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Bauhaus typography collection, 1919-1937

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Finding aid for the Bauhaus typography collection, 1919-1937
Series V. Bauhaus publications, 1924-1937, undated 22.0 folders
This series comprises publications issued by the Bauhaus as well as examples of Bauhaus style cover design, graphic layout and typography in contemporary periodicals and exhibition catalogs. Also present are numerous ephemeral publications issued by galleries and other institutions, such as announcements of exhibitions and lectures, party invitations, and other events. Publications issued by the Bauhaus are represented by three dustjackets designed by László Moholy-Nagy for the series Bauhausbücher. Filed with this group are several issues of the communist periodical Bauhaus Sprachrohr der Studierenden, issued by Bauhaus students.
Arrangement note
Arranged alphabetically by title, or, by type of publication.
2, 4* Bauhausbücher, 1924-1928 11.0 items
Box Folder
2 32 Advertisements and letterhead, 1924-1927 8.0 items
Envelope with letterhead of Bauhausverlag, an advertisement for Bauhausverlag, and five advertisements by Verlag Albert Langen in Munich, including a prospectus with cover design by László Moholy-Nagy. Fleischmann, 137, 147, 149, 151, 166-167, 170.
Box Folder
4* 10 Dustjacket by László Moholy-Nagy, and prospectus, 1925-1927 2.0 items
Dustjacket for Bauhausbuch 11: Die gegenstandslose Welt by Kasimir Malewitsch, designed by László Moholy-Nagy; and prosepctus by Albert Langen Verlag in Munich. Ibid., 145, 169.
4* 11 Dustjacket by László Moholy-Nagy, 1928 1.0 item
Dustjacket for Bauhausbuch 13: Kubismus by Albert Gleizes, designed by László Moholy-Nagy. Ibid., 174.
Box Folder
3 1-6 Bauhaus Sprachrohr der Studierenden, 1930-1932, undated 7.0 items
Six issues: no. 2 (June 1930), no. 3 (undated, two copies), no. 4 (undated), no. 5 (undated), no. 10 (February 1932), and no. 12 (April 1932).
3 7 Periodicals, 1929-1930 3.0 items
Almanach des Friedrich-Theaters Dessau, 1929, with photographs by Erich Consemüller of stage designs by Mlius Raiko Hahlo, Wassili Kandinsky, and Oskar Schlemmer; the only issue of Der Kunstnarr, no. 1, April 1929, published by Ernst Kállai; and the Czech periodical Red, no. 5, year 3, 1930, tirle of issue: Bauhaus. Fleischmann, 240, 241, 243.
3 8-9 Exhibition catalogs, 1929-1931 12.0 items
Bauhaus Dessau, 20 April-9 May 1929 at Kunsthalle Basel (two copies); Das Bauhaus Dessau, 21 April-20 May 1929 at Gewerbemuseum Basel; Neues Bauen Gropius-Ausstellung der Bauwelt-Musterschau rationelle Bebauungsweisen, 14 Februar-15 March 1921 at Kunstgewerbemuseum Zürich; Oskar Schlemmer, January 1931 at Galerie Alfred Flechtheim in Berlin; Paul Klee, 7 March-5 April 1931 at Kestner-Gesellschaft Hannover; Ausstellung moderner Bildwirkereien, 1930; Junge Bauhausmaler, 1929 at Hallescher Kunstverein. Baukhauz Dessau 1928-1930, Moscow 1931 [in Russian]; Ausstellung neue Typographie, 28 December 1927-29 January 1928, Gewerbemuseum Basel; Fotomontage Ausstellung im Lichthof des ehemaligen Kunstgewerbemuseums, 25 April-31 May 1931 Berlin; Internationale Ausstellung Kunst der Werbung, 30 May-5 Juli, Essen. Ibid., 232-235, 242, 352-353, 356.
3, 4* Invitations and announcements, 1924-1933, undated 28.0 items
Box Folder
3 10 Neue Kunst Fides and Kunstsalon Otto Fischer, undated 5.0 items
An advertisement of an exhibition of László Moholy-Nagy at Kunstsalon Otto Fischer in Bielefeld; and four advertisements of Galerie Neue Kunst Fides and Neue Kunst Fides Kabinett am Ferdinandplatz in Dresden, including one of an exhibition of Oskar Schlemmer and Willi Baumeister, and of Werkstätten von Gildenhall. Fleischmann, 237.
Box Folder
4* 12 Exhibition at Galerie John Becker in New York, 1931 1.0 item
Catalog of an exhibition held 10 January-10 February 1931 at Galerie John Becker in New York. Cover design by Lincoln Kirstein. Ibid., 245.
Box Folder
3 11 Kunstverein Jena, Ring Neuer Werbegestalter, 1924-1927 6.0 items
Advertisements of exhibitions of Lyonel Feininger, Wassily Kandinsky, Adolf Meyer, Oskar Schlemmer, and the exhibition Neue Reklame at Kunstverein Jena. Also announcement of Sonderschau neue Typographie, organized by Ring neuer Werbegestalter, held 3-19 August 1929 in Magdeburg. Ibid., 236, 346-347, 355.
3 12 Announcements of lectures and events, 1926-1929 5.0 items
Lectures by László Moholy-Nagy, Josef Albers, and Wilhelm Lesemann at Kunstgewerbeschule Bielefeld; and performances directed by Oskar Schlemmer at the Bauhausbühne. Ibid., 238-239.
3 13 Party invitations, 1928-1933, undated 11.0 items
Ibid., 244, 246-247, 250-251.
3 14 Various other printed matter, 1928-1929, undated 14.0 items
Printed matter issued by Kreis der Freunde des Bauhauses, various invitations, exhibition announcements, photographic postcards, letterhead, and press advertisements. Present are designs by László Moholy-Nagy, Joost Schmidt, Kurt Schwitters, and Jan Tschichold.
3 15 Printed matter on Bauhausbühne, 1922, undated 2.0 items
Announcement of Lothar Schreyer's Totenhaus I, and publication Erste Mitteilung, from December 1922, with articles by Walter Gropius and Lothar Schreyer on the Bauhausbühne.
Box Folder
4* 12 Catalog of exhibition at Gallery John Becker, New York, 1931 1.0 item
Catalog of exhibition Bauhaus 1919-1923 1924 Weimar Dessau, held January 10-February 10 1931 at the gallery John Becker in New York. One folding sheet. Cover design by Lincoln Kirstein. Fleischmann, 245.
3, 4* Miscellaneous other items, 1929-1930 4.0 items
Box Folder
4* 13 Prospectus for Gefesselter Blick by Heinz und Bodo Rasch, 1930 1.0 item
Published in 1930 in Stuttgart by Wissenschaftlicher Verlag Dr. Zaugg. Typography by Franz Krause, photomontages by Heinz Rasch.
Box Folder
3 16 Printed matter on Staatliche Bauhochschule Weimar , 1929 1.0 item
List of books at the bookstore of the Staatliche Bauhochschule Weimar, dated 1 January 1929.
3 17 Prospectus for a book on Bernhard Hoetger, 1930 2.0 items
Prospectus and letter by Angelsachsen-Verlag Bremen for Bernhard Hoetger Bildhauer by Albert Theile, published in 1930.

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