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Records of the CIAM Belgian Section, 1928-1958 (bulk 1934-1958)

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Finding aid for the Records of the CIAM Belgian Section, 1928-1958 (bulk 1934-1958)
Series III. Documents, 1928-1957 ca. 2.1 lin. ft.
Series III.K. CIAM X, Dubrovnik, 1954-1957 1.0 box(es)
Documents relate to the 10th CIAM congress, held in Dubrovnik, Croatia in 1956.
Box Folder
9 1 CIAM Dutch group to CIAM groups, 1954 Mar 1
Cover letter for Doorn meeting minutes, 1954 Jan 29-31. With a mention of Gutmann, Lassdun and Wogenscky.
9 1 Statement on habitat, 1954 Jan 29-31 3.0 pp. 2 copies
Doorn meeting minutes. Proposes "scale of association"; gives timeline of theoretical developments in city planning. With participation of Bakema, Van Eyck, Van Ginkel, Hovens Greve, Smithson and Voelcker.
9 1 CIAM X Alger: Programme de travail, 1954
Schematic outline of congress work plan.
9 1 Réunion du conseil CIAM, 1954 June 30
Brief agenda for CIAM council meeting.
9 1 CIAM Pays-Bas, n.d. 2.0 pp.
Remarks by De 8 and Opbouw prior to June 30 CIAM council meeting, concerning CIAM IX and X and efforts to involve younger architects in CIAM.
9 1 Suggestions pour une méthode de travail en CIAM X, 1954 June 2.0 pp.
Remarks expanding on the Doorn meeting conclusions, by De 8 and Opbouw. With a mention of Lonberg-Holm, Piet Zwart and Max Bill.
9 1 Arrangements for CIAM X, September 1955 at Algiers, 1954 July 4
Cover page for CIAM council minutes. With CIAM X topic: "The problems of the human habitat: first CIAM proposals: statements and recommendations."
9 1 Minutes of CIAM council and delegates meeting, 1954 June 30 5.0 pp.
Request for CIAM IX reports; debate over CIAM X topic; work program; formation of CIAM X committee (Team X); deadlines; proposed CIAM X dates and location (Algiers, 1955 Sept); CIAM publications (including "The human habitat"); the abandonment of CIAM junior groups; Brazilian architectural competition. With list of attendees.
9 2 CIAM X: Problèmes de l'habitat, 1954 Sept 14 3.0 pp.
Minutes of Team X meeting, Paris. With mention of "Draft Framework 3: Instructions to all groups"; criticisms of CIAM IX and suggestions for improvement of CIAM X; proposal of four work commissions (metropolis, town, village, isolate); deadlines; finances. With participation of Giedion and Le Corbusier; reported by Tyrwhitt.
9 2 CIAM X: orientation, 1954 Dec 5.0 pp.
CIAM X group instructions. Mentions shortcomings of the Charte d'Athènes and CIAM IX, and evolution of CIAM discussion towards human associations; need for four work commissions (cité, ville, village, maison); formation of group to develop Doorn ideas on habitat (Bakema, Smithson, Candilis, Gutman etc.). With mention of CIAM X topic, work method ("whole structure of urbanism" as setting for habitat) and presentation requirements. With pencil corrections.
9 2 Bakema to CIAM groups, 1954 Dec 21
Cover letter for English CIAM X group instructions.
9 2 Draft framework 5: CIAM X: Instructions to groups, 1954 Dec 6.0 pp.
English version of CIAM X group instructions.
9 2 CIAM Hollande: Groupe 8 et Opbouw, 1954 Dec
Short discussion of aspects of habitat: the greater reality of the threshold ("seuil"); the aesthetics of number; growth and change.
9 2 CIAM Hollande: "de 8" en Opbouw, 1954 Dec
English version.
9 3 Le Corbusier, Habitat dans la ville, n.d. 4.0 pp.
Presentation of plans and photographs of the Unité d'habitation, Marseille; presented by Team X as sample grid for CIAM X.
9 3 CIAM to CIAM groups, 1955 Jan 5 2.0 pp.
Critique of sample grid; defense of Charte d'Athènes; observations on planned CIAM X committees. Written by Sert, Gropius, Giedion and Tyrwhitt.
9 4 CIAM-contact Nederland-België, 1955 Feb 21 5.0 pp.
Transcript of Dutch-Belgian meeting in Amsterdam, 1955 Feb 19, on CIAM X programming and work methods. Pagination: [1], 2, 3, 3a, 4. Discussants: Braem, Van Eyck, Bakema, Wynants, Van der Meeren, Hovens Greve, Merkelbach, Wissing.
