box 257.
2 29-31 Bentivoglio, Mirella
Includes articles about her work, chapbooks, and announcements. See also Series VI.
box folder
3 1-35 BER-BREC
3 1 Bergé, Carol
3 2 Bertlmann, Renate
3 3-5 Beuys, Joseph
Includes announcements, postcards by Beuys (most published by Edition Staeck), and some documents from Organisation für direkte Demokratie durch Volksabstimmung. See also *Box 269; **Box 308; **flat file folder 4; Series VI.
3 6 Beveren, Peter van
3 7 Beyer, Gerd
3 8 Binga, Tomaso
3 9 Birnbaum, Dana
3 10 Biron, Lionel A.
3 11 Black, Byron (Baron Infinity)
See also *Box 257.
3 12 Blackburn Joan
3 13 Blaine, Julien
3, 319* Bleus, Guy
See also *Box 257; Box 262; Box 276; **flat file folder 3.
box folder
3 15-18 Bloch, Mark
Includes correspondence (some from Bloch to others, some photocopies), mail art announcements, Panmag.
3 19 Blume, Bernhard Johannes
3 20 Bogdanovic, Nenad
3 21 Boltanski, Christian
3 22 Bonkemeyer, Kristin
3 23 Bottinelli, Bickhard
3 24 Boumans, Bart
3 25 Boyce, Larry
3 26 Boyd, Don
3 27 Brainard, Joe
3 28 Brauner, Victor
3 29 Bread and Puppet Theatre (Peter Schumann)
box folder
319* 2 Breakwell, Ian,
box folder
3 30 Brecht, Bertolt
3 31-35 Brecht, George
Includes correspondence, mostly from Maciunas (see also Maciunas files), scores, Iced dice (2 copies), Direction, Cloud scissors, postcards, announcements, articles, and catalogs of his work. Ca. .25 lin. ft. See also Box 61; **flat file folder 3; Series VI.
One postcard (1980 Nov 20) from Brecht refers to a "weightless sentence" a reference to his object "This sentence is weightless" (see Series VI, Box 130).
box folder
4 1-47 BREG-CARR
4 1 Breger, Udo
4 2 Brehmer, K.P.
4 3 Breton, André
4 4 Brett, George
4 5 Briga, Tomaso
4 6 Brocco, Roberto
4 7 Brock, Bazon
4 8 Broucke, Josè van den
4 9 Brouwn, Stanley
4 10 Brown, Earle
4 11 Brown, Ken
4 12 Brown, Paul
4 13 Brown, Rhett Delford (Mrs.)
4 14 Brown, Robert Delford
See also *Box 257; Box 262.
4 15 Brown, Trisha
4 16 Brus, Günter
See also *Box 257; Series VI.
4 17 Bruscky, Paolo
4 18 Buck, Paul
4 19-20 Buczak, Brian
See also **flat file folder 5; Series VI.
4 21 Bugli, Enrico
4 22 Buñuel, Luis
4 23 Bunus, Ioan
4 24 Burch, Charlton
4 25 Burroughs, William S.
4 26 Bushmiller, Edgar A.
4 27 Byars, James Lee
4 28 Bzdok, Henryk
4 29 B miscellaneous
4 30 C., Richard
4 31-35 Cage, John
Includes some scores, many announcements, programs, and articles; ca. .25 lin. ft. See also *Box 262; Series VI.
4 31a Imaginary landscape No. 4, 1951 1978
Manuscript (pencil and ink) score with inscribed title: Imag Landscape No. IV or March No. 2. Also inscribed: "for Jean Brown and the Jean Brown Archive John Cage 1978." With a letter from Carl Solway Gallery, Feb 1978.
4 31b Variations: for David Tudor, 1960
Score, published by Henmar Press, Inc., New York, N.Y., 1960. Reproduction of holograph which was inscribed to Tudor, January 1958. Score includes cover page and 6 squares of transparent material.
4 31c Theatre Piece : part II, 1960
Score published by Henmar Press, Inc., New York, N.Y., 1960. Inscribed on cover in pencil: "Bob Dunn".
4 32-35 Other scores
4 36 Caire, Patricia
4 37 Calder, Alexander
4 38 Callahan, Brian
4 39 Calonne, Jacques
4 40 Campbell, Ken
4 41 Campos, Augusto de (Noigandres)
See also **flat file folder 7.
4 42 Canepa, Anna
4 43 Captain Collage
4 44 Cardew, Cornelius
4 45 Carrega, Ugo
See also Series VI.
4 46 Carrington, Leonora
4 47 Carrion, Ulises
Editor of Ephemera; see also *Box 258.
box folder
5 1-23 CARU-CLAI
5 1 Caruso, Luciano
See also *Box 257; Series VI.
5 2 Castelaz, Daniel
5 3-4 Castro, Lourdes
Includes chapbooks, catalogs and announcements. See also *Box 267; Series VI.
5 5 Cataldi, Francesca
5 6-8 Cavellini, Guglielmo Achille
Includes sheets of postage stamps, decals and announcements. See also **flat file folder 8; Series VI.
5 9 Celender, Don
See also Series VI.
5 10 Chamberlain, John
See also *Box 262.
5 11 Chanel, Emo
5 12-13 Cheek, Chris
See also Series VI.
5 14 Chiari, Giuseppe
5 15 Chiarlone, Bruno
5 16 Chopin, Henri
Comprises thick folder of announcements and Ou publicity. See also **flat file folder 9; Series VI.
5, 319*, 321 Christie, John
See also **flat file folder 10.
box folder
5 18-20 Christo
Comprises some correspondence, with announcements and postcards. See also **flat file folder 6; Series VI.
5 21 Cicatelli, Carlo Giovanni
5 22-23 Claire, Paula
Includes photocopied poems, 3 copies of "The development of my sound poetry, 1961-1983," and International Concrete Poetry Archive catalog. See also *Box 258; Box 262.
box folder
6 1-21 CLAR-Colby
6 1-4 Clark, Thomas A. and Laurie Clark (Moschatel Press)
File comprises an extensive quantity of chapbooks. See also library's holdings. Ca. .25 lin. ft.
6 5 Clark/Goroshko
6 6 Claus, Jürgen
6 7 Clerico, Hannes
6 8 Cleveland, Buster
See also Series VI.
6 9 Coach House Press
Postcards. See also Series VI.
6 10-13 Cobbing, Bob
File contains concrete poetry on single sheets, mounted, and in booklet form. Also mss. "For Swedish poets"; ca. .25 lin. ft. See also *Box 258.
6 14 Cohen, Harold
6 15 Cohen, Ronny: Mail art then and now exhibition at Franklin Furnace, 1984
6 16 Cohen, Ryosuke
6 17-21 Colby, Sas archive
File contains mail art, including items that are sewn, stamped, painted, and color photocopies. Also correspondence with Jean Brown; cards and announcements. See also Series VI. Ca. 33 lin. ft.
7 Colby, Sas archive
Mail art box.
box folder
8 1-25 Colby-CORA
8 1-7 Colby, Sas archive
Mail art and correspondence received by Colby from other artists. Includes announcements concerning other artists' work. See also *Box 258. Ca. .25 lin. ft.
8, 321 Cole, David
box folder
8 9 Collins, James
8 10 Colp, Norman C.
8 11 Combs, Marie C.
8 12 Comiter, Alvin
8 13 Conte, Bruno
8 14 Cooney, Robert
8 15 Copley, William
8 16-25 Coracle / Tarasque Press (Simon Cutts and Stuart Mills)
Includes cards, chapbooks, Coracle, publicity for books and gallery, and miscellaneous printed matter; ca. .5 lin. ft. See also Series VI.
9 Coracle / Tarasque Press
A selection of Tarasque and Coracle Press cards.
box folder
10 1-21 CORN-CUN
10 1 Cornell, Joseph
10 2-3 Corner, Philip
Includes scores, announcements, articles, and a vita. See also **flat file folder 6; Series VI.
10 4 Cotton, Paul
See also Box 63.
10 5-8 Coum (Cosey Fanni Tutti and Genesis P. Orridge)
Includes announcements, photographs of performances, and performance instructions; ca. .25 lin. ft.
10 9 Cow Studio
10 10 Crane, Mike
10 11 Creative Thing
10 12 Cross, Doris
10 13 Crowcroft, Ron
10 14-18 Crozier, Robin
Includes Views, 1978-1982, booklets, drawings and some announcements; ca. .25 lin. ft.
10 19 Cudworth, Nick
10 20-21 Cunningham, Merce
Announcements and clippings.
box folder
11 1-36 CUR-DEN
11 1-9 Curtay, Jean-Paul, 1982-1985
Includes much photocopied correspondence from and to Curtay, announcements, and some scores and proposals; ca. .33 lin. ft. See also *Box 258; *Roll 4 in *Box 276.
11 10 Cushman, Barbara
See also *Box 258.
11 11 Cyprich, Robert
11 12 C miscellaneous
11 13 D., Zdenek
11 14 Dakin, Susanna
11 15 Daley, Emil
11 16 Dali, Salvador
See also *Box 258.
11 17 Dallas, Susan
11 18 Dana, Llys
See also Series VI.
11 19-21 Danon, Betty
Mostly correspondence, poems and scores. See also Box 63.
11 22 Darboven, Hanne
11 23 Darling, Lowell
11, 320*, 321 Davies, Hugh
See also **Roll 6; Series VI.
box folder
11 25 Davis, Douglas
See also *Box 267.
11 26 De Bernardi, Raffaele
11 27 De Chirico, Giorgio
11 28 De Filippi, Fernando
11 29 De Kooning, Willem
11 30 Delaunay, Sonia
11 31 Delos, Kate
11 32 Delvaux, Paul
11 33 De Maria, Walter
11 34 Demise, Phil
11 35 Demour, Jack
11 36 Dencker, Klaus Peter
box folder
12 1-43 DEP-EL
12 1 Depew, Wally
File comprises 20 chapbooks.
12 2 Desiato, Giuseppe
12 3 Desnos, Robert, ca. 1921-1942
Three short, personal notes to Madame Aurel and Jean Carrive, and photographs of the first page of a letter to Paul Eluard.
12 4 Dewey, Ariane
12 5 Diacono, Mario
12 6 Diamantini, Chiari
12 7 Dias, Antonio
12 8 Dick Tool Co.
12 9 Di Donato, Joseph
12 10 Dienes, Sari
12 11 Dijk, Pier van
12 12 Dikker, U.P. (Ground Editions)
12 13 Diotallevi, Marcello
12 14 Di Palma, Ray
12 15 Di Prima, Diane
12 16 Doc(k)s
12 17 Dogmatic, Irene
See also *Box 258.
12 18 Donati, Biagio
box folder
319* 4 Dossi, Ugo,
box folder
12 19 Dot, Marcel
12 20 Douglas, Helen
12 21 Dowd, John
12 22 Downey, Juan
12 23 Dragoni, Ferruccio
12 24 Dressler, Otto
12 25-26 Dreva, Jerry
Mail art and documentation of performances.
12 27 Dreyfus, Charles
12 28 Duch, Leonard Frank
12 29-31 Duchamp, Marcel, ca. 1938-1969
Includes a letter to Salvador Dali in which Duchamp exchanges addresses of mutual acquaintances and comments on the ominous political climate in Europe (1938). 10 letters, 2 of which are from Duchamp, concern the reproduction of one of his works for the cover of Brown's proposed Dada catalog (1965-1969). Also includes a postcard from Duchamp to George Maciunas (1966), announcements, and clippings of reviews and obituaries. Ca. 70 items. See also Box 60; *Box 258; Boxes 272-275; Series VI.
12 32 Dufrêne, François
12 33 Duke, Jas. H.
12 34 Dupuy, Jean
12 35 Duquette, Mike
12 36-37 Durland, Steve (Im Press and Nomoma Rubber Stamps)
Correspondence, mail art, and chapbooks. See also Box 63.
12 38 D miscellaneous
box folder
320* 2 Earls, Paul
box folder
12 39-40 Ecart (John Armleder, Patrick Lucchini; Claude Rychner)
Announcements and some art works.
12 41 Eggemann, Klaus
12 42 Ehrenberg, Felipe
See also Series VI.
12 43 Eluard, Paul
13 Dupuy, Jean, 1968-1976
"Minolta Book": a box containing a substantial quantity of ephemera and writings.
box folder
14 1-27 EN-Etlinger
14 1 Enblom, Michel
14 2 England, B.
14 3 Epistolary Stud Farm
14 4 Eriksson, Leif
14 5 Erlij, Tania
14 6 Ernst, Ernie
14 7 Ernst, Max
Includes two postcards from Ernst to Paul Eluard, exhibition announcements from Au Sans Pareil (1921), Galerie Vignon (1930), Galerie Denise René (1945), Knoedler (1948) and many others, and clippings. See also *Box 258.
14 8 Esperdy, Philip
14 9 Espinoza, Cesar (Colectivo-3)
14 10 Esposito, Anna
14 11 Esposto, Arnaldo
14 12-27 Etlinger, Amelia, , 1971, 1978-1984, n.d.
Letters to Jean Brown and mail art, ca. .75 lin. ft. See also *Box 258, **flat file folder 11, and Series VI. The extensive amount reflects the fact that at one point Etlinger was sending Brown a letter a day. Almost all are decorated and many contain loose organic material or fabric. HANDLE WITH CARE.
box folder
15 1-29 Etlinger-Fine
15 1-5 Etlinger, Amelia, n.d.
Correspondence and art works, ca. .25 lin. ft. HANDLE WITH CARE.
15 6 Evans, Donald
15 7 Experimental Art Foundation
15 8 Experiments in Art and Technology (E.A.T.)
15 9 E miscellaneous
15 10 Fagioli, Luigi
15 11 Fahlström, Oyvind
15 12 Fend, Peter
15 13 Ferguson, Frank
15 14 Ferrando, Bartolomé (Grupo Texto Poetico)
15 15 Ferro, Toni
15 16 Fidler, Martin
15 17 Filko, Stanislav
15 18-21 Filliou, Robert
Poetry in many formats, postcards for "Ample food for stupid thought" and "Monsters are inoffensive," correspondence and announcements. See also **Roll 8, **flat file folder 11, Series VI.
15 22-29 Fine, Albert archive
Letters received A-Z and unidentified, ca. .25 lin. ft.
box folder
16 1-22 Fine-FIV
16 1-5 Fine, Albert archive
Material by and about Fine, and announcements received, ca. .25 lin. ft. See also *Box 258, Box 262, Series VI.
16 6 Fini, Leonor
16 7-13 Finlay, Ian Hamilton (Wild Hawthorn Press)
File includes correspondence, Poor old tired horse nos. 7-8, 10-25, extensive collection of cards, chapbooks (see also library's holdings), artwork for "After the Russian," and miscellaneous printed matter, ca. .33 lin. ft. See also *Box 262, **flat file folder 15, Series VI.
16 14 Fiorello, Sabato
16 15-16 Fischer, Hervé
See also Series VI.
16 17 Fish, Pat
16 18 Fish, W. N.
16 19 Fishbein, Sue
16 20 Fisher, Joel
16 21 Fitzgerald, Gerald
box folder
321 1 Fitzgibbon, Carolyn
Print for Dorothy's Umbrella.
box folder
16 22 Five/Cinq Aesthetics Limited
box folder
17 1-29 FL-Friedman
17 1 Flamme, Ulrich
17 2 Flynt, Henry
See also *Box 263.
17 3 Fontana, Giovanni
17 4 Ford, Charles Henri
17 5-6 Ford, Merrily
17 7 Foreman, Laura and John Watts
17 8 Forest, Fred
17 9 Forti, Simone
17 10 Fox, Hugh
17 11 Fox, Terry
17 12 Frangione, Nicola
17 13 Frank, Peter
See also Series VI.
17 14 Frédérique, André
17 15 Fricker, H.R.
17 16 Friedlaender, Bilgé
17 17 Friend, Donald: poetry
17 18-29 Friedman, Ken, 1972-1973, 1978, 1983-1985
Includes correspondence with Jean Brown, examples of "Sock of the month club" and other mail art and art works, Fluxus and Fluxus West ephemera, Aktual USA, and announcements, ca. .66 lin. ft.
box folder
18 1-67 Friedman-Furnival
18 1-3 Friedman, Ken
Writings by and about Friedman, and other items. See also *Box 262, Box 267, Series VI.
18 4 Fuhrman, Leni
18 5 Fulkerson, James
18 6 Fuller, Buckminster
18 7-67 Furnival archive - A-E, 1968-1984
Correspondence (mostly letters received) A-E, ca. .75 lin. ft.
box folder
19 1-82 Furnival archive - F-R
Correspondence F-R, mostly letters received. 1 lin. ft.
box folder
20 1-44 Furnival archive - S-Z
Correspondence S-Z, mostly letters received; Openings Press cards, photos of friends and Furnival's work, announcements and invitations (Furnival and other artists). See also *Box 263; **flat file folder 16, and Series VI.
box folder
21 1-22 Furnival-GER
21 1-2 Furnival: clippings and miscellaneous
21 3 F miscellaneous
21 4 Gacina, Lucio
21 5 Gaffé, René
21 6-7 Gaglione, Bill (Dadaland and Vile, Banana)
Mostly mail art (see also Box 64).
21 8 Gajewski, Henry K.
21 9-11 Galántai, György (Artpool)
Postcards and other mail art, and "Galántai documentation 1968-1984." See also *Box 263.
21 12-13 Gardner, Ian (Blue Tunnel Press)
Many chapbooks, cards, and poems by others on Blue Tunnel stationery.
21 14 Gathercole, Rod
21 15 Geraldo, Baron von
21 16 Gerchman, Rubens
21 17-22 Gerlovin, Valeriy and Rimma Gerlovina archive, (Samizdat and Collective Farm) 1980-1986
Letters to Jean Brown, art works and photographs, .25 lin. ft
box folder
22 1-34 GER-GRI
22 1-8 Gerlovin, Valeriy and Rimma Gerlovina archive
Announcements and invitations concerning Gerlovins and other artists, articles and clippings, ca. .5 lin. ft. See also *Box 258, Box 267, Series VI.
22 9 Gerz, Jochen
See also *Box 258, Box 267, Series VI.
22 10 Gette, Paul-Armand
22 11 Giacomucci, Ubaldo
22 12 Giavino, Mario
22 13-14 Gibbs, Michael (Kontexts)
Correspondence and works from contributors.
22 15 Gilbert, Gerry
22 16 Gilbert & George
22 17 Gilli, Anna
22 18 Gini, Gino
22 19 Ginzburg, Carlos
22 20 Giorno, John
22 21 Glas Omladine
22 22 Glass, Philip
22 23 Goldoni, Maurizio
22 24 Goldstein, Malcolm
22 25 Golikov, Edwin Golik
22 26 Gomringer, Eugen
22 27 Gonzalez, Haroldo
22 28 Gonzola
29 Gordon, Coco
box folder
22 30 Gorreri, Simonetta
22 31 Gosewitz, Ludwig
22 32 Greenberger, David
22 33 Greenham, Peter
22 34 Griffiths, W.
box folder
23 1-28 GRO-HAN
23 1 Grogan, Clem
23 2-4 Groh, Klaus
Correspondence, mail art and other works. See also Box 64, *Box 258, Series VI.
23 5 Grooms, Red
23 6 Gross, Ronald
23 7 Grosz, George
23 8-13 Guerrilla Art Action Group (Jon Hendricks and Jean Toche)
Photocopied political statements, manifestoes, press releases, and letters. Also some material by Judson 3 with Faith Ringgold, ca. .5 lin. ft.
[The Guerrilla Art Action Group was created after C. Douglas Dillon of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in N.Y. instituted proceedings against Toche for mailing an open letter urging the kidnapping of museum trustees, directors and curators.]
23 14 Gut, Elisabetta
See also Series VI.
23 15 Gysin, Brion
23 16 G miscellaneous
23 17 Haacke, Hans
23 18 Hainke, Wolfgang
23 19 Hak Kyung Cha, Theresa [i.e. Cha, Theresa Hak Kyung]
23 20 Halpern, John
See also *Box 258.
23 21 Halprin, Anna
23 22 Halsey, Alan
23 23 Hamann, Volker
23 24 Hambleton, Richard
23 25 Hamilton, Richard
23 26-27 Hansen, Al
Includes folder of material (bios, announcements, photos, copy art) assembled by Galerie "A," no. 2/20.
23 28 Hanñek, Matjañ
box folder
24 1-28 HAR-HEN
box folder
319* 1 Haring, Keith,
box folder
24 1-2 Harley (Francis II)
Correspondence and mail art. See also *Box 263.
24 3 Harper, Andrew
24 4 Harrison, Newton
24 5 Hashimoto, Sohei
24 6 Hatherly, Ana
24 7 Hausmann, Raoul
See also *Box 267.
24 8 Heartfield, John
24 9 Hecht, David
24 10 Heerich, Erwin
24 11 Heidsieck, Bernard
See also *Box 258.
24 12-15 Held, Jon
Includes correspondence, mail art, rubber stamp printing, and examples from "Card catalog" (see Series VI for entire piece); ca. .25 lin. ft. See also Box 64.
24 16 Helms, Hans G.
24 17 Henderikse, Jan
24 18-20 Hendricks, Bici
Includes inventory of materials to be given to Jean Brown and a school paper for professor William Rubin; ca. .25 lin. ft. See also **flat file folder 17; Series VI.
24 21-22 Hendricks, Bici and Geoffrey Hendricks (Black Thumb Press)
24 23-28 Hendricks, Geoffrey
Correspondence and art works, including collaborations with Brian Buczak and Stephen Varble, and announcements. See also *Box 267; Series VI.
Hendricks, Jon (see Guerrilla Art Action Group)
box folder
25 1-32 HER-HOM
box folder
320* 3 Herman, Bob
box folder
25 1 Herms, G(eorge?)
25 2 Heubach, Friedrich Wolfram
25 3 Hi Red Center
25 4 Hidalgo, J.
25 5-13 Higgins, Dick
Manuscripts, art works, bios, Something Else Press and Unpublished/Printed Editions ephemera, announcements and invitations, articles and clippings; ca. .33 lin. ft. See also *Box 263, 267, **flat file folder 17.
25 14-17 Higgins, E.F. III (Doo Da Postage Works)
Mail art.
25 18 Hill, Ed and Suzanne Hill
See also *Box 267, Series VI.
25 19 Hill, Pati
Postcard sets reproducing her photocopies of garments.
box folder
321 4 Hindman, Brian [?],
box folder
25 20-21 Hitchcock, Steve
25 22 Hockenhull, James
25 23-24 Hocks, Paula
See also *Box 258.
25 25 Höch, Hannah
25 26 Hoffberg, Judith (Umbrella)
box folder
320* 2 Hogan, Michael,
box folder
25 27 Holden, Karen
25 28 Holt, Susan
25 29 Holzer, Jenny
See also *Box 263.
25 30-32 Hompson, Davi Det
Includes correspondence, postcards, and booklets. See also *Box 263, **flat file folder 17.
box folder
26 1-28 HOM-IM
26 1 Hompson, Davi Det
26 2 Hoogstraten, Harry
26 3 Horiike, Tohei
26 4-6 Horn, Stu (Northwest Mounted Valise/Library of Art)
Mail art.
26 7 Horobin, Pete
26 8 Horvitz, Suzanne
26 9-10 Hosier, Tom
26 11-12 Houédard, Dom Sylvester (D S H)
Correspondence and poetry, some in manuscript. See also *Box 267; Series VI.
26 13 Howard, Ruth
26 14 Hsieh, Tehching (Sam)
26 15 Hubaut, Joël
26 16 Hubert, Pierre-Alain
26 17 Huebler, Douglas
26 18 Huelsenbeck, Richard
Typescripts of original and reconstructed writings and other materials sent to Bernard Karpel from Huelsenbeck in preparation for publication of two monographs. Items include: typescript and 3 printed copies of "Dada Manifesto 1949," which was to have been published in Robert Motherwell's Dada painters and poets: an anthology (1951); 3 photocopies of photographs, one of which was reproduced in the above book; a typescript translation in English, dated 1951, of "Works of Hans Arp" originally published in Dada no. 3; and typescript reconstructions of both "Erklaerung, vorgetragen im Cabaret Voltaire, im Fruehjahr 1916" and "Dadarede, gehalten in der Galerie Neumann, Berlin, Kurfursten dam, am 18ten Februar 1918," and a photocopy of the Berliner Sezession program and invitation of April 12, 1918, which were published in Dada: eine literarische Dokumentation (1964). Other items include a typescript of "Dada and the New Realists: a radio talk by Richard Huelsenbeck" (1962) concerning the Sidney Janis Gallery exhibition and a postcard addressed to Jean Brown (1964).
See also Box 26, folder 20.
26 19 Hugnet, Georges
26 20 Hulbeck, Beate
Mostly "Charles Hulbeck," i.e., Richard Huelsenbeck.
26 21 Hutchins, Alice
See also Series VI.
26 22 H miscellaneous
26 23 Iannone, Dorothy
26 24 Ichiyanagi, Toshi
26 25 Igloo, Alex
26 26 Iimura, Taka
26, 321 Image Bank (Michael Morris and Vincent Trasov [aka Mr. Peanut])
Correspondence and mail art.
box folder
27 1-38 IN-JON
27 1 Inch, Peter
27 2 Inconnu Group
27 3 Institute for Research in Neoism
27 4-7 Inter Dada 84
Mail art contributions and announcements. See also Box 64, *Box 264, Series VI.
27 8 International Society of Copier Artists (Louise Neaderland)
27 9 Isou, Isidore
27 10 Ives, Charles
27 11 Jacks, Robert
27 12 Jackson, Sarah
See also *Box 259.
27 13 Jackson, Leavenworth
27 14 Jacob, J.P. (Hype)
See also *Box 259, **Roll 5.
27 15 Jaffrennou, Michel
27 16 Janco, Marcel
27 17 Janssen, Ruud
27 18 Jaschke, Gerhard
27 19 Jean, Marcel
27 20 Jesch, Birger
27 21 Johnson, Paul
27 22-29 Johnson, Ray
Works and correspondence, announcements, invitations, and articles; ca. .25 lin. ft. See also *Box 267; Series VI.
box folder
321 5 Johnson, Ronald
box folder
27 30 Johnson, Suzanne (Spectacle Press)
27 31-33 Johnston, Jill
Includes notes on two panel discussions on Happenings. See also *Box 264.
27 34 Johnston, Simon
27 35 Jones, Bill
27 36 Jones, J. Christopher
27 37 Jones, Joe
See also *Box 259; Series VI.
27 38 Jones, Kevin
box folder
28 1-54 JOR-KOR
28 1 Jorn, Asger
28 2 Joshi, R.K.
28 3 Jungwirth, Nikolaus
28 4 Jupitter-Larsen, Gerald
28 5 I-J misc.
28 6 Kahlo, Frida
28 7 Kamler, Richard
28 8 Kantor, Tadeusz
28 9 Kaprow, Allan
Includes letter to Jill Johnston disagreeing with her review (1962), performance instructions, announcements, clippings, articles, "Echo-logy," and "Pose." See also *Box 264, **flat file folder 18, Series VI.
28 10 Kariya, Hiroshi
28 11 Kattenstroth, Ulrich
28 12 Kaufman, Ira
28 13 Kaufman, Richard
28 14 Kazumichi, Fujiwara
28 15 Keith, Claire
28 16 Kelly, Ray
28 17 Kelly, Robert
28 18 Kempton, Karl
See also *Box 264.
28 19 Kent, Elenor
28 20 Kerouac, Jack
28 21 Khouri, Omar
See also Series VI.
28 22 Kienholz, Edward
28 23 Kiesler, Frederick
28 24 Kierspel, Jürgen
28 25 King, Kenneth
28, 321 King, Roland
See also *Box 259.
box folder
28 27 Kingsbury, Anne
28 28 Kirkeby, Per
See also Series VI.
28 29 Klein, Yves
28 30 Kleinberg, Judy
28 31 Klivar, Miroslav
28 32-35 Knízák, Milan
Includes correspondence, performance instructions, photographs documenting performances, and drawings. See also *Box 264, Series VI.
28 36-40 Knowles, Alison
Correspondence, works, announcements, invitations, and articles. See also *Box 264, **Roll 7, Series VI.
28 41-42 Kocman, J.H.
Correspondence, chapbooks, and cards.
28 43-45 Köpcke, Arthur
Includes 2 copies of "In memoriam envelope." See also Series VI.
28 46 Kohler, S.E.
28 47 Kolár, Jirí
28 48 Kolin, Sacha, 1980
KOLIN80. Printed announcements for the exhibition, Sacha KOLIN: New Work, 4 Oct - 4 Nov 1980 at the RR Gallery, 149 Mercer Street, New York City. 10 identical offset lithographs on card stock, 6 x 6 inches.
28 49 Komar, Vitali and Aleksandr Melamid
28 50 Konglomerati Press
