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Dick Higgins papers, 1960-1994 (bulk 1972-1993)

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Finding aid for the Dick Higgins papers, 1960-1994 (bulk 1972-1993)
Series II. Works, ca. 1955-ca. 1992 2.5 linear feet 5 boxes
Series contains manuscripts of poetry, essays and music compositions by Higgins with foul matter and some correspondence with editors, arranged alphabetically by title. The manuscripts are accompanied by notes regarding where Higgins submitted them for publication and where they were published. About 10% of the manuscripts have several versions and notes regarding composition. In some cases, Series III should be consulted for other manuscript versions and full production material. Rejected manuscripts, filed alphabetically in box 41, are works by Higgins that he thought unworthy of publication. Many of these files contain rewrites, illustrating Higgins attempt to correct or salvage the work. This series also includes a partial set of Something Else Newsletters and two personal journals, 1966, 1973, which include notes and versions for poems and other works.
37 A-E
Folder of bio-bibliography, articles about Higgins, conversations with publisher
abstand zum abstand veb; in Everyone Has Sher Favorite
Alan Sondheim and the Knee-Jerk School of Criticism
ms, correspondence to Charles Bernstein and Kostelanetz
the answer; in Clown War
Anti-Tenure campaign
Appearances and Disappearances; in Everyone Has Sher Favorite
assignments; in Something Else Yearbook
The Autobiography of the Moon
See also Series IV, Box 65.
Bande Cordier's Circular Canon
Two copies of Ear Magazine 3, no.6 (Sep/Oct 1977)
being in a corner of a corner; in Clown War
Boris Blastoffs last dance; in Modular Poems
Cat Alley
Ms, book, correspondence.
Catastrophe; in New Poems
For Bengt af Klintberg
Cent mots des clohes a noixes; in Borbarigmi
City with all the Angles
See also Series IV, Box 43.
Cito's song
Classic Plays
a comedy
Conceptual Forks; in Ear Magazine
Consellation #11; in Poems, Plain & Fancy
A Dance for Maureen Conner; in Everyone Has Sher Favorite
Death and the nickle cigar
Dé-coll/age (magazine)
No. 2 (Nov 1962) with Dick Higgins's "The Broadway Opera," with a letter from Jon Hendricks.
Deep summer together poem (killed project, but in Everyone Has Sher Favorite)
Correspondence, mss, galley, repros, 2nd issue of Mouth of the Dragon.
Design plays ( ) 1960
Mss and copyright requests.
A Dialectic of Centuries
See "Intermedia," Box 39.
Dice to decimal correspondences
Includes Dice Decimal Correspondence chart with Dick Higgins note, "used for performing chance operations on texts using dice."
"Distributing Books"
mss (essay); in unreleased Something Else Newsletter 1, no. 7 (1973).
ducks tails shaking; in Everyone Has Sher Favorite
"Employment questionnaire"
An Encyclopedia of Poetry; in Unmuzzled Ox
the ephitaphs
Mss, correspondence, 2 photographs of the 1977 Naples exhibition and one photo of ceramic work.
Epikall Quest
Original ms.
Everyone has Sher Favorite (His or Hers)
Ms and cover proof (see also Box 81, for cover art).
Exemplative Manifesto
Mss "Exemplative Works of Art," correspondence, production, mss partial, see "2 essays written on May 16, 1976," in next folder and Mac Low correspondence, Box 20, for interesting dialogue about this work (see also Box 47B for title negative).
Exemplative Works of Art; in Dialectic of Centuries
38 F-H
Five Myths of Postmodernism
3 mss, with corrections by Billy Name, Harry Polkinhorn and Lisa Null, first draft and final version of ms, correspondence.
Five Traditions of Art History, an Essay
Fluxus: Theory and Reception
Correspondence includes ms comments by Ann Williams, Knowles and Ken Friedman, and mss.
Visual material.
For Eugene in Germany
Correspondence, mss, bound proofs with cover and corrections, cover art.
For Kathy K_ _ _ _; in Everyone Has Sher Favorite
i.e., Kathy Kohler.
Four Dangers, a Structure and a Symphony
fourteen considerations
For Wieland Schmeid.
Fourth of July Variations
Correspondence (one letter, no ms).
French Revolution, 1955
Early happening, typescript of prop list.
Friend, what's going on here?; in Everyone Has Sher Favorite
George Herbert's Pattern Poems
In their Tradition: mss (master's thesis) and bibliography (see also Series III, Box 45, for production material).
Gilles; in Everyone Has Sher Favorite
Great Meat Boycott
Mss and newsletter in which piece was published.
Happytime the Medicine Man
See also Series III, Box 65.
his and hers; in Everyone Has Sher Favorite
History of Art; in Everyone Has Sher Favorite
History of Fluxus
Horizons (essay)
Correspondence, mss.
Horizons: The Poetics and Theory
See also Series III, Box 50.
Hymn; in Everyone Has Sher Favorite
Empty folder.
39 I-O
I wonder if these are my laster pieces
In the context of shoes
"Original in Dialectic of Centuries box"; became a Something Else Newsletter.
