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Malvina Hoffman papers, 1807-1882, 1897-1984, undated

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Descriptive Summary
Scope and Content of Collection
Indexing Terms
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Administrative Information
Container List
Series I. Correspondence and personal papers, 1903-1984, undated
Series I.A. Correspondence, 1903-1967, undated
Series I.B. Correspondence, research materials, photographs, and personal documents for commissions, 1927-1965
Series I.C. Correspondence about exhibitions, publications and lectures, 1920-1967
Series I.D. Correspondence, War relief, Dance International, and miscellaneous, 1908-1984, undated
Series II. Datebooks, 1902-1966, undated
Series III. Manuscripts, publications and lectures, 1807-1882, 1905-1966
Series IV. Periodicals, clippings, and exhibitions catalogs, 1915-1962, 1917-1980, undated
Series V. Photographs, negatives, and copper printing plates, circa 1910-1965
Series V.A. Photograph Albums, "The Races of Mankind," circa 1930-1933
Series V.B. Photographs of projects, volunteer activities, and personal life, circa 1919-1964
Series V.C. Negatives, lantern slides, copper printing plates, circa 1915-1957, undated
Series VI. Videocassettes and sound cassettes, 1924-1939, 1961, undated
Series VII. Travel diaries, postcards, scrapbooks and memorabilia, 1897-1966, undated
Series VIII. Sketchbooks, drawings, and photographs, 1898-1964
Series VIII.A. Sketchbooks, 1898-1964
Series VIII.B. Large photographs of sculptures and commissions, 1915-1960
Series VIII.C. Working drawings, sketches and progress photographs, 1915-1964
Series X. Motion picture films and negatives, 1924-1939, undated
Hoffman (Malvina) Papers
Series V. Photographs, negatives, and copper printing plates, circa 1910-1965 81 box(es)
This series is arranged in three subseries. Photograph Albums, "The Races of Mankind," circa 1930-1933 documents Hoffman's field research and photographic studies of models for the "Races of Mankind," commissioned by Stanley Field in 1929 for the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago.
The second subseries, Photographs of projects, volunteer activities, and personal life, circa 1919-1964, contains photo albums and binders of photographs of Hoffman's life, including her trip to Serbia for the Yugoslavian War relief effort, photographs of Hoffman and Anna Pavlova, and of the work of several of Hoffman's artist friends.
The third subseries, Negatives, lantern slides, copper printing plates, circa 1915-1957, holds approximately 1,935 negatives, lantern slides and copper printing plates. Damaged negatives are filed in Series X.
Series V.A. Photograph Albums, "The Races of Mankind," circa 1930-1933 8 Linear Feet
The albums cover the duration of the project, beginning in 1930 with Hoffman's eight month world tour expedition, and ending with the installation of the sculptures in the Hall of Man in 1933.
58A Index to Albums of Facial Studies (Box 58-Box 64)
Photocopy of handwritten index. The albums are not in the same order as the index, but each image in the albums is numbered and index is keyed to these numbers. Another copy of the index is in Box 107A, f.5.
58-64 Album of Facial Studies
65 Album, "Africa, Volume I" (World Tour)
66 Album, "Africa, Volume II" (World Tour)
67 Album, "India" (World Tour)
68 Album, "American Indian; Mayan; Hawaii; New Zealand; Andaman; Ainu; Japan" (World Tour)
69 Album, "Hall of Man, Volume I," circa 1933
Includes list of works in the museum.
70 Album, "Hall of Man, Volume II," circa 1933
Includes list of works in the museum.