28 51 Konieczny, Marek
28 52 Koninck, Jaak de
28 53 Koppány, Márton
28 54 Kornblum, Allan
box folder
29 1-44 KOS-LEC
29, 320*, 321 Kostelanetz, Richard
See also *Box 264.
box folder
29 2 Kostiuk, Michael
See also Series VI.
29 3 Kosugi, Takehisa
See also *Box 267; Series VI.
29 4 Kosuth, Joseph
See also *Box 259.
29 5-6 Kotik, Peter (S.E.M. Ensemble)
Includes Chocorua material and announcements.
29 7-8 Kozlowski, Jaroslaw
29 9 Kracke, Bernd
29 10 Krauss, Ruth
29 11 Kreger, Sandy
29 12 Krüll, Karl Heinz
29 13 Krugman, Michael
29 14 Kruskamp, Janet
29 15 Kubota, Shigeko
See also Series VI.
29 16 Kulik, Sharon
29 17 Kupferberg, Tuli
29 18 Kuriloff, Aaron
29 21 Kurtycz, Marcos
29 19 Kusama, Yayoi
See also *Box 264.
29 20 Kusomoto, Misao
29 22 K miscellaneous
29 23 La Barbara, Joan
29 24 Labelle-Rojoux, Arnaud
29 25 Lacy, Suzanne
29 26 La Honduras
29 27 Lai, Maria
See also Series VI.
29 28 Lambert, R.J. (Egozine)
29 29 Landi, Liliana
29 30-32 Lane, Brian (Gallery Number Ten)
Includes chapbooks, programs, announcements.
29 33 Lanfranco, Baldi
29 34 Lara, Mario
29 35 Larcombe, Sam and Claudia
29 36 La Rocca, Ketty
29 37 La Rose (Stephen Harlow and Gillian Garro)
29 38 Laub, Stephen
29, 321 Lax, Robert
box folder
29 40 Laxdal, Jon
29 41 Lebel, Jean Jacques
See also *Box 264.
29 42-44 LeClair, Abd-Allah (Radio Free Dada)
Mail art and slides for Ukiah 80.
box folder
30 1-46 LEI-Maciunas
30 1 Leigh, Michael
30 2 Leissl, H.G.
30 3-8 Lemaître, Maurice
Correspondence with museums (photocopies), annotated typescripts of Lewis and Clark symposium lectures, ephemera by Lettristes and Situationistes, and other materials. See also *Box 264, **flat file folder 11.
30 9 Lemcke, Rudy
319*, 321 [Lemke?], Andy
box folder
30 10 Lerner, Sandra
30 11 Lerner and Turner
30 12-14 Levine, Les
Published writings, "Les Levine copies everyone," announcements, and examples of design work. See also **flat file folder 20; Series VI.
30 15 Lewis, Donald H.
30 16 Lewitt, Sol
See also *Box 259; Box 264.
30 17 Liberté de Parole
30 18 Lieber, Edvard
30 19 Lloyd, Ginny
See also Box 65.
30 20 Lobby Press
30 21 Lomholt, Niels
30 22 Long, Richard
30 23 Lora-Totino, Arrigo
30 24 Lusignoli, Mino
30 25 L miscellaneous
30 26 Machado, Milton
30 27-46 Maciunas, George archive: correspondence A-H
Includes: Joseph Beuys, George Brecht (see also Brecht files), Jean Brown, John Cage, Gino Di Maggio, Robert Filliou, Ken Friedman, Klaus Groh, Geoffrey Hendricks, Dick Higgins; ca. .33 lin. ft.
box folder
31 1-58 Maciunas, George
31 1-40 Maciunas archive: correspondence K-Z
Includes: Milan Knizak, Alison Knowles, Carla Liss, Jackson Mac Low, David F. Mayor, Jonas Mekas, Yoko Ono, Nam June Paik, Harry Ruhé, Takako Saito, Tomas Schmidt, Paul Sharits, Mieko Shiomi, Hans Sohm, Daniel Spoerri, Ben Vautier, Wolf Vostell, Robert Watts, Emmett Williams (see also Williams files).
31 41-58 Maciunas archive
Fluxus member cards, Fluxus ephemera, stamps, scores, Fluxhouse cooperative, proposals, design examples of AG Gallery announcements, Underground magazine, Jean Brown archive stationery, grant proposal, Fluxbanquet/ Festschrift correspondence 1975-1976, Festschrift contributions, Dartmouth memorial correspondence 1978, family history by Leokadia Maciunas, biographical information. See also Box 59, **flat file folder 22, Series VI.
box folder
32 1-37 MACL-MEK
32 1 MacLeod, Scott
32, 320* Mac Low, Jackson
Includes correspondence, many scores, announcements, programs, and clippings; ca. .25 lin. ft. See also *Box 264, **flat file folder 22.
box folder
32 7 Mad Enterprises Inc.
32 8 Madam X
32 9 Maggi, Ruggero
32 10 Magritte, René
32 11 Magro, Franco
32 12 Maitin, Sam
32 13 Mallander, J.O.
32 14-15 Malloy, Judy
Includes booklets and other works. See also Series VI.
32 16 Marcus, Aaron
32 17 Marinetti, Filippo Tommaso
32, 319* Marroquin, Raul
See also *Box 259.
box folder
32 19 Marsh, Stanley
box folder
320* 3 Martin, Fred,
box folder
32 20 Martyr, Marv E.
32 21-22 Marx, Graciela Gutierrez
32 23 Masson, André
32 24 Mathews, Joan
32 25 Matsuzawa, Yutaka
32 26 Matta Echaurren, Roberto Sebastian
32 27 Max, Dan
32 28 Mayer, Hansjörg
See also *Box 264.
32 29 Mayer, Peter
32 30 Mayor, David
box folder
321 2 McCallion, Barry,
box folder
32 31 McCarthy, Cavan
32 32 McClure, Michael
32 33 McClurg, John
32 34 McMahon, Paul
32 35 Medeiros, J.
32 36 Meier, Richard
32 37 Mekas, Jonas
box folder
33 1-39 MEL-Mohammed
33 1 Melamed, Brad
33 2 Melin, Claude
33 3 Melnicove, Mark
33 4 Mendonça, Julio
33 5 Mental Traveler
33 6 Mesens, E.L.T.
33 7 Messerli, Douglas
33 8-11 Mew, Tommy
Manuscripts, announcements and invitations.
33 12 Meyer, Peter R.
33 13 Meyer, Thomas
33 14 Michaux, Henri
33 15 Mignani, Rolando
See also Series VI.
33 16 Miller, Larry
See also Series VI.
33 17-21 Milliken, Uncle Don (Orworks)
Mail art; ca. .25 lin. ft.
33 22 Minóy
33 23 Miralda, Antoni
See also Series VI.
33 24 Miró, Joan
33 25 MIT
33 26 Mittendorf, Henning
33 27-28 Mizelle, Dary John
Announcements. See also *Box 264.
33 29 Mock, Richard
33 30 Modern Hygiene
33 31-39 Mohammed archive
Plinio Mesciulam correspondence, ephemera, envelopes, and archive nos. 1-300; ca. .33 lin. ft.
box folder
34 1-29 Mohammed-Moorman
34 1-20 Mohammed archive
Archive nos. 301-1289; ca. .66 lin. ft. See also Box 65.
34 21 Moineau, Jean-Claude
34 22 Mol, Pieter Laurens
34 23 Mollett, Michael
34 24 Montalcini, Paola Levi
34 25 Moore, Barbara
34 26 Moore, Stephen
34 27-29 Moorman, Charlotte
Correspondence, bio, and announcements.
box folder
35 1-44 Moorman-NAK
35, 320* Moorman, Charlotte
Articles and clippings, and a full set of ephemera from the New York Avant Garde Festival, .33 lin. ft. See also *Box 265, **flat file folders 23-29, Series VI.
box folder
35 20 Moran, Robert
35 21-27 Morandi, Emilio
Much documentation of performances and other works, announcements, clippings, and bios (photocopies); ca. .25 lin. ft.
35 28 Morgan, Edwin
35 29 Morgan, Robert
35 30 Morrow, Charles
35 31 Moyse, Arthur
35 32 Mr. Sensitive
35 33 Ms. Pitts Pie
35 34 Mukai, Shutaro
35 35 Muldoon, Brian
35 36 Murphy, Hayden
35 37 Murphy, Peter
35 38 The Museum of Museums
35 39 Musicmaster
box folder
320* 3 Mustill, Norman Ogue
box folder
35 40 Mutt, R.
35 41 M miscelllaneous
35 42 Nada Farm Museum of Archetypes
35 43 Nagy, Paul
35 44 Nakajima, Yoshio
box folder
36 1-25 NAN-Nations
36 1 Nannucci, Maurizio
See also *Box 259, Box 267, **Roll 7, Series VI.
36 2-3 Nations, Opal archive (Strange Feces Press), 1974
Letters from Nations to Jean Brown (and others), and art works.
36 4-25 Nations, Opal archive (Strange Feces Press), 1974
Letters and ephemera received by Nations, A-S (to Sep 1974).
box folder
37 1-37 Nations-NIT
37 1-21 Nations, Opal archive, 1974-1977
Letters and ephemera received T-Z (to Sep 1974), A-Z (1975), and A-Z (1976-1977); ca. .5 lin. ft. See also Box 65.
37 22 Neaderland, Louise
37 23 Nebesky, Ladislav
37 24 Nechvatal, Joseph
37 25 Nemoto, Toshiyuki
37 26 N.E. Thing Co., Ltd. (Iain Baxter)
37 27 Neuhaus, Max
See also *Box 259, Series VI.
37 28 Nevidal, Hans
37 29 New Arcadians (Patrick Eyres, Ian Gardner, Grahame Jones)
37 30 Newark Press
37 31 Newman, Robert
37 32 Newton, Richard
37 33 Niblock, Phill
37, 320* Niccolai, Giulia
box folder
37 35 Niotou, Henri
37 36 Nißle, Reinhard
37 37 Nitsch, Hermann
See also **flat file folder 21.
box folder
38 1-31 NOR-ORE
38 1 Norton, Tom
38 2 No Walls
38 3 Nuttall, Jeff
38 4 Nutzle, Futzie
See also *Box 259; **flat file folder 21.
38 5-6 Ockerse, Tom
Correspondence and other papers.
38 7 O'Connell, Laurie (World Imitation Prods.)
38 8 Ohlmann, Aloys
38 9-10 Olbrich, Jürgen O.
Includes collages, mail art, and copy art. See also *Box 259, **flat file folder 21, Series VI.
38 11 Oldenburg, Claes
Includes 4 photos of early 1960s Happenings. See also **flat file folder 30, Series VI).
38 12 Olesen, Muriel
38 13-14 Oliveros, Pauline
Announcements, articles, and bio.
38 15 Olson, Charles
38 16-19 Ono, Yoko and John Lennon
Works, postcards, announcements, clippings See also *Box 268, **flat file folder 21, Series VI [under both names].
38 20-27 Oosten, Margot van and Sonja van der Burg
Afzet's Palmbank 1981: no. 3 A-F, no. 4 A-F, no. 5 A-C; ca. 33 lin. ft.
38 28 Oppenheim, Dennis
See also **flat file folder 31.
38 29 Oppenheim, Meret
38 30 Ore, Tim
38 31 Oren, Michel
box folder
39 1-34 ORI-Patterson
39 1 Ori, Luciano
39 2 Ortiz, Ralph
39 3 N-O misc.
39 4 Pachetti, Marco
39 5 Paci, Anna
39 6 Padgett, Ron
39 7-8 Padín, Clemente
39 9 Page, Robin
39 10-17 Paik, Nam June
Works, announcements, invitations, clippings, and articles; ca. 33 lin. ft. See also *Box 268, Series VI.
39 18 Palacios, Enrique Juan
39 19 Palazzoli, Daniela
39 20 Palestine, Charlemagne
39 21 P.A.N.
39 22 Parasol Press
See also *Box 259.
39 23 Partum, Andrzej (Bureau de la Poésie)
39 24 Pasquini, Phil
39 25 Patino, Rosa
39 26 Patrick, Tom (Eat It Up)
39 27-34 Patterson, Benjamin archive
Correspondence, scores and other works.
40 Patterson, Benjamin archive
Notebook and scrapbook, each with collages and drawings.
box folder
41 1-38 Patterson-Pignotti
41 1-4 Patterson, Benjamin archive
Final exam, notes, notes on death, and announcements. See also **flat file folder 33, Series VI.
41 5 Paull, Silke and Hervé Würz
41 6 Pawson, Mark
41 7 Pedersen, L.D.
41 8 Peeters, Sef
41 9-10 Peli, Romano and Michaela Versari
Correspondence and mail art.
41 11 Penck, A.R.
41 12 Pereira, Teresinka
41 13 Perez, Victor and Irma
41 14 Perfetti, Michele
41 15 Perin, Romaine
See also **flat file folder 34.
41 16 Permanent Press
41 17-20 Perneczky, Géza
Much mail art, including "Transcendental mail art." See also *Box 259.
41 21-23 Petasz, Pavel
Mail art and rubber stamp printing. See also Box 66.
41 24 Peter-Fürstenau, Klaus
41 25 Petertil, Tucker
41 26 Peticov, Antonio
41 27 Petit, Pierre
41 28-29 Pezzatini, Lorenzo
See also *Box 268, Series VI.
41 30 Phillips, Liz
41, 321 Phillips, Michael J.
41, 320*, 321 Phillips, Tom
Postcards, other works, announcements, and invitations. See also **flat file folder 35.
box folder
41 36 Picabia, Francis
41 37 Pickle Family Circus
41 38 Pignotti, Lamberto
box folder
42 1-36 Pittore, Carlo
42 1-2 Pittore, Carlo
Correspondence, stamps, announcements, and envelopes.
42 3-26 Pittore, Carlo
Entries to the Maine mail art exhibition (1983), A-S.
box folder
43 1-34 Pittore-Porter
43 1-6 Pittore, Carlo
Maine mail art exhibition entries (1983), T-Z. See also *Box 259, Box 260, Box 268, **Roll 5, **flat file folder 32.
43 7 Place Stamp Here
43 8 Plunkett, Edward
43 9 Poem Company
43 10 Poet Lariat
43 11 Polansky, Lois
43, 320* Porter, Bern archive
Mail art and correspondence A-Z, most dated 1979-1984. Also art works, invitations to participate in mail art events, many with annotations of when works were sent, announcements and invitations, articles and other papers; ca. .66 lin. ft. See also *Box 266.
[See also Special Collections accession no. 900270 and other mail art collections with Bern Porter provenance in the Getty Research Library.]
box folder
44 1-37 POS-ROB
44 1 Postal Flow West
box folder
320* 2 Pozzi, Lucio
box folder
44 2 Prévert, Jacques
44 3 Price, Jonathan
44 4-5 Prillaman, Jerry
Mostly booklets.
44 6 Prince, Richard
44 7 Pursglove, Glyn
44 8 P misc.
44 9 R. Dick Trace it
44 10 Raay, Jan van
See also Series VI.
44 11 Radin, Betty
box folder
321 1 Radowitz, J. G.,
box folder
44 12 Raffeld, David
44 13 Ramsay, Bob
44 14-15 Random, Steve (aka Randall)
Mail art. See also Box 66, *Box 260, Box 266, Series VI.
44 16 Ray, Man, 1921-1959
Includes 3 postcards from Man Ray to Paul Eluard (1937-1938), exhibition announcements from Librairie Six (1921), Galerie Surréaliste (1928), Julien Levy Gallery (1932), Aux Cahiers d'Art (1935), Galerie Rive Droite (1959) and many others, and clippings. See also *Box 260, Series VI.
44 17 Rayner, Edward
44 18 Reed, Suzie
44 19 Rehfeldt, Robert and Ruth
See also *Box 268.
44 20 Reich, Steve
See also *Box 266.
44 21 Reid, Terry
44 22 Resnick, Marcia
44 23 Restany, Pierre
44 24 Reynolds, Bruce
44 25 Reynolds, Jock
See also Series VI.
44 26 Rhea, Charlotte
44 27 Richter, Hans
44 28 Ridder, Willem de
See also Box 60, Series VI.
44 29-30 Riddle, James
Works, including "Seeds."
44 31 Rigg, Margaret
44 32 Riley, Terry
44 33 Rivers, Dick
44 34 Riz, Marisa da
44 35 Robot Vegetable
44 36 Robson, Ernest
44 37 Robideau, Henri
box folder
45 1-32 ROC-SAB
45 1-9 Rockola (twins Marlon and Robert)
Correspondence, much mail art, and other works incorporating copy art and rubber stamp printing; postage stamps, and envelopes; ca. .33 lin. ft. See also Box 66, *Box 266, Series VI.
box folder
321 1 Rogers, Martin
box folder
45 10 Rook, Gerrit Jan de
45 11 Ropiecki, Waclaw
box folder
321 5 Rose, C. J.,
box folder
45 12-13 Rosenberg, Marilyn
Mail art, proofs of her work, and chapbooks.
45 14 Rosler, Martha
45, 320* Roth, Dieter
Photographs of works, postcards, announcements, and miscellaneous. Box 320* contain Pinselaktionen print suite, 1977. See also *Box 271, **flat file folder 36, Series VI.
box folder
45 19 Rothenberg, Jerome
See also *Box 260.
45 20 Rowe, William
45 21 Rowlands, Tom
45 22 Rowlandson, Thomas, 1815
Print: Dr. Syntax at Covent Garden Theatre.
45 23 Royal, Anastasia
45 24 Rufini, Carla
See also Series VI.
box folder
321 1 Rühm, Gerhard,
box folder
45 25 Ruscha, Edward
45 26-28 Rutzky, Ivy Sky
Handmade cards.
45 29 Rypson, Piotr (Sator)
45 30 Q-R miscellaneous
45 31 Sá, Neide S. de
45 32 Sabatier, Roland
box folder
46 1-46 SAI-SHE
46 1 Saint-Phalle, Niki de
46 2 Saito, Takako
See also Series VI.
46 3 Salle, David
46 4 Sam's Recycle Shop
46 5 Samaras, Lucas
46 6 Sardegnia, Ulian (?)
46 7 Sarenco
46 8 Satie, Erik
See also **flat file folder 38.
46 9 Saunders, Robert
See also Box 66.
46 10 Scarlatina, St.
46 11-12 Schmidt, Angelika and Jürgen
46 13 Schmidt-Heins, Barbara
46 14-15 Schmit, Tomas
Includes correspondence, poems, scores, and announcements. See also *Box 268, Series VI.
46 16-20 Schneemann, Carolee
Correspondence and works, announcements and invitations, articles and clippings; ca. .25 lin. ft. See also *Box 261, Series VI.
46 21 Schnyder, Jean-Frederic
46, 319* Schödl, Greta
box folder
46 23 Scholte, Willy
46 24 Schraenen, Guy
46 25 Schuldt
46 26 Schwartz, Francis
46 27 Schwitters, Kurt
Includes typescript poem "Short Hills" (1940), K : revue de la poésie, no. 3 (May 1949), photocopied articles, announcements, and clippings.
46 28 Science Holiday
46 29 Scorebroadsides
46 30 Scott, Michael
46 31 Searle, K.
46 32 Selenitsch, Alex
See also **Roll 6.
46 33 Seligmann, Kurt
46 34 Serra, Richard
46 35 Serri, Bracha
46 36 Seuphor, Michel
46 37 Sevô, R.U.
46 38 Shapiro, David
46 39 Sharits, Paul
See also Series VI.
46 40-41 Shaw, Joyce Cutler
46 42 Shaw, Karen
43 Sheff, Robert
box folder
46 44 Sheridan, Graham
46 45 Sheridan, Noel
46 46 Sheridan, Sonia
box folder
47 1-38 SHI-SPI
47 1-2 Shimamoto, Shozo
Mail art.
47 3 Shiomi, Mieko
Correspondence and many "spatial poems." See also **flat file folder 37, Series VI.
47 4 Shohachiro, Takahashi
47 5 Siegel, Julie
47 6 Silliman, Ron
47 7 Silva, Falves
47 8 Silverman, Paul
47 9 Simposio Differante
47 10 Simpson, Sylvia
47 11 Siné
box folder
321 1 Sinodhinos, Paul,
box folder
47 12 Skidmore, Stephen
47 13 Skoglund, Robert
47 14 Skuber, Berty
47 15 Smith, Barbara
47 16 Smith, Larry
47 17 Smith, Pauline
47 18 Smith, Philip
47 19 Smithson, Robert
See also *Box 261, **Box 314.
47 20 Sohm, Joe
47 21 Solomon, Carl
47 22-23 Sondheim, Alan
Mostly poetry.
47 24 Sonfist, Alan
47 25 Sorensen, William Louis
47 26 Soupault, Philippe
47 27-31 Souza, Al
Mail art, correspondence and assorted papers; ca. .25 lin. ft. See also Box 66, Series VI.
47 32 Spacagna, Jacques
47 33 Spector, Buzz
See also Series VI.
47 34 Spera, Steve
See also Series VI.
47 35-38 Spiegelman, Lon
Mostly correspondence regarding Umbrella vol. 7, no. 2 (1984), but also some mail art by Spiegelman, and letters and mail art received from various artists; ca. .25 lin. ft.
48 Spiegelman, Lon
Umbrella, vol. 7, no. 2, paste-ups.
box folder
49 1-44 SPO-TAC
49 1 Spodarek, Diane
49 2-5 Spoerri, Daniel
Works, announcements, Eat Art ephemera, and clippings. See also **flat file folder 39, Series VI.
49 6 S'Soreff, Stephen
49 7 Staeck, Klaus
See also Series VI.
49 8 Staeck, Rolf
49 9 Stagnaro, Umberto
49 10-14 Stake, Chuck
Mail art, .25 lin. ft.
49 15 Stanley, Charles J.
49 16 Stansfield, Elsa
49 17 Steen, Vagn
49 18 Steiger, Dominik
49 19 Steiner, Sherry L.
49 20 Steingrimur, EK
49 21 Steir, Pat
49 22 Stembera, Petr
49 23 Stephen, Gary
49 24 Stezaker, John
49 25 Stieglitz, Alfred
49 26 Stoppard, Tom
49 27 Strasen, Barbara
49 28 Strong, T.M.
49 29 Studentski Kulturni Center
See also *Box 261.
49 30 Subgenius Foundation
49 31 Subinen, Paul
49 32 Subotnick, Morton
49 33 Suel, Lucien
49 34 Summer, Roel
49 35 Summers, Craig
49 36 Supek, Jaroslav
49 37 Swarte, Joost
49 38 Swierkiewica, Robert
49 39 Szeemann, Harald
49 40-41 S miscellaneous
49 42 Tabor, Richard
49 43 Tacchella, Rino
49 44 Tacha, Athena
box folder
50 1-47 TAN-TRUCK
50 1 Tanguy, Yves
50 2 Tanning, Dorothea
50 3 Tardos, Anne
50 4 Tarr, Bill
50 5 Tavener, Patricia
See also Box 67; *Box 261, Series VI.
50 6 Tawney, Lenore
50 7 Taylor, Mike
50 8 Taylor, Richard O.
50 9 Taylor, Thoss W.
50 10-11 Tearle, Mel
Mostly mail art.
50 12 Tellvid, Claes
50 13 Temley, Mary
50 14 Tenney, James
50 15 Tetrad Press
50 16 Thenot, Jean-Paul
See also *Box 266.
50 17 Third Story
50 18 Thomas, John
50 19 Thorpe, Hilda
50 20-21 Tinguely, Jean
Includes 2 postcards and a letter to Jan van der Marck (1962), and letter to Mr. Sandberg (1961).
50 22 Ting, Walasse
50 23 The Tinklers
50 24 Tipping, Richard
50 25 Tip Top
50 26-27 Todorovic, Miroljub
Signalist poetry material.
50 28 Todosijevic, Rasa
box folder
319* 1 Tolbert, Norman?,
box folder
50 29 Tomatoy, Stuart P.P.
50 30 Tone, Yasunao
50 31 Tono, Yoshiaki
50 32 Torok, Karl
50 33 Toronto Research Group (Steve McCaffery, bp Nichol, et. al.)
Includes chapbooks.
50 34-36 Tót, Endre
Much mail art and some rubber stamp printing. See also Box 67, Box, 320*, *Box 261, Box 268, Series VI.
50 37 Toth, Gabor
See also Series VI.
50 38 Tower, Jon
50 39 Townsend
50 40 Transformer, Todd
50 41 Transgravity Press
50 42 Trans-parent Teachers Inc.
50 43 Tremaine, Kit
50 44 Trent Polytechnic
50 45 Tron, Otto
50 46-47 Truck, Fred
Correspondence and Jean Brown typography. See also *Box 266.
box folder
51 1-32 Truck-U
51 1-14 Truck, Fred
Includes works, manuscript of "Development of signs in space," other mss. (1983 Jun 6), Des Moines festival ephemera and photos, and Performance Bank ephemera; ca. .5 lin. ft. See also *Box 261, Series VI.
51 15 Tschumi, Bernard
51 16 Tudor, David
51 17 Tupitsyn, Rita and Victor
See also Series VI.
51 18 Turnbull, Gael
51 19 Turyn, Anne
51 20-21 Tzara, Tristan
Includes 7 letters and postcards to Paul Dermée discussing work by Jean Arp, Dadaism, and Celine Arnaud (1918-1920); 4 p. poetry manuscript, titled "Où boivent les loups" (1932); partial ms. with many annotations of Tzara's introduction for Arthur Rimbaud: oeuvres complètes (Lausanne, 1948); and much ephemera, such as an announcement for a series of lectures in Zurich at the Galerie Corray (1917), a piece of blank Mouvement Dada stationery (1920), a broadside titled "Hommage à Dada" (1938), another broadside written in response to the Journal des Poètes 1932 Dec 18 issue, and 4 printed copies of "An Introduction to Dada," which was to have been published in Robert Motherwell's Dada painters and poets: an anthology (1951).
51 22 T miscellaneous
51 23 Uecker
51 24 Ukeles, Mierle Laderman
51 25 Ulassai
51 26-27 Ullrichs, Timm
Concrete poetry and announcements. See also **flat file folder 41.
51 28 Unicorn Press
51 29 Universal Spy
51 30 Upton, Lawrence
51 31 Urban, Nikolaus
51 32 Urso, Robert
52 Unicorn Press
Includes Unicorn folio series one, no. four; Unicorn folio series three, no. two; Unicorn broadsheet series I & II (10 prints each).
box folder
53 1-35 VA-VO
53 1 Valencia
53 2-3 Valoch, Jiri
Poetry in many formats. See also Series VI.
53 4 Vandenbroucke, José
53 5 Vanderburg, Albert
53 6 Van Proyen, Mark
53 7 Van Riper, Peter
53 8 Varia, Radu
53 9 Varney, Ed
53 10 Vater, Regina
53 11-17 Vautier, Ben
Correspondence, printed works such as cards, postcards, publications, and announcements, and photographs. See also *Box 266, Box 268, Series VI.
53 18 VEC
53 19 Velick, Bruce
53 20 Verey, Charles
53, 321 Vidal, Francesco (SIEP Productions)
See also *Box 261.
box folder
53 23-24 Vigo, Edgardo-Antonio
Mail art and other works.
53 25 Vilks, Lars
53 26 Virgula
53 27 Viton, Jean-Jacques
53 28 Void
53 29 Volkmann, Herbert
53 30 Vollmer, April
53 31-34 Vostell, Wolf
Letters to Vostell (photocopies from Happening Archive Berlin), letters to Jean Brown, and ephemera. See also **flat file folder 42, Series VI.
53 35 Voyer, Jean-Pierre
box folder
54 1-40 VR-WILLE
54, 321 Vries, Herman de
Includes Eschenau Summer Press and Temporary Travelling Press publications by Vries and others, booklets, announcements, and some poetry manuscripts.
box folder
54 6 Vries, Peter Y de
54 7 Vulliamy, Gerard
54 8 U-V miscellaneous
54 9 Wada, Yoshimasa
See also Series VI.
54 10 Waitzkin, Stella
54 11 Wall, Beriah
See also Series VI.
54 12 Wallitt, Carol
54 13 Walsh, Emmett
54 14 Wamaling, Mark H.
box folder
321 4 Ward, Philip,
box folder
54 15 Warhol, Andy
54 16 Waring, James
54 17 Watcke, Thomas
54 18-19 Watts, Robert
Includes correspondence, Fluxus ephemera, works, and announcements. See also Box 60,, *Box 266, Series VI.
54 20 Weiner, Lawrence
See also **flat file folder 40.
54 21 Welch, Chris
54 22 Welch, Chuck/Cracker Jack Kid
See also *Box 261, Series VI.
54 23 Wendt, Larry
54 24 Werner, Kenneth
54 25 Wesselmann, Tom
54 26 Westmore, Lynne
54 27 Wewerka, Stefan
See also *Box 271, Series VI.
54 28 What Is
54 29 Wheatley, Steve
54 30 Whitman, Robert
54 31 Whitson, Al
54 32 Whorral, Bill
54 33 Wiater, Michael
54 34 Widmer, Gwen
54 35-36 Wielgosz, Andrzej
Mostly booklets and some correspondence.
54 37 Wieners, John
54 38 Wilcock, John
54 39 Willats, Stephen
54 40 Wille, John
box folder
55 1-36 Williams, Emmett archive, 1960-1972
Correspondence includes George Brecht, Jean Brown, Ian Hamilton Finlay, Robert Filliou, Dick Higgins, Alison Knowles, George Maciunas (see also Maciunas files), Claes Oldenburg, Nam June Paik, Dieter Roth (photocopies), Daniel Spoerri, Robert Watts and La Monte Young. Also art works, manuscript of "a valentine for noël," and a manuscript translation of Daniel Spoerri's "Mythological travels of a modern Sir John Mandeville." See also Box 57.
box folder
56 1-40 Williams-Z
56 1-10 Williams, Emmett archive
Score of "Four directional song of doubt"; 5 Fluxus rolls from Maciunas, 2 of which have letters attached; "an opera" (2 rolls); "An anecdoted topography of chance"; photographs, announcements, and clippings; ca. .33 lin. ft. See also Box 60, Box 67, *Box 261, Box 268, Series VI.