Intermedia: Notes toward the art of the 70s, 1980
With a letter to Dr. Jutta Siegurd-Schultze, 1980 (became Dialectic of Centuries).
"it could be you too"; in Everyone Has Sher Favorite
Johnny, Are You Frightened of your dreams?
Part of 7.7.73 cycle and also published in Modular Poems. Mss, notes by Dick Higgins, correspondence.
jolie julie est ma mimou: poem and brush drawing; in Everyone Has Sher Favorite
The journey: eight colored scenes
dupe ms.
Just who knows what, 1964
Two issues of Horae Scholasticae, literary magazine at St. Pauls, with work by Dick Higgins.
Leather jacket vaudeville; in Everyone Has Sher Favorite
Legends and Fishnets
See also Series III, Box 44.
Letters to the editors, , 1972 1976-1992
Various; includes copy of Lotta Poetica 15-16 (Aug-Sept 1972).
levels; in Roof magazine
The Köln Fluxus and Happenings Show
life; in Everyone Has Sher Favorite
life on his wife's casting couch: in Some Recent Snowflakes
Paste-up, proof, type galley.
life and times of the croissant: in Epickall Quest
Mss, 3 letters regarding Len Fulton and Keith Waldrop, publisher of Burning Deck.
The Limitations of Distribution
love song for straights; in Everyone Has Sher Favorite
lyronic: no binding permitted poem
Letter, notes.
The Madonna on the rocks
Film scenerio (1 pg)
many mirrors for Gertrude Stein
Proofs [fragile, have been conserved].
Martin (movie script); in Everyone Has Sher Favorite
Mediocracy: getting the arts past the 1980s
mice all over the place
Mss with specs for typesetting.
Milwaukee poem; in Everyone Has Sher Favorite, "creamcity review"
modern times; in Everyone Has Sher Favorite
Mss, correspondence, notes.
modular poems
See also Series III, Box 44.
More Danger and Fur Poems to be Performed
moving; in Everyone Has Sher Favorite
The Musical Wig
the nature of fish; in Everyone Has Sher Favorite
A New Novel About Sypholoon Endestuary
Ken Friedman's commentary; Dick Higgins letter to Friedman (no ms).
started very strangely 1968
Non-Performance Pieces, 1968
Mss of prose poems.
Novalis: Hymns to the Night
Correspondence (with Bruce McPherson of Treacle Press, publisher of this book translated by Dick Higgins); part of ms translation with letter to Ken Elmslie, 8 Aug 1976, regarding section i, mss sections ii-vi.
Ode to London, 1976
Several copies printed on mylar.
Of Celebration of Morning
Partial mss, arranged by worlds (see Series III for full production material).
Of the Autogogs and the gowns
Mss essay "to be in Epickall Quest."
On Doing too Much
For Dialectic of Centuries, 1977, mss, two copies.
100 Plays
Printed mss.
40 P-S
Pattern Poetry
Guide to an Unknown Literature; See also Series III, Boxes 58-61.
The Pendulum
A Penny for your thoughts, aka Penny Piece
In Avalanch; correspondence (3) with Dick Higgins's description of this performance piece, and reference to photographs (not in folder).
Le Petit Cirque au fin du Monde
Copy of Aarevue #50/51 (Jan-Feb 1973).
Pleasures of life or . . .; in Modular Poems
Poem from or for Bern Porter
In Everyone Has Sher Favorite (bp 30 vii 76), along with Bern Porter's "The Erotikon Contributions."
Poetry of John Cage
Correspondence only, no mss.
Portrait of a Woman
In Everyone Has Sher Favorite, poem, Dick Higgins's notes, variations.
Post-Cognitive Era
Essay (original folder has note "acquired for Ben Pattersen 1978"), 3 mss, correspondence.
Post-modern performance; in Performance by Artists, 1979
Printing songs (#1-11)
Private Illuminations
Protest piece
Directions for a performance, one sheet.
A p.s. for Steve McCaffery
Two sheets.
put differently another secratic question for Mike Belt
In Everyone Has Sher Favorite, also includes ms entitled "Another secratic question for Mike Belt."
red dog (Roter Hund)
In Everyone Has Sher Favorite; correspondence, notes, mss in English and German.
Reviews by Dick Higgins, n.d.
"Three Worlds Three Women" in Contact II 2, no. 1 (Nov-Dec 1978) and typescript of "Teaching & Learning as Performing Arts" and "Coo-less Haiku" (M.J. Phillips' haikus in News Art), clipping.
Saint Joan at Beaurevoir, 1959-1960
Performance script (1960), flyer, mss, typescript, and mss (1959) with explanation of use of slides in performance.
sandals and stars
Kurt Schwitters
Translated by Dick Higgins; poem, essay, Francis Picabia poem translation.
Selected early works
Production correspondence; (see also Series III Poems, Plain & Fancy).
Seven Stars for Professors
Six Concretions
6 invitations for Piano & Pianist
Mss (one sheet), Dick Higgins notes.
six trivial reflections, 1977
Six copies of mss.
The Sixties
Two letters, no mss.
Snake in the Grass
An impromptu.
