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Aldo Rossi papers, 1943-1999

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Finding aid for the Aldo Rossi papers, 1943-1999

Container List

Series I. Lectures and course material, 1954-1985, undated 1.3 linear feet (3 boxes)
Series I. contains unpublished speeches, conference papers, and teaching notes. Subjects include design theory, history and principles of architecture, and rational architecture. Rossi lectured extensively both domestically and internationally. Because original order has been maintained this series also contains writing that is not designated as lecture or course material.
Arrangement note
Files are arranged chronologically.
Box Folder
1 1 "Architettura moderna e tradizione nazionale," 1954 April
For conference held in Rome, "Conferenza internazionale studenti di architettura." Lecture includes annotations.
1 6 Turin conference, 1955
Conference possibly regarding Italy and USSR relations.
1 7 Berlin, Weimar conference, 1961
Contains manuscript drafts of lecture in Italian and German.
Box Folder
2 5 "Lezione, Venezia," 1964
Handwritten notes, manuscripts and typescripts.
2 2 "Corso di caratteri degli edifici," 1966
Lesson for Politecnico di Milano.
2 1 Corso di teoria della progettazione architettonica, 1966
Published text.
1 11 "La residenza in Inghilterra," 1966
Course syllabus from Politecnico.
Box Folder
2 3 "Il problema dell'abitazione negli studi urbani," 1967 June 3
Lecture for University of Naples course "Rinnovamento delle tipologie residenziali."
2 7 "Forme tipologiche della abitazione," 1968
Box Folder
1 20 "Discorso sulle facoltà e sul suo assetto," 1969
Also includes notes on Alexander Lynch.
1 29 "Prime lezioni e interventi," 1969
1 31 Lessons from Politecnico di Milano, 1966-1970
Notes and annotated typescripts.
1 17 "Seminario," 1970 February 18
1 13 "Per una teoria della progettazione," 1970 April 20
For University of Palermo. Typescript with annotations.
Box Folder
2 9 "Il nostro progetto," 1970 May 18
Box Folder
1 24 "Razionalismo," 1970 May 26
Typescript with annotations.
1 25 "Ideologia/Architettura," 1970 June 11
Notes from an all-day debate.
1 27 "Dibattito razionalismo 1," 1970 June 19
1 28 "Dibattito nel gruppo," 1970 July 8
1 26 "Principi," 1970 July 13
1 30 "Presentazione ricerca, appunti," 1970 November 30
Annotated typescript.
1 14 "Letteratura architettonica," 1971 February 3
Includes photocopies of resource materials.
1 23 "Architettura e storia," 1971 February 17
1 18 "Architettura del realismo," 1971 March 3
1 19 Notes on Luckacs, 1971 March 3
Box Folder
2 4 Texts from Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule lessons, 1972-1974
Published texts. Rossi was a visiting professor in the department of architecture.
Box Folder
2a 4 Materials from Internationale Design Zentrum conference, 1974
Includes Aldo Rossi exhibition catalog.
Box Folder
2 10 "L'architettura analoga," 1976, undated
Typescripts in Italian and German. German typescript for Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule.
Box Folder
1 2 Untitled lecture, 1976
With annotations. For conference in United States.
1 4 "I miei progetti e l'architettura analoga," 1975, 1977
For lecture at Cooper Union. Also includes translated version "The meaning of analogy in my last projects," translated by Nina Galetta.
Box Folder
2a 2 Assorted conference typescripts, 1974-1978
2 11 "Mailand," 1977-1978, undated
"Mailand I" and "Mailand II." Typsescripts in Italian and German. One typescript from Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule lecture.
Box Folder
1 3 Untitled lecture, 1980
Lecture in the United States, possibly at Pratt. Includes typescript and manuscript drafts.
Box Folder
2a 5 "Teatro domestico," 1985
Lecture given at the Triennale, Milan.
Box Folder
1 15 "Abitazione 1," undated
1 12 Anthology of writing on architectural history, undated
Box Folder
2 6 Centuriation research material, undated
Castagnoli, Fraccaro. Contains photocopies from unidentified publications.
Box Folder
1 16 "Confronto e programma," undated
Annotated typescript.
1 10 "Considerazioni sulla morfologia urbana e la tipologia edilizia," undated
Lesson for University of Architecture in Venice.
1 21 Debate notes, undated
Box Folder
2 8 "Descrizione di alcune architetture," undated
Fragment of typescript on San Carlone.
