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Dick Higgins papers, 1960-1994 (bulk 1972-1993)

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Finding aid for the Dick Higgins papers, 1960-1994 (bulk 1972-1993)

Container List

Series I. Correspondence, 1953-1994 54.0 linear feet 36 boxes
This series consists primarily of letters, but also contains printed ephemera, mail art, manuscripts, performance instructions, compositions, artists' books, drawings, and photographs of individuals, performance, and art work. Types of correspondence include letters about intimate personal matters, the Fluxus movement, performances, concrete and pattern poetry, and music. Files are arranged alphabetically by correspondent with miscellaneous correspondence at the end of each alpha letter. Material and correspondence for performances (often referred to as "gigs") is generally filed alphabetically by city or institution.
1 A-AP
Includes: Adler, Jeremy (British poet and scholar), , , 1984 1987-1990 1993
Personal and pattern poetry correspondence, 31 items, (see also Series V-B, Box 77).
Af Klintberg, Bengt (Swedish composer and Fluxus artist), 1974-1990
Includes personal and other correspondence related to Fluxus artists, Dick Higgins's 1977 performance in Sweden, and Swedish folklife; also contains 10 photographs of a diver's suit ("Forest Diver"), ca. 107 items, (see also Series V-B, Box 77).
Aguiar, Fernando (Portuguese visual poet, in Partisan Review), 1988
Includes printed ephemera related to "Poesia: outra Escrita Novo Suporte" and 10 photos, ca. 40 items, 1986-1991.
Ahern, Tom (Burning Deck Press), 1972-1978
8 letters. See also Waldrop correspondence.
Alpert, Barry (editor of Vort), 1975-1977
Some letters related to Something Else Press Vort issue and other correspondence regarding the publishing business, ca. 41 items.
Anceschi, Giovanni (philosophy professor at Univ. of Bologna), 1977-1978
Correspondence mostly in German; includes one letter with small drawing (30.10.77), one poem and one drawing by Anceschi, 16 items total.
Andersen, Eric (Danish composer and Fluxus artist), , 1974-1993 n.d.
Correspondence regarding collaborations, works and personal matters; also video and many performance instructions, including "Please Leave" with felt number, n.d., "Visitor's Walk" with photo and decals, n.d., "Sound Walk," ca. 1991, and note card poems with photographs (first card "I would do what I did," n.d.; score for "The Untactics of Music," n.d.; plans for "Solplænen," 1982, and "Marianne," 1986; one ink drawing; untitled Dick Higgins poem (3 Aug 1985); and announcements, printed ephemera and copied articles; ca. 230 items.
Anderson, Beth (composer and editor of Ear), , , 1976-1978 1980 1989
22 items.
Anderson, Laurie, ca. 1977
1 letter about her current artistic interests, 2 items.
Andrade, Gentil (Brazilian artist), 1984-1987
includes one pencil drawing, letter with ink fish drawings and one photo of fish sculpture, 13 items.
Andre, Michael ( Unmuzzled Ox), , , , 974 1976-1978 1981 n.d.
Correspondence regarding publishing Dick Higgins works and Dick Higgins's 6 page translation of Daniel Spoerri's "Gastronoptikum," 22 items.
Andrews, Bruce (poet and editor of L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E), , , 1974-1979 1981 1983
includes poetry typescripts, 35 items.
Angioni, Marcello ( Abracadabra), , 1978-1980 1985
includes poetry ms "Directions for Understanding the Universe," 23 items.
Apollo, Susan Jane (Dick Higgins's assistant), 1981-1982
Higgins's assistant in the U.S., while he was in Berlin, 1981-1982. About 190 letters, most regarding business affairs.
2 AR-BARD, includes:
Arcand, Pierre-André (Canadian visual poet), 1984-1989
some printed ephemera associated with "La Machine à Mots," 27 items.
Arias-Mission, Alain, , , , , 1978-1979 1984 1986 1989-1991 1993
ca. 20 items.
Armleder, John (Ecart), , , 1973-1980 1986 1988-1989
includes correspondence regarding exhibitions of Dick Higgins work at Ecart and small book "Rych Dougal," ca. 40 items.
Assembling Foundation (arts organization which Dick Higgins was president), , 1973 1983-1984
ca. 38 items.
Ay-O (Fluxus artist), , 1969-1975 1978
includes 1 handwritten Ay-O reply with ink drawings, and 1 pencil drawing, 35 items.
Ashley, Mary (artist), 1974-1977
includes 1 photocopied artpiece "Eat Your Totems," 12 items.
B., Mats (Rindeskär, Swedish critic), , 1973-1984 n.d.
includes correspondence regarding collaborations, theoretical discourses and personal matters; small Mats performance script, 2 Jan 1974; 5 photos, including photo postcard of Af Klintberg making "Strawberry Pictures," 1975; Swedish radio program transcript of B. and Af Klintberg discussing Dick Higgins's work, 1976; Dick Higgins letter discussing Claes Oldenburg, 7 Nov 1977; metal "postcard"; and many clippings; ca. 141 items.
Baecker, Inge (Galerie Inge Baecker, Bochum), , , 1974-1981 1983 1985-1990
Correspondence mostly in german regarding Dick Higgins retrospective Jan 1978 with 14 photographs of the exhibition, and sending Dick Higgins work to the gallery, ca. 155 items.
Ballerini, Luigi (Professor of French and Italian literature at NYU), 1975-1979
Correspondence about Gillespie Abraham Lincoln, 20 letters.
Ballif, Claude (French new musician), 1981-1983
some correspondence in French, including one long letter by Ballif describing his work, and typescript translation of Voyage de Mon Oreille, pp. 203-226, 15 items.
Banana, Anna (Productions; sound poet, also Bill Gaglione), , , , 1974 1977-1981 1984 1987
includes printed ephemera, 1 issue of Artistamp News (vol 4, no. 1; 2 copies) and mail art stamps, ca. 50 items.
Barboza, Diego (Venezuelan performer), 1976-1980
includes postcards, flyers and letters, 23 items.
Bard Catalogue Design ("Land Marks" exhibition announcement), ca. 1984
includes Dick Higgins's design for the catalogue.
3 BARN-BERL, includes:
Barnard, Geoffrey (member of Australian electronic music group Teletopa), , , , , 1974 1976-1978 1980-1982 1986 1989
Correspondence with discussions of Fantastic Architecture, and about Douglas Heubler and Filliou, 30 items.
Baroni, Vittore (Italian mail artist), ca. 1987
1 mail art piece.
Beaudoin, Kenneth, 1977
2 items, including a collage.
Beers, John d', 1992
contains a copy of "The Oral History of Anarchy."
Bell, Michael (visual poet), , , , 1974-1979 1983 1986 1988-1989
includes personal correspondence, with one long frank personal letter to Bell from Dick Higgins about Emmett and Eugene Williams, and original Bell drawings on cardboard for Erotikon, ca. 40 items.
Below, Peter (Mixed Media & Edition; video artist), 1978
5 letters, 1 postcard, mail art.
Belt, Mike (stamp artist and poet), 1976-1978
includes 7 photographs by Belt, Dick Higgins's chronology of his life from 1966-1976 (30 Jun 1976), mailart and postcards, ca. 56 items.
Benamou, Michel (Center for 20th Century Studies, University of Wisconsin), 1978-1983
Correspondence regarding Dick Higgins guest artist appointment at the Center, 1977, and involvement in seminars on postmodern art, ca. 73 items, 1976-1978 [bulk 1976]. Benjamin, Jerry (performance artist and poet): letters regarding Dick Higgins scripts performed by other artists, including 1982 Los Angeles performance of "Stacked Deck" with many written descriptions of cast, rehersals and stage set (designed by Kaprow), a drawing of the stage set (1981-1982) and photocopied contact sheets from the performance, and one performed by Rachel Rosenthal, 1980; view of L.A. artists performance scene, 1978-1980; photo of Dick Higgins and Benjamin by Judith Hoffberg, ca. 70 items.
Bennett, John M. (mail artist), , , 1975-1982 1988-1989 1992
includes mail art, printed ephemera and small books, ca. 57 items.
Berard, Paul (Dick Higgins friend), 1980-1991
contains extensive personal correspondence.
Berard, Roger (Dick Higgins friend, collaborator and brother of Paul), , , , 1979-1983 1985-1986 1988-1989 1991
includes extensive correspondence regarding personal matters and collaborations, and 5 photographs from same series as Of Celebration of Morning.
Bergé, Carol (writer and editor of Center), , , 1975-1980 1989 1992-1994
Correspondence regarding both of their writings, Center and small press and writers news, ca. 90 items.
Berger, Ute and Michael (Harlekin Art), 1988-1989
Correspondence in German regarding Fluxus artists, 19 items.
4 BERN-BR, includes:
Bernstein, Charles (editor of L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E), , 1977-1979 1984
includes correspondence regarding reviews of Dick Higgins's work and Dick Higgins reviews of others in LANGUAGE and issue no. 7 of Abacus, 21 items.
Bigelow, David (Dick Higgins's maternal uncle) and other Bigelows, , , , , , , , , , 1953 1960 1967 1972 1974 1981-1983 1986 1988 1993 n.d.
28 letters
Blaine, Julien (French artist and publisher of Doc[k]s), , , , 1976-1977 1981-1982 1984 1987-1989
ca. 36 items.
Block, René (Galerie René Block), , , , 1973-1974 1976 1978 1980-1989
includes correspondence regarding exhibitions, some in German; Dick Higgins music "Statement," ca. 16 Sep 1981; jacket notes for a Dick Higgins album, 17 Mar 1982; Dick HigginsDick Higgins Fluxus "Statement," 15 Jul 1982, for Wiesbaden Fluxus; ca. 118 items.
Bohn, Willard (scholar), 1990
includes typescript of ms "The Dada Market," 1990 (see also Series V-B, Box 77, for pattern poetry correspondence and ms).
Bookslinger (small press distributor), 1978-1979
ca. 84 items regarding book business.
Boyd, Don (teacher and sculptor), , , , 1975-1977 1979-1984 1987-1988 1993
includes correspondence about publishing and printing projects of Boyd's artists books; leather "piece" by Boyd for Dick Higgins, 1975; 3 mailart postcards, one oil on cardboard; short Dick Higgins descriptions of his biography and Intermedia, 14 Nov 1977; and photographs of Boyd and his family; ca. 67 items.
Bradley, Tony (mail artist), 1977-1978
Correspondence and art pieces.
Brainard, Joe (poet and artist), , , , 1970 1972 1976 n.d.
Correspondence regarding Brainard illustrations for Dick Higgins book, 10 items.
Braun, Herman (German collector of Fluxus/visual poetry), , 1985-1988 1990-1991
33 letters regarding the sale of Dick Higgins owned works and 2 photographs with George Brecht.
Brecht, George, , 1960 1974-1980
includes Something Else Press invoices/job orders; letters, mostly about Fluxus; and ms of "Innovational Research," ca. 35 items.
Breger, Udo (German visual poet), , , 1973 1976-1979 1981
includes 2 posters of "Sissor Bros. Warehouse," 18 items.
Brody, Hart (concrete poet), 1975-1976
includes mail art piece, 4 items.
Brookmann, Dieter (German artist), , , , 1982-1984 1986 1989-1990 1992-1993
includes correspondence in German and ephemera, ca. 25 items.
Brown, Jean, 1974-1988
ca.120 letters mostly regarding her archive.
5 BU-CARR, includes:
Buczak, Brian (mail artist, died 1987), , , 1977-1981 1984 1987-1989
includes mail art, 1 drawing photocopied, and 1 collage, 26 items, 1977-1979, 1989. Burch, Charlton (publisher of Lightworks): some correspondence about Fluxus issue of Lightworks, ca. 33 letters, 1978-1981, 1984, 1987-1988.
C., Richard (Craven; museum curator and concept artist/visual poet), , , 1976-1977 1980 1987-1988
contains catalog of 1987 exhibition; 4 letters and 3 postcard words (visual poems); 9 items.
Cage, John, , , 1967 1973 1976-1994
extensive and substantial materials including "Diary" (Great Bear Pamplet, 1967, 2 copies): publicity, galley, and advance orders for "Writing through Finnegans Wake," 1977-1978; Cage Reader correction, 1983; Dick Higgins project with Irmelin Lebeer on Cage art criticism, 1986; correspondence, programs, printed ephemera for Cage at Wesleyan Symposium, Feb. 1988; Hörspiel entitled "James Joyce, Marcel Duchamp, Erik Satie: Ein Alphabet," 1990; other items such as correspondence, clippings, articles, photo, score, small book, programs announcements [bulk 1986-1990, n.d.]; and correspondence, clippings and copied articles about Cage's death, 1993-1994; ca. 1/3 record storage box.
Calhoun School
Correspondence regarding Jessica Higgins, 1975-1981
Campos, Augusto and Haroldo de (Brazilian visual poets), , , , , 1972 1974 1977-1979 1983-1984 1991
includes correspondence about pattern poems, copy of Poesia Concreta in Brasile, 1991, articles and printed ephemera, ca. 30 items
Cantieni, Graham (Canadian poet and publisher of 10.5155.20: art comtemporain), , 1982-1983 1991
Correspondence regarding visual poetry and 2 catalogs of Cantieni drawings and sculptures, ca. 35 items.
Caramello, Charles (critic and graduate student of literature), , , 1977 1979-1980 1984
letters about experimental writing and Caramello's writing of a book, 15 items.
Carrego, Ugo (Mercato del Sale), , , 1974-1976 1978 1981
Correspondence regarding personal matters, writing and art, including Dick Higgins poem on actual art situation, 2/26/76, 15 items.
Carrington, Leonora, 1975-1976
includes 2 versions of article Dick Higgins wrote on her paintings and Dick Higgins notes, ca. 33 items.
Carrión, Ulises (Dutch writer and performance artist, who runs Other Books and So), 1976-1978
24 items.
Carruth, Hayden (poet), 1975-1981
Correspondence regarding personal matters and writings, including letter from Carruth where he talks of his love for poetry and sorrow at not succeeding in music ("I loved music more than poetry") and his difficulty reading his poetry in public, 6 Dec 1980; and mss of sonnet hundred different ways (by Carruth?), 45 items.
6 CART-CON, includes:
Caruso, Luciano (Italian visual poet and scholar), 1976-1983
includes 15 letters regarding visual poetry, printed ephemera; and 3 issues of E/Mana/Azione (#4, 7, 8).
Case, Don (artist), 1976
includes 4 photographs of Case's work and his artistic statement, 10 items.
CAYC (Centre de Arte y Comunicación), , , , , 1973 1974-1975 [bulk] 1976-1977 1983 1993
contains correspondence with Jorge Glusberg; and much printed ephemera, manifestos and flyers of events.