71 Album, "Hall of Man - Africa," circa 1933
72 Album, "Hall of Man - Pacific," circa 1933
73 Album, "Hall of Man - Pacific - Malay," circa 1933
74 Album, "Small photographs of Hall of Man Sculptures," circa 1933
Series V.B. Photographs of projects, volunteer activities, and personal life, circa 1919-1964 12 Linear Feet
Several binders are filled with images of Hoffman's major portraits and commissions such as the Bush House, the Hall of Man, the Joslin Hospital Project, and the International Dance Fountain, as well as images of her smaller projects. In particular, there are a number of photographic studies for the Bacchanale frieze, a project of 25 relief panels that Hoffman worked on intermittently for ten years. Complementing these studies are personal photographs of Hoffman with Pavlova along with books and concert programs of Pavlova's performances. Other photographs document Hoffman's travels and friendships. Finally, a small photo archive of work by Auguste Rodin, Ivan Mestrovic, Jean Julien Lemordant is supported by news clippings, scrapbooks and exhibition catalogs. Index to images found in each binder.
75 Album, "Serbian War Photographs," circa 1919
Loose photographs and news clippings moved to Box 64, f.2.
76 Album, "Trip through Yugoslavia and Greece; American Red Cross; American Relief Administration," circa 1919
Loose photographs and news clippings moved to Box 87, f.1.
77 Album, "World Trip," 1930-1935, 1953
"Peking; Hong Kong; Macassar; Bali; Java; Malay Jungle; Burma; India; Ceylon; Suez; Paris, 1953; New Mexico, 1934; Paris, 1935."
78 Album, 1919-1923
"Paris, 1919; Norton, CT 1920; Bar Harbor, 1920; Tyringham, 1921; Thousand Islands, 1920; England, 1923; Budapest, 1923."
79 Album, circa 1929
"Paris Villa Chauvelot, 1929; Kossovo with Milan Pribicevic, 1929" (includes studies for "Breton Wrestlers." Loose photographs moved to Box 87, f.4.)
80 Album, personal photographs, 1937-1944
Loose photographs moved to Box 87, f.5.
81 Album, circa 1936-1938
"1936 - Nevada; California; Blerencourt, Scotland; Isle of Skye; Brittany 1937 - New York Studio; Anne Morgan; Yugoslavia; Louise Branch; Mestrovic; Venice; Paris Fair 1938 - New York Studio."
82 Album, circa 1935-1936
"July 1935 - Scotland; Paris; Brittany, 1935-1936 - Mt. Kisco, 1936 - New York Studio."
83 Album, circa 1924
"Hartsdale; Prides Crossing; Mestrovic in New York; Liverpool Cathedral; Bush House; France; Brittany; Riviera; Africa; d'Jerba; Zagreb; New York; Zaraga; Exposition Colonial Paris; Villa Asti; Santa Barbara; Hawaii; Japan; Ainus; Limét; 1924"
84 Album, "Photo Album, New England, etc." 1939-1945
Album, personal photographs, 1940-1964
85 1940-1959
86 1961-1964
Photographs, 1919-1944
box folder
87 1 Loose photo from Album (Box 76), Trip to Yugoslavia - American Relief, circa 1919
87 2 Loose photographs and news clippings from Album (Box 75), Serbian War Photographs, circa 1919 17 items
87 3 Scrapbook, "Bernard's Cloister Sculpture," undated 3 items, photographs
87 4 Loose photographs from Album (Box 79), Paris, Villa Chauvelot, "Breton Wrestlers," etc., 1929 29 photographs
87 5 Loose photographs from Album (Box 80); Miscell. photographs, (includes photographs of Emma Eames as "Desdemona" and Sam Grimson), 1937-1944 4 items
Miscellaneous personal photographs of Malvina Hoffman, her artwork and friends. Binder indexed in four parts, 1936-1937
For items below, refer to index found in binders.
88 Part I
Includes images of Thamara Lirrskaya, Dr. Fraenkel, Ernest Schelling and Enrique Granados, Appui Aux Artistes, Hoffman with Sam Grimson on their wedding day, Julia Dodge (Rea), Katherine Rhoades, the Brearley School, Eugene Rudier, Paul M. Warburg, Thomas J. Watson, Robert Baillie, "Pressure Points" (anatomical model), Madhavan (Shankar Ballet Co.) - 29 photographs total
88 Part II
Trip to England and Scotland with Anne Morgan, Helen Draper, Bessie Lovett, Lady Reading.
