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Records of the CIAM Belgian Section, 1928-1958 (bulk 1934-1958)

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Finding aid for the Records of the CIAM Belgian Section, 1928-1958 (bulk 1934-1958)
Series III. Documents, 1928-1957 ca. 2.1 lin. ft.
This series contains documents generated by CIAM as a whole in the course of congress development and other related projects, and preserved by the Belgian section. These documents show how the CIAM central secretariat, located in Switzerland under the direction of Sigfried Giedion, coordinated with national CIAM chapters to select, debate and prepare topics for CIAM congresses, plan congress locations and arrangements, collaborate on and promote CIAM projects such as publications and educational opportunities, and convey CIAM conclusions to international associations such as UNESCO. The documents recount the debates on city planning concepts of interest to CIAM participants, such as "logis", "habitat" and "core" among many others. The at times fractious communications also detail the several periods of CIAM reorganization and redefinition, including the immediate post-war period, the period after CIAM IX which saw the formation of Team X (Team Ten), and the radical reorganization after CIAM X which led to the ultimate dissolution of CIAM.
Included in the series are final CIAM congress reports; meeting minutes (including CIRPAC and CIAM council meetings as well as Belgian section meetings); official CIAM statutes, communications, memoranda, topic questionnaires, financial statements and press releases; book proposals and book excerpts; and papers, articles and speeches destined for presentation at CIAM events or publication in modern architectural journals. The series also contains ephemera relating to CIAM events and congresses, such as brochures, invitations, tickets, and identity cards. Notes, lists, address labels, envelopes, business cards and handwritten materials have been filed in this series when directly linked to documents found here, or originally found together with them.
Although the representation of the first four CIAM congresses (before the formation of the Belgian section) is somewhat sketchy, the series provides ample documentation of the periods of greatest CIAM activity - during the mid- to late 1930s, and again during the 1950s. The most well-represented CIAM groups are those of Switzerland, Belgium, France (principally ASCORAL), Britain (MARS Group), and the Netherlands (De 8 and Opbouw). Also detailed are the contributions of Algerian (pre-independence), Polish, Hungarian, Italian, Swedish, Portuguese, Yugoslav and German CIAM participants, in addition to those from the United States.
The series has been divided into eleven subseries, each covering a separate CIAM congress. Items are filed chronologically within each of these subseries. Of special interest is the subseries relating to the proposed CIAM VI, Liège, 1939 Sept, in mid-preparation by the Belgian section when it was cancelled at the onset of World War II. All CIAM congresses are represented in this series by at least one document, with the sole exception of CIAM XI, held in 1959 in Otterlo, Netherlands, which is represented in the collection as a whole only by J. B. Bakema's 1958 May 9 letter (Series I. Correspondence, Box 4, f. 4).
Series III.A. CIAM I, La Sarraz, 1928 1.0 folder(s)
Documents relate to the 1st CIAM congress, held in La Sarraz, Switzerland, 1928.
Box Folder
4 8 Congrès préparatoire international d'architecture moderne, 1928 June 28 5.0 pp.
Declaration of CIAM principles.
4 8 CIAM: Résumé de son but, son action; Un ralliement: Le congrès de La Sarraz, n.d. 9.0 pp.
Summary of La Sarraz congress, prepared well after the fact by L'Equerre. Explains origins of CIAM; lists six questions to lead to a program of architectural reforms and innovations.
Series III.B. CIAM II, Frankfurt am Main, 1929 1.0 folder(s)
Documents relate to the 2nd CIAM congress, held in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, 1929.
Box Folder
4 9 Statuts de l'association Les Congrès internationaux d'architecture moderne, 1929 Oct 26 2.0 copies
CIAM statutes (printed and typescript repro).
Series III.C. CIAM III, Brussels, 1930 1.0 folder(s)
Documents relate to the 3rd CIAM congress, held in Brussels, Belgium, 1930.
Box Folder
4 10 Einladung zum 3. internationalen Kongreß für neues Bauen, 1930 Nov
Printed invitation to CIAM III, Brussels, 1930 Nov 27-29, on the theme "rationelle Bebauungsweisen" (rational site planning), with congress program on verso. With mention of Bourgeois, Van Eesteren, Le Corbusier, Kaufmann-Böhm, Neutra, Gropius, Steiger and Barbe. Sent by Moser and Giedion. [#6]
Series III.D. CIAM IV, Athens, 1933-1938, bulk 1933 1.0 folder(s)
Documents relate to the 4th CIAM congress, held in Athens, Greece, 1933.
Box Folder
4 11 Protokol der Delegierten-Versammlungen in Barcelona, 1932 Mar 29-31 5.0 pp.
Minutes of CIRPAC meeting in Barcelona (with agenda and list of attendees) discussing preparations for CIAM IV, originally intended for Moscow. With mention of the controversy surrounding the design competition for the Palace of the Soviets. With red pencil underlining. Sent by Sert and Steiger. [#8]
4 11 Questionnaire: pour les auteurs de l'analyse des plans de villes, ca. 1933 4.0 pp.
CIAM IV questionnaire, divided in four sections: "Habitations"; "Délassement"; "Lieux de travail"; "Circulation-Transports". With information on three display charts or maps. Pencil annotation: "Extrait du rapport sur le congrès d'Athènes."
4 11 La ville radieuse, 1933 7.0 pp.
Portions of typescript from Le Corbusier's book. With table of contents and two sections: "Je suis attiré" and "Liberté - Égalité - Fraternité". With red pencil inscription: "Articles réserve en partie parus."
4 11 Méthodes de l'urbanisme fonctionnel et son application à Amsterdam, n.d. 4.0 pp.
Speech on city planning principles and methods, given by Van Eesteren at the invitation of the "Chambre technique de Grèce". [#10]
4 11 La ville fonctionnelle, vol. 1: Analyse du chaos urbain, n.d. (possibly 1938) 10.0 pp.
Typescript table of contents for proposed 209-page CIAM IV publication. Author unknown.
Series III.E. CIAM V, Paris, 1934-1937 1.0 box and 2 folders
Documents relate to the 5th CIAM congress, Paris, France, 1937.
Box Folder
4 12 Minutes of CIAM delegates meeting, London, 1934 May 20-21 10.0 pp.
Agenda and minutes for May 20 and 21 meetings, including country reports, discussion of CIAM IV publication La ville fonctionnelle and preparations for CIAM V.
4 12 Explication du tableau "La ville fonctionelle", n.d. 2.0 copies
Gives results of CIAM IV and resulting directives for CIAM V projects. Written by French CIAM group. With pencil annotation: "Introduction du programme du Ve congrès."
4 12 Architecture and town planning in England, 1934 Dec 10 5.0 pp.
Text of Wells Coates's article, written for L'Equerre.
See Series I. Box 1, f. 1-2 for L'Equerre's correspondence with Coates.
4 13 List of CIAM section secretariats, n.d.
Names and addresses, with number of document copies required for distribution.
4 13 CIRPAC roster, 1935 Apr
Countries, names and addresses of CIRPAC members.
4 13 Minutes of CIRPAC meeting, Amsterdam, 1935 June 9-13 12.0 pp., 2 copies
Agenda and minutes, including description of public exhibition La ville fonctionnelle and report on book publication status, as well as program planning and location for CIAM V.
4 13 Minutes of Belgian section meeting, 1935 Oct 29 3.0 pp.
Preparations for upcoming CIAM "Exposition d'urbanisme", Brussels, 1936 Mar, and L'Equerre's "Exposition d'architecture et d'urbanisme", Liège, 1936 May; final 1935 issue of L'Equerre to explore past, present and future work of CIAM. With agenda for next meeting.
4 13 Minutes of Belgian section meeting, 1935 Nov 26 3.0 pp.
Continued discussion of previous meeting topics. With agenda for next meeting.
Box Folder
5 1 Minutes of Belgian section meeting, 1936 Jan 3 3.0 pp.
1936 Brussels and Liège exhibitions; admission of new members. With agenda for next meeting.
5 1 Minutes of Belgian section meeting, 1936 Feb 5 3.0 pp.
Program for CIAM V; 1936 Brussels and Liège exhibitions. With agenda for next meeting.
5 1 Minutes of Belgian section meeting, 1936 Mar 12 4.0 pp.
Death of Karl Moser, past president of CIAM; Eggericx's resignation from CIAM; admission of new members; continued plans for 1936 Liège exhibition.
5 1 Announcement of CIRPAC meeting, La Sarraz, n.d.
With costs.
5 2 Documents de la réunion de La Sarraz, 1936 Sept 9-12 17.0 pp.
Assembled CIRPAC meeting documents. Includes cover; opening statement; program; schedule of work groups with topics and members; press commission tasks; conceptual outline of architectural objectives and related social requirements (3 pp.); 1936 financial statements with graph, in German (6 pp.); Algerian CIAM group report, by P. A. Emery (2 pp.); Swiss CIAM group report (3 pp.).
5 3 Plan pour les projets de récréation, 1936 Sept 2 8.0 pp.
