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Albert Renger-Patzsch papers, 1890-1980 (bulk 1924-1966)

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Renger-Patzsch (Albert) papers
Series IV. Writings by Albert Renger-Patzsch, 1954-1958, undated circa 30 manuscripts
Typescripts of mostly unpublished lectures and articles by Albert Renger-Patzsch. Most have proofreading corrections; some are annotated; several are present in more then one version. The writings are listed in alphabetical order. If the title is not stated by the author, the text is quoted with its first words. Unidentified texts by Albert Renger-Patzsch are filed in Box 18, F. 12.
box folder
17 1 "Als ich der freudlichen Aufforderung Professor Steinerts, zu Ihnen von meiner Auffassung der Photographie zu sprechen, zusagte ..."
4 leaves. R.P.'s views on photography.
17 2 "Architekt und Fotograf"
14 leaves: 8 leaves of a lecture on architecture and photography. Also included are 6 leaves marked by R.P. as unedited part 1.
17 3 "Ausweg aus dem Chaos, einige Gedanken zur heutigen Situation der Fotografie"
9 leaves and 1 small typed clipping with a quote from Hippolyte Taine. 2 complete versions, and 2 additional versions of page 3 only. All versions signed. R.P. writes about subjectivity in photography and mentions Man Ray, Laszlo Moholy-Nagy, and Otto Steinert.
17 4 "Autobiographisches ..."
11 leaves: 2 versions. An autobiographical text detailing R.P.'s development as a photographer.
17 5 "Der Mensch - dem Technischen hörig - zerstört seine eigene Wohnung"
4 leaves. An article protesting against the tree removal on local streets. R.P. refers to Ernst Jünger's essay Das abenteuerliche Herz.
17 6 "Die Vergewaltigung der Landschaft zu kunstfotografischen Zwecken ist hier verboten"
1 leaf. Annotated. An article protesting the artificial beautification of landscape in photography.
17 7 "Einiges über Portraitfotografie, über Hände und Händeportraits"
3 leaves. Annotated: "Photographie für Alle". An article about the photography of hands.
17 8 "Ersatzteilaufnahmen"
12 leaves: 3 versions, each on 4 leaves. One version is titled by hand "Ersatzteilkatalog" and includes numerous editing corrections. R.P. reflects on the difficulties of rendering industrial spare parts of cotton machinery. [Also see correspondence related to R.P.'s commission for Deutsche Spinnerei-Maschinenbau AG in Ingolstadt.]
17 9 "Fotografie und Kunst"
8 leaves: 2 copies, each on 4 leaves. An article about photography as an independent visual art form.
17 10 "Fotografischer Mord", also titled: "Verantwortungsbewusstsein",
6 leaves: 2 versions, 2 copies of each version. One is extensively annotated by R.P.; another has the title "Verantwortungsbewusstsein" written by hand, and the title "Fotographischer Mord" crossed out. A critical text accusing contemporary photography of sensationalism, indiscretion and inhumanity. R.P. refers to Ernst Jünger, praises the photographic work of Henri Cartier-Bresson, Bill Brandt and Hilmar Pabel, and mentions Edward Steichen's exhibition The family of man.
17 11 "Hochkonjunktur"
2 leaves. Leaf 2 has a drawing in red crayon on verso. A biting critical review of a photography exhibition held in Stuttgart: "... eine Blütenlese fotografischer Eintagsfliegen in anspruchsvoller Aufmachung."
17 12 "Landschaft"
18 leaves, including 1 ms.: 3 versions. An article on landscape photography.
17 13 "Pflanzenaufnahmen"
10 leaves. An article about photography of plants; with detailed technical suggestions.
17 14 "Photogen"
3 leaves. An attempt to define the word "photogenic".
17 15 "Ueber Architekturaufnahmen"
5 leaves, including 3 ms. An article on photography of architecture.
