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Aldo Rossi papers, 1943-1999

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Finding aid for the Aldo Rossi papers, 1943-1999
Series I. Lectures and course material, 1954-1985, undated 1.3 linear feet (3 boxes)
Series I. contains unpublished speeches, conference papers, and teaching notes. Subjects include design theory, history and principles of architecture, and rational architecture. Rossi lectured extensively both domestically and internationally. Because original order has been maintained this series also contains writing that is not designated as lecture or course material.
Arrangement note
Files are arranged chronologically.
Box Folder
1 1 "Architettura moderna e tradizione nazionale," 1954 April
For conference held in Rome, "Conferenza internazionale studenti di architettura." Lecture includes annotations.
1 6 Turin conference, 1955
Conference possibly regarding Italy and USSR relations.
1 7 Berlin, Weimar conference, 1961
Contains manuscript drafts of lecture in Italian and German.
Box Folder
2 5 "Lezione, Venezia," 1964
Handwritten notes, manuscripts and typescripts.
2 2 "Corso di caratteri degli edifici," 1966
Lesson for Politecnico di Milano.
2 1 Corso di teoria della progettazione architettonica, 1966
Published text.
1 11 "La residenza in Inghilterra," 1966
Course syllabus from Politecnico.
Box Folder
2 3 "Il problema dell'abitazione negli studi urbani," 1967 June 3
Lecture for University of Naples course "Rinnovamento delle tipologie residenziali."
2 7 "Forme tipologiche della abitazione," 1968
Box Folder
1 20 "Discorso sulle facoltà e sul suo assetto," 1969
Also includes notes on Alexander Lynch.
1 29 "Prime lezioni e interventi," 1969
1 31 Lessons from Politecnico di Milano, 1966-1970
Notes and annotated typescripts.
1 17 "Seminario," 1970 February 18
1 13 "Per una teoria della progettazione," 1970 April 20
For University of Palermo. Typescript with annotations.
Box Folder
2 9 "Il nostro progetto," 1970 May 18
Box Folder
1 24 "Razionalismo," 1970 May 26
Typescript with annotations.
1 25 "Ideologia/Architettura," 1970 June 11
Notes from an all-day debate.
1 27 "Dibattito razionalismo 1," 1970 June 19
1 28 "Dibattito nel gruppo," 1970 July 8
1 26 "Principi," 1970 July 13
1 30 "Presentazione ricerca, appunti," 1970 November 30
Annotated typescript.
1 14 "Letteratura architettonica," 1971 February 3
Includes photocopies of resource materials.
1 23 "Architettura e storia," 1971 February 17
1 18 "Architettura del realismo," 1971 March 3
1 19 Notes on Luckacs, 1971 March 3
Box Folder
2 4 Texts from Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule lessons, 1972-1974
Published texts. Rossi was a visiting professor in the department of architecture.
Box Folder
2a 4 Materials from Internationale Design Zentrum conference, 1974
Includes Aldo Rossi exhibition catalog.
Box Folder
2 10 "L'architettura analoga," 1976, undated
Typescripts in Italian and German. German typescript for Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule.
Box Folder
1 2 Untitled lecture, 1976
With annotations. For conference in United States.
1 4 "I miei progetti e l'architettura analoga," 1975, 1977
For lecture at Cooper Union. Also includes translated version "The meaning of analogy in my last projects," translated by Nina Galetta.
Box Folder
2a 2 Assorted conference typescripts, 1974-1978
2 11 "Mailand," 1977-1978, undated
"Mailand I" and "Mailand II." Typsescripts in Italian and German. One typescript from Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule lecture.
Box Folder
1 3 Untitled lecture, 1980
Lecture in the United States, possibly at Pratt. Includes typescript and manuscript drafts.
Box Folder
2a 5 "Teatro domestico," 1985
Lecture given at the Triennale, Milan.
Box Folder
1 15 "Abitazione 1," undated
1 12 Anthology of writing on architectural history, undated
Box Folder
2 6 Centuriation research material, undated
Castagnoli, Fraccaro. Contains photocopies from unidentified publications.
Box Folder
1 16 "Confronto e programma," undated
Annotated typescript.
1 10 "Considerazioni sulla morfologia urbana e la tipologia edilizia," undated
Lesson for University of Architecture in Venice.
1 21 Debate notes, undated
Box Folder
2 8 "Descrizione di alcune architetture," undated
Fragment of typescript on San Carlone.
Box Folder
1 8 Grenier research material, undated
Contains photocopies from unidentified publication.
1 5 "Lezione," undated
1 9 Realism lectures, undated
Typescripts titled "Un educazione al realismo," "Lezione sul realismo."
1 22 "Seminario autovalutazione," undated
Box Folder
2a 1 "Some of my projects (designs)," undated
For lecture in the United States and possibly Berlin.
2a 3 "Un educazione 'realista,'" undated

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