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Albert Renger-Patzsch papers, 1890-1980 (bulk 1924-1966)

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Renger-Patzsch (Albert) papers
Series IX. Texts unrelated to Albert Renger-Patzsch, 1922-1928, undated 17 items
This series contains typescripts of texts unrelated to Albert Renger-Patzsch which are part of his archive, inluding 9 unpublished texts by the ecologist Hugo Hertwig. Several of the texts by Hugo Hertwig include proofreading corrections. [Correspondence between Renger-Patzsch and Hertwig is filed in Box 8, F. 7.] Also included is a text by the architect Rudolf Schwarz, a text possibly by Ernst Fuhrmann, and 6 miscellaneous typescripts, mostly by unidentified authors.
Series IX.A. Hugo Hertwig, 1922-1926, undated 9 typescripts
Writings by Hugo Hertwig.
box folder
21 11 Hertwig, Hugo. Berlin, undated
1 typescript (16 leaves); with proofreading corrections.
21 12 Hertwig, Hugo. Der Drang nach unten, 2. Teil, undated
1 typescript ([1], 75 p.); with proofreading corrections. Bound in plain paper boards and tied up with blue string. Title in ink on front cover. Architectural plans or sketches are drawn in pencil on both covers.
box folder
22 1 Hertwig, Hugo. Mein Pariser Tagebuch, 1926?
1 typescript ([1], 60 leaves). Bound in plain paper boards with a geometrical gouache in black and red.
22 2 Hertwig, Hugo. Habby III., 1922
1 typescript ([4], 121 leaves). Bound in green paper boards with color gouche of "Pre-Columbian" figures and motifs on front cover.
22 3 Hertwig, Hugo. 22. August 1924 , 1924?
1 typescript (132 leaves); tied with red string. Typescript with caption title: "22. August 1924." Laid into paper boards decorated with handwriting in black, red, yellow and blue gouache. Some of the sentences on the front cover are: "Technik die vierte Dimension!", "Das Zeitproblem gelöst!", "Das Ei der Hydra!", "Raum und Zeit existieren nicht mehr!" The back cover lists works by the author. Boards fragile. [Filed separately in Box 24*, F.6.]
box folder
Box 24* 6 Oversize from Box 22, F. 3
1 item: paper boards of Hugo Hertwig's typescript "22. August 1924." Fragile.
box folder
22 4 Hertwig, Hugo. Der lebendige Weg, 6.Teil, 1925?
1 leaf. Includes a typed poem "Wohin meine Hand nicht gehet ..." and ms. dedication from Hertwig to R.P. dated Jan. 31, 1925.
22 5 Hertwig, Hugo. Der lebendinge Weg, 1926
1 typescript ([8], 14 leaves); bound. Pencil drawing on leaf [1]. On t.p.: Der lebendinge Weg, Organ einer Siedlungsgesellschaft an der Ostseeküste, also: "Februar 1926. Vierte Nummer. Erscheint monatl. Kindespreis M. 1. [price information crossed out]. Prerow a.d. Darss Ostsee. Herausgegeben von: H. Hertwig". This issue contains Hertwig's text Der Geist der kommenden 4. Dimensionalen.
22 6 Hertwig, Hugo. Von Prerow nach Palermo, undated
1 typescript (35 leaves); unbound.
22 7 Hertwig, Hugo. Das Meer, undated
1 typescript (41 leaves); unbound. A drama.
Series IX.B. Texts by others, ca. 1923-1960 8 manuscript(s)
Writings by others, including one unidentified author, on various topics. One inscribed to Renger-Patzsch. Most are typescripts.
box folder
22 8 Schwarz, Rudolf. Das neue Werk Wegweisung der Technik, 1928?
1 typescript ([1], 33, 28 leaves; also numbered continuously 1-59). Leaves 34-59 have title: Das Gesetz der Serie, and are partly written by hand (leaves 6-8). Laid into folded cardboard with pencil notes, drawings and mathematical calculations relating to the photographic process. [Boards are filed separately in Box 24*, F.7.]
box folder
Box 24* 7 Oversize from Box 22, f. 8
1 item: boards enclosing a typescript by Rudolf Schwarz, Das neue Werk Wegweisung der Technik: a folded piece of cardboard with pencil notes, drawings and mathematical calculations related to the photographic process.
box folder
23 1 E. F. [ Fuhrmann, Ernst] Dem Gott und dem Meschen, 1936?
1 typescript ([4], 89 leaves); bound in plain brown wrappers. On t.p.: Dem Gott und dem Menschen [by] E.F.; a motto from Hölderlin; ms. dedication to R.P.: "Herrn Albert Renger Patzsch mit herzl. Gruss 31. August 36". On half t.p.: "Immer der = oder dieselbe". Contains 89 poems, possibly by Ernst Fuhrmann.
23 2 Author unknown. Die rote Marie, oder, die heilige Jungfrau der Bauern und Proleten, undated
1 typescript (3 leaves). Treatment for a historical movie set during the time of the Peasants' War [1525].
23 3 Author unknown. Der Geist der Zimmerleute, 1923?
1 typescript (6 leaves). A review of Eugen Weiss's book Die Entdeckung des Volks der Zimmerleute [Jena, Eugen Diederichs, 1923]. The author states that his father and grandfather were carpenters.
23 4 Miscellaneous texts, 1960?, undated
23 4 Buber, Martin. Begegnung : autobiographische Fragmente, 1960?
1 typescript (1 leaf). An excerpt from Begegnung : autobiographische Fragmente by Martin Buber. Published: Stuttgart : W. Kohlhammer, 1960.
23 4 Sternberger, Dolf. Bassa Selim, undated
1 typescript (2 leaves). A text about Bassa Selim, one of the main figures in Mozart's opera Abduction from the Seraglio. Ms. signature at end: Dolf Sternberger.
23 4 Ortega y Gasset, José . Der Aufstand der Massen, undated
1 typescript (1 leaf). An excerpt from a 1928 edition of La rebelión de las masas [ The revolt of the mases] by José Ortega y Gasset.
23 4 Früstuck bei Daguerre (Auszug), undated
1 typescript (1 leaf). A excerpt from an unkown text describing a meeting with Daguerre at his house in the Swiss Alps.
Box 24* Oversize items from boxes 18-22

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