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Records of the CIAM Belgian Section, 1928-1958 (bulk 1934-1958)

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Finding aid for the Records of the CIAM Belgian Section, 1928-1958 (bulk 1934-1958)
Series III. Documents, 1928-1957 ca. 2.1 lin. ft.
Series III.G. CIAM VI, Bridgwater, 1946-1948 10.0 folder(s)
Documents relate to the 6th CIAM congress, held in Bridgwater, England in 1947.
Box Folder
7 1 Proposal for agenda of June 21 Belgian section meeting, 1946 June 17 3.0 pp.
Reorganization; CIRPAC proposals. With mention of possible topics for future congresses.
7 1 Minutes of Belgian section meeting, 1946 June 21 3.0 pp.
CIAM relations with the United Nations and RIA; CIRPAC planned for Paris, 1946 Sept.
7 1 Minutes of Belgian section meeting, 1946 July 10 4.0 pp.
Annual assembly meeting. Future congress themes; Belgian section reorganization.
7 1 Minutes of MARS Group executive committee meeting, 1946 July 10 3.0 pp.
Russian architects; reconstitution of German CIAM section; proposed congress themes; creation of the International Union of Architects, to be inaugurated in London, 1946 Sept 21-Oct 5. With attendance of Helena and Szymon Syrkus.
7 1 Rapport à l'intention de MM. C. van Eesteren et S. Giedion, 1946 July 19 2.0 pp.
Requests CIRPAC meeting for first half of September; will prepare proposal of congress themes.
7 1 Propositions du groupe liégeois de la section belge des CIAM relatives aux thèmes des prochaines assises des CIAM, n.d. 2.0 pp.
Proposes a city planning manifesto to assist reconstruction efforts, with mention of law reform, self-financing and standardization. With pencilled annotations.
7 1 XVIIIe congrès international pour l'habitation et l'urbanisme: programme provisoire, 1946 Oct 7-12 3.0 pp.
Preliminary program for conference in Hastings, England.
7 1 Giedion to CIAM members, 1946 Oct 12
Cover letter for CIAM meeting report.
7 1 Minutes of London CIAM meeting, 1946 Sept 28 4.0 pp.
Formation of International Union of Architects and its foreseen relations with CIAM; CIAM VI preparation; proposed CIAM VI themes. With appended sheet: "Proposal put before IRA conference in London to form a world organisation of architects."
7 1 Giedion to CIAM members, 1946 Oct 12
French translation of Giedion's cover letter for CIAM meeting report.
7 1 Minutes of CIAM meeting, 1946 Sept 28 5.0 pp.
French translation of London CIAM meeting minutes.
7 1 Fitschy to CIAM members, 1946 Dec 2
Cover letter for translation of London CIAM meeting minutes.
7 2 CIAM Chapter for Relief and Post War Planning Inc., 1946 Nov
Resolution of CIAM USA: submits program of action for the Interprofessional Committee on urban planning, with outline of intended legislative and planning research.
7 2 Minutes of CIAM USA section meeting, 1946 Dec 10
Death of Moholy-Nagy; response to London meeting; Lonberg-Holm's questions on CIAM VI theme (Community development vs. Neighborhood unit); first meeting of Interprofessional committee on urban planning (Sert and Papadaki).
7 2 Report, CIAM chapter for relief and postwar planning, n.d.
Creation of postwar reconstruction CIAM group, formed at meeting in New York, 1944 May 20, with planned actions.
7 2 Technical news service, n.d.
Announcement of bibliographic service documenting advances in American building techniques for foreign distribution. With list of sources.
7 2 Giedion, Chart of the sixth congress, n.d.
American proposal for CIAM VI theme: "Constitution of a chart [sic] of the principles of reconstruction."
7 2 CIAM: American chapter for relief and postwar planning, n.d.
Planned activity.
7 2 Report, Comité CIAM pour les secours et l'urbanisme d'après-guerre, n.d. 4.0 pp.
French translation of previous four documents relating to CIAM American chapter for relief and postwar planning.
7 2 Zusammenarbeit in den drei Kategorien: Architektur, Bildhauerei und Malerei, 1946 Dec 4.0 pp.