56 11 Williams, Jonathan
See also **flat file folder 40.
56 12 Williams, William Carlos
56 13 Wilson, Ann
56 14 Wilson, Robert, et. al.
Clippings related to performance and technology. Includes clippings on Lee Breuer/Mabu Mines, art and technology, the MIT experimental music lab, Robert Wilson's "Einstein on the Beach," Richard Foreman, and others.
56 15 Winkfield, Trevor
56 16 World Imitation Prods.
56 17 Wyllie, George
See also Series VI.
56 18 W miscellaneous
56 19 Xenakis, Constantine; Xenakis, Iannis
56 20 Xero Post
56 21 Yael
56 22-26 Young, La Monte and Marion Zazeela
Includes correspondence, announcements, Zazeela design samples, curriculum vitae, and articles; ca. .25 lin. ft.
56 27 Zabala, Horacio
56 28 Zabriskie, Tom
56 29-30 Zack, David
56 31-33 Zaj (José Luis Castillejo, Juan Hidalgo, Walter Marchetti and others)
Announcements, programs, and concrete poetry.
56 34 Zappa, Frank
56 35 Zeller, Ludwig and Susana Wald
56 36 Zelt, Martha
56 37 Zinc, Ruta (aka Nat Dean)
56 38 Zorn, John
56 39 Zurburgg, Nicholas
56 40 X-Z miscellaneous
57 Zurburgg
Stereo Headphones no. 8-9-10 proofs and paste-ups.
58, 319*-321 Unidentified
See also **flat file folder 43; Series VI.
59 Fluxus announcements
Framed paste-ups of Fluxus announcements designed by Maciunas (7 items). Most of the items in this box and boxes 60-61 have the same frames.
60 Small framed items
Willem de Ridder drawing for Perpetual Fluxus Festival, 1965; Emilio Simonetti letter to Maciunas, ca. 1966; Jacques Villon print after Marcel Duchamp's Moulin à Cafè, 1912?; Robert Watts's George Maciunas: life span data; Daniel Spoerri letter to Emmett Williams regarding Mythological travels of a modern Sir John Mandeville, 1969; from Emmett Williams archive, "Conditions for performing Fluxus published compositions, films and tapes."
61 George Brecht,"Something about Fluxus," 1964
Framed; Univ. of Calif. San Diego.
62 Noël Stevenson, 1976
Framed "Spoerri" drawing.
63 Rubber stamps, B-F
Bernard Banville of Zona (1); Bizarro (5 stamps and small printed stick-on labels); Jean Brown's shaker seed house address; Paul Cotton (1); Betty Danon (2); Steve Durland of Nomoma (5 stamps and letter); John Fawcett (5 stamps and letter).
See Box 68A for inked impressions of stamps.
64 Rubber stamps, G-I
Bill Gaglione (1, used for Jean Brown postcard stationery, see series V); Klaus Groh (4); John Held (2); Inkadinkadoo (3 stamps and copy of Jean Brown's order); Inter Dada 84 (1).
See Box 68A for inked impressions of stamps.
65 Rubber stamps, L-N
La Mamelle (5 for Imagezine); Ginny Lloyd (1); Mohammed (5); Opal Nations (1).
See Box 68A for inked impressions of stamps.
66 Rubber stamps, P-S
Pawel Petasz (6); Steve Random (2 stamps and letter); Rockola (1); Robert Saunders (1); Al Souza (2).
See Box 68A for inked impressions of stamps.
67 Rubber stamps, T-W and unidentified
Patricia Tavenner (4 stamps and letter); Endre Tót (1); Emmett Williams (1 mechanical stamp given as a gift); ca. 20 unidentified stamps; bottle of red stamp pad ink; small container of rubber typeset blocks.
See Box 68A for inked impressions of stamps.
68 Rubber stamps, library stamps
ca. 75 stamps from various libraries, pertaining to cataloging activities.
See Box 68A for inked impressions of stamps.
68A Impressions of rubber stamps, library stamps
Inked impressions on paper, made by the repository from stamps in Boxes 63-68, Box 127 (George Brecht's "Stamp out stamping"), Box 205 (Yoko Ono's "Footstamps 1971") and Box 213 (Dieter Roth's "Stempel Kasten").
box folder
257* 1-7 A-B
257* 1 A
Includes Stephen Antonakos "Dream" pillowcase, signed; David Aylward "Noneever" signed (2 copies); signed Ay-O rainbow print catalog with color photocopies.
257* 2 Andersen, Eric, 1961-1971
Substantial number of scores and instructions.
257* 3 B
Includes Vagrich Bakhchanyan "Ledger 4" (1977), Franco Beltrametti poster signed to Jean Brown, John M. Bennett envelope, Robert Delford Brown poster, and Günter Brus "Der blaue Wald" (1974).
257* 4 Banville, Bernard (Zona)
"Simian project" (1982) letters and envelopes, mail art envelope, and 3 photocopied works.
257* 5 Barancik, Robert
16 posters designed by Barancik, some duplicates.
257* 6 Black, Byron
4 color photocopies, 3 of which are mounted.
257* 7 Bleus, Guy
Includes one "Scent-paintings for Carlo Pittore (Do I have to write it in blood? I love you)"; Hasselt Telegraphy-and mail art project (2 copies), and posters; 7 items.
box folder
258* 1-7 C-H
258* 1 CA
Includes Luciano Caruso and Giorgio Concutelli "De inventione linguarum" (1982) signed, no. 10/18, and Alik Cavaliere Christmas card from Galeria Schwarz (1963).
258* 2 Carrion, Ulises
Issues of Ephemera and poster, 9 items.
258* 3 CH-CU
Paula Claire program and photocopied poems for Texas Tech Univ. performance (1983), signed Bob Cobbing print (June 1973), 2 mail art announcements and a newsletter sent to Sas Colby, Fletcher Copp placemat, 3 signed and numbered Jean-Paul Curtay prints (1982), and 2 envelopes from Barbara Cushman.
258* 4 D
Salvador Dali announcement at Carstairs Gallery (1961), Sergio Dangelo Christmas card from Galleria Schwarz (1962), signed Irene Dogmatic etching (1971), and Marcel Duchamp Art News announcement and clipping.
258* 5 E
Includes Leif Eriksson stamp sheet, Max Ernst clipping, and Amelia Etlinger envelope.
258* 6 F-G
Albert Fine score (1965), Kenneth Gaburo "Lingua I: poems and other theaters" and a score, Rimma Gerlovina and Valeriy Gerlovin's illustration of "Needle project" and envelope, signed Jochen Gerz print and a poster, and Klaus Groh envelope.
258* 7 H
Includes 3 John Halpern posters, a poem by Bernard Heidsieck (1961), and a Paula Hocks photocopy collage (1981).
box folder
259* 1-8 I-PITTORE
259* 1 I-J
Includes Sarah Jackson "Mindscape" (1981) signed, no. 13/100, J.P. Jacob "Shooting at strangers" (1985) signed, no. 6/75, and Joe Jones drawing.
259* 2 K
Includes 3 Ronald King Circle Press pamphlets, and a Joseph Kosuth broadsheet.
259* 3 L
Includes Carl Laszlo et al. "'Manifest' gegen den Avantgardismus" (1958), Level 6 print, Sol Lewitt announcement and "Location of three geometric figures," and 8 scores by Anestis Logothetis.
259* 4 M
Includes 2 Raul Marroquin posters.
259* 5 N
Includes Maurizio Nannucci announcement, 2 Max Neuhaus posters, and 2 Futzie Nutzle drawings and envelope.
259* 6 Olbrich, Jürgen
2 signed photocollages.
259* 7 P
Includes Parasol Press signed Agnes Martin print "Praise" (1976), Geza Perneczky envelope, and Francisco Pino print portfolio "Bloques" no. 75/100.
259* 8 Pittore, Carlo
Maine Mail Art Exhibition B-G includes Buster Cleveland painted envelope; 4 items.
box folder
260* 1-4 PITTORE-R
260* 1-2 Pittore, Carlo
Maine Mail Art Exhibition M-S includes Lon Spiegelman drawing, color photocopy and envelope; and 11 items and 3 unidentified items with a Pittore envelope in a separate folder.
260* 3 R
Man Ray clipping, 3 Childe Roland posters, and Jerome Rothenberg poster.
260* 4 Random, Steve
Includes 4 works made from cardboard with stamping, drawing, and collage; photocopies of works, and 3 envelopes; 16 items.
box folder
261* 1-8 S-W, unidentified
261* 1 S
Includes Carolee Schneemann announcement and painted envelope, Kurt Schwitters sheet of photostat clippings, Robert Smithson "Torn photograph..." (2 copies), and Studentski Kulturni Center magazine of rock-n-roll photos.
261* 2 T
Includes Pat Tavenner broadsheet, 3 William Tillyer and Ian Tyson Circle Press pamphlets.
261* 3 Tetrad Press
7 pamphlets by various artists, including Ian Breakwell and Ian Tyson.
261* 4 Tót, Endre
Includes 7 signed sheets of self-typed prints and other signed prints, 11 items.
261* 5 Truck, Fred
Includes "Striking camp A: masks" and Des Moines Festival posters; 9 items.
261* 6 V-W
Includes Francesco Vidal painted work, William Wegman Franklin Furnace benefit lottery (3 sheets), and Chuck Welch envelope.
261* 7 Williams, Emmett
Includes broadsheet, manuscript of fête duchampêtre for "Valentine for noël" and computer printout of "Vanguard poem for New York's avant-garde" (1968).
261* 8 Unidentified
box folder
262* 1-4 A-FINLAY
262* 1 A-B
Includes John Baldessari poster, Stephen Bann "Fleece," 3 posters by Robert Barancik, 5 Guy Bleus posters (2 are copies), 2 Robert Delford Brown posters and extracts from press notices of Ulysses.
262* 2 C-D
Includes John Cage printout (I Ching?), John Chamberlain poster for Castelli, and Paula Claire photocopy of "Totem."
262* 3 E-F
Includes Ferró "Mecanismo mecanifeste," Albert Fine (?) poster, and Ken Friedman poster.
262* 4 Finlay, Ian Hamilton
"Whp 70," 3 prints, and Jargon 1969 calendar.
box folder
263* 1-6 FLYNT-H
263* 1 Flynt, Henry
Poster and 2 copies of "Communists must give revolutionary leadership in culture" (with Maciunas).
263*, 319* Furnival, John
box folder
263* 4 G-H
Includes 3 Kenneth Gaburo scores (2 copies of one), 2 György Galántai posters, 2 signed posters by Harley, Peter Hodgkiss mounted "Concrete poetry...," and 2 Jenny Holzer posters.
263* 5 Higgins, Dick
His score "Emmett Williams's ear," "An exemplativist manifesto" and posters; 16 items, many duplicates.
263* 6 Hompson, Davi Det
Scores, 5 items.
box folder
264* 1-9 I-M
264* 1 I-J
6 Inter-Dada 84 Festival posters (2 are copies), Jill Johnston in person poster (4 copies).
264* 2 K
Includes Milan Knízák poster, Alison Knowles painted print signed and print of Maciunas performing, Richard Kostelanetz poster "Manifestoes," and 2 Kusama posters.
264* 3 Kaprow, Allan
9 posters.
264* 4 Kempton, Karl
4 posters "Typoglifs" signed, no. 12/43 and announcement.
264* 5 L
Includes Jean-Jacques Lebel poster, 6 Theo Leuthold graphics, Sol Lewitt announcement, and poster of "No show" arranged by Boris Lurie.
264* 6 Lemaître, Maurice
Internationale Situationniste and Lettriste posters and ephemera, 11 items.
264* 7 M
Includes Hansjörg Mayer (?) test print.
264* 8 Mac Low, Jackson
10 scores and vocabularies, 6 signed.
264* 9 Mizelle, Dary John
Primarily posters and announcements, 14 items
box folder
265* 1-3 Moorman, Charlotte, 1960s-1970s
Extensive quantity of photostat copies of notes for performance realizations, and clippings.
box folder
266* 1-7 N-Z
266*, 320* N
Includes Bruce Nauman materials.
box folder
266* 2 P-R
Signed Bern Porter poster, signed Steve Random poster, 4 Steve Reich posters, Rockola envelope.
266* 3 S
Includes 2 Donald Scarvada scores
266* 4 T
Talbot calendar, Vincent Tangredi placemat, Jean-Paul Thenot "Constat" nos. 1-3, 3 Jean Tinguely posters, Fred Truck's "The left ear of the machine" and "Machine blue line transparencies."
266* 5 Tavares, Salette
8 items signed and numbered.
266* 6 Vautier, Ben
Includes "Assholes wallpaper" and posters from the 1960s, 15 items.
266* 7 W-Z
Includes Robert Watts poster, Diane Wakoski's "Dream sheet" (1965).
box folder
267* 1-8 A-N
267* 1 A-B
Includes Vito Acconci poster (2 copies), Mel Bochner poster signed, the Broadsheet no. 3.
267* 2 C-D
Includes 2 Lourdes Castro posters, 4 Douglas Davis posters.
267* 3 E-F
267* 4 Friedman, Ken
4 posters and 1 collage (much tape).
267* 5 G-H
5 Gerlovin posters, Jochen Gerz poster, announcement for Raoul Hausmann edition of "Affiche," 3 Geoffrey Hendricks posters, Dick Higgins and Alison Knowles poster (2 copies), Ed and Suzanne Hill poster.
267* 6 Houédard, Dom Sylvester (D S H)
"Ken Cox memorial" poster, 5 color variations.
267* 7 Johnson, Ray
6 posters, most from late 1960s.
267* 8 K-N
Includes 2 Takehisa Kosugi prints, 3 Barbara Kruger posters, 2 Fernando Millan posters, 3 Maurizio Nannucci posters, Richard Nonas poster.
box folder
268* 1-8 O-W, unidentified
268* 1 O-P
Includes 2 Lorenzo Pezzatini posters, and a poster sent to Carlo Pittore for the Maine Mail Art Exhibition.
268* 2 Ono, Yoko
"This is not here" newspaper, exhibition layout and checklist, and poster for Everson Museum.
268* 3 Paik, Nam June
2 drawings and 3 posters, 2 of which are signed.
268* 4 R-T
Includes Robert Rauschenberg poster, Gerhard Richter poster, Robert Rehfeldt poster signed, Tomas Schmit poster (3 copies), newspaper signed by Endre Tót.
268* 5 U-W
Includes Ben Vautier "Open tout and close nothing" 4 sheets (2 copies).
268* 6-7 Williams, Emmett
The "ego hego shego" ms. for "a valentine for noël," "Soldier" signed, 12 prints (artist's proofs) of the astrological signs, and "La fete a la gioconde sous le haut patronage de sa trascendence Marcel Duchamp."
268* 8 Unidentified
Framed oversize
269* Joseph Beuys
"Manifesto, text and poster," 1970, signed and stamped, Edition Hundertmark, Joseph Beuys multiples, cat. no. 28.
270* Lil Picard
"Collage painted," 1975, signed.
271* Stefan Wewerka and Dieter Roth
A print, signed on verso of frame, no. 167/200.
272* Marcel Duchamp
"Ready-mades et éditions de et sur Marcel Duchamp."
273* Marcel Duchamp
"Coeurs volants."
274* Marcel Duchamp
"Pulled at four pins."
275* Marcel Duchamp
"Poster after the self-portrait in profile."
308** Joseph Beuys
"The Recommendation (fat letters)," 1973. Five fat letters signed by Beuys with certificate signed by Beuys and Jürg Brodmann, no. IV/2.2-035/125, Joseph Beuys multiples, cat. no. 85.
314** Robert Smithson
Framed poster.
Rolls and flat file folders
box roll
276* 1-4* Photographs and posters
276* 1* Photographs of Carlfriedrich Claus drawings
5 photographs, from E. Williams' "An anthology of concrete poetry" [?]
276* 2* 2 posters by Schmidt
"Concrete concept" 1971, and "timesandere."
276* 3* M. Rutherford and G. Reed
2 posters: "Awakening..." and "Three shoes empty..."
276* 4* David Kilburn photo and Jean-Paul Curtay silkscreen poster, 1982
Also contains two mailing tubes which housed Fernando Millan posters and Guy Bleus posters.
5** Carlo Pittore - Maine Mail Art Exhibition
Klaus Peter-Fürstenau watercolor, 2 photocopies of J.P. Jacobs "Remember me," Larry Rippel and Larry Smith collage, poster announcement of poetry exhibition at Galleria dell Occhio.
322* Original mailing tube,
6** Alex Selenitsch, Hugh Davies
2 Alex Selenitsch silkscreen posters and Hugh Davies "Collection out 1974" #64/100
7** Alison Knowles, Maurizio Nannucci, Openings Press
Alison Knowles "Collections from the full moon," Maurizio Nannucci Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, 1977, Openings Press poster by Joe Tilson and Martin Rogers, 1973
8** Robert Filliou, George Maciunas, Peter Moore, Daniel Spoerri, and Robert Watts
"Monsters are inoffensive" (Kellein: Fluxus, 1995: no. 51).
1** A
Includes Albrecht D. poster and Art & Language poster.
2** Arakawa
9 posters, some duplicates.
3** B
Includes 2 Guy Bleus posters, George Brecht poster, 2 copies of "Yam Festival newspaper" and "No smoking" poster (10 copies), 2 James Lee Byars posters.
4** Beuys, Joseph
13 posters and a print, some signed.
5** Buczak, Brian
18 drawings.
6** C
Includes 2 Christo posters and 2 Philip Corner hand-drawn scores.
7** Campos, Augusto de
Includes signed silkscreened posters, 7 items.
8** Cavellini, Guglielmo Achille
6 posters and a photo, most of which are signed.
9** Chopin, Henri
5 silkscreened posters, signed and numbered, and 3 posters, 2 of which are signed.
10** Christie, John
5 silkscreened posters, signed and numbered .
11** D-F
Includes G.E. Debord poster (International Situationists, see also Lemaître), Amelia Etlinger drawing, Robert Filliou posters "L'immortelle mort du monde" (with colored marker) and Galerie Legitime.
12** Ed.912
Situazione print series (10 prints)
13** Ed.912
deDsign print series (10)
14** Ed.912
No. print series (10)
15** Finlay, Ian Hamilton
Includes prints: "Little drummer boy" signed and numbered, 3 copies of "Acrobats," "Ajar," "The Harbour at Gravelines," and "Universal star"; 8 items
16** Furnival
Includes 3 multi-colored monoprints, 2 multi-colored prints (monoprints?) one of which is with John Williams, 2 sheets of alphabet drawings, "Europa," "Attention please," "The Chip charter 1984" (rubber stamped with color), and prints with John Vince; 19 items.
17** H
iIncludes Bici Hendricks drawing, Dick Higgins posters, 2 Davi Det Hompson posters; Hetty Huisman signed poster and parchment paper with sandy substance and note to Jean Brown.
18** I-L
Includes Allan Kaprow poster and Robert Longo signed poster.
19** Kriwet, Ferdinand
2 print portfolios.
20** Levine, Les
Primarily posters designed by Levine, some duplicates, 27 items.
21** M-O
Includes 6 Herman Nitsch posters, Futzie Nutzle drawing, 5 Jürgen Olbrich posters (some events occurring at his house), Yoko Ono poster (2 copies).
22** Maciunas, George
Includes "Diagram of historical development of Fluxus" (2 sheets), "Learning machine," "Safe door" (2 copies), "U.S.A. surpasses all the genocide records," and posters designed by Maciunas for non-Fluxus events, 14 items.
23** Moorman, Charlotte
3 photographs, 11 posters, 14 items.
24** Moorman, Charlotte
3rd-7th NY Avant Garde Festival posters, 1965-1969. See also following folders.
25** Moorman, Charlotte
8th-9th NY Avant Garde Festival, 1971-1972.
26** Moorman, Charlotte
10th NY Avant Garde Festival, 1973.
27** Moorman, Charlotte
11th-12th NY Avant Garde Festival, 1974-1975.
28** Moorman, Charlotte
13th-15th NY Avant Garde Festival, 1977-1980.
29** Moorman, Charlotte
14th Annual Avant Garde Festival/2nd Cambridge River Festival poster mock-ups, 1978. Original material restricted.
30** Oldenburg, Claes
4 posters, 1 of which is signed and 2 others from 1961.
31** Oppenheim, Dennis
11 posters.
32** P-R
Includes Carlo Pittore collage, signed silkscreen print and signed poster; Martin Rogers poster of Joe Tilson exhibition for Openings Press; James Rosenquist print "Circles of confusion and lite bulb."
33** Patterson, Benjamin
3 versions of "Instruction no. 1" (2 listed in Codex).
34** Perin, Romaine
Portfolio of 8 drawings.
35** Phillips, Tom
Includes 4 silkscreened prints signed and numbered, 9 items.
36** Roth, Dieter
16 posters.
37** S
Includes Mieko Shiomi "Spatial poem no. 2" (3 copies).
38** Satie, Erik
10 posters of concert announcements.
39** Spoerri, Daniel
Poster, and "Meal variation no. 1" and "Meal variation no. 4," both on cloth.
40** T-Z
Includes 2 silkscreens by Ian Tyson, 11 Lawrence Weiner posters, and a Jonathan Williams poster.
41** Ulrichs, Timm
14 posters, some duplicates.
42** Vostell, Wolf
10 posters, 2 of which are signed.
43** Unidentified.
Series II. Announcements and invitations, ca. 1960-1989, bulk 1970-1985 ca. 36 linear ft. 25 boxes, 8 oversize boxes, and 16 flat folders
Announcements and invitations in Series II include postcards, fliers, press releases and posters from galleries, museums and avant-garde artists' spaces, such as the Kitchen, Franklin Furnace, Leo Castelli Gallery, and the Institute for Art and Urban Resources. The majority of the venues are situated in New York City, providing a rich account of exhibitions, happenings and poetry readings within a prolific artistic community. Arrangement is alphabetically by name of space; miscellaneous items are filed alphabetically by country.
Note that printed ephemera also can be found in Series I. Artists' files.
box folder
69 1-17 A-AN
69 1 Galerie 'A', Amsterdam
See also *Box 280.
69 2 A's, New York City
69 3-4 A Space, Toronto
See also *Box 277, Box 280, **flat file folder 44.
69 5 Agora Studio, Maastricht
69 6 A.I.R. Gallery
See also *Box 280.
69 7 Aktionsgalerie
69 8 Akumulatory 2
See also *Box 280.
69 9 Salvatore Ala, New York City
69 10 Albright-Knox Gallery
69 11 Brook Alexander
See also *Box 277.
69 12-13 Alternative Center for International Arts/Alternative Museum
69 14 Amherst College
69 15 And/Or, Seattle
69 16-17 Anthology Film Archives
See also *Box 280.
box folder
70 1-20 AN-BAC
70 1-2 Anthology Film Archives (cont.)
70 3 Apollomuis
70 4-5 A.R.C./A.R.C. 2
70 6 Ariadne Gallery
70 7-8 Arnolfini
See also *Box 280.
70 9 Art and Project, Amsterdam
70 10 Arte Studio
70 11 Art Institute of Boston
70 12 Artists Market, London
70 13-15 Artists Space
70 16 Art Park
70 17 Arts Council of Great Britain
70 18 Atelier Rue St. Anne
70 19 Baack'scher Kunstraum
70 20 BACA
box folder
71 1-23 BAM-CA
71 1 BAMA Galerie
71 2 Banca Populare di Milano
71 3 Banff Centre, Canada
See also **flat file folder 44.
71 4 Berkshire Museum, Pittsfield, MA
71 5-6 Rene Block Gallery, Berlin/New York City
See also *Box 280.
71 7 Blue Mountain
71 8 Galeria Suzanne Bollag, Zurich
71 9 Book Gatherings, New York City
71 10-11 Bookworks, Philadelphia
71 12 Galleria Borgobello, Parma
71 13 Karl Bornstein Gallery, Santa Monica
71 14 Il Brandale, Savona, Italy
71 15 Hal Brom Gallery, New York City
71 16 The Brook
71 17 Brooklyn Academy of Music
71 18 Buecker and Harpsichords, New York City
71 19 Bykert Gallery, New York City
See also *Box 280.
71 20 C Space, New York City
71 21-23 Leo Castelli Gallery, New York City
ca. 25 lin. ft. See also *Box 280, **flat file folder 45.
box folder
72 1-2 Center for New Music
72 3 Center for Twentieth Century Studies, University of Wisconsin
72 4 Centre Culturel du Marais
See also *Box 280.
72 5 Centre de Documentacio d'Art Actual, Barcelona
72 6 Centre for Experimental Art and Communication, Toronto
72 7-9 Centre Georges Pompidou
ca. .25 lin. ft.
72 10-15 Centro de Arte y Comunicacion (CAYC)
ca. .5 lin. ft.
box folder
73 1-14 CENTRO-COM
73 1-5 Centro de Arte y Comunicacion (CAYC)
ca. .5 lin. ft. See also *Box 277.
73 6 Chapter Gallery
See also *Box 277, Box 280, Box 284.
73 7 Citibank
73 8 City Gallery/Department of Cultural Affairs, New York City
73 9 Iris Clert
73 10-11 Clouds 'n' Water/Off Center Centre
See also *Box 280.
73 12 Collective for Living Cinema
73 13 Columbia University
73 14 Composers Forum
box folder
74 1-20 COO-EM
74 1 Paula Cooper gallery, New York City
See also *Box 277.
74 2 Claire S. Copley Gallery, Los Angeles
74 3 Cordier & Ekstrom, New York City
See also *Box 280, **flat file folder 44.
74 4 Creative Time
74 5 Dance Theater Workshop
74 6 Danceteria
74 7 M.L. D'Arc Gallery, New York City
See also *Box 284.
74 8 D'ars, Milan
74 9-10 De Appel, Amsterdam
See also *Box 280.
74 11 Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst (DAAD), Berlin
74 12 Dokumenta 6, Kassel
See also **flat file folder 44.
74 13-14 Dramatic Arts Center/Once Festival, Ann Arbor, MI
74 15 Droll/Kolbert
16 Dwan Gallery
See also *Box 277, **flat file folder 44.
box folder
74 17 Ear Inn
74 18 80 Langston St., San Francisco, CA
74 19 Robert Elkon Gallery, New York City
See also *Box 280.
74 20 Andre Emmerich Gallery, New York City
See also *Box 284.
box folder
75 1-16 ES-FIN
75 1 Rosa Esman Gallery
75 2-4 Everson Museum, Syracuse, NY
ca. .25 lin. ft.
75 5-6 Experimental Intermedia Foundation, New York City
See also *Box 277.
75 7-8 Fashion Moda
See also *Box 277, Box 280.
75 9 Ferruccio Fata, Bologna
75 10 Richard Feigen Gallery, New York City
See also *Box 280, Box 284, **flat file folder 46.
75 11-13 Ronald Feldman Fine Arts
See also *Box 280.