Schematic plan for recreational facilities, presented at La Sarraz CIRPAC meeting by Opbouw of Rotterdam. Includes cover letter.
5 3 CIAM financial statements (French), 1936 6.0 pp.
Statements for 1935 Jan-1936 Mar and 1936 Apr-1936 Sept, and budget for 1936-37. With graph.
5 3 Voyage La Sarraz, congrès CIRPAC, 1936 Sept 9-12 6.0 pp.
Handwritten notes detailing Belgian section automobile travel expenses, route etc. With typescript page of CIAM promotional text.
5 4 CIRPAC meeting report, La Sarraz, 1936 Sept 30 19.0 pp., 2 copies
Final CIRPAC report (German). Includes cover; cover letter dated Oct 3; table of contents; preliminary remarks; list of participants; report on "Die funktionelle Stadt"; program planning for CIAM V, including descriptions of city planning projects; treasury report; and nine commission reports.
5 5 CIRPAC meeting report, La Sarraz, 1936 Sept 30 17.0 pp., 2 copies
Final CIRPAC report (French). Includes table of contents; preliminary remarks; list of participants; report on La ville fonctionnelle; program planning for CIAM V, including descriptions of city planning projects; treasury report; and nine commission reports.
5 5 Report of the program commission for CIAM V, Paris 1937, n.d. 2.0 pp.
List of proposed plans and lecture topics to be presented at CIAM V: typescript of report in final CIRPAC report.
5 6 Minutes of Belgian section meeting, 1936 Oct 14 2.0 pp.
La Sarraz CIRPAC meeting; Syrkus questionnaire on hollow walls ("le mur creux"); 1936 Liège exhibition; financial questions; attendance questions.
5 6 CIAM V congrès de Paris, 1937 Jan 15 4.0 pp.
Detailed program for CIAM V Logis et loisirs.
5 6 Programme de travail du Ve congrès, n.d. 5.0 pp.
CIAM V, Paris outline for economic zone surveys, focusing on country, region, city, and sanitary infrastructure. With pencil annotations (in an alphanumeric scheme). Notes on verso mention Marcel Florkin and Jean Nihon. Paper copy of the oversize document in Flat file folder 1**.
5 6 Questionnaire, La législation et le régime foncier, . 1937 Jan 4.0 pp.
Questionnaire on land regulation.
5 6 La législation et le régime foncier en fonction de l'urbanisme, 1937 Jan 3.0 pp.
Discussion of land regulation reform, and the need to implement "mobilisation du sol" and abolish private land ownership. Appendix to questionnaire.
5 6 Section belge des CIAM: payement des cotisations des membres, 1936-1939
Lists Belgian section member payments for fiscal years 1936-1937, 1937-1938, and 1938-1939.
5 6 Announcement of Belgian section meeting, 1937 Feb 23
With agenda.
5 6 Minutes of Belgian section meeting, 1937 Feb 26 3.0 pp., 2 copies
CIAM V, Paris; land regulation questionnaire; 2nd CIRPAC delegate; membership application of Kondracki; discussion of Koen Limperg misunderstanding.
5 7 CIAM financial statements (French), 1937 4.0 pp.
Statements for 1935 Apr-1937 Mar. With graph.
5 7 CIAM financial statements (German), 1937 4.0 pp.
Statements for 1935 Apr-1937 Mar With graph.
5 7 Taxation des groupes pour 1936/37, n.d.
CIAM group contributions.
5 7 Invitation, Ve congrès de Paris: "Logis et loisirs", n.d.
Invitation to CIAM V, with program, themes and work method.
5 7 CIAM circular, 1937 Apr
Request for names and addresses of CIAM members and associates, to be invited to CIAM V.
5 7 Liste des membres, 1937 Mar 13
Names and addresses of Belgian section members.
5 7 Agenda for CIAM delegates' meeting, Paris, 1937 June 28
With handwritten message by Victor Bourgeois.
5 8 Solutions de principe, 1937 Apr 21.0 pp., 2 copies
CIAM V report no. 1, by Le Corbusier. Bound pamphlet.
5 8 Cas d'application: villes, 1937 June 15.0 pp., 2 copies
CIAM V report no. 2, by Sert. Bound pamphlet.
5 8 L'urbanisme rural, 1937 June 16.0 pp.
Annex to CIAM V report no. 3, by Norbert Bézard. Bound pamphlet.
5 8 Méthodes de travail du congrès, n.d. 1.0 p.
Framework for CIAM V discussions, and plans for CIAM V publication.
5 8 Programme de travail du Ve congrès, 1937 5.0 pp.
Copy of CIAM V, Paris outline for economic zone surveys, focusing on country, region, city, and sanitary infrastructure. Translation by Fitschy. Original oversized document on tracing paper (see Series IV. Flat file folder 1**).
5 8 Daily schedules for CIAM V, 1937 June 29-July 2 5.0 pp., 2 copies
Separate sheets for June 29, June 30, July 1, and July 2.
5 9 Report on Solutions de principe, 1937 June 3.0 pp., 3 copies
Report of 1st CIAM V commission (president: Wiesmann) on report no. 1 by Le Corbusier. With a proposal for practical application projects ("cas d'application") for CIAM VI. With second incomplete copy (2 of 3 pp.)
5 9 Report on Cas d'application des villes, n.d. 3.0 pp., 2 copies
Report of 2nd CIAM V commission (president: Emery) on report no. 2 by Sert. With conclusions drawn from presented surveys of Zürich, Rotterdam and Antwerp.
5 9 Report on Cas d'application: régions et campagnes, 1937 July 2.0 pp., 2 copies
Report of 3rd CIAM V commission (president: Limperg) on report no. 3 by Syrkus, and Bézard's annexed report. With resolutions concerning rural development.
5 10 Architecture et médecine, 1937 June 9.0 pp.
Report of speech (numbered A 1) by P. Winter, concerning health and hygiene and their relationship to architecture and city planning. With a discussion of sunlight, and of improving city planning for children. (Text not fully reproduced on p. 7.)
5 10 Technique et finance au service du plan, n.d. 3.0 pp.
Text of speech (numbered A 2) by P. Lenoir, engineer. With a discussion of new construction methods and the need for financial prioritization.
5 10 Technik und Finanz im Dienste des Planes, n.d. 3.0 pp.
German copy of Lenoir's speech.
5 10 Propositions du groupe hollandais [...], 1937 June 3.0 pp.
Dutch section's critique (numbered A 3) of reports by Le Corbusier and Bézard. With a discussion of new agriculture.
5 10 Communication du groupe anglais, 1937 June 2.0 pp.
English section report (numbered A 4), with a brief discussion of London's development and the "Theory of Contacts".
5 11 Organisation des loisirs dans les cités ouvrières, 1937 June 4.0 pp.
Essay by Stanisław Tołwiński, of the Polish section, discussing the range of leisure activities that should be foreseen through needs analysis and made available by architects and city planners. Tołwiński sees the home interior as a conservative space, alterable only through exterior community planning. With a mention of the worker housing complex Rakowiec.
5 11 Les logements et les cités-ouvrières en Pologne, 1937 June 3.0 pp., 2 copies
Report by Helena Syrkus of the Polish section, concerning limits to be considered in budgets for worker housing construction. With a mention of Theodor Toeplitz and of the worker housing complex Zoliborz.
5 11 Intervention au 3ème rapport par le groupe hongrois sur les constructions rurales, n.d. 1.0 p.
Text of speech by Forbat Ligeti of the Hungarian section, on the need for government initiative in providing rural housing.
5 11 Les bases de la reconstruction rurale en Hongrie, n.d. 5.0 pp.
Text by Virgile Bierbauer, with a historical overview of Hungarian land use, agriculture and settlement patterns, and recommendations for rural development.
5 12 Plan d'aménagement d'une partie de l'agglomération anversoise (rive droite), n.d. 2.0 copies
Explanation of urban development plan for Antwerp, presented by Hannekroot, Braem and Hoste of the Belgian section.
5 12 Rapport sur l'exposition et le congrès d'urbanisme, 1937 June 11 4.0 pp.
Report from L'Equerre, of the Belgian section, on its recent participation in city planning exhibitions. With a solicitation of funds for mounting the next Liège exhibition, planned for 1939.
5 12 CIAM: Section belge, n.d. 1.0 p.
Explanation of Belgian section structure and mission.
5 12 Communication du groupe d'Algérie, n.d. 1.0 p.
Algerian section's response to report no. 2 by Sert.
5 12 Plan et règlement; Une étape de la biogénèse des villes: les cités satellites, 1937 June 23 4.0 pp.
Response of Jean-Pierre Faure, engineer based in Algiers, to sections 4 and 23 of Le Corbusier's report no. 1. States the need for a coherent body of city planning doctrines and updated building regulations, and analyzes the relations between the city center and its surrounding suburbs (garden cities or satellite cities).
5 12 L'urbanisme et l'architecture devant le danger aérien, n.d. 1.0 p.
Outline of speech by Colonel Vauthier, discussing ways to protect urban constructions from air attack (fire, explosive projectiles, poison gas).