Swiss questionnaire for proposed CIAM VI topic: Architecture and its relation to painting and sculpture. With short explanatory essay.
7 2 The impact of contemporary conditions upon architectural expression, 1947 Jan 6.0 pp., 2 copies
British MARS Group questionnaire for proposed CIAM VI topic. With English translation of Swiss essay and questionnaire, "Relation between architect, painter and sculptor."
7 2 Applications for British Council summer courses, 1947 5.0 copies
Town planning course form.
7 3 Fitschy to Belgian section, 1947 Mar 28
Requests comments on translated questionnaires.
7 3 Minutes of Belgian section meeting, 1947 Mar 28
Zürich CIRPAC meeting; money exchange; distribution of American, British and Swiss questionnaires and documents.
7 3 Merkelbach to L'Equerre, 1947 Apr 8
Cover letter for Dutch group request for participation of younger architects at CIRPAC.
7 3 Architectenvereeniging "de 8" to CIRPAC secretary, 1947 Apr 8
Letter by Dutch CIAM group proposing increased involvement of younger architects in CIAM affairs, and recommending attendance of J. B. Bakema as guest at CIRPAC.
7 3 Swedish CIAM group, 1947 Apr 25 2.0 pp.
Cover letter and questionnaire on urban housing units, for CIAM VI, Bridgwater. With pencil inscription: "Giedion to Yugo." [#26]
7 3 Communication of "de 8" to CIAM secretariat, 1947 May 19 5.0 pp.
Proposal and treatment for CIAM VI topic: "Wohnungvorrat und Wohnungbedarf, Wohnungproduktion und der Anteil der Architekten bei dieser Produktion." With questionnaire.
7 3 VI CIAM niederländische jüngeren, n.d.
Dutch CIAM section provides four theoretical points through which to view CIAM VI topics, centering on social justice, freedom and cooperation.
7 3 Composition de la section belge, 1947 May
Roster of Belgian section members, with status information.
7 3 Program of the VIth congress, 1947 June
Brief description of purposes and procedures for CIAM VI, Bridgwater.
7 3 Minutes of Zürich CIRPAC meeting, 1947 May 2.0 pp.
Purposes of CIAM VI: to plan CIAM VII, to reestablish contact between the national CIAM groups, to explore the city planning situation in each country, and to conceive the future ("envisager l'avenir").
7 3 Programme du VIe congrès, 1947 June
French translation of purposes and procedures for CIAM VI, Bridgwater.
7 3 Minutes of Zürich CIRPAC meeting, 1947 May 2.0 pp.
Second transcription of CIRPAC meeting minutes.
7 3 Hartland Thomas (MARS Group) to Belgian section, 1947 July 26 2.0 pp.
Invitation to CIAM VI, Bridgwater, 1947 Sept 7-14. With cost information and list of Belgian section members expected to attend.
7 3 Memo to CIAM Groups, 1947 Aug 12
Jane Drew to be London contact person for CIAM VI attendees.
7 4 Minutes of CIRPAC meeting, 1947 Sept 13 3.0 pp.
Members to report on commission conclusions; 20th anniversary publication; dues; press releases; Dutch conclusions on lowering of housing standards; location of CIAM VII; full CIRPAC delegate roster.
7 4 CIAM press communiqué: World congress of architects, 1947 Sept 22 2.0 pp.
CIAM VI, Bridgwater press release, describing CIAM origins, leadership and conference events.
7 4 Communiqué de presse, 1947 Sept 22 3.0 pp.
French translation of CIAM VI, Bridgwater press release.
7 4 Résumé du rapport adressé au congrès de Bridgwater, 1947 Sept 2.0 pp.
Belgian section report on present state of architecture and city planning in Belgium.
7 4 Rapport relatif à l'activité de la section belge de 1939 à 1947, 1947 Sept 2.0 copies
Belgian section activity during the war.
7 4 Rapport relatif à la situation générale de l'architecture et de l'urbanisme en Belgique, 1947 Sept 6.0 pp., 2 copies
Report covering economic, legal and administrative, demographic, technical, public relations, architectural and aesthetic aspects of city planning in Belgium.