88 Part III
Portrait photographs (facial studies for portraits including Myrio and Desha, C.D. Batilliedlder, Colonel Milan Pribicevic, Chana Orloff, Marguerite Yourcenar, Edouard Shuré, Emma Eames, William A. Delano, Mei Lan-fang, Marcel Griaule - 21 photographs
88 Part IV: Paul Draper 1 clipping, 5 photographs
Personal photographs; projects (Hall of Man)
Binder indexed in five parts.
89 Part I: Portraits of Malvina Hoffman by other artists
Includes photographs of works by Mestrovic, Angel Zarreega, C.D. Batelielder, A. Iacovleff, P. De Lanux, Belskie, Self-portrait by M.Hoffman - 16 photographs.
89 Part II: Kiki (Hoffman's cat) 1 clipping, 9 photographs, 1 booklet
89 Part III: Greeting Cards 6 photographs
89 Part IV: Hall of Man, Unity of Mankind Centerpiece 7 photographs
89 Part V: Portraits of Asian "racial types" 59 photographs
Projects (Hall of Man)
Binder indexed in five parts.
90 Part I: Portraits of Oceanic and Australian "racial types" 29 photographs
90 Part II: Portraits of European "racial types" 23 photographs
90 Part III: Portraits of North American "racial types" 7 photographs
90 Part IV: Portraits of South American "racial types" 2 photographs
90 Part V: Portraits of Central American "racial types" 1 photograph
Projects (Hall of Man, Bush House)
Binder indexed in three parts.
91 Part I: Portraits of African "racial types" 26 photographs
91 Part II: World Tour (personal photographs) 20 photographs
91 Part III: Bush House, dedicated to "The Friendship of the English Speaking Peoples"
Includes clippings and photographs of the progress and installation of this commission - 10 clippings, 2 drawings, 1 invitation, 3 personal notes, 42 photographs, 1 program.
Projects (New York World's Fair, Joslin Hospital), 1939, 1956
Binder indexed in two parts.
92 Part I: International Dance Fountain, New York World's Fair, 1939
photographs of plasters and models of fountain in her studio - 12 photographs.
92 Part II: The Evolution of Medicine - Joslin Hospital, Boston, MA, 1956
photographs of panels representing people throughout history who have made significant contributions to medicine and to the treatment of diabetes - 12 photographs.
Projects (monuments and portraits), 1922-1923, 1957
Binder indexed in five parts.
93 Part I: Series of bronze doors and cemetery stones 7 photographs
93 Part II: Presbrey Leland Company
photographs of miscellaneous commissioned monuments - 2 ltrs, 28 photographs.
93 Part III: Ignace Paderewski, 1922-1923 8 photographs
Photo studies and portraits.
93 Part IV: Père Teilhard de Chardin 9 photographs
photographs studies and portrait.
93 Part V: John Keats, 1957 2 clippings, 3 photographs
Portrait studies and articles.
Photographs relating to Malvina's work and personal friendships, 1917-1924
Binder indexed in five parts.
94 Part I: Malvina Hoffman photographed with her work 35 photographs
94 Part II: "La Bacchanale," bas-reliefs, 1924
Includes photographs of Pavlova and Pavley posing for the panels - 1 lithograph, 21 photographs
94 Part III: "La Bacchanale Russe," group sculpture, 1917
photographs of M. Hoffman with sculpture in Luxembourg Gardens - 8 photographs.
94 Part IV: "La Péri," 1921
Includes photographs of Pavley and Pavlova posing for the sculpture - 13 photographs.
94 Part V: Anna Pavlova
Personal photographs with Hoffman, including Pavlova as the "Byzantine Madonna" - 15 photographs.
Photographs relating to Malvina Hoffman's work and personal friendships
Binder indexed in seven parts.
95 Part I: Anna Pavlova
Includes dancer posing for her role as "Immortal Swan," by Nakhimoff and as "La Gavotte" for Hoffman - 8 photographs.
95 Part II: The Rudier Foundry, Paris
Includes photographs of Pierre and Jean Limet - 30 photographs.
