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Dick Higgins papers, 1960-1994 (bulk 1972-1993)

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Finding aid for the Dick Higgins papers, 1960-1994 (bulk 1972-1993)
Series III. Books, 1964-1992 11.5 linear feet 27 boxes
Series contains production material in the form of correspondence, manuscripts, proofs, galleys, repros, dummies, drawings, photographs and negatives for illustrations (especially for Of Celebration of Morning and Variations on a Natural Theme), and jacket and cover designs, organized chronologically by publication date. Most notably documented are Of Celebration of Morning, 1980, Pattern Poetry: a Guide to an Unknown Literature, 1987, and the translation of Giordano Bruno's On the Composition of Images, Signs and Ideas (1591), 1991. Series II should be consulted simultaneously for different versions of manuscripts, as well as some production material. Financial papers relating to Something Else Press (1972-1974) and Printed Editions (1978-1985) are filed in this series.
42 Finances, includes:
Something Else Press, 1972-1974
Financial reports, accounts payable, 1972-1973, general correspondence, some with The Book Organization, financial arrangements with Dick Higgins, bankruptcy claims, Dick Higgins protest exhibits, and 1973-1974 tax filings (see also Something Else Press in Series I, Box 31).
1977 finances, , 1972-1976 1974-1976
Receipts, rent, income, tax protest information for 1972-1976, 1974-1976 audit exhibits, and misc.
Printed Editions
Bank statements, cancelled checks, group expenses, catalog costs, inventories, meeting agendas, members correspondence, and misc (see also Series I, Box 27).
43 Postface, 1964
Original proof (see Box 47 for photos).
Brecht, George, Chance-Imagery, Something Else Press, 1966
Original Brecht ms, photocopied Jan van der Marck article on Brecht, Great Bear Pamphlet.
A Book about Love & War & Death, Something Else Press, 1972
Correspondence, mss, repros, galley, Bahasa Indonesia-English dictionary.
Giorno, John, Cancer in My Left Ball, Something Else Press, 1973
Mss, front matter, correspondence and misc., galley, proof, repros, photographs, negatives, jacket, announcement (see also Box 47 for paste-up).
City with all the Angles, 1974
Correspondence, mss, proof, repros, layout.
44 Williams, Emmett, Selected Shorter Poems 1950-1970, Stuttgart: Edition H. Mayer: New York: New Directions, 1974
Ms of Dick Higgins introduction and notes, galley.
Modular Poems, 1975
Mss, paste-up, page proofs, production, mailing list for complimentary copies.
Legends and Fishnets, 1976
Mss, duplicate mss, and mss marked for composing type, galley, dummys, mechanicals, binding sample, and illus.
45 Everyone has Sher Favorite (His or Hers), 1977
Ms, proofs, jacket design (see also Box 81 for cover art).
George Herbert's Pattern Poems: in their Tradition, 1977
Ms, proofs with Greek accents corrected by Cage, illus., jacket design (see also Box 81, for cover art).
The Epickall Quest of the Brothers Dichtung and Other Outrages, 1977
Original project file with correspondence and Dick Higgins's notes for book, ms edited by Dick Higgins with McPherson correspondence, duplicate mss, ms edited by McPherson, galley, page proofs, bound signatures, jacket design, and production materials (typesetting and correspondence).
A Dialectic of Centuries: Notes Towards a Theory of the New Arts, , 1978 1979
Correspondence and misc. editorial, front and rear matter, "Intermedia" ms (see Box 46 for more).
46 A Dialectic of Centuries, , 1978 1979
Ms with Postface (rejected), galley, proofs, paste-up, production, corrected copy; and reprint correspondence, jacket, page proof corrected by MacLow (see also Box 62 for index and Box 81 for paperback cover art).
47A Giorno, John. Cancer in My Left Ball, Something Else Press, 1973
47B Variations on a Natural Theme, 1981
Large quantity of photographs and negatives.
37 photographs and 7 color transparencies shot in Turkey, , by Dick Higgins and Knowles Jan 1963
Some used in Jefferson's Birthday/Postface.
Exemplativist Manifesto
Title negative
48A-B Happenings (unpublished), 1978
Photographs (many of Allan Kaprow's 18 happenings in six parts and Dick Higgins's Stacked deck) and ms.
49 Filliou, Robert, Six Fillious, Milwaukee: Membrane Press, 1978
Mss of McCaffery and Nichol translations, ms, proofs (see also Karl Young correspondence, Box 36).
