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Records of the CIAM Belgian Section, 1928-1958 (bulk 1934-1958)

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Finding aid for the Records of the CIAM Belgian Section, 1928-1958 (bulk 1934-1958)
Series III. Documents, 1928-1957 ca. 2.1 lin. ft.
Series III.J. CIAM IX, Aix-en-Provence, 1952-1954 7.0 folder(s)
Documents relate to the 9th CIAM congress, held in Aix-en-Provence, France, 1953.
Box Folder
8 5 Fred Forbat to CIAM groups, 1952 Mar 10 2.0 pp.
Announcement from Swedish CIAM group of council meeting in Sigtuna, 1952 June 25-29. With mention of optional architectural tour of Finland, to be organized by Aalto.
8 5 B. F. Reiner to A. F. Ewing, 1952 May 15 2.0 pp.
Record of conversation with Bodiansky, of the CIAM Commission for industrialization of building techniques. Discusses proposed housing exhibit at the Palais des Nations; CIAM lectures; council meeting in Sweden.
8 5 Trevor Dunnett (MARS Group) to CIAM Groups, 1952 June 10
Cover letter for MARS Group CIAM IX proposal.
8 5 MARS Group proposal for CIAM IX, 1952 June 2.0 pp.
Treatment of proposed topic "Charte de l'habitat", and suggestions for project presentation.
8 5 CIAM address roster, 1952 June 6.0 pp.
Addresses of CIAM council members, CIAM group delegates, and CIAM groups in formation.
8 5 CIAM junior groups, 1952 Oct
Cover letter for "Team 3" leaflet.
8 5 Team 3, CIAM junior groups, 1952 Sept
Folded leaflet describing purposes and organization of Junior CIAM. With text by P. Keatinge Clay; illustrations by Lanfranco Bombelli Tiravanti.
8 5 Brochure text, 1952 2.0 pp.
CIAM summer school brochure.
8 5 CIAM summer school, 1952-1954, 1956 4.0 items
Brochures describing Venice summer school courses and admissions.
8 6 Projet de programme pour le IXe congrès CIAM, 1952-1953 17.0 pp.
Collection of CIAM IX texts prepared by A. Wogenscky and ASCORAL. Contains discussion of congress theme (La charte de l'habitat); invitation to CIAM groups with location and dates (Aix-en-Provence, 1953 July 19-26); program of the sixth "Festival d'Aix-en-Provence", 1953 July 10-30; announcement of CIAM council meeting, Paris; CIAM IX program, including topics, work methods and presentation; minutes of CIAM council meeting, 1953 Feb 15.
8 6 Minutes of CIAM council meeting, 1953 Feb 15 4.0 pp.
CIAM IX themes and organization; project presentation; work methods; financial assistance for students; relations with UNESCO and the publisher Lund Humphries. Written by Giedion.
8 7 Programme du CIAM IX, 1953 Apr 15 9.0 pp., 2 copies
Covers congress theme (La charte de l'habitat); work goals; work presentation; reservations and other congress matters.
8 7 Projet de programme, 1953 July 19-25 3.0 pp.
Proposed CIAM IX schedule, appended to "Programme du CIAM IX".
8 7 Programme général de travail: répartition du travail entre les commissions permanentes, 1953 July 19-26 7.0 pp.
Lists analyses of each grid to be undertaken by individual CIAM commissions.
8 7 Poser la question de l'habitat moderne, 1953 June 5.0 pp.
CIAM IX introduction text, written by Le Corbusier in Chandigarh. With pencilled list of Belgian section members on verso of final page.
8 7 CIAM IX: Contribution à la charte de l'habitat, 1953 July 19-25 20.0 pp.
Published by L'Architecture d'aujourd'hui, with text by André Bloc, Vladimir Bodiansky, Michel Ecochard, Marcel Lods. Contains information from Bodiansky's "Moroccan Habitation" grid, in chart prepared by Georges Candilis, B. Kennedy, P. Mas and Shadrach Woods.
8 7 Aix-en-Provence: festival de musique, 1953 July 10-30
Brochure: schedule of performances and events for music festival. Includes insert leaflet for "Exposition Cézanne", an art exhibition held conjointly.
For oversized CIAM IX map, see Series IV. Box 10*, f. 9.
