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Albert Renger-Patzsch papers, 1890-1980 (bulk 1924-1966)

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Renger-Patzsch (Albert) papers
Series I. Correspondence, 1924-1966 ca. 7 lin. ft.
Series IA. Pre-war correspondence, 1924-1936 ca. 250 letters
Most of the letters are address to Renger-Patzsch, dating from 1924 to 1936, the time when Renger-Patzsch was working as a freelance photographer in Bad Harzburg and Essen and as instructor at the Folkwangschule in Essen. Included are primarily professional and business letters to Albert Renger-Patzsch from publishers, editors of photographic journals, literary authors, art critics, artists and other photographers. A few unidentified items are filed at the end of Box 1. The letters offer insight into the aesthetic appreciation of Renger-Patzsch's photographic work, and especially the reception of his book Die Welt is schön. Included is the unedited version of Thomas Mann's review of Die Welt is schön. The letters also provide information about Renger-Patzsch's participation in various photography exhibitions held in Germany and abroad. Also present is correspondence with various art schools, including the Folkwangschule in Essen and the Staatliche Bauhochschule Weimar, concerning offers of employment for Renger-Patzsch. Nearly half of the letters are typed.
1 Abendroth-Friedrich Pruss von Zglinicki, and unidentified pre-war correspondence
1 1 Abendroth-D'Oliveira en Spies
1 1 Abendroth, Hermann, 1932
1 postcard.
1 1 Agfa I.G. Farbenindustrie Aktiengesellschaft, 1929
1 business letter inviting R.P. to write an article on photography; with a mention of an article on New Objectivity by Adolf Eyermann.
1 1 Ahrlé, René, 1932
3 items: 2 typescript business letters from Ahrlé and 1 letter by R.P. discussing details of an advertisement for Ford.
1 1 Arapoff, Cyril, 1933
1 letter to R.P. concerning Arapoff's work as a photographer in Oxford, England.
1 1 Arts et métiers graphiques (Paris, France), 1931
2 items: a postcard and a business letter, both signed by Michel Girard.
1 1 Bartning, Otto, 1932
1 postcard to R.P. with the letterhead of the Bauatelier Weimar, Staatliche Hochschule für Handwerk und Baukunst, requesting a photograph.
1 1 Basse, Wilfried, 1932
1 postcard sent from Berlin to R.P., containing a satirical allusion to the current economic conditions and political climate, also mentioning a well-known art dealer K. (Daniel Henry Kahnweiler?).
1 1 Bedall, Carl, 1927
1 personal letter to R.P. by a pharmacist and amateur photographer.
1 1 Behrens, Peter, 1932
1 letter by the architect to R.P. discussing details of R.P.'s commission to photograph the smeltery Gutehoffnungshütte near Oberhausen, Germany.
1 1 Bondi, Felix, 1926
1 postcard from the German lawyer, asking for photographs.
1 1 The British Journal of Photography, 1929
Carbon copy of a business letter by the editor George G. Brown, asking R.P. for reprints for the British Journal Almanac. Annotated by R.P.
1 1 Burmeister, Werner, 1929
A letter to Werner Burmeister in which R.P. expresses his anger and frustration about the layout of the book Norddeutsche Backsteindome [1930].
1 1 Daimer, Josef, 1929
1 personal letter to R.P.; Daimer was a photographic chemistry teacher at the Graphische Lehr- und Versuchsanstalt in Vienna, Austria. [Other letters by Daimer are filed with Post-war correspondence in Box 3].
1 1 Deutscher Camera-Almanach, 1925
1 letter rejecting an article offered by R.P. because it would offend the journal's readers.
1 1 Deutscher Werkbund Berlin, 1926
2 professional letters concerning R.P. membership.
1 1 d'Oliveira, A. E., 1930-1931
2 letters to R.P. concerning the apprenticeship of d'Oliveira's son with R.P. and some technical details of photography.
1 2 Feininger-Gurlitt
1 2 Feininger, Nona, 1932
1 personal letter to R.P. by the photographer Nona Feininger.