Chalupecký, Jindrich (Czech writer on Fluxus, Happenings and Duchamp), , , , 1975 1977-1978 1982-1983 1986
includes mss from Chalupecký entitled "Temps Zéro," 20 items.
Chambers, Bill, 1984
includes postcards with poems and typed poems, 7 items.
Charles, Christophe (artist and musician) and Daniel (Christophe's father, art critic and philosopher), , , , 1976-1982 1984-1987 1989 1993
Correspondence mostly with Christophe, 1982, 1984-1986, 1989, 1993; some with Daniel, which includes offprints, 1976, 1984, 1987.
Chase, Gilbert (reviewer, music scholar and professor at Univ. of North Carolina), , , , 1977-1978 1980-1982 [bulk] 1983 1992
23 items.
Chiarucci, Henri (Enrico), , , , 1976 1977 [bulk] 1978 1981
Correspondence regarding visual poetry, Bruno, friends, family and stamps, 26 letters.
Chicago Gig (sponsored by Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago), Oct 23, 1967
performance entitled "What Did You Bring: An Evening with John Cage, Dick Higgins and Alison Knowles," includes correspondence with Jan van der Marck; 8 photographs with Dick Higgins, Knowles and Cage; notes; program scripts; etc.
Chicago, "In the Spirit of Fluxus," (Arts Club, Block Gallery, MCA,), 1993
contains correspondence and announcements about exhibition and affiliated events. Also includes checklist of the exhibition.
Chiessi, Rosanna (director of Pari & Dispari), 1977-1983
includes correspondence regarding sound and poetry festival, 1977 and legal dispute, 1982; posters; flyer; and other printed ephemera; ca. 27 items.
Chin, Daryl (dramatist and film critic), , , , 1975-1978 [bulk] 1979-1980 1982 n.d.
Correspondence regarding art, video, drama, their own work, other artists and personal, ca. 81 items
Chopin, Henri, , 1976 1979-1983 [bulk]
Correspondence about sound poetry, ca. 54 items.
Christiansen, Henning, , 1986 1992
includes small round book and 1 photograph, 12 items.
Clarion Foundation, 1984
proposal and notes from a non-profit organization dedicated to presenting new literature.
Cole, David, 1980
book of visual poetry/puns.
Conz, Francesco (Italian art promoter and book publisher), , , 1974 1977-1991 n.d.
extensive correspondence regarding projects they worked on together, Dick Higgins's work, other artists, Conz's exhibits, publishing, and collecting (Fluxus, other sound art, Lettrisme, etc.); also contains printed ephemera and an article about Conz with typescript English translation (n.d.).
7 COO-CU, includes:
Cook, Elizabeth (painter), 1984-1985
mostly printed ephemera and flyers, 10 items (see also Series V-B, Box 77).
Cook, Fred (performance poet), 1975
includes 2 small books, 4 items.
Cook, Geoffrey (translater and poet at UC Berkeley), 1976-1993
extensive correspondence contains discussions of language/translation (see also Series V-B, Box 77), poetry and Bruno in others' work; 1978 correspondence mostly regarding poets and mail artists writing letters in support of jailed Uruguayan writers Clemente Padín (see also Padín file, Box 25) and Jorge Caraballo; also printed ephemera, and small book.
Cooper, Michael (poet and priest, also correspondence from his mother and Janet), , , 1974-1980 1982 1987-1988
includes printed ephemera for readings and poems, and ca. 78 typescript poems of varing length "from Summer '78 to Summer '79," ca. 131 items total.
Copenhagen Trip ("Excellent 1992"), 1992
includes correspondence with Knud Pedersen and Eric Andersen, "Menus," and a report of the "A La Carte" rehearsal by Pedersen with many color-photocopied photographs.
Corner, Philip (musician, Fluxus group and early Judson Dance Theatre), , 1960-1989 n.d.
includes extensive correspondence regarding Printed Editions, photos, printed ephemera, handwritten and typescript works, performances and Printed Editions catalog.
COSMEP, , 1974-1990 bulk 1975-1978
contains correspondence about working of one of the most important small press organizations, difficulties of small press editors and publishers and politics of small press world, 1974-1979, 1981, 1987-1988 [bulk 1975-1978]; many newsletters and other notices, scattered #s 1974-1990.
Cowell, Sidney (Mrs. Henry Cowell), 1974-1987
Correspondence regarding Henry Cowell, composer, teacher of Dick Higgins, also includes printed ephemera for Cowell symposium, 1986, and information about Cowell book for SEP, "new music resources."
Crane, Mike (Director, Cal State U, Sacramento, Art Gallery where Dick Higgins had a show), , , 1977-1979 1983-1984 n.d.
includes printed ephemera and concrete poem from Crane.
Crozier, Robin, , 1974-1977 1990
8 letters, 2 notes, plus mail art. See also Robin Crozier collection in Special Collections accession no. 890146.
8 DA-DOM, includes:
DAAD (Visting artists program grant in Germany which Dick Higgins received in 1974, 1981-1982), , , 1973-1987 bulk 1974-1975 bulk 1980-1982
Correspondence arranging Dick Higgins's stay in Germany, including l letter in which Dick Higgins describes his life, changes, and his nervous breakdown (15 Dec 1974), plus misc. forms.
Dachy, Marc (publisher of Luna Park, and writer in Paris), , , , , 1978 1980-1982 [bulk] 1986 1990-1993 n.d.
Correspondence (see also Series V-B, Box 77).
Fondation Danae (artists' space in France), 1988-1989
Dartmouth gig, 1980
Correspondence regarding Dick Higgins performances, lectures there, Dick Higgins notes, performance script, documentation.
David, Diana, , 1980 [bulk] 1982-1985
See also Gaudynski, Box 12.
Day, Peter, 1988-1990
13 letters most regarding Ian Hamilton Finlay exhibit at Art Metropole, organized by Day.
De Appel (Amsterdam artists' space), 1979
de Aquino, Angelo (brazilian visual poet, performance artist, associated w/Central deArte, , Contemporaneo) 1973-1974 1979
some correspondence about his situation in Brazil, printed ephemera for performances in which de Aquino participated.
Del Monaco, Alfredo (Venezuelan video artist and composer), 1978-1979
Correspondence ca. 15 items.
Delahanty, Suzanne (director of Neuberger Museum, SUNY at Purchase, NY), , , , , 1980 1981-1982 [bulk] 1984 1988 1993
mostly regarding Soundings exhibit.
Dencker, Klaus Peter (visual poet), , , , 1977-1978 1983-1984 [bulk] 1986 1991
includes artworks, printed ephemera, and photographs. See also Series V-B, Box 77.
Diacono, Mario, , , 1977-1979 1983-1984 1986-1988
Correspondence regarding pattern poetry, 29 items.
Dienes, Sari, ca. 1978-1988
Correspondence, photographs, and printed ephemera regarding Dienes and her work. (See also F. Conz file, Box 6, 1991 correspondence for his essay on Dienes' work).
di Maggio, Gino (Italian Fluxus collector and publisher of Multhipla), , 1974 1979-1988
Correspondence, photographs, and printed ephemera regarding Dienes and her work. (See also F. Conz file, Box 6, 1991 correspondence for his essay on Dienes' work). Extensive correspondence.
Diotallevi, Marcello (Italian mail artist), , 1983 1986
Djurić, Dubravka (Yugoslavian artist), , , 1990 1992 1994
14 items.
Doman, Katharine and Nicholas ("Ma," Dick Higgins mother & stepfather), , 1970-1988 1991
contains extensive correspondence 1958-1969 (see also Bigelow correspondence, Box 4), letters about Dick Higgins father's death and estate, 1970-1988, undated and Dick Higgins mother's death and estate, 1991. Also includes photographs and original Dick Higgins score.
9 DON-E, includes:
Doria, Charles (poet & critic), , 1978 1983-1991 [bulk]
includes correspondence regarding Bruno book, small book and poetry mss. See also Series III, Box 63, for correspondence about Bruno translation and Series V-B, Box 77, for pattern poetry correspondence.
Dreva, Jerry (performance artist), 1977-1979
includes photographs.
Dreyfus, Charles, 1977-1982
Correspondence regarding pattern poetry, 17 letters.
Dupuy, Jean (intermedia artist), , , , , , 1976 1979 1981-1984 1986 1988-1989 1991
includes artwork and Trou Verge, 37 items.
Eakins, Patricia (poet), , , 1976 1988 1991
18 items.
Edgerton, Sam (director of Williams College graduate program in the history of art), 1987-1991
23 letters.
Ehrenburg, Felipe (Mexican visual artist), 1976-1983
ca. 15 items.
Elmslie, Kenward (poet), n.d.
17 letters.
Erlhoff, Michael (publisher of Zweitschrift), 1976-1989
ca. 30 letters (see also Series V-B, Box 77).
Esser, Manfred (German artist/musician, producer of radio events), 1969-1982
23 letters.
Essary, Loris (publisher of Interstate), , , 1977-1978 [bulk] 1979-1987 1992
Eriksson, Leif (Swedish book artist & visual poet, who runs Swedish Archive of Artists Books, and Wedgepress & Cheese), , 1983-1984 1986-1987
includes printed ephemera, posters, mail art, etc.
Espinosa, Cesar (Mexican visual poet and organizer), 1987-1988
includes printed ephemera.
Etlinger, Amelia (mail artist), , 1976 n.d.
Letters and mail art fabric constructions.
European trips, , , 1979 1981 1985
Extensive correspondence regarding trips: June 1979 (Dick Higgins notes and bio), 1981 (itinerary & correspondence, printed emphemera, notes), 1985 (itinerary, corresp.).
Ex Libris, n.d.
Correspondence regarding selling part of Dick Higgins library (especially Der Dada #2), most with Gotham Book Mart, Jaap Reitman and Albert J. Phiebig.
10 FA-FRANC, includes:
Fairchild, Charles (composer), 1989
4 letters, photocopied scores and cassette tape.
Fallon Tom (Charteng Workshop), 1981
2 Fallon poems, brief but interesting discussion regarding definition and significance of Intermedia concept, ca. 6 letters.
Feelisch, Wolfgang (publisher), , , 1976 1979
3 letters (1976, 1979) and brochure of Fluxus objects from Verlag W. Feelisch.
Felluss gallery (Washington, D.C.), , , 1978 1980
Correspondence and printed ephemera mostly regarding Fluxus Buffet des Chefs and other avant garde events at the "Art 1980, New York, Oct 10-18."
Ferrando, Bartolomé ( Texto Poetico), , 1988 1990-1991
includes Bartolomé Ferrando: propuestas poéticas, libros objecto, poesía proceso, 20 items.
Fetterman, Bill (writing dissertation on John Cage), , 1987-1990 bulk 1987-1988
Extensive correspondence (see also Series V, Boxes 73 and 77, for ms and letters about Amer. pattern poetry).
Filliou, Robert (and Marianne Filliou), , , 1965 1967 1974-1988
Includes several long letters from Dick Higgins regarding his work and personal life, and discussion of other artists and Filliou's work, ca. 75 letters and invoices.
Film-makers' Cooperative, , , 1975-1976 1983-1984 1987-1993
Includes correspondence and newsletters documenting financial problems, ca. 30 items.
Fine, Albert M., 1969-1970
Framed piece with mail art, yarn and drawing on corrugated board. (Sent to conservation 28 Sep 1994).
"Finland gig," June 1982
Programs, photos, notes regarding "Higgins-Berard concert", 7 items.
Finlay, Ian Hamilton, , , , , 1972 1974-1979 1980-1982 1986 1988-1989
Extensive correspondence mostly about one anothers work, also postcards, posters and other printed ephemera from Finlay.
Flaherty, Joe (Book Bus Project, director of Writers and Books), , , , 1976-1977 1980-1989 1990 1992
Correspondence mostly regarding small press distribution, ca. 45 letters.
Fleiss, Marcel (Galerie ) 1988-1992
Correspondence regarding sale of Dick Higgins and others work to Fleiss' gallery, and fluxus and happenings exhibit in Paris (1989).
Fluxus, 1989
Announcements, printed ephemera for exhibits, events; photocopies and tearsheets of reviews, most of Fluxus exhibit at MOMA, 1989. (See also folders of individual artists and gigs.)
Flynt, Henry, 1976-1990
6 letters, printed emphemera and 5 mss by Flynt.
Fontana, Giovanni, , , 1983 1985-1986 1988-1990
Includes sound poem and printed ephemera.
Ford, Charles Henri, , , 1976-1979 1980 1982
Correspondence and printed ephemera, ca. 35 items.
Foster, Stephen (DADA and Research Archive, U of Iowa), 1979-1988
corresp regarding Foster's symposioum on "Avant-Garde and the Text. . ." (1987).
Fox, Hugh (aka his alter ego, Connie Fox), , , , 1974-1986 1988 n.d. bulk 1974-1982
Numerous letters, also Fox's checklist of Something Else Press publications; (for more regarding Something Else Press, see also Dick Higgins's letter to Len Fulton, 13 June 1974; and material in Peter Frank, Ken Friedman files).
Francis, Harley, , 1978 1980
5 items regarding stamp/mail art ("Tristan Local Post" and "Terra Candella").
11 FRANK-FRIE, includes:
Frank, Peter, , 1976-1982 1985-1990
Most of the correspondence regards book Frank did on Dick Higgins and Something Else Press; Frank's notes, checklist, part of ms; Frank ms for book on Something Else Press; 3 large folders.
"Frankfurt gig," Feb 1982
printed ephemera, Dick Higgins notes regarding performance.
Franklin Furnace (artists space in NYC, Dick Higgins was a Board member, 1988), 1977-1993
Includes printed ephemera, some correspondence regarding Dick Higgins's exhibit of Something Else Press books, Mar 6, 1979, and Dick Higgins performance at Franklin Furnace. Also in this file an exhibition Dick Higgins organized at C-space, NYC, same time. (See also Martha Wilson file, Box 34.)
Freifeld, Larry and Lois (poets, aka Freefield), , , , , 1974-1978 1980-1983 1985 1989 1992
Includes extensive personal correspondence, small poetry books, typescript of play.
Friedman, Ken
Includes extensive correspondence about Fluxus people and events, Friedman's Fluxnews and other Fluxus printed ephemera (see Box 12 for mss and more).
12 FRIE-GO, includes:
Friedman, Ken, 1974-1993
Folder of Friedman's works in mss regarding Fluxus (1989), a folder with a mss by Friedman, a fluxus chronology entitled "Explaining Fluxus," ms by Peter Frank on Ken Friedman, and unfinished essay on Dick Higgins; ca. 1/3 record storage box total.