5 12 Adresses de restaurants pour les congressistes, 1937
Restaurant list for CIAM V attendees.
5 12 Banquet de clôture, 1937 July 3 2.0 pp., 2 copies
Invitation to closing banquet, including visit to Le Corbusier and Jeanneret's "Pavillon des temps nouveaux" and recreational activities.
5 12 Logis et loisirs: Ve congrès CIAM, Paris, 1937 2.0 copies
Printed prospectus and order form for CIAM V publication. With full table of contents on verso; includes list of all reports and papers presented at congress.
5 13 Légende, Zeichenerklärung, Legend, n.d. 3.0 items
Fold-out indexes (numbered I, II and III) of signs and symbols for city planning documents.
Series III.F. CIAM VI, Liège (cancelled conference), 1938-1939 1.0 box(es)
Documents relate to the planned but cancelled 6th CIAM congress, planned for Liège, Belgium and cancelled in 1939.
Box Folder
6 1 Belgian section financial report, 1938 Apr 4 3.0 copies
Report for fiscal years 1936-1937-1938.
6 1 Circular to Belgian section, 1938 Apr 13
Belgian section meeting announced for Apr 25. With agenda.
6 1 Minutes of Belgian section meeting, 1938 Apr 4 3.0 pp.
Discussion of reorganization document; admission of Braem; questions by Hoste and De Koninck.
6 1 Extrait des statuts de l'association "Les congrès internationaux d'architecture moderne," n.d.
Excerpt of statute concerning CIRPAC meetings and the election of CIRPAC delegates.
6 1 Minutes of Belgian section meeting, 1938 Apr 25 2.0 pp.
De Koninck withdraws resignation; formation of work teams; CIRPAC meeting proposed for Belgium, 1938 May.
6 1 Agenda for Belgian section meeting, 1938 May 9
6 1 Minutes of Belgian section meeting, 1938 May 9 2.0 pp., 2 copies
Formation of work teams; CIRPAC in Belgium; publication of CIAM V book.
6 1 Giedion to CIAM delegates and members, n.d. 3.0 pp., 2 copies
Discussion of CIAM V publication ( Logis et loisirs) and CIAM IV publication, also a layman's publication on city planning, prepared by Sert and Perriand; preliminary preparations for CIAM VI.
6 1 CIAM, bulletin d'information bibliographique, 1938 July 18 2.0 copies
Plan for quarterly index of articles covering the work of CIAM architects.
6 1 CIAM, bulletin d'information bibliographique, n.d. 2.0 copies
Order form for CIAM bulletins.
6 2 Minutes of Belgian section meeting, 1938 Oct 17 2.0 pp.
Development of application studies ("cas d'application"); important points to communicate during 1939 Liège "Exposition d'urbanisme". With agenda for Nov 7 meeting, and duplicate of p. 1.
6 2 Minutes of Belgian section meeting, 1938 Nov 28 2.0 pp.
Flémalle-Haute survey; "Pavillon d'urbanisme" at planned Exposition internationale de Liège, 1939.
6 2 Fortecon, n.d. 2.0 pp.
Description of Fortecon, an international technical clearing-house for the construction and home furnishing industries. Written by P. Morton Shand.
6 2 Fortecon, société anonyme anglaise, n.d.
Advertisement card for Fortecon, with descriptive text. With mention of Cyril Sweett and P. Morton Shand.
6 2 Loose sheet, n.d.
Page 4 of a document recommending creation of city planning authorities, including a national office, an inspection service and an experimental institute.
6 2 La charte du logis, n.d. 2.0 pp.
Proposal by Paul Fitschy for a CIAM charter covering requirements for residences.
6 2 Handwritten notes, n.d. 2.0 pp.
Handwritten draft of Fitschy's "La charte du logis".
6 2 Roster, n.d. 3.0 pp.
Architects (delegates?) listed by country.
6 2 Thème du VIe congrès (résumé), n.d. 2.0 pp., 2 copies
Discussion of "La ville fonctionnelle: cas d'application de la Charte d'Athènes" as potential CIAM VI topic; draft text for document below.
6 2 Programme du VI congrès CIAM (La ville fonctionnelle, cas d'application de la Charte d'Athènes), [1938] 4.0 pp., 2 copies
CIAM circular written by Sert, based on Brussels resolutions, with planned CIAM VI topic and project specifications.
6 3 CIAM: Bulletin d'information bibliographique, 1939 Mar 15 13.0 pp., 3 copies
Includes summary of Brussels meeting, 1938 July 10, with a report of L'Equerre's tenth anniversary celebration; city planning questions in Geneva (M. A. Bodmer) and southwest of Paris (M. André Noël); traffic calculation (E. Bachmann); advantages of the trolleybus (Thomann); climate and house construction in Palestine (J. Posener); thoughts on industrial housing production in the United States (K. [Knud] Lonberg-Holm and C. Theodore Larson). [#17]
6 4 Minutes of Belgian section meeting, 1939 Apr 19 2.0 pp.
Zürich CIRPAC meeting announced; Hoste expresses reservations on the choice of air pollution as sole topic for CIAM VI, Liège. With agenda for May 2 meeting.
6 4 Note concernant le congrès de Liège, 1939 Apr 23
Remarks by Hoste, for submission in May 2 section meeting.
6 4 Minutes of Belgian section meeting, 1939 May 2 6.0 pp.
Debate over amendments to CIAM VI topic.
6 4 Intervention de Braem, 1939 May 2 2.0 pp.
Handwritten notes of Braem's speech at Belgian section meeting.
6 4 Préparation VIe congrès CIAM, 1939 May 5 5.0 pp.
Handwritten notes, schedules and outlines relating to preparation and correspondence for CIAM VI, Liège. Includes notes on "les grandes expositions", commissions, air pollution, and the 1939 June 3 CIAM meeting held in Liège.
6 4 Organisation du congrès, n.d.
Handwritten note. With a mention of Didesch and Quétant.
6 4 Schéma du rapport relatif aux problèmes urbanistiques [...], n.d.
Handwritten note discussing need for CIAM study of air pollution (page 1 of longer document?).
6 4 Handwritten notes, n.d.
Addresses for L.G. Pineau, Heiberg and Fred Forbat. With a mention of a work on air pollution by René Humery.
6 4 List of CIRPAC delegates, n.d. 2.0 pp.
Listed by country, with addresses.
6 5 Wichtige Bemerkung, n.d. 3.0 copies
Notice of change in Zürich CIRPAC meeting dates from 1939 May 28-29 to 1939 July 8, with additional Liège meeting 1939 June 4.
6 5 Vorschläge der belgischen Gruppe der CIAM, 1939 May 16 6.0 pp., 3 copies
Belgian section suggestions for CIAM VI, Liège, including overall CIAM work methods, air pollution as proposed topic, and schedule for pre-conference topic preparation.
6 5 Remarque importante, n.d.
Notice of change in Zürich CIRPAC meeting dates from 1939 May 28-29 to 1939 July 8, with additional Liège meeting 1939 June 4.
6 5 Proposition de la section belge des CIAM à la réunion de CIRPAC à Zürich, 1939 May 16 7.0 pp., 2 copies
Belgian section suggestions for CIAM VI, Liège, including overall CIAM work methods, air pollution as proposed topic, and schedule for pre-conference topic preparation. The second copy is an earlier draft.
6 6 L'hygiène de la ville et de la campagne, 1939 May 30 34.0 pp.
Report written by O. Olsen for the "Organisation d'hygiène, Commission de l'habitation" of the Société des Nations. Contains discussions of air pollution, water supply and waste treatment. Stamped by F. Quétant.
6 6 Rundschreiben an die Delegierten, 1939 May 30
Announcement of Zürich CIRPAC meeting, 1939 July 8, and CIAM VI, Liège, 1939 Sept First version of text.
6 6 Circulaire aux délégués, 1939 May 30
Announcement of Zürich CIRPAC meeting, 1939 July 8, and CIAM VI, Liège, 1939 Sept First version of text.
6 6 Handwritten notes, n.d.
Addresses for Hans Schmidt, Sert, and Robert von der Mühll (H. R. von der Mühll).
6 6 Handwritten notes, n.d.
Addresses for Piero Bottoni, G. L. Baufi, L. B. Belgiojoso, G. Pollini, G. Terragni, G. Pagano, and Hans Brechbüller.
6 6 Addresses, 1939 June 1 3.0 pp.
Addresses of CIAM officers and delegates.
See Series IV. Box 10*, f. 4 for 1939 June 9 announcement of Zürich CIRPAC meeting and CIAM VI, Liège.
6 6 Liste des confrères, 1939 June 16 2.0 pp., 2 copies
List of recipients of Van Eesteren's June 9 circular and the Belgian report concerning the Zürich CIRPAC meeting and CIAM VI, Liège.
6 6 Minutes of Belgian section meeting, 1939 June 21 2.0 pp.
Zürich and Liège meetings; new candidates for membership.
6 7 CIAM: préparation du VI congrès, 1939 June 30 4.0 pp.