1 2 Fischer, Albert, 1930
1 letter with comments on R.P.'s photography, also mentioning Ernst Fuhrmann and an exhibition of Van Gogh in Stuttgart.
1 2 Fischer, Otto, 1929
1 personal letter to R.P.
1 2 Folkwangschule für Gestaltung, 1933-1934
2 letters on official letterhead of Der Oberbürgermeister der Stadt Essen, regarding R.P. employment as a teacher at the Handwerker- und Kunstgewerbeschule in Essen [Folkwangschule für Gestaltung]. The letter dated Nov. 23, 1933 is annotated by R.P. on verso.
1 2 Fuhrmann, Ernst, 1923-1926
4 letters to R.P.: an attestation to R.P.'s employment at Folkwang-Verlag in Hagen-Darmstadt (1923), and three professional letters (1925, 1926 and 1 undated), two of them with drawings and notes in pencil by R.P. [Post-war correspondence between R.P. and Ernst Fuhrmann is filed in Box 6, F. 8].
1 2 Garthmann, Ilse, 1930
1 personal letter.
1 2 Gorny, Hein, 1930
1 personal letter to R.P. from the photographer Hein Gorny, with humorous content.
1 2 Gesellschaft Deutscher Lichtbildner, 1928-1930
7 letters on 8 leaves: six typescript letters with G. L. D. letterhead, three signed by Franz Grainer, three by Hugo Erfurth, and one carbon copy of a response by R.P. to Grainer; all letters are regarding R.P.'s membership in G. D. L. and his participation in exhibitions, especially in 1929 in Eisenach which focused on "neues Sehen und Darstellen" (letter from July 1, 1929 by Grainer). Of Grainer's letter from April 21, 1931 only page 2 exists in the archive.
1 2 Gewerbeschule und Kunstgewerbemuseum der Stadt Zürich, 1928
1 postcard regarding an upcoming exhibition in Zurich. With a mention of Carl Heise's text for the catalog.
1 2 Gies, Ludwig, 1931-1935
4 letters by the sculptor Ludwig Gies to R.P. concerning R.P.'s photographs of Gies's work in Bonn.
1 2 Goldsmidt, Adolf, 1927
1 postcard: business.
1 2 Buergel Goodwin, H. (Heinrich), 1929
2 letters from the Swedish photographer to R.P.; regarding Goodwin's book Kamerabilden [1929].
1 2 Guardini, Romano, 1937
1 letter by the theologian Romano Guardini, who mentions his recent book Der Engel in Dante's Göttlicher Komödie [1937].
1 2 Gurlitt, Cornelius , 1927
1 thank-you note by Gurlitt [1850-1938] to R.P.
1 3 Heise, Carl Georg, 1927-1934
36 items (on 46 leaves): discussions of photographic work by R.P. , Moholy-Nagy, the Bauhaus and Emil Otto Hoppé. Heise mentions Aby Warburg' s interest in the photographic work by R.P; book projects with Wasmuth-Verlag; exhibitions and other professional activities. Included is a copy of Heise's letter to Kurt Tucholsky asking him to influence the Ullstein-Verlag on behalf of R.P.'s Die Welt ist schön, with a drawing on verso. Heise writes about difficulties encountered by Gustav Friedrich Hartlaub, Karl With, [Hanns?] Swarzenski and Ernst Gosebruch in the context of the changing political climate in Germany. Also included is an undated poem by Heise entitled Wunderglaube, two undated letters to R.P. and one letter to Agnes Renger-Patzsch. [Post-war correspondence with Carl Georg Heise is filed in Box 8, F. 1-4]
1 4 Ernst Heimeran Verlag-Ricarda Octavia Huch
1 4 Heimeran, Ernst, 1933
1 item: business letter to R.P. by Ernst Heimeran. On Ernst Heimeran Verlag letterhead.
1 4 Heyer, Gustav Richard, 1928, undated
2 items, including 1 by R.P.: a business letter from R.P. to the psychiatrist Gustav Richard Heyer , with Heyer's response on verso, in which R.P. mentions an exhibition of his work at Graphisches Kabinett München. Heyer relates the artistic value of R.P.'s photography to Adolf Portmann's concept of "Innerlichkeit des Organischen" [ Von der Idee des Humanen in der gegenwärtigen Biologie [1948]]. [See also post-war correspondence between R.P. and Heyer in Box 8, F. 7].