Box Folder
1 8 Grenier research material, undated
Contains photocopies from unidentified publication.
1 5 "Lezione," undated
1 9 Realism lectures, undated
Typescripts titled "Un educazione al realismo," "Lezione sul realismo."
1 22 "Seminario autovalutazione," undated
Box Folder
2a 1 "Some of my projects (designs)," undated
For lecture in the United States and possibly Berlin.
2a 3 "Un educazione 'realista,'" undated
Series II. Drafts and writings, 1943-1999, undated 10.8 linear feet (11 boxes, 4 flat file folders)
This series includes drafts of Rossi's books Architecture of the City and A Scientific Autobiography as well as work he contributed to other authors' books, notes, and preliminary and final drafts of his writing. Notes regarding publishing are included only when the published item is present in the collection. This series also includes documentation such as plans, descriptions and official letters for such projects as Piazza di Sannazzaro and the Scandicci competition. Rossi bibliographies, ephemera, photographs, and additional clippings are located in this series. While most clippings comprise writing by Rossi or about Rossi, there are also materials outside of this scope that were most likely used for Rossi's research or that reflect his personal interests. Because original order has been maintained this series also contains work other than drafts or writing.
Arrangement note
Files are arranged chronologically.
Box Folder
3 1 Notes on L'urbanistica dall'antichità ad oggi, 1943
3 1a "La casa unifamiliare: Case per salariati agricoli nel basso milanese," 1953
Typescript. Paper delivered at Politecnico.
3 2 Paper on Le Corbusier, 1953 May
Typescripts. Paper delivered at Politecnico.
3 3 "J.J. Pieter Oud," 1954 January
3 4 "Considerazioni su spazio, tempo e architettura," 1954 May
3 5 "Il sentimento della natura nell'Unione Sovietica," 1954 August
Published in Voce Comunista. Clipping and typescript.
3 6 "Un dibattito nell'U.R.S.S.: Considerazioni sull'architettura sovietica a proposito di un recente congresso," 1954
Typescripts and manuscript.
3 7 "La cultura dei monopoli: Politica dell'industrial design," 1955 June
Published in Voce Comunista. Written with Guido Canella. Clippings and typescripts.
3 8 "Relazione tenuta al convegno degli architetti comunisti," 1955 October
3 9 "Presentazione al monumento di Franco Buzzi," 1955 November
3 10 "Architettura e realismo," 1955
Typescript. Written with Guido Canella.
3 11 "Attualità di Perret," circa 1955
Review of Auguste Perret by Ernesto Rogers. Typescript and notes.
3 12 Review of Giuseppe Pagnano, 1956 March
Book by Carlo Melograni. Typescripts.
3 13 "Il concetto di tradizione nell'architettura neoclassica milanese," 1954-1956
Rossi thesis for Politecnico. Also titled "Il concetto di tradizione nell'architettura neoclassica." Published in Società. Typescripts, notes and offprints.
3 14 Article for Il Contemporaneo, circa 1956
Untitled typescript.
3 15 "L'influenza del romanticismo europeo nell'architettura di Alessandro Antonelli," 1957 February
Written with Vittorio Gregotti. Published in Casabella. Clipping, photographs, typescripts and manuscripts.
3 16 "Una discussione su "Casabella" all'M.S.A.," 1957 May
Published in Casabella. Article is also titled "Relazione presentata all'M.S.A. per la discussione sulla rivista Casabella." Clippings, notes and typescript.
3 17 "A proposito di un recente studio sull'Art Nouveau," 1956, 1957
Published in Casabella. Clippings, typescripts and manuscripts. Review of Sources of Art Nouveau by Stephan Tschudi Madsen.
3 18 "Il passato e il presente nella nuova architettura," 1958
Published in Casabella. Clipping, typescripts and manuscripts.
3 19 "Una critica che respingiamo," 1958
Published in Casabella. Review of Die Revolution der modernen Kunst or La rivoluzione dell'arte moderna by Hans Sedlmayr. Clipping, typescripts and manuscripts.
3 19a "Emil Kaufmann e l'architettura dell'illuminismo," 1958
Typescripts and manuscript.
3 20 "Il Seagram building," 1959 January
Published in Casabella. Clippings and typescript.
3 21 "Avant-Garde Painting and Sculpture (1890-1955) in Italy," 1959 May
Published in Casabella. Clippings.