75 14 Festival Gallery, Bath
75 15 55 Mercer St, New York City
75 16 Fine Arts Building, New York City
box box
76 1-24 FIS-GALE
76 1 Konrad Fischer, Dusseldorf
76 2 Fischbach, New York City
76 3 Forum Stadtpark, Graz
76 4 Galeria Foksal, Warsaw
76 5 49th Parallel, New York City
76 6-19 Franklin Furnace, New York City, 1976-1985
ca. .66 linear ft. See also *Box 277, Box 280, Box 284.
76 20 Jean Freeman Gallery
76 21 Robert Freidus Gallery
76 22 Allan Frumkin Gallery, New York City
See also *Box 280.
76 23 Galerie Gaetan, Geneva
76 24 Galeriehaus, Koln
box folder
77 1-17 GALL-HAL
77 1 Galleria d'Arte Moderna, Bologna
77 2 General Idea
77 3-4 John Gibson, New York City
77 5 Gimpel & Hanover Gallery, Zurich
77 6 Goethe Institute
77 7-8 Marion Goodman Gallery/Multiples Inc.
77 9 Graham Gallery, New York City
77 10 Nigel Greenwood, Inc, Ltd
77 11 Grey Art Gallery, New York University, New York City
77 12-14 Guggenheim Museum, New York City
See also *Box 277.
77 15 Galerie H. Graz, Austria
77 16-17 Hallwalls, Buffalo
See also *Box 277.
box box
78 1-25 HAR-INS
78 1 Harcus/Krakow Gallery
78 2 Harlekin, Wiesbaden
78 3 O.K. Harris gallery, New York City
See also *Box 284.
78 4 Hartford Arts School, Hartford, CT
78 5-6 Hirshhorn Museum, Washington, D.C.
78 7 Nancy Hoffman Gallery, New York City
78 8 Galerie Howeg
78 9 Hudson River Museum, Yonkers, NY
78 10 Hundred Acres, New York City
78 11 Hunter Gallery, New York City
See also *Box 277.
78 12 Ikon Gallery, Birmingham, UK
See also *Box 278, Box 281, **flat file folder 46.
78 13 Image Gallery, Stockbridge, MA
78 14 Ink, Zurich
78 15 Inroads, New York City
78 16-25 Institute for Art and Urban Resources, New York City environs
Includes P.S. 1 and The Clocktower, 1973-1983; ca. .5 linear ft.
box folder
79 1-23 INS-KIT
79 1-4 Institute for Art and Urban Resources
Includes P.S. 1 and The Clocktower, 1984-1985, n.d., and Calendar for new music; ca. .25 lin. ft. See also *Box 278, Box 284, **flat file folder 46.
79 5 Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston, MA
79 6 Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA), London
79 7 Alexander Iolas
79 8 Martha Jackson Gallery
See also *Box 281, **flat file folder 47.
79 9 Bernard Jacobsen Ltd, New York City
79 10 Sidney Janis Gallery
See also *Box 278, Box 284, **flat file folder 47.
79 11-13 Judson Church, New York City
See also *Box 278, Box 281, Box 284.
79 14 Just Above Midtown/Downtown, New York City
79 15-23 The Kitchen, New York City, 1972-1979
Ca. .5 linear ft. See also *Box 278, Box 281, Box 284.
box folder
80 1-224 KIT-LON
80 1-12 The Kitchen, New York City, n.d. 1978-1985,
ca. .5 linear ft.
80 13 Kwok Gallery, New York City
80 14 Galeria Labirynt, Lublin
80 15 La Jolla Museum of Contemporary Art, La Jolla, CA
80 16 Carmen Lamanna Gallery, Toronto
80 17-18 La Mamelle/Contemporary Art Press, San Francisco, CA
See also Box 65, *Box 278, Box 281.
80 19 Galerie Yvon Lambert
80 20 Landau-Alan Gallery, New York City
80 21 Thomas Lewallen, Santa Monica, CA
80 22-23 Living Theatre, New York City
See also *Box 278, Box 284.
80 24 Long Beach Museum of Art, Long Beach, CA
See also *Box 278, Box 281.
box folder
81 1-26 LOS-MUS
81 1 Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions (LACE)
81 2-3 Los Angeles Institute for Contemporary Art (LAICA)
See also *Box 278.
81 4 Il Luogo, Rome
81 5 Magnuson Lee Gallery, Boston
See also *Box 284.
81 6 Manhattan Art, New York City
81 7 Galerie Marika Malacorda, Geneva
81 8 Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Boston
See also *Box 281.
81 9 Marlborough Gallery, New York City
81 10 Pierre Matisse Gallery, New York City
81 11 Mattress Factory, Pittsburgh, PA
See also *Box 284.
81 12 Galerie Lydia Megert, Bern
81 13 Il Mercante, Milan
81 14 Mercato del Sale, Milan
See also *Box 281.
81 15 Merzaum's Desire Productions, Baltimore, MD
81 16 Metro Pictures, New York City
81 17 Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City
81 18 Milleneum
81 19 Mills College, Oakland, CA
See also *Box 281.
81 20 Mobius, Boston
81 21 Ruimte Morguen, Antwerp
81 22 Mostyn Art Gallery, Gwynedd, Wales
81 23 Mount Holyoke College Art Museum, South Hadley, MA
See also *Box 281.
81 24 Mudd Club
See also *Box 278.
81 25 Museum of Conceptual Art, San Francisco, CA
See also *Box 278, Box 281.
81 26 Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago
See also *Box 281.
box folder
82 1-22 MUS-NRA
82 1-4 Museum of Modern Art (MOMA), New York City
ca. .33 lin. ft.
82 5 Museum of Temporary Art, Washington, D.C.
82 6 Elise Meyer Gallery, New York City
82 7 John Bernard Myers Gallery, New York City
82 8 N.A.M.E. Gallery, Chicago
82 9 Tibor de Nagy Gallery, New York City
See also *Box 281, *Box 284.
82 10 Neuberger Museum, SUNY Purchase, NY
82 11 Newport Harbor Art Museum, Orange County, CA
82 12 New Langton Arts, San Francisco
82 13-14 New Museum of Contemporary Art, New York City
82 15 New Reform VZW, Aalst, Belgium
See also *Box 278, Box 281.
82 16 New Wilderness Foundation, New York City
See also **flat file folder 47.
82 17 New York University, New York City
82 18 Nexus, Philadelphia
82 19 Galleria 9 Colonne, Trento
82 20 Annina Nosei Gallery, New York City
82 21 No Se No, New York City
82 22 NRA Shakespeare International Gallery, Paris
box folder
83 1-24 NRA-PRO
83 1-2 NRA Shakespeare International Gallery, Paris
83 3 112 Green Street/112 Workshop Inc., New York City
See also *Box 281.
83 4 Galerie Openheim, Koln
83 5 Orlando Gallery, Sherman Oaks, CA
83 6 Pace Gallery, New York City
83 7 Parachute Center, Calgary
83 8 Park Place Gallery, New York City
83 9 Betty Parsons Gallery, New York City
83 10 Participation Project Foundation, New York City
83 11 Performance Space 122, New York City
83 12 Photographic resource Center, Boston University
83 13 Placenter, New York City
83 14 Poindexter Gallery, New York City
83 15 Le Point Cardinal, Paris
83 16-17 Portland Center for Visual Arts, Portland, OR
83 18 Pratt Institute, New York City
83 19 Rolf Preisig, Basel
83 20 Princeton University, Princeton, NJ
83 21 Print Gallery, Pieter Brattinga, Amsterdam
83 22 Produzentengalerie, Hamburg/Munich
See also *Box 281.
83 23 Projection Ursula Wevers, Koln
83 24 Max Protech gallery, New York City
See also *Box 281.
box folder
84 1-21 REA-SOL
84 1 Public Image/221 Mott, New York City
84 2 Pumps, Vancouver
See also *Box 281.
84 3 Stephen Radich Gallery, New York City
See also *Box 281.
84 4-6 Real Art Ways, Hartford, CT
See also *Box 281.
84 7 Remont Gallery, Warsaw
84 8 Roswell Museum and Art Center, Roswell, NM
84 9 Roulette, New York City
See also *Box 278, Box 281.
84 10 Royal Marks Gallery, New York City
See also *Box 281.
84 11-12 San Francisco Art Institute, 1976-1985
See also *Box 282.
84 13 Galerie Sankt Petrilaka (aka S:t Petri), Lund, Sweden
See also *Box 278.
84 14 Schema Galleria, Firenze
84 15 Schenectady Museum, NY
84 16 Seriaal, Amsterdam
84 17 Tony Shafrazi Gallery, New York City
See also *Box 282.
84 18-19 Simon Fraser Gallery/Simon Fraser University
See also *Box 282.
84 20 Smith College Museum of Art, Northampton, MA
See also *Box 282, Box 284.
84 21 Holly Solomon Gallery, New York City
See also *Box 278, Box 282, Box 284.
box folder
85 1-22 SON-TH
85 1-2 Sonnabend Gallery, New York City
85 3 South West Arts, Exeter UK
See also *Box 278, Box 282.
85 4 Southern Arts, Winchester UK
85 5 Spectrum Gallery, New York City
See also *Box 282, Box 284.
85 6 Sperone Westwater Fischer, New York City
85 7 St. Mark's Church/Poetry Project, New York City
See also *Box 278, Box 282.
85 8 Stable Gallery, New York City
85 9-10 Galerie Stähli, Zurich
85 11 Staempfli Gallery, New York City
85 12 Stampa, Basel
85 13 Stefanotty Gallery, New York City
85 14 Stemplaats, Amsterdam
85 15 Storefront
See also *Box 282.
85 16 Studio Inquadrature, Firenze
85 17 Galleri Sudurgata, Iceland
85 18 Galeria Sztuki Aktualnej (Actual Arts Gallery), Poland
85 19 Daniel Templon, Paris
85 20 10 Leonard St., New York City
85 21 3 Mercer Street, New York City
85 22 Thumb Gallery, London
See also *Box 282.
box folder
86 1-20 TO-WH
86 1 Touchstone Gallery, New York City
86 2 Truman Gallery, New York City
86 3 Union Gallery, San Jose, CA
See also *Box 282.
86 4-5 University Gallery, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
See also *Box 282, Box 284.
86 6 Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven, Netherlands
86 7-8 Vehicule Art, Montreal
See also *Box 278, Box 282, Box 284, **flat file folder 49.
86 9 Wadsworth Atheneum, Hartford, CT
86 10-11 Washington Project for the Arts, Washington, DC
See also *Box 282.
86 12-14 John Weber Gallery, New York City
ca. .25 lin. ft. See also *Box 282.
86 15-16 Galerie Michael Werner, Koln
See also *Box 282.
86 17 Western Front, Vancouver
See also *Box 278, Box 282, Box 284.
86 18 Ruth White Gallery, London
86 19 White Columns, New York City
See also *Box 278, Box 282.
86 20 Whitechapel Art Gallery, London
See also *Box 278.
box folder
87 1- WH-Z
87 1-2 Whitechapel Art Gallery, London
87 3-5 Whitney Museum of American Art, New York City
See also *Box 282, Box 284.
87 6 Galeria Wielka 19-Galeria Rysunku
87 7 Wildenstein, New York City
87 8-10 Woodland Pattern Book Center, Milwaukee WI
87 11 Zone, Springfield MA
See also *Box 278;, Box 282.
Miscellaneous, alphabetically by country
box folder
88 1-21 A-H
88 1 Argentina
88 2 Austria
See also **flat file folder 51.
88 3 Australia
See also **flat file folder 50.
88 4 Belgium
See also *Box 283, **flat file folder 50.
88 5 Brazil
See also **flat file folder 50.
88 6-9 Canada
Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver and misc. ca. .25 lin. ft. See also *Box 279, Box 283, **flat file folder 50.
88 10 Denmark
See also **flat file folder 50.
88 11-13 France
Paris and misc.; ca. .25 lin. ft. See also *Box 279, Box 283, **flat file folder 50.
88 14-19 Germany
Berlin, Düsseldorf, Köln, Münich and misc.; ca. .25 lin. ft. See also *Box 279, Box 283, **flat file folders 52-53.
88 20 Greece
88 21 Hungary
box folder
89 1-19 I-SP
89 1 Iceland
89 2 Israel
89 3-13 Italy
Bologna, Firenze, Genova, Milano, Naples, Roma, Torino and misc.; ca. .66 lin. ft. See also **flat file folder 54.
89 14 Japan
See also **flat file folder 50.
89 15-17 Netherlands
See also **flat file folder 50.
89 18 Poland
See also **flat file folder 55.
89 19 Spain
See also **flat file folder 55.
box folder
90 1-14 SW-USA, California
90 1 Sweden
See also *Box 283, **flat file folder 55.
90 2 Switzerland
See also *Box 283.
90 3-7 United Kingdom
London and misc.; ca. .25 lin. ft. See also *Box 283,; **flat file folders 55-56.
90 8-14 USA
California: Bay Area and Los Angeles County; ca. .5 lin. ft.
box folder
91 1-20 USA, California-New York
California misc., Colorado, Connecticut, Illinois (Chicago and misc.), Iowa, Maryland, Massachusetts (Boston and misc., ca. .25 lin. ft.), Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York City A-B (ca. .25 lin. ft.).
box folder
92 1-17 USA, New York: New York City, C-S
box folder
93 1-18 USA, Miscellaneous countries
93 1-17 USA, New York-Washington, D.C.
New York City T-Z, New York City misc., New York State misc. (ca. .5 lin. ft.); Pennsylvania: Philadelphia and misc.; Texas, West Virginia, Washington, D.C., and misc. states. See also *Box 279, Box 283, Box 284, **flat file folders 57-59 for more USA.
93 18 Miscellaneous countries
box folder
277* 1-8 A-H
277* 1 A-B
Includes A Space (7 items), Brook Alexander (1).
277* 2 C
Includes Centro de Arte y Comunicacion (CAYC, 2), Chapter (10), Paula Cooper (1).
277* 3 D-F
Includes Dwan (2), Experimental Intermedia Foundation (2).
277* 4 Fashion Moda
25 items.
277* 5 Franklin Furnace
12 items.
277* 6 G
Includes Green Gallery (1), Guggenheim (1).
277* 7 Hallwalls
2 announcements and 16 issues of ADS News.
277* 8 Hunter Gallery
4 items.
box folder
278* 1-10 I-Z
278* 1 I-J
Includes Ikon (2), Institute for Art and Urban Resources (3), Sidney Janis (1), Martha Jackson (1), Judson Church (4).
278* 2 The Kitchen
24 items.
278* 3 La Mamelle
20 items.
278* 4 L-R
Includes The Living Theatre (2), Los Angeles Institute of Contemporary Art (1), Long Beach Museum (1), Museum of Conceptual Art (2), Mudd Club (1), New Reform (1), Roulette (2).
278* 5 S-Z
Includes Holly Solomon (2), White Columns (3), Whitechapel (3), Zone (3)
278* 6 St. Marks Church/Poetry Project
ca. 30 items.
278* 7 Galerie Sankt Petrilaka (aka S:t Petri)
23 items.
278* 8 South West Arts
10 items.
278* 9 Vehicule
23 items.
278* 10 Western Front
33 items.
box folder
279* 1-11 By country
279* 1 Canada
279* 2 France
279* 3 Germany
279* 4 United Kingdom
279* 5 USA-California-Bay Area
279* 6 USA-California-Los Angeles and So. California
279* 7-8 USA-New York City
279* 9 USA-Massachusetts, New York State, Pennsylvania
279* 10 USA-miscellaneous
279* 11 Miscellaneous
box folder
280* 1-9 A-L
280* 1 A-AN
Galerie 'A' (1), A Space (4), A.I.R. Gallery (1), Galeria Akumulatory 2 (16), Anthology Film Archives (1).
280* 2 AR-B
Includes Arnolfini (7), Art Research Center (1), René Bloch (1), Bykert Gallery (3).
280* 3 C
Includes Centre Culturel du Marais (6), Clouds 'n' Water/Off Centre Centre (5), Cordier & Ekstrom (10).
280* 4 Leo Castelli
12 items.
280* 5 Chapter Gallery
19 items.
280* 6 D
Includes De Appel (5), Dwan (8).
280* 7 E
Robert Elkon (2), Everson (7).
280* 8 F
Includes Fashion Moda (5), Richard Feigen (4), Ronald Feldman (3), Allan Frumkin (1).
280* 9 Franklin Furnace
14 items.
box folder
281* 1-10 H-R
281* 1 H-I
Includes Ikon (7).
281* 2 J
Includes Martha Jackson (3), Judson (2).
281* 3 The Kitchen
8 items.
281* 4 La Mamelle
8 items.
281* 5 L-MO
Includes Long Beach Museum of Art (2), Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) (4), Mercato del Sale (3), Mills College (3), Mount Holyoke (3).
281* 6 MU-MY
Includes Museum of Conceptual Art (8), Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago (1).
281* 7 N-O
Includes Tibor de Nagy (2), New Reform (3), 112 Green St. (2).
281* 8 P
Includes Produzentengalerie (4), Max Protetch (3), Pumps (1).
281* 9 R
Radich (1), Roulette (1), Royal Marks Gallery (2).
281* 10 Real Art Ways
4 posters and newsletters.
box folder
282* 1-8 S-Z
282* 1 SA-SM
includes San Francisco Art Institute (7), Tony Shafrazi (1), Simon Fraser (3), Holly Solomon (1), South West Arts (4), Spectrum (1).
282* 2 Smith College
9 items.
282* 3 ST-T
St. Mark's Church/Poetry Project (9), St. Stephan (3), Storefront (4), Thumb (2).
282* 4-5 University Gallery, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
46 items.
282* 6 Vehicule
21 items.
282* 7 U-WEB
Includes Union Gallery (1), Washington Project for the Arts (5), John Weber (2).
282* 8 WER-Z
Michael Werner (1), Western Front (5), White Columns (2), Whitney (3), Howard Wise (1), Zone (2).
box folder
283* 1-17 By country
283* 1 Belgium
283* 2 Canada
283* 3 France
283* 4 Germany
283* 5 Sweden, Switzerland
283* 6 United Kingdom
283* 7 U.S.A.-California-Bay Area
283* 8 U.S.A.-California-Los Angeles and Sacramento
283* 9 U.S.A.-Massachusetts
283* 10-12 U.S.A.-New York City
283* 13 U.S.A.-New York State
283* 14 U.S.A.-Pennsylvania, Philadelphia
283* 15-16 U.S.A.-Miscellaneous
283* 17 Miscellaneous countries
box folder
284* 1-9 A-Z, and by country
284* 1 A-F
Includes Chapter (1), Dilexi Gallery (3), D'Arc (3copies of 1), Andre Emmerich (1), Richard Feigen (4), Franklin Furnace (3 copies of 1).
284* 2 G-I
Includes OK Harris (3), Institute of Art and Urban Resources (12), Institute for Contemporary Art, Philadelphia (4).
284* 3 J-R
Includes Sidney Janis (2), Judson Church (1), The Kitchen (1), Living Theatre (1), Magnuson Lee (1), Mattress Factory (1), Tibor de Nagy (2).
284* 4 S
Includes Smith College (4), Holly Solomon (1), Spectrum (3), Galerie nächst St. Stephan (2).
284* 5 U-Z
Includes University Gallery, University of Massachusetts (3), Western Front (5), Whitney Museum (4).
284* 6 Vehicule
Portfolio with 16 posters + 1 other.
284* 7 U.S.A.
284* 8-9 Miscellaneous countries
flat file folders
44** A-E
Includes A Space (2 items), Banff Centre (4), Cordier & Ekstrom (1), Dokumenta 6 (1), Dwan (1).
45** Leo Castelli Gallery
9 items.
46** F-I
Includes Richard Feigen (1), Ikon (4), Institute of Art and Urban Resources (2).
47** J-P
Includes Martha Jackson (1), Sidney Janis (2), New Wilderness Foundation (2).
48** S-U
49** Vehicule Art
7 items.
50** Countries A-N
Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, France, Japan, Netherlands.
51** Austria.
52** Germany
Cities B-H.
53** Germany
Cities K-S.
54** Italy
55** P-U
Poland, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom.
56** United Kingdom
Three posters of travel advertisements printed in the early 1900s, 1 illustrated by Frank Mason and another by Graham Simmons.
57** USA-California
58** USA-New York State
59** U.S.A.
Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, New Jersey, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island.
Series III. Topical ephemera, 1917-1989, bulk 1965-1989 ca. 17 linear ft. 12 boxes and 5 flat folders
Series III includes printed ephemera and some clippings arranged by subject: copy art, Dada and Surrealism, dance, Fluxus, happenings, mail art, music, poetry, rubber stamp printing, semiotics, small presses, and video. Items typically document group activities occurring in venues different from those in Series II. The small presses section, the bulk of this series, is comprised of catalogs and publicity from publishers, distributors and bookstores dealing in artists' books, poetry and art multiples. Notations by Brown record her acquisitions. Most topics are arranged chronologically, except for the semiotics and small presses sections which are filed alphabetically.
box folder
94 1-21 Copy art, Dada and Surrealism, dance
94 1 Copy art, ca. 1978-1984
94 2-17 Dada and Surrealism ephemera, ca. 1910-1985, n.d.
Printed announcements, broadsides and posters. Some folders include small catalogs. Some photocopies, some clippings.
94 2 1910s
94 3 1920-1922
94 4 1924-1929
94 5 1930-1935
94 6 1936-1939
94 7 1940s
94 8 1950s
94 9 1960-1964
94 10 1965-1969
94 11 Association for the Study of Dada and Surrealism: printed ephemera, 1967-1980
94 12 Dada and Surrealism ephemera, 1970-1975
Includes catalogs, postcards.
94 13 1976-1979
94 14 1980
Includes catalog in binder from Reinhold Brown gallery for The Dada Poster.
94 15 1981-1985
94 16 Dada, Bonn, 1980
Clippings, announcements of Bonn, Germany Dada events.
94 17 n.d.
94 18-21 Dance, 1972-1985, n.d.
ca. .25 lin. ft.
box folder
95 1-16 Fluxus, happenings, mail art
95 1-9 Fluxus, 1962-1989
ca. .66 lin. ft. See also **flat file folders 61-62.
95 10 Happenings, n.d.
95 11-16 Mail art, 1970-1981
ca. .25 lin. ft.
box folder
96 1-17 Mail art, music
96 1-9 Mail art, 1974-1986, n.d.
Includes separate files for postage stamps, 1974-1986, n.d.; ca. .5 lin. ft.
96 10-17 Music, 1937-1978
ca. .5 lin. ft.
box folder
97 1-14 Music, poetry
97 1-10 Music, , 1979-1985 n.d.
ca. .5 lin. ft.
97 11-14 Poetry, 1964-1985
Concrete poetry, sound and visual poetry, ca. .5 lin. ft.
box folder
98 1-20 Poetry, rubber stamp printing, semiotics, small presses
98 1-4 Poetry, miscellaneous, 1970-1985
98 5-6 Rubber stamp printing, , 1976-1984 n.d.
98 7-11 Semiotics
Primarily photocopied articles filed by author's name, A-Z; ca. .33 lin. ft.
98 12-20 Small presses, AG-ASSE
box folder
99 1-27 Small presses, ASSO-E
box folder
100 1-24 Small presses, F-MAI
box folder
101 1-20 Small presses, MAY-PR
box folder
102 1-23 Small presses, P miscellaneous-UN
box folder
103 1-20 Small presses, video
1-8 Small presses, U miscellaneous-Z, unidentified
See also **flat file folders 63-64 for more small press material.
box folder
103 9-20 Video, 1966-1977
ca. .5 lin. ft.
box folder
104 1-14 Video, 1978-1986, n.d.
box folder
105 1-4 Video, miscellaneous
105 1-2 Video, n.d.
105 3-4 Video miscellaneous
60** Dada and Surrealism
"Excursions & visites: Dada 1ère visite," 1921; "Grand bal travesti transmental" at Salle Bullier, 1923; "Erste internationale Dada-messe," n.d.; "We ask your attention," n.d.; "Festival Dada" at Salle Gaveau, 1920; announcement for Minotaure nos. 3-4; poster of "Dada 1916-1923" at Sidney Janis Gallery, 1953; and poster "Dada Lives," 1969. (See Jas Duke file for identification of artists.)
61** Fluxus
18 items.
62** Fluxus
18 items + some early clippings from German newspapers.
63** Small Presses
64** Small Presses
Series IV. Miscellaneous clippings, 1957-1987, bulk 1980-1985 1 Linear Feet 2 boxes
Comprises clippings from newspapers and magazines concerning artists, galleries, books, and cultural trends. The most common sources are the New York Times and New Yorker magazine.
box folder
106 1-20 1957-1987
107 Miscellaneous oversize clippings from Series III, IV, and V
Series V. Notes and personal, 1993, n.d. 3.5 Linear Feet 4 boxes
Notes and personal includes a transcript copy of Brown's oral history (1993), an annotated copy of Dada painters and poets: an anthology, personalized letterhead, note cards and stamps, some of which were designed by Maciunas, and spiral notepads. There are several series of card catalogs handwritten by Brown listing her collection of books and objects.
box folder
108 1-20 Biographical information, stationery, notes, bibliographies
108 1-5 Who's who
Requests for biographical information from various publishers.
108 6 Biography: oral history, 1993
UCLA Oral History transcripts.
108 7-9 Stationery
Includes blank Maciunas map letterhead and envelopes, Fred Truck letterhead, Bill Gaglione postcards, stamps with Brown's image and misc. Blank postcards. See also Box 63.
108 10-17 Notes
Primarily notepads and cards regarding the collection; ca. .25 lin. ft.
108 18-20 Bibliographies
J. Brown Collection, Motherwell's Dada Painters and Poets annotated by Brown. Also, Sackner Archive A-L.
109-110 Index cards
Card catalog alphabetical by author, and card catalog of books and objects filed randomly.
111 "My Green Box"
Formerly housed Duchamp and Huelsenbeck letters.
Series VI. Art objects, 1958-1986, n.d. Nearly 500 items ca. 135 boxes and 33 oversize boxes
Series contains Jean Brown's collection of original art and art multiples by artists involved with the Fluxus movement and others working contemporaneously. Many of the items are small-scale and ephemeral, reflecting the Fluxus spirit of mass-produced or home-made inexpensive art. Some are one-of-a-kind pieces created especially for Brown. Artists well represented include: Joseph Beuys, George Brecht, Amelia Etlinger, Robert Filliou, Ken Friedman, Per Kirkeby, Milan Knízák, George Maciunas, Maurizio Nannucci, Jürgen O. Olbrich, Nam June Paik, Steve Random, Dieter Roth, Takako Saito, Mieko Shiomi, Ben Vautier, Wolf Vostell, and Robert Watts.
Note that other artworks (posters, prints, drawings, mail art, poetry, and scores) appear in Series I. Artists' files.
Part 1 (Acconci-Ay-O)
112 Acconci, Vito
Then it was set down there (and)....