1 4 Höhere Graphische Fachschule der Stadt Berlin, , 1933
2 business letters to R.P., signed by the typographer Georg Trump, concerning the possibility of a teaching position. [See also the school curriculum filed in Box 20, F. 3].
1 4 Hoppé, E. O. (Emil Otto), 1928-1929
6 items (8 leaves): professional letters from the photographer Hoppé to R.P. regarding an exhibition of work by R.P. at the Kestner Gesellschaft in Hannover and the newly published book Die Welt ist schön. Included is a copy of Hoppé's review in English and a linocut Christmas and New Year's card by Hoppé.
1 4 Huch, Justizrat, 1928-1929
4 items: personal correspondence, including one letter to Agnes R.P.
1 4 Huch, Ricarda Octavia 1929
1 personal letter to R.P.
1 5 G. de Jongh - Kunst und Künstler
1 5 Jongh, Gaston de, 1931
1 professional letter to R.P. by the Swiss photographer Gaston de Jongh, commenting on Die Welt ist schön.
1 5 Klingender, L. H. W., 1926 1929
3 personal/professional letters to R.P.
1 5 Kozma, Lajos, undated [1925?]
1 personal letter to R.P. by the Hungarian architect and designer Lajos Kozma [1884-1948] complaining about the difficult cultural climate in Hungary, recommending to R.P. the publisher E. F. Hübsch in Vienna, mentioning Ö. Gábor Pogány and the publication Ars una, also his books: one on ex-libris [ Szignetkönyve (1925)] and one with fairy tales.
1 5 Krander, 1927
1 postcard to R.P. asking for zoo photos.
1 5 Krauss, Friedrich Emil, undated
1 letter to R.P. by the photographer Krauss, with a letterhead design featuring the trademark of Krausswerke Schwarzenberg. Krauss plans to visit R.P. in Essen.
1 5 Kroner, 1925
1 personal letter to R.P.
1 5 Kunstgewerbe-Museum der Stadt Köln, 1928
1 letter concerning an exhibition of photographs by R.P.
1 5 Kunstgewerbemuseum Zürich, 1928
1 letter concerning an exhibition ofphotographs by R.P. , annotated.
1 5 Kunst und Künstler, 1928
1 business letter to R.P. signed by the Austrian photographer Alfred Steffen; with a mention of an article by Heise.
1 6 Otto Lasius-László Moholy-Nagy
1 6 Lasius, Otto, 1925
1 postcard from the Swiss artist Otto Lasius reproducing his lithograph Dolorida. Lasius provides information about the original art work.
1 6 Lexer, Ehrich, 1937
1 item: a thank-you letter from the German surgeon Ehrich Lexer from Solln near Munich.
1 6 Lexer, Gunda, 1933
1 item: letter from the daughter of Ehrich Lexer, accepting apprenticeship with R.P. Annotated, upper corner missing. [See also Box 1, F.7 under: Petersen, Ernst and Box 9, F.1 under: Holzmeister, Gunda]
1 6 Lichnowsky, Mechtilde, 1925
1 thank-you letter by the German literary author Mechtilde Lichnowsky, praising R.P.'s photographic work.
1 6 Das Lichtbild, 1930
1 item: invitation to R.P. to participate in the exhibition Das Lichtbild, planned in Stuttgart for the summer of 1930; signed by Renner [the Bauhaus typographer Paul Renner?].
1 6 Lüppo-Cramer, Hinricus , 1924
1 item: letter concerning technical aspects of photography by the author of Negativ-Entwicklung bei hellem Lichte Safraninverfahren [1922].
1 6 Lissitzky, El, undated (1930?)
1 letter by El Lissitzky asking R.P. to photograph pavilions and objects of the Soviet Union at the Internationale Hygiene Ausstellung in Dresden [1930] and the IPA [Internationale Photographische Ausstellung?] in Leipzig.