17 16 "Über bestimmte Dinge wird man sich erst klar, wenn man in Lagen gerät, durch die man gezwungen wird, darüber nachzudenken"
14 leaves: 4 copies. A speech given by R.P. to an organisation of artisans [Handwerskammer] on the occasion of the departure of its manager. R.P. describes the impact of mass society, electric power and motorization on the artisan's profession.
17 17 "Ueber die Grenzen der Photographie. Kann die Photographie den Typus wiedergeben?"
8 leaves: 2 copies. R.P. rejects the idea that (portrait) photography can depict a certain type of person, representative of his times, race or profession. He argues that "type' is an abstract idea.
17 18-20 "Versuch einer Einordnung der Fotografie", 1958 and undated
3 versions: 19 leaves, ca. 23 leaves, and 19 leaves. All versions are substantially annotated. One is dated 1958. R.P. defines photography as an art form in its own right.
box folder
18 1 "Vom Sinn der Photographie und der Verantwortlichkeit des Photographen"
20 leaves: 10 leaves of a lecture on the meaning of photography and the responsibility of the photographer; and 2 copies (4 leaves each) of an earlier version, both incomplete: leaves 7-10 only. Also included are 2 leaves with a fragment of the lecture. (2 copies)
18 2 "Vortrag München"
17 leaves. Annotated. Leaf 17 has a technical drawing in pen in verso. A lecture on aesthetics of photography, including landscape photography.
18 3-4 "Vortrag Münster"
44 leaves: 2 copies (16 and 28 leaves), partially annotated. R.P. reflects on the evolution of modern photography and the problematic relationship between photography and art, discusses landscape photography and gives his own definition of photography.
box folder
Box 24* 1 Oversize items from Box 18, f.3
2 items: 1 leaf from Zeitbilder with illustrations of photographs of flowers by R.P.; and 1 leaf with text by R.P. "Der geistige Standort der Fotografie": an undated offprint from Der Westfalenspiegel, issued on the occasion of an exhibition of R.P.'s photographic work at the Museum am Ostwall in Dortmund.
box folder
18 5 "Weltausstellung der Photographie" undated [1964?]
2 leaves: 2 copies (each on 1 leaf). A critical review of an exhibition organized by Karl Pawek [ Weltausstellung der Photographie, held in 1964 in Hamburg].
18 6 "Wenig bekannt ist, dass mit fotografischen Mitteln ein restlos ähnliches Porträt ganz selten zu erzielen ist ..."
3 leaves. R.P. writes about the limits of professional portrait photography which he feels will slowly die out.
18 7 "Wo steht die Fotografie heute? Lichtbildvortrag von Albert Renger-Patzsch gehalten am 12. März 1956, 1956
20 leaves: 17 leaves of a lecture in which R.P. tries to define aesthetics of photography as a graphic medium "sui generis" in its relation to technology and art. Among others, R.P. mentions David Octavius Hill, Hugo Erfurth and Edward Steichen's exhibition The family of man. Also included are 3 annotated leaves of an earlier version. The lecture was held at the Staatliche Landesbildstelle Hamburg. [See also poster filed in Box 20, F. 4. ]
18 8 Ziele, von Albert Renger-Patzsch. D.W.B., Bad Harzburg,
1 leaf. A text about the future goals of photography as an art form.
18 9 Obergutachten, 1954
2 leaves. An expert opinion of R.P. written in connection with a lawsuit between Photo-Selliers and Förderanlagen Wilhelmshaven.
18 10 "Am Rande des Industriegebietes, nahe der alten Stadt Soest, wird in einer kleinen Werkstadt ein altes Handwerk geübt ..."
1 leaf. Annotated. An article about the printing workshop of Hermann Kätelhön. Typed on verso of the letterhead of Haus Kätelhön.
18 11 "Vortrag Münster A"
4 leaves: 2 copies (2 leaves each); annotated. A text about photography as a profession.
18 12 Unidentified texts,
8 leaves: 5 unidentified texts , including one about Walter Gropius's student dormitory at Harvard University, as an example of the illusion of movement in architecture. Includes a quote from Kant.

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