Some Recent Snowflakes (and Other Things), 1979
Mss and correspondence, most in reference to submitting the individual poems to publications, other correspondence with Stinehour Press, which made an Christmas card edition of "the snowflakes of giordano bruno," 1977. Short letters to Mac Low and Rothenberg regarding Bruno, and to McCaffery about the relationship of "paraSITism" to Derrida, 1977, and letters regarding "meta" to McCaffery, Kostelanetz and Hassan, who inspired the poem, 1977. Also galley, page proofs, dummy, bound signatures with jacket, jacket design with negatives and specs, paperback jacket design.
Piano Album: Short Pieces, , 1962-1984 1980
Production correspondence, mss (with specs marked), dummy, covers, mailer.
50 Of Celebration of Morning, 1980
General production correspondence, front and rear matter with photographs, text notes, mss, first proofs, setting copies, galley, proofs, photography notes, jacket illus., die copy/jacket, negatives of book, mailer (see also Series I, Box 14, Hansen file for letter describing project).
Sonata for Prepared Piano, 1981
Production correspondence, typesetting fragments, photographs and negatives (see Box 80 for paste-up).
Ten Ways of Looking at a Bird, 1981
Production correspondence, paste-up, mss, photographs, negatives, typesetting, proofs (see also Box 79 for paste-up).
26 mountains for Viewing the Sunset From, 1981
Correspondence, mss, typesetting, negatives, proofs.
Variations on a Natural Theme, for Orchestra, 1981
Mss, correspondence, specs, typesetting original negatives and photographs (see also Box 47 for more photographs and Box 80 for paste-up).
Horizons: The Poetics and Theory of the Intermedia, 1983
Correspondence, mss, dupe ms with Kostelanetz notations (see also Box 57).
51 Of Celebration of Morning, 1980
Original photographs with job ticket tags and original printed score for "Justin Song (nightmare)."
52-54 Of Celebration of Morning, 1980
Photographs and negatives, some mss and original handwritten score for "Justin Song (nightmare)" (see also Box 81 for oversize negatives).
55 Of Celebration of Morning, 1980
Original drawings for illustrations.
56 Of Celebration of Morning, 1980
Handwritten "Index to the 5 Loops," jacket illus., unbound signatures, score, repros, photographs.
57 Horizons, 1983
Page proof, illus. (negatives and repros of illus.)
Sounds Like (anthology of homeophonic translations, unpublished project, , 1982-1985 1987
Includes correspondence with Robert Kelly 1982-1984 [bulk], 1985, 1987 (see also Kelly file Series I, Box 18); general correspondence 1984-1984; information on Ludic section, Bergbo translation by af Klintberg; and Marmalade, 1983 by William Benton.
Poems, Plain & Fancy, 1986
Correspondence, mss.
Visible Language, 1986
Correspondence, mss (filed alphabetically by essayist).
58 Visible Language, 1986
Production costs, galley, cover illus, machine list, order forms, errata lists.
Pattern Poetry: Guide to an Unknown Literature, 1987
Mss, illus and captions, production correspondence, mailing lists, permissions, corrected copy (see also Series I, Box 30, SUNY Press, for more correspondence; and Series V for photocopied monographs and articles of pattern poetry used for writing and illustrating Higgins's book, various mss versions by language and extensive correspondence regarding research).
59 Pattern Poetry, 1987
First draft, and preliminary roughs of bibliography.
60 Pattern Poetry, 1987
61 Pattern Poetry, 1987
Index (3x5 cards).
62 A Dialectic of Centuries, 1978
Index (3x5 cards).
63 Bruno, Giordano, On the Composition of Images, Signs and Ideas, Translated by Chareles Doria, ed. and annotated by Higgins, New York: Willis, Locker and Owen (1591), 1991
Correspondence with Doria, and regarding publisher search, mss (see also Boxes 57-58).
64 Bruno, Images
Mss and page proofs.
65 Bruno, Images
Design experiments, illus, production, misc.
The Autobiography of the Moon, 1992
Correspondence, mss, proofs.
Happytime the Medicine Man, 1992
Mss, proofs (includes thumbnails), correspondence, galley, repros, negs, illus, checklist printout of fonts.
79 Ten Ways of Looking at a Bird, 1981
80 Sonata for Prepared Piano, 1981
Variations on a Natural Theme, 1981
Brochure (?)
81 For Eugene in Germany, 1973
cover art.
Everyone has Sher Favorite, 1977
cover art.
George Herbert's Pattern Poems, 1977
cover art.
A Dialectic of Centuries, , 1978 1979
paperback cover art.
Of Celebration of Morning, 1980
Negatives for "Bestiary"
To be published with Francesco Conz (see Series I Conz files for more information).
Unidentified drawing

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