Then it was set down there (and)....
s.l. : s.n., n.d.
Transparent plastic square with embossed writing: "Then it was set down there (and)/ then and there (and) there it was /(and) you have it (and) here/ it is (and) it is set (and) one / down (and) there is none now (end) / Vito Hannibal Acconci."
Part of a larger project for which Les Levine solicited texts from other artists.
32 x 32 cm.
112 Albrecht D.

Remscheid, Germany: Vice Versand, 1969
Clear plastic egg carton through which may be seen an envelope containing instructions on how to act against threats to democracy.
9.5 x 14 x 6.5 cm.
116 Altorjay, Gabor

ca. 1969
German for: "short circuit object." Yellow cardboard box containing a black electric plug (heavy-duty, Continental standard) attached by a black cable to a small, orange plastic box with a lid, inside of which there is a small orange slip of paper printed with the words: "VICE, VERSAND, Kurzschlussobject" and signed by the artist. [A white label is attached to the outside of the orange box with pencil annotations - title, artist, etc.]
10.2 x 10.2 x 10.2 cm. (box)
113 Anatol, et. al.


Bruxelles : Pour ecrire la liberte, 1975
Red cardboard box with title in gold lettering on exterior lid, along with printed picture of a "chinaman" standing at a table on which sits a box of Havana cigars and a beetle with red stars on its shell. On the interior lid is printed a list of participants in the original Saltoarte exhibition. Inside the box are assorted graphic works, packages and pieces of fabric, such as a blue and white checked plastic tablecloth.
37 x 30 cm.
115 Andersen, Eric
50 opera

50 opera

50 opera.
Plastic envelope (ca. 13 x 16.5 cm.) with a label attached to a side printed with an image of the number 50 (apparently tiles on a wall) under which is hand-lettered: OPERA BY ERIC ANDERSEN. Inside the envelope there are 52 white cards (ca. 8 x 10.5 cm. each) printed with instructions, 50 of which are the same. The piece is housed inside a cardboard box with a paper label attached to the lid printed in black, white, and red with and illustrated map of Europe, featuring Amsterdam ("European Fluxshop & Mail-Orderhouse") as the hub of an air flight network marked with times to various cities through concentric mileage circles. Also enclosed with the piece is a white sheet (18 x 42 cm.) printed with the alphabet followed by "& $123" in a bold typeface and typed words: "opus 51 by eric andersen, I HAVE CONFIDENCE IN YOU: [alphabet & etc.] jim crow."
20.5 x 22.5 x 3 cm. (box)
114-115 Andersen, Eric
Become a member of Eric Anderson's random audience I: frequency C

Become a member of Eric Anderson's random audience I: frequency C.
ca. 1975
Box 114 contains: Wood chime on sound box (manufactured in West Germany by SONOR) with stick (31 cm. long). A card accompanies the piece printed with a photograph of a similar chime and this text: BECOME A MEMBER OF ERIC ANDERSON'S RANDOM AUDIENCE I. "One of 61 frequencies"-kit consisting of: 1 Chime Bar (frequency range: F - f''''), 1 ad hoc score (type-written), 1 stick, 1 box. There is an annotation in ink. Box 115 contains: the "ad hoc score" which consists of a clear plastic box (31.2 x 22.5 x 6.8 cm.) enclosing three sheets printed, typed, and annotated with instructions and diagrams, accompanied by a blank sheet annotated with the title and signed by the artist.
22.2 x 8.2 x 52 cm. (chime box)
115 Andersen, Eric
Opus place stamps any kind and amount

Opus place stamps any kind and amount.
Dark blue slip case box embossed in gold with the title: Andersen - Opus place stamps any kind and amount. Inside there is a pull-out piece containing a stiff cardboard and stack of sheets bound together with strips of glued book cloth forming a solid slab (29.5 x 20.8 x 1.5 cm.), the top of which is printed with these instructions: "place stamps (any kind and amount) in one ver=tical line covering this text, and mail the card; don't do anything to this very nice card but mail it; place stamps (any kind and amount) in one ver=tical line covering this text, and write a ciffer [sic] after the word OPUS." A pre-printed stamp for "J. Cr. Petersen PAPIRHANDEL A/S, Genbestillings [numbered] 3A4." is attached to the bottom, right corner.
31.2 x 22.5 x 3.4 cm.
116 Arman

Tin container (commonly used for sardines) labeled with gold foil: the top printed with decorative designs and the words "ARMAN, 'FULL-UP', OUVRIR AVANT LE 25 OCTOBRE 1960, IRIS CLERT, PARIS, FRANCE"; the sides with "Bande de Garantie," TIRAGE 'SPÉCIAL' NUMÉROTÉ DE 1 A 500." Numbered and signed by the artist on the side.
10.5 x 6 x 2.8 cm.
*285 Arp, Jean
Forms ordered according to chance

Forms ordered according to chance.
Edition Mat; 73/100, 1964
See also Gerstner, Man Ray, Soto, Talman
286* Ay-O
Finger box

Finger box.
Wooden box with sixteen holes.
With alarm inside: a wood and metal construction, spray painted black in places, employing a telegraph-like mechanism, a common desk bell, wires, and two small batteries, connected into a deceptive arrangement.
Box ca. 13.5 x 8.5 x 12 cm.
Notes: Letter from G. Maciunas to Jean Brown extensively describes the 16 holes and titles in "Ayo's fingerhole set."
There is slight damage to alarm's wood lever, and batteries may leak. Batteries stored separately in Box 286*.
Part 2 (Ay-O-Barbieri)
117 Ay-O
Tactile box

Tactile box.
New York : Fluxus, 1963
Cardboard box painted white is stenciled in black on two opposing sides with the words "Ayo / tactile no box." Stenciled in white on a black background on the other two sides are the words "Ayo / tactile box." Affixed to the top is a small piece of orange paper on which an arrow is printed in black. The arrow points to a hole in the top center of the box. The hole is covered with rubber. Through the rubber a pressing hand can feel unidentifiable contents.
32 x 31 x 31 cm.
Note: this copy (1) contains torn velum.
118 Ay-O
Tactile box

Tactile box.
New York : Fluxus, 1963
Cardboard box painted white is stenciled in black on two opposing sides with the words "Ayo / tactile no box." Stenciled in white on a black background on the other two sides are the words "Ayo / tactile box." Affixed to the top is a small piece of orange paper on which an arrow is printed in black. The arrow points to a hole in the top center of the box. The hole is covered with rubber. Through the rubber a pressing hand can feel unidentifiable contents.
32 x 31 x 31 cm.
Note: this copy (2) contains confetti.
119 Ay-O
Tactile box

Tactile box.
New York : Fluxus, 1963
Cardboard box painted white is stenciled in black on two opposing sides with the words "Ayo / tactile no box." Stenciled in white on a black background on the other two sides are the words "Ayo / tactile box." Affixed to the top is a small piece of orange paper on which an arrow is printed in black. The arrow points to a hole in the top center of the box. The hole is covered with rubber. Through the rubber a pressing hand can feel unidentifiable contents.
32 x 31 x 32 cm.
Note: this copy (3) contains cardboard cylinders.
116 Ay-O

Painting on burlap-covered masonite. An "x" is painted in diluted plaster from corner to corner on top of an overall coat of a resinous substance. Another "x" is drawn in thin pencilled lines within the painted "x".
Inscribed (recto): Ay-o 60. Inscribed (verso): Titole X-56 Ay-O
21.4 x 23.8 cm.
120 Bakhchanyan, Vagrich
Prince Albert

Prince Albert.
White glossy card stock folded lengthwise forming a rectangular folder, on the cover of which is attached a red metallic label with yellow lettering: "Prince Albert - crimp cut - long burning - pipe and cigarette tobacco" around an oval black and white illustration of a bearded man in a topcoat holding a cane. Red plastic labels of the artist's name, "VAGRICH BAKHCHANYAN," and dates, "1975-1980," appear at the top and bottom of the rectangle, respectively. The inside of the folder is entirely lined with tobacco, some of it scattering loose, emitting strong aroma when unfolded.
37.2 x 23.2 (folded)
122 Banville, Bernard (Zona)
Fresh trappings from the studio

Fresh trappings from the studio

Fresh trappings from the studio.
Cardboard mailer box, taped and decorated with rubber stampings in red ink and labels (from Zona, Greenfield, MA, to Jean Brown, Tyringham, MA), containing three plastic capsules and a small notebook page with this manuscript notation: "FRESH TRAPPINGS FROM THE STUDIO, 7:39:02 7/19/83, 3 CAPSULES." The capsules contain various disposable wood and paper scraps.
8 x 18 x 7 cm.
121 Banville, Bernard (Zona)
Nebulist t-square or metrick slide-rrule

Nebulist t-square or metrick slide-rrule.
Wooden t-square with its head inverted, annotated in ink: "Nebulist t-square or metrick slide-rrule" [sic] and along the perimeter of the blade: "Designed by Bernard Banville - c. July 24 1982/9-17-03 p.m. neb-u-lize
neb-ye-liz\vt [nebule] :to reduce to a fine spray - neb-u-liz-er n atom blanc/fixe catalogue detach element fish gas histology indigo journal kinetic law magnet nature object pleiades question radioactivity saturn throttle uncage vernier wandering xylotomy yellowish zygote - choose your own title."
30.2 x 33.5 cm.
122 Banville, Bernard (Zona)
'Ultra' light tip of the archives iceberg

"Ultra" light tip of the archives iceberg.
ca. 1982
Vinyl plastic pencil holder (commonly used in school notebooks) containing a "packing list" and two items: a prescription medication belonging to the artist (suppository), and a small bottle enclosing a wood match. The whole item is labeled and appears to have been mailed to Jean Brown, Tyringham, MA. With photograph dated 1983.
15 x 23.5 cm.
122 Banville, Bernard (Zona)
Wordgame #1

Wordgame #1.
Paper mailer decorated with rubber stamped messages and illustrations in red, purple, and blue, with a packing slip and appropriate stamps for mailing to Jean Brown, Tyringham, MA. The mailer contains an envelope with instructions for playing a word game ("HOW MANY WORDS CAN YOU GET OUT OF JEAN BROWN?" and a set of "NINE WOODEN DISKS WITH CARRYING CASE."
ca. 19 x 30 cm.
116 Barbieri, Nino


Remscheid, Germany : Vice Versand, 1969
Wooden block with black and white photographs of an egg affixed to all six sides. Repository's copy is signed, dated and numbered 94 by the artist in green ink on the bottom.
5.4 x 5.4 x 7.7 cm.
Part 3 (Baruchello-Beuys)
116 Baruchello, Gianfranco
[Printed drawing on scroll]

[Printed drawing on scroll].
Rolled, plastic sheet printed with a series of egg-like images, figures, objects, and annotations, and the words: "BARUCHELO, STUDIO D'ARTE, CONDOTTI 85, VENERDI 21 FEBBRAIO 1969." The piece is encased in a cylindrical cardboard box. [There is a slight tear near the artist's name.]
20 x 68 cm.
116 Baruchello, Gianfranco
Wipe your hand across your mouth, and laugh

Wipe your hand across your mouth, and laugh

Wipe your hand across your mouth, and laugh.
Acrylic and ink on canvas depicting series of connected and unconnected shapes (wedges, flowers, time pieces, etc.), accompanied by annotations, all floating over a white space. Titled, signed, and dated by the artist on the verso. A small manuscript note to two people invoking T.S. Eliot accompanies the piece, signed and dated by the artist: "NY 2.26.1966."
22.7 x 30.3 cm.
123 Bayrle, Thomas
Zwangsjacke: Deutsche Charakterfaser

Zwangsjacke: Deutsche Charakterfaser.
Remscheid, Germany : Vice-Versand, ca. 1969
White, folded, man's dress shirt in a clear plastic wrapper. Through wrapper may be seen a red cardboard band running around the shirt, holding folds in place. On band is printed in white the title of the piece; the artist's signature is in marker pen.
37.5 x 29 cm.
116 Beau Geste Press

ca. 1972-1973
Large-sized safety matches box (SHIP HOUSEHOLD brand, manufactured by J. John Masters and Company Limited, London) containing a small card printed with a dictionary definition of the English word "match" with a wood match attached to it, along with three smaller matchboxes, each covered with individual printed designs on the recto, and "BEAU GESTE 1972" on the verso, and each containing various items.
In Fluxshoe exhibit?
7 x 12 x 3.4 cm.
116 Bellucci, Toni
Carved glyphs on two halves of a tree branch

Carved glyphs on two halves of a tree branch.
Wood branch piece slit lengthwise and carved on the two facing halves with wedge shaped (cuneiform-like) designs, suggesting a primitive book.
13 (long) x 3.3 (diameter) cm. (as one piece)
126 Bentivoglio, Mirella

Two clear plastic sheets (33 x .3 x 18) one of which has been printed with two alternating rows of the word "piove," repeated seven and six times on each respectively, followed by quotation (ditto) marks below each word, creating a total of 13 columns of marks that cascade down from each word to the base. The artist's last name is hand-etched on the bottom right of the same piece. The second piece is clear. The two pieces fit snugly into a clear plastic base (3.4 x 3.5 x 19) that holds them up like a plaque.
35.6 x 19 cm.
122 Berge, Roland van den
Our friendly boomerang

Our friendly boomerang.
Two sets of playing cards in a plastic box printed with the familiar suits (hearts, clubs, diamonds, spades) on the recto over which have been imposed blue silhouette images of bomb-like objects. The versos of one set show black and white photographs of artistic events employing the same bomb-like images (e.g. one features Picasso's Guernica as a background). Three of the cards describe the artistic events and provide some further explanations. The second set is wrapped in plastic and appears to be blank on the verso.
9.3 x 2 x 12.3 cm. (boxed)
122 Berner, Jeff


Plastic box with a paper label attached to the top featuring a line drawing of a child reading a large book entitled: "FLUXBOOK BY JEFF BERNER." The inside has been lined with two back-to-back pages from the Bible (St. John 4,5, and 11 respectively) that are fixed to the box by a thin layer of amber resin.
9 x 1 x 12 cm.
122 Berreur, Edouard
Ballet signal: Roman hypergrafik

Ballet signal: Roman hypergrafik
Clay cylinder around which is rolled a tan paper scroll printed with decorated geometric stick figures and other repeating forms in red, terracotta, yellowish orange, and black, and occasionally typed with French notations, hand annotated, and stamped with rubber stamps of letters from the alphabet.
ca. 12.5 x 6.5 cm. (rolled)
124 Beuys, Joseph


Berlin : Edition Hundertmark, 1973
Zinc box with label affixed to exterior front that reads, "Joseph Beuys / Enterprise, 18.11.72, 18:5:16 Urh / Photo Michael Ruetz / Auflage 24 Stuck Nr. 13 / Edition Hundertmark." On interior bottom of box is glued a small vintage camera; a round piece of felt covers the camera lens. On interior lid is glued a photo of Beuys and his family watching the original Star Trek television series.
40 x 30 x 15.5
Part 4 (Beuys-Brecht)
126 Beuys, Joseph


Remscheid, Germany : Vice-Versand, 1968
Wooden box with two horizontal lines drawn in pencil across the upper one-third of the box interior. The word "Intuition" is written in cursive above the lines. Verso signed and dated "Bueys 68." Label on verso reads, "Early bueys Multiple 1968/ Vice-Versand editions."
30 x 21 x 6 cm.
122 Beuys, Joseph

Heidelberg, Germany : Edition Staeck, 1974
2 copies; Joseph Bueys multiples, no. 99
Wood block with postcard markings printed on the recto: "joseph peuys, holzpostkarte, copy. + vertrieb: edition staeck 69 heidelberg 1, postkarte," signed in pencil by the artist on the verso.
10.2 x 3.2 x 14.7 cm.
122 Beuys, Joseph
Honey is flowing

Honey is flowing.
Heidelberg, Germany : Edition Staeck, 1974
Joseph Bueys multiples, no. 100.
Silkscreen on a postcard made of yellow polyvinyl chloride. The following words are written in cursive on the recto: "Honey is flowing in all directions."
10.5 x 15 cm.
122 Beuys, Joseph
Magnetische postkarte

Magnetische postkarte.
Heidelberg, Germany : Edition Staeck, 1975
Joseph Bueys multiples, no. 138
Cardboard box with title of work and publisher printd on top. Inside is iron sheet embossed with the words "Magnetischer abfall" with magnetised "haupstrom" disk attached to it. Signed by the artist on recto.
10.5 x 14.8 cm.
122 Beuys, Joseph
Noiseless blackboard eraser

Noiseless blackboard eraser.
New York : Ronald Feldman Fine Arts, 1974
Joseph Bueys multiples, no. 93
Felt blackboard raser [sic] with printed manufacturer's label adhered to the back. The title of the piece is stamped on top of label, signed by the artist. Issued in an edition of 550.
5 x 13 x 2.5 cm.
287* Beuys, Joseph
So kann die Parteiendiktatur überwunden werden [How the dictatorship of the parties can be overcome]

So kann die Parteiendiktatur überwunden werden / [How the dictatorship of the parties can be overcome].
Joseph Beuys multiples, no. 39
125 Böhmler, Claes



Berlin, Germany : Bei Hundertmark, 1974
Pasteboard box with slip of paper affixed to box lid on which is printed the title, imprint, series, and date, though the date (1973) differs from the publication date of piece. Inside is placket of enlarging paper (Revue BS 1 "W"), a flashlight in its cardboard box (Daimon Focus), 2 electric batteries (Daimon Baby 1, 5 V No. 257), a pocket mirror, instructions for 3 photo projects (1 folded sheet stapled into a folder), and 1 photoprint as example. Version of instruction sheet is signed and dated in pencil: "Böhmler 74." Stamped in purple ink is the following: "Arbeitsblatt 35 für Licht-u. Ton-Bildner vo Böhmler ("35" in pencil).
44.5 x 34 x 9 cm.
127 Bradshaw, Dove
(A)muse: Homage to William Anastasi

(A)muse: Homage to William Anastasi.
Black leatherette case containing a pair of old, wire-rimmed spectacles that have been modified with the addition of black and white photographs, fixed behind the lenses, depicting the wire sidepieces that fall normally behind the lenses when folded. The backs of these photographs are labeled with the typed words: "A MUSE, Dove Bradshaw, Homage to William Anastasi; photographs, glasses, 1979, 2023," respectively.
6.5 x 16 x 2 cm. (case)
127 Brecht, George
Ball puzzle

Ball puzzle

Ball puzzle.
New York : Fluxus, 1965
Plastic box with exterior label covering the top. Printed in a variety of fonts is the following: "Games and puzzles by George Brecht / Fluxus CL." The box contains a metal ball and the following score: "Ball puzzle / Observe the ball rolling uphill."
10 x 12 x 3 cm.
127 Brecht, George
Bead puzzle

Bead puzzle.
New York : Fluxus, 1965
Unlabelled wooden box containing wooden, cork, and rubber beads on a string, and a piece of paper on which is written the following score: "Bead puzzle / Cut cord so that beads do not separate. / Find another solution. / Repeat, beyond farthest solution. / G. Brecht."
15.5 x 25.5 x 4 cm.
Part 5 (Brecht)
127 Brecht, George
Bead puzzle and inclined plane puzzle

Bead puzzle and inclined plane puzzle

Bead puzzle and inclined plane puzzle.
New York : Fluxus, 1965
Plastic box with exterior label covering the top. Printed in a variety of fonts is the following: "Games and puzzles by George Brecht / Fluxus CL." The box contains beads and the following 2 scores: "Bead puzzle / Arrange the beads so that they are the same. / Arrange the beads so that they are different." "Inclined plane puzzle / Place ball on inclined surface. / Observe the ball rolling uphill."
10 x 12 x 2 cm.
127 Brecht, George
Closed on mondays: a fluxgame

Closed on mondays: a fluxgame.
New York: Fluxus, 1969
Black plastic box containing adhesive material that secures the box in a permanently closed position. Adhered to the lid is a black and white photograph of five young people in front of two large double doors. The title of the piece appears as part of the graffiti on the doors: "Closed on / Mondays / a flux game / by / George / Brecht."
10 x 12 x 1.7 cm.
127 Brecht, George


New York : Fluxus, 1965
White plastic box with label covering the top. Printed on the label in various fonts is the following: "Deck / by / george / Brecht / a fluxgame. Inside the box are 64 playing cards. On the recto of each card is a different image (a lightbulb, a dancer, etc.) printed in black on a white background; on the verso is an image of hair printed in black and white.
7.5 x 9.4 x 2.3 cm.
Note: 2 copies, one of which lacks cards.
129 Brecht, George
[Framed collage/manuscript]

[Framed collage/manuscript].
Collage on paper, encased between two pieces of glass in a silver wood frame, featuring a series of images cut from magazines (the words "BAZAR de L'AUTOMOBILE," an egg in a cup, a woman with a Brahms long playing phonograph record standing next to a bed, a knot, a brush, a crossword puzzle, stamped letters/words: "NO L?" "YOU JUST N&VER QUITE NO" and manuscript notations (e.g. "contribution to the science of penology," "department of lovely differences," "department of reflections," "Will she go to bed with her Brahms (Sam Brahms, who serves coffee and croissants at the café on the corner)," etc.), seven colored hearts.
62.8 x 14.3 cm. (framed)
127 Brecht, George
[Framed letter]

[Framed letter].
Fragments from a full color magazine layout depicting parts of a woman's body wearing a white bra, red panties, and hosiery around a black and white image of a model posing in a plain black dress. Over this a letter of several paragraphs in length has been typed making references such as: "McLuhan is a superficial bore . . . Dada is a Dadabore," etc., signed "George."
24.6 x x 24.6 (framed)
127 Brecht, George
[Framed letter/collage to Emmett Williams]

[Framed letter/collage to Emmett Williams].
Collage on paper, encased between two pieces of glass in a silver wood frame, featuring a manuscript letter signed "George" and cutouts from newspaper comics, visible on the recto and/or verso.
29.4 x 13.7 x 1.3 cm.
126 Brecht, George
Games & puzzles/valoche

Games & puzzles/valoche.
New York?: Fluxus, ca. early 1970?
Clear plastic box with exterior label on which is printed in various fonts the following: "Games & puzzles by George Brecht / Fluxus CL." Inside the box are 18 compartments in which there are 25 objects, such as a golf ball, a ping-pong ball, a marble egg, a yo-yo, dominoes, etc.
22.7 x 33.3 x 5.8 cm.
127 Brecht, George
Name kit

Name kit

Name kit.
New York : Fluxus, 1965
Clear plastic box with a label covering the top. Printed on the label in various fonts in the following: "Games & Puzzles by George Brecht / fluxus CL." Box interior is divided into 7 compartments containing game pieces, printing type and a score which reads as follows: "Name kit / Spell your name."
10.5 x 12 x 3 cm.
127 Brecht, George
A question or more

A question or more.
New York : Fluxus, n.d.
Three white plastic boxes are positioned vertically with enough space between them to allow each lid to open. Box 1 has 16 loose wooden alphabet game pieces that can be arranged in any manner. Box 2 contains the same number and type of game pieces, but they are spray-painted white, causing them to adhere together. A label on the interior lid of Box 2 reads as follows: "A question or more / by Geroge Brecht." Box 3 is empty.
7.5 x 6.8 x 3.4 cm.
127 Brecht, George

Remscheid, Germany : Vice-Versand, 1969
Box of brand name salt (Sonnen Salz) with a label adhered to the top; the label reads as follows: "From the anthology of misunderstandings: 31 III 69 Went today to get beer and things at A. Heyduck, Barbarossaplatz, Düsseldorf / After getting the sausages, the woman said something I didn't understand, and I answered: 'Das ist alles, glaub' ich.' This is the box she gave me. George Brecht." Bottom label has on it a German translation of the top label. Initialled by the artist in blue ink on the top label.
14 x 7.5 x 4.5 cm.
Part 6 (Brecht-Buczak)
127 Brecht, George
Stamp out stamping

Stamp out stamping.
Gray wood rubber stamp with a green plastic handle labeled: "STAMP OUT STAMPING." The stamp sits on a blue index card, the unlined side of which has been written in ink: "George Brecht's Stamp," both in cursive and block letters. (note: the piece of transparent tape that holds the stamp to the card in the photograph is lacking.)
7.8 x 10.7 cm.
See Box 68A for inked impression of this stamp.
130 Brecht, George
This sentence is weightless

This sentence is weightless.
Twenty-four metal [steel?] letter stencils vertically joined together with key rings to form the words: "THIS SENTENCE IS WEIGHTLESS." A metal hanging weight scale accompanies the piece.
237 x 7 cm.
126 Brecht, George
Universal machine II

