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Norman Neuerburg papers regarding Getty Villa design and construction, 1966-1987 (bulk 1970-1975)

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Norman Neuerburg papers regarding Getty Villa design and construction, 1966-1987, bulk 1970-1975
Series I. Correspondence, 1970-1984, bulk 1973-1975 1.04 linear feet 2.5 boxes
Series I contains files of correspondence between Norman Neuerburg and people associated with or otherwise interested in the design and construction of the J. Paul Getty Museum Villa. Most of the correspondence took place during the planning and building phases of the museum, but letters dated after the museum was built and opened to the public are also included. Correspondence also appears in other series, when letters are specifically applicable to a lecture, manuscript, design, or drawing.
Following the papers relating to Neuerburg's Getty consultation agreement and publicity releases, the series is arranged first alphabetically by the correspondent's personal surname or corporate name, then chronologically.
Box Folder
1 1 Papers associated with Getty consultation, 1970-1974 24 items
Twelve letters and memoranda, nine forms (seven from California State University Dominguez Hills, two from Getty), and three draft agreements between Neuerburg and Getty officials relating to Neuerburg's consultation.
1 2 Papers relating to publicity releases, 1974, n.d. 15 items
Four letters, 10 draft and distributed press releases, and distribution list relating to the design, construction, and opening of the Villa.
1 3 Correspondence: Archaeology, 1971-1975, n.d. 25 items
18 letters between Neuerburg and Archaeology journal editors, three draft articles (one manuscript, two typed drafts with edits), notice to authors, style sheet, note paper, and floor plan (of design source?).
1 4 Letters from Amanda Blanco, 1980, n.d. 3 items
Letter, note regarding camera settings used in Blanco's photographs, and Blanco's resume.
1 5 Correspondence: Classical America, 1974-1976, n.d. 63 items
28 letters, 27 meeting announcements, two draft articles entitled "Building the J. Paul Getty Museum" (one manuscript, one typed with edits), two Classical Forum publications, brochure, map, and society card.
1 6 Correspondence: Joseph Jay Deiss, 1974-1975, n.d. 21 items
19 letters, typed screenplay by Deiss entitled "Italy's Buried Treasure," ink sketches on manilla folder.
1 7-12 Letters received from Stephen Garrett, 1970-1983, n.d. 281 items
Letters from Stephen Garrett, J. Paul Getty Museum Director, to Neuerburg and others. Mostly short, typed originals; many include notes and reports on Garrett's meetings with J. Paul Getty and attached copies of Garrett's letters to Getty.
1 7 1970 33.0 items
29 letters to Neuerburg, four letters to Ed Genter.
1 8 1971 47.0 items
33 letters to Neuerburg, two to J. Paul Getty, three to Robert Langdon, two to Ed Genter, two to Burton Fredericksen, one to Norris Bramlett; one letter from Jean Garrett to Neuerburg.
1 9 Jan 1972 - June 1972, n.d, Jan 1972 - June 1972, n.d 32.0 items
30 letters to Neuerburg, one to Bill Gatewood (Dinwiddie Construction), and summary sheet of costs.
1 10 July 1972 - Dec 1972, n.d. 44.0 items
40 letters to Neuerburg, two to Robert Langdon, one to Ed Sweeting; one note paper with contact information in Rome.
1 11 1973, n.d. 38.0 items
31 letters to Neuerburg, one to Bill Gatewood, one to Gino Rossi (United Staff & Stone), one to London hotel; two letters from Ed Genter to Garrett; one letter from Norris Bramlett to Garrett; and replica statuary estimates list.
1 12 1974-1983 87.0 items
81 letters to Neuerburg (including Garrett's response to a 1980 Neuerburg lecture); one letter each to United Staff & Stone, George Lavenberg (Ceramic Tile Institute), Emmett Wemple, T. Marrocco, Bob Williams, and to Whom It May Concern.
Box Folder
2 1-5 Letters from Neuerburg to Stephen Garrett, 1970-1977, 1980-1981 161 items
Mostly short, typed copies; some drafts.
2 1 1970 23.0 items
2 2 1971, n.d. 33.0 items
2 3 1972 59.0 items
2 4 1973 23.0 items
2 5 1974-1977, 1980-1981 23.0 items
2 6 Correspondence: Raniero Gnoli, 1971-1972, n.d. 33 items
12 letters from Neuerburg to Gnoli, 15 from Gnoli to Neuerburg, one from Ted Smith to Gnoli, one from Norris Bramlett to Gnoli; three note papers on Gnoli's marbles; and a report from Neuerburg to Stephen Garrett regarding Gnoli.