Friedman, Martin (Walker Art Center), , 1982 1983
2 letters.
Frye, Northrop (literary critic), 1975-1978
Correspondence regarding Higgins's work, which he had sent to Frye for comments, 11 letters.
2 brochures for futurist events, exhibitions.
Gabler, Herman (visual & text artist), , , 1982 1984 1986-1987
Correspondence and printed ephemera.
Gaglione, Bill, , 1977-1978 1993
Correspondence, most about publishing a book of visual poems, (See also Anna Banana, Box 2.)
Gajewski, Henryk (Polish avant garde artist, editor Art Text, Warsaw), 1972-1982
Some of the correspondence discusses the political situation in Poland in a personal, but careful way.
Garland, Peter (Soundings Press; composer, publisher of new music), , , , , 1974 1976-1977 1981 1983 bulk 1977
Garnier, Pierre (French concrete poet)
10 items.
Gaudynski, Thomas, also Paul Gaudynski and Diana David (new music/fluxus enthusiasts/musicians in Wisconsin), 1978-1982
ca. 45 items.
Gerlovina, Rimma and Valleri ( Collective Farm)
Includes one letter regarding their plans to publish an issue of Collective Farm about Fluxus and Jean Brown (see also accn. no. 890164).
Getty Center, , , 1987 1989 1991-1993
Substantial correspondence about acquisition and processing of archive and performances at the book conference, 1992, and "Rolywholyover," 1993.
Gibbs, Michael ( Kontexts, Amsterdam), 1976-1979
Correspondence and ephemera, 11 items.
Giboda, Igor (aka Gibodada, USSR artist/composer), , 1983 1985
3 letters 1983, musical composition for viola signed and dated 1985 (paint, ink and marker on cardboard).
Gillespie, Abraham Lincoln
Correspondence (about this mysterious, little known artist, who is of great interest to Dick Higgins and others) with Charles Amirkhanian, Katherine Lockwood-Vogel (Princeton Spec. Coll.), etc.
Gomringer, Eugen, , 1978 1988
Specs and quote for Something Else Press edition of Gomringer's Book of the Hours, 4 letters.
Goodrich, Julian (attorney, Patterson, Gibson, Noble and Brownell)
Correspondence regarding Something Else Press bankruptcy (see also Box 31 Something Else Press correspondence and Series III, Box 42).
Gordon, Coco (paper artist, Watermark Press), 1974-1990
Gifts, constructed pieces, slides, letters with sticks and leaves, 1974-1990.
Gordon, Gould & Sherman (CPA firm), , 1972-1976 bulk 1973-1974
Correspondence regarding Dick Higgins taxes, including information about his financial situation.
Gorewitz, Ruben, , , 1975-1984 1986 1989-1992
Correspondence regarding Higgins's taxes and other business.
13 GR-HAK, includes:
Graffi, Milli (Italian performer/poet), 1974-1980
Griffing, Tom (T M Griffing Assoc, Inc, Financial Mgmt Services), , 1970-1982 1984-1990
Correspondence and other papers regarding Dick Higgins's financial affairs, including Griffing letter to Higgins, (6 Sept 1972), about Higgins pouring money into Something Else Press against Griffing's advice, 6 folders (see also Series IV, Box 66).
Grigely, Joseph (scholar), 1986
Correspondence includes fiery exchanges between Dick Higgins and Ann Hull about proposed panal at the MLA conference on intermedia, sound/pattern poetry.
Groh, Klaus (German artist/writer), , , , 1 , 1974-1978 1980 1982 984-1985 n.d.
Gruntz, George (Swiss musician), , 1972 1973-1975
Correspondence regarding a jazz opera with lyrics by Higgins.
14 HAL-HEN, includes:
Hall, Donald (poet), 1978-1984
Correspondence regarding Hall's writing and others, and Hall's publishing program for U of Michigan Press.
HallWalls (Buffalo artist's space), , 1979 1989-1991
9 items.
"Hamburg gig," June 1982
Correspondence with Boris Nieslony at Kunstlerhaus Hamburg.
Hamilton, Richard, 1977
1 postcard from Hamilton to Dick Higgins regarding Niland B. Mortimer.
Hansen, Al, , , 1976 1978-1981 1983-1984
Correspondence regarding Fluxus artists and also a Dick Higgins letter, which outlines in detail Of Celebration of Morning, 10 Dec 1979; ca. 30 items.
Happenings Tape, , 1960 ca. 1967
made by Dick Higgins 1960 (with Oldenburg, Al Hansen, Dine, Kaprow, Robert Whitman, at Judson Church), and correspondence ca. 1967.
Harrison, Lou (composer), , , , , 1977 1981-1983 1985 1987 1993
programs, posters, etc., 19 items.
"Hartford gig" (at Real Art Ways)
Extensive correspondence.
Harvey, Emily (NYC gallery where Dick Higgins exhibited), , , , 1982 1986-1992 n.d. bulk 1988-1992
Extensive correspondence about business matters and promotion of Higgins's work.
Haskell, Barbara (curator, Whitney Museum)
Correspondence describing her plans and concept of Blam! exhibition and her plan to include a program of Fluxus events, 4 letters.
Hassan, Ihab (critic, teacher), , , , 1976-1980 1987 n.d. bulk 1976-1978
See also MLA file, Box 22, and Series V-B, Box 77.
Hatherly, Ana (Portuguese scholar writing book on Portuguese visual poetry), , , 1977-1979 1982-1984 1985-1991
Extensive correspondence regarding pattern/visual poetry, 2 folders (see also Series V-B, Box 77).
Hecht, David (artist), 1982-1983
Correspondence regarding theoretical discussions of Intermedia and what it is, ca. 20 letters.
Heidsieck, Bernard (French sound poet), , 1976-1977 1984
includes l letter (23 Feb 1977), describing great excitement in Paris over opening of Centre Beaubourg museum, ca. 15 letters.
Hejinian, Lyn (language poet, small press publisher of Tuumba Press), , , 1976-1978 1984 1987
Correspondence regarding poetry, her press, other poets and personal, ca. 38 letters.
Held, Jon, Jr., , , 1978-1980 bulk 1979-1980 1990
Correspondence regarding Fluxus and visual poetry, ca. 37 letters.
Hendricks, Geoffrey, , , 1967 1973-1991 n.d.
Extensive Fluxus correspondence, printed ephemera and some photos, 4 folders.
Hendricks, Jon (curator of Silverman Collection) and other Hendricks family members, 1975-1984, 1986-1988
Correspondence regarding exhibits at Franklin Furnace, especially "The page as alternative space," Dec 1980, curated by Jon Hendricks & Barbara Moore.
Hennix, Christer (prof of math/computers, artist/performer/poet), , 1982-1984 1988-1991
Includes ms of poetry writings about No dramas.
15 HER-HIG, includes:
Herbert, John (The Drawing Legion, art & performance company/space in Iowa City), , 1978-1981 1983-1985
Correspondence and printed ephemera.
Herman, Jan (ran Something Else Press after Dick Higgins left), , bulk 1974-1978 1983
Includes clippings. For the dissolution of Something Else Press, see especially letters, 13 Dec 1974, from Herman to Dick Higgins, and 10 Dec 1974, from Dick Higgins to Herman.
Hickory Ridge Reunion, , 1983-1984 bulk 1984
Correspondence to and from various schoolmates from Higgins's primary school, ca. 20 letters.
Higgins, Bradley (Dick Higgins's paternal uncle), , 1971-1976 1983
Personal, family papers and correspondence.
Higgins, Carter C. (Dick Higgins's father), , 1959 1965-1968
Correspondence and legal papers.
Higgins, Carter C.
Writings, ms, clippings, photographs, and some correspondence.
Higgins, Carter & Mary (Dick Higgins's father & stepmother, "Dad" and "Mary"), , 1959-1961 1962-1964
Correspondence (CC Higgins died 1964), 2 folders.
Higgins, Mary (Dick Higgins's stepmother), 1964-1966
Correspondence, photographs. See Dick Higgins letter to her about his father, 26 Aug 1964.
Higgins, Dick, 1968-1973
Extensive material includes correspondence and papers for 1970 divorce from Alison Knowles; miscellaneous correspondence and information on his property in Vermont; programs of Dick Higgins events and performances; and photographs.
Higgins, Hannah & Jessica (Dick Higgins's and Alison Knowles's twin daughters), , 1983-1991 some 1978
Photographs, correspondence, letters between Dick Higgins and his daughters.
16 HIG-HY, includes:
JW & CC Higgins Foundation, 1972-1975
Papers regarding account and dispursal of funds.
Higgins, Mark (Dick Higgins's brother), , 1940-1960 bulk 1960-1961
Correspondence regarding his death, mss, clippings. One letter from Dick Higgins to Mark, 1960, and a Dick Higgins ms dedicated to his brother, "Joe the Soldier."
Higgins, Rindie (Dick Higgins's cousin), 1977-1978
Includes letter with a family tree drawn by Dick Higgins, 3 items.
High Performance, 1978-1983
8 letters regarding performance artists (see also Linda Burnham, Box 5).
Hoffberg, Judith (collector of mail art, publisher of Umbrella, , 1977-1992
Correspondence. [Note: Judith Hoffberg collection now at UCLA, Special Collections.]
Hogan, Matthew (librarian and afficcionado of visual poetry), , 1983 1986-1988
Includes correspondence regarding concrete poetry exhibition he curated at Franklin Furnace (1986).
Houchard, Jean-Louis (composer), 1985-1986
Correspondence regarding music festival, ca. 15 letters.
Hovdenakk, Per (curator of Henie Onstad Museum), , , , 1978-1980 1982-1983 1986 1988-1992
32 letters, most about Fluxus.
Huber, Joseph W. (artist), , , , , 1981 1983 1986 1989 n.d.
Includes mail art, 27 items.
See file for Jean-Francois Bory.
Hundertmark, Armin (publisher of Ausgabe), , 1976-1977 1985
Correspondence and printed ephemera, ca. 50 items.
Hungary project (Gábor Tóth), , , , , , 1981 1983 1986 1988 1989 bulk 1986-1989
Correspondence regarding performing.
Hutchins, Alice (Fluxus artist), , , , , , 1969 1971-1974 1976-1978 1981-1982 1986 1990
Includes photographs of a Hutchins piece and announcements for her presentation at the Something Else Gallery, NYC, ca. 30 items.
Hutchins, Holly (aka Hutchins-Puechavy, artist), 1970-1976
23 items.
17 I-JON, includes:
Iimura, Taka (video artist), 1979-1980
6 items.
"The Image of Thinking in Visual Poetry" (proposed Guggenheim exhibition, but never executed), 1988-1989
Correspondence with Susan B. Hirschfeld, Dietrich Mahlow and Thomas Krens, ca. 50 items (see also Mahlow file, Box 21).
Inkblot, 1984
Correspondence with Theo Green.
IRS Audit, 1976-1979
Extensive correspondence about Higgins's tax audit, 5 folders.
Jacuzio, Jerry (holographer), 1978
Includes mail art postcard.
James, Phil (poet), 1983
3 letters, 1 ms.
Jaschke, Gerhard (Austrian poet, publisher of Freibord), , 1982 1986-1993
Correspondence, also includes postcards, ephemera, and photographs, ca. 70 items.
Johnson, Ray, , , ca. 1965 1969-1970 1975-1992
Contains personal correspondence, original drawings and watercolors by Johnson, and photocopied drawings and poems, and a heavily annotated letter by Bill Wilson to Arts magazine about Tillim's article "The Mythical History of Modern Art," ca. 100 items.
Johnson, Tom (composer), 1975-1977
Includes one handwritten sheet of an original score, ca. 17 items.
Johnston, John (Debevoise, Plimpton, Lyons & Gates), 1965-1974
Correspondence about financial matters.
Jones, Christine (Austrian singer and arts organizer), , 1978-1993 bulk 1984-1993
Much personal correspondence, includes photographs, announcements, and issue of Creativ (Apr 1992), ca. 100 items.
Jones, Joe (composer), 1976-1990
ca. 20 items.
18 JOS-KN, includes:
Juin, Jacques (French artist, aka Llys Dana), , 1980-1985 1991
ca. 45 items.
Jurkiewicz, Zdzislaw (artist), 1976-1978
includes two original paper cutouts, ca. 17 items.
Kamin, Franz (poet), 1979
Includes printed copy of the poem "Rugugmool" with many annotations by the artist and 5 exhibition invitations, one with pop-ups, and another made of clear transparency, 6 items.
Kaprow, Allan, 1967-1987
Most letters to Kaprow, two responses from the artist, ca. 35 items.
Kasemets, Udo (Canadian composer), 1974
Correspondence regarding trading Kasemets's "Wordmusic/Interface," ca. 10 items.
Kellein, Thomas (Director Archive Sohm, Staatsgalerie Stuttgart), 1983-1991
ca. 40 items.
Kelly, Robert (Bard College), 1976-1988
Includes poetry mss, ca. 40 items (see also Series III, Box 57, "Sounds Like" project).
Kempton, Karl (visual poet, editor of Kaldron), 1977-1991
Correspondence about visual poetry (see interesting letter from Kempton, 21 Feb 1978, and Dick Higgins's response, 25 Feb 1978, for dialogue on imperialism in visual poetry), projects and personal, ca. 70 items.
The Kitchen, , 1978-1983 bulk 1980
Most correspondence with music director Rhys Chatham regarding 1980 Dick Higgins's performance there, ca. 50 items.
Klüver, Billy, , 1978 1991
6 items.
Knízák, Milán, , 1980 n.d.
Includes an edition of "Roten Handschuh" (n.d.), correspondence dated 1980.
Knowles, Alison, 1973-1991
Extensive intimate personal correspondence regarding family matters, finances, living arrangements, and artistic projects; also correspondence regarding "Book of Bean" installation, 1981-1982, correspondence and negatives relating to Knowles "Finger Book," 1986-1987, ms for "North Water Song: A Hörspiel for John Cage," 1987, notes for "Shoemakers Assistant," 1982, and many photos. Other material includes three original mail art postcards by Hans Jörg Köhler, 1973-1983 (see Box 19 for 1984-1991), ca. 1/2 record storage box total.
19 KN-KOS, includes:
Knowles, Alison, 1984-1993
Köln concert, 1981-1982
Correspondence primarily with Walter Zimmerman, ca. 20 items.
Köln Fluxus ("Fluxus Virus"), 1992
Includes instructions for "Intermedial Object #1" and copy of long letter from Vautier to Evelyn Weiss about artists not receiving money for their participation, 28 Dec 1992, ca. 37 items.
Köhler, Hans-Jörg (East German artist), 1981-1983
ca. 27 letters in German, (see also Knowles correspondence for mail art).