95 Part III: Malvina Hoffman's New York Studio 9 photographs
95 Part IV: Malvina Hoffman's Paris Studio (with Sam Grimson and Kiki) 17 photographs
95 Part V: Malvina Hoffman's models
Includes photographs of Shan-Kar ballet dancer, the Snow Leopard, Richard Hoffman, and child model for "La Frileuse" - 12 photographs.
95 Part VI: Malvina Hoffman as model (for her own sculptures) 4 photographs
95 Part VII: Malvina Hoffman's students 3 photographs
Miscellaneous photographs
96 Miscellaneous photographs
photographs of art work by Michelangelo, Herbert Haseltine, Daniel Chestor French, Jozha Kljakovic, Chana Orloff and Donald De Lue - 92 photographs.
box folder
97 1 Miscellaneous photographs (includes photo of Rita de Acosta Lydig) 3 photographs
97 2 Photographs with autographs (including autographed photo of T. Oucrainsky) 2 photographs
97 3 Bush House 5 photographs, 1 booklet
Related to Box 91.
97 4 Dance International Fountain 1 photograph
Related to Box 92.
97 5 Ignace Paderewski, portrait studies 1 photograph
Related to Box 93.
97 6 Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, portrait studies 6 photographs, 1 booklet
Related to Box 93.
97 7 John Keats, portrait studies 1 photograph
Related to Box 93.
97 8 Helen Frick, portrait studies 4 photographs
Related to Box 93.
97 9 Miscellaneous photographs of work by M. Hoffman 14 photographs
Includes portraits of Frances Rich, Col. Milan Pribicevic, Rita de Acosta Lydig, Richard Hoffman, Drs. William Henry Draper (1830-1901) and William Kinnicut Draper (1863-1926), Peacock Wall Fountain (1925), Bas- Relief for Mahoney City Post Office (1939), "Christ on the Cross" (1942), "Christ Walking on Water" (bronze statuette, 1946) and "Young Neptune" (fountain, 1925).
97 10 "Bacchanale Russe" and "La Péri" - Pavley and Pavlova 21 photographs
Related to Box 94.
97 11 Miscellaneous photographs of other artists' work
Related to Box 96. Includes S. Tchernoff's "Begging Boy," and Herbert Haseltine - 3 photographs (negatives transferred to Box 125).
98 Photo album, Dessins par Jean Julien Lemordant
Lemordant, Jean Julien / Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, undated
box folder
99 1 Scrapbook of Jean Julien Lemordant I
Black leather 3-ring binder, includes index to all three binders.
99 2 Scrapbook of Jean Julien Lemordant II (black leather 3-ring binder)
99 3 Scrapbook of Jean-Julien Lemordant III (black leather 3-ring binder)
99 4 Jean-Julien Lemordant, clippings and photographs circa 15 items
99 5 Jean-Julien Lemordant, exhibit announcements and review articles circa 15 items
99 6 Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, articles, booklets about him circa 15 items
Mestrovic, Ivan
100 Photo album
box folder
101 1-5 Miscellaneous photographs of work by Ivan Mestrovic circa 125 items
101 6-7 Miscellaneous pamphlets, exhibition announcements, clippings, and photographs circa 50 items
101 8-9 Miscellaneous news clippings about Mestrovic circa 30 items
Mestrovic / Lemordant
box folder
102* 1 Miscellaneous photographs and exhibition announcements regarding Mestrovic circa 20 items
Transferred from box 101
102* 2 Miscellaneous news clippings photographs and announcements regarding Lemordant and exhibitions 2 items
Transferred from box 99
Pavlova, Anna; Moore, Marianne; Shankar, Uday; Alexander, Arsene
box folder
103 1 Anna Pavlova, booklets and programs circa 15 items
103 2 Anna Pavlova, record of the Metropolitan Opera benefit circa 10 items, news clippings
103 3 Anna Pavlova, clippings and obituaries circa 20 items, news clippings
103 4 Anna Pavlova, books and programs 5 items
103 5 Marianne Moore, clippings circa 25 items
103 6 Uday Shankar, booklets and photographs circa 30 items, news clippings, 1 strip of negatives
103 7 Article in French and English about Hoffman, written by Arsene Alexander
Rodin, Auguste
box folder
104 1 Key to Rodin's Hotel Biron entrance (in leather-bound box)
104 2 The Races of Mankind exhibit booklet 9 copies
104 3 Album, Rudier Collection of Rodin pieces 1 item
104 4 Photographs of Rodin's work in the National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C. circa 25 items
104 5 Miscellaneous items related to Rodin 2 items
List of Rodin sculptures at the Palace of the Legion of Honor, San Francisco. Envelope with Rodin quotes read at William K. Draper's funeral (Hoffman's brother in law).
