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Karl Schneider papers, 1910-1962 (bulk 1925-1945)

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Finding aid for the Karl Schneider papers, 1910-1962, bulk 1925-1945
Series I. Personal and Professional Papers, ca. 1911-1962 0.5 linear feet
Series I.A. Correspondence, publications, and documents, 1911-1962 0.25 linear feet
Documents from Germany record Schneider's professional affiliations, including contracts with the Kunstgewerbeschüle, Hamburg, his suspension from his position in 1933, his students' petitions for reinstatement, and the termination of his employment by the state. The files contain information about Schneider's publications and an inventory of Schneider's library.
Box Folder
1 1 Inventories of Karl Schneider's work, 1921-1933
"Ausgeführte Bauten"
2 copies, 4 pp. total, typed. Lists buildings (with dates) alphabetically.
3 pp. typed. Lists projects (with dates) alphabetically.
"Wettbwerbe," 2 pp. typed. Lists competitions entered and their dates alphabetically.
"Rollenverzeichnis Ausgeführte Bauten" 1933
3 pp. typed, dated by hand "1.6.33". List of works, each assigned a number.
Letterhead stationery
1 p., Business card, envelope flap, all printed. From Moorweidenstraße and Spaldingstraße addresses.
Box Folder
1 2 Inventory of Karl Schneider photograph collection, undated
12 pp. typed.
1 3 Inventory of Karl Schneider's private library on Moorweidenstraße
14 pp. typed, handwritten annotations.
1 4 10. Ausstellung der Hamburgischen Sezession/Sonderausstellung Karl Schneider, 1931
Inventory of Karl Schneider works on exhibit
18 pp. typed.
Inventory of exhibition
9 pp. typed.
"Die Sonderausstellung Karl Schneider"
Newspaper clipping, 1 p. review of the exhibition.
Inventory of Karl Schneider works on exhibition
15 pp. handwritten.
Envelope with small geometrically-shaped pieces of paper, labelled Möbel
Perhaps used for layout.
Note: Exhibition catalogue available in Box 1 folder 17; another copy in the Getty Research Library.
Box Folder
1 5 Landkunstschule, 1930-1933
Contract, 1930
1 p. typed both sides. A five year employment contract between the Hamburg Art School and Karl Schneider.
Contract, 1938
, 1 p. photocopy of verso of original above. Copy dated 1938 and likely used for immigration and naturalization purposes in the U.S.
Notice of Suspension, 21 April 1933
1 p. typed. From the Landesschulebehörde, relieving Karl Schneider of his duties until further notice.
Notice of Suspension, translation to English, 11 June 1938
Petition of the Bürgermeister by Karl Schneider's Students, 18 May 1933
2 pp. typed copy. Letter requesting explanation of Karl Schneider's recent suspension.
Petition by Karl Schneider's Student's of Sen. Witt, 31 May 1933
1 p. typed copy. Requesting a response to their first petition of 18 May.
Notice of Termination of Employment, 31 May 1933
1 p. typed. From the Landesschulebehörde, dismissing Karl Schneider permanently.
Notice of Termination of Employment, translation to English, 11 June 1938
Box Folder
1 6 Divorce Documents, 1935
Announcement of Divorce and Legal Findings of Fault, 1935
4 pp. typed plus 4 pp. photocopy. Document announcing government finalization of divorce and assignment of blame in the case of Emma Schneider vs. Karl Schneider.
Announcement of Divorce and Legal Findings of Fault, translation to English, 27 May 1938
Page 2, only.
Box Folder
1 7 Immigration Documents
Militärpak, ca. 1917-1919
20 pp. booklet, handwritten notes by Karl Schneider and commanding officers?. Official record of military service.
Certificate of Discharge, 1919
1 p. printed and handwritten. Discharging Karl Schneider from active military duty.
Deutsches Reich Reisepass, issued 20 July 1936
With handwritten annotations.
Application for Naturalization (U.S.A)
2 pp. (4 sides) printed and handwritten. Filled out in Karl Schneider's name.
Exit Visa, 14 January 1938
1 p. original and 1 p. photocopy. From the local military office, permitting Karl Schneider to leave Germany.
Darmstadt, 11 August 1911
1 p. typed. According Karl Schneider the favors of #89, 6a, of German Military Law.
Darmstadt letter, translation to English 11 June 1938
1 p. typed copy.
Karl Schneider Birth Certificate, issued 24 June 1920
1 p. photocopy
Box Folder
1 8 Correspondence - References for Karl Schneider
Prof. Walter Gropius, May 1938
1 p. typed copy. To A.J. Snow, Esq., Sears, Roebuck and Company, endorsing Karl Schneider's work.
Lewis Mumford, 20 May 1938
1 p. typed carbon copy. "Memorandum on Karl Schneider," recommending his work.
Oscar Rosenthal, Chairman, Illinois Housing Board, 27 May 1938
Endorsing Karl Schneider's work in public housing.
Walter Behrendt, Technical Director, Buffalo City Planning Association, 21 March 1938
Recommending Karl Schneider as an asset to the development of American city architecture.
Karl Schneider Bio/Resume, ca. 1940
1 p. typed.