3 22 Review of L'architettura moderna in Italia, 1959 June
3 23 "L'ordine greco," 1959 June
Published in Casabella. Review of L'ordre grec, by François Cali. Clippings, notes and typescripts.
3 24 "Quale tradizione," 1959
Box Folder
4 1 Adolf Loos research materials 1959, undated
Clippings and notes.
4 2 "Adolf Loos, 1870-1933," 1957-1959
Published in Casabella. Clippings, typescripts, manuscripts and notes.
4 3 "Architecture You and Me," 1959-1960
Published in Casabella. Includes clippings and manuscript.
4 4 "Aspetti dell'architettura tedesca contemporanea," 1960 January
Published in Casabella. Clippings, typescript, manuscript, postage and French coin.
4 5 "Ventiquattro per cento," 1960 March
Clippings and typescripts. Possibly also titled "Arredamento e architettura."
4 6 "Aspetti dell'architettura industriale in Germania," 1960 April
Typescripts and manuscript.
4 7 "Peter Behrens e il problema dell'abitazione moderna," 1960 June
Published in Casabella. Clippings, typescript and notes.
4 8 "La città e la periferia," 1960 July
Published in Casabella. Clippings, typescripts and notes.
4 9 "Il problema della periferia nella città moderna," 1960 July
Written with Gianugo Polesello and Francesco Tentori. Published in Casabella. Clippings.
4 10 Response to Argomenti di architettura, 1960 October
4 11 "Un giovane architetto tedesco: Oswald Mathias Ungers," 1960 October
Published in Casabella. Clippings and typescript.
4 12 "Il convento de la Tourette di Le Corbusier," 1960 December
Published in Casabella. Clippings and typescripts.
Box Folder
8 1 Via Farini project, circa 1960
8 2 Villa ai Ronchi, circa 1960
Black-and-white photographs.
Box Folder
4 13 "Aspetti della architettura industriale in Svizzera," 1961 January
Typescripts and notes.
4 14 "L'esperienza inglese e i nuovi problemi urbanistici," 1961 April
Published in Casabella. Clippings and typescript.
4 15 "Architettura italiana: 6 domande," 1961 May
Published in Casabella. Response to a questionnaire written with Luciano Semerani and Silvano Tintori. Clipping and typescript.
4 16 "L'atelier 5 di Berna," 1961 December
Clippings and typescript.
4 17 "L'uomo della metropoli," 1962 January
Published in Casabella. Clipping and typescripts. Review of book by Willy Hellpach.
4 18 "Nuovi problemi," 1962 June
Published in Casabella. Clippings and typescripts.
4 19 "L'architetto e l'urbanistica," 1962 July
Published in Casabella. Review of L'urbanisme au service de l'homme, by André Gutton. Clipping, typescript and manuscript.
4 20 Interview for Deutsche Architektur, 1961-1962
4 21 Review of Garden Cities of Tomorrow, 1963 January
Published in Casabella. Review of book by Ebenezer Howard. Clipping and notes.
4 22 "Due monumenti," 1963 June
Published in Casabella. Clipping. Includes article written with Gianugo Polesello and Luca Meda "Monumento alla resistenza a cuneo," and article written with Luca Meda "Fontana monumentale nel centro direzionale di Milano."
4 23 "Manuale d'urbanistica," 1963 June
4 24 "Un piano per Vienna," 1963 July
Published in Casabella. Clipping and notes.
Box Folder
5 1 "Locomotiva 2," 1963 August
5 2 "Appunti libro urbanistico," 1963
Probably notes for a book.
Caleppio project, 1962-1963
Probably for workers' housing project.
Box Folder
8 3 Papers and plan
1** Oversize
Box Folder
5 3 "Aspetti della tipologia residenziale a Berlino," 1964 June
Published in Casabella. Clippings and notes.
5 4 "Concorso tronchetto," 1964 November
5 5 "Architettura dei fatti urbani," 1964-1965
Notebooks. Probably an early version of Architecture of the City.
Box Folder
8 4 Abbiategrasso project, 1964-1965
Correspondence and project descriptions. Probably for Ticino river sport and leisure center project.
Broni project, 1962-1965
Box Folder
8 5 Papers
Project description, letters and city council minutes regarding building project.