Køpcke, Arthur (Addi, Fluxus artist), 1977
Includes two typed ms pages by Dick Higgins of his rembrances of Køpcke upon his death.
Korrell, Karen (artist), , 1975-1980 1983
Includes mail art and original drawings, 14 items.
Kostelanetz, Richard (writer and poet), 1973-1993
Extensive correspondence relating to Dick Higgins's and Kostelanetz's collaborations, critiques of each others writing, and personal matters; includes publishing agreements for "Experimental Essays," 1973, and Breakthrough Fictioneers," 1972, and Something Else Press correspondence relating to both publications; typescripts and photocopies with Dick Higgins annotations of Kostelanetz essays and poems; issue of American Book Review (May-Jun 1986); and correspondence regarding Assembling Press, ca. 1/2 record storage box.
20 KOT-MAD, includes:
Kotik, Petr (Director of SEM Ensemble), 1988-1992
Includes correspondence relating to Dick Higgins's SEM Ensemble appearance, 1990, a typescript of Knowles and Yasunao Tone's Hörspiel "Setsubun," and printed ephemera, ca. 22 items.
Koz_owski, Jaros_aw (Polish artist), 1976-1988
Three items including an edition of Blue Time.
Kroesen, Jill (lyricist), 1976
Includes transparency of lyrics for Erotikon, 2 items.
Kruchkow, Diane (editor of Stony Hills), , , , bulk 1975-1977 1979-1980 1982-1984 1989
ca. 45 items.
Labelle-Rojoux, Arnaud (French poet), 1979-1984
ca. 22 items.
La Voie, Steven (Famous/Famous Last Words), 1976-1978
18 items.
Laxson, Ruth (artists' book maker), , , 1983-1984 1987 1989-1990
Includes original drawing and mail art, ca. 30 items.
Leaman, Michael (publisher of Reaktion), , 1983 1985
7 letters.
Lebel, Jean-Jacques, , 1981-1984 1993
Correspondence regarding planned Fluxus catalog by Lebel and participation in Polyphonix, ca. 30 items.
Loeffler, Carl (Director of La Mamelle Arts Center and editor of Contemporary Arts Press), 1976-1980
ca. 35 items.
Lombardi, Daniele (Italian pianist and editor), 1980-1984
Includes three catalogs of Lombardi's work, ca. 30 items.
Lubic, Matt (writer), 1976-1977
ca. 15 items.
Lurie, Toby (poet), 1975-1981
Includes original typescripted pattern poem for Dick Higgins, ca. 57 items.
MacClennan, Toby (writer and performance artist), 1976-1982
Includes performance script with annotations by MacClennan and printed ephemera, ca. 40 items.
Maciunas, George, 1974-1978
ca. 15 items.
Mac Low, Jackson (poet, composer, performance artist), 1975-1986
Includes dialogue about Dick Higgins's use of "exemplificative" categories (1976), correspondence regarding Unpublished/Printed Editions, and ms for "Phone Poems." Also contains performance instructions for "Musicwords," "A Vocabulary Gatha for Pete Rose," and "A Notated Vocabulary for Eve Rosenthal," all signed and dated by the artist, ca. 130 items.
21 MAH-MCC, includes:
Mahlow, Dietrich (German art historian and curator), 1984-1993
Extensive correspondence, ca. 150 items.
Mallander, J.O. (Finnish artist), 1981-1984
Includes printed ephemera and a photograph of "To the Pure Land III," 1984, ca. 24 items.
Malmö Kunsthall, Sweden, 1984
Installation information on Dick Higgins's work "Glue Mama's Finest Tasties" for Food Art exhibition.
Margins, 1975-1976
Correspondence with Tom Montag, most regarding reviews submitted by Dick Higgins, also one long letter from Montag about Higgins's proposed legislation for literature (i.e. non-profit status) dated 17 Feb 1976, ca. 40 letters.
Martel, Richard (Canadian artist), , 1984-1990 1992
Includes posters and printed ephemera, ca. 55 items.
Mayer, Hansjörg (publisher), , , , , 1970 1974-1978 1980 1983 1986
ca. 32 items.
Mayer, Peter (British concrete poet), , , , and 1977-1978 1982-1985 1989 bulk 1977-1978 bulk 1983-1984
Extensive correspondence regarding pattern poetry's history, with bibliographies (see also Series V-B, Box 78).
McBride, Dick (McBride Brothers & Broadly Ltd.), 1978-1983
Correspondence about book distribution.
McBride, Mac (Dick Higgins's caretaker), 1981-1984
Extensive correspondence about personal and home related matters.
McCaffery, Steve (Canadian performance artist and sound poet), , , 1976-1981 1983-1990 1992
Includes original and copied poems by McCaffery, substantial correspondence about poetry, semiotics and aesthetics (see especially 30 Sep 1977 McCaffery letter and Dick Higgins response about "Paris Mafia" and Dick Higgins letter 5 Nov 1977 which describes Giordano Bruno's processes in a "flow chart subsumption"); with copy of Every way Oakly: homolinguistic translations of gertrude stein's Tender Buttons, ca. 160 items.
McCallion, Barry (artist and writer), , 1973-1981 1985
ca. 25 items.
McCarthy, Mary-Sue, , , , 1980-1982 1984-1985 1987 1990
Personal correspondence, 25 letters.
22 MCF-MON, includes:
McPherson, Bruce (publisher of Treacle Press), 1976-1991
ca. 71 letters most relating to book business.
Melnick, David
Includes ms and printed copy of Men in Aida.
Mew, Tommy (Conceptual artist and poet), , , 1977-1980 1982-1984 1986-1990
Includes extensive personal correspondence and some about Fluxus, and printed ephemera, ca. 100 items.
Meyer, Tom (writer, see also Jonathan Williams), 1974-1982
Includes correspondence regarding Meyer's research on Stefan George, ca. 45 items.
Mid-Hudson Arts and Science Center (MASC), 1988-1992
Correspondence about fundraising, printed ephemera and announcements, ca. 35 items.
Miller, Eugene (editor of New Lazarus Review), , , bulk 1978-1980 1985 1989
Includes poetry typescripts and mail art, ca. 21 items.
Miller, Stephen Paul (poet), 1977-1978
Includes poetry typescripts, 11 items.
Milman, Estera (Alternative Traditions, Univ. of Iowa), , , 1985 1987-1988 1990-1991
12 letters.
Milwaukee (Misreading and Misinterpretation course taught by Dick Higgins at the University of Wisconsin), 1976-1977
Includes course syllabus, organizational material, final examination questions and activities report.
Minarelli, Enzo (Italian sound poet), 1986-1991
35 items.
Modern Languages Association (MLA), , 1977-1978 1994
Material relating to the forum on "The Question of Postmodernism," includes correspondence with Ihab Hassam, ca. 40 items.
Monk, Meredith, , , , 1975-1976 1981 1985 1991-1992
Contains primarily printed ephemera and announcements, with 5 letters and postcards.
"Montreal gig," 1967
Contains an original Dick Higgins drawing in ballpoint ink for "Some Graphis Mirrors" program.
23 MOO-NAS, includes:
Moore, Barbara and Peter (Fluxus artists; Barbara, editor of Reflux Editions), , 1983 1985-1992
Includes two Dick Higgins letters which clarify his and Maciunas breakup over the founding of Something Else Press, and mail art, ca. 25 items.
Moran, Robert (composer), , , 1975-1978 1983 bulk 1975-1976
Includes intimate personal correspondence, material related to the Dick Higgins sale of six Vostell works, and a one act play by Moran written for Dick Higgins, ca. 53 items.
Morawski, Stefan (Polish art historian), 1986-1987
Includes correspondence relating to theoretical concepts of Dick Higgins's work, ca. 21 items.
Morgan, Robert C. (art critic and historian), , , , 1978 1984 1986-1989 bulk 1986-1989
Includes an edition of "Progress Back Stroke" from Morgan's Swim Texts, and printed ephemera, ca. 40 items.
Morra, Giuseppe, , 1976-1977 1989
Includes correspondence regarding the ceramics for "the ephitaphs," 25 letters.
Morris, Michael (Canadian video artist and photographer), , , 1975-1987 1990 n.d.
Extensive intimate personal correspondence, 2 photographs, mail art, mini text for Erotikon, 16 May 1976, Dick Higgins's 4 page letter regarding the film "Taxi zum KLO," Aug 24,1981, and original watercolor x-mas card, n.d., ca. 87 items.
Morrow, Charles (composer, Art Director of New Wilderness Foundation [see also New Wilderness Foundation]), , 1974-1975 1977-1986
Includes corresp regarding personal, financial and book business matters, 8 photographs of "Heavyweight Sound Fight," and some production material for Vision Singer & Witness, ca. 190 items total.
Morse, R.C. (editor of The Modularist Review), 1975-1977
Includes a dialogue about the theoretical aspects of "modularism," 1976, and poetry typescripts, ca. 22 items.
Myers, George, Jr. (writer and publisher of Cumberland Journal), 1973-1989
ca. 80 items.
Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles (Rolywholyover a circus), 1991-1993
Organizational material and correspondence with Julie Lazar and other MOCA staff regarding this exhibit.
Name, Billy (Andy Warhol's Factory manager, née Billy Linich), , 1988-1989 1992
Includes some letters with short concrete poems ca. 28 items.
Nannucci, Maurizio (Zona Archives, editor of Mèla), , 1977 1979-1984
Much correspondence about publication projects, ca. 85 items.
24 NAT-NUL, includes:
Nations, Opal (British writer, poet, artist and publisher of Strange Faeces Press), , 1976-1982 1984-1987
Extensive personal correspondence, includes ca. 35 poetry and reworked text typescripts of various lengths (ca. late 1970s), book, mail art, printed ephemera, original drawings by Nations and a photograph of Dick Higgins with accompanying text by Nations, ca. 272 items.
NESPA (New England Small Press Assn.), 1974-1976
Newsletters, articles of organization, membership lists, etc.
New Means Foundation, , 1969-1970 1972-1973
Tax exempt application, by-laws and other reorganization papers.
New Museum show (Fluxattitudes), 1992
Correspondence documenting various organizational problems, especially the artists' dismay that the Museum insured their works at 0 value.
New York Mycological Society (organized by Cage), 1963-1977
Includes 14 photographs of a mushroom hunt with Cage, schedules of events, articles, checklists of mushroom sightings, etc.
New York University, 1974-1979
Information on Ph.D. program and Dick Higgins's Ph.D. comprehensive exams, and other misc. paperwork.
Niccolai, Giulia (Italian poet), , , 1977-1978 1981 1984-1985
16 letters.
Nichol, bp (Barry; Canadian sound poet), , 1977-1979 1986-1987
Includes Dick Higgins's translation of Nichol poetry text, and printed ephemera, ca. 31 items.
Null, Elizabeth (Dick Higgins's sister), , 1969-1970 1974-1979
31 items.
25 NUR-PA, includes:
Nurenberg, Phil (writer, photographer, painter), , , , 1980-1982 1984-1985 1987-1989 1993
Includes photographs of Dick Higgins by Nurenberg taken during a 1984 interview and some correspondence relating to Nurenberg's interview with Bern Porter, ca. 88 items (see also Porter, Box 26).
Ohff, Heinz (Berlin art critic), , 1976-1977 1981
9 items.
Oldenburg, Claes, , 1966-1967 1981
Correspondence and invoices regarding "The store" book, and sale of 3 Oldenburg works owned by Dick Higgins.
Oliveros, Pauline (composer), 1974-1992
Includes correspondence regarding personal matters, book business (mostly about Software for the People), printed ephemera and performance script of "Portrait of Richard C. Higgins," 1988. Also includes correspondence, board of trustees meeting notes, budget reports and announcements for the Pauline Oliveros Foundation, ca. 1/3 record storage box.
Olmsted, Robert (editor of Northwoods Press), 1975-1976
9 letters which document tension between Olmsted and Dick Higgins on how a small press should be run.
Oren, Michele (art historian), , , , 1978-1979 1983 1986 1992
Includes one letter by Dick Higgins clarifying his problems with Maciunas in 1965 (22 Aug 1979), ca. 25 items.
Padín, Clemente (Uruguan writer), , 1976-1978 1982-1983
Includes theoretical dialogues on semiotics and the revolutionary aspects of art, and some about his imprisonment, ca. 35 items.
Pagillo, Joseph (poet), 1986
includes ms, 7 items.
Paik, Nam June, , , , 1977 1981-1984 1990 1993
Announcements and articles, 7 items.
Palazzoli, Daniela (Italian critic), 1973-1974
10 letters, including Dick Higgins's explication of Fluxus.
Palmisano, Joseph (attorney), 1975-1978
Correspondence about Something Else Press bankruptcy.
Partum, Andrzej (Bureau de la Poesie, Poland), , 1974-1975 1977-1979
ca. 20 items.
Patterson, Ben, , , 1966 1968-1969 1975-1977
ca. 10 items.
26 PE-PRE, includes:
Pedersen, Knud (Danish Fluxus artist, writer and director of Kunstbiblioteket), , 1979-1980 1982-1993
Contains correspondence about fluxus artists and events, especially "Excellent 1992" and "A La Carte" (for more see Copenhagen trip 1992), each others work and some about personal matters, ca. 117 letters.
Peters, Robert (poet and performance artist), , 1983-1989 1991-1993
Extensive intimate personal correspondence and letters documenting, among other things, theoretical concepts of their writings and Peters's performance works. Also contains material relating to Peters's "The Blood Countess," including ms typescript with annotations entitled "Countess E. Bathory," performance script and three photographs of Peters as the "The Blood Countess" (ca. 1985). Other items includes 4 photographs of Peters in costume (1988) and poetry typescripts with annotations, and Electrum no. 37 (Fall 1985), ca. 125 items total.
Petkus, Janetta (wrote a dissertation on Cage), 1983-1984
6 letters about Cage and Fluxus.
Phillips, Michael Joseph (concrete poet), , , 1974 1977-1986 1988-1990
Personal correspondence, with printed ephemera, poetry ms, and 35 Boogie Woogie Haiku (1980), ca. 105 items.
Pierssens, Michael (Sub Stance), 1980
8 letters.
Pittore, Carlo (Italian artist), , , 1979 1982-1984 1994
Primarily mail art, 16 items (see also Bern Porter file, Box 26, for printed ephemera).
Politi, Giancarlo (publisher of Art Diary), , , 1977-1979 1981 1989
9 items.
Polkinhorn, Harry (writer, expert in visual poetry and Latin American avant-garde), 1986-1990
Mss, correspondence containing theoretical discourses and progress reports of each other's works, ca. 100 items.