Report by Swiss CIAM group. List of conclusions of past CIAM VI topic meetings (Brussels, 1938 July 10; Amsterdam, 1939 June 9; Liège, 1939 May 16); recommendations for topics and proposed schedule.
6 7 Invitation pour la rencontre de CIAM à Zürich, 1939 June 14 2.0 copies
With program schedule.
6 7 Programme des délégués du congrès, 1939 July 8-11
Zürich CIRPAC meeting schedule.
6 7 Minutes of Zürich CIRPAC meeting, 1939 July 9 8.0 pp., 3 copies
Debate over CIAM VI topic (air pollution or air, light, greenery, open spaces vs. "cas d'application"); exhibition of prepared application studies; future CIAM topics. With a list of attendees. Includes a supplement page: CIAM VI book proposal, presented by Le Corbusier.
6 8 Moser to Fitschy, 1939 July 5
Sends financial statement for fiscal years 1937-38 and 1938-39. With a request for dues.
6 8 Financial statement, 1939 July 1 5.0 pp.
Statement for fiscal years 1937 Apr-1938 Mar and 1938 Apr-1939 Mar.
See also Series IV. Box 10*, f. 5 for Finanzielle Leistungen der Ländergruppen: a graph showing contributions of CIAM national groups (1939 July 1).
6 8 Programme du congrès, tel qu'il fût décidé à Zürich, n.d. 2.0 copies
Program discussed at Zürich, including topic of air pollution.
6 8 Programme du congrès: contre-proposition du groupe belge, n.d.
Revised program, without mention of air pollution. With list of "cas concrets" for exhibition.
6 9 Notes for prospectus, n.d. 3.0 pp.
Handwritten notes; draft text for prospectus for CIAM VI, Liège.
6 9 Thèmes du VIe congrès: "cas concrets d'urbanisme", suivant les directives de la "Charte d'Athènes", n.d. 3.0 pp. plus fragment
Handwritten notes; draft text for prospectus for CIAM VI, Liège.
6 9 Text for prospectus for CIAM VI, Liège, n.d. 7.0 pp.
Typed draft text.
6 9 Layout for prospectus for CIAM VI, Liège, n.d.
Mock-up of title page.
6 9 Prospectus for CIAM VI, Liège, n.d. 8.0 pp., 2 copies
Printed, unbound booklet sheets with CIAM VI program details, schedule etc. With five extra sheets.
6 9 VIe congrès à Liège, 1939
Handwritten notes; rough draft text for prospectus for CIAM VI, Liège.
6 10 VIe Kongress in Liège, n.d. 2.0 pp.
Fragments of program text (German), with a listing of planned presentations.
6 10 Einladung zur Teilnahme des VI. Kongresses, 1939 3.0 pp.
Preliminary text (German) for invitation and schedule of CIAM VI, Liège.
See Series IV. Box 10*, f. 6 for further German text for announcement of CIAM VI, Liège.
6 10 Identity cards, 1939 3.0 items
Identity cards and reduced-fare train coupon for the 1939 Liège exposition ("Grande saison internationale de l'eau"). Train coupon has pencil notes on verso.
6 10 Aux délégués de CIAM, 1939 Aug 30
Draft text of letter cancelling CIAM VI, Liège.
6 10 An die Delegierten der CIAM, 1939 Aug 30
Draft text of letter cancelling CIAM VI, Liège.
6 10 Aux délégués de CIAM, 1939 Sept 7 3.0 copies
Final bilingual cancellation announcement for CIAM VI, Liège, with annotations.
6 10 Envelope, 1939 Sept
Envelope to L'Equerre from Imprimerie Georges Thone. With handwritten accounting (in francs).
6 10 Nos universités, n.d.
Postcard of modern university building with two men in foreground. Pencilled on verso: "L'Equerre."
6 10 Advertisement clipping, n.d.
Portion of pre-war advertising text for low-cost apartments, produced by L'Equerre. With mention of Falise, Fitschy, Klutz, Parent and Tibaux.
6 10 Address labels, n.d.
Address labels for the pre-war Belgian section.
6 10 Receipt, n.d.
For printing, copying or photography services.
6 10 Résidence Maghin, n.d. 3.0 card(s)
Advertisement for building located near site of Liège exposition, to have lodged attendees for CIAM VI, Liège attendees.
Series III.G. CIAM VI, Bridgwater, 1946-1948 10.0 folder(s)
Documents relate to the 6th CIAM congress, held in Bridgwater, England in 1947.
Box Folder
7 1 Proposal for agenda of June 21 Belgian section meeting, 1946 June 17 3.0 pp.
Reorganization; CIRPAC proposals. With mention of possible topics for future congresses.
7 1 Minutes of Belgian section meeting, 1946 June 21 3.0 pp.
CIAM relations with the United Nations and RIA; CIRPAC planned for Paris, 1946 Sept.
7 1 Minutes of Belgian section meeting, 1946 July 10 4.0 pp.
Annual assembly meeting. Future congress themes; Belgian section reorganization.
7 1 Minutes of MARS Group executive committee meeting, 1946 July 10 3.0 pp.
Russian architects; reconstitution of German CIAM section; proposed congress themes; creation of the International Union of Architects, to be inaugurated in London, 1946 Sept 21-Oct 5. With attendance of Helena and Szymon Syrkus.
7 1 Rapport à l'intention de MM. C. van Eesteren et S. Giedion, 1946 July 19 2.0 pp.
Requests CIRPAC meeting for first half of September; will prepare proposal of congress themes.
7 1 Propositions du groupe liégeois de la section belge des CIAM relatives aux thèmes des prochaines assises des CIAM, n.d. 2.0 pp.
Proposes a city planning manifesto to assist reconstruction efforts, with mention of law reform, self-financing and standardization. With pencilled annotations.
7 1 XVIIIe congrès international pour l'habitation et l'urbanisme: programme provisoire, 1946 Oct 7-12 3.0 pp.
Preliminary program for conference in Hastings, England.
7 1 Giedion to CIAM members, 1946 Oct 12
Cover letter for CIAM meeting report.
7 1 Minutes of London CIAM meeting, 1946 Sept 28 4.0 pp.
Formation of International Union of Architects and its foreseen relations with CIAM; CIAM VI preparation; proposed CIAM VI themes. With appended sheet: "Proposal put before IRA conference in London to form a world organisation of architects."
7 1 Giedion to CIAM members, 1946 Oct 12
French translation of Giedion's cover letter for CIAM meeting report.
7 1 Minutes of CIAM meeting, 1946 Sept 28 5.0 pp.
French translation of London CIAM meeting minutes.
7 1 Fitschy to CIAM members, 1946 Dec 2
Cover letter for translation of London CIAM meeting minutes.
7 2 CIAM Chapter for Relief and Post War Planning Inc., 1946 Nov
Resolution of CIAM USA: submits program of action for the Interprofessional Committee on urban planning, with outline of intended legislative and planning research.
7 2 Minutes of CIAM USA section meeting, 1946 Dec 10
Death of Moholy-Nagy; response to London meeting; Lonberg-Holm's questions on CIAM VI theme (Community development vs. Neighborhood unit); first meeting of Interprofessional committee on urban planning (Sert and Papadaki).
7 2 Report, CIAM chapter for relief and postwar planning, n.d.
Creation of postwar reconstruction CIAM group, formed at meeting in New York, 1944 May 20, with planned actions.
7 2 Technical news service, n.d.
Announcement of bibliographic service documenting advances in American building techniques for foreign distribution. With list of sources.
7 2 Giedion, Chart of the sixth congress, n.d.
American proposal for CIAM VI theme: "Constitution of a chart [sic] of the principles of reconstruction."
7 2 CIAM: American chapter for relief and postwar planning, n.d.
Planned activity.
7 2 Report, Comité CIAM pour les secours et l'urbanisme d'après-guerre, n.d. 4.0 pp.
French translation of previous four documents relating to CIAM American chapter for relief and postwar planning.
7 2 Zusammenarbeit in den drei Kategorien: Architektur, Bildhauerei und Malerei, 1946 Dec 4.0 pp.
Swiss questionnaire for proposed CIAM VI topic: Architecture and its relation to painting and sculpture. With short explanatory essay.
7 2 The impact of contemporary conditions upon architectural expression, 1947 Jan 6.0 pp., 2 copies
British MARS Group questionnaire for proposed CIAM VI topic. With English translation of Swiss essay and questionnaire, "Relation between architect, painter and sculptor."
7 2 Applications for British Council summer courses, 1947 5.0 copies
Town planning course form.
7 3 Fitschy to Belgian section, 1947 Mar 28
Requests comments on translated questionnaires.
7 3 Minutes of Belgian section meeting, 1947 Mar 28
Zürich CIRPAC meeting; money exchange; distribution of American, British and Swiss questionnaires and documents.
7 3 Merkelbach to L'Equerre, 1947 Apr 8
Cover letter for Dutch group request for participation of younger architects at CIRPAC.
7 3 Architectenvereeniging "de 8" to CIRPAC secretary, 1947 Apr 8
Letter by Dutch CIAM group proposing increased involvement of younger architects in CIAM affairs, and recommending attendance of J. B. Bakema as guest at CIRPAC.
