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Dick Higgins papers, 1960-1994 (bulk 1972-1993)

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Finding aid for the Dick Higgins papers, 1960-1994 (bulk 1972-1993)
Series V. Pattern poetry, ca. 1987-ca. 1991 5.5 linear feet 11 boxes
Series V-A Research materials, ca. 1976-ca. 1991 4.0 linear feet
Contains mostly photocopies of monographs and articles by pattern poets and scholars in the field, with some annotations, bibliographic and otherwise, by Higgins and colleagues. It also contains photos, transparencies and photocopies of text reproductions with coordinating captions; repros; ms versions given to scholars for proofing, most with annotations and corrections; and some correspondence about pattern poetry searches; microfilm and permissions requests; and index cards used by Higgins for bibliographic notations. Organization follows closely that of the book, which is by language. Separate poet/author files exist for those with substantial material, and are filed alphabetically within the language. Consult Appendix A for microfilm reels, which Higgins acquired from various libraries and institutions.
68 General information for chapter 1.
Includes correspondence, Cretan, ancient, Codex Leninopol, Gregory of Manzianzen, Manuel Holobdos, John Loyd, Macarius Chrysophalus, Moschion to Osiris, Wojaczek, Theocritus, Byzantine, Neo-Greek.
Latin: 800-1500, Neo-Latin
After 1500, poets/authors A, includes: Pierre Abélard, Johannes Heinrich Alsted[ius], various anonymous works, August II, Ausonius.
69 Latin
Poets/authors B-N, includes: Bonifacio Baldassarre; André Bayam; Mario Bettini; Marco Antonio Bonciari; Juan Caramuel de Lobkowitz, contains Dick Higgins ms "Caramuel's Metametrica"; Lancino Curzio; "Enigma of Sator"; Eugenias Vulgaris; Florentius; Fragmentum 89; William Gager; Hannardus de Mosaeus Gameren; Louis de Gand de Brachey; Dominica Gisberto; Hermannus de Santa Barbara; Johannes Honthemius; Hrabanus Maurus; Iacobus Nicholai de Dacia; "In memoriam . . . Elisabethae"; Janus Pannonius; Josephus Scottus; Laevius; many works by Fortunio Liceti; Salmonicus Macrinus (Salmon Maigret); Jacob Madelen de Gouda; Benedetto Mariotti; Antonious Netenblad.
70 Latin
Poets/authors O-Z, includes: Odo of Paris; Optatian; Abraham Ortelius; Paschasius a S. Iovanne Evangelista; Enco Silvio Picolomini; Giovanni Battista Pigna; Lorenzo Pignoria; Samuel Pomario; Bernard Praetorius; Vergil-Commentary Servius; Silo, King of Asturias; Antonio Maria Spelta; Andreas Schuster (Sutor); Valentin Thilo; Uffing of Werden; Giovanni Pierio Valeriano Bolzano, ms of Dick Higgins introduction to Geoffrey Cook translations; Voulté Jean (Vulteus Iohannes); Richard Willis (Willett).
Poets include Abraham ben Samuel Abuláfia and Solomon di Oliveyra.
5 booklets and other photocopies of Kilián István essays and a catalog of the Baroque in Hungarian Folk Art.
Correspondence and poet Nicolò de' Rossi.
To 1500, 1600-1900, outside France.
71 French (cont.)
Poets/authors B-Z, includes: Louis "Aloysius" Bertrand, Jean de Boyssières, A. Canal, C. Chabrol, Albert Ferland, Jehan Grisel, Stèphane Mallarmé, Gabriel Martin, François Rabelais, Paul de la Salle.
Correspondence (see also Adler and Ernst files); poets/authors A-Z, includes: Matthias Abele von Lilienberg; Anonymous 1754 New Year chalice; Adolf Bäuerie, copy of The Spirit that Moves Us 2, no. 1 (Fall 1976); Sigmund von Birken; Erhard Falkener; frakturs; Johann Leonhard Frisch; Johann Geuder; Catherina Regina von Greiffenberg; Joseph Guthsmüthl; Johann Helwig; Johann Klaj[us]; Theodor Kornfeld; Nikolaus Peucker; J. Schirmer; Georg Weber.