Box Folder
1 9 Professional Correspondence, Sears, Roebuck and Company, 1941-1944
Karl Schneider Memo, "Projects for Future Development," 18 September 1941
3 pp. (2 drafts) typed on Karl Schneider, Dept. 609 letterhead.
L.J. James, "Post War [Store] Planning," 29 November 1944
1 p. typed. Recommending Karl Schneider's building designs.
Box Folder
1 10 Professional Correspondence, Loebl and Schlossman, 1945
Jerrold Loebl, 4 May 1945
1 p. typed. To Karl Schneider, recapitulating the terms of their upcoming association, scheduled to begin 15 May 1945 and to end 1 January 1945.
Norman J. Schlossman, 21 December 1945
1 p. typed. To Ursula Wolff Schneider regarding payments due for Karl Schneider work.
Box Folder
1 11 American Architectural Licensing, 1945
Certificate of Architectural Registration #3036, 15 January 1945
1 p. printed. Karl Schneider's registration.
Renewal Certificate, 1945
3 x 5" card, printed. Karl Schneider's architectural license renewal.
American Institute of Architects Membership Certificate, 15 August 1945
1 p. printed. Karl Schneider's proof of membership in the AIA.
Box Folder
1 12 Personal Correspondence
To "Ursula Wolff", Schweiz, 19 May 1935
Postcard with handwritten letter.
Postcard, undated
Handwritten annotation: "Where Uncle Ernst Pfeffer lived."
Box Folder
1 13 Correspondence - Posthumous Eulogies and Remembrances
Kurt Kluth, "Errinerung an Dr. Schneider," 10 Sept 1955
1 p. typed. Recalling Karl Schneider at the Hamburg Art School and his dismissal.
Max Brauer to Dr. Carl Stumme, 25 August 1955
1 p. typed. Brauer, Überbürgermeister in Hamburg in the early 1930's, recalls the official particulars of Karl Schneider's time at the Hamburg Art School.
Gustav Oelsner to Dr. Carl Stumme, 26 November 1955
1 p. typed. Oelsner wishes to view Karl Schneider's American work, mentions W.C. Behrendt (author of a letter in folder 8).
Certificate for Marianne Fruehauf, 2 August 1962
1 p. typed. Verification of good name, from West German Consulate. Relationship to Karl Schneider unknown.
Box Folder
1 14 Professional File - Furniture Catalogs
Marshall Field's Furniture Catalog
Desta Stahlmöbel Catalog
"A Primer of Period Furniture," published by Mersman Brothers Corp
Easiwork Furniture Elements (efe)
Kentwood Furniture, Grand Rapids, MI
Box Folder
1 15 Professional File - City Planning
"Rebuilding Old Buffalo," Buffalo City Planning Association
4 p. printed pamphlet.
"Buffalo's Waterfront Today - and Tomorrow?" Buffalo City Planning Association, 1939
11 p. printed pamphlet.
Land Purchase vs Lease Comparison for two Chicago lots, undated
1 p. photocopy.
Box Folder
1 16 Publications to 1928
Inventory of published photographs and reviews of Karl Schneider's work, ca. 1928
5 pp. typed.
Box Folder
1 17 Publications 1929
Bauten, moved to Getty Research Library, NA 1088 S36 B35
Box Folder
1 18 Publications 1931
10. Ausstellung der Hamburgischen Sezession/Sonderausstellung Karl Schneider, 1931
Catalogue, 42 pp. printed.
Box Folder
1 19 Publications Correspondence - Requests for Photographs
C.J. Kavanaugh, 25 May 1933
1 p. typed. Requests photos of Karl Schneider's work for publication by the British Steelwork Association.
Norbert Ebel, International Press - Photo Service, London, 10 June 1933
1 p. typed. Requests photos of Karl Schneider's work for publication.
F.R.S. Yorke, The Architectural Press, 30 June 1933
1 p. typed. Requests photos for his book, The Modern Villa.
Norbert Ebel, 4 July 1933
1 p. typed. Reiterates earlier request.
Raymond McGrath, 30 November 1933
1 p. typed. Requests photos for book, Das Zeitgenössischen Haus.
Dexter Morand, 20 October 1934
1 p. typed. Requests photographs.
Donald Pilcher, 16 January 1936
1 p. typed. Requests photographs.
Royal Institute of British Architects, 29 September 1934
1 p. typed. Request photos for an exhibition of architectural photos.
[Note: The catalogue for this exhibition, "International Architecture 1924-1934," is available in the Getty Research Library, #85-B10900.]
Karl Schneider, 27 January 1936
1 p. typed. To Donald Pilcher, enclosing 9 photographs (not included).
Raymond McGrath, undated
Announcing deadline.
Inventory of published photos of Karl Schneider's work, undated
1 p. handwritten.
Box Folder
1 20 Karl Schneider, Bauten, 1970
2 copies.
1 21 Publications and Clippings of Bauhaus Contemporaries
Bauhaus Dessau postcards,
18 cards, photocopies.
Originals in Special Collections Accession no. 850514B.
Bau und Wohnung
8 pp. printed pamphlet.
Emil Fahrenkamp
4 pp. pamphlet.
"A Bauhaus Heritage: A New World of Design," Daily News, 18 March 1967
1 p. photocopy.

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