2** Plans
Box Folder
5 6 Introduction to La torre de Babele, 1967
Piazza di Sannazzaro project, 1967
Box Folder
8 6 Drawings and papers
Includes project description and official project guidelines.
3** Plans
Box Folder
5 7 "Che fare delle vecchie città," 1968 February
5 8 Gruppo Rossi papers, 1967-1968
Photocopied papers from the Gruppo Rossi which included Aldo Rossi, Giorgio Grassi, Vittorio Introini, Vanna Gavazzeni, Massimo Scolari. One typescript identified as "documento politico."
5 9 "L'architettura della ragione come architetture di tendenza," 1969 July
Typescript and photocopy of published version. Introduction to exhibition Illuminismo e architettura del '700 veneto.
5 10 Preface to second edition of L'architettura della città, 1969
5 11-12 "Città venete" or "Caratteri urbani delle città venete," 1968-1970, 1977
Notebook and typescripts.
Box Folder
8 7 Scandicci palazzo comunale, 1968-1969
Drawings, project description, quote, pamphlet and official letters.
Box Folder
5 13 "Bernardo Vittone e la disputa fra classicismo e barocco nel Settecento," 1970 September
Published in Accademia della scienza di Torino. Offprint.
5 14 "Risposte a Melograni," 1971 October
5 15 "L'architettura dell'illuminismo," 1971 November
5 16 "Topografia e architettura milanese fino al 1870," 1964-1971
Notes and typescripts. Includes lessons "I piani regolatori di Milano" and "Ricapitolazione Milano."
5 17 "La costruzione della città," 1972 January
Published in catalog for exhibition at Museo Poldi Pezzoli. Excerpt and typescript.
Box Folder
6 1 "Progetti scuola x controspazio," 1972 April
6 2 Zurich exhibition catalog text, 1972
Typescripts and clippings. Typescripts in German and Italian.
6 3 "Architettura e città/Passato e presente," 1972 September
Typescripts and notes.
6 4 Introduction to L'architettura razionale, 1973 August
6 5 Transcript of interview with Rossi, 1973 August
Interview conducted by Vanna Becciani.
6 6 "L'abitazione e la città," 1974 May
Published in L'architecture d'aujourd'hui. Clippings and typescripts.
6 7 "Introduzione alla ricerca urbana su Zurigo," 1974 July
6 8 Internationales Design Zentrum conference papers, 1974 September
Clippings with conference press, letter, black-and-white photographs, lectures by others.
6 9 "Casa a Borgo Ticino," 1974
6 10 "Alcuni miei progetti," 1975
Various typescripts.
Ticino project, 1975
Box Folder
8 8-9 Papers and plans
Includes project descriptions and notes. Project descriptions in Italian and German.
Box Folder
23* 1 Oversize plans
Box Folder
6 11 Lecture, 1977
German lecture text. Città progetto.
6 12 "Venezia," 1977
See also "Città venete." Typescripts in German and Italian.
6 13 Casa Romana research materials, 1980, undated
Typescript notes on various authors, typescripts on general themes. Includes typescript of lecture in English from the United States.
6 14-15 A Scientific Autobiography, 1981
Typescripts. In English and Italian. English version translated by Lawrence Venuti.
6 16 Introduction to Architecture of the City, 1982
Manuscript and typescripts. Introduction for American and Portuguese editions.
Baltimore monumental clock, 1981-1983
Also referred to as Charles Center Project.
Box Folder
8 10 Papers and black-and-white photographs
Includes drawings, letters and project description.
Box Folder
24 1 Black-and-white negatives
Box Folder
23* 2 Plans
Box Folder
6 17 Essay on Paesaggio Urbano, by Mario Sironi, 1985
Box Folder
7 1 "Le bambole dell'estate," undated
7 2 Caption project for Angeli book, undated
Manuscript, clippings and typescripts.
Box Folder
8 11 Corbetta project, undated
Furniture projects, undated
Box Folder
8 12 Drawings
Box Folder
23* 3 Plans
Box Folder
8 13 Lomello, S. Michele restoration project, undated
Project descriptions and notes.
8 14 Monza project, undated
Project description.
Box Folder
7 3 Notes for Casa Vogue, undated
Box Folder
8 15 Novara restoration project, undated
Black-and-white photograph, project description and notes.
Box Folder
7 4 Otto Wagner research materials, undated
Black-and-white photographs, clipping and notes.