9 4 Giedion to CIAM groups, 1955 Mar 4
Announcement of CIAM Council X delegates meeting in Paris, 1955 July 2.
9 4 Invitation to the CIAM X congress at Algiers, 1955 May 13 3.0 pp.
Lists documents sent to date on CIAM topic and instructions, program, methods. With a precise definition of "habitat", and application for CIAM X projects. Written by Le Corbusier and Candilis.
9 4 Résumé des réactions dans "Instructions aux groupes", 1955 Apr 5.0 pp.
Assemblage of reactions by CIAM groups to instructions sent 1954 Dec 22 by Team X (see Box 9, f. 2).
9 4 Invitation au 10ème congrès CIAM à Alger, 1955 May 13 3.0 pp.
Copy of handwritten rough draft of CIAM X, Algiers invitation.
9 4 Report on definition of community, 1955 June 5.0 pp.
CIAM X report by Planning Workshop of New York: Alfred Bush, James Collins, Arnold Oshin, Gertrude Bush, Herbert H. Stevens Jr.
9 5 CIAM X: Rapport du groupe CIAM portugais à la réunion CIRPAC, 1955 June 29 3.0 pp.
Report by Viana de Lima (Portuguese CIAM group) for CIRPAC meeting, 1955 July 4: critique of CIAM work methods to date, and suggestion that CIAM X be postponed to 1956.
9 5 Résumé du rapport du groupe portugais, 1955 June 29
Summary of Portuguese CIAM group arguments.
9 5 Rapport sur le schéma de grille proposée, 1955 July 4 2.0 pp.
Report by Viana de Lima (Portuguese CIAM group) for CIRPAC meeting, 1955 July 4: plan for integrating various CIAM grids.
9 5 Procès verbal de la réunion du CIRPAC, 1955 July 4 4.0 pp.
Minutes of CIRPAC meeting in Paris, July 4, with attendee list. CIAM X postponement to 1956, preparation and criticism; Algiers uncertain as CIAM X location; need for "statut du logis". Participants: Albini, Candilis, Emery, Giedion, Le Corbusier, Roth, Viana de Lima, Van Eyck, Rogers, Lods, Tyrwhitt, Sert. With mention of Ecochard and Wogenscky. Reported by Emery.
9 5 Réunion au Château de La Sarraz, 1955 July 10 2.0 pp.
Announcement of CIAM council meeting at La Sarraz, 1955 Sept 8-11. CIAM X preparation; "Statut du Logis"; "Habitat".
9 5 Alfred Roth to CIAM groups, n.d. 2.0 pp.
Invitation to CIAM council meeting at La Sarraz: topics, lodging. Includes description of documents to be prepared for meeting.
9 5 Compte rendu de la réunion, La Sarraz, 1955 Sept 8-10 3.0 pp.
Minutes of CIAM delegates' meeting at La Sarraz: preparation of "Déclaration sur le logis"; final CIAM X topic ("L'habitat, problème de relations. Premières propositions CIAM. Constatations et résolutions"); CIAM X location to be Dubrovnik (or Braga, Portugal), not Algiers; treasury matters; quality of CIAM group work.
9 5 Annexe I: Déclaration sur le logis, 1955 Sept 10 2.0 pp.
Table of contents: twelve main points to be addressed.
9 5 Annexe II: Exposé de Dr. S. Giedion, 1955 Sept 10 2.0 pp.
Statement of purpose for CIAM X.
9 6 CIAM Team X, 1955 Nov 4.0 pp.
Discussion of new and changing human relations to be stimulated through architecture, and possible CIAM X projects. With a list of Team X documents circulated to date. Appendix: clarification of group instructions.
9 6 CIAM Team X, 1955 Nov 6.0 pp.
Rough draft of previous document, with handwritten corrections. Includes copy of Giedion's exposé (1955 Sept 10).
9 6 CIAM Team X, 1955 Nov 6.0 pp.
English version of previous documents (including Giedion's exposé).
9 6 Preparation for CIAM X, 1955 Dec 2.0 pp.
Final CIAM topic ("The Habitat: problem of inter-relationships: CIAM's first proposals, statements and resolutions"); list of relationships for discussion; CIAM X grid presentation requirements.
9 6 Commentary on the reactions received by CIAM X, n.d.
Brief summary of comments: definition of habitat; objectives of CIAM X; work method.
9 6 Commentaires des réactions des groupes, n.d.
French version of above document.
9 6 Alfred Roth to CIAM groups, 1956 Feb 12
Dates and travel arrangements for CIAM X, on Adriatic steamer and in Budva, Yugoslavia, 1956 Aug 3-13. With a mention of Drago Ibler.
9 6 Alfred Roth, Avis important, n.d.