1 6 Mahlau, Alfred, 1928-1935
8 items: 6 letters and 2 post cards to R.P. from the painter Alfred Mahlau. Includes humorous sketches by Mahlau who also comments on R.P.'s photographic work.
1 6 Mann, Thomas, 1928
2 items (4 leaves): included are a letter to R.P. by Mann who announces that his review of Die Welt ist schön will soon be published in Berliner Illustrierte Zeitung, and the typescript of the review (3 leaves). The typescript presents the original version of Thomas Mann's text, i.e. before editorial changes by the Berlier Illustrierte Zeitung [see this archive Box 7, F. 7 under: Gritz, L. Gruber, letter by R.P. from July 1, 1960].
1 6 Marcks, Gerhard, 1936
1 letter asking R.P. for photographs of the Osthaus-Monument [i.e. : "Sitzender Knabe", 1931, in Folkwang-Museum, Essen; commemorating the art historian and collector Karl Ernst Osthaus].
1 6 Masclet, Daniel, undated [1928?]
1 letter by the French photographer and author Daniel Masclet asking R.P. to send photographs to be included in Masclet's Histoire de l'art photographique and expressing his artistic opinion on R.P.'s work, especially the photographs published in Die Welt ist schön. Masclet lists his own professional affiliations, including the Groupe des XV.
1 6 Mauritius-Verlag, 1932
1 letter from Ernst Meyer at the Mauritius-Verlag in Berlin, asking R.P. to take initiative against a fraud case.
1 6 Merseburg, 1924-1925
1 personal letter to R.P.
1 6 Meyer, Peter, 1928
3 letters from the Swiss architect to R.P. asking for photographs and proposing to include R.P.'s photographic work in an exhibition at the Kunstgewerbemuseum Zürich and at the Technikum Winterthur Ingenieurschule.
1 6 Moholy-Nagy, László, 1925-1926
2 letters to R.P.; Moholy-Nagy describes the current financial problems experienced at the Bauhaus and by many publishers, as well as his own difficult financial situation, and mentions his book Film und Photographie [ Malerei, Photographie, Film, 1925].
1 6 Molzahn, Johannes, 1927
2 letters by the German painter and graphic artist regarding letterhead and other stationary designed by Molzahn for R.P. The letetrs are typed on a sample copy of the letterhead. Molzahn also writes about his relocation to Breslau .
1 7 Neue Kunst Fides-Preussische Staatsbibliothek, Handschriften-Abteilung
1 7 Galerie Neue Kunst Fides, 1928
1 letter to R.P. from Rudolf Probst regarding photographs of the Hallig Islands, proposing an exhibition of R.P.'s photographic work at Galerie Neue Kunst Fides in Dresden, with a mention of Emil and Ada Nolde.
1 7 Die Neue Linie, 1929
1 letter by the editor Werner, asking R.P. to contribute photographs for the newly founded journal of the Beyer-Verlag. With a reference to Hildebrandt Gurlitt.
1 7 Niemann, Wilhelm, 1933
1 letter to R.P. regarding R.P.'s participation in the exhibition Die Kamera in Berlin. Pencil drawings and annotations by R.P. on verso. [See also announcement filed in Box. 20, F. 2. ]
1 7 Karl Ernst Osthaus-Bund, 1928
2 letters from Karl With, planning exhibitions of R.P.'s photographic work at the Karl Ernst Osthaus-Bund in Hagen, and mentioning the possibility of a teaching position for R.P.
1 7 Pécsi, Józef, 1927-1930
4 items: 3 letters and 1 postcard from the Hungarian photographer and editor of the magazine Magyar Fotografia; asking for permission to publish a Hungarian translation of R.P.'s text "Photographie und Kunst" in Magyar Fotografia, also commenting on Die Welt ist schön.
1 7 Petersen, Ernst, 1933
1 letter recommending Gunda Lexer for an apprenticeship with R.P.; with a mention of Prof. Wever. [See also under: Lexer, Gunda]
1 7 Petschow, Robert, 1930
1 business letter from the editor of the magazine Luftfahrt in Berlin.