Rome project, undated
Box Folder
8 16 Papers
Box Folder
23* 4 Hand-drawn plan of Rome
Box Folder
7 5 "Piano territoriale di coordinamento della regione veneta," undated
7 6 Review or notes on Le modulor, undated
Book by Le Corbusier. Typescript is signed by Le Corbusier.
7 7 Review of Von Ledoux bis Le Corbusier, undated
Book is by Emil Kaufmann. Notes.
7 8 "San Lorenzo," undated
Sant'Angelo Lodigiano, undated
Box Folder
8 17 Drawings and papers
4** Plans
Box Folder
7 9 "Le tendenze dell'urbanistica contemporanea," undated
7 10 [Tipologie delle residenze], undated
Untitled typescript.
7 11 "Triennale," undated
Box Folder
8 18 Urbino project, undated
Box Folder
7 12-14 Assorted writing by Rossi, 1976-1984, undated
7 15 Assorted writing by others, 1957-1975, undated
Excerpt by Erminio includes drawings.
9-10, 10a, 10b, 10c Clippings, ephemera and publications, 1943-1999, undated
Most clippings and publications include writing by Aldo Rossi or writing about Aldo Rossi. Other writing is also included here, perhaps as resource material for Rossi.
Box Folder
7 16 Bibliographies and project lists, 1971-1974
Assorted unidentified, undated
Box Folder
8 19 Unidentified project
Box Folder
10b 4 Postcards
Box Folder
7 17 Drawings
Includes unidentified drawing probably by Rossi.
Box Folder
10b 5 Drawings by children
10b 6 Plans
10b 7-8 Black-and-white photographs
Includes photographs of unidentified exhibitions.
Box Folder
24 2-3 Color photographs and black-and-white negatives
Box Folder
10b 9 Notes
Series III. Correspondence and business documents, 1954-1988 12.0 linear feet (14 boxes and 2 flat file folders)
Series III includes incoming and outgoing letters concerning current topics in architecture, symposia and interview proposals, work contracts, invitations, publishing information, student research papers on Rossi buildings, and financial statements. Correspondents include Carlo Aymonino, Peter Eisenman, Léon Krier, Rob Krier, Paolo Portoghesi, Hans Hollein, and Manfredo Tafuri. Because original order has been maintained this series also contains writing that is not designated as correspondence or business papers.
Arrangement note
Files are arranged chronologically with non-correspondence materials at the end.
Box Folder
11 1 1954
11 2 1955
11 3 1959
11 4 1961
11 5 1966
11 6 1967
11 7 1968
Includes letters from Carlo Aymonino and Salvador Tarrago.
Box Folder
11 8 Letters
Includes letters from Carlo Aymonino and Salvador Tarrago.
Box Folder
24 4 Color photograph
Box Folder
11 9-11 1970
Includes letters from Carlo Aymonino, Vittorio Gregotti and Salvador Tarrago.
11 12-13 1971
Includes black-and-white photograph from Salvador Tarrago and letters from Carlo Aymonino, Salvador Tarrago, Manfredo Tafuri, Nory Miller, Carlo de Carli.
Box Folder
12 1-2 1972
Includes letters from Carlo Aymonino.
12 3-4 1973
Includes letters from Carlo Aymonino, Manfredo Tafuri, Michael Graves, Salvador Tarrago, John Hejduk and Rob Krier.
12 5-6 1974
Includes letters from Francois Burkhardt, Francesco dal Co and Rob Krier.
12 7-9 1975
Includes letters from Salvador Tarrago, Rob Krier, Manfredo Tafuri, Francois Burkhardt, Oswald Mathias Ungers and Hans Hollein.
Box Folder
13 1-4 Letters
Includes letters from Michael Graves, John Hejduk, Josef Paul Kleihues, Oswald Mathias Ungers, Robert Terradas, Léon Krier, Carlo Aymonino, Vittorio de Feo and letter to Cesar Portela.
Box Folder
24 4 Color photograph
Box Folder
13 5-8 Letters
Includes letters from Carlo Aymonino, Manfredo Tafuri, Leo Castelli, John Hejduk, Vittorio Savi, Oswald Mathias Ungers, Paolo Portoghesi and Hans Hollein.
Box Folder
24 4 Color photograph
14 Letters
Includes letters from Vittorio Savi, Rob Krier, Hans Hollein, John Hejduk and Paolo Portoghesi.