104 6 Assorted catalogs and books about Rodin circa 15 items
104 7 One news clipping about Malvina Hoffman
Miscellaneous photographs of Rodin and his work, 1922, 1936, 1938
box folder
105 1 Miscellaneous photographs of Rodin with family and friends 26 photographs, 1 drawing, 1 negative
Isadora Duncan, Malvina Hoffman; Rodin on his deathbed.
105 2 Photographs of Rodin's work 54 photographs
Work in plaster, stone, and bronze.
105 3 Miscellaneous photographs, 1936, 1938 9 items
Photographs of Hôtel Biron and Chapel of the Sacred Heart; an album "Photographs of works in New York, 1936," with a letter from Rudier inside; a list entitled "Books contained in Library at Rodin Museum, Philadelphia, 1938."
105 4 Photo album: "Musée Rodin (Hôtel Biron)," 1922
Miscellaneous photographs, magazine articles, drawings about Auguste Rodin
box folder
106* 1 Photographs, postcards and 1 booklet about Rodin, circa 1933 circa 10 items
Magazine articles about Rodin, 1911-1919, undated
box folder
106* 2 "Le Musée Rodin," L'Art et Les Artistes, 1919
106* 2 "Rodin and Freud: Masters of Ambivalence," by Parker Tyler, undated
106* 2 "Rodin and the Tragedy of Sculpture," undated
106* 2 "Auguste Rodin: His Life and Work, With a Consideration of the Proposed Room in the Metropolitan Museum of Art," by Robert MacCameron, Town & Country, Volume 65, No. 47, 1911 February 4
106* 3 "L'Exil de Rodin," Le Magazine d'aujourd'hui, circa 1935
106* 4 Miscellaneous works by or about Rodin, circa 1910-1912 3 items
Includes sketch of Rodin by M. Hoffman; "Mon Cher Maître" (1910), a caricature of Rodin from Vanity Fair; a photo of a Rodin bust (inscribed by Rodin to Duchesse de Choiseuil, and from the Duchesse to M. Hoffman in 1912).
106* 5-7 Photographs of Rodin's work 29 photographs
Indices, lists related to photographs and negatives, circa 1934, undated
box folder
107A 1 Malvina Hoffman notes on her world trip and photographs, circa 1934? 24 pages
24 pages of typed comments (by Hoffman) on sources of photographic images (lantern slides?), some appear to be notes for a slide lecture or showing of Hoffman's films.
107A 2 Index cards and lists, undated 7 pieces
Index cards for Sculptures in Gardens, circa 28 cards; list of images typed on large cards, arranged by country.
107A 3 Photocopies of indices to negatives (taken from negative box)
Indices to Negative binders 2, 3 and 4, from which negatives in Box 109 were re-housed. Copy of these lists also in Box 109. (See also Box 111.)
107A 4 Hall of Man sculptures - negative lists 7 items (18 pages)
Photocopied indices from Negative volumes I, II, III, IV. (Refers to negatives now housed in Boxes 116-124, with another copy of the lists.) Includes 2 pages typed "Description of Bone Armour, Pekin; by Professor Lessing."
107A 5 Index to images in the Albums of Facial Studies
Photocopies of handwritten indices to images in volumes in Box 58 - Box 64. Another copy in Box 58A.
107A 6 Labels for Hall of Man bronzes
Printed labels in buckrum case.