Poniz, Denis (Slovenian poet and scholar of visual poetry), 1977-1980
15 items (see also Series V-B, Box 78).
Porter, Bern (writer, poet, artist), , , , , , 1971-1972 1974-1978 1980-1981 1989 1992 n.d.
Correspondence regarding book business and some personal matters, ms of Phil Nurenberg interview with Porter (see also Nurenberg, Box 25) and Porter's Erotikon contribution. Also includes much printed ephemera by Carlo Pittore, including 4 sheets of "Post Me Commemorative Stamp Series," and Me Too II no.1, ca. 85 items.
27 PRI-RA, includes:
Printed Editions, 1977-1986
Contains catalog production material, book business correspondence with other co-op members, sales records, isbn #s list and distribution records, ca. 1/3 record storage box (see also Series III, Box 42, Finances).
Purgatory Pie Press, 1990
Includes edition #52 of "Post Card Set Nine," 7 items.
Quasha, George (poet, Station Hill Press), , , 1978 1982 1985-1986
7 Dick Higgins letters to Quasha.
Quebec gigs, , , 1984 1986 1988
Includes programs and other printed ephemera.
Queensland Art Gallery, 1993-1994
Correspondence with Anne Kirker about purchasing works from Dick Higgins, and about "Fluxus and after..."
Rachel, Vaughan (poet, Kaprow's wife), 1975-1977
9 letters, including Erotikon contribution.
Ratner, Rochelle (American Book Review), , , 1980-1982 1985-1986 1988
16 letters.
28 RE-RY, includes:
Rehfeldt, Robert and Ruth (German artist and poet), , , 1976-1982 1984-1987 1990
Includes, mail art, printed ephemera and correspondence in German, ca. 80 items.
Reid, Terry (Australian artist), , 1976-1977 1992
Original handwritten and typescript poems contained in much of the correspondence, and one page description from Dick Higgins about 1976 Maciunas banquet, 21 letters total.
Restany, Pierre, 1976
Erotikon contribution, 1 letter.
Robertson, Clive (Canadian writer and performance artist), , bulk 1974-1979 1990-1991
Includes printed ephemera, issue 1 of Voicespondence, and booklet for "In the Singular," 1975, ca. 50 items.
Robson, Ernest (sound poet and publisher of Primary Press), 1987-1988
Includes two poetry chapbooks, 55 items, 1974, 1976-1979 [bulk], 1981-1982, 1986, 1988, 1990. Rogalski, Piotr (Polish artist): mail art, original linocuts and drawings, 20 items.
Rosenberg, Marilyn (book artist), , 1980 1982-1984
10 items, including mail art photocopied book.
Rosenthal, Nelleke (Dick Higgins's assistant) and Michael, 1974-1983
ca. 55 letters.
Rothenberg, Jerome (writer), , , , , bulk 1975-1977 1978-1979 1981 1984 1987-1988
36 items.
Ruhé, Harry (Galerie A, Amsterdam), , , , 1976-1977 1979-1984 1986 1992
Substantial correspondence regarding Dick Higgins' exhibits and publications stock at Galerie A.
Russ, Andrew (poet), 1991
Includes 7 chapbooks and Translating Translating Translating Apollinaire.
Rypson, Piotr (Polish visual poet and scholar), , 1978-1980 bulk 1982-1993
Correspondence documents extensive exchange of bibliographic information on pattern poetry, also 5 editions of Sator and poetry mss by Rypson (see Box 29 for 1984-1993), ca. 1/2 record storage box total (see also Series V-B, Box 78).
29 RY-SCHM, includes:
Rypson, Piotr (cont.), 1984-1993
Sacerio-Garí, Enrique (Spanish pattern poet), 1988
6 letters.
Sackner, Marvin and Ruth (concrete and visual poetry collectors), , , 1979-1980 1982-1984 1986-1989
Includes working bibliography of Sackner archive, ca. 60 items.
Salzburg course (Internaionale Sommerakademie für Bildende Kunst), 1993
Correspondence with Barbara Wally and others, student projects with photographs and contact sheets of a performance (Danger Music #17?), reports, class schedule, computer diskette (full, unable to retrieve info), etc.
Saper, Craig (concrete poet and scholar at Univ. of Florida), 1988
9 letters and 1 poem.
Sarenco (Italian multimedia artist and publisher of Factotum-Art and Lotta Poetica), 1976-1985
Extensive correspondence, including 1 letter by Sarenco which corrects the origin of the term "poesia visiva" (29 Oct 1986), and other letters documenting a dispute with Gino di Maggio; and Factotum-Art no. 2 (1978); ca. 85 items.
Satori, 1988-1991
Correspondence with Gary Green and Pat Sims, ca. 26 items.
Saunders, Robert(poet), 1991
8 items.
30 SCHN-SOM, includes:
Schneemann, Carolee (performance artist), , , , , , 1975 1981 1983-1984 1988 1990 n.d.
Contains original watercolor Christmas card, n.d., printed ephemera and typescript of "Cezanne, She was a Great Painter," ca. 19 items.
Schöning, Klaus (Director of Hörspiel Studio 3, Westdeutscher Rundfunk Köln), , 1985-1988 1990
Includes correspondence relating to the organization of "Girlande für John [Cage]" and 1 page contributions by both Knowles and Oliveros, ca. 60 items.
Schraenen, Guy (Belgian editor), , , , 1977 1983 1990 n.d.
8 items.
Serendipidy Books Distribution, 1976-1978
Correspondence regarding Unpublished Editions distribution, book catalogs (see also Small Press Distribution).
Sikorski, Tomasz (Polish performance artist), , 1984 1986-1987
Includes printed ephemera, 19 items.
Silverman, Gilbert (Fluxus collector), , 1980-1983 1987-1989
Includes inventory of 1981 and 1988 Dick Higgins sales of books and Fluxus works to Silverman Collection, ca. 40 items.
Skaggs, Stephen (calligrapher), , 1989-1990 1992
Includes 20 slides of calligraphy by Skagg.
Skopic, Cathy (artist), , , 1976 1980-1982 n.d.
Includes 7 original Christmas cards, 11 items.
Small Press Distribution, , , 1977-1980 1984 1987
Correspondence about Unpublished/Printed Editions distribution, book catalogs (see also Serendipidy Books Distribution).
The Smith/The Scene, , , , , , 1972 1974-1977 1979-1980 1984 1988 n.d.
ca. 27 items
Smith, Phil (same as Phil Demise, poet and publisher of Gegenschein), 1975-1980
Includes Erotikon contribution, 20 items.
Smith, Stuart (Smith Publications), , 1979-1980 n.d.
4 letters, performance instructions for "Tit for Tat" and ms. introduction
Smith, Sylvia (Smith Publications), 1982-1985
13 letters.
Sohm, Hanns (German collector), 1974-1989
Correspondence mostly regarding Sohm Archive, to which Dick Higgins sold a portion of his archive, and some about Fluxus artists, ca. 126 letters.
Something Else Press, , , 1965-1969 1971-1978 1980
Correspondence, most about Something Else Press bankruptcy, also includes 6 page "Overview of the Status" of the press, financial statements, inventories, 1973-1974 catalog, and misc., 5 folders(see also Series III, Box 42, Finances).
31 SON-TH, includes:
Spodarek, Diane, , 1977-1979 1981
Includes Spodarek 45 recording of "Potentially Dangerous," 13 items.
Spoerri, Daniel, , , , 1965-1966 1969-1970 1974-1976 1981
Contains an angry letter from Dick Higgins to Spoerri (2 Nov 1976), ca. 40 items.
Staeck, Rolf and Klaus (German graphic artists), , 1977-1981 1986
Includes mail art postcards, 23 items.
"SUNY/Purchase Fluxus gig," 1983
Fluxfest '83 was related to the exhibition "Fluxus, etc: The Gilbert and Lila Silverman Collection," 4 Mar 1983-5 Mar 1983. Printed ephemera and working versions of the performance program, ca. 30 items.
SUNY Press, 1985-1987
Extensive correspondence regarding Pattern Poetry publication, ca. 55 letters (see also Series III, Boxes 58-61 for production material and other corresp.).
Steiner, Sherry (performance artist), 1987-1988
Includes 3 compositional mss and printed ephemera, 21 items.
Szkárosi, Endré, , 1990-1991 1993
About performance in Hungary, ca. 15 items.
Talbott, Harold, , 1975-1979 1983-1984
18 items.
Tan, Margaret (pianist), , , , 1982-1987 1989 1991 n.d.
Correspondence about performing Dick Higgins compositions, announcements and photo of Tan performing, ca. 30 items.
Tarlow, Florence (actress), , , 1963 1985-1988 1990-1991
Includes long letters from Tarlow regarding her illness.
Tellus, 1989-1992
Correspondence, most about Fluxtellus contibutors controversy with Wexner Center.
Theodore, Crystal (art historian), 1979
4 letters and typescript of "Art: X+1 Again."
Thompson, Susan (Dick Higgins's neighbor in Vermont 1970s), 1976
Includes typescript of Dick Higgins's 14 page play "East Hampton: or The Private Life of the Pudgies." [Note: Dick Higgins thought he destroyed all copies of this play.]
Thys, Myriam (Dutch PhD student), 1981
2 letters, one by Dick Higgins answering 6 broad questions about performance art.
32 TI-U, includes:
Tilton, Sumner B. (lawyer, Tilton, Erskine and Berkeley), , , 1960 1965-1972 1975
Extensive correspondence concerning Carter Higgins's estate.
Tót, Endre (Hungarian conceptual artist), , , 1974 1976-1977 1979
Includes postcards and printed ephemera, 20 items.
Tóth, Gábor (Hungarian performance artist and poet), , 1976-1985 1990-1991
Contains correspondence about performances and pattern poetry, photographs of performances including "KEP/Picture/ Read on Me!", "I Said and I Wash My Feet," which Tóth termed action poetry, "A Little Extension to the Art," and 14 other photos. Also printed ephemera and small conceptual works, ca. 110 items (see also The Kitchen file for important letter [18 Oct 1980] and Series V-B, Box 78).
Tragtenberg, Livio (Brazilian composer), , 1983-1987 1990
Includes photograph of "O. de A. do Brasil" performance and printed ephemera, 28 items.
Truck, Fred, , , , 1976 1978-1983 1985-1986 1989
ca. 30 items.
Tyler, Richard (Uranian Press), 1976-1978
Primarily printed ephemera, but also 2 letters, 23 items total.
14 items, includes 7 issues (see also Judith Hoffberg, Box 16).
Unpublished Editions, , bulk 1976-1978 1980-1981
Catalog production materials including proofs, paste-up, and photographs; also correspondence documenting problems with distributor Christopher Stevens; ca. 130 items.
33 V-WA, includes:
Van Barneveld, Aart (Stempelplaats), , 1978-1979 1983
11 letters.
Van der Marck, Jan, , , 1979-1982 1984 1989
15 items.
Vautier, Ben, , , , , , 1974 1978-1985 1987 1989 1991-1992 n.d.
Substantial amount of printed ephemera and small publications; also contains correspondence and announcements, two folders.
Vaz, Guilherme (Brazilian Composer), , 1974-1975 1979
13 letters.
Vehicule (Canadian gallery), , bulk 1974 1979
Correspondence with Allan Beally, 15 items.
"Venezuala Gig," 1979
Includes 3 photocopied scores by Philip Corner for performance and printed ephemera.
The Vienna Group and Their Circle (catalogue designed by Dick Higgins), 1983-1984
Correspondence and corrections.
Vigo, Edgardo Antonio (Argentinian visual poet), , , 1966-1967 1971 1974
16 letters.
Von Maure, Karin (Staatsgalerie Stuttgart), 1982-1984
Correspondence, some regarding "Notations" exhibition, 17 letters.
Vostell, Wolf, , , , 1966-1967 1970 1972 bulk 1974-1987
Extensive correspondence with a substantial quantity of handwritten letters from Vostell documenting the exchange of ideas, collaborations and personal matters. Also contains material relating to Vostell's work "Technological Oak Tree" (aka T.O.T.) made for and owned by Higgins; "Untitled" photo of a tree (received by Dick Higgins 20 Jun 1972); a photo of Vostell and Dali, ca. 1980; an original drawing, 1985; 10 slides from Museo Vostell of Vostell's site and environmental work, 1978; partial photocopy copy of Ben Vautier's "excommunication" of Vostell and Joseph Beuys from Fluxus and Higgins's written response, 1982; correspondence regarding Higgins's donation to Museo Vostell and explanation of his work "David"; photocopied project instructions; mail art postcards; and much printed ephemera; ca. 1/3 record storage box.
Waldrop, Rosemarie and Keith (Burning Deck Press, see also Ahern correspondence), , , , 1976-1978 1981 1983-1985 1987-1989
Includes short reviews by Dick Higgins of K. Waldrop's writings, 16 items.
Walker Art Center, 1993
Materials and correspondence related to "In the Spirit of Fluxus" exhibition, 1993, including poster, printed ephemera, event schedules and announcements and correspondence with Elizabeth Armstrong, Curator.
Watts, Robert, , , , , 1974 1977-1978 1980 1983 1986-1988
Includes Bicentennial note stationary and other printed ephemera, 34 items.
34 WE-WR, includes:
Weintraub, Linda (Blum Art Center), , 1984-1987 1989-1991
16 items.
Wendt, Larry (sound poet historian and electronic musician), 1977-1979
ca. 55 letters, most regarding sound and pattern poetry bibliographic information.
Wendt, Thyl (German artist), 1978-1981
10 letters.
WhiteWalls (magazine), , 1979-1980 1988
Includes issue no.2 (Winter/Spring 1979), and two letters from Buzz Spector, 6 items.
Wickenden, Bob (Henry Robert, artist and sound poet), , , 1975-1978 1986 n.d.
Includes poetry typescripts and a Dick Higgins letter describing his artistic origins, 25 Nov 1975, in response to Wickenden's letter relating the current state of his thought processes, ca. 38 items.
Wiesbaden Fluxus, 1992
Extensive correspondence regarding arrangements for exhibition and film program; also includes a photograph of Dick Higgins at exhibition.
Wilding-White, Mary-Louise (Dick Higgins's aunt), , , 1962 1966-1977 1981-1993
Contains mostly correspondence regarding family matters, and some about the John Woodman Higgins Armory, ca. 210 items (see also Worchester Pressed Steel files).
Wilson, Bill (William, art critic), , 1976-1978 1993
Letters documenting tension between Wilson and Dick Higgins over the content of certain magazines, 10 letters (see also Ray Johnson Box 17 for letter to Arts, ca. 1965).