7 3 Swedish CIAM group, 1947 Apr 25 2.0 pp.
Cover letter and questionnaire on urban housing units, for CIAM VI, Bridgwater. With pencil inscription: "Giedion to Yugo." [#26]
7 3 Communication of "de 8" to CIAM secretariat, 1947 May 19 5.0 pp.
Proposal and treatment for CIAM VI topic: "Wohnungvorrat und Wohnungbedarf, Wohnungproduktion und der Anteil der Architekten bei dieser Produktion." With questionnaire.
7 3 VI CIAM niederländische jüngeren, n.d.
Dutch CIAM section provides four theoretical points through which to view CIAM VI topics, centering on social justice, freedom and cooperation.
7 3 Composition de la section belge, 1947 May
Roster of Belgian section members, with status information.
7 3 Program of the VIth congress, 1947 June
Brief description of purposes and procedures for CIAM VI, Bridgwater.
7 3 Minutes of Zürich CIRPAC meeting, 1947 May 2.0 pp.
Purposes of CIAM VI: to plan CIAM VII, to reestablish contact between the national CIAM groups, to explore the city planning situation in each country, and to conceive the future ("envisager l'avenir").
7 3 Programme du VIe congrès, 1947 June
French translation of purposes and procedures for CIAM VI, Bridgwater.
7 3 Minutes of Zürich CIRPAC meeting, 1947 May 2.0 pp.
Second transcription of CIRPAC meeting minutes.
7 3 Hartland Thomas (MARS Group) to Belgian section, 1947 July 26 2.0 pp.
Invitation to CIAM VI, Bridgwater, 1947 Sept 7-14. With cost information and list of Belgian section members expected to attend.
7 3 Memo to CIAM Groups, 1947 Aug 12
Jane Drew to be London contact person for CIAM VI attendees.
7 4 Minutes of CIRPAC meeting, 1947 Sept 13 3.0 pp.
Members to report on commission conclusions; 20th anniversary publication; dues; press releases; Dutch conclusions on lowering of housing standards; location of CIAM VII; full CIRPAC delegate roster.
7 4 CIAM press communiqué: World congress of architects, 1947 Sept 22 2.0 pp.
CIAM VI, Bridgwater press release, describing CIAM origins, leadership and conference events.
7 4 Communiqué de presse, 1947 Sept 22 3.0 pp.
French translation of CIAM VI, Bridgwater press release.
7 4 Résumé du rapport adressé au congrès de Bridgwater, 1947 Sept 2.0 pp.
Belgian section report on present state of architecture and city planning in Belgium.
7 4 Rapport relatif à l'activité de la section belge de 1939 à 1947, 1947 Sept 2.0 copies
Belgian section activity during the war.
7 4 Rapport relatif à la situation générale de l'architecture et de l'urbanisme en Belgique, 1947 Sept 6.0 pp., 2 copies
Report covering economic, legal and administrative, demographic, technical, public relations, architectural and aesthetic aspects of city planning in Belgium.
7 5 Publication VIth congress, 1947 Oct 2.0 pp.
Proposal for publication of "CIAM: 1928-1948" (ultimately entitled A decade of new architecture), with outline.
7 5 Annex to article V of the outline, 1947 Nov 6 2.0 pp.
Subdivisions of work to be included in publication; directives for choice of material. Written by Max Bill.
7 5 CIAM publication VIe congrès, 1947 Nov 19 4.0 pp.
French translation of "Publication VIth congress" document, with annex to article V.
7 5 Une politique réaliste de l'habitat en Suède, 1947 Dec 2.0 pp.
Article by A. and H. Persitz on the H.S.B. (Hyresgästernas Sparkasse- och Byggnadsföreningars Ricksförbund, or L'Association nationale de locataires pour l'épargne et la construction), a Swedish cooperative for housing construction. Appeared in L'Architecture d'aujourd'hui, 1947 Dec
7 5 Commission I: Réaffirmation des buts des CIAM, 1947 3.0 pp., 2 copies
Restatement of CIAM goals.
7 5 Rapport final de la Commission II, 1948 Apr 15 4.0 pp.
Report of CIAM reorganization committee conclusions, 1947 Sept 12, discussing organizational structure, work methods, frequency of meetings etc.
7 5 Rapport de la Commission III A, urbanisme: Préparation du VIIe congrès, 1948 Mar 23 4.0 pp.
Contains proposed CIAM VII topics: national and regional city planning, and neighborhood planning. With questionnaires.
7 6 Table de matières contenues dans le rapport anglais, 1948 Apr 17
Table of contents for English CIAM VI, Bridgwater report.
7 6 CIAM VI, Bridgwater report, 1948 Apr 17 27.0 pp.
French version of report, including cover letter, table of contents of English report, CIAM goals (Commission I report), CIAM reorganization (Commission II), city planning and neighborhood planning questionnaires (Commission III A), architectural expression questionnaire (Commission III B), essay on the collaboration of architecture, sculpture and painting, principles of architectural education (Commission IV), and minutes of 1947 Sept 13 CIRPAC meeting. Report by Emery.
7 7 CIAM VI, Bridgwater report, 1948 Apr 17 27.0 pp.
Second copy of report.
7 8 CIAM VI, Bridgwater report, 1948 Apr 17 24.0 pp.
Third copy of report, missing pages 21-23.
7 8 Belgian section member roster, 1947 Dec
Pencilled date: 1948 May.
7 8 August Verschaeren's business card, n.d.
Originally paper-clipped to Apr 17 Fitschy letter.
7 8 Fitschy to CIAM members, 1948 Apr 17
Additional copy of Fitschy's cover letter for CIAM VI, Bridgwater report, originally paper-clipped to Verschaeren's business card.
7 9 Gropius to A. Van der Goot (UNESCO), 1947 Nov 7 2.0 pp., 2 copies
Discussion of reports to be completed for UNESCO conference in Mexico. With a mention of Giedion and Holford.
7 9 Guiding principles established at Bridgwater, presented at UNESCO, 1947 3.0 pp., 2 copies
Commission IV, architectural education: summary of discussion between Gropius, Holford, Desyllas, Fuchs, Oberlander and Townsend.
7 9 Speech by Gropius, n.d. 6.0 pp., 2 copies
Discusses community replanning and rehabilitation; housing prefabrication; standardization; easing urban overpopulation through settlement of unemployed in neighborhood units outside cities.
7 10 Open letter to Julian Huxley (UNESCO), 1947 Mar 6 2.0 pp., 2 copies
Call for educational standards and training curriculum for architects and city planners. Signed by 32 architects, including Gropius, Giedion, Sert, Le Corbusier.
7 10 Teaching of history to architects: Preliminary remarks on architectural education, 1947 3.0 pp., 2 copies
Report sent to Julian Huxley for the Mexico UNESCO conference.
7 10 Education questionnaire, MARS Group, n.d. 4.0 pp., 2 copies
Questionnaire no. 1.
Series III.H. CIAM VII, Bergamo, 1948-1949 2.0 folder(s)
Documents relate to the 7th CIAM congress, held in Bergamo, Italy in 1949.
Box Folder
7 11 MARS Group to CIAM, 1948 Feb 25 2.0 copies
Announcement for international conference of the Architectural Students Association, 1948 Aug 24-Sept 3.
7 11 MARS Group to CIAM, 1948 Feb 25
French translation of Architectural Students Association conference announcement.
7 11 Minutes of CIAM council meeting, Paris, 1948 Mar 28-31 5.0 pp., 2 copies
Preparations for CIAM VII; proposed CIAM VII date (1949 Apr) and location (Prague, Bergamo or the Netherlands); CIAM VII themes (applications of Athens charter; synthesis of fine arts); architectural education (including UNESCO negotiations and MARS Group's CIAM summer school); planned CIAM publication; treasury report; Bridgwater statutes; CIAM relations with other organizations. With attendee list and agenda. Reported by Sive.
7 11 Summary report, CIAM council meeting, Paris, 1948 Mar 28-31 7.0 pp.
Two French copies of identical text, with extended discussion of planned CIAM publication, CIAM treasury and dues, and negotiations with Julian Huxley to establish a "board for architecture and planning" within UNESCO. Reported by Giedion.
7 11 Meeting of the CIAM council in Paris, 1948 Mar 28-31 3.0 pp.
English version of Giedion's report on CIAM council meeting.
7 11 CIAM Section belge, 1948 Apr
Belgian section member roster, with address corrections.
Box Folder
8 1 Memo from CIAM council, 1948 May 28-31
Announcement for "First CIAM Summer School", to be held in London, 1948 July 19-Sept 6, focusing on urban center reconstruction. With list of faculty and collaborators.
8 1 Minutes of Belgian section meeting, 1948 Sept 9 2.0 pp.
Refusal to readmit Hoste; group activity of younger members; Brussels section issues; CIAM VII work and themes ("urbanisme, arts frères, enseignement de l'architecture"); resignation of Bourgeois.