Universal machine II

Universal machine II.
Hinged wood box with a label (11 x 8.5 cm.) attached to the lid featuring a line illustration of a toy box around which are printed the words: "UNIVERSAL MACHINE II 1976, COPY NO. A FLUX EDITION BY GEORGE BRECHT." Pinned to the inside of the lid is a sheet with a score of 19 instruction-like intellectual concepts written in a whimsical, albeit serious-minded way. The bottom is lined with a printed sheet containing line illustrations of many disparate objects and figures. Lying loose over this, but contained behind clear plastic, are 28 small objects: golf tee, cork, feather, nuts, light bulb, shells, spring, mirror, balls, pearl, tools, pebble, plastic and glass tubes and other objects.
28.1 x 4 x 28.1 cm.
128 Brecht, George
Valoche 1959-1975: a flux travel aid

Valoche 1959-1975: a flux travel aid

Valoche 1959-1975: a flux travel aid.
New York : Fluxus, ca. 1975
Wooden box with label on exterior lid that reads as follows: "Valoche 1959-1975 / A flux travel aid / by George Brecht." Box contains assorted objects, including balls, rocks, game pieces, yo-yos, and noise makers.
21 x 36.7 x 10.6
127 Brecht, George
Water yam

Water yam.
New York : Fluxus, 1963
Cardboard box with exterior label covering the top and extending down both sides. Label reads: "Water yam / arranged by George Brecht / Fluxus no. CS." Box contains 73 scores printed on card stock of various sizes.
15 x 17.3 x 4.6 cm.
127 Brecht, George
Water yam

Water yam.
New York : Fluxus, 1963
Wood and masonite box. Exterior label on top of box reads: "Water yam / arranged by George Brecht / Fluxus no. C." Box contains 79 scores printed on various sizes of card stock.
24.3 x 22.5 x 4.7 cm.
127 Brecht, George
Water yam

Water yam

Water yam.
New York : Fluxus, 1963
Wooden box with label on exterior lid that reads: "Water yam / arranged by George Brecht / Fluxus C." Box contains 91 scores printed on various sizes and colors of card stock. Cloud scissors included.
15.7 x 17.8 x 3.5 cm.
127 Brecht, George
Water yam

Water yam.
Surbiton, Surrey, England : Parrot Impressions, 1972
Cardboard box with title and artist's name printed in black on exterior lid. Inside the box a paper envelope contains 99 scores printed on various sizes and colors of card stock.
22.1 x 21.2 x 3.6 cm.
132 Brus, Günter
Die neue Dekadenz

Die neue Dekadenz

Die neue Dekadenz.
Berlin : Edition Hundertmark, 1972
Cardboard box with 3 copies of a halftone color photograph mounted on exterior lid and signed and dated by the artist in colored pencils. Box contains 1 drawing in a wooden frame entitled "PreBluttstampter."
42 x 31 cm.
131 Buczak, Brian
Eskimos. Indians. Arabs. Dutch. Chinese. Japanese

Eskimos. Indians. Arabs. Dutch. Chinese. Japanese

Eskimos. Indians. Arabs. Dutch. Chinese. Japanese.
Money for Food Press : s.l., 1980
no. 15/35
Hand-made book with a glossy white card stock cover, printed on the spine in green ink with the title and artist's name. A construction of feathers, string, and trimmed paper is attached to and protrudes out from the cover. Inside the pages depict black and white line illustrations of the subjects listed by the title. Inside the cover is information denoting the printing (by The Money For Food Press) in March 1980, an edition of 200, 35 of which are bound, specially boxed, and signed by the artist. Piece is numbered and signed by the artist on the last two pages and outside box.
15.5 (high) x 13 x 13 cm. (box)
Part 7 (Buczak-Celendar)
130 Buczak, Brian
Menu for fluxdinner

Menu for fluxdinner.
Small magnifying glass in an open cardboard box. The box is printed in black, white, and yellow with these words: "HI-POWER MAGNIFYING GLASS, PERFECT FOR SMALL PRINT OR EXAMINING SMALL OBJECTS..... STRONG CLEAR LENS GROUND AND POLISHED STURDY METAL FRAME HONG KONG." The magnifying lens itself contains a layer of plastic printed in small black type announcing a dinner invitation and menu. The whole piece is within an envelope (letterhead: FRIENDS OF THE CHAPPAQUA LIBRARY) with this pencil annotation: "the Menu for Fluxus dinner in Ear Inn 1983 done by John Hendrix, everybody who was invited, got such piece."
14.5 x 6.5 x 1.4 cm. (box)
130 Burg, Sonja van der
no. 32/70
"SENIOR SERVICE" cigarette box, painted over with colored paints that modify the original label to read "N SERVICE," overlaid with a label rubber-stamped with the words: "" The box contains a small assemblage of illustrated, photocopied papers and painted cardboard pieces recalling the events of a trip in the form of a memoir.
7.5 x 8.5 x 1.7 cm.
130 Burghardt, Ursula
Schnürbecher: Tied up mug

Schnürbecher: Tied up mug.
ca. 1969
Black handled tin cup cut with a slit down one side, drilled with two rows of holes along both sides of the slit, all threaded and tied with a black shoelace. A label attached to the bottom is annotated in pencil with the title in German and English ("tied up mug"), the artist's name and numbered 29
8 (high) x 8.5 (diameter) cm.
133-135 Cage, John and Sumsion, Calvin
Not wanting to say anything about Marcel

Not wanting to say anything about Marcel

Not wanting to say anything about Marcel.
One item in three parts.
130 Callard, Andrea
[Plastic container with printed insert]

[Plastic container with printed insert].
Clear plastic capsule containing a fragment of an illustration of animals printed over with this text: "Urban life is a construction of the human mind - primary life force experience is frequently limited to weather, hunger, sex and weeds. Sense information is often pre-ordered by this environment." The artist's name and address is printed on the verso.
ca. 5 x 5 cm.
131 Carrega, Ugo
Glass poem

Glass poem.
s.l. : s.n., n.d.
Clear pane of glass painted with small abstract forms and the words of the title in red arranged on it.
17 x 17 cm.
136 Caruso, Luciano and Mennitti Paraito, Emanuele
Concerto tattile

Concerto tattile

Concerto tattile.
no. 10/30
Dark brown cardboard box with white glossy card label attached to the top, printed with this title: "LUCIANO CARUSO, E. MENNITTI PARAITO: CONCERTO TATTILE, poesia oggetto, Firenze 1981; Autoedizione, Firenze marzo 1982" and annotated "10/30." Two paper pieces inside. One is a card stock folder (34.1 x 24.6 cm.) with program information printed on the cover, a sample of the invitation to the program attached to the back, and inside two black and white photographs and a four page printed piece entitled: "IL TATTILISMO: MANIFESTO FUTURISTA." The second is a folded piece of standard sheet music (32.4 x 23.6) with hand annotations on the cover ("Luciano Caruso - E. Mennitti Paraito: Concerto Tattile/poesia oggetto") and pieces of masking tape, black ribbon, and a round patch of black foam rubber glued to the otherwise blank inside.
36 x 3.1 x 26 cm.
137 Castro, Lourdes
[Bedsheet with sewn nude woman]

[Bedsheet with sewn nude woman].
Off-white fabric sheet on which a light blue thread is embroidered in a simple rope stitch, forming the outline of a life-sized, reclining nude woman. Adjacent to it is the mailer used to send the sheet from artist's home in Paris, France to "Madame Jean Brown" in Tyringham, Massachusetts, with attendant postage and customs stamps and markings (postmarked 1981).
ca. 281.5 x 232 cm.
138 Cavellini, Guglielmo Achille
[Decal suit]

[Decal suit].
Man's medium size (38-40) cotton/acrylic full-length undergarment, thoroughly covered on the outside with overlaid self-adhesive round decals (10 cm. in diameter) in tri-colors green, white, and red, printed with the words: "CAVELLINI, 1914-2014: VENEZIA-PALAZZO-DUCALE/7 SETTEMBRE-27 OTTOBRE."
ca. 125 x 1.5 x 74
130 Celendar, Don

Note: 2 copies, sets A & B.
Cardboard box with a detachable lid printed in red, white, and blue with the title: "ARTBALL, c. 1971 DON CELENDER." Box contains a set of printed cards depicting known artists mocked up as baseball players (baseball cards overlaid with photographs of artist faces) on the recto, and on the verso details or reproductions from the artists' work. Set A contains 19 cards [1 lacking?], set B contains 20 cards; 39 different images in all.
9.5 x 7 x 1.5 cm.
Part 8 (Celendar-Colby)
130 Celendar, Don
Artball playing cards

Artball playing cards.
Cardboard box with a flip-top lid, printed in red, white, and blue with the title: "ARTBALL PLAYING CARDS, c. DON CELENDER '72." Box contains a set of 54 standard playing cards (all four suits plus two jokers) printed with depictions of known artists mocked up as football players (football player images overlaid with photographs of artist faces) on the recto, and on the verso a blue graphic design with the words: "Art Ball."
9 x 6.5 x 1.5 cm.
130 Celendar, Don
Holy holy art cards

Holy holy art cards.
ca. 1972
Cardboard box with a detachable lid printed in red and white with the title: "HOLY HOLY ART CARDS, Fancy assorted Christmas selection, c. DON CELENDER." Box contains a set of 50 printed cards depicting known artists mocked up as religious icons (votive image cards overlaid with photographs of artist faces) on the recto, and on the verso quotations touching on the intersections of art and religion. A typical quote is: "I try to create the silence of an icon. That's what I'm after: the meditative icons of the twentieth century."
11 x 6.5 x 2.5 cm.
130 Cheek, Chris (?)
Winding hello

Winding hello.
Oversized steel nail wrapped with magnetic (audio) tape and red yarn. Attached to the yarn is a small, folded white card rubber-stamped with the title of the piece. Item is contained in a Jean Brown Archive letterhead envelope.
15 (length) x 1.2 (diameter head) cm.
130 Chick, John


Clear plastic box with a sectioned interior the top of which has a printed label attached depicting a black and white photograph of a place setting overlaid with the words: "FLUX FOOD by JOHN CHICK." Inside the box has seven compartments, each containing samples of tree debris: acorn, seeds, fungi, bark, etc.
9 x 12 x 2.7 cm.
130 Chopin, Henri
Portrait of Franco

Portrait of Franco

Portrait of Franco.
Small holly leaf signed and dated by the artist, encased inside a solid, clear plastic block. There is a label on the bottom (side) printed with the words: "Henri Chopin, "Portrait of Franco" Edition Hundertmark, signed and dated by the artist.
9.5 x 7 x 2.4 cm.
130 Christo

Clear plastic box with a hinged lid that contains an artificial flower wrapped in plastic and string, and a small white card with the name "CHRISTO" printed on it.
13 x 18 x cm. (box)
131 Cleveland, Buster
[Color photocopy of arm with Dada tatoo]

[Color photocopy of arm with Dada tatoo].
Framed art consisting of a photocopy in blurry, muted colors of a male forearm and hand clutching some material. The forearm has a tattoo of a red heart labeled with the word "DADA." Item is annotated with a dedication to Jean Butler, encased in a plastic sheet, and framed in a prefabricated Plexiglas frame.
36 x 28.5 x 3.5 cm. (framed)
130 Coach House Press

ca. 1977
Silver cardboard box with a flip-top lid, embossed with this text: "£1, 000, 000." Box contains two reprints on buff paper of reviews of the posthumous publication of Wyndham Lewis' Mrs. Dukes' million (Toronto: Coach House Press, 1977) written ca. 1908.
4.5 x 18 x 2 cm.
130 Coke, Jack
Find the end: a fluxgame

Find the end: a fluxgame

Find the end: a fluxgame.
White plastic box with a printed label attached to the lid depicting a black and white photograph of a tangle of rope overlaid with the words: "FIND THE END A FLUXGAME BY JACK COKE'S FARMER'S CO-OP." Inside there is a tangle of string with several ends.
12 x 9.2 x 1.3 cm.
131 Colby, Sas
Untitled [letter to Christo]

Untitled [letter to Christo],
Block of foam covered in black satin with words stitched in red ("Christo, Howard St., NY, 10013"), cloth labels (return address for Colby, "FIRST CLASS MAIL"), stamped with four US stamps, and tied with yellow string, the whole of which resembles a mailed letter.
ca. 13 x 21 x 3.5 cm.
Part 9 (Colo-Cox)
130 Colo
American apart art

American apart art.
Small Manila paper envelope containing several loose kernels of corn and pepper corns. The recto of the envelope addressed to Peter Frank, The Village Voice (New York), from COLO, New York, [i.e. Papo Colo], with a cancelled stamp. The verso is rubber stamped with the words: "AMERICAN APART ART."
8.8 x 16.5 cm.
131 Copp, Fletcher
Painted woodpile: dispersal piece #1

Painted woodpile: dispersal piece #1.
Wood fragment, partially painted with pink, red, yellow, green, and other primary colors, with a wire-attached label typed with these words: "PAINTED WOODPILE ACCORD, NY, Fletcher Copp 1972, Dispersal Piece #12" on the verso, a color snapshot-type photograph of a woodpile on the recto.
ca. 29 x 10 cm.
131 Copp, Fletcher
Painted woodpile: dispersal piece #12

Painted woodpile: dispersal piece #12.
Wood fragment, partially painted with pink and red paint, with a wire-attached label typed with these words: "PAINTED WOODPILE, Fletcher Copp, Accord 1972, Dispersal Piece #1" on the verso, a color snapshot-type photograph of a woodpile on the recto.
ca. 17 x 3 cm.
131 Copp, Fletcher
Greetings from Little Italy, NYC

Greetings from Little Italy, NYC.
Pink plastic toothbrush attached to a tube of manufactured (Products Marguerite) anchovy paste. A card label attached to it with string is inscribed: "GREETINGS FROM LITTLE ITALY, NYC, '72," on the recto, and "F. Copp [& address]" on the verso.
ca 16 x 4 cm.
130 Coracle Press
[Plastic stick]

[Plastic stick].
Coracle Press : London, 1980
no. 11/25
Flat ivory stick, similar to a bone-folding tool, printed on the upper part of one side with a small black illustration of a face with a hat. Item is encased in a transparent sleeve.
18 x 2 cm.
141 Coracle Press
Schaufelbagger und Muldenkipper/Painting and sculpture late June until late August 1983

Exhibition announcement with shovel: Schaufelbagger und Muldenkipper/Painting and sculpture late June until late August 1983.
Coracle Press : London, 1983
Vivid yellow plastic toy shovel with a triangular piece of fine sand paper glued to its inside blade (providing the appearance of loose sand) to which a cardboard label is attached with string. The label is printed on both sides: "Schaufelbagger und Muldenkipper/ Painting and Sculpture, late June until late August, 1983, Coracle Press, 233 Camberwell New Road, London SE5," on the recto. The verso is printed: "New work by Ed Allington, Glynn Banks, John Bevis, John Coleman, Bill Culbert, Stephen Duncalf, Martin Fidler, Tony Hayward, Wolfgang Koethe, Colin Sackett, Richard Wentworth, /Excavator and Tipper-truck." The stamped mailer envelope from England is preserved along with the objects.
ca. 25.5 x 8.3 x 4.5 cm.
Note: 2 copies.
130 Coracle Press / Cutts, Simon
Mr. G. White, of Messrs. Green & White

Mr. G. White, of Messrs. Green & White.
Coracle Press : London, 198-?
no. 10/36
White cardboard box with a detachable lid on which a label is attached printed in green with these words: "MR. G. WHITE, of Messers. GREEN & WHITE." Inside the box there is a block covered with white cloth on which are pinned several labels with these words stitched in green and black script lettering: "Mr. G. White, of Messrs. Green and White, the name of the wave in a sea of waves, Mr. G. White, of Messrs. Green and White, the wave of a name in a sea of names." There is a label on the bottom of the box printed with the artist's name, Coracle Press, and numbered, and signed by the artist.
14.5 x 16 x 4 cm.
130 Coracle Press / Cutts, Simon

Coracle Press : London, 198-?
no. 5/36
White cardboard box with a detachable lid on which a label is attached printed in green with these words: "POINSETTIA" Inside the box there is a construction consisting of a wood frame, green and red threads tied to pins, and two cloth labels with these words stitched in green and red script lettering (respectively): "my favorite flowers" "are leaves." There is a label on the bottom of the box printed with the artist's name, Coracle Press, and numbered, and signed by the artist.
16 x 14.5 x 4 cm.
130 Corner, Philip
The piece of reality for today

The piece of reality for today

The piece of reality for today.
no. 2/80
Cardboard box with a label attached to its lid on which is printed an illustration of a white circle on a black background, the artist's name, the title of the piece, and "Edition Hundertmark." Attached to the inside of the lid is a long, folded strip of paper with a series of annotations. There is a round mirror at the bottom of the box.
11 x 11 x 3.2 cm.
139 Cox, Ken
A permutational clock

A permutational clock.
Clock fashioned from a hexagonal piece of flat wood (27 x .6 x 23.4 cm.) painted with blue and white stripes. To this is fixed a visible brass wheel mechanism for rotating three hands, each featuring two capital letters welded to either end of their respective bars (thus "A - R," "S - I," and "T - D"). Behind it a small electric motor is attached to run the mechanism. A white (4 x 6 inch) index card is taped to the back with this message hand-written in ink: "A PERMUTATIONAL CLOCK By Ken Cox-England WHICH SPELL ASTRID(FURNIVALS) NAME."
27 x 13 x 23.4 cm.
Part 10 (Dana-Etlinger)
139 Dana, Llys
Mail art is no label!

Mail art is no label!

Mail art is no label!
Syke, Germany : Le Point d'Ironie, Llys Dana Prod., 1982
Pasteboard box with a sickle and the number 666 stamped on the exterior lid. Stamped on the interior lid are the words, "Le point d'ironie." Inside are 83 works, mostly on paper using one of the following media: rubber stamp, photography, pen and ink, marker, photomechanical reproduction. Certain pieces incorporate one of the following items: plastic whistle, packet of sugar, Q-tip.
31 x 22 cm.
140 Davies, Hugh and Furnival, John

Wood box painted in black enamel, with a framed aluminum opening featuring a layer of soft, dark gray foam slit down the middle. Exploration through the slit by hand (or eyes) reveals a number of tactile objects, textures, or other items contained inside. Accompanying the piece is an envelope containing a manuscript note reading: "'FEELY-BOX' - 1970 - joint work by John Furnival + Hugh Davies, originally part of the environmental exhibition 'Dorothy' which happened in the summer of 1970 in the Bear Lane Gallery, Oxford."
30.6 x 24 x 20.8 cm.
145 Dietmann, Erik

Remscheid, Germany : Vice-Versand, ca. 1969
Laminated piece of graph paper cut into the shape of an isosceles triangle. The bottom right corner of both sides is stamped "Etc*." A string attached to the top point allows it to be hung.
16.6 x 22.7 cm.
142 Dittborn, Eugenio
The Maine question is the main question

The Maine question is the main question.
Brown paper mailer envelope with a printed blown-up mug shot image of a suspect named Maria Rosa Cevedo Cordova, with information in Spanish describing her as "La Vieja, Cuca," who offers herself as a washer woman or clothes seller. Inside are four rolls of exposed 35mm photographic film on which are written in silver ink the following messages in block letters: [sic] "THE MAINE QUESTION IS THE MAIN QUESTION\ANYMORE QUESTIONS?\YES. WHICH IS THE MAIN DISTANCE? THE MAIN DISTANCE IS THE DISTANCE FROM HERE TO ETERNITY." "THE MAINE THING, A FILM BY EUGENIO DITTBORN (CHILE).\MAINE, MAINE, WHY DO YOU LEAVE ALONE? THAT IS THE MAINE QUESTION FOR ME.\ MAINE, MAINE, WHERE ARE YOU? THAT IS THE MAINE QUESTION FOR ME." "TELL ME, WHAT DO YOU MAINE? I MAINE THIS IS THE END.\SANTIAGO DE CHILE, 28/V/83.\" "ARE YOU STILL MINE? THAT IS THE MINE QUESTION FOR ME.\IF YOU ARE NOT MINE ANYMORE THEN YOU ARE NOT MAINE ANYMORE? THAT IS NOT THE MAIN QUESTION ANYMORE\WHICH IS THE MAINE QUESTION, THEN?"
39.7 x 29.7 cm.
143 Duchamp, Marcel
Boite: series C

Boite: series C

Boite: series C.
Paris, France : s.n., 1958
Wooden case covered in gray cloth containing 71 miniature replicas and colored reproductions of works by Duchamp. Printed labels give name of work, date, and owner of the original. It was first issued in 1941 as "The box in a valise."
40 x 38 x 9 cm.
144 Duchamp, Marcel (after)
Le mug racque

Le mug racque.
United States? : s.n., s.d.
A structure composed of welded and bolted metal strips; four round horizontal bands fastened to four curving vertical ribs. The three upper bands have projecting hooks for hanging items (such as cups). Title written on paper tag in black marker; statement of responsibility added to tag in black ballpoint. Tag attached to the object with string. Note: purchased by Brown in a store (see her oral history).
59 cm. (height)
145 Duchamp, Marcel (after?)
Rotorelief no. 8: Cerceaux

Rotorelief no. 8: Cerceaux.
Clear plastic (.3 cm. thick) circle with a piece of tan paper glued to its surface on which are printed concentric circles, and on the periphery the title of the piece: "ROTORELIEF NO. 8 - CERCEAUX - MODELE DEPOSE." This is attached to a small electric motor with a metal L-shaped brace for mounting to a stable surface.
20.5 cm. (diameter); ca. 18 x 11 x 7 cm. (mounting)
Note: installed in Shaker Seed House ceiling by Maciunas; see Schwarz: Complete works of Duchamp (1970), p. 330 (ill.), 499-500.
145 Ehrenberg, Felipe

Hand-made cardboard box lined with black and wood-grain-simulating plastic and hinged with transparent tape. Inside are several items: hand-colored post cards, paper constructions, prints, a feminine napkin and disposable bag, wooden matches mounted on cardboard, a portfolio of printed matter, and a long paper booklet (33 x 10.1 cm.) with a typewritten narrative about the circumstances surrounding the creation of the piece.
34.5 x 2.3 x 21.5 cm.
145 Ehrenberg, Felipe
Alphabet cards

Alphabet cards.
no. 19/50
A set of seventy cards (ca. 6.5 x 5 cm. each), hand-cut from white card stock and stenciled in black ink with the capital letters of the Spanish alphabet, each uniquely printed with its own design. The set is kept inside a dark purple cigarette-type box, signed and numbered by the artist on the recto. The letter "P" is stenciled in silver spray paint on the verso of the box.
7.5 x 2.2 x 5.5 cm. (box)
146 Etlinger, Amelia
[Untitled work].
A rag-like cloth, stained in gray and red, tied with a wide pink tinted flowered lace (5 cm.)
ca. 23 x 1 x 11.5 cm.
[No image available.]
146 Etlinger, Amelia
[Flower, love, Jean]

[Flower, love, Jean]

[Flower, love, Jean].
Bundled pieces of pink, yellow and orange fabric, frayed at all edges and tied with a piece of rolled orange fabric. The bundle opens to reveal a yellow cloth flower onto which are sown strings, beads, and pieces of tissue paper with these words written on them "FLOWER," "LOVE," and "JEAN." Mailer envelope kept adjacent, no postmark.
ca. 17 x 4 x 12 cm.
146 Etlinger, Amelia
[Dialogue of love]

[Dialogue of love].
Construction of dried leaves and flowers, glue, beads, post card, string, green and yellow tissues, netting, button, a piece of white paper with the typed words: "A DIALOGUE OF LOVE JEAN AND AMELIA BUTTERFLY AND (hand-written) flower." Kept inside a gift box, the top of which has a piece of paper ripped off, on the tear of which these words are hand-written: "a dialogue of love."
17 x 3.2 x 11.5 (box)
146 Etlinger, Amelia
[Flower, love, butterfly, Jean].
ca. 1982
Loose construction of dried leaves and flowers, paper, threads, fabric, beads, papers with hand-written words on them such as : "flower," "love," "butterfly," "Jean," and "what holds up the tree." Kept in original mailer, postmarked 1982.
ca. 19 x 2 x 12 (mailer)
[No image available.]
146 Etlinger, Amelia
ca. 1980
Gold foil gift box with folded handwritten pieces of paper, dried flowers and leaves sprinkled over them. The top has a piece of the foil ripped off, and on that tear these letters are hand-written: "JEANBROWN." Kept in original mailer, postmarked 1980.
6.5 x 2.4 x 5 cm. (box)
[No image available.]
146 Etlinger, Amelia
[There's a package for you Jean Brown].
Construction of dried twigs (Puss willows) tinted pink, pink paper, green cellophane, and rubber band, placed inside a yellow gift box. The box top has a label attached with the printed message: "There's a package for you JEAN BROWN ARCHIVE from Amelia." Kept in original mailer, postmark illegible.
5.5 x 2.5 x 20.7 cm. (box)
[No image available.]
146 Etlinger, Amelia
[My flower].
Shallow white gift box enclosing a construction of dried flowers, papers, post card, tissue, threads, and lace.
20 x 2.2 x 31 cm. (box)
[No image available.]
146 Etlinger, Amelia
[Untitled work].
postmarked 1979
Manila mailer envelope containing a construction of tied together cardboard, paper, cloth, beads, string and yarns.
ca. 23 x 2 x 31 cm.
[No image available.]
146 Etlinger, Amelia
[Untitled work].
Collapsed cardboard box covered with flowered wrapping paper and tied with red yarn and a dried flower.
ca. 24 x 3 x 28 cm.
[No image available.]
147 Etlinger, Amelia
[Love from the sea.]
Silver foil gift box taped over with metallic silver duct tape and a label attached made of paper stained with aquamarine ink on which is written: "JEAN BROWN ARCHIVE, U.S.A." with torn edges. On the tears these words are hand-written: "LOVE FROM THE SEA, AMELIA." Inside there is a bundle made of paper towel tissues and organic matter, tied with string and a small golden chain, apparently unopened.
ca. 16 x 5.5 x 15.5 cm. (box)
[No image available.]
147 Etlinger, Amelia
[Summer moves on, August 4, 1981].
Open silver gift box inside of which there is a paper message with these words written on it: "The Summer moves on. August 4, 1981." The paper is wrapped in wax paper, tied with fabric and organic threads and weed seed stalks. The whole is nested is a bed of fabric, threads, stuffing, dried organic matter, pine needles, tissues, Christmas garland, and other soft materials, all of it topped with a folded scrap of embossed gold foil wrapping paper.
15.2 x 6.5 x 15.2 cm.
[No image available.]
147 Etlinger, Amelia
[Tell Jean I feel her contact].
Black and gold jewel box containing a construction of wire and paper flowers, and beads, covered by a piece of scrap paper with the typed words: "TELL JEAN I FEEL HER CONTACT LOVE MIRELLAMELIA." A small envelope accompanies the box, containing a note card handwritten with the overlapping words "happy birthday jean brown."
5.5 x 1.8 x 5.5 cm.
[No image available.]
147 Etlinger, Amelia
[In the new year love a flower]

