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Erich and Luise Mendelsohn papers, 1894-1992

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Mendelsohn (Erich and Luise) Papers
Series III. Manuscripts, lectures, and publications by Erich Mendelsohn, 1919-1955 1 box(es)
Series III contains typed versions or photocopies of published articles and monographs, including, Amerika (Berlin: R. Mosse, 1926), Palestine and the world of tomorrow (Jerusalem, 1940), and Three lectures on architecture (Berkeley: University of California Press, 1944). Other items include copies of Erich Mendelsohn's lectures "The Problem of a New Architecture" (1919), "My Own Contribution to the Development of Contemporary Architecture" (1948), "The Three Dimensions of Architecture - Their Symbolic Significance" (n.d.) and his eulogy to Hugo Vasen of 1932. Series also includes copies of correspondence and manuscripts by Walter Gropius, Hans Scharoun and Hugo Häring (1946-1953).
9 Manuscripts, lectures, and publications, 1919-1955
9 1 Typed transcript, Erich Mendelsohn, lecture, "The Problem of a New Architecture," 1919
9 2 Collected articles and exhibition announcements, 1920-1968
9 3 Typescript (copy), Erich Mendelsohn, Amerika ca. 1926
9 4 Exhibition catalogues and publishers' brochures, 1925-1968
9 5 Typescript (copy), Erich Mendelsohn's eulogy for Hugo Vasen, 1932
9 6 Brochures and typescripts, Deutsche Siedlungsausstellung, 1934
9 7 Typescript (copy), Erich Mendelsohn, Palestine and the World of Tomorrow, 1940
9 8 Monograph, Erich Mendelsohn, Three lectures on architecture 1945
Signed and dedicated to Joe and Germaine Thompson;, 1945
9 9 Transcript letter, Walter Gropius to Joost Schmidt, 1946
9 10 Typescript lecture (copy), "My Own Contribution to the Development of Contemporary Architecture," Erich Mendelsohn, 1948
9 11 Typescript (copy), Hans Scharoun, "Volksschule Darmstadt" 1951
9 12 Typescript (copy), Hugo Häring, "Vom Geheimnis der Gestalt" 1953
9 13 Typescript lecture, Erich Mendelsohn, "The Three Dimensions of Architecture --Their Symbolic Significance," U.C. Berkeley, undated
box folder
43* 1 Monograph, Eric Mendelsohn, 1887-1953, ed. Luise Mendelsohn, No. 481, 1955

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