8 1 Commission 2: expression architecturale, 1948 Oct 21 4.0 pp.
Minutes of Liège work group meeting, with mention of Groupe EGAU. CIAM VII postponed to 1949; discussion of architectural expression questionnaire. Report by Ch. Carlier.
8 1 Fitschy to Liège section members, 1948 Nov 5
Announcement of Commission 2 section meeting Nov 10, with agenda.
8 1 Commission 1: urbanisme, 1948 Nov 2 3.0 pp.
Excerpts from articles and works on city planning: Hermann Herrey, "Réflections sur une théorie organique de l'urbanisme", L'Architecture d'aujourd'hui, 1947 Jul. 12, and "The Future Coventry."
8 1 Commission 1: urbanisme, 1948 Nov 3 2.0 pp.
Minutes of Liège work group meeting.
8 1 Fitschy to Liège section members, 1948 Nov 13
Postponement of Commission 1 meeting.
8 1 Fitschy to Liège section members, 1948 Nov 19 2.0 pp.
With minutes of Commission 2 meeting, 1948 Nov 10; report by Ch. Carlier.
8 1 Préparation du VIIe congrès, 1949 Mar 9 4.0 pp.
Report from CIAM council meeting, Paris, 1949 Mar 4-6. Includes CIAM VII location and dates (Bergamo, 1949 July 23-30); themes ("application de la charte d'Athènes; rapport des arts majeurs; réforme de l'enseignement architectural"); CIAM summer school. With instructions for presenting CIAM grids, and a mention of Jaqueline Tyrwhitt.
8 1 Official press release for all countries, n.d.
CIAM VII press release, written by Giedion.
8 1 Handwritten note, 1949 June 21
Accounting in francs, with names of Belgian section members.
8 1 Belgian section member roster, 1949 July
With address changes.
Series III.I. CIAM VIII, Hoddesdon, 1949-1951 3.0 folder(s)
Documents relate to the 8th CIAM congress, held in Hoddesdon, England in 1951.
Box Folder
8 2 CIAM circular, 1949 Dec 5.0 pp.
CIAM VII, Bergamo; CIAM publication ( A decade of new architecture / Dix ans d'architecture contemporaine); CIAM summer school 1949 and 1950; CIAM VIII plan proposed by MARS Group.
8 2 Fitschy to Belgian section, 1950 Jan 4
Cover letter for CIAM circular; announcement of Belgian section meeting Jan 12, with agenda.
8 2 Minutes of Belgian section meeting, 1950 Jan 12 4.0 pp.
Belgian section responses to Giedion's circular; Belgian collaboration with permanent CIAM commissions; proposed CIAM VIII themes and locations.
8 2 Fitschy to Belgian section, 1950 Jan 31
Cover letter for Jan 12 minutes; announcement of Commission I meeting Feb 2, with agenda; dues matters.
8 2 Fitschy to Belgian section, 1950 Feb 4
Cover letter for Jan 12 meeting; announcement of Commission II meeting Feb 9. With list of commission members.
8 2 Programme du 8e congrès CIAM, n.d. 2.0 pp.
CIAM VIII location and dates (Hoddesdon, 1951 July 7-14), theme (Heart of the city, Core or "Les noyaux"), and development of Bergamo resolutions. Written by Honegger.
8 2 8th international congress for modern architecture, n.d.
Location, prices, travel information, related events.
8 3 Programme provisoire de sessions, visites etc., n.d. 2.0 pp., 2 copies
Schedule of planned events for CIAM VIII.
8 3 Fitschy, Propositions pour le developpement de l'étude du problème du core, 1951 July 12
Work method for final CIAM VIII conclusions. With pencil notes on verso.
8 3 Communication au sujet du problème du "Core", 1951 July 12 3.0 pp.
Handwritten notes; text of Fitschy document for CIAM VIII, Hoddesdon.
8 3 International Federation for Housing and Town Planning council meeting, 1951 July 14-19 3.0 pp.
Schedule of events for conference related to CIAM VIII, including lecturers and papers presented.
8 3 CIAM council member and delegate roster, 1951 5.0 pp.
Members and groups established at CIAM VIII, with addresses.
8 3 Carte au 2.500° de Flémalle-Haute: Zoning, bâtisses, n.d.
Color key for Flémalle-Haute plans.
For Flémalle-Haute plans, see Series IV. Box 11*.
8 3 Urbanisation de Flémalle-Haute, n.d.
Document list.
8 3 CIAM VIII, Hoddesdon, n.d. 2.0 pp.
List of attendees, with copious pencil notes on verso, concerning the "Core".
8 3 Announcement of Venice CIAM summer school, n.d.
Gives dates (1951 Sept 10-Oct 10), topic (connection of Venice to the mainland), instructors and collaborators (including Le Corbusier and Aalto).
8 3 The core of the city, 1951
Notice of CIAM book publication (based on CIAM VIII), with description. Verso contains full table of contents, with contributors.
8 3 A decade of new architecture / Dix ans d'architecture contemporaine, 1951
Notice of CIAM book publication (based on CIAM VI and VII), with description.
8 4 Reports of commissions and meetings, 1951 24.0 pp. plus jacket
CIAM VIII, Hoddesdon report. Includes meetings minutes, July 7, 11, 13; reports of open sessions on the Core; congress commission reports (I, II, V, VI); architectural education reports (III and IIIA); industrialization of building technique reports (IV); and Dutch group report on the "Charte de l'habitat".
Series III.J. CIAM IX, Aix-en-Provence, 1952-1954 7.0 folder(s)
Documents relate to the 9th CIAM congress, held in Aix-en-Provence, France, 1953.
Box Folder
8 5 Fred Forbat to CIAM groups, 1952 Mar 10 2.0 pp.
Announcement from Swedish CIAM group of council meeting in Sigtuna, 1952 June 25-29. With mention of optional architectural tour of Finland, to be organized by Aalto.
8 5 B. F. Reiner to A. F. Ewing, 1952 May 15 2.0 pp.
Record of conversation with Bodiansky, of the CIAM Commission for industrialization of building techniques. Discusses proposed housing exhibit at the Palais des Nations; CIAM lectures; council meeting in Sweden.
8 5 Trevor Dunnett (MARS Group) to CIAM Groups, 1952 June 10
Cover letter for MARS Group CIAM IX proposal.
8 5 MARS Group proposal for CIAM IX, 1952 June 2.0 pp.
Treatment of proposed topic "Charte de l'habitat", and suggestions for project presentation.
8 5 CIAM address roster, 1952 June 6.0 pp.
Addresses of CIAM council members, CIAM group delegates, and CIAM groups in formation.
8 5 CIAM junior groups, 1952 Oct
Cover letter for "Team 3" leaflet.
8 5 Team 3, CIAM junior groups, 1952 Sept
Folded leaflet describing purposes and organization of Junior CIAM. With text by P. Keatinge Clay; illustrations by Lanfranco Bombelli Tiravanti.
8 5 Brochure text, 1952 2.0 pp.
CIAM summer school brochure.
8 5 CIAM summer school, 1952-1954, 1956 4.0 items
Brochures describing Venice summer school courses and admissions.
8 6 Projet de programme pour le IXe congrès CIAM, 1952-1953 17.0 pp.
Collection of CIAM IX texts prepared by A. Wogenscky and ASCORAL. Contains discussion of congress theme (La charte de l'habitat); invitation to CIAM groups with location and dates (Aix-en-Provence, 1953 July 19-26); program of the sixth "Festival d'Aix-en-Provence", 1953 July 10-30; announcement of CIAM council meeting, Paris; CIAM IX program, including topics, work methods and presentation; minutes of CIAM council meeting, 1953 Feb 15.
8 6 Minutes of CIAM council meeting, 1953 Feb 15 4.0 pp.
CIAM IX themes and organization; project presentation; work methods; financial assistance for students; relations with UNESCO and the publisher Lund Humphries. Written by Giedion.
8 7 Programme du CIAM IX, 1953 Apr 15 9.0 pp., 2 copies
Covers congress theme (La charte de l'habitat); work goals; work presentation; reservations and other congress matters.
8 7 Projet de programme, 1953 July 19-25 3.0 pp.
Proposed CIAM IX schedule, appended to "Programme du CIAM IX".
8 7 Programme général de travail: répartition du travail entre les commissions permanentes, 1953 July 19-26 7.0 pp.
Lists analyses of each grid to be undertaken by individual CIAM commissions.
8 7 Poser la question de l'habitat moderne, 1953 June 5.0 pp.
CIAM IX introduction text, written by Le Corbusier in Chandigarh. With pencilled list of Belgian section members on verso of final page.
8 7 CIAM IX: Contribution à la charte de l'habitat, 1953 July 19-25 20.0 pp.
Published by L'Architecture d'aujourd'hui, with text by André Bloc, Vladimir Bodiansky, Michel Ecochard, Marcel Lods. Contains information from Bodiansky's "Moroccan Habitation" grid, in chart prepared by Georges Candilis, B. Kennedy, P. Mas and Shadrach Woods.