Wilson, Martha (director of Franklin Furnace), , , , 1977 1979 1984 bulk 1988-1991
Correspondence about Franklin Furnace, ca. 25 items (see also Franklin Furnace file, Box 11).
Wolfenbüttel Conference, 1987
See Series V-B, Box 78.
Woodall, John (performance artist), , 1989 1992
Includes performance instructions for "Gim Crack," performed at Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA), Los Angeles, 1989, and "Tools of Performance" exhibition checklist, 5 items.
Worchester Pressed Steel, 1967
Financial, sales, and other reports, meeting minutes, etc.
35 WILLIAMS, includes:
Williams College, 1987-1988
Contains correspondence with faculty members, syllabus, term project assignments, attendance records, Dick Higgins notes and copy of "Fluxus: theory and reception" for Dick Higgins course "Introduction to Fluxus," 1987. Also contains material for "Fluxus, 25 years," 1987-1988, such as correspondence, budgets, Dartmouth loans checklist, correspondence and info for catalog, performances and publicity.
Williams, Emmett, , 1966-1969 1974-1982
Contains personal and other correspondence regarding Something Else Press bankruptcy (1974), their 1975 dispute, some relating to Fluxus artists, including one letter written subsequent to Higgins's visit to the Sohm Archive which mentions that Dick Higgins could "find no mention anywhere that Maciunas accepted Beuys as part of Fluxus," 27 Mar 1982, and 9 page letter from Dick Higgins describing in intimate detail his nervous breakdown, 19 Nov 1974. Also performance script "How to perform Emmett Williams' Four Directional Song of Doubt" by Dick Higgins, 1984 (see Special Collections accession no. 890164 for original work), 7 photographs of typesetting, and original graphic "Portrait of a Lady," 1974, by Ann Williams, ca. 1/4 record storage box.
Williams, Eugene (Emmett's son), , , , 1971-1982 bulk 1972-1980 1989 1992
Includes intimate personal correspondence and some relating to collaborations, one Dick Higgins poem 7 Nov 1974 and poems by Williams, printed ephemera, 27 photographs of Williams and family, and Dick Higgins letter which describes how Maciunas was severely beaten (9 Nov 1975), ca. 1/2 record storage box.
Williams, Jonathan, 1974-1984
Correspondence, most relating to book projects, personal matters, and Jargon Society. Also contains some printed ephemera, Jargon catalogs, one photograph of Williams, 1976, and Williams's Erotikon contribution, ca. 127 items.
36 WU-ZU, includes:
Würz, Hervé (French artist), 1975-1980
20 letters, most about a reprint of Dick Higgins's Five Traditions, but also contains Higgins's short accounts of Fluxus first meetings with Nam June Paik (6 Jan 1976) and Ken Friedman (19 Nov 1975).
Xatrec, Christian (né Mathieu), 1987-1992
20 items.
Young, Ian (artist, poet and publisher of Catalyst), , , 1974 1976-1977 1979
15 letters.
Young, Karl (poet and publisher of Membrane Press), 1977-1978
Contains some correspondence about publishing of Six Fillious and two "vocabularies" by Young, 12 items.
Zack, David (Canadian art writer), 1974
1 catalog of the CV-NUT-Art show.
Zanini, Walter (Director of Museu de Arte Contemporânea, Sao Paulo), , 1974 1976-1978
Correspondence, most regarding Dick Higgins's 1976 exhibition at the Museum, 22 letters.
Zekowski, Arlene (writer and professor of English at Eastern New Mexico Univ.), also Stanley Berne, , , , 1975-1979 1981 1984 1988-1992
ca. 60 items.
Zen Arts Center, 1980-1983
Correspondence, most about programming and also includes Dick Higgins drawings and other material related to the Center's 1981 brochure, ca. 85 items.
Zürich Conference, , 1976 1990
Includes Dick Higgins's handwritten lecture notes; Higgins's "Some Poetry Intermedia" poster, 1976; and correspondence with Harry Polkinhorn, Max Nänny and Claus Clüver, ca. 70 items.
Zurbrugg, Nicholas (Australian scholar), , , , 1977-1978 1983-1984 1986 1988-1989
Contains mss for "Sound Art, Radio Art, and Post-Radio Performance in Australia" and "Jameson's Complaint: Video-Art and the Intertextual 'Time-Wall'," plus other photocopied Zurbrugg writings, 18 items.
Series II. Works, ca. 1955-ca. 1992 2.5 linear feet 5 boxes
Series contains manuscripts of poetry, essays and music compositions by Higgins with foul matter and some correspondence with editors, arranged alphabetically by title. The manuscripts are accompanied by notes regarding where Higgins submitted them for publication and where they were published. About 10% of the manuscripts have several versions and notes regarding composition. In some cases, Series III should be consulted for other manuscript versions and full production material. Rejected manuscripts, filed alphabetically in box 41, are works by Higgins that he thought unworthy of publication. Many of these files contain rewrites, illustrating Higgins attempt to correct or salvage the work. This series also includes a partial set of Something Else Newsletters and two personal journals, 1966, 1973, which include notes and versions for poems and other works.
37 A-E
Folder of bio-bibliography, articles about Higgins, conversations with publisher
abstand zum abstand veb; in Everyone Has Sher Favorite
Alan Sondheim and the Knee-Jerk School of Criticism
ms, correspondence to Charles Bernstein and Kostelanetz
the answer; in Clown War
Anti-Tenure campaign
Appearances and Disappearances; in Everyone Has Sher Favorite
assignments; in Something Else Yearbook
The Autobiography of the Moon
See also Series IV, Box 65.
Bande Cordier's Circular Canon
Two copies of Ear Magazine 3, no.6 (Sep/Oct 1977)
being in a corner of a corner; in Clown War
Boris Blastoffs last dance; in Modular Poems
Cat Alley
Ms, book, correspondence.
Catastrophe; in New Poems
For Bengt af Klintberg
Cent mots des clohes a noixes; in Borbarigmi
City with all the Angles
See also Series IV, Box 43.
Cito's song
Classic Plays
a comedy
Conceptual Forks; in Ear Magazine
Consellation #11; in Poems, Plain & Fancy
A Dance for Maureen Conner; in Everyone Has Sher Favorite
Death and the nickle cigar
Dé-coll/age (magazine)
No. 2 (Nov 1962) with Dick Higgins's "The Broadway Opera," with a letter from Jon Hendricks.
Deep summer together poem (killed project, but in Everyone Has Sher Favorite)
Correspondence, mss, galley, repros, 2nd issue of Mouth of the Dragon.
Design plays ( ) 1960
Mss and copyright requests.
A Dialectic of Centuries
See "Intermedia," Box 39.
Dice to decimal correspondences
Includes Dice Decimal Correspondence chart with Dick Higgins note, "used for performing chance operations on texts using dice."
"Distributing Books"
mss (essay); in unreleased Something Else Newsletter 1, no. 7 (1973).
ducks tails shaking; in Everyone Has Sher Favorite
"Employment questionnaire"
An Encyclopedia of Poetry; in Unmuzzled Ox
the ephitaphs
Mss, correspondence, 2 photographs of the 1977 Naples exhibition and one photo of ceramic work.
Epikall Quest
Original ms.
Everyone has Sher Favorite (His or Hers)
Ms and cover proof (see also Box 81, for cover art).
Exemplative Manifesto
Mss "Exemplative Works of Art," correspondence, production, mss partial, see "2 essays written on May 16, 1976," in next folder and Mac Low correspondence, Box 20, for interesting dialogue about this work (see also Box 47B for title negative).
Exemplative Works of Art; in Dialectic of Centuries
38 F-H
Five Myths of Postmodernism
3 mss, with corrections by Billy Name, Harry Polkinhorn and Lisa Null, first draft and final version of ms, correspondence.
Five Traditions of Art History, an Essay
Fluxus: Theory and Reception
Correspondence includes ms comments by Ann Williams, Knowles and Ken Friedman, and mss.
Visual material.
For Eugene in Germany
Correspondence, mss, bound proofs with cover and corrections, cover art.
For Kathy K_ _ _ _; in Everyone Has Sher Favorite
i.e., Kathy Kohler.
Four Dangers, a Structure and a Symphony
fourteen considerations
For Wieland Schmeid.
Fourth of July Variations
Correspondence (one letter, no ms).
French Revolution, 1955
Early happening, typescript of prop list.
Friend, what's going on here?; in Everyone Has Sher Favorite
George Herbert's Pattern Poems
In their Tradition: mss (master's thesis) and bibliography (see also Series III, Box 45, for production material).
Gilles; in Everyone Has Sher Favorite
Great Meat Boycott
Mss and newsletter in which piece was published.
Happytime the Medicine Man
See also Series III, Box 65.
his and hers; in Everyone Has Sher Favorite
History of Art; in Everyone Has Sher Favorite
History of Fluxus
Horizons (essay)
Correspondence, mss.
Horizons: The Poetics and Theory
See also Series III, Box 50.
Hymn; in Everyone Has Sher Favorite
Empty folder.
39 I-O
I wonder if these are my laster pieces
In the context of shoes
"Original in Dialectic of Centuries box"; became a Something Else Newsletter.
Intermedia: Notes toward the art of the 70s, 1980
With a letter to Dr. Jutta Siegurd-Schultze, 1980 (became Dialectic of Centuries).
"it could be you too"; in Everyone Has Sher Favorite
Johnny, Are You Frightened of your dreams?
Part of 7.7.73 cycle and also published in Modular Poems. Mss, notes by Dick Higgins, correspondence.
jolie julie est ma mimou: poem and brush drawing; in Everyone Has Sher Favorite
The journey: eight colored scenes
dupe ms.
Just who knows what, 1964
Two issues of Horae Scholasticae, literary magazine at St. Pauls, with work by Dick Higgins.
Leather jacket vaudeville; in Everyone Has Sher Favorite
Legends and Fishnets
See also Series III, Box 44.
Letters to the editors, , 1972 1976-1992
Various; includes copy of Lotta Poetica 15-16 (Aug-Sept 1972).
levels; in Roof magazine
The Köln Fluxus and Happenings Show
life; in Everyone Has Sher Favorite
life on his wife's casting couch: in Some Recent Snowflakes
Paste-up, proof, type galley.
life and times of the croissant: in Epickall Quest
Mss, 3 letters regarding Len Fulton and Keith Waldrop, publisher of Burning Deck.
The Limitations of Distribution
love song for straights; in Everyone Has Sher Favorite
lyronic: no binding permitted poem
Letter, notes.
The Madonna on the rocks
Film scenerio (1 pg)
many mirrors for Gertrude Stein
Proofs [fragile, have been conserved].
Martin (movie script); in Everyone Has Sher Favorite
Mediocracy: getting the arts past the 1980s
mice all over the place
Mss with specs for typesetting.
Milwaukee poem; in Everyone Has Sher Favorite, "creamcity review"
modern times; in Everyone Has Sher Favorite
Mss, correspondence, notes.
modular poems
See also Series III, Box 44.
More Danger and Fur Poems to be Performed
moving; in Everyone Has Sher Favorite
The Musical Wig
the nature of fish; in Everyone Has Sher Favorite
A New Novel About Sypholoon Endestuary
Ken Friedman's commentary; Dick Higgins letter to Friedman (no ms).
started very strangely 1968
Non-Performance Pieces, 1968
Mss of prose poems.
Novalis: Hymns to the Night
Correspondence (with Bruce McPherson of Treacle Press, publisher of this book translated by Dick Higgins); part of ms translation with letter to Ken Elmslie, 8 Aug 1976, regarding section i, mss sections ii-vi.
Ode to London, 1976
Several copies printed on mylar.
Of Celebration of Morning
Partial mss, arranged by worlds (see Series III for full production material).
Of the Autogogs and the gowns
Mss essay "to be in Epickall Quest."
On Doing too Much
For Dialectic of Centuries, 1977, mss, two copies.
100 Plays
Printed mss.
40 P-S
Pattern Poetry
Guide to an Unknown Literature; See also Series III, Boxes 58-61.
The Pendulum
A Penny for your thoughts, aka Penny Piece
In Avalanch; correspondence (3) with Dick Higgins's description of this performance piece, and reference to photographs (not in folder).
Le Petit Cirque au fin du Monde
Copy of Aarevue #50/51 (Jan-Feb 1973).
Pleasures of life or . . .; in Modular Poems
Poem from or for Bern Porter
In Everyone Has Sher Favorite (bp 30 vii 76), along with Bern Porter's "The Erotikon Contributions."
Poetry of John Cage
Correspondence only, no mss.
Portrait of a Woman
In Everyone Has Sher Favorite, poem, Dick Higgins's notes, variations.
Post-Cognitive Era
Essay (original folder has note "acquired for Ben Pattersen 1978"), 3 mss, correspondence.
Post-modern performance; in Performance by Artists, 1979
Printing songs (#1-11)
Private Illuminations
Protest piece
Directions for a performance, one sheet.
A p.s. for Steve McCaffery
Two sheets.
put differently another secratic question for Mike Belt
In Everyone Has Sher Favorite, also includes ms entitled "Another secratic question for Mike Belt."
red dog (Roter Hund)
In Everyone Has Sher Favorite; correspondence, notes, mss in English and German.
Reviews by Dick Higgins, n.d.
"Three Worlds Three Women" in Contact II 2, no. 1 (Nov-Dec 1978) and typescript of "Teaching & Learning as Performing Arts" and "Coo-less Haiku" (M.J. Phillips' haikus in News Art), clipping.
Saint Joan at Beaurevoir, 1959-1960
Performance script (1960), flyer, mss, typescript, and mss (1959) with explanation of use of slides in performance.
sandals and stars
Kurt Schwitters
Translated by Dick Higgins; poem, essay, Francis Picabia poem translation.
Selected early works
Production correspondence; (see also Series III Poems, Plain & Fancy).
Seven Stars for Professors
Six Concretions
6 invitations for Piano & Pianist
Mss (one sheet), Dick Higgins notes.
six trivial reflections, 1977
Six copies of mss.
The Sixties
Two letters, no mss.
Snake in the Grass
An impromptu.
So; in Asylum v.6, no.2 ( ) Sep 1990
some clouds for asriel
Some Graphis Mirrors. 1967
A Threadneedle booklet; graphics with text.
some poetry intermedia
Some recent snowflakes
Ms, with specs.
something borrowed, 1974
Something Else Newsletter
Vol.1, nos.1-12; vol.2, nos.1-8; vol.3, nos.2-3; misc. book order forms, Camille's Reports nos. 1-3, SE newscard nos. 1-9.
Song, "a little sparkling moment"
Song, "is round six"
Song (Graphis 192b) for any voices(s) and instrument(s)
Three copies of mss, some repros, correspondence with Andrew Bogle, Auckland City Art Gallery regarding "Chance in Art" show and 10th anniversary issue of EAR, where it was published.