8 7 Architectures, peintures, lithographies, céramiques d'Aix-en-Provence, 1953 2.0 items
Invitation for CIAM IX event.
8 7 Invitation, 1953
Fitschy's invitation card to attend CIAM 25th anniversary roof party at the Unité d'habitation, Marseille.
8 7 Train tickets, 1953 July 18 6.0 items
Receipts and tickets from Fitschy's train travel to Paris and Marseille.
8 8 Programme de CIAM IX, 1953 July 19-25
Schedule of CIAM IX meetings, with commission list. With pencilled note on verso.
8 8 Présentation des grilles aux participants de CIAM-neufs, 1953 July 20-22 2.0 pp.
Schedule of grid presentations.
8 8 Groupe CIAM Alger: Bidonville Mahieddine, 1953 July 20 2.0 copies
Explanatory remarks for survey of Algiers "bidonville".
8 8 Bidonville Mahieddine, Résumé de la grille, 1953 July 22 3.0 pp.
Analysis of Algiers CIAM group grid, according to CIAM commission topics.
8 8 Unité d'habitation Anvers-Kiel, 1953 July 21 4.0 pp.
Analysis of Antwerp section grid for housing project in Antwerp, according to CIAM commission topics. Reported by Orsem.
8 8 Grille du groupe de Liège (Belgique), , n.d. 2.0 pp., 4 copies
Explanatory remarks for Liège section grid, with analysis according to CIAM commission topics. With pen corrections; third copy annotated in pen. [#29]
8 8 Handwritten notes, 1953 2.0 pp.
Rough draft in pen for "Grille du groupe de Liège (Belgique)".
8 8 Schedule, 1953 July 23
Handwritten schedule of Thursday's meetings and excursions.
8 8 Honegger to Fitschy, 1953 July 24 2.0 copies
Receipt for Liège section CIAM dues.
8 9 Urbanisme 1C: report, 1953 July 21 2.0 pp.
Conclusions of sub-commission meetings, reported by [Roger?] Aujame.
8 9 Urbanisme 1D: Le logis dans l'unité d'habitation: le quartier, la ville, la région, 1953 July 20-25 3.0 pp.
Conclusions of sub-commission meetings, presided over by Bakema.
8 9 Les "coeurs" en fonction de l'importance du groupe social, 1953 July 22 2.0 pp.
Comments of Commission I members, reported by Wogenscky.
8 9 Report of commission IV, 1953 July 23 6.0 pp.
English report of industrialized building techniques commission conclusions, with recommendations for the Charte de l'habitat.
8 9 Commission IV, n.d.
Beginning of commission IV report.
8 9 Rapport de la commission IV, 1953 July 23 4.0 pp.
French version of report.
8 9 Commission VI: questions sociales, n.d. 4.0 pp.
Conclusions of social questions committee.
8 9 Transfer committee, 1953 July 24
Proposal for committee to monitor CIAM group activity and suggest changes in CIAM structure, written by Sert.
8 10 Communication du groupe anglais, n.d. 3.0 pp.
Conclusions of English group on human relations and the dwelling ("l'habitation"). Prepared by Alison and Peter Smithson, and Jill and Bill Howell.
8 10 Groupe CIAM portugais: Considérations sur le logement, n.d.
Discussion of housing crisis, with recommendations for the Charte de l'habitat.
8 10 Groupe CIAM Opbouw, Rotterdam, n.d. 6 pp. plus 3 illusrations
Detailed description of planned community (including light industry and hothouse agriculture) near Rotterdam, on the Prince Alexander polder. Includes brief description of projects presented at Bergamo and Hoddesdon, and recommendations for the Charte de l'habitat.
8 10 Plan pour les projets de récréation: Réunion Opbouw, Rotterdam, n.d. 7.0 pp. plus cover
Detailed plan by Opbouw for calculating necessary recreation space in a large city.
8 11 CIAM IX: Rapports des commissions, 1954 Dec 41.0 pp.
CIAM IX reports, assembled after congress. Contains list of council members; Le Corbusier's introduction to the congress; reports for Commission I ("Urbanisme") including Ia, Ib, Ic; Commission II ("Synthèse des arts plastiques"); Commission III ("Formation de l'architecte"); Commission IV ("Techniques de construction"); Commission V ("Législation"); Commission VI ("Questions sociales"). Body of text 37 pp. plus 4-page annex with list of grids.

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