1 7 Photographische Korrespondenz, , 1926 1927
2 letters from the editors regarding R.P.'s text "Photographie und Kunst" in the March 1, [1930?] issue of Photographische Korrespondenz.
1 7 Porza, Landeszentrale für Deutschland e.V., 1930
2 items: a letter from the Porza Association asking R.P. to join as Germany's representative for photography. Also included is a typescript list of the members of the committee. Signed by Wa. von Alvensleben.
1 7 Preussische Staatsbibliothek, 1928
1 professional letter to R.P. from the Department of Manuscripts [Handschriften-Abteilung] of the Preussische Staatsbibliothek in Berin.
1 8 Erwin Quadenfeldt-Heinrich Schwarz
1 8 Quadenfeldt, Erwin, 1927
1 professional letter from the portrait photographer in Vienna.
1 8 Redslob, Edwin, 1927
1 professional letter to R.P. from the art historian on Der Reichskunstwart letterhead.
1 8 Riess, Th., 1931
1 professional letter to R.P., with a mention of a photograph of the writer Jakob Wassermann (1873-1934).
1 8 Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain, 1934
2 letters inviting R.P. to a one man show at the society's gallery in London, planned for March 1935.
1 8 Santeul, Claude de, 1930
2 letters by the amateur photographer regarding an exhibition of R.P.'s work held Feb. 28-March 14, 1930 at Société française de photographie in Paris. With a mention of an article by Heinrich Schwarz about R.P. issued in Bulletin de la Société française de photographie; also thanking R.P. for a copy of Hamburg [1930].
1 8 Schmeil, Prof. Dr. 1924
1 letter to R.P. regarding photographs of plants for a natural science textbook.
1 8 Schellbach, Siegfried, 1930
1 postcard to R.P. concerning North German Gothic architecture.
1 8 Schmitt, Cornel, 1929
1 letter; commenting on Die Welt ist schön.
1 8 Schmölz, Hugo, 1929
1 professional letter from the photographer.
1 8 Schule Reimann (Berlin, Germany), 1932
1 letter to R.P.; regarding a teaching position.
1 8 Schumacher, Fritz, 1928
A letter by the architect and art historian to Aby Warburg suggesting architectural sites in Hamburg to be photographed by R.P.
1 8 Schulze-Thurn, Walter, 1928
1 personal letter.
1 8 Schurer, Di U., 1927-1931
3 business letters.
1 8 Schwarz, Heinrich, 1929-1930
2 letters from the art historian proposing to present R.P.'s work in France and recommending that Claude de Santeul select the photographs. Schwarz also comments on a review by Julius Meier-Graefe in Frankfurter Zeitung of his book on the Scottish photographer Hill [ David Octavius Hill, der Meister der Photographie, 1931].
1 9 Rudolf Schwarz-Franz Josef Steinen
1 9 Schwarz, Rudolf, , 1927-1933 undated
13 items: business correspondence to R.P. from the architect and director of Kunstgewerbeschule Aachen concerning R.P.'s photographs for Schwarz's book Wegweisung der Technik [1928- ]. Schwarz also mentions articles about R.P. in Die Form and in Zentralblatt der Bauverwaltung; and photographs by R.P. of the Corpus Christi [Fronleichnam] Church in Aachen. He also presents his plan to design a house for R.P.
1 9 Staatliche Hochschule für Handwerk und Baukunst in Weimar, 1927
1 professional letter from the Bauhaus architect Ernst Neufert regarding R.P.'s employment at the Staatliche Bauhochschule Weimar. Typed in lower case only.
1 9 Städtische Handwerker- und Kunstgewerbeschule (Braunschweig, Germany), 1926
1 business letter to R.P. concerning employment and salary.
1 9 Städtische Kunstgewerbebibliothek (Frankfurt am Main, Germany), 1928
1 letter from the director's office concerning an acquisition of photographs by R.P.
1 9 Städtische Kunsthalle Mannheim, 1928
1 letter by the director of Städtische Kunsthalle Mannheim, Gustav Friedrich Hartlaub asking R.P. to send photographs of Lübeck; and seeking R.P.'s opinion regarding Burkhardt Meyer's plan to publish a book about R.P. with the title Gesicht der Zeit and text by Hartlaub.
