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Jasia Reichardt archive of concrete and sound poetry, 1958-1975

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Reichardt (Jasia) Archive of Concrete and Sound Poetry

Container List

box folder
1 1 Azeredo, Ronaldo
Typographic setting of a concrete poem, unsigned and undated, poet's name typed on sheet, 23.5 x 33 cm.
1 2 Carmi, Eugenio, 1967-1968
Exhibition announcement "Pitture multiple," 1968, 6 pages with 10 color reproductions of letter-images from 1967.
1 3 Chopin, Henri, 1977
"Amour toujours voui?", 1977, screenprint with typewritten inscription, 33 x 20.5, and handwritten inscription: "Homage to Jasia. love H. Chopin 1977."
1 4 Cobbing, Bob, 1970
handmade greeting card, ca. 1970, typed and handprinted in folded card, 22 x 19.5 cm., inscribed by hand inside: "spontaneous / appealin' air / contemplate / apollinaire / Xmas & N Year wishes / Bob & Jennifer."
1 5 Cox, Kenneth, undated
2 Christmas cards, "Winter solstice," n.d., height 25 cm., inscribed on verso: "best wishes Ken," and "Saturnalia," n.d., folded size 7.5 x 7.5 cm., inscribed with message of apology and greetings to Jasia and Tony Reichardt.
1 6 Filliou, Robert, 1962
14 page typescript "Lille Kirkestrade no. 1," ca. 1962, with many annotations and a handwritten note to JR on first page (25.8.68). The work was performed by Dick Higgins and Filliou at ICA, 1962.
1 7 Furnival, John, 1962-1970
pen and ink palindromic poem "Sator-Rotas," n.d. (1964), signed on the verso, 20 x 21.5 cm.; 2 page letter from dated May 13th, 1964, concerning his work, especially the "Tower of Babel" piece, and his feelings about Pop art; pen and ink drawing "Idee fixe" with a print on the verso, dated 1962; collage on luggage label titled "Ma" for Houédard, ca. 1963, 6 x 12 cm.; folding poem "Devil-trap...," n.d. (1963/64), made from collage and pen and ink on black paper, mounted on blue card folder, 13.5 x 14 cm. when closed; handmade card "Pishhthes," n.d. (ca. 1970), collage and print ink on paper with letter to JR on verso, signed, 9 x 14 cm.; pen and ink drawing "Vowel pyramid," n.d. (1965), 12.5 x 12 5 cm.; pen and ink drawing "Sunt Lachrymae," n.d. (ca. 1970), 15 x 15.5 cm.
1 8 Houedard, Dom Sylvester, 1964-1975
poem "Frog/plop/pond" folded into a child's game, n.d. (ca. 1964/65), 10 x 10 cm. when closed; poem "Womb word...worm wood," 1965, printed red on translucent paper (press smv daneway) for Christmas 1967, signed, dated and numbered 67/100, 84 x 8 cm. when rolled, inscribed on verso: "no. 67 for jasia with luv for newxyear 67. silvester. 67/100"; "Monster (frog)," 1967, ink and photocopy on cut and folded paper, signed and dated, 21 x 8 cm., inscribed "d/h 160367 for jasia with luv"; rough draft for an invitation titled "Begin," 1975, felt pen on green paper with thumbnail sketches in ink inside, 21 x 15 cm.; 8 page typescript "Recent reversals & reflections, sent to JR March 1975.
1 9 Kriwet, Ferdinand, 1965
letter from, n.d. (1965), with synopsis in German of a lecture he gave at the ICA.
1 10 Leonardi, Leoncillo, 1961
lithograph, 1961, signed and numbered 24/200.
1 11 Little Press Book Fair, 1971
poster advertising fair at National Book League, Albemarle Street, London, W1, 4-19 June, 1971, with image of the 1970 fair.
1 12 Lucie-Smith, Edward, 1965
printed poem "Fir-tree song," 1965, signed, published by Turret Books, London.
1 13 Mayer, Hansjorg, 1965
pair of lettriste stockings printed with black letters on white stretch nylon, n.d. (1965), length 65 cm.
1 14-15 Niikuni, Seiichi, 1970-1974
4 photos of Niikuni in his Tokyo studio, May 1974; invitation to Spatialisme/concrete poetry, 1973; poster for ASA 1970 concrete poetry & spatialisme; journal Geijutsu seikatsu 4 1970 with articles "This is concrete poetry" and "Independent word"; Niikuni catalog of visual poems exhibited at the Whitechapel Art Gallery, 1974; 11 pages of typescript material from which the Whitechapel catalog was edited, includes: bibliography, lists of exhibitions and works, notes on spatialism as a supranational poetic form, biography, notes on some of his works, and ASA manifesto; Whitechapel Art Gallery poster, 1974; Niikuni's death announcement, 1977. In a separate folder are 26 photoprints of Niikuni's poems which were blown up to comprise the Whitechapel exhibition, 1974.
1 16 Ou, ca. 1968
printed handbill, ca. 1968, 33 x 20 cm., edition of 500.
1 17 Sharkey, John letter to Reichardt, 1965
typed letter from, 1965, about poetry magazine LOC and raising money.
1 18 South Street Publications
publication announcement "Handout" nos. 1 and 2.
1 19 "The kalender", undated
printers scraps, n.d.
box folder
2 1 Latham, John, 1966
untitled, altered book from "skoob" series, 1966, signed and dated, 17.5 x 11.5 cm.
2 2 Vigo, Edgardo Antonio, 1968-1969
"Poemas Matemàticos (in) comestibles," 1968/1969, welded tin cans with label, 10 cm. in diam., embossed on tin "Envasado 1969," dated on label "Envasados en 1968."
2 3 Vostell, Wolf, 1966-1967
"Dé-coll/age-happenings," 1966, published by Something Else Press, original print signed and dated 1967, no. 149/500.
3 Kriwet, Ferdinand, 1965
Kriwet, Ferdinand (digital version available on-site only)