Scandinavian - Danish
Correspondence, especially with Erik Dal, and poet Nicolaus Petersen.
72 Scandinavian - Swedish
Correspondence with Af Klintberg, Mats B. and Ulf Gran; and poets Johann Kankel and Israel Palleen.
Scandianvian - Finnish and Norwegian
Dutch and Flemish
Includes Belgian correspondence, and poets Matthijs de Castelein and Anthonijs de Roovere.
Includes some correspondence with Steve McCaffery, which runs throughout files, and poets/authors A-Z: Philip Ayres, Joseph Beaumont, Edward Benlowes, William Bosworth, William Browne, Robert Browning, Charles Dodgson (Lewis Carroll), Hugh Crompton, William Drummond of Hawthornden, George Herbert, Sam Loyd, Sir John Mennes and James Smith, George or Richard Puttenham, Francis Quarles, Samuel Speed, Matthew Stevenson, Joshua Sylverster, Edward Taylor, Thomas Watson.
73 English - American
Includes 20th art pieces by Peggy Midener, chapbook by William Jay Smith, and Pennsylvania Dutch materials with 2 letters and ms from Bill Fetterman.
English - Canadian
Correspondence with bp Nichol, James Reaney, Caroline Bayard, etc. and offprint from Poetics Today of Dick Higgins essay "Pattern Poetry as Paradigm."
English - Irish
English - Scottish
Includes poet Allan Ramsey.
English - Welsh
Includes correspondence with Jean Longland (Hispanic Society of America), ms version of Spanish section, author/poet files for L.M. Carbonero y Sol y Merás and D. José González Estrada.
Latin American.
Catalan; correspondence and author file for Giuseppe Grilli.
Includes much correspondence with Ana Hatherly (see also Series V.B).
74 Slavic - Polish
Materials include general, early Dick Higgins's draft of Polish section, Fall 85, addenda with Rypson ms "Homo Quadratus in Labyrintho," 5 folders of correspondence and general. Some correspondence with Rypson throughout (see also V-B and Series I, Boxes 28-29).
Slavic - Other
Correspondence and general for Bulgarian, Croatian; (correspondence with Harold Segal, Columbia Univ.), Czech (Bohemian) including Dick Higgins ms with corrections, Russian, Slovakian, Slovenian, Ukranian.
Other European
Correspondence and general for Albanian, Armenian, Breton, Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Roumanian.
75 Far East - Chinese
Includes correspondence and general, and poet/authors Chung-huo Wang and Shi-Ch'ang Sang.
Far East - Japanese
Includes correspondence and general, and Gosai Tenn_ shinkan shikiske-ch_.
Far East - Korean
Includes correspondence with Karl Kempton, Kalanath Jha, Geoffrey Cook, R.K. Joshi, general materials, and old notes for ms.
Indian - Burmese
Correspondence and general with handwritten poem translations by Ngoe Soe, and Dick Higgins Burmese ms with extensive corrections and notations.
Indian - Kannada
Author T.V. Venkatachala Sastry.
Indian - Mar_th_
Correspondence and general includes letters from R.K. Joshi.
Indian - Sanskrit: general
Indian - Tamil
Correspondence and general contains correspondence with Cook, George L. Hart and Hank Heffetz (both of UC, Berkeley) and author V.R. Modh_van.
Indian - Tibetan
Correspondence and general includes 1 letter from Cook.
76 Islamic - Persian
Correspondence and general with letters from Ahmad Z. Al-Ansari, and Dick Higgins ms with corrections.
Islamic - Turkish and Indonesian
Correspondence and general.
Languages with no pattern poetry reported
Contains correspondence about searches for African, American Indian, Egyptian (with general), Ethiopian, Loatian, Malaysian, Monogolian, Nepal, Thai and Vietnamese.
Acrostics, chronograms, cryptography, decorated alphabets, emblems, lapidary inscriptions, leonine verse, lipograms, magic, mathmatical arrays, palindromes, proteus poems, rebuses and shaped prose.
Special Problems
Pattern poetry addenda
Represents Dick Higgins's research on pattern poetry since 1986, when ms was closed, until 1991. Organization closely follows that of the book.

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