1 9 Steinen, Franz Josef, 1927
1 letter to R.P by the winegrower concerning wine care.
1 10 Jan Thorn-Prikker - Friedrich Pruss von Zglinicki
1 10 Thorn Prikker, Jan, 1931
1 postcard sent from Köln-Bayenthal: professional correspondence regarding photographs of the windows of the Auferstehungskirche.
1 10 Ons Eigen Tijdschrift, Oosterbeek, 1924
1 letter by the editor D. J. van der Ven concerning photographs of cactus plants and an article about R.P.
1 10 Toller, Ernst, 1929
1 letter in which Toller agrees to write the introduction for a book by R.P.
1 10 Urban, Paul, Hofrat, 1925
2 letters, including 1 by R.P. Hofrat Paul Urban comments on R.P.'s article "Ketzergedanken über künstlerische Photographie", published in Photographie für Alle. R.P. responds by writing about photographic vision ("Sehenlernen und Sehenkönnen") and expresses his opinion about contemporary photography and the relationship between photography and art.
1 10 Wackernagel, Martin, 1930
1 letter to R.P. by the art historian Martin Wackernagel, concerning photographs for Wackernagel's Die Baukunst des 17. und 18. Jahrhunders, published within the series Handbuch der Kunstwissenschaft. [See also post-war correspondence with Martin Wackernagel filed in Box 14, F. 11].
1 10 Weinert, August, 1926-1928
9 items (on 23 leaves). Weinert, chief surgeon at the Chirurgische Klinik Sudenburg, discusses and partially illustrates with pencil drawings an article for which R.P. took the photographs ["Das Problem der Fussleiden und seine Lösung", in: Die Medizinische Welt, Heft 1; see also: offprint filed in Box 19, F. 3]. ]. Weinert mentions that he has shown R.P.'s photographs to Benscheidt and [Ernst] Neufert from the new Bauhaus in Weimar; and discusses details of R.P.'s commission to photograph the vineyard of [Franz Josef] Steinen. Weinert also mentions a photomontage by Adler [Samuel Adler?] and art work by Albert Frisch [printer in Berlin?]. Annotated by R.P.
1 10 Woytinsky, Wladimir S., 1924
1 letter. The exile Russian economist Woytinsky mentions the political upheaval in Georgia [Soviet Union] and his book on statistics [ Zehn Jahre neues Deutschland, 1929].
1 10 Verlag Ernst Wasmuth, 1928
1 letter from the Verlag Ernst Wasmuth in Berlin, inviting R.P. to contribute photographs for the magazine Atlantis.
1 10 Wigman, Mary, 1931-1934
8 items, including 7 letters and one poem by Mary Wigman written on the occasion of R.P.'s 40th birthday. The letters concern R.P.'s photographs for Mary Wigman's book [ Deutsche Tanzkunst, 1935].
1 10 Kurt Wolff Verlag, 1928
1 business letter from the publishing house in Munich and a postcard to R.P. from Kurt Wolff, asking R.P. to publish a book [ Die Welt ist schön]. With a mention of Carl Georg Heise.
1 10 Zglinicki, Friedrich Pruss von , 1930
1 letter to R.P. Zglinicki asks for permission to use the title Die Welt ist schön for an experimental movie without a plot. With a mention of the producer Arnold Fanck (1889-1974) and Joachim Gerstenberg, the owner of Foto-Atelier Dührkoop in Berlin.
1 11 Unidentified pre-war correspondence
1 11 Collage, 1925?
1 leaf with images pasted on both sides, and captions in green ink. One of the captions refers to April 1, 1925. The captions include names: Ernst Fuhrmann and [Albert] Lange.
1 11 Personal letter, undated
1 personal letter, dated May 1st, signed; Vater [?], with a pencil drawing of a flower.
1 11 Unidentified correspondent from London, 1929
1 typed personal letter, dated June 8, 1929, sent from London, 23, Brunswich Square; signed by hand: "Drn." or "Dru." Experimental typography. The author comments on recent elections in England.

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