7 5 Publication VIth congress, 1947 Oct 2.0 pp.
Proposal for publication of "CIAM: 1928-1948" (ultimately entitled A decade of new architecture), with outline.
7 5 Annex to article V of the outline, 1947 Nov 6 2.0 pp.
Subdivisions of work to be included in publication; directives for choice of material. Written by Max Bill.
7 5 CIAM publication VIe congrès, 1947 Nov 19 4.0 pp.
French translation of "Publication VIth congress" document, with annex to article V.
7 5 Une politique réaliste de l'habitat en Suède, 1947 Dec 2.0 pp.
Article by A. and H. Persitz on the H.S.B. (Hyresgästernas Sparkasse- och Byggnadsföreningars Ricksförbund, or L'Association nationale de locataires pour l'épargne et la construction), a Swedish cooperative for housing construction. Appeared in L'Architecture d'aujourd'hui, 1947 Dec
7 5 Commission I: Réaffirmation des buts des CIAM, 1947 3.0 pp., 2 copies
Restatement of CIAM goals.
7 5 Rapport final de la Commission II, 1948 Apr 15 4.0 pp.
Report of CIAM reorganization committee conclusions, 1947 Sept 12, discussing organizational structure, work methods, frequency of meetings etc.
7 5 Rapport de la Commission III A, urbanisme: Préparation du VIIe congrès, 1948 Mar 23 4.0 pp.
Contains proposed CIAM VII topics: national and regional city planning, and neighborhood planning. With questionnaires.
7 6 Table de matières contenues dans le rapport anglais, 1948 Apr 17
Table of contents for English CIAM VI, Bridgwater report.
7 6 CIAM VI, Bridgwater report, 1948 Apr 17 27.0 pp.
French version of report, including cover letter, table of contents of English report, CIAM goals (Commission I report), CIAM reorganization (Commission II), city planning and neighborhood planning questionnaires (Commission III A), architectural expression questionnaire (Commission III B), essay on the collaboration of architecture, sculpture and painting, principles of architectural education (Commission IV), and minutes of 1947 Sept 13 CIRPAC meeting. Report by Emery.
7 7 CIAM VI, Bridgwater report, 1948 Apr 17 27.0 pp.
Second copy of report.
7 8 CIAM VI, Bridgwater report, 1948 Apr 17 24.0 pp.
Third copy of report, missing pages 21-23.
7 8 Belgian section member roster, 1947 Dec
Pencilled date: 1948 May.
7 8 August Verschaeren's business card, n.d.
Originally paper-clipped to Apr 17 Fitschy letter.
7 8 Fitschy to CIAM members, 1948 Apr 17
Additional copy of Fitschy's cover letter for CIAM VI, Bridgwater report, originally paper-clipped to Verschaeren's business card.
7 9 Gropius to A. Van der Goot (UNESCO), 1947 Nov 7 2.0 pp., 2 copies
Discussion of reports to be completed for UNESCO conference in Mexico. With a mention of Giedion and Holford.
7 9 Guiding principles established at Bridgwater, presented at UNESCO, 1947 3.0 pp., 2 copies
Commission IV, architectural education: summary of discussion between Gropius, Holford, Desyllas, Fuchs, Oberlander and Townsend.
7 9 Speech by Gropius, n.d. 6.0 pp., 2 copies
Discusses community replanning and rehabilitation; housing prefabrication; standardization; easing urban overpopulation through settlement of unemployed in neighborhood units outside cities.
7 10 Open letter to Julian Huxley (UNESCO), 1947 Mar 6 2.0 pp., 2 copies
Call for educational standards and training curriculum for architects and city planners. Signed by 32 architects, including Gropius, Giedion, Sert, Le Corbusier.
7 10 Teaching of history to architects: Preliminary remarks on architectural education, 1947 3.0 pp., 2 copies
Report sent to Julian Huxley for the Mexico UNESCO conference.
7 10 Education questionnaire, MARS Group, n.d. 4.0 pp., 2 copies
Questionnaire no. 1.

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