Box Folder
24 4 Color photograph
15 Letters
Includes letters from Peter Eisenman, Udo Kultermann, Daniel Liebskind, Léon Krier, John Hejduk, Mark Mack, Vittorio Savi, Heinrich Klotz, Franklin D. Israel and Carlo Aymonino.
Box Folder
24 4 Color slides and color photographs
5** Plans
Plans for unidentified market originally with correspondence from José Charters Monteiro.
16a Letters
Includes letters from Udo Kultermann, Heinrich Klotz, John Hejduk and César Pelli.
Box Folder
24 4 Color slides and color photographs
16b Letters
Includes letters from Daniel Liebskind, Vittorio Savi, César Pelli, John Hejduk, Philip Johnson, Manfredo Tafuri and Heinrich Klotz.
Box Folder
24 4 Color photographs
17a-17b Letters
Includes letters from Francesco Dal Co, Leo Castelli, Peter Eisenman, Rob Krier, Vittorio Savi, Vincent Scully, Joseph Kleihues, Cesar Pelli, and Carlo Aymonino. Also includes an unidentified drawing.
Box Folder
24 4 Color slide and color photographs
17b Letters
Includes letters from Daniel Liebskind, Carlo Aymonino and Francesco Dal Co. Also includes an unidentified drawing.
Box Folder
24 4 Color slide
18a 1984
Includes letters from Heinrich Klotz, Josef Paul Kleihues and Francesco Dal Co.
18b-19a Letters
Includes letters from Vittorio Savi, Paolo Portoghesi, Robert Venturi, Daniel Liebskind and Carlo Aymonino. Also includes black-and-white photographs from Breda exhibition and Bordeaux exhibition Architecture, Ville, Theatre.
Box Folder
24 4 Color photographs
Box Folder
19a 3-7 Letters
Includes letters from Vittorio Savi, Paolo Portoghesi, Carlo Aymonino
Box Folder
24 4 Color photographs
Box Folder
19b 1-2 1987
19b 3 1988
Box Folder
19b 4 Letters
Box Folder
24 4 Color photographs
Box Folder
19b 5 Photocopies of drawings, 1973-1980
19b 6 Henry James quotes, undated
19b 7 Introduction to "La mia architettura," undated
19b 8 "Progetto pensato/progetto realizzato," undated
19b 9 Introduction to "Scritti scelti," undated
19b 10 Fantasia, 1960
Contains article "4 case per la vacanze dell'anno prossimo," which includes reference to Rossi.
19b 11 "Il padiglione sovietico all biennale" by Carlo Bertolli, 1956
Offprint from Società.
19b 12 "Tipologia e morfologia edilizia" by Giorgio Grassi, undated
Lecture delivered at Politecnico Milano.
19b 13 "Caratteri degli edifici: Prison d'Aix-En Provence," undated
Author unidentified.
19b 14 Lecture fragments, 1954, undated
Assorted, 1966-1986, undated
Box Folder
19b 15-16 Papers, 1970-1986, undated
Includes clippings and various Rossi biographies.
6** Plan for Municipio di Segrate piazza, 1966
Series IV. Notebooks, 1949-1986 0.4 linear feet (2 boxes)
This series contains notebooks on architecture often including notes, sketches, drawings in color, comments on travels, analyses, and drafts of letters. There are 32 of Rossi's original 47 numbered notebooks, the so called Blue Notebooks, additional typescript drafts of writing including draft versions of A Scientific Autobiography, and other notebooks and sketchbooks. This series also contains photocopies of Il libro azzurro notebook and sketchbook as well as photocopies of other sketchbooks and notebooks.
Folder of conservation templates that refer to numbered notebooks is also located in this series.
Arrangement note
Series is arranged in chronological order.
Box Folder
21 4 Notebook 1, 1968 June 19
21 4 Notebook 2, 1968 November 26
21 4 Notebook 3, 1969 December 5
Contains drawing.
21 4 Notebook 5, 1970 May-November
21 4 Notebook 4, 1970
21 4 Notebook 6, 1971 February-May
Santa Clara. Includes exhibition announcement insert and note.
21 4 Notebook 7, 1971 May-June
Architettura analitica. Contains some drawings.
21 4 Notebook 8, 1971 July
21 4 Notebook 9, 1971 August-October
Il cimitero di Modena. Contains some drawings.
Box Folder
20 9 "Note autobiografiche sulla formazione eu," 1971 December
Box Folder
21 4 Notebook 10, 1971 November-1972 February
Contains some drawings.
