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Erich and Luise Mendelsohn papers, 1894-1992

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Mendelsohn (Erich and Luise) Papers

Scope and Content of Collection

The Erich and Luise Mendelsohn Papers include personal family correspondence, photographs, and documents from the estate of Luise Mendelsohn, spanning the period from her early correspondence with Erich Mendelsohn in 1910 until her death in 1980. Materials include letters and manuscripts by Luise Mendelsohn, her personal diaries, autobiography and correspondence with scholars concerning exhibitions and publications on her late husband. Her personal correspondence with Erich Mendelsohn provides rare insights into his architectural projects and his views on modern art. The papers of Luise Mendelsohn demonstrate how she managed her late husband's architectural estate and maintained a broad correspondence with leading architectural historians. This material also documents her contribution to architecture, in particular her support for a national museum dedicated to modern architecture - a notion she credited to her husband.

Individuals represented in the Mendelsohn Papers include: Felix Ben Ari, Oskar Beyer, Ralph Beyer, William Bruck, Wolf von Eckardt, Walter Gropius, Marianne Hahn, Hugo Häring, Armin Hermann, Richard Hunter, Erich (Eric) Mendelsohn, Luise Mendelsohn, Maria Luise Esther Mendelsohn, Lewis Mumford, Dione Neutra, Victoria Ocampo, Ariel Parkinson, Thomas S. Politis, Giovanni Ponti, Julius Posener, Nikolaus Posener, Mario Federico Roggero, Hans Scharoun, Hans Schiller, Joost Schmidt, Salmann Schocken, Henry van de Velde, Arthur Voyce, H. Th. Wijdeveld, Arnold Wittick, Bruno Zevi.

Selected correspondence between Erich and Luise Mendelsohn has been digitized and contributed to the digital Erich Mendelsohn Archive, organized and hosted by the Kunstbibliothek, Staatliche Museen zu Berlin:

Arrangement note

The Erich and Luise Mendelsohn Papers are organized in 11 series.
Series I. Correspondence and manuscripts, Erich and Luise Mendelsohn, 1910-1953
Series II. Family correspondence and documents, 1903-1992
Series III. Manuscripts, lectures, and publications by Erich Mendelsohn, 1919-1955
Series IV. Collected documentation, articles, and publications about Erich Mendelsohn, 1924-1992
Series V. Correspondence and printed material related to exhibitions on Erich Mendelsohn, 1942-1980
Series VI. Luise Mendelsohn correspondence, 1924-1980, bulk 1953
Series VII. Luise Mendelsohn travel diaries, biography of Erich Mendelsohn and autobiography, 1934-1980
Series VIII. Disposal of the Erich Mendelsohn archive, 1966-1987
Series IX. Family and architectural photographs, 1894-1988
Series X. Audio and video recordings, microfilm and slides, 1952-1980
Series XI. Architectural drawings and exhibition poster, 1950, 1978

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