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Bauhaus typography collection, 1919-1937

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Finding aid for the Bauhaus typography collection, 1919-1937
Series I. Weimar, 1919-1925, undated 20.0 folders
Items in this series testify to the production of Expressionist graphics at the Bauhaus and document the early development of Bauhaus typography between 1919 and 1925 in Weimar. Predominantly present are school stationary and various advertising matter with cover design, graphic layout and typography by László Moholy-Nagy, Oskar Schlemmer, Herbert Bayer, and Joost Schmidt. Several items were issued on the occasion of the 1923 Bauhaus exhibition, including 20 lithograph postcards designed by several Bauhaus teachers and students. Also present are publications issued by the Bauhaus about the school's teaching program and compilations with the press coverage it received.
Arrangement note
Arranged chronologically.
Box Folder
4* 1-2 1919 4.0 items
4* 1 Program and manifest by Walter Gropius 1.0 items
Woodcut title page by Lyonel Feininger. Fleischmann, 38.
4* 2 Issues of Der Austausch 3.0 items
May, June, and July 1919 issues. Woodcut illustrations by Rudolf Riege, Dörte Helm, Eberhard Schrammen, and Hans Breustedt. Ibid., 39.
1, 4* 1920 4.0 items
Box Folder
1 1 Printed matter and correspondence 2.0 items
Announcement of a Bauhaus-Abend with Else Lasker-Schüler, lithograph by Friedl Dicker. Letter to students signed by faculty prohibiting political activities on school premises. Fleischmann, 40, 45.
Box Folder
4* 3 Prospectus and program 2.0 items
Prospectus for a portfolio of woodcuts by Lyonel Feininger, with woodcut illustration on cover. Program for a topping-out ceremony for the Sommerfeld house in Berlin-Dahlem, with a lithograph illustration by Martin Jahns. Ibid., 47, 48.
Box Folder
1 2 1921 8.0 items
Letterhead of the director, signed by Gropius, with stamp designed by Johannes Auerbach and Blüthner; a questionnaire with an exercise in color and form; typographic samples by Johannes Itten; a work schedule of the workshops (two copies), with insert; and Satzungen [Bylaws] of the school with stamp designed by Johannes Auerbach and Blüthner on cover (2 copies). Fleischmann, 41, 44, 51, 58.
1 3 1922 7.0 items
Booklet on the monument by Gropius for the victims of the March 1920 unrest in Weimar; two copies of school regulations, Satzungen Staatliches Bauhaus in Weimar, with logo by Oskar Schlemmer; two copies of prospectus for Bauhaus-Drucke neue Europäische Graphik, with subscription form; and program for the first performance of Schlemmer's Das triadische Ballett. Ibid., 57, 59, 60-61.
1, 4* 1923 38.0 items
Box Folder
1 4 Postcards for Bauhaus exhibition 20 postcards
Color lithograph postcards advertising the July to October 1923 Bauhaus exhibition. Designed by Rudolf Baschant (two postcards), Herbert Bayer (two postcards), Lyonel Feininger (two postcards), Paul Häberer, Dörte Helm, Ludwig Hirschfeld-Mack (two postcards), Wolfgang Molnar, Wassily Kandinsky, Paul Klee, Gerhard Marcks, László Moholy-Nagy, Oskar Schlemmer, Kurt Schmidt (two postcards), and Georg Teltschner. Fleischmann, 65-69.
1 5 Printed matter and correspondence relating to Bauhaus exhibition 8.0 items
Prospectus with a manifest by Oskar Schlemmer, an advertisement for Haus am Horn, program of the 1923 exhibition (three copies), and a letter to Dexel from Bauhausverlag with letterpress and logo designed by Oskar Schlemmer. Ibid., 73-78.
1 6 Printed matter about the school and the Bauhaus-Woche 6.0 items
Two copies of publication Idee und Aufbau des staatlichen Bauhauses Weimar by Walter Gropius, and four flyers for events held during the Bauhaus-Woche. Ibid., 86, 87, 95.
1 7 Publication on buildings by Walter Gropius 1 book
Weimar Bauten Walter Gropius mit Adolf Meyer. Berlin : Verlag Ernst Wasmuth, [1923?] Illustrations and plans of buildings designed by Gropius. Ibid., 89.
Box Folder
4* 4 Prospectus for Bauhaus-Buch 3.0 items
Prospectus for a publication issued on the occasion of the August 15 to September 30 1923 Bauhaus exhibition in Weimar. Three copies. Ibid., 81.
1, 4* 1924 19.0 items
Box Folder
1 8 Correspondence and printed matter 7.0 items
Letter from Gropius to Michel Epstein with letterpress designed by László Moholy-Nagy [?]. Postcard designed by László Moholy-Nagy [?] inscribed by Moholy-Nagy to Walter Dexel. Postcard designed by Joost Schmidt advertising a chess game designed by Josef Hartwig. Membership card and an advertisement (two copies, one incomplete) of Kreis der Freunde des Bauhauses, designed by László Moholy-Nagy. Also present is an issue of the periodical Junge Menschen with cover design and graphic layout by Joost Schmidt. Fleischmann, 42, 43, 90, 91-94, 137, 139.
1 9-11 Various publications 9.0 items
Arno Müller's inflammatory booklet Das staatliche Bauhaus Weimar und sein Leiter; Die Idee des Bauhauses Kunst und Wirklichkeit by August Emge, with typography by László Moholy-Nagy; Pressestimmen (Auszüge) für das staatliche Bauhaus Weimar, and supplement, with typography by László Moholy-Nagy (two copies, one lacks supplement); Nachtrag zu den Pressestimmen für das staatliche Bauhaus Weimar, März-April 1924 (two copies); Die bisherige und zukunftige Arbeit des Staatlichen Bauhauses Weimar, with corrigenda; and Kundgebungen für das staatliche Bauhaus Weimar, Oktober 1924, (two copies). Ibid., 95, 96, 99, 100.
1 12 Invitations to parties at the Bauhaus 2.0 items
Invitations designed by Herbert Bayer and Joost Schmidt. Lithographs. Ibid., 101.
Box Folder
4* 3 Article by László Moholy-Nagy 1.0 item
"Die Arbeit des Staatlichen Bauhauses," in: Sonderbeilage der Thüringer Allgemeinen Zeitung. No. 288, Sunday 19 October 1924.
1, 4* 1925 4.0 items
Box Folder
1 13 Printed matter and letterhead 2.0 items
Invoice designed by László Moholy-Nagy; and the first volume (October 1925 issue) of Der Helfer im ewig jungen Zeitgeist (Mazdaznan), with cover design by Immanuel Ga-Llamus. Fleischmann, 43, 88, 102.
1, 4* Farbenlichtspiele by Ludwig Hirschfeld-Mack 2.0 items
Book Farbenlichtspiele [ Farben Licht-Spiele] by Ludwig Hirschfeld-Mack, with musical notes for Dreiteilige Farbensonate inserted. Ibid., 88.
Box Folder
1 14 Book 1.0 item
Box Folder
4* 5 Inserted musical notes 1.0 item
Box Folder
1 15 Undated items between 1919 and 1925 4.0 items
Exam regulations for Bauhaus students (1 leaf, undated typescript); program of Staatliches Bauhaus with logo designed by Johannes Auerbach [two copies, dated by hand 1919]; and undated printed matter about the school (2 leaves).

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