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Records of the CIAM Belgian Section, 1928-1958 (bulk 1934-1958)

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Finding aid for the Records of the CIAM Belgian Section, 1928-1958 (bulk 1934-1958)
Series IV. Oversized materials, 1933-1955 29.0 items 3 boxes, 1 flat file folder
This short series contains individual items taken from each of the first three series and stored separately due to their larger size. The series includes handwritten minutes (including the first page of the 1938 July 10 minutes, the remainder of which is stored in Series II. Box 4, f. 5) as well as drafts and copies of correspondence, document text and financial records. Congress and exhibition ephemera include a brochure for the 1939 Swiss National Exhibition in Zürich, a CIAM IX map and an informational brochure for Le Corbusier's Unité d'Habitation in Marseille. There are also several examples of the CIAM grids or "grilles", developed by Le Corbusier in 1948 and used extensively by CIAM as a city planning and exhibition tool. Notable is the set of plans and grids for L'Equerre's city planning project at Flémalle-Haute, intended for exhibition at CIAM VIII, Hoddesdon, 1951 (Box 10*, f. 7 and Box 11*; see Series III. Box 8, f. 3 for further materials). Also of interest are clippings of five newspaper articles (one authored by Huib Hoste) representing a range of views, from enthusiatic to critical, of CIAM, the Belgian section and city planning activities in Belgium (Box 12*).
Box Folder
10* 1 Réunion pour la préparation du VIe congrès à Bruxelles, 1938 July 10
First page of handwritten meeting minutes. See Series II. Box 4, f. 5 for further minutes.
10* 2 Van Eesteren to Swiss CIAM group, 1939 May
Handwritten draft of Zürich meeting minutes, 1939 May 4. Discussion of CIAM VI location (Liège or Sweden), topics and preparation; also CIAM in the United States. Includes cover message. With mention of Giedion, Le Corbusier, Paulsen, Markelius, Forbat and Mme. de Mandrot.
10* 3 Exposition nationale Suisse, Zürich, 1939 May-Oct
Promotional brochure (printed in 1938) for national Swiss exposition.
10* 4 Rundschreiben an die Delegierten / Circulaire aux délégués, 1939 June 9 6.0 copies
Announcement of Zürich CIRPAC meeting, 1939 July 8, and CIAM VI, Liège, 1939 Sept With a mention of proposed primary topics ("Air, light, greenery and open spaces", air pollution) and secondary topics (New York, Zürich and Liège exhibitions, "mobilisation du sol").
10* 5 Finanzielle Leistungen der Landesgruppen, 1939 July 1
Document from 1939 Zürich CIRPAC meeting, showing financial contributions of national CIAM groups.
10* 6 Themen des VIen Kongresses: Die konkreten städtebaulichen Aufgaben, 1939 2.0 pp.
German text for announcement of CIAM VI, Liège . With themes, projects for presentation, and work methods. Includes a list of previous congresses.
10* 7 Liège city planning grids, possibly 1951 2.0 sheets
Grids with color-coded legend, likely of Flémalle-Haute project prepared for CIAM VIII, Hoddesdon. Includes mention of "core". See also Series IV. Flat file folder 1** for accompanying grid, "Étude de l'urbanisation de la ville de ___".
10* 8 Fitschy to English CIAM members, 1952 July 1
Repeat of June 17 letter to Van Eesteren. Announcement of Liège city planning exhibition, 1952 Sept: requests CIAM speakers for conference on industrial area planning (for draft copy see Series II. Box 4 f. 1).
10* 9 CIAM IX map, 1953 July 19-26
Map of Aix-en-Provence (30 x 32 cm.), showing location of CIAM IX.
11* Plans for Flémalle-Haute, Liège, Belgium, 1951 May 10.0 items
Liège group city planning project, exhibited at CIAM VIII, Hoddesdon. Includes charts, maps and site plans. Planned by Groupe L'Equerre: P. Fitschy, E. Klutz, E. Parent, A. Tibaux.
12* Newspaper clippings, 1936-1950 5.0 items
Clippings concerning CIAM and Belgian section activities, and other architectural or city planning issues. Includes: Huib Hoste, "Het Kongres voor nieuw bouwen te La Sarraz", publication unknown, 1936; "Une singulière façon d'urbaniser!", publication unknown, 1947 Oct 28; Freddy Darimont, "L'urbanisation du domaine forestier du Sart-Tilman", La Wallonie, 1948 Feb 7-8; Léon-Louis Sosset, "L'architecture, la décoration et la peinture à travers les revues", La Nouvelle Gazette, 1950 July 6; "Une nouvelle route procurera à Liège un débouché vers le nord", Dernière Heure, 1950 July 19.
1** Exposition d'architecture rationnelle et urbanisme, 1933 Mar 1-31
Blueprint floor plan of exhibition hall, for modern architecture and city planning exhibition organized in Liège by L'Equerre. 26 x 48 cm.
1** Programme de travail du Ve congrès, 1937
CIAM V, Paris outline for economic zone surveys, focusing on country, region, city, and sanitary infrastructure. The document, originally over 130 cm. long, has been cut into three sections (10 x 24 cm., 106 x 24 cm., 17 x 24 cm.) and taped. Translation by Fitschy. See Series III. Box 5, f. 6 for paper copy.
1** Congrès CIAM 1947: Thèmes, proposition Braem Anvers, 1947 3.0 copies
Idea flowchart of CIAM past, present and future work, leading to the "ligne générale technique et idéologique de la nouvelle architecture." Divided into three sections: "Bilan de l'action CIAM de l'avant-guerre"; "Situation actuelle"; "Que faire?". Prepared by Braem of the Antwerp section for CIAM VI, Bridgwater. 30 x 84 cm. [#31]
1** Unité d'habitation Le Corbusier à Marseille, 1949
Presentation brochure of Le Corbusier's Unité d'habitation for CIAM VII, Bergamo, printed by Editions L'Architecture d'aujourd'hui. Text divided into four panels: "Solution architecturale"; "Le logis"; "Techniques et machines"; "Réalisation". With photo illustrations, charts and diagrams. 48 x 62 cm.
1** Étude de l'urbanisation de la ville de P___, possibly 1951
Liège city planning grid, possibly prepared for CIAM VIII, Hoddesdon. 53 x 91 cm. See Series IV. Box 11*, f. 7 for accompanying grids.
1** Groupe CIAM portugais, 1955
Portuguese CIAM group grid presentation for Paris CIRPAC meeting, 1955 July 4. 30 x 120 cm. For related materials, see Series I. Box 4, f. 3 and Series III. Box 9, f. 5.

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