8 7 Aix-en-Provence: festival de musique, 1953 July 10-30
Brochure: schedule of performances and events for music festival. Includes insert leaflet for "Exposition Cézanne", an art exhibition held conjointly.
For oversized CIAM IX map, see Series IV. Box 10*, f. 9.
8 7 Architectures, peintures, lithographies, céramiques d'Aix-en-Provence, 1953 2.0 items
Invitation for CIAM IX event.
8 7 Invitation, 1953
Fitschy's invitation card to attend CIAM 25th anniversary roof party at the Unité d'habitation, Marseille.
8 7 Train tickets, 1953 July 18 6.0 items
Receipts and tickets from Fitschy's train travel to Paris and Marseille.
8 8 Programme de CIAM IX, 1953 July 19-25
Schedule of CIAM IX meetings, with commission list. With pencilled note on verso.
8 8 Présentation des grilles aux participants de CIAM-neufs, 1953 July 20-22 2.0 pp.
Schedule of grid presentations.
8 8 Groupe CIAM Alger: Bidonville Mahieddine, 1953 July 20 2.0 copies
Explanatory remarks for survey of Algiers "bidonville".
8 8 Bidonville Mahieddine, Résumé de la grille, 1953 July 22 3.0 pp.
Analysis of Algiers CIAM group grid, according to CIAM commission topics.
8 8 Unité d'habitation Anvers-Kiel, 1953 July 21 4.0 pp.
Analysis of Antwerp section grid for housing project in Antwerp, according to CIAM commission topics. Reported by Orsem.
8 8 Grille du groupe de Liège (Belgique), , n.d. 2.0 pp., 4 copies
Explanatory remarks for Liège section grid, with analysis according to CIAM commission topics. With pen corrections; third copy annotated in pen. [#29]
8 8 Handwritten notes, 1953 2.0 pp.
Rough draft in pen for "Grille du groupe de Liège (Belgique)".
8 8 Schedule, 1953 July 23
Handwritten schedule of Thursday's meetings and excursions.
8 8 Honegger to Fitschy, 1953 July 24 2.0 copies
Receipt for Liège section CIAM dues.
8 9 Urbanisme 1C: report, 1953 July 21 2.0 pp.
Conclusions of sub-commission meetings, reported by [Roger?] Aujame.
8 9 Urbanisme 1D: Le logis dans l'unité d'habitation: le quartier, la ville, la région, 1953 July 20-25 3.0 pp.
Conclusions of sub-commission meetings, presided over by Bakema.
8 9 Les "coeurs" en fonction de l'importance du groupe social, 1953 July 22 2.0 pp.
Comments of Commission I members, reported by Wogenscky.
8 9 Report of commission IV, 1953 July 23 6.0 pp.
English report of industrialized building techniques commission conclusions, with recommendations for the Charte de l'habitat.
8 9 Commission IV, n.d.
Beginning of commission IV report.
8 9 Rapport de la commission IV, 1953 July 23 4.0 pp.
French version of report.
8 9 Commission VI: questions sociales, n.d. 4.0 pp.
Conclusions of social questions committee.
8 9 Transfer committee, 1953 July 24
Proposal for committee to monitor CIAM group activity and suggest changes in CIAM structure, written by Sert.
8 10 Communication du groupe anglais, n.d. 3.0 pp.
Conclusions of English group on human relations and the dwelling ("l'habitation"). Prepared by Alison and Peter Smithson, and Jill and Bill Howell.
8 10 Groupe CIAM portugais: Considérations sur le logement, n.d.
Discussion of housing crisis, with recommendations for the Charte de l'habitat.
8 10 Groupe CIAM Opbouw, Rotterdam, n.d. 6 pp. plus 3 illusrations
Detailed description of planned community (including light industry and hothouse agriculture) near Rotterdam, on the Prince Alexander polder. Includes brief description of projects presented at Bergamo and Hoddesdon, and recommendations for the Charte de l'habitat.
8 10 Plan pour les projets de récréation: Réunion Opbouw, Rotterdam, n.d. 7.0 pp. plus cover
Detailed plan by Opbouw for calculating necessary recreation space in a large city.
8 11 CIAM IX: Rapports des commissions, 1954 Dec 41.0 pp.
CIAM IX reports, assembled after congress. Contains list of council members; Le Corbusier's introduction to the congress; reports for Commission I ("Urbanisme") including Ia, Ib, Ic; Commission II ("Synthèse des arts plastiques"); Commission III ("Formation de l'architecte"); Commission IV ("Techniques de construction"); Commission V ("Législation"); Commission VI ("Questions sociales"). Body of text 37 pp. plus 4-page annex with list of grids.
Series III.K. CIAM X, Dubrovnik, 1954-1957 1.0 box(es)
Documents relate to the 10th CIAM congress, held in Dubrovnik, Croatia in 1956.
Box Folder
9 1 CIAM Dutch group to CIAM groups, 1954 Mar 1
Cover letter for Doorn meeting minutes, 1954 Jan 29-31. With a mention of Gutmann, Lassdun and Wogenscky.
9 1 Statement on habitat, 1954 Jan 29-31 3.0 pp. 2 copies
Doorn meeting minutes. Proposes "scale of association"; gives timeline of theoretical developments in city planning. With participation of Bakema, Van Eyck, Van Ginkel, Hovens Greve, Smithson and Voelcker.
9 1 CIAM X Alger: Programme de travail, 1954
Schematic outline of congress work plan.
9 1 Réunion du conseil CIAM, 1954 June 30
Brief agenda for CIAM council meeting.
9 1 CIAM Pays-Bas, n.d. 2.0 pp.
Remarks by De 8 and Opbouw prior to June 30 CIAM council meeting, concerning CIAM IX and X and efforts to involve younger architects in CIAM.
9 1 Suggestions pour une méthode de travail en CIAM X, 1954 June 2.0 pp.
Remarks expanding on the Doorn meeting conclusions, by De 8 and Opbouw. With a mention of Lonberg-Holm, Piet Zwart and Max Bill.
9 1 Arrangements for CIAM X, September 1955 at Algiers, 1954 July 4
Cover page for CIAM council minutes. With CIAM X topic: "The problems of the human habitat: first CIAM proposals: statements and recommendations."
9 1 Minutes of CIAM council and delegates meeting, 1954 June 30 5.0 pp.
Request for CIAM IX reports; debate over CIAM X topic; work program; formation of CIAM X committee (Team X); deadlines; proposed CIAM X dates and location (Algiers, 1955 Sept); CIAM publications (including "The human habitat"); the abandonment of CIAM junior groups; Brazilian architectural competition. With list of attendees.
9 2 CIAM X: Problèmes de l'habitat, 1954 Sept 14 3.0 pp.
Minutes of Team X meeting, Paris. With mention of "Draft Framework 3: Instructions to all groups"; criticisms of CIAM IX and suggestions for improvement of CIAM X; proposal of four work commissions (metropolis, town, village, isolate); deadlines; finances. With participation of Giedion and Le Corbusier; reported by Tyrwhitt.
9 2 CIAM X: orientation, 1954 Dec 5.0 pp.
CIAM X group instructions. Mentions shortcomings of the Charte d'Athènes and CIAM IX, and evolution of CIAM discussion towards human associations; need for four work commissions (cité, ville, village, maison); formation of group to develop Doorn ideas on habitat (Bakema, Smithson, Candilis, Gutman etc.). With mention of CIAM X topic, work method ("whole structure of urbanism" as setting for habitat) and presentation requirements. With pencil corrections.
9 2 Bakema to CIAM groups, 1954 Dec 21
Cover letter for English CIAM X group instructions.
9 2 Draft framework 5: CIAM X: Instructions to groups, 1954 Dec 6.0 pp.
English version of CIAM X group instructions.
9 2 CIAM Hollande: Groupe 8 et Opbouw, 1954 Dec
Short discussion of aspects of habitat: the greater reality of the threshold ("seuil"); the aesthetics of number; growth and change.
9 2 CIAM Hollande: "de 8" en Opbouw, 1954 Dec
English version.
9 3 Le Corbusier, Habitat dans la ville, n.d. 4.0 pp.
Presentation of plans and photographs of the Unité d'habitation, Marseille; presented by Team X as sample grid for CIAM X.
9 3 CIAM to CIAM groups, 1955 Jan 5 2.0 pp.
Critique of sample grid; defense of Charte d'Athènes; observations on planned CIAM X committees. Written by Sert, Gropius, Giedion and Tyrwhitt.
9 4 CIAM-contact Nederland-België, 1955 Feb 21 5.0 pp.
Transcript of Dutch-Belgian meeting in Amsterdam, 1955 Feb 19, on CIAM X programming and work methods. Pagination: [1], 2, 3, 3a, 4. Discussants: Braem, Van Eyck, Bakema, Wynants, Van der Meeren, Hovens Greve, Merkelbach, Wissing.
9 4 Giedion to CIAM groups, 1955 Mar 4
Announcement of CIAM Council X delegates meeting in Paris, 1955 July 2.