2 7-8 Correspondence: Langdon and Wilson, 1970-1974, n.d. 58 items
Langdon and Wilson was the architecture firm responsible for the J. Paul Getty Museum Villa. These folders contain letters and reports between architects and staff of Langdon and Wilson, on one hand, and Neuerburg and others involved in the Villa's design and construction, on the other. The two major corresponding architects from Langdon and Wilson are Robert Langdon and Ed Genter.
2 7 1970-1971, n.d. 28.0 items
Four letters from Stephen Garrett to Langdon, three from Genter to Neuerburg, one from Neuerburg to Langdon, one from John Wilcox (Bomanite Corp.) to Frank Grace (LM Scofield Co.), one from Aubrey Devine Jr. to Langdon, and two from Ted Smith (Dinwiddie Construction): one to Langdon and one to Neuerburg. Other letters from Langdon and Wilson include seven to Garrett, four to Norris Bramlett, one to J. Paul Getty, and one to Los Angeles Zoning Administration. Three reports, one each on climate control, fire protection systems, and security systems, are also included.
2 8 1972-1974, n.d. 38.0 items
23 letters between Langdon, Genter, Neuerburg, Norris Bramlett, Stephen Garrett, Burton Fredericksen, and Ted Smith (Dinwiddie Construction). Other letters include one letter from Langdon and Wilson to David Gebhard, one from Neuerburg to Muscariello, one from Jack Carpenter to Neuerburg, one from P.G. Napolitano to Langdon, and one from Lloyd Henry to Dinwiddie Construction. Two note papers also included.
2 9 Correspondence: Getty Museum officials and staff (Various), 1970-1977, 1980-1984, n.d. 91 items
30 letters from Neuerburg to Getty officials and staff, including Norris Bramlett, J. Paul Getty, Burton Fredericksen, Jiri Frel, Jane Friedman, Susan Hensley, Sandra Knudsen Morgan, Roberta Stothart, John Walsh Jr., and Gillian Wilson; and 43 letters from Getty officials to Neuerburg. Also included are two letters from Fredericksen (one to Garrett, one to Getty), one letter from Garrett to Getty, one telegram from Getty to F. Whitworth, five postcards, four invitations, one hours sheet for Neuerburg's consultation, one Bankers Life insurance policy, and four author contracts (two copies of main contract for 1981 book and two copies of contract with amendments).
2 10 Correspondence: Priscilla Grazioli Medici, 1972-1974, n.d. 43 items
39 letters between Medici and Neuerburg, one letter from Medici to Stephen Garrett, one newspaper clipping about Medici, and two design sketches (duplicates).
2 11 Correspondence: Letters to the Editor, 1974 2 items
Two letters from Neuerburg to the Los Angeles Times (duplicates).
2 12 Correspondence: Italo Sgobbo and Alfonso de Franciscis, 1971-1976 n.d. 53 items
The file contains 32 letters between Sgobbo (professor at Italy's National Society of Letters, Arts, and Sciences, Naples) and Neuerburg, 13 letters between de Franciscis (curator at Italy's National Archaeological Museum, Naples) and Neuerburg, four letters between Sgobbo and Stephen Garrett, one letter from Fabrizio Parisio to Neuerburg, one from Eva Nardella to Sgobbo, one postcard, and one note paper.
2 13 Letters received from Chauncey Stillman, 1974, n.d. 11 items
6 letters and five postcards from Chauncey Stillman of Wetherfield Farm to Neuerburg.
Box Folder
3 1 Correspondence: Walker and Zanger, 1971-1976, n.d. 63 items
34 letters between Guglielmo Ragaglini (Walker and Zanger, Italy), John Iberti (Walker and Zanger, West Coast), Louie Carnevale (Carnevale and Lohr, Inc.), Fabiano Favret (Favret Artistic Mosaic Works), Ted Smith (Dinwiddie Construction), Langdon and Wilson, and Neuerburg. Folder also includes five lists of marble sculptures, four note papers, two marble schedules, nine marble design studies, one proposed marble location list, one shop drawing register, one meeting minutes, four business cards, and one copy of Don Haley's "Malibu's Awe-inspiring Treasury for the Arts" article (with handwritten notes).
3 2 Letters Received from West Art, 1974, n.d. 5 items
Four letters from Corinne Geeting ( West Art) to Neuerburg; Geeting's business card.
3 3 Correspondence: Public, 1968, 1971-1978, 1980-1981, 1974, n.d. 115 items
Six letters from Neuerburg to members of the public (Henry R. Hope, Henri Lagavne, Jack Smith, and three to John (McCauley?)); seven from unknown correspondents to Neuerburg, one from Walter Frese (Hastings House Publishing) to Jane Jordan Browne, one from "Pegge" to "Lois and Bill," and 98 letters and cards from members of the public to Neuerburg.

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