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Bauhaus typography collection, 1919-1937

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Finding aid for the Bauhaus typography collection, 1919-1937
Series II. Dessau, 1925-1931, undated 17.0 folders
This series documents Bauhaus typography from 1925 to 1932 in Dessau: advertisements, school stationary and administrative forms, and printed matter about the teaching program and the various workshops at the Bauhaus, designed mostly by Herbert Bayer. Several items document the activities of Kreis der Freude des Bauhauses. Also present is an offprint with article by Hannes Meyer in which he explains the reasons for his departure.
Arrangement note
Arranged chronologically.
Box Folder
1 16 1925 7.0 items
Materials designed by Herbert Bayer. Included are Lehrplan [school curriculum], and work schedules of the course Grundlehre [preliminary course], and the workshops Metallwerstatt [metal workshop], Tischlerei [woodworking], Wandmalerei [mural painting], Druckerei [printing], and Weberei [weaving]. Fleischmann, 107, 109-111.
1 17-20 1926 10.0 items
1 17 Invitations and leaflet 4.0 items
Invitations designed by Herbert Bayer, and a leaflet dated 3 December 1926, printed on the occasion of the opening of the new school building by Gropius. Ibid., p. 112-114.
1 18 Brochure about the school 3.0 items
Brochure Bauhaus Dessau Hochschule für Gestaltung Prospekt. Cover design by Herbert Bayer. Includes article by Gropius "Normung und Wohnungsnot." Three copies. Ibid., 125.
1 19 Der Raum als Membran by Siegfried Ebeling 1.0 item
Book cover designed by Siegfried Ebeling. Published in 1926 by C. Dünnhaupt Verlag in Dessau. This copy is signed and dated: Georg Saul 6.3.32. Ibid., p. 115.
1 20 Printed envelope and brochure 2.0 items
Printed envelope, stamped and addressed to Walter Dexel; and brochure Bauhaus Dessau Satzung - Lehrordnung, 13 p., designed by Herbert Bayer. Ibid., 116, 120-122.
1, 4* 1927 8.0 items
Box Folder
1 21 Administrative forms 7.0 items
Membership forms of Kreis der Freunde des Bauhauses, a form from the weaving workshop, and two subscription forms for the periodical Bauhaus Zeitschrift für Bau und Gestaltung. Fleischmann, 127, 138-139, 189.
Box Folder
4* 6 Brochure on the colony Dessau-Törten by Gropius 1.0 item
Ibid., 221.
1, 4* 1928 9.0 items
Box Folder
1 22 Administrative forms 4.0 items
Printed matter and subscription forms for Bauhaus Zeitschrift für Bau und Gestaltung. Fleischmann, 176, 186, 189.
1 23 Letterhead, printed matter, and brochure 3.0 items
Letter from Hannes Meyer to Georg Rauh; brochure Bauhaus designed by co-op (Hannes Meyer); and program of an event organized by Kreis der Freunde des Bauhauses. Ibid., 117, 131, 141.
Box Folder
4* 6 Covers of Bauhaus Zeitschrift für Gestaltung 2.0 items
Front and back cover of issue no. 4, 1928, designed by Lotte Beese; and front cover of issue no. 2/3, 1928. Ibid., 189.
Box Folder
2 1-2 1929 5.0 items
2 1 Letterhead of school and printed matter 4.0 items
Statement by Hannes Meyer regarding Arthur Schmidt, with school letterhead and stamp designed by Oskar Schlemmer; invitation to a lecture by Ernst Toller organized by Kreis der Freunde des Bauhauses; rules [Hausordnung] of the studios [Atelier-Gebäude] from 1 November 1929, and a business card of the school. Fleischmann, 119, 126, 141, 199.
2 2 Issue of Bauhaus Vierteljahr-Zeitschrift für Gestaltung 1.0 item
January 1929 issue. Ibid., 191.
2 3-5.1 1930 11.0 items
2 3 Printed matter by Kreis der Freunde des Bauhauses 3.0 items
Advertisement for Bauhaus-Sonderheft 1930, and invitations to a lecture by Hans Richter-Berlin and a performance of the cabaret Die Katakombe. Fleischmann, 140-141, 193.
2 4 Letterhead of school and receipt 2.0 items
Letter from Hannes Meyer to the architect Hansgeorg Knoblauch; and a receipt. Ibid., 118, 128.
2 5 School regulations 4.0 items
Satzungen, and Ergänzung zur Satzung für das Bauhaus (Bestimmungen für die Studierenden), both from 8 October 1930. Two copies of each title. Ibid., 123.
2 5.1 Offprint with article by Hannes Meyer 2.0 items
An undated offprint (two leaves) with Meyer's article "Mein Hinauswurf aus dem Bauhaus," and a small printed card.
2 6 1931 3.0 items
Printed matter issued by Kreis der Freunde des Bauhauses: postcard with school letterhead addressed to Hansgeorg Knoblauch; list of events organized by Kreis der Freunde des Bauhauses in winter of 1931; and brochure Bauhaus Dessau commissioned by Kreis der Freunde des Bauhauses, published in July 1931. Fleischmann, 116, 136, 141.
2 7 Undated items between 1925 an 1931 9.0 items
Two forms from the weaving workshop, a statement concerning school regulations, tickets with logo designed by Oskar Schlemmer, a voucher for food, a response card to an invitation to a ball, and a flyer titled Grundsätze der Bauhausproduktion, with text by Gropius. Also a newspaper advertisement for Bauhaus wallpaper. Ibid., 126-129, 201, 220.

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