9 4 Invitation to the CIAM X congress at Algiers, 1955 May 13 3.0 pp.
Lists documents sent to date on CIAM topic and instructions, program, methods. With a precise definition of "habitat", and application for CIAM X projects. Written by Le Corbusier and Candilis.
9 4 Résumé des réactions dans "Instructions aux groupes", 1955 Apr 5.0 pp.
Assemblage of reactions by CIAM groups to instructions sent 1954 Dec 22 by Team X (see Box 9, f. 2).
9 4 Invitation au 10ème congrès CIAM à Alger, 1955 May 13 3.0 pp.
Copy of handwritten rough draft of CIAM X, Algiers invitation.
9 4 Report on definition of community, 1955 June 5.0 pp.
CIAM X report by Planning Workshop of New York: Alfred Bush, James Collins, Arnold Oshin, Gertrude Bush, Herbert H. Stevens Jr.
9 5 CIAM X: Rapport du groupe CIAM portugais à la réunion CIRPAC, 1955 June 29 3.0 pp.
Report by Viana de Lima (Portuguese CIAM group) for CIRPAC meeting, 1955 July 4: critique of CIAM work methods to date, and suggestion that CIAM X be postponed to 1956.
9 5 Résumé du rapport du groupe portugais, 1955 June 29
Summary of Portuguese CIAM group arguments.
9 5 Rapport sur le schéma de grille proposée, 1955 July 4 2.0 pp.
Report by Viana de Lima (Portuguese CIAM group) for CIRPAC meeting, 1955 July 4: plan for integrating various CIAM grids.
9 5 Procès verbal de la réunion du CIRPAC, 1955 July 4 4.0 pp.
Minutes of CIRPAC meeting in Paris, July 4, with attendee list. CIAM X postponement to 1956, preparation and criticism; Algiers uncertain as CIAM X location; need for "statut du logis". Participants: Albini, Candilis, Emery, Giedion, Le Corbusier, Roth, Viana de Lima, Van Eyck, Rogers, Lods, Tyrwhitt, Sert. With mention of Ecochard and Wogenscky. Reported by Emery.
9 5 Réunion au Château de La Sarraz, 1955 July 10 2.0 pp.
Announcement of CIAM council meeting at La Sarraz, 1955 Sept 8-11. CIAM X preparation; "Statut du Logis"; "Habitat".
9 5 Alfred Roth to CIAM groups, n.d. 2.0 pp.
Invitation to CIAM council meeting at La Sarraz: topics, lodging. Includes description of documents to be prepared for meeting.
9 5 Compte rendu de la réunion, La Sarraz, 1955 Sept 8-10 3.0 pp.
Minutes of CIAM delegates' meeting at La Sarraz: preparation of "Déclaration sur le logis"; final CIAM X topic ("L'habitat, problème de relations. Premières propositions CIAM. Constatations et résolutions"); CIAM X location to be Dubrovnik (or Braga, Portugal), not Algiers; treasury matters; quality of CIAM group work.
9 5 Annexe I: Déclaration sur le logis, 1955 Sept 10 2.0 pp.
Table of contents: twelve main points to be addressed.
9 5 Annexe II: Exposé de Dr. S. Giedion, 1955 Sept 10 2.0 pp.
Statement of purpose for CIAM X.
9 6 CIAM Team X, 1955 Nov 4.0 pp.
Discussion of new and changing human relations to be stimulated through architecture, and possible CIAM X projects. With a list of Team X documents circulated to date. Appendix: clarification of group instructions.
9 6 CIAM Team X, 1955 Nov 6.0 pp.
Rough draft of previous document, with handwritten corrections. Includes copy of Giedion's exposé (1955 Sept 10).
9 6 CIAM Team X, 1955 Nov 6.0 pp.
English version of previous documents (including Giedion's exposé).
9 6 Preparation for CIAM X, 1955 Dec 2.0 pp.
Final CIAM topic ("The Habitat: problem of inter-relationships: CIAM's first proposals, statements and resolutions"); list of relationships for discussion; CIAM X grid presentation requirements.
9 6 Commentary on the reactions received by CIAM X, n.d.
Brief summary of comments: definition of habitat; objectives of CIAM X; work method.
9 6 Commentaires des réactions des groupes, n.d.
French version of above document.
9 6 Alfred Roth to CIAM groups, 1956 Feb 12
Dates and travel arrangements for CIAM X, on Adriatic steamer and in Budva, Yugoslavia, 1956 Aug 3-13. With a mention of Drago Ibler.
9 6 Alfred Roth, Avis important, n.d.
Boat arrangements for travel to Yugoslavia for CIAM X.
9 7 CIAM: Préparation du Xe congrès, Yougoslavie, 1956 Aug 15.0 pp. plus cover
Collection of documents relating to CIAM X, assembled by Fitschy for the Belgian section. Includes Fitschy's cover letter (1956 Mar); Roth's letter (1955 Feb 12); Preparation for CIAM X (1955 Dec); CIAM Team X document (1955 Nov); La Sarraz meeting minutes, with "logis" main points and Giedion exposé (1955 Sept 10).
9 7 Document de préparations finales, 1956 May 28 2.0 pp.
List of relationships proposed for study by CIAM groups, with Team X responses and further instructions.
9 7 Réorganisation des CIAM, 1956 Nov 1 2.0 pp.
CIAM X propositions based on CIRPAC, general assembly and committee meetings in Dubrovnik, Aug 10-12: total reorganization of CIAM; full autonomy of national CIAM groups; nomination of individual members to continue CIAM work. With mention of Bakema, Emery, Howell, Rogers, Roth, Smithson, Woods, Candilis and Le Corbusier. Written by Emery.
9 7 CIAM en réorganisation, 1956 Dec 5 3.0 pp.
Response to Emery letter; request for CIAM reorganization suggestions and nominations for individual CIAM members. With observations and work method, and a mention of Lonberg-Holm. Written by Bakema.
9 7 Réorganisation des CIAM: questionnaire, n.d. 2.0 pp.
Questionnaire by CIAM secretariat, with a list of candidates for individual CIAM membership.
9 8 Bakema to CIAM council, delegates, reorganization committee, 1957 Aug 13 2.0 pp.
Preparatory letter for La Sarraz meeting, 1957 Sept 14-17, on CIAM reorganization or dissolution.
9 8 CIAM en réorganisation, 1957 Aug 13 2.0 pp.
Roster of names proposed as individual CIAM members, and of those currently working in architectural education.
9 8 CIAM dissolution, 1957 March 22
Letter from the English CIAM group: disagreement with CIAM plans; need for informal contacts between architects working intensively. Signed by Howell, Lasdun, Smithson and Voelcker; forwarded by Bakema.
9 8 The future of the CIAM, n.d.
Letter by Jerzy Soltan: importance of continuing CIAM for architects in Eastern Europe and Asia; regrets suspension of congresses. With suggestion for younger CIAM member (Oskar Hansen). Forwarded by Bakema.
9 8 Extraits des lettres reçu par Bakema [sic], 1957 Aug 13 7.0 pp.
Detailed inventory of letters on the subject of CIAM reorganization, 1956 Aug 10-1957 July 28, with senders, dates and main points.
9 8 CIAM Norddeutschland, 1957 Aug 25 3.0 copies
Importance of CIAM for finding city planning solutions. With translations.
9 9 Minutes of reorganization committee, La Sarraz, 1957 Sept 1-2 6.0 pp.
Discussion of CIAM group activity since CIAM X; practical proposals for CIAM reorganization; renaming CIAM; drafting of La Sarraz declaration, 1957; membership of coordinating committee; preliminary US Charte de l'habitat. Participants: Roth, Giedion, Hebebrand, Tyrwhitt, Voelcker, Fitschy, Stranik, Wogenscky, Bakema, Albini, Ibler, Korsmo, Syrkus, Brera, Rogers.
9 9 Déclaration de La Sarraz, 1957 Sept 2
Gives conclusions and resolutions of La Sarraz meeting on CIAM reorganization. Written by Bakema, Giedion, Roth and Tyrwhitt.
9 9 Reorganization of CIAM, n.d.
Letter by Giedion announcing reorganization of CIAM under new name ("CIAM: Research group for social and visual relationships"), with diminished membership and dissolution of national CIAM groups.
9 9 Giedion to CIAM council and delegates, 1957 Sept 20
Cover letter for La Sarraz documents, with penned note to Fitschy. Date in pen.
9 9 Groupe de coordination CIAM, 1957 Oct 22 2.0 pp.
Statement of purpose for new CIAM, with quotes from Le Corbusier, Smithson, Tange, Bakema, Asada, Ibler, Wogenscky, and Rogers. Requests nominations for committee members to discuss the current task of architects. Written by Bakema, with pencil corrections.
9 9 Coordinating group to former CIAM members, 1957 Nov 12
Renewed request by Bakema for nominations to CIAM coordinating committee.
9 9 Fitschy to former CIAM members, 1957 Dec 11
Invitation to participate in reorganized CIAM. With second copy of Bakema's Oct 22 circular, and the Sept 2 La Sarraz declaration.

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