Sonnet: "Of Barton winds my breath is made"
Mss, corresp, clippings, holograph versions of poem.
Spring Game: an opera for shadow puppets
Ms, proofs, correspondence.
spring person
Started very strangely
strange fellows, or Dr. Daffy's Greek lover
Styles in Cognitivism
Essay (note on folder, "see also Two Essays Written on May 16, 1976"), two copies.
Suggested activities (i-vi)
Summer Music
Poem, one letter.
Symphony No. 1007
One sheet.
41 T-Z
Tamerlane's Darugar and Timurtas's Silence (pattern poem/graphic)
The Tart, or Miss America; in Jefferson's Birthday
Teaching at Cal Arts
In three parts (part Yeni, part Lingam, and Climax) mss for parts 1-2, 2 letters, clippings from LA Free Press 1, 2, 3.
10.5155.20: art contemporain
Issue no.5, guest-edited by Dick Higgins and Karl Kempton, correspondence, illus., mss.
This one's for Tony, n.d.
Flyer for a happening,, Newhall, CA [Cal Arts?].
Three movements of wheels, 1959
Directions for making and drawing a music wheel machine, 1959 written on original folder.
Three Paradies of my own Styles; Epickall Quest
3 reflections on Post-Structuralism
Made into postcards. Mss, holograph versions, typesetting.
Three Things by Dick Higgins
To Analyze the Process
to gather together #10
Composed for a collective piano piece originally by Daniele Lombardi.
to my brother and sister english teachers
Towards an Allusive Referential
Mss (for Dialectic of Centuries) two copies.
To whom it may concern
28 things to think about
Became graphic with Conz.
twenty six parallels to the english alphabet
2 Essays written on 16 May 1976
Both in Dialectic of Centuries, mss (typescript), Styles in Cognitivism, Exemplative Works of Art, one letter.
Two Hundred and Sixteen Basic Cuing Situations
2 insincerities
Two letters (between Dick Higgins and David Wilk, regarding publishing this piece.
2 things about the woods; in Everyone Has Sher Favorite
In Horizons, typescript mss, correspondence, holograph outline summary.
untitled ("AHA - - -") 23 Sep 1971
one sheet
untitled ("vain man/"); in Everyone Has Sher Favorite 4 Feb 1977
waiting for a friend
In Some Recent Snowflakes, two mss (typescript) versions.
waltz macabre; in Everyone Has Sher Favorite
wedding bells in 100 words (see also French version Cent mots . . . [ ]); in Poems, Plain & Fancy 1970
What the Theater Can Be
winter music; in Everyone Has Sher Favorite
words are mirrors; in Some Recent Snowflakes
Yankee: two letters; in Intersection
You're in the news today: a proposed environment; in Everyone Has Sher Favorite
Rejected works A-Z
bell song
Child's History of Grown-Ups
Concerto for Politics
Dada and Berlin
Declaration of Independence (for NESPA)
de perfide
Mss, 4 letters.
East Hampton: or The Private Life of the Pudgies
See also Susan Thompson file in Series I.
ebb tide: a musical hörspiel
Performed at Poughkeepsie; mss, notes, production correspondence, issues of The Poultry Times used for research.
end of something
Mss, correspondence.
an essay on names
Figures in front of a curtain: Leonora Carrington, 1976
Correspondence, mss, catalog of 1976 retrospective exhibition at Univ. of Texas, Austin.
happy birthday of the chross
Inventing our back pages
the last supper (without jesus)
a legendary situation
Mss, 1 letter.
May 20
Mss, corrected copy, notes (portions published in New Lazarus Review 3/4 (1980).
Nowboy Song
An open letter to Livingston Biddle
Mss, 2 letters.
Please write a second stanza
portrait of Shelley
The Prodigal Son
Mss, correspondence.
rein de rein, les deux vols
the rose triangles
A Self-referential Sonnet
snowflake with pierrot
The Spoken Pause: An Essay for Alison
Suburban Fashions
Thesis Pesis
to be made into a song and be sung by Mike Bolt
transformed for Richard
transformed him
untitled ("bold told - - -') 14 Feb 1977
A valentine for valentines
Mss, holograph version, one letter.
Variation on a theme by freifeld
winter song
Mss, correspondence.
without resistance
Women and Composition, an Outsider's View
Mss, correspondence.
Journal 1 ( ) 1966
Bound ms with inserts, poems, notes, etc.
Journal, , Berlin Aug 1973
Poems, notes, etc.
Series III. Books, 1964-1992 11.5 linear feet 27 boxes
Series contains production material in the form of correspondence, manuscripts, proofs, galleys, repros, dummies, drawings, photographs and negatives for illustrations (especially for Of Celebration of Morning and Variations on a Natural Theme), and jacket and cover designs, organized chronologically by publication date. Most notably documented are Of Celebration of Morning, 1980, Pattern Poetry: a Guide to an Unknown Literature, 1987, and the translation of Giordano Bruno's On the Composition of Images, Signs and Ideas (1591), 1991. Series II should be consulted simultaneously for different versions of manuscripts, as well as some production material. Financial papers relating to Something Else Press (1972-1974) and Printed Editions (1978-1985) are filed in this series.
42 Finances, includes:
Something Else Press, 1972-1974
Financial reports, accounts payable, 1972-1973, general correspondence, some with The Book Organization, financial arrangements with Dick Higgins, bankruptcy claims, Dick Higgins protest exhibits, and 1973-1974 tax filings (see also Something Else Press in Series I, Box 31).
1977 finances, , 1972-1976 1974-1976
Receipts, rent, income, tax protest information for 1972-1976, 1974-1976 audit exhibits, and misc.
Printed Editions
Bank statements, cancelled checks, group expenses, catalog costs, inventories, meeting agendas, members correspondence, and misc (see also Series I, Box 27).
43 Postface, 1964
Original proof (see Box 47 for photos).
Brecht, George, Chance-Imagery, Something Else Press, 1966
Original Brecht ms, photocopied Jan van der Marck article on Brecht, Great Bear Pamphlet.
A Book about Love & War & Death, Something Else Press, 1972
Correspondence, mss, repros, galley, Bahasa Indonesia-English dictionary.
Giorno, John, Cancer in My Left Ball, Something Else Press, 1973
Mss, front matter, correspondence and misc., galley, proof, repros, photographs, negatives, jacket, announcement (see also Box 47 for paste-up).
City with all the Angles, 1974
Correspondence, mss, proof, repros, layout.
44 Williams, Emmett, Selected Shorter Poems 1950-1970, Stuttgart: Edition H. Mayer: New York: New Directions, 1974
Ms of Dick Higgins introduction and notes, galley.
Modular Poems, 1975
Mss, paste-up, page proofs, production, mailing list for complimentary copies.
Legends and Fishnets, 1976
Mss, duplicate mss, and mss marked for composing type, galley, dummys, mechanicals, binding sample, and illus.
45 Everyone has Sher Favorite (His or Hers), 1977
Ms, proofs, jacket design (see also Box 81 for cover art).
George Herbert's Pattern Poems: in their Tradition, 1977
Ms, proofs with Greek accents corrected by Cage, illus., jacket design (see also Box 81, for cover art).
The Epickall Quest of the Brothers Dichtung and Other Outrages, 1977
Original project file with correspondence and Dick Higgins's notes for book, ms edited by Dick Higgins with McPherson correspondence, duplicate mss, ms edited by McPherson, galley, page proofs, bound signatures, jacket design, and production materials (typesetting and correspondence).
A Dialectic of Centuries: Notes Towards a Theory of the New Arts, , 1978 1979
Correspondence and misc. editorial, front and rear matter, "Intermedia" ms (see Box 46 for more).
46 A Dialectic of Centuries, , 1978 1979
Ms with Postface (rejected), galley, proofs, paste-up, production, corrected copy; and reprint correspondence, jacket, page proof corrected by MacLow (see also Box 62 for index and Box 81 for paperback cover art).
47A Giorno, John. Cancer in My Left Ball, Something Else Press, 1973
47B Variations on a Natural Theme, 1981
Large quantity of photographs and negatives.
37 photographs and 7 color transparencies shot in Turkey, , by Dick Higgins and Knowles Jan 1963
Some used in Jefferson's Birthday/Postface.
Exemplativist Manifesto
Title negative
48A-B Happenings (unpublished), 1978
Photographs (many of Allan Kaprow's 18 happenings in six parts and Dick Higgins's Stacked deck) and ms.
49 Filliou, Robert, Six Fillious, Milwaukee: Membrane Press, 1978
Mss of McCaffery and Nichol translations, ms, proofs (see also Karl Young correspondence, Box 36).
Some Recent Snowflakes (and Other Things), 1979
Mss and correspondence, most in reference to submitting the individual poems to publications, other correspondence with Stinehour Press, which made an Christmas card edition of "the snowflakes of giordano bruno," 1977. Short letters to Mac Low and Rothenberg regarding Bruno, and to McCaffery about the relationship of "paraSITism" to Derrida, 1977, and letters regarding "meta" to McCaffery, Kostelanetz and Hassan, who inspired the poem, 1977. Also galley, page proofs, dummy, bound signatures with jacket, jacket design with negatives and specs, paperback jacket design.
Piano Album: Short Pieces, , 1962-1984 1980
Production correspondence, mss (with specs marked), dummy, covers, mailer.
50 Of Celebration of Morning, 1980
General production correspondence, front and rear matter with photographs, text notes, mss, first proofs, setting copies, galley, proofs, photography notes, jacket illus., die copy/jacket, negatives of book, mailer (see also Series I, Box 14, Hansen file for letter describing project).
Sonata for Prepared Piano, 1981
Production correspondence, typesetting fragments, photographs and negatives (see Box 80 for paste-up).
Ten Ways of Looking at a Bird, 1981
Production correspondence, paste-up, mss, photographs, negatives, typesetting, proofs (see also Box 79 for paste-up).
26 mountains for Viewing the Sunset From, 1981
Correspondence, mss, typesetting, negatives, proofs.
Variations on a Natural Theme, for Orchestra, 1981
Mss, correspondence, specs, typesetting original negatives and photographs (see also Box 47 for more photographs and Box 80 for paste-up).
Horizons: The Poetics and Theory of the Intermedia, 1983
Correspondence, mss, dupe ms with Kostelanetz notations (see also Box 57).
51 Of Celebration of Morning, 1980
Original photographs with job ticket tags and original printed score for "Justin Song (nightmare)."
52-54 Of Celebration of Morning, 1980
Photographs and negatives, some mss and original handwritten score for "Justin Song (nightmare)" (see also Box 81 for oversize negatives).
55 Of Celebration of Morning, 1980
Original drawings for illustrations.
56 Of Celebration of Morning, 1980
Handwritten "Index to the 5 Loops," jacket illus., unbound signatures, score, repros, photographs.
57 Horizons, 1983
Page proof, illus. (negatives and repros of illus.)
Sounds Like (anthology of homeophonic translations, unpublished project, , 1982-1985 1987
Includes correspondence with Robert Kelly 1982-1984 [bulk], 1985, 1987 (see also Kelly file Series I, Box 18); general correspondence 1984-1984; information on Ludic section, Bergbo translation by af Klintberg; and Marmalade, 1983 by William Benton.
Poems, Plain & Fancy, 1986
Correspondence, mss.
Visible Language, 1986
Correspondence, mss (filed alphabetically by essayist).
58 Visible Language, 1986
Production costs, galley, cover illus, machine list, order forms, errata lists.
Pattern Poetry: Guide to an Unknown Literature, 1987
Mss, illus and captions, production correspondence, mailing lists, permissions, corrected copy (see also Series I, Box 30, SUNY Press, for more correspondence; and Series V for photocopied monographs and articles of pattern poetry used for writing and illustrating Higgins's book, various mss versions by language and extensive correspondence regarding research).
59 Pattern Poetry, 1987
First draft, and preliminary roughs of bibliography.
60 Pattern Poetry, 1987
61 Pattern Poetry, 1987
Index (3x5 cards).
62 A Dialectic of Centuries, 1978
Index (3x5 cards).
63 Bruno, Giordano, On the Composition of Images, Signs and Ideas, Translated by Chareles Doria, ed. and annotated by Higgins, New York: Willis, Locker and Owen (1591), 1991
Correspondence with Doria, and regarding publisher search, mss (see also Boxes 57-58).
64 Bruno, Images
Mss and page proofs.
65 Bruno, Images
Design experiments, illus, production, misc.
The Autobiography of the Moon, 1992
Correspondence, mss, proofs.
Happytime the Medicine Man, 1992
Mss, proofs (includes thumbnails), correspondence, galley, repros, negs, illus, checklist printout of fonts.
79 Ten Ways of Looking at a Bird, 1981
80 Sonata for Prepared Piano, 1981
Variations on a Natural Theme, 1981
Brochure (?)
81 For Eugene in Germany, 1973
cover art.
Everyone has Sher Favorite, 1977
cover art.
George Herbert's Pattern Poems, 1977
cover art.
A Dialectic of Centuries, , 1978 1979
paperback cover art.
Of Celebration of Morning, 1980
Negatives for "Bestiary"
To be published with Francesco Conz (see Series I Conz files for more information).
Unidentified drawing
Series IV. Personal, 1960-1994 1.0 linear feet 2 boxes
Miscellaneous personal items, such as telephone logs, calendars and correspondence about the John W. Higgins Trust and Higgins's financial portfolio.
66 Telephone logs, , 1980 1982-1994
Calendars, 1976-1983, 1988-1991, 1993-1994; correspondence with Boston Safe Deposit regarding John W. Higgins Trust, 1960, 1965-1967, 1971-1977, 1981 and Griffing Management about Dick Higgins's financial portfolio, 1976-1982 (see also Griffing correspondence, Box 13); curious articles, including many "Mathmatical Games" by Martin Gardner.
67 Calendars 1992
Series V. Pattern poetry, ca. 1987-ca. 1991 5.5 linear feet 11 boxes
Research and study materials accumulated by Higgins in preparation for his book Pattern Poetry: Guide to an Unknown Literature, 1987, a checklist and bibliography of pattern poems before 1900. The series is arranged in two subseries, V-A. Research Materials and V-B. Correspondence. See Series III for book production material.
Series V-A Research materials, ca. 1976-ca. 1991 4.0 linear feet
Contains mostly photocopies of monographs and articles by pattern poets and scholars in the field, with some annotations, bibliographic and otherwise, by Higgins and colleagues. It also contains photos, transparencies and photocopies of text reproductions with coordinating captions; repros; ms versions given to scholars for proofing, most with annotations and corrections; and some correspondence about pattern poetry searches; microfilm and permissions requests; and index cards used by Higgins for bibliographic notations. Organization follows closely that of the book, which is by language. Separate poet/author files exist for those with substantial material, and are filed alphabetically within the language. Consult Appendix A for microfilm reels, which Higgins acquired from various libraries and institutions.
