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Raoul Hausmann correspondence, 1909-1971 (bulk 1960-1970)

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Finding aid for the Raoul Hausmann correspondence, 1909-1971, bulk 1960-1970

Container List

Series I. Correspondence, 1901-1971 0.5 linear feet 1 box
The single box of correspondence that constitutes the Hausmann correspondence is organized alphabetically by correspondent. Letters and the occasional manuscript in each correspondent group are organized chronologically.
Box Folder
1 1 Letters to Herr Buchner, 1909
2 handwritten, concerning Raoul Hausmann's disagreement with Johannes Baader.
1 2 Letters to Henri Chopin, , 1963-1964
39 typewritten, concerning optophonic and phonetic poetry, criticisms of Neodada, Raoul Hausmann's radio, television and LP recordings.
1 3 Letters to Henri Chopin, 1964-1966
32 typewritten, concerning the sale and exhibition of Raoul Hausmann's artwork, for which he requested Chopin's assistance.
1 4 Letters to Henri Chopin, 1966-1967
34 typewritten, concerning Raoul Hausmann's broadcast recordings, artwork, views on Dada and other cultural topics, and the history of phonetic poetry.
1 5 Letters to Henri Chopin, 1968-1971
37 typewritten, 1 handwritten, concerning the 1968 French student uprising, Chopin's plan for a new journal in response to it, and the life and work of Jefim Golyscheff.
1 5 Manuscripts, and 1970 n.d.
2 typewritten: Raoul Hausmann's essays "La Sensorialité excentrinque," and "On the Optophone."
1 6 Letter to Citroen, 1957
1 typewritten, criticizing Citroen's research on Dada and offering assistance.
1 7 Letters to Pierre Garnier, 1963-1967
27 typewritten, concerning Garnier's journal Les Lettres and articles Raoul Hausmann submitted to it, Hausmann's invention of "cinétique poésie semántique" and its derivation from his study of folk speech in Béarn and Gomero, and phonetic poetry.
1 8 Letters to Elfriede Hausmann, , 1922 1934-1937
4 handwritten, from Spain and Czechoslovakia, concerning the exile existence, photographs for Studio Jahrbuch, and writing and research projects; 1 postcard, 1922.
1 9 Letters to Vera Hausmann, 1960-1961
4 typewritten, discussing the sale of Raoul Hausmann's artworks to the Austrian Ministry of Education, financial difficulties, and publications.
1 10 Letters to Dom Sylvester Houédard, 1964-1966
11 typewritten, about contemporary poetry, including his own.
1 11 Letters to Georges Hugnet, 1947-1969
2 typewritten, in which Raoul Hausmann explains his perspective on photomontage in relation to Hugnet's essay "L'esprit dada à Berlin," (1932).
1 11 Manuscript, "The History of Photomontage"
4 typewritten pp., excerpt from Courier Dada.
1 12 Letters to Bernard Karpel, 1964
3 typewritten, criticizing the bibliography Karpel wrote for Huelsenbeck book.
1 13 Letters to George Maciunas, 1962-1963
6 typewritten, concerning Fluxus publications, Raoul Hausmann's publications, and Neodada.
1 14 Letters to Fritz Picard, 1961-1970
7 typewritten and 3 handwritten, concerning Raoul Hausmann's Berlin citizenship and the publication of his books.
1 15 Correspondence with Reichardt and Themerson, 1959-1968
34 letters from Raoul Hausmann, 10 from Reichardt, concerning the publication of Reichardt's book PIN: Raoul Hausmann and Kurt Schwitters (London, 1962), about which Hausmann offers advice and criticism. Reichardt discusses the possibility of a retrospective of Hausmann's work at the Grabowski Gallery, London.
1 15 Personal items
Raoul Hausmann's obituary, 6 New Year's cards, 4 photographs, 1 exhibition announcement.
1 16 Correspondence with Kurt Schwitters, 1946-1947
10 typewritten letters from Schwitters, 5 from Raoul Hausmann (copies Hausmann transcribed and perhaps altered), recounting their respective wartime experiences, the state of the arts after the war, and their idea for a journal (PIN). Includes several short poems within letters.
1 17 Correspondence with Kurt Schwitters, 1946-1947
12 typewritten letters from Schwitters (originals?), 4 from Raoul Hausmann, concerning Hausmann's publication of "Courier Dada" in the journal Arts-Lettres, the possibility of inviting Hans Arp and Mesens to co-edit a journal, Schwitter's illness, and recollections of early Dada performances and pieces.
1 18 Correspondence with Renée Sulzbach, 1966-1967
21 typewritten letters from Raoul Hausmann, 7 from Sulzbach, concerning exhibitions of Hausmann's work at museums in Suttgart and Stockholm, a Dada retrospective in Paris, and the English publication of Hausmann's correspondence with Schwitters.
1 18 1 clipping of an article on Raoul Hausmann by Erich Burger
1 19 Correspondence with Renée Sulzbach, 1967-1968
22 typewritten letters (some carbon copies) from Raoul Hausmann, 14 from Sulzbach.
1 19 Manuscripts
2 chapters from Raoul Hausmann's book on Hans Arp; 1 press release for Hausmann retrospective in Stockholm; 1 printed copy of Hausmann's article "Aussichten oder Ende des Neodadismus;" 1 p. biography of Raoul Hausmann.
1 19 1 clipping, "En Dadist I Berlin," by Stig Johansson, . 1967
1 20 Correspondence with Renée Sulzbach, 1968-1970
38 typewritten letters from Raoul Hausmann, 25 from Sulzbach, concerning recent cultural and political events, exhibitions, journals, and the publication of Hausmann's Im Anfang was Dada.
1 20 Manuscript, 1 typewritten outline of Raoul Hausmann's book Sensorialité excentrique, 1969
1 21 Correspondence with Renée Sulzbach, 1970-1971
8 typewritten letters from Raoul Hausmann, 5 from Sulzbach, concerning publishers, Indian and Chinese philosophy, recent publications about Dada, and popular science.
1 21 Manuscript
1 typewritten carbon copy of Raoul Hausmann's review of Werner Schalenbach's book on Schwitters.
1 22 Letter to anonymous, 1920
1 typewritten, concerning the purchase of an artwork through Professor Oskar Moll and informing the buyer of the Dada Exhibition in Berlin planned for Jun 20, 1920.
1 23 Ephemera separated from Sulzbach correspondence, 1967-1971
10 items, including note, exhibition and book announcements, reviews, publishers' brochures, poster.

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