Box Folder
20 7 "Appunti conferenza Zurigo," 1972 February 8
Typescript of lecture given at Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule conference.
Box Folder
21 4 Notebook 11, 1972 February-June
14 Aprile Pisa mit Sonja. Contains some drawings.
21 4 Notebook 12, 1972 June
Alcune mie architetture. Contains some drawings.
21 4 Notebook 13, 1972 July-October
Settembre inizio Zurich. Contains some drawings.
21 4 Notebook 14, 1972 November-December
Architettura analitica-citta analoga. Contains some drawings.
Box Folder
20 10 "Appunti conferenza Barcelona," 1972
Typescript and handwritten notes.
Box Folder
21 4 Notebook 15, 1973 February-October
Contains some drawings.
21 4 Notebook 16, 1973 November-1974 May
21 5 Notebook 17, 1974 May-December
Contains some drawings.
Box Folder
20 12 "Autobiografia scientifica," 1975 March
Notebook. Includes one drawing.
20 13 "La mia architettura," "L'architettura analoga," 1975 March
20 17 "L'architettura analoga," 1975 April
Box Folder
21 5 Notebook 18, 1975 January-June
Contains some drawings.
21 5 Notebook 19, 1975 September-1976 July
Contains inserts.
21 5 Notebook 20, 1976 July-December
Box Folder
20 16 "La città analoga," 1976 December
20 5 "L'architettura analoga," "Autobiografia scientifica," "Alcuni miei progretti," 1974-1977
Typescripts and clipping.
20 11 "Berlin," 1951-1977
Notebook. Includes clipping, receipts, some ephemera.
20 15 "Autobiografia scientifica," "Alcuni miei progretti," 1977 January
Box Folder
21 5 Notebook 21, 1976 October-1977 May
Contains some drawings.
21 5 Notebook 22, 1977 May-1978 July
Contains drawing.
21 5 Notebook 23, 1978 July-1979 January
Contains some drawings and insert.
21 5 Notebook 24, 1979 February-June
NY-Cranbrook-Detroit-Chicago. Contains some drawings.
21 5 Notebook 25, 1979 June-October
Contains drawing.
Box Folder
24 5 Notebook 26, 1979 November 11
Il teatro del mondo. Contains color polaroids.
Box Folder
21 5 Notebook 27, 1980 April
21 5 Notebook 28, 1980 April-August
21 5 Notebook 29, 1980 August-1981 March
Grecia. Contains some drawings.
21 5 Notebook 30, 1981 March-September
Contains some drawings and inserts.
Box Folder
20 1 Borgoricco; Tradizione Milano; Case Milano, 1983 August
Sketchbook. Includes ephemera, letter from Werner Blaser and additional notebook.
20 3 Torino, 1982 and 1984
20 14 "Torino, custodia, guardia," 1985 April
Sketchbook. Includes furniture drawings.
Box Folder
21 5 Notebook 31, 1985 November-1986 January
Contains some drawings.
21 5 Notebook 32, 1986 February-May
Contains some drawings.
Box Folder
20 6 Alfred Loos notes, undated
Typescripts and handwritten notes.
20 4 La casa del Mantegna, undated
Sketchbook. Includes writing by Rossi on Pinocchio with sketch.
20 8 "Padova," undated
20 2 Municipio Borgoricco, undated
Box Folder
21 1-3 Notebook transcripts, undated
Transcripts for numbered notebooks 1-32.
21 6 Photocopies of notes and notebooks, 1949-1982
Includes photocopy of Il libro azzurro. Some photocopied notebooks duplicate originals in the collection.
Series V. Architectural designs, 1972-1982 9.5 linear feet (1 box, 8 flat file folders and 1 roll)
This series contains drawings and plans with no associated papers.
Arrangement note
Projects are arranged chronologically.
22 Città con architetture e monumenti, 1972
Drawing. Pencil and oil on paper.
V. Palazzo dei Congressi, 1982
Contains schematic and tissue drawings, blueprints, site maps, elevation sketches, and conceptual studies representing the full design development of the Palazzo dei Congressi. The project, designed for Milan, was never realized.
7**-11** Sketches
12**-13** Drawings on vellum
10**, 14** Plans
Includes one print of Duomo.
1** Other plans and sketches
Includes plans with hand drawn color details.

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