[In the new year love a flower].
Folded white artist paper, pink and green cloth with frayed edges, and pink threads arranged and sewn in an intricate construction of ties and knots that, labeled along the bottom edge with these words: "IN THE NEW YEAR LOVE A FLOWER JEANAMELIA 1980."
ca. 26 x 68 cm.
147 Etlinger, Amelia
Jean Brown archive valentine hearts and flowers.
ca. 1980
Construction of folded and nested papers, cellophane, green tissues, lace, cloth, red foil hearts, organic matter, masking tape, and threads, entitled: "JEAN BROWN ARCHIVE VALENTINE HEARTS AND FLOWERS."
ca. 25 x 26 cm.
[No image available.]
147 Etlinger, Amelia
Song of praise, petal rose as I sing earth.
Construction nested inside a shallow cardboard box made of white and dark pink construction papers, frayed gray and red cloth, silver, white and black threads, black hairs, and organic matter. Inside the folds are words typed on silver foil pieces: "SONG OF PRAISE - PETAL ROSE AS I SING EARTH."
ca. 10 x 13.5 cm.
[No image available.]
148 Etlinger, Amelia
[Untitled work].
Gold, silver, and blue gift box inside of which is a glued construction of paper, plastic, frayed gold ribbon, dried flowers, rubber stamps, plastic bird figure, handwritten notes, all nestled inside dark pink tissue paper. A post card valentine addressed to Jean Brown is laid on top. Accompanying the box is a typed and hand-written letter from the artist to Jean Brown referring to her own 50th birthday and thanking Jean for a gift sweater received, n.d.
24.6 x 4.6 x 19 cm.
[No image available.]
148 Etlinger, Amelia
[Rose be as the sun].
Shallow cardboard box with cover decorated with glue, dark brown lace, cloth and wire flowers, weed stalks, paper, gold sparkles, and beads. Inside, laid in beige tissue paper, are a gift card, inscribed with the hand-written message: "the rose be as the sun," and a two-sided cardboard construction of glue, pink and mauve tinted netting, cloth and wire flowers, weed seeds, paper, organic matter, and a necklace of pearl beads, under and through which can be seen the same hand-written inscription.
ca. 18 x 2 x 20 cm.
[No image available.]
148 Etlinger, Amelia
[Untitled work].
Thin sheet of Styrofoam wrapped in loose-weave burlap and tied with burlap threads, and a piece of gold plastic tape.
ca. 12 x 37 cm.
[No image available.]
148 Etlinger, Amelia
[Untitled work].
A bundle of dark green netting containing layers of fabric, dried flowers, tissues with hand-written notes, buttons, threads, organic matter, beads, and other soft items, all stitched together along the edge with yellow cotton yarn. A vertical slit cut across the center of the bundle offers access to the layers of material inside.
ca. 10 x 2 x 10 cm.
[No image available.]
148 Etlinger, Amelia
[Untitled work].
Construction of cardboard, bundled and nested red, purple, and gray yarns, threads, organic matter, cloth flower, ribbons, and paper, all tied together forming a loose box.
ca. 18 x 12 x 18 cm.
[No image available.]
149 Etlinger, Amelia
[Flower, heaven, butterfly, rose, earth].
White cardboard gift box reconstructed with brown packing tape, containing white tissue padding. On this are a folded pink and green hand-tinted white cloth with frayed edges (ca. 64 x 54 cm.) and decorated with stitching, beads, a dried flower, lace, and colored threads, featuring the printed words "flower," "heaven," "butterfly," "rose," and "earth." Also decorated with a cardboard, paper, and string construction printed with hearts, butterflies, and flowers, featuring a note from the artist to "Jean Brown Archive."
38 x 3 x 24.6 (box)
[No image available.]
150 Etlinger, Amelia
Sky a blue rose.
Blue gift box from England's department store of Pittsfield, Massachusetts containing white tissue and a green nylon cord tied in knots, on which lies a "tapestry poem" entitled "Sky A Blue Rose." This consists of a yellowish white ribbed cloth with frayed edges (ca. 91 x 95 cm.) stitched with a pattern of blue, pink, and metallic pink threads, and blue and pink netting. It is topped with a blue and pink cloth flower attached at top center with a piece of card stock featuring the words "SKY A BLUE ROSE" typed on pieces of silver foil, wrapped in a mauve sheer cloth. Accompanying the piece is a folded sheet of paper (33 x 46 cm.) that describes and lays out the stitching plan for the cloth.
24 x 5 x 38 cm. (box)
[No image available.]
151 Etlinger, Amelia
My summer rose.
Department store gift box, decorated and painted with dark pink paint enclosing a construction titled "My summer rose 1985," made of a sheer flower-printed mauve cloth, threads, paper, and dried flower, wrapped around a wad of paper and organic matter, the whole of which is laid in a nest of crumpled white tissue balls. Accompanied by original mailer envelope decorated with gold paint and red stained netting.
37.5 x 2 x 23.5 cm. (box)
[No image available.]
Part 11 (Etlinger-Filliou)
288*-289 Etlinger, Amelia
[3 works in 2 boxes].
Images not available.
152 Ewald, J.
[Painted phonograph record]

[Painted phonograph record]

[Painted phonograph record].
no. 7/20
Long playing phonograph record (30 cm. diameter) painted over in white enamel, enclosed inside a cardboard jacket painted over in black enamel, with metallic and wire triangles attached to each side, signed by the artist.
31.5 x 31.5 cm.
154 Filliou, Robert
Ample food for stupid thought

Ample food for stupid thought

Ample food for stupid thought.
New York : Something Else Press, Inc., 1965
Wooden box with lid designed to slide out. Title of piece and artist's name printed on lid. Inside box are 93 postcards with banal questions printed on them, such as, "Why did you do that?" "Was it a dream you had, or a vision?" "What if Lenin hadn't lived?" "What do you laugh at?"
12.7 x 17.8 cm.
2 copies, one without wooden box
154 Filliou, Robert
Boite optimiste no. 2

Boite optimiste no. 2.
Remscheid, Germany : Vice-Versand, 1968
Wood and metal box with label on exterior lid. Label reads: "Boite optimiste no. 2 / Vive le mariage, à trois." Inside is a black and white photograph of a sex scene involving two men and one woman.
9 x 12 x 2.8 cm.
154 Filliou, Robert

New York : Fluxus, 1966
Box of transparent plastic with label on exterior lid. Printed on the label is a decorative wreath containing seven coats-of-arms surmounted by a crown, which forms a frame for the following words printed in script: "Fluxdust collected by Robert Filliou." Box contains dust (missing).
12 x 10 x 1 cm.
156-157 Filliou, Robert
[Frozen exhibition]

[Frozen exhibition]

[Frozen exhibition].
Remscheid, Germany : VICE-Verlag, Oct 1962-Oct 1972
Forty-five small graphics contained in a portfolio shaped like a two-dimensional bowler hat and placed inside a plastic bag and frozen for ten years, then defrosted and opened. Description of exhibition by artist on container verso.
27 x 30 cm.
2 copies
153 Filliou, Robert
Galerie Legitime

Galerie Legitime.
s.l. : s.n., ca. 1962-1963
An assemblage of seven small objects: 1 black beret, 2 orange boxes containing 2 Franch francs, 1 small round plastic box containing a crumpled sheet of paper on which is typewritten the history of the piece followed by the artist's signature, 1 white box "Hommage a Rimbaud," containing colored vowels, 1 white envelope with fake postage stamp, 1 white envelope with coupage made from leaves of a journal that have been stapled together and cut in the shape of a face.
each piece 26.5 cm. in diameter or smaller.
153 Filliou, Robert
Hand show

Hand show

Hand show.
Villingen: SABA-Studio, 1967
Wooden box with plexiglass cover containing 25 photographs of a hand.
29 x 29 cm.
153 Filliou, Robert
Je disais à Marianne

Je disais à Marianne.
Cologne, Germany : Herausgegeben von Karl Garstner und Daniel Spoerri, 1965
Edition Mat Mot no. 2; 66/250
Clamshell box of pasteboard covered in black plastic has slip of paper mounted on spine listing author, title and series. The box interior is divided into 6 compartments, each containing 16 cards. Each card is printed with a woodcut image in black on one side and a brief letterpress text in French, German and English on the other.
28 x 28 cm.
154 Filliou, Robert
Je meurs trop

Je meurs trop

Je meurs trop.
no. 15/50
Construction brick with two labels attached.
22 x 3 x 11 cm.
Part 12 (Filliou-Fine)
158 Filliou, Robert
[Joker playing card]

[Joker playing card].
Card stock cropped and printed as an ordinary playing card with, (on the recto) a red, black, and gold joker, and (on the verso) an ace of spades. Piece is numbered (37) and signed in blue ink on one corner. The card is contained in a plastic envelope (32.5 x 23.3 cm.) marked with these manuscript notes: "who wants to know what I am and what others take me for" and "From Robert Filliou (as I am and as people take me for)."
18 x 11.5 cm
159 Filliou, Robert
Leeds: a new card game

Leeds: a new card game.
Antibes, France : Arrocaria Editions, n.d.
Wooden box containing materials for playing Leeds: 1 "feel you" deck of 54 cards; 2 black felt eye masks; visor; green felt table cover; plastic rake; pair of armbands; copy of rules. Adhered to the interior lid is a photograph of Filliou and friends playing the game in Flayosc (Var, France) on Feb 21, 1976. The world premier took place at Leeds College of Art on Jun 26, 1969.
32.8 x 37 x 6.7 cm.
154 Filliou, Robert
A most curious invention of the gaga yogi

A most curious invention of the gaga yogi

A most curious invention of the gaga yogi.
Berlin, Germany : Edition Hundertmark; no. 3/100, 1970/1976
Wooden box with a clear plastic box glued to the exterior lid. The plastic box contains one nail. The wooden box contains a lot of nails. The title is written by hand on the label of the interior lid. Dated "1970/76" on the bottom of the box.
7.5 x 11.3 x 6.8 cm.
154 Filliou, Robert
Optimistic box no. 1

Optimistic box no. 1

Optimistic box no. 1.
Remscheid, Germany : Vice-Versand, 1968
Square wooden box with labels adhered to the exterior lid and interior lid. Exterior label reads: "Optimistic Box no. 1/ Thank god for modern weapons." Interior label reads: "We don't throw weapons at each other any more./ Robert Filliou." Inside the box is a stone.
11 x 11 x 11 cm.
missing stone
154 Filliou, Robert
Optimistic box no. 3

Optimistic box no. 3

Optimistic box no. 3.
Remscheid, Germany : Vice-Versand, 1968
Wooden chess board that folds into a box, ordinarily to contain chess pieces, but this box is empty. There are labels on exterior and interior lid. Exterior label reads: "Optimistic Box no. 3/ So much the better if you can't play chess." Interior label reads: "You won't imitate Marcel Duchamp./ Robert Filliou"
3 x 12 x 6 cm.
153 Filliou, Robert
Research on the origin

Research on the origin.
Düsseldorf, Germany: Städtische Kunsthalle, 1974
1 scroll with illustration and small booklet. In English, French and German.
30 x 7 cm.
154 Filliou, Robert
A world of false fingerprints

A world of false fingerprints.
no. 93/98
Wooden box without a lid, on the inside bottom of which there is a purple fingerprint and a rubber stamp illustration of a man. A pencil notation on the top and bottom edges titles the piece with the words: "a world of false fingerprints," and "Stravinsky's . . ." A plastic pill bottle with light green Styrofoam disks resembling pills is laid inside. (Note: poster, certificate and announcement housed in box 155 from "Stravinsky's" fingerprint in wooden box.)
16.5 x 4.5 x 16.4 cm.
See also Box 155.
155 Filliou, Robert
A world of false fingerprints: companion pieces

A world of false fingerprints: companion pieces

A world of false fingerprints: companion pieces.
Paper items accompanying piece no. 93/98 housed in box 154: Poster, certificate and announcement from "Stravinsky's" fingerprint in wooden box. The poster is a printed grid of lines forming 100 squares, each framing a fingerprint and the printed name of a famous person, arranged alphabetically. The certificate is a plain photocopied sheet of paper (29.5 x 21 cm.) with a brief explanation of the piece and several named fingerprints. The announcement is a small piece of card stock (14.7 x 10.4 cm.) giving the title, artist's name, date ("Januar + Februar 1975"), and gallery.
42.2 x 42.5 cm. (poster)
See also Box 154.
154 Filliou, Robert, Daniel Spoerri and Robert Topor
Monsters are inoffensive

Monsters are inoffensive.
New York : Fluxus, Division of Implosions, Inc., 1967
22 postcards housed in clear plastic box.
16 x 11 cm.
Partial set; Fluxus codex, p. 246; see also Series I Filliou file for many loose postcards.
154 Filliou, Robert and Emmett Williams
Au comptoir

Au comptoir.
White cotton and rayon table napkin embossed with a flower pattern, printed in black ink with a message explaining the circumstances surrounding the invention of the "SPAGHETTI SANDWICH" "prepared and certified by the co-inventors for the patrons of EAT ART," signed by the authors.
37.5 x 37.5 cm.
154 Fine, Albert M.
Piece for fluxorchestra

Piece for fluxorchestra

Piece for fluxorchestra.
Plastic box with a transparent lid and a black bottom. Exterior label on lid is a printed theater schematic. Piece's title and artist's name are embedded in the schematic. Inside the box are instructions for 24 performers.
12 x 10 x 1.3 cm.
Part 13 (Finlay-Foreman)
291* Finlay, Ian Hamilton
Au pair girl

Au pair girl

Au pair girl

Au pair girl

Au pair girl.
1 object and 3 prints.
164 Finlay, Ian Hamilton


see Solt, Concrete poetry (1970): p. 206.
Light brown cardboard box with a detachable lid printed with a dark brown design (depictions of the contents) and these words: "earthship, ian hamilton finlay, with hawthorn press, box designed by allistair cant." Inside there is a construction of stiff white paper pieces (ca. 10 cm. wide) printed with a series of words along the bottom edge and stapled together in inverted arcs to form a longer piece.
20.5 x 31 x 11 cm. (box)
160, 161-163 Finlay, Ian Hamilton
Homage à Malevich

Homage à Malevich

Homage à Malevich. Corsham, Wiltshire : Openings Press, 1968
Poem which consists of repetitions of the following phrase: "lackblockblackb." This is one of a series of projects based on the work of Ian Hamilton Finlay as interpreted by students of the Bath Academy of Art. This one was interpreted by Angela Wellard. Finlay's original version of this poem appeared in his Rapel, 10 fauve and suprematist poems.
(Note: 4 copies, one of which is a print on paper (29.8 x 29.7) and the others are prints on plexi.)
32 x 32 x 6 cm. or smaller.
164 Finlay, Ian Hamilton (?)
[Twelve text-tiles]

[Twelve text-tiles].
Set of twelve ceramic slabs cut into tiles, embossed with names of herbs and other vegetations of the garden, glazed in rough earth tones.
ca. 11 x 11 cm. (each)
165 Fischer, Hervé (ed.)
Art et communication marginale: tampons d'artistes

Art et communication marginale: tampons d'artistes

Art et communication marginale: tampons d'artistes.
Red cloth-covered box housing a set of two black cloth-covered boxes (40.5 x 7.5 x 30.2 each), each containing a large variety of prints, printed and annotated paper pieces by various artists.
Note: book in library with same title.
41.5 x 16.4 x 30.5 cm. (box)
167 Fluxus
Flux year box 2

Flux year box 2

Flux year box 2.
Wooden box with title printed in various fonts on lid. Inside wooden sections holding various printed items, paper and other objects, a plastic gadget for viewing several 8mm film loops, card sets, and a book of wooden matches with this message printed on the box: "use these matchs [sic] to destroy all art - museums art library's - ready - mades pop . . ." (etc.), among other things.
20.4 x 20.4 x 8.5 cm.
166 Fluxus


New York : Fluxus, 1965
Suitcase, labeled "Flux-kit" on the exterior lid. It contains an anthology of 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional Fluxus pieces by various Fluxus artists. Designed by George Maciunas in 1964, this work was reproduced many times by other Fluxus artists in the subsequent years.
30.3 x 44.5 x 12.5 cm.
167 Fluxus
Fluxus 1

Fluxus 1

Fluxus 1.
New York : s.n., 1962-1964
Wooden box, open on one end and stamped "From Dherbey, France", containing 1 volume of ca. 90 graphic works (19 x 21 cm.) by various Fluxus artists. Edited and assembled by George Maciunas, ca. 1962-1964.
Note: two copies that vary somewhat.
21.5 x 5.7 x 24.1 cm. (box)
167 Fluxus
Fluxus preview review

Fluxus preview review. 1963
Housed with 2 issues of Kalendar rolle.
Note: 3 copies, one of which is a fragment; the format of Nov. 1961 issue was Maciunas' model for Fluxus preview review; see Fluxus codex, pp. 102-103.
Long scrolled sheets printed on both sides with black and white photographs and text describing Fluxus works and activities, headed on the recto with the words: "Review preview." Two other scrolls accompany these, each an issue of the Kalendar rolle, which are similar pieces denoting other works of art, editions dated 1961, and 1962. Note: the format of the 1961 issue of Kalendar rolle was Maciunas' model for Fluxus preview review; see Fluxus codex, pp. 102-103.
ca. 11.5 x 4.5 cm. (casing)
166.5 x 10 cm. (preview review scroll)
167 Foreman, Richard
Dr. Selavy's magic theatre

Dr. Selavy's magic theatre.
A man's medium dark brown cotton t-shirt (made by B.V.D.) with a white printed design on the chest depicting an imaginary mechanical contraption, entitled "DR. SELAVY'S MAGIC THEATRE."
ca. 66 x 75 cm.
Part 14 (Frank-Friedman)
169 Frank, Peter and Jack Ox
Neo-Fluxus objet acheté

Neo-Fluxus objet acheté

Neo-Fluxus objet acheté.
Rectangular wooden box with a sliding lid to which a label has been attached featuring the message: "Instructions: Put foot in mouth/Anonymous, XX cent./coll: Jean Brown Archive (at least until instructions followed) / from Peter & Jack." Inside there is a chocolate candy bar wrapped in plastic and labeled "Kron Chocolatier, New York." The box is wrapped in a red plastic bag and tin foil.
6.3 x 3.3 x 33.2 cm.
167 Friedman, Ken
Cleanliness flux kit

Cleanliness flux kit

Cleanliness flux kit.
Clear plastic box with a sectioned interior the top of which has a printed label attached with the title of the piece over an illustration of a man in a box. Inside there are a selection of small brush heads, a used tube of toothpaste, a glob of toothpaste, and cotton ball.
12 x 2.7 x 9.2 cm.
167 Friedman, Ken
Cover, Protective, Individual

Cover, Protective, Individual.
Pre-packaged item sealed in a dark grayish olive green cloth cover, pre-printed in white ink with the words: "COVER, PROTECTIVE, INDIVIDUAL," stock and other numbers, and the date: 19, Sept., 1944. The back has the printed message: "NOTE: - This cover is to protect YOU against sprayed blister gasses. WHEN READY TO OPEN PULL HERE." An arrow points to a pull-tab that opens the package.
ca. 10.5 x 2 x 18.5 cm.
167 Friedman, Ken

Remscheid, Germany : Vice-Versand ca. 1969
Object wrapped in many layers of paper, gauze and string. On an accompanying sheet of paper is a description of how the piece should be unwrapped "a little at a time" and how the person performing this becomes "a sculptor and artist-of-the-home."
6.5 x 6.5 x 14 cm. + 1 sheet of paper
167 Friedman, Ken
Flux corsage

Flux corsage

Flux corsage.
Clear plastic box with a printed label attached to the lid depicting the title of the piece in decorative lettering over a 19th century type illustration: a man giving a woman a flower, a small table between them. Inside the box is a small handful of grass, or wheat-like seeds.
12 x 1 x 9.2 cm
168 Friedman, Ken


Berlin : Edition Hundertmark, 1972
Wooden box with title and publisher stencilled on exterior lid. Box contains printed ephemera and objects by Friedman and others, including a plastic tray, a drinking glass, a package of vitamin C tablets, a piece of plastic grass with text by Alison Knowles, a bag labeled "poem," and a binder with 46 graphic items.
32.2 x 45.2 x 9.7 cm.
167 Friedman, Ken

Common wooden ruler with a shipping label attached to it with string. The label is printed with the word "POEM" on one side and "KEN FRIEDMAN" on the other. That side is addressed to Jean Brown (Springfield, Massachusetts), and has an 8-cent Canadian stamp that has been cancelled, (postmark date illegible.)
ca. 2.7 x .5 x 30.5 cm.
169 Friedman, Ken

Wooden utensil spoon with a shipping label attached to it with string. The label is printed with the words "POEM" and "KEN FRIEDMAN" on one side. The other side is addressed to Jean Brown (Tyringham, Massachusetts), and has two 16-cent USA stamps that have been cancelled, postmark: Jun 5, 1973.
ca. 30 x 2.5 x 8.5 cm.
167 Friedman, Ken
Sculpture: Futurist wishbone

Sculpture: Futurist wishbone.
Reddish orange rubber strap, forming a v-shape of or like that used in "thong" rubber sandals, with a label attached to it with string. The label is printed with the words "SCULPTURE" and the written words "futurist wishbone KF72" on one side. The other side has the words "KEN FRIEDMAN" printed on it, and is addressed to Jean Brown (Tyringham, Massachusetts), and has two 8-cent USA stamps that have been cancelled (postmark date illegible.) (Note: unedited note found in record: "P. Frank has a sole.")
ca. 21 x 2 x 7 cm.
Part 15 (Friedman-Gappmayr)
169 Friedman, Ken
[Shirt in bag]

[Shirt in bag]

[Shirt in bag].
Man's white cotton short-sleeve shirt with annotations in red ink on the pocket: a heart with an arrow across it and "Promise KF 72," the back is marked with "Dear Jean, I'd give you the shirt off my back" over the artist's signature. The shirt is packed into a cotton bag (ca. 10 x 10 x 21 cm.) with a drawstring and a sewn-on label that is addressed to Jean Brown (Springfield, Massachusetts) and has two 10-cent Canadian stamps, cancelled, (postmark date illegible.)
ca. 68 x 81 cm.
169 Friedman, Ken
[White shirt with heart pocket]

[White shirt with heart pocket].
Man's white polyester and cotton long-sleeve shirt with the shape of a heart cut out of the breast pocket, the inside of which is tinted pink.
(Note: see Ubi Fluxus, p. 328.)
ca. 76 x 73 cm.
167 Friedman, Ken
[Wooden spoon]

[Wooden spoon].
Wood spatula-type spoon with a rubber stamp imprint of the artist's name: "KEN FRIEDMAN" on the handle, addressed to Jean Brown (Springfield, Massachusetts), with a 10-cent Canadian stamp that has been cancelled, (postmark date illegible.)
6.5 x 1 x 20.7 cm.
290* Furnival, Astrid
Dorothy's banners

Dorothy's banners

Dorothy's banners.
169 Furnival, Astrid
DUDS/ Wet & dry/ the flags

DUDS/ Wet & dry/ the flags

DUDS/ Wet & dry/ the flags

DUDS/ Wet & dry/ the flags.
Woodchester, Gloucestershire : DUDS, ca. 1978
Woodchester, Gloucestershire : DUDS Box with the words "DUDS/ "WET & DRY" / THE FLAGS" gold stamped on the exterior lid. The box has an interior lid of four hinged triangular sections, each gold stamped with a letter (N, S, E, or W). Inside are 4 banners (31 x 39 cm. each) of light silk with hand-rolled edges and snaps at the top edges for hanging. Each is screen printed with a word (NORTHER, SOUTHER, EASTER, WESTER). Included are 4 color photographs of the banners.
11 x 14 x 4 cm. (box)
170 Furnival, John
Dorothy's umbrella's dining society for failed artists (D.U.D.S.): Strange menus in strange venues

Dorothy's umbrella's dining society for failed artists (D.U.D.S.): Strange menus in strange venues.
White ceramic plate printed over in the center with a bird's-eye-view image of an umbrella, in green, blue and yellow, featuring repetitions of the purple letters "D-U-D-S," and along the perimeter printed in purple with the message: "DOROTHY'S UNBRELLA'S DINING SOCIETY for failed artists (D.U.D.S) 'Strange Menus in Strange Venues.'" (Note: see also Dorothy's Umbrellas material in Furnival, Series I)
27 cm. (diameter)
309** Furnival, John
Road sign

Road sign

Road sign.
310**-311 Furnival, John
Vowel screen

Vowel screen.
Housed in 2 separate boxes
172 Galerie im Centre
3 Almanach der Galerie im Centre

3 Almanach der Galerie im Centre

3 Almanach der Galerie im Centre

3 Almanach der Galerie im Centre.
Cardboard box stamped with the title of the piece in red ink. Inside there is a Styrofoam encasement holding what is in essence an exhibition, comprised of 40 prints (all but two measuring 30 x 30 cm.) by the artists that follow:
Anderle, Bayrle, Beuermann, Buchleiter, Budewell, Cassel, Dick, Eirich, Emrich, Garcia, Glasmacher, Groh, Günther, Habben, Hinsch, Huber-Wilkoff, Jäger, Koehler, Lindemann, Löbach, Mätzig, Müller, Nöfer, Ognibeni, Remé, Reus, Rokahr, Schlamp, Singer, Sotrop, Staeck, Tafelmaier, Tuma, Ulrichs, Ullrich, Voth, Walker, Weise, Wierspecker, and Wölbing.
These are accompanied by a standard modern gallery print frame (31 x 31 cm.), and objects by Badura, Dressler, Fongi (item is broken), and Richter. There is also a bound book with text, manuscripts, images, and other printed items by Bächler, Bisinger, Böhmer, Chotjewitz, Derschau, Fichte, Herburger, Jelinek, Kofler, Krichbaum, Krüger, Lenz, Lettau, Rühm, Schmidt, Schmitz, Schnell, Schuldt, Schultz, and Vesper, an audiotape by Schuldt, and a super 8 film by Crozier and Kurth.
The box also contains an incomplete catalog describing the exhibit, along with a catalog price sheet containing a short description of the piece, and two blank postcards pre-printed with the name and address of Versand Bremer, Ostlandstr. One item described in the catalog, a long-playing album entitled "dances" by Gunter Hampel, is lacking.
(Note: A tape recording by Arrigo Lora-Totino was found in the box, but was deemed to be unrelated to the item and is now described separately.)
38 x 61 x 10 cm.
170 Gappmayr, Heinz

Wood block with a layer of white paper glued to it on the recto and verso, and painted white on the sides. The recto is printed in the center with a small rectangular horizontal bar followed by an exclamation point (thus "-!"), signed and dated on the verso, with hardware for hanging attached.
15.7 x .9 x 15.5 cm.
Part 16 (Gerlovin-Gerstner)
170 Gerlovina, Rimma and Gerlovin, Valeriy
Dear Jean! We kiss you

Dear Jean! We kiss you.
Oval baked bread item (whole wheat American "English muffin") with two bites taken from it. The top is marked in red letters: "Dear Jean! WE KISS YOU Valery Rimma."
ca. 6.5 x 2.2 x 8 cm.
170 Gerlovina, Rimma and Gerlovin, Valeriy
A horse in the shape of a worm

A horse in the shape of a worm.
Sewn black fabric sleeve with loops at each end, embroidered in light green thread with the title of the piece: "A horse in the shape of a worm" (along with the Russian translation of same). Inside the sleeve are scattered several hidden objects, which may or may not be determined by touch (small bottles? pen top? coins? a key?) Sewn at intervals along the top edge are 21 looped pieces of white silk ribbon (ca. 3 cm. wide) each printed in block letters with the words (English and Russian): "NAVEL, THOUGHT, SKIN, LUNG, FAT, NOSTRIL, EXCRETION, NOSTALGIA, INTESTINE, GLANDS, KNEE, BACK, GASTRIC JUICE, THROAT, SEXUAL ORGAN, EARS, PALPITATION, PELVIS, TOE, RIBS, MOUTH."
ca. 4 x 190 cm. (body)
170 Gerlovina, Rimma
Imagin [sic] this red sphere in a white cube

Imagin [sic] this red sphere in a white cube

Imagin [sic] this red sphere in a white cube.
Cardboard cube (apparently hollow), covered in red fabric. On two opposing sides are centered pieces of paper attached with hand-written messages: "Imagin [sic] this red sphere in a white cube. Have you? Now turn it over," and "Imagin this white cube in a red sphere. Have you? Now turn it over."
8 x 8 x 8 cm.
170 Gerlovina, Rimma
Inside me is a sphere

Inside me is a sphere

Inside me is a sphere.
Cardboard cube covered in a flower print fabric (of dark blue background, and a pattern of red, pink, and green flowers and leaves) with a hinged lid, and inside lined with glossy bright yellowish green paper. On the lid is an attached green paper label with the typewritten title: "Inside me is a sphere." The box contains a yellow cube (wood covered with paper, 3 x 3 x 3 cm.) on one face of which is a typewritten message: "He is a sphere - I'm a cube!"
8 x 8.5 x 8 cm.
170 Gerlovina, Rimma


Cardboard cube covered in a flower print fabric (of black background, and a pattern of white and yellow flowers) with a hinged lid, and inside lined with glossy yellow paper. On the lid is an attached white paper label with the typewritten title: "NaCl" The box contains two yellow cubes (wood covered with paper, 3 x 3 x 3 cm. each) on one face of each of which is a typewritten label: "NaOH" and "HCl," respectively.
8.5 x 8.5 x 8 cm.
170 Gerlovina, Rimma and Gerlovin, Valeriy
Post-ПОЧТА (pochta/mail): Jean Brown issue 82

Post-ПОЧТА (pochta/mail): Jean Brown issue 82, 1982
Plastic postage stamp roll dispenser inside of which there is a long strip of printed paper with repeating images (2.2 x 3.2 cm. each), emulating postage stamps, titled with words along its frame: "THE GERLOVINS, JEAN BROWN ISSUE 82, POST - IIOYTA, 6K 6K." The small image is that of a figure seated inside a room full of wooden drawers, possibly a woman, wearing a white smock and around the face and head a round rack-like framework similar to Marcel Duchamp's Le mug racque, n.d. (q.v.)
4 x 4 x 3 cm.
170 Gerlovina, Rimma
Someone has climbed into me!