"Campaign radio-text IX," 1965, recording of Kriwet reading his own work in Germany.
1 sound tape reel : stereo.
3 Niikuni, Seiichi, 1974
Niikuni, Seiichi (digital version available on-site only)

Recording of Niikuni reading phonetic poems created between 1966-1971. Some tracks include Harry Guest. Signed and dated 1974.
1 sound cassette.
4** Bann, Stephen, 1967
"Ampersand," made from plywood and painted yellow, signed and dated 1967, inscribed on verso "For Jasia / A souvenir from Brighton, April 1967," 90 cm. high.
1** Concrete & kinetic poetry, 1964
poster of "First international exhibition of concrete and kinetic poetry," St. Catherine's College, Cambridge, November 1964, poem by Pierre Garnier, 56 x 18.5 cm.
2** Finlay, Ian Hamilton, 1964
"Le circus!!" 1964, poster poem published by Wild Hawthorne Press, 44.5 x 57 cm.
3** Furnival, John, 1959
5 items: photograph of drawing "Coalbrookdale Gate, Kensington," n.d. (1959), 50.5 x 49.5 cm., inscribed in pencil: "John Furnival Coalbrookdale Gate, Kensington Original 6' x 6'" (reproduces a drawing made while at the R.C.A. in connection with the "Anti-ugly" campaign, ref. page 2 of the 1971 Ceolfrith retrospective exhibition catalog); "The thought in the hand of a mathematical God," signed and dated 1963, pen and ink on board, 30 x 37.5 cm.; untitled poem, n.d., printed blue on off-white paper, 31 x 31 cm., inscribed on verso: "Happy Christmas John & Astrid"; poster poem "(Bear/ours) the great bear," Ursa Major, 1965, published by Wild Hawthorne Press, 43.5 x 56 cm.; letter dated 10th July 1974 regarding Satie musical evening at the Whitechapel Art Gallery with wallpaper pasted on the side of the handwritten text.
4** Gosewitz, Ludwig, 1964
"Der wald steht schwarz und schweigt," 1964, typewritten on card, signed and dated in pencil on verso, 26 x 26 cm.
5** Horovitz, Michael, undated
poster poem "Bank holiday," screenprint advertising his book of same name, signed, n.d.
6** Kriwet, Ferdinand, 1964
untitled poster poem published by Wild Hawthorne Press, 1964, 44.5 x 57 cm.
7** Mon, Franz
poster poem "Epitaph für Konrad Beyer," 1964, published by Wild Hawthorn Press, 57 x 43 cm.
8** Boshier, Derek and Christopher Logue
poster poem "Pop song," n.d. (c.1967?), published by Gear Poster, Turret Books, London W.8, 101 x 76 cm.
9** Chopin, Henri
screenprints "Le temps aujourd'hui," 1972, signed and numbered 2/71, 77 x 38 cm., and "The common market," 1973, signed and numbered 36/60, 77 x 43 cm.
10** Niikuni, Seiichi
poster "Concrete poetry ASA," 1966, 72 x 25.5; poster "In concreto," 1968, for the international concrete and visual poster exhibition of Tokyo.
poster "Exhibition of contemporary concrete poetry," 1970, Geijutsu Seikatsu Gallery, Tokyo, 12 March -1 April.
11** Miscellaneous artists
Brian Hindmarch "Even before I wake...," 1977, typographic setting of poem by Jessica d'Este, signed by poet and printer.
Christopher Logue poster poem "Kiss kiss," n.d. (ca. 1967), screenprint devised with Tom Salter, Fulham Gallery, London, 74 x 50 cm. (see also Boshier folder for more Logue).
Tom Phillips "Six pieces op.x," screenprint, signed and dated 1967, 72.5 x 49.5 cm., inscribed: "for Jasia a/p".
Mary Ellen Solt "Forsythia," screenprint, signed, n.d., 89 x 58.5 cm.

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