Boat arrangements for travel to Yugoslavia for CIAM X.
9 7 CIAM: Préparation du Xe congrès, Yougoslavie, 1956 Aug 15.0 pp. plus cover
Collection of documents relating to CIAM X, assembled by Fitschy for the Belgian section. Includes Fitschy's cover letter (1956 Mar); Roth's letter (1955 Feb 12); Preparation for CIAM X (1955 Dec); CIAM Team X document (1955 Nov); La Sarraz meeting minutes, with "logis" main points and Giedion exposé (1955 Sept 10).
9 7 Document de préparations finales, 1956 May 28 2.0 pp.
List of relationships proposed for study by CIAM groups, with Team X responses and further instructions.
9 7 Réorganisation des CIAM, 1956 Nov 1 2.0 pp.
CIAM X propositions based on CIRPAC, general assembly and committee meetings in Dubrovnik, Aug 10-12: total reorganization of CIAM; full autonomy of national CIAM groups; nomination of individual members to continue CIAM work. With mention of Bakema, Emery, Howell, Rogers, Roth, Smithson, Woods, Candilis and Le Corbusier. Written by Emery.
9 7 CIAM en réorganisation, 1956 Dec 5 3.0 pp.
Response to Emery letter; request for CIAM reorganization suggestions and nominations for individual CIAM members. With observations and work method, and a mention of Lonberg-Holm. Written by Bakema.
9 7 Réorganisation des CIAM: questionnaire, n.d. 2.0 pp.
Questionnaire by CIAM secretariat, with a list of candidates for individual CIAM membership.
9 8 Bakema to CIAM council, delegates, reorganization committee, 1957 Aug 13 2.0 pp.
Preparatory letter for La Sarraz meeting, 1957 Sept 14-17, on CIAM reorganization or dissolution.
9 8 CIAM en réorganisation, 1957 Aug 13 2.0 pp.
Roster of names proposed as individual CIAM members, and of those currently working in architectural education.
9 8 CIAM dissolution, 1957 March 22
Letter from the English CIAM group: disagreement with CIAM plans; need for informal contacts between architects working intensively. Signed by Howell, Lasdun, Smithson and Voelcker; forwarded by Bakema.
9 8 The future of the CIAM, n.d.
Letter by Jerzy Soltan: importance of continuing CIAM for architects in Eastern Europe and Asia; regrets suspension of congresses. With suggestion for younger CIAM member (Oskar Hansen). Forwarded by Bakema.
9 8 Extraits des lettres reçu par Bakema [sic], 1957 Aug 13 7.0 pp.
Detailed inventory of letters on the subject of CIAM reorganization, 1956 Aug 10-1957 July 28, with senders, dates and main points.
9 8 CIAM Norddeutschland, 1957 Aug 25 3.0 copies
Importance of CIAM for finding city planning solutions. With translations.
9 9 Minutes of reorganization committee, La Sarraz, 1957 Sept 1-2 6.0 pp.
Discussion of CIAM group activity since CIAM X; practical proposals for CIAM reorganization; renaming CIAM; drafting of La Sarraz declaration, 1957; membership of coordinating committee; preliminary US Charte de l'habitat. Participants: Roth, Giedion, Hebebrand, Tyrwhitt, Voelcker, Fitschy, Stranik, Wogenscky, Bakema, Albini, Ibler, Korsmo, Syrkus, Brera, Rogers.
9 9 Déclaration de La Sarraz, 1957 Sept 2
Gives conclusions and resolutions of La Sarraz meeting on CIAM reorganization. Written by Bakema, Giedion, Roth and Tyrwhitt.
9 9 Reorganization of CIAM, n.d.
Letter by Giedion announcing reorganization of CIAM under new name ("CIAM: Research group for social and visual relationships"), with diminished membership and dissolution of national CIAM groups.
9 9 Giedion to CIAM council and delegates, 1957 Sept 20
Cover letter for La Sarraz documents, with penned note to Fitschy. Date in pen.
9 9 Groupe de coordination CIAM, 1957 Oct 22 2.0 pp.
Statement of purpose for new CIAM, with quotes from Le Corbusier, Smithson, Tange, Bakema, Asada, Ibler, Wogenscky, and Rogers. Requests nominations for committee members to discuss the current task of architects. Written by Bakema, with pencil corrections.
9 9 Coordinating group to former CIAM members, 1957 Nov 12
Renewed request by Bakema for nominations to CIAM coordinating committee.
9 9 Fitschy to former CIAM members, 1957 Dec 11
Invitation to participate in reorganized CIAM. With second copy of Bakema's Oct 22 circular, and the Sept 2 La Sarraz declaration.

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