Someone has climbed into me!

Someone has climbed into me!
Cardboard cube covered in a flower print fabric (of dark blue background, and a pattern of white clovers) with a hinged lid, and inside lined with red paper. On the lid is an attached white paper label with the typewritten title: "Someone has climbed into me!" The box contains one white cube (wood covered with paper, 3 x 3 x 3 cm.) on one face of which is a typewritten label: "You just think that!"
8.5 x 8 x 8 cm.
170 Gerlovin, Valeriy

Wood, cardboard, and glass display case framed in black paper containing a sculptural piece made of steel screws and hardware. Below it there is a white label printed with the title of the work: "Spermatozoid." The back of the case is signed and dated, and has hardware for hanging attached.
15.3 x 2.4 x 19 cm. (case)
170 Gerlovin, Valeriy
Bread insect

Bread insect.
Box of "OHIO BLUE TIP" safety matches with a hand-made label attached to the cover marker featuring a design and these words in black ink : "1982 Valery M. BREAD INSECT Gerlovin 1982." Inside, glued onto a swath of white paint is a spider-like insect made of a dough material.
6.5 x 3.8 x 12.1 cm.
292* Gerstner, Karl
Collection 64

Collection 64.
Edition Mat, no. 73/100; see also Arp, Man Ray, Soto and Talman
Part 17 (Gerstner-Gosewitz)
293* Gerstner, Karl
Figured lens for MAT

Figured lens for MAT.
no. 72/120
171 Gerstner, Karl
Reserviert für:

Reserviert für:
Remscheid, Germany : Vice-Versand, ca. 1969
Four pieces of white masonite connected together by hooks. The largest piece is square with a hook screwed in at top-center. The three other pieces (square, square tilted 90 degrees, and round) hook successively onto one another from the main square. The word "res.:" is printed at the top and a dotted line is printed near the bottom of each piece.
18 x 18 cm.
174 Gerz, Jochen
Space (from theory of mobile texts)

Space (from theory of mobile texts)

Space (from theory of mobile texts).
Board printed in black and white on both sides featuring a glossy image of the word "SPACE" over a large, amorphous blotch shape. There is a rivet through the top, center, as well as the artist's signature and the title of the piece in ink.
31.2 x 29.3 x .3 cm.
171 Giersbach, Marilyn
WC4 box '83 [10,000]

WC4 box '83 [10,000].
Glossy red cardboard box with shipping labels attached, from the artist (Brooklyn, NY) to Jean Brown (Tyringham, MA) and reinforced with shipping tape, filled with items, chiefly of paper (most approximating 11 x 15 cm.) in a variety of media, stamped or marked "WC4," and numbered on the verso. Most pieces are also signed and/or addressed on the verso by their respective, individual artists. A moderate yellow printed sheet (25.4 x 21.5 cm.) within explains: "100 artists made 100 originals each, 10,000 total, during February and March, 1983, mailed in boxes to 100 target/caretakers in an (unsolicited) mail concept exhibition. You have no obligations whatsoever."
13.2 x 7 x 18.2 cm. (box)
171 Giersbach, William

Black pencil shape (used pencil painted black) attached to a paper strip cut out in the shape of and painted to resemble a red pencil; creating this reversal: the pencil is a shadow/the shadow is an image of a pencil. Signed and dated by the artist on the verso.
1.5 x 12.5 cm.
173 Giersbach, William
Mirror enclosed in a hand-painted metal frame containing two typescripts of mythological/philosophical quotations about reflections, laid out inside the face of the glass surface. On the verso the artist signed, dated (1975), and dedicated the work to Jean Brown, and also provides citations for the sources of the quotes.
23 x 33.4 x .8 cm.
[No image available.
173 Giersbach, William (?)
[Painted book]

[Painted book].
Hardback book opened down the middle and painted over in latex: yellow on the body and red on the cover boards and spine. The faint black outline of a hand is visible on the left page. The front board contains this title: POETICS OF SPACE / GASTON BACHELARD.
21.5 x 34 x 3.5 cm.
171 Gormley, Tom
Red file cabinet

Red file cabinet.
Thin cardboard box professionally printed with the image of a three-tiered red office file cabinet on one face, inside of which is an attached socket for a small light bulb, with an attendant white electrical wire and plug.
10 x 4.5 x 7.6 cm.
173 Gosewitz, Ludwig
Erinnerungen: Objekte 1968-1969 vierter und letzter teil (Afrikanischer Karton)

Erinnerungen: Objekte 1968-1969 vierter und letzter teil (Afrikanischer Karton)

Erinnerungen: Objekte 1968-1969 vierter und letzter teil (Afrikanischer Karton).
Berlin : Edition Hundertmark, 1974
Hundertmark, no. 004 of 25
Box with title and name of publisher printed on exterior lid. Inside are 16 objects, including paper, glass, wood, metal, foam and plastic. Includes screenprinted sheet with colophon and contents.
32 x 32 cm
173 Gosewitz, Ludwig

Berlin : Edition Hundertmark, 1972
Hundertmark, no. 6/50
Transparent plastic box containing 30 slides in plastic mounts. Small label affixed to each slide with slide number printed on it. Includes folded sheet of paper printed with name of photographer, title, imprint and subject of each slide.
6 x 6 x 17 cm.
Part 18 (Grimes-Harding)
171 Grimes, B. Greg, Sharits, Paul, and Thompson, Dave
Flux paper games: rolls and folds

Flux paper games: rolls and folds

Flux paper games: rolls and folds.
Clear and blue plastic box, with a printed label attached to the lid featuring two costumed figures stretching out a banner with the title of the piece: "flux Paper Games: Rolls And Folds by B. Grimes Greg & paul sharits & dave thompson." [sic] Inside are several pieces of printed paper or plastic rolls, and card stock attributed to the artists, all dated 1966, titled "UNROLLING SCREEN PIECE," "UN ROLL," "BAG TRICK," "SOUND FOLD," "PULL/GLUE," and "PULL FOLD," along with seven yellow, red, and blue common glass marbles.
13 x 18 x 5 cm.
171 Groh, Klaus
Contructed wood face

Contructed wood face

Contructed wood face.
Construction of wood, plastic, glue, red paint, rubber stamps, and ink, formed to resemble an abstract face, containing a yellow button (for an eye) with the word "try" written on it. The verso has an embedded metal loop for hanging and is signed by the artist in pencil.
12.5 x 9 x 1.8 cm.
171 Groh, Klaus
Mail-art nude

Mail-art nude

Mail-art nude.
Brown plastic frame encasing a miniature black and white photographic image of a seated nude woman adorned with a wreath of flowers around her chest, signed on the recto by the artist. The verso is titled "MAIL-ART NUDE K. Groh" over a backing printed in German and a small stamp of a flower with the words: "Einfach Schutzfolie abziehen!"
8.9 x 6.5 x .4 cm.
173 Groh, Klaus
Objects in the shape of a face.
Assemblage of particleboard, pencils, bottle caps, kitchen strainer, wire, paint, and rubber stamps of two birds in flight and the word "TRY," signed by the artist on the recto and verso. (Note: the particleboard is slightly cracked and bent.)
ca. 28 x 18.5 x 2 cm.
[No image available.]
171 Groh, Klaus
[Rubber stamped woodblock]

[Rubber stamped woodblock]

[Rubber stamped woodblock].
Wood block with purple rubber stamp impressions on the recto: "Büchersendung," "TRY," "WHOEVER IS CREATIVE, LIVES, © KLAUS GROH," and a cartoon character, signed in pencil by the artist. The verso is inscribed in black ink: "Special edition for Jean Brown Loves [sic] yours Klaus."
12 x 9.2 x 1.6 cm.
171 Groh, Klaus
[Rubber stamped woodblock]

[Rubber stamped woodblock]

[Rubber stamped woodblock].
Wood scrap with purple rubber stamp impressions on the recto: "Büchersendung," "o.k.," "WHOEVER IS CREATIVE, LIVES, © KLAUS GROH," "TRY," signed in red ink by the artist. The verso is inscribed in red ink: "For Dick yours Klaus" and has the artist's address label attached to it.
15 x 9.5 x 1.2 cm.
171 Groh, Klaus
Try to try

Try to try.
Common metal and glass picture frame encasing a piece of black cardboard attached to which is a cut and pasted illustration of a figure driving a manually driven three-wheeled vehicle. Under this there is a green plastic strip embossed with the message: "TRY TO TRY." Signed in white grease pen by the artist on the recto. The verso has the artist's address label attached to it.
9 x 6.5 x 1.2 cm.
173 Gut, Elisabetta
The book of the ear (of corn)

The book of the ear (of corn)

The book of the ear (of corn).
s.l. : s.n., 1980
Box with exterior label printed with the following message: "Warning! If you want to open the box, pull where is the white O. But do not take off many times the book-object and handle it with care because the work is liable to deteriorate." Inside is the book object, consisting of three leaves of cream-colored heavy paperstock, each folded in half. One of the sheets surrounds the other two like a jacket. Each leaf has two adjacent rectangular cutouts measuring 11.5 x 5.2 cm. with one centimeter of paper between them. Pieces of grain are attached at various points on the book, creating cross-hatched patterns. The title is written in pencil on the verso of the last leaf.
leaves 21.5 x 21.7 x 1.5 cm., in box 22.8 x 23.5 x 3.8 cm.
171 Kunst, H. E.
Prolegomena zu jede ferner Kunstgeschichte

Prolegomena zu jede ferner Kunstgeschichte.
Miniature brown cardboard portfolio with a magazine photograph (a man counting bullet holes on a white target wall) pasted on its face, and a streak of red paint across the overlapping flap. The top of the lid is printed with block letters: "KUNST EH." Inside there is a book made of the fragments of heavily cropped signatures of a richly illustrated book (entitled "Art Through the Ages," by Helen Gardner) bound with two brass brads. A cover sheet is laid over the original title page with the hand-written title: "Prolegomenon to any further History of Art," crossed out with red ink and replaced with the German translation; the title of the piece.
ca. 11.5 x 16 x 3 cm.
171 Harding, Mary

Five small white cardboard boxes, nested one inside the other, in descending sizes (down to 4.1 x 4.1 x 2.8 cm.) Each contains at its base a black and white close-up photograph of the face of a clock set to approximately 11:00 o'clock, with the exception of the smallest photograph, which is a long shot of a clock tower, possibly the same clock as the close-up pictured on the bottom of the first and largest box. The bottom of the outside box is stamped "MARY HARDING PHOTO" and dated "M.H. '73."
8 x 8 x 3 cm. (outside box)
Part 19 (Hatch-Hendricks)
171 Hatch, Luca (age 8)
[Present to his grandfather].
Orange marmalade jar without lid, stuffed inside an annotated brown paper bag.
12 cm. (tall)
[No image available.]
175 Held, John
Card catalog

Card catalog

Card catalog.
Light wood standard, four drawer library catalog card cabinet filled with cards, each printed with rubber stamp messages, images, and letters. A buff cardboard label is attached to the top right hand side printed with these words: "79. JOHN HELD, JR. Utica, CARD CATALOG, mixed media, The artist invites you to look through the cards."
44 x 35 x 32.5 cm.
see also Series I
176 Held, John
Total art matchbook

Total art matchbook

Total art matchbook

Total art matchbook

Total art matchbook.
Buff yellow cardboard box containing a set of 12 white matchbooks, lined up in a slotted holder. Each match is individually decorated with a small swatch of (colored or printed) paper glued onto the back, and printed with a variety of rubber stamped texts and images throughout. (Two variant copies in holdings.)
21 x 8.2 x 6.3 cm.
177 Held, John
Total art matchbook

Total art matchbook.
White, paper wrapped cardboard box containing 47 ordinary store-bought matchbooks each individually decorated with a small swatch of (colored or printed) paper glued onto the back and printed with a variety of rubber stamped texts and images throughout. Items were possibly in preparation or not used in the production of other objects by the artist.
9.5 x 17 x 4 cm. (box)
178 Hendricks, Bici
Egg/time event

Egg/time event.
Plaster cube with red ink rubber stamp markings on the top: "EGG/TIME EVENT, ONE HEN EGG, DO NOT OPEN, FOR 100 YEARS, FEB 22 1967."
ca. 9.3 x 9.8 x 9.5 cm.
312** Hendricks, Bici
Friday book of white noise

Friday book of white noise.
178 Hendricks, Geoffrey
All American safety matches

All American safety matches.
Box of used (burned) wooden matches with a printed orange and beige label featuring a football player and the words "All American Safety Matches" manufactured by the Universal Match Corp. St Louis, Mo. This has been overlaid in white letters with the words "FLUX" and "Geoff Hendricks, 1973." The box is held in a plastic box.
3.8 x 5.8 x 1.8 cm.
294* Hendricks, Geoffrey
Flux divorce box

Flux divorce box

Flux divorce box.
178 Hendricks, Geoffrey
Flux reliquary

Flux reliquary

Flux reliquary.
Plastic box with a label affixed to the top featuring a black and white photographic image of a crown-jewel-like object on which is overlaid the title of the piece and artist's name. Inside, the box is subdivided and labeled according to the contents of each section. These are a series of quasi-religious, numbered "Flux relics," such as: "Sweat of Lucifer from the heat of Hell," which labels a small bottle containing an amber liquid; and "Fragment of rope by which Judas Iscariot hung himself," which labels a coiled piece of telephone wire, etc.
11.8 x 9.2 x 2.6 cm.
179 Hendricks, Geoffrey
Picnic garbage placemat

Picnic garbage placemat.
White oilcloth printed with a black and white photographic image of a paper plate, banana peels and assorted garbage thrown on a patch of grass.
35.5 x 42.5 cm.
Part 20 (Hendricks-Hutchins)
178 Hendricks, Geoffrey and Brian Buczak
The wisdom of the money for food lady

The wisdom of the money for food lady

The wisdom of the money for food lady.
s.l. : Money for Food Press, 1978
Cardboard box with title of piece printed on label on exterior lid. Inside is bent metal umbrella handle with tag tied to it. Tag reads: "Brian Geoff Hendricks picture collection ; 18 / This object found on March 2, 1978."
handle 24 cm., in box 25.3 x 25.3 cm.
178 Henry, Maurice
Le petit incendiaire

Le petit incendiaire.
Cologne, Germany : Herausgegeben von Karl Gerstner und Daniel Spoerri, 1965
Edition Mat Mot; 57/100
Clamshell pasteboard box covered in black plastic, with author, title and series printed on slip of paper attached to spine. The box interior is lined with red felt. It contains a bit of crumpled newspaper, straw, sticks, an ampule containing a clear fluid (gasoline?) together with a file to open it, a book of matches, a box of matches, a lighter. Title of piece printed on card.
28 x 28 cm.
295* Herzfeld, Anatol

296* Hewett, Cpt. William
Map of the North Sea (reprint?)
Showing locations of lighthouses, published 1842-1865.
[No explanation or artwork seems associated with this item. No image available.]
178 Hill, Ed and Suzanne Hill
Manual invitation

Manual invitation.
Wood piece with a hole cut out of the center, annotated in blue ink with red and blue rubber stampings, elaborating, in essence, an invitation to Jean Brown to come to lunch or dinner at any of several dates/times offered, an emphasis being placed on the word "MANUAL". In the center hole is a small plastic box inside of which there is a nondescript brownish substance. The whole of the piece is enclosed in a white cardboard mailer stamped with the word "MANUAL."
20.2 x 23.3 x 1.4 cm.
178 D S H (Dom Sylvester Houédard)
Spring: for Ian and Sue

Spring: for Ian and Sue.
Wood box with detached lid, all covered with brown mailing tape. The opening is covered with a plastic sheet. Inside the bottom of the box is lined with a white card which has six coiled pieces cut out and pulled up to create crude springs, each of these holds one of the typed letters comprising the word "spring." On one side is a typed message, printed in stacked, vertical fashion, as in concrete poetry: "for ian & sue dsh 251266."
21.2 x 12 x 3.5 cm.
181 Howeg, Thomas (ed.)
[Collection of works]

[Collection of works]

[Collection of works],
Gray cardboard box with Hungarian postage and customs stamps, labels addressed to Jean Brown (Tyringham) and from "Edition Galerie Howeg," additionally one printed label in red with the words: "Büchersendung Nicht werfen!" There is also a label attached to the inside lid with a typed message reading: "DANKE FUER THRE TREUE UND IHR INTERESSE AN DER EDITION HOWEG IM JAHRE 1972," signed by the editor. The box contains nine prints, and other pieces, (including a yellow plastic object resembling a coat hanger) printed by several artists including Uell Berger, Charly Wüllner, and Eric Andersen.
19 x 19 x 2.5 cm.
297* Huisman, Hetty
Between foreword and the end

Between foreword and the end

Between foreword and the end.
181 Edition Hundertmark

Pre-printed food product box (Hol-grain salted whole wheat wafer-ets, product of Golden Grain of Seattle, Washington) containing 36 copies of a rolled strip of paper (8 x 67 cm.) printed in black and white with photographs, illustrations and descriptions of works by Beuys, Brus, Filliou, Friedman, Gosewitz, Knizak, Rhm, Muehl, Nitsch, Schmit, and Vautier.
8.4 x 22 x 5.7 cm.
178 Hutchins, Alice
Jewelry fluxkit

Jewelry fluxkit

Jewelry fluxkit

Jewelry fluxkit

New York : Fluxus
Plastic box with title of work and artist's name on label affixed to exterior lid. Inside are springs, bells, 1 ferrite magnet.
6.5 x 6.5 x 5 cm.
2 copies.
Part 21 (Interdada-Kaprow)
180 Interdada Group San Francisco
Interdada kit 84

Interdada kit 84

Interdada kit 84.
Cardboard box painted with black, white, orange, pink, and other enamels, decorated with stamps, and labeled: "INTER DADA 84 KIT" fashioned with a nylon rope handle into a briefcase-like carrier with a nylon strip latch. Inside is a collection of clippings, printed pieces, posters, a t-shirt, and other assorted items from the INTER-DADA '84 festival of San Francisco.
With poster.
32 x 47 x 8 cm.
181 Johnson, Ray
[Bicycle handle grip]

[Bicycle handle grip].
Black bicycle handle grip, the inside of which is filled with sawdust-like dust and fragments, embedded along its outside ridges with scale-like fungi. A mailer manila envelope addressed "FOR CAROL BERGE CHELSEA HOTEL" accompanies the handle, as well as a hand-written note in red crayon that reads: "Carol, naturally, this object has a story. Ray." The back of the note is a photocopy of a line drawing of a man with annotations of the dimensions of his body, possibly scrap paper.
ca. 11.5 x 2.8 cm.
181 Jones, Andrew
Deck of cards

Deck of cards.
Boxed set of playing cards, each designed by 54 British artists, accompanied by the catalog description. It states in part: "In 1976, Christian Neffe of the JPL Gallery in London commissioned fifty-four leading British artists each to produce a picture representing a different card from a conventional pack of playing-cards, choosing as far as possible a card appropriate to the style of the individual painter concerned . . . The resulting exhibition, which became known as The Deck of Cards, was enthusiastically received . . . On seeing the show, a London collector, Andrew Jones, bought the entire collection and, with the consent of the contributing artists, produced from it a pack of playing cards for sale through gallery shops and elsewhere." (Two copies, one set in the original wrapping.)
The artists represented are: Adrian Heath (1920- ), Suzi Malin (1951- ), John Hoyland (1934- ), Kim Lim (1936- ), Bernard Cohen (1933- ), Tom Phillips (1937- ), Alan Davie (1920- ), Derek Hirst (1930- ), John Furnival (1933- ), Paul Huxley (1938- ), Peter Kinley (1926- ), Philip Sutton (1928- ), David Hockney (1937- ), Jack Smith (1928- ), William Turnbull (1922- ), Joe Tilson (1928- ), Howard Hodgkin (1932- ), Bert Kitchen (1940- ), Patrick Heron (1920- ), John Spence (1944- ), Harry Thubron (1915- ), Knighton Hosking (1944- ), Maggi Hambling (1945- ), Patrick Hughes (1939- ), Allen Jones (1937- ), Cecil Collins (1908- ), Paul Feiler (1918- ), Prunella Clough (1919- ), John Plumb (1927- ), Ian Stephenson (1934- ), Marc Vaux (1932- ), Robyn Denny (1930- ), Bill Jacklin (1943- ), Stephen Buckley (1944- ), Richard Smith (1931- ), Antony Frost (1951- ), Peter Schmidt (1931- ), David Inshaw (1943- ), Patrick Caulfield (1936- ), Keith Milow (1945- ), Julian Cooper (1947- ), Tess Jaray (1937- ), Anthony Benjamin (1931- ), Conroy Maddox (1912- ), Boyd (1944- )/Evans (1945- ), Rita Donagh (1939- ), Sandra Blow (1925- ), Terry Frost (1915- ), Ian Breakwell (1943- ), Joseph Herman (1911- ), Evan Charlton (1904- ), Patrick Procktor (1936- ), Antony Donaldson (1939- ), Anthony Green (1939- ), Kenneth Martin (1905), and Tim Whitmore (1944- ).
9 x 7.3 x 2.5 cm. (boxed set)
182 Jones, Joe
Flux food for GM

Flux food for GM.
no. 13/15
Wooden board fixed with two eyehooks and string for hanging, printed in black ink with the words: "FlUx FOOD FOR GM" and signed by the artist. A small music box mechanism is screwed to the upper right hand corner. The whole of this framing serves to support a sheet of clear and metallic gold plastic (18 x 31 cm.) that is pre-shaped to hold an assortment of chewable, colorfully wrapped candies and gum, chiefly of German manufacture.
(Note: some oil-like bleeding to the wrappers has occurred in two items (LustigeTiere and El Gaucho) and cracking is observed in the two unwrapped pink wads: one to the right of LustigeTierre, and the other one the last of the small, unwrapped red balls, at the bottom of the "seven" shaped row. Recommended it be moved to cold storage, October 2001.)
24.3 x 40.5 x 3 cm.
185 Jones, Joe
Flux music box

Flux music box

Flux music box
White plastic box, with a hinged lid to which is attached a printed label featuring several combined gear mechanisms and the loose letters "f l u x m u s i c b o x b y j o e j o n e s," from which two metal winds protrude which are attached to music box mechanisms inside. The mechanisms are altered (that is, some keys are broken off) so as to produce random, disjointed music, especially so when both are played simultaneously.
9.2 x 11.8 x 2.6 (box proper)
183 Jones, Joe
Music machine xylophone

Music machine xylophone.
Berlin : Edition Hundertmark, 1976
Hundertmark, no. 2/20
Stored in a pasteboard box, print of 13 Hohner-Lyrica metal tubes set in a wooden frame, over which a battery-operated cork beater swings from a hanging ring in variable arcs.
44 x 32 x 8 cm.
181 Jones, Joe
Solar music case

Solar music case

Solar music case.
no. 9/10
Wooden box with hinged lid, a wooden handle and a metal clasp. A small plastic and metal object (a solar cell?) is held to the outside of the lid by metal clasps. Wires from this mechanism lead inside through the lid, first to connectors and thence to a small electric motor that hangs from the lid. From this a metal crank emanates to which a ping-pong ball is attached. Also hanging from inside the lid are two small, primitive-looking cowbells. The lid is held open by propping a small wood rod. And a small hand-held drum sits on the bottom of the box. Accompanying the work is a white card with hand-written pen and ink instructions and black and white photographs of the piece. Both box and card are signed in pencil by the artist.
23.5 x 30.5 x 6.2 cm.
185 Jones, Joe
Two worms chasing each other (a flux music box)

Two worms chasing each other (a flux music box)
1969 assembled 1976
Black and clear plastic box encasing a black metal mechanism featuring a circular path along which two objects move, a bell, and a wind (perhaps a modified miniature toy train set.) Enclosed is a small blue card printed with the title of the piece and author's name.
14 x 15 x 5.2 cm.
187 Kagel, Maurizio


ca. 1969
White pressboard pegboard with inserted hardware hooks arranged with stretched rubber bands into four geometric shapes.
30 x 20 cm.
298* Kaprow, Allan

Something Else Press, no. 1/25, 1967
Quarter inch plywood board partially stained with green and red ink over which is printed this message in black ink: "Calling, a Happening by Allan Kaprow performed in and out of New York in the summer of 1965, is one of the landmarks of the form, and its scenario typifies the poetic ritual style he has developed. This present graphic representation, however, began as an improvisation, when Kaprow, playing with a set of rubber stamp letters, stamped out each word of the scenario on a separate index card. I continued the game by assembling the cards on the copyboard of a graphic arts camera and shooting them and by adding an element of color play. The resulting object is not, however, a final one in any sense. While the original scenario may be read by starting from bottom to top, right hand column to left hand, on the sliver, blue, red, yellow and, finally, brown sheets, there are other stories which the reader is invited to tell, other games for him to play. - Dick Higgins, New York City, September 26, 1967. - 25 signed and numbered copies have been produced of which this is number 1." Over this are a sheet of white Plexiglas (50.5 x 59.5 x .5 cm.) and five sheets of clear plastic (51 x 59.5 cm. each). The clear sheets are printed over with words arranged in loose grid columns and rows, each in different colored inks (red, turquoise, silver, yellow, brownish red), which, when read in different directions group into loose "narratives," and which are complicated further by overlaying the sheets.
50.8 x 61 x .5 cm. (board)
Part 22 (Khouri-Knizak)
184 Khouri, Omar and Miranda, Paulo