68 General information for chapter 1.
Includes correspondence, Cretan, ancient, Codex Leninopol, Gregory of Manzianzen, Manuel Holobdos, John Loyd, Macarius Chrysophalus, Moschion to Osiris, Wojaczek, Theocritus, Byzantine, Neo-Greek.
Latin: 800-1500, Neo-Latin
After 1500, poets/authors A, includes: Pierre Abélard, Johannes Heinrich Alsted[ius], various anonymous works, August II, Ausonius.
69 Latin
Poets/authors B-N, includes: Bonifacio Baldassarre; André Bayam; Mario Bettini; Marco Antonio Bonciari; Juan Caramuel de Lobkowitz, contains Dick Higgins ms "Caramuel's Metametrica"; Lancino Curzio; "Enigma of Sator"; Eugenias Vulgaris; Florentius; Fragmentum 89; William Gager; Hannardus de Mosaeus Gameren; Louis de Gand de Brachey; Dominica Gisberto; Hermannus de Santa Barbara; Johannes Honthemius; Hrabanus Maurus; Iacobus Nicholai de Dacia; "In memoriam . . . Elisabethae"; Janus Pannonius; Josephus Scottus; Laevius; many works by Fortunio Liceti; Salmonicus Macrinus (Salmon Maigret); Jacob Madelen de Gouda; Benedetto Mariotti; Antonious Netenblad.
70 Latin
Poets/authors O-Z, includes: Odo of Paris; Optatian; Abraham Ortelius; Paschasius a S. Iovanne Evangelista; Enco Silvio Picolomini; Giovanni Battista Pigna; Lorenzo Pignoria; Samuel Pomario; Bernard Praetorius; Vergil-Commentary Servius; Silo, King of Asturias; Antonio Maria Spelta; Andreas Schuster (Sutor); Valentin Thilo; Uffing of Werden; Giovanni Pierio Valeriano Bolzano, ms of Dick Higgins introduction to Geoffrey Cook translations; Voulté Jean (Vulteus Iohannes); Richard Willis (Willett).
Poets include Abraham ben Samuel Abuláfia and Solomon di Oliveyra.
5 booklets and other photocopies of Kilián István essays and a catalog of the Baroque in Hungarian Folk Art.
Correspondence and poet Nicolò de' Rossi.
To 1500, 1600-1900, outside France.
71 French (cont.)
Poets/authors B-Z, includes: Louis "Aloysius" Bertrand, Jean de Boyssières, A. Canal, C. Chabrol, Albert Ferland, Jehan Grisel, Stèphane Mallarmé, Gabriel Martin, François Rabelais, Paul de la Salle.
Correspondence (see also Adler and Ernst files); poets/authors A-Z, includes: Matthias Abele von Lilienberg; Anonymous 1754 New Year chalice; Adolf Bäuerie, copy of The Spirit that Moves Us 2, no. 1 (Fall 1976); Sigmund von Birken; Erhard Falkener; frakturs; Johann Leonhard Frisch; Johann Geuder; Catherina Regina von Greiffenberg; Joseph Guthsmüthl; Johann Helwig; Johann Klaj[us]; Theodor Kornfeld; Nikolaus Peucker; J. Schirmer; Georg Weber.
Scandinavian - Danish
Correspondence, especially with Erik Dal, and poet Nicolaus Petersen.
72 Scandinavian - Swedish
Correspondence with Af Klintberg, Mats B. and Ulf Gran; and poets Johann Kankel and Israel Palleen.
Scandianvian - Finnish and Norwegian
Dutch and Flemish
Includes Belgian correspondence, and poets Matthijs de Castelein and Anthonijs de Roovere.
Includes some correspondence with Steve McCaffery, which runs throughout files, and poets/authors A-Z: Philip Ayres, Joseph Beaumont, Edward Benlowes, William Bosworth, William Browne, Robert Browning, Charles Dodgson (Lewis Carroll), Hugh Crompton, William Drummond of Hawthornden, George Herbert, Sam Loyd, Sir John Mennes and James Smith, George or Richard Puttenham, Francis Quarles, Samuel Speed, Matthew Stevenson, Joshua Sylverster, Edward Taylor, Thomas Watson.
73 English - American
Includes 20th art pieces by Peggy Midener, chapbook by William Jay Smith, and Pennsylvania Dutch materials with 2 letters and ms from Bill Fetterman.
English - Canadian
Correspondence with bp Nichol, James Reaney, Caroline Bayard, etc. and offprint from Poetics Today of Dick Higgins essay "Pattern Poetry as Paradigm."
English - Irish
English - Scottish
Includes poet Allan Ramsey.
English - Welsh
Includes correspondence with Jean Longland (Hispanic Society of America), ms version of Spanish section, author/poet files for L.M. Carbonero y Sol y Merás and D. José González Estrada.
Latin American.
Catalan; correspondence and author file for Giuseppe Grilli.
Includes much correspondence with Ana Hatherly (see also Series V.B).
74 Slavic - Polish
Materials include general, early Dick Higgins's draft of Polish section, Fall 85, addenda with Rypson ms "Homo Quadratus in Labyrintho," 5 folders of correspondence and general. Some correspondence with Rypson throughout (see also V-B and Series I, Boxes 28-29).
Slavic - Other
Correspondence and general for Bulgarian, Croatian; (correspondence with Harold Segal, Columbia Univ.), Czech (Bohemian) including Dick Higgins ms with corrections, Russian, Slovakian, Slovenian, Ukranian.
Other European
Correspondence and general for Albanian, Armenian, Breton, Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Roumanian.
75 Far East - Chinese
Includes correspondence and general, and poet/authors Chung-huo Wang and Shi-Ch'ang Sang.
Far East - Japanese
Includes correspondence and general, and Gosai Tenn_ shinkan shikiske-ch_.
Far East - Korean
Includes correspondence with Karl Kempton, Kalanath Jha, Geoffrey Cook, R.K. Joshi, general materials, and old notes for ms.
Indian - Burmese
Correspondence and general with handwritten poem translations by Ngoe Soe, and Dick Higgins Burmese ms with extensive corrections and notations.
Indian - Kannada
Author T.V. Venkatachala Sastry.
Indian - Mar_th_
Correspondence and general includes letters from R.K. Joshi.
Indian - Sanskrit: general
Indian - Tamil
Correspondence and general contains correspondence with Cook, George L. Hart and Hank Heffetz (both of UC, Berkeley) and author V.R. Modh_van.
Indian - Tibetan
Correspondence and general includes 1 letter from Cook.
76 Islamic - Persian
Correspondence and general with letters from Ahmad Z. Al-Ansari, and Dick Higgins ms with corrections.
Islamic - Turkish and Indonesian
Correspondence and general.
Languages with no pattern poetry reported
Contains correspondence about searches for African, American Indian, Egyptian (with general), Ethiopian, Loatian, Malaysian, Monogolian, Nepal, Thai and Vietnamese.
Acrostics, chronograms, cryptography, decorated alphabets, emblems, lapidary inscriptions, leonine verse, lipograms, magic, mathmatical arrays, palindromes, proteus poems, rebuses and shaped prose.
Special Problems
Pattern poetry addenda
Represents Dick Higgins's research on pattern poetry since 1986, when ms was closed, until 1991. Organization closely follows that of the book.
Series V-B Correspondence, ca. 1978-ca. 1993 1.0 linear feet
Two boxes of correspondence between Higgins and scholars, filed alphabetically by correspondent. Types of letters include inquiries, search statuses, theoretical descriptions and dialogues about pattern poems. Notable correspondents are: Jeremy Adler, Willard Bohm, Geoffrey Cook, Erik Dal, Charles Doria, Ulrich Ernst, Bill Fetterman, Herbert Franke, Ana Hatherly, Gerald Janecek, Kalanath Jha, Istvan Kilián, Karl Otto, Max Patrick, Piotr Rypson, David Seaman, Harold Segel. Bulk of correspondence is between 1983-1987 when Higgins intensively conducted his research and book production activities. Post-1987 dates usually contain references to loose ends and poems later discovered, which were thought to be of interest to Higgins and others. See also Series I individual files for more correspondence relating to pattern poetry.
77 A-J, includes:
Adler, Jeremy (Goethe scholar, poet), , 1978 1982-1991
Includes some letters about Visible Language pattern poetry issue and Wolfenbüttel show and conference (1987), and Adler mss The Electric Alphabet and Towards the City. Fragments I-VII, ca. 150 letters (see also Series I, Box 1).
Af Klintberg, Bengt (Swedish pattern poetry), , 1986-1987 1991
5 letters.
Avrin, Leila (Jewish pattern poetry and micrography), , 1984-1988 1990-1991
24 letters.
Balan, Jars (Ukranian pattern poetry), , , 1977-1978 1983 1987
Includes 1 letter from Dick Higgins describing Gombrich's "hermeneutic approach" (9 Jul 1978), 5 letters.
Bohatcová, Mirjam (Czech pattern poetry), 1983-1985
Contains Dick Higgins Czech ms with many corrections by Bohatcová, 8 letters.
Bohn, Willard (Dada scholar with interest in modern visual poetry), , 1986-1987 1989-1990
Includes Bohn ms "From Sign to Signature in Apollinaire's 'Le Cheval'," 9 letters.
Botar, Oliver (Canadian scholar on Hungarian pattern poetry), 1983
2 letters.
Chouliares, Yiorgos (Greek pattern poetry), 1985
2 letters.
Clüver, Claus
No letters, Clüver ms "Iconicity and Isomorphism in Brazilian Concrete Poems."
Cook, Elizabeth, 1986-1987
4 letters.
Cook, Geoffrey, 1987
10 letters (see also Series I, Box 7).
Dachy, Marc (French Dada scholar with fascination of visual poetry), 1985-1986
6 letters.
Dal, Erik (Danish expert on baroque literature), 1986-1988
13 letters.
Dencker, Klaus Peter (German poet, professor), 1985
2 letters.
Diacano, Mario (Italian critic), 1985-1986
2 letters from Dick Higgins (see also Series I, Box 8).
Doria, Charles, 1986
Includes 2 long letters from Doria describing his "technopaegnia" research, 5 letters (see also Series I, Box 9).
D'Ors, Miguel (Spanish pattern poetry), 1983-1985
15 letters.
Erlhoff, Michael (German scholar and critic), 1986
3 letters (see also Series I, Box 9).
Ernst, Ulrich (German medievalist), 1983-1993
ca. 90 letters and numerous photocopies of Ernst articles.
Fetterman, Bill (Pennsylvania/Dutch poems), 1987-1988
9 letters, including one long letter which discusses his proposed dissertation on Cage and other school essays (see also Series V-A, Box 73, and Series I, Box 10).
Franke, Herbert (and Richard Hayman, Chinese), , 1984-1987 1993
28 letters, many regarding Franke essay for the book and Visible Language issue.
Greene, Roland (pattern poetry scholar), , 1988 1991-1993
9 letters.
Harrier, Richard, , , , 1983 1985 1987 1990
5 letters.
Hatherly, Ana (Portuguese), , 1984-1989 1991
Some correspondence regarding Visible Language issue, 50 letters and 16 postcards (see also Series I, Box 14).
Hodrová, Daniela (Czech scholar), 1983-1984
10 letters.
Janecek, Gerald (American scholar working on Slavic pattern poetry), , 1983-1986 1988
26 letters.
Jha, Kalanath (Indian expert, specifically on Sanskrit), 1984
Includes much correspondence about Jha essay in book and Visible Language issue, MLA convention which Jha attended 1984, and ms "Sanskrit Citrak_vyas and the Western Pattern Poems," for VII World Sanskrit Conference, 1984 (see also Series I, New Wilderness Foundation for overseas travel reimbursement controversy).
Joshi, R.K. (Indian language pattern poetry scholar), 1988-1989
5 letters.
78 K-Z, includes:
Kilián, Istvan (Hungarian pattern poetry), , 1983-1986 1990
31 letters.
Levitan, William (Latin pattern poetry at Princeton), 1986
1 letter from Dick Higgins.
Lienhard, Siegfried (Swedish authority on Sanskrit literature), 1986
3 letters.
Mayer, Peter, , , 1984-1985 1987 1989
11 letters (see also Series I, Box 21).
Otto, Karl (American scholar of German Baroque literature), , 1984-1985 1990
13 letters and Dick Higgins's German ms with Otto corrections.
Pagis, Dan (Hebrew scholar on pattern poetry), 1984-1986
10 letters and Dick Higgins's Hebrew ms with Pagis corrections.
Patrick, Max (major American Herbert scholar), 1983-1988
20 letters, includes 1 that describes why Patrick did not recommend Dick Higgins for a Guggenheim fellowship.
Poniz, Denis (Slovenian scholar and poet), , 1977-1978 1983
14 letters.
Pozzi, Giovanni (Medieval Latin literature), , 1977-1978 1983-1985
Includes Stumenti Critici X, no.31 (Oct 1976), 20 letters.
Rypson, Piotr (Slavic pattern poetry), , , 1979 1984-1989 1991-1992
Extensive correspondence with many long letters by Rypson regarding pattern poetry, especially on Polish and labyrinths, Visible Language issue, including one by Rypson with critical comments on the finished product, 17 Jul 1986, and Wolfenbüttel conference. Also amusing explanation of how "sie" is used in the Polish language with poem, 10 Jun 1985, untitled poem by Rypson, 24 May 1985, and Obraz s_owa exhibition catalog, 1987, and photocopied book, 1989, ca. 120 letters (see also Series I, Boxes 28-29).
Sackner, Ruth and Marvin, 1986-1987
2 letters.
Schimmel, Anna-Marie (Sanskrit scholar), , 1986 1988
3 letters.
Seaman, David (did a dissertation which includes pattern poetry), , , , 1977 1983-1985 1987 n.d.
12 letters and various photocopied texts and mss by Seaman.
Segel, Harold (Baroque and cabaret theatre and slavic studies), 1983-1987
21 letters.
Tóth, Gábor, 1983
12 letters.
Volz, Robert (librarian at Chapin), , , 1986 1988 1991
6 letters and checklist of Chapin Library exhibition (1988).
Vos, Eric, 1986
2 letters and ms "The Visual Turn in Poetry."
Westerwell, Bart (Herbert dissertation), , 1986 1988
4 letters.
Williams, John, 1985
4 letters.
Wolfenbüttel Conference, 1987
Contains various abstracts from participants and conference agendas.

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