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Wassily Kandinsky papers, 1911-1940 (bulk 1921-1937)

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Kandinsky (Wassily) Papers
Series II. Kandinsky manuscripts, undated 1 box(es)
Series II.A. Manuscript in Russian of Über das Geistige in der Kunst, undated ca. 75 leaves
Manuscript in Russian of Über das Geistige in der Kunst: undated

The first subseries contains portions of Kandinsky's own Russian translation of Über das Geistige in der Kunst [On the spiritual in art], an annotated proof copy, and drafts for the figures in chapter IV. The manuscript consists mainly of text in Kandinsky's own hand and some typescripts.
box folder
3 1 Predislovie [Preface], undated (after 1915)
1 leaf; typescript. Kandinsky mentions his writings on the analysis of form and composition from 1915. The beginning words are similar as in the preface to the 2nd edition of 1912.
3 1 Draft of Vvedenie [Introduction], undated
4 leaves. Two typescript copies of a two-page text. One of the copies includes corrections in pencil and three small schematic pencil drawings or signs.
3 2 Draft of chapter III: Povorot [The spiritual turning-point], undated
6 leaves; typescript. Two copies of a three-page text. The pages are marked as "Povorot I" and "Povorot 3." The text contains portions of the third chapter "Povorot k dukhovnomu [The spiritual turning-point]."
3 3 Pages 1-5, undated
6 leaves of a manuscript in ink; untitled; pages are numbered 1 to 5. [Needs further analysis.]
3 4 [Section?] 28, undated
4 leaves of a ms in ink; untitled; all pages are numbered as parts of [section?] 28. [Needs further analysis.]
3 5 Draft of a footnote from chapter VI, undated
1 leaf; typescript with corrections. Caption: "Predelzhenie prim.2/ na str. 64." The text is similar to the text of the footnote no. 4 from chapter VI titled "Iazyk form i krasok" ["The language of form and colour"].
3 6 Pages 65-71, undated
6 leaves, numbered from 65 to 71; manuscript in ink. [Needs further analysis.]
3 7 Pages 74-107, undated
36 leaves, numbered continuously from 74 to 107, and 2 additional single-leaves numbered 82 and 83; manuscript in ink. [Needs further analysis.]
3 8 Unnumbered manuscript pages, undated
2 leaves; manuscript in ink; includes a small drawing of a triangle.
3 9 Text with geometrical figures, undated
1 leaf; typescript with two section titles: "Zelenoe [Green]" and "Elementy konstruktsii [Elements of construction]." The text and the figures relate to Kandinsky's concept of the pairs of antithesises of colors and of movements as elements of composition in art. This item is most likely a draft for the figures in chaper VI "Iazyk form i krasok" ["The language of form and colour"].
3 10 Draft of chapter VIII: "Tvorenie i khodozhnik [Art and artist]" undated
5 leaves; numbered 1-5; typescript. Draft of chapter VIII: "Proizvedenie iskusstva i khudozhnik" ["Art and artist"].
3 11 Epreuves corrigées de l'editión russe du Spirituel, undated
1 item (20 leaves): pages 19 to 64, lacking pages 27-28 and 31-32. An incomplete proof copy of a Russian edition of On the spiritual in art. With numerous corrections and annotations in Russian in Kandinsky's hand. The text is printed in old Russian orthography and varies from the text published in 1967 in New York by Mezhdunarodnoe Literaturnoe Sodruzhestvo. Most likely this is a proof copy of Kandinsky's first, incomplete Russian translation interrupted by the war in 1914 (cf. Nina Kandinsky's preface in the Russian edition of 1967).
3 12 Cover of the manuscript, undated
1 leaf. Cover of the manuscript: a double-sheet of lined paper, inscribed in ink "Kandinskii. O dykhovnom v iskusstve [On the spiritual in art]."

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