So; in Asylum v.6, no.2 ( ) Sep 1990
some clouds for asriel
Some Graphis Mirrors. 1967
A Threadneedle booklet; graphics with text.
some poetry intermedia
Some recent snowflakes
Ms, with specs.
something borrowed, 1974
Something Else Newsletter
Vol.1, nos.1-12; vol.2, nos.1-8; vol.3, nos.2-3; misc. book order forms, Camille's Reports nos. 1-3, SE newscard nos. 1-9.
Song, "a little sparkling moment"
Song, "is round six"
Song (Graphis 192b) for any voices(s) and instrument(s)
Three copies of mss, some repros, correspondence with Andrew Bogle, Auckland City Art Gallery regarding "Chance in Art" show and 10th anniversary issue of EAR, where it was published.
Sonnet: "Of Barton winds my breath is made"
Mss, corresp, clippings, holograph versions of poem.
Spring Game: an opera for shadow puppets
Ms, proofs, correspondence.
spring person
Started very strangely
strange fellows, or Dr. Daffy's Greek lover
Styles in Cognitivism
Essay (note on folder, "see also Two Essays Written on May 16, 1976"), two copies.
Suggested activities (i-vi)
Summer Music
Poem, one letter.
Symphony No. 1007
One sheet.
41 T-Z
Tamerlane's Darugar and Timurtas's Silence (pattern poem/graphic)
The Tart, or Miss America; in Jefferson's Birthday
Teaching at Cal Arts
In three parts (part Yeni, part Lingam, and Climax) mss for parts 1-2, 2 letters, clippings from LA Free Press 1, 2, 3.
10.5155.20: art contemporain
Issue no.5, guest-edited by Dick Higgins and Karl Kempton, correspondence, illus., mss.
This one's for Tony, n.d.
Flyer for a happening,, Newhall, CA [Cal Arts?].
Three movements of wheels, 1959
Directions for making and drawing a music wheel machine, 1959 written on original folder.
Three Paradies of my own Styles; Epickall Quest
3 reflections on Post-Structuralism
Made into postcards. Mss, holograph versions, typesetting.
Three Things by Dick Higgins
To Analyze the Process
to gather together #10
Composed for a collective piano piece originally by Daniele Lombardi.
to my brother and sister english teachers
Towards an Allusive Referential
Mss (for Dialectic of Centuries) two copies.
To whom it may concern
28 things to think about
Became graphic with Conz.
twenty six parallels to the english alphabet
2 Essays written on 16 May 1976
Both in Dialectic of Centuries, mss (typescript), Styles in Cognitivism, Exemplative Works of Art, one letter.
Two Hundred and Sixteen Basic Cuing Situations
2 insincerities
Two letters (between Dick Higgins and David Wilk, regarding publishing this piece.
2 things about the woods; in Everyone Has Sher Favorite
In Horizons, typescript mss, correspondence, holograph outline summary.
untitled ("AHA - - -") 23 Sep 1971
one sheet
untitled ("vain man/"); in Everyone Has Sher Favorite 4 Feb 1977
waiting for a friend
In Some Recent Snowflakes, two mss (typescript) versions.
waltz macabre; in Everyone Has Sher Favorite
wedding bells in 100 words (see also French version Cent mots . . . [ ]); in Poems, Plain & Fancy 1970
What the Theater Can Be
winter music; in Everyone Has Sher Favorite
words are mirrors; in Some Recent Snowflakes
Yankee: two letters; in Intersection
You're in the news today: a proposed environment; in Everyone Has Sher Favorite
Rejected works A-Z
bell song
Child's History of Grown-Ups
Concerto for Politics
Dada and Berlin
Declaration of Independence (for NESPA)
de perfide
Mss, 4 letters.
East Hampton: or The Private Life of the Pudgies
See also Susan Thompson file in Series I.
ebb tide: a musical hörspiel
Performed at Poughkeepsie; mss, notes, production correspondence, issues of The Poultry Times used for research.
end of something
Mss, correspondence.
an essay on names
Figures in front of a curtain: Leonora Carrington, 1976
Correspondence, mss, catalog of 1976 retrospective exhibition at Univ. of Texas, Austin.
happy birthday of the chross
Inventing our back pages
the last supper (without jesus)
a legendary situation
Mss, 1 letter.
May 20
Mss, corrected copy, notes (portions published in New Lazarus Review 3/4 (1980).
Nowboy Song
An open letter to Livingston Biddle
Mss, 2 letters.
Please write a second stanza
portrait of Shelley
The Prodigal Son
Mss, correspondence.
rein de rein, les deux vols
the rose triangles
A Self-referential Sonnet
snowflake with pierrot
The Spoken Pause: An Essay for Alison
Suburban Fashions
Thesis Pesis
to be made into a song and be sung by Mike Bolt
transformed for Richard
transformed him
untitled ("bold told - - -') 14 Feb 1977
A valentine for valentines
Mss, holograph version, one letter.
Variation on a theme by freifeld
winter song
Mss, correspondence.
without resistance
Women and Composition, an Outsider's View
Mss, correspondence.
Journal 1 ( ) 1966
Bound ms with inserts, poems, notes, etc.
Journal, , Berlin Aug 1973
Poems, notes, etc.

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