Series V.C. Negatives, lantern slides, copper printing plates, circa 1915-1957, undated 10 Linear Feet
Negatives of personal images (Hoffman, family and friends), images from Hoffman's world trip, and images of her work. Refer to Series X, Boxes 207-209 for damaged negatives pulled from throughout the archive.
Personal photographs, undated
Glass and acetate negatives.
box folder
107 1 Images of M. Hoffman with Ana Pavlova and miscellaneous images, including paintings by M. Hoffman circa 15 items
107 2 Paintings by M.H.; "Kiki" (the cat), "Nursie," drawing by Hoffman, circa 1929 (magazine cover illustration), and sculpture by Alexander Iacovleff, circa 1929 circa 15 items
107 3 Images of the Paris villa, in the studio, and others circa 30 items
107 4 Portrait, Samuel Grimson circa 5 items
107 5 Richard and Fidelia Lamson Hoffman, family portraits circa 5 items
Glass and acetate negatives, 1930-1931, undated
box folder
108 1 Miscellaneous images circa 90 items
Includes images of world trip, Kiki, others. Glass and acetate negatives.
108 2 Altamira Caves circa 35 items
108 3 Monet in His Garden circa 25 items
108 4 Sculpture in gardens circa 70 items
England, Switzerland, Spain, Italy.
108 5 Sculpture in gardens (France) circa 50 items
108 6 Sculpture in gardens (U.S.A.) circa 50 items
box folder
109 1 Glass negatives, lantern slides, 1930-1931, undated circa 15 items
Glass negatives of Paris from the world trip, 1930-1931; lantern slides for M. Hoffman lecture, "Sculpture of garden architecture."
109 3 Film negative strip, undated
8mm negative film with ten frames.
Negatives: Pavlova and dance sculptures, undated
box folder
110 1 Photographs of "Bacchanale," "La Péri," "Les Orientales," "Russian Dancers," and Serge Oukrainsky lithograph 13 items
Glass negatives.
110 2 "Mort Exquise," "Gavotte" and "Bacchanale" circa 10 items
Glass and acetate negatives.
111 Negatives circa 200 items
Negatives, binders 2-4; small images of gardens and garden sculpture; an inventory. See also Box 107A, f.3.
Negatives of work by Malvina Hoffman, 1912, circa 1937-1939
Glass negatives.
box folder
112 1 "Bacchanale" and "Ballet Russe" circa 10 items
112 2 "Mordkin Laughing," "Woman Dancing (Bacchanale)" circa 10 items
112 3 "La Frileuse," "La Femme de Trente Ans," "Gargoyle - Grotesque Mandolin Player," "Fawn Surprised (ballet dancer - 'L'Après-midi d'un faune')," 1912 circa 10 items
112 4 Pavlova and Malvina Hoffman circa 5 items
112 5 New York World's Fair and International Dance Fountain, circa 1937-1939 5 items
Negatives, Bacchanale, undated
box folder
113 1 Pavlova and Mordkin posing for "Bacchanale" circa 13 items
Acetate negatives and contact sheets.
113 2-3 Bacchanale frieze circa 20 items
Glass negatives.
113 4 Acetate negatives of Bacchanale frieze panels circa 25 items
box folder
114 1 Pavlova and Mordkin posing for "Bacchanale" circa 30 items
Glass negatives.
Negatives, Hall of Man, Indian dancers, 1937, undated
box folder
114 2 Assorted dance and Hall of Man sculptures circa 30 items
Acetate negatives; 1 negative moved to Box 208.
box folder
115 1 Field Museum plasters (Asian dancers, etc.), undated 20 items
Glass negatives.
115 2 Hindu Dancers -- Shankar and Madhavan, 1937 6 items
Glass negatives; showing series of South Indian Mudras with title of each position.
115 3 Madhavan (East Indian Dancer from Ballet company), undated circa 35 items
Acetate negatives; 3 damaged negatives moved to Box 208.
Negatives: World Tour and Hall of Man, circa 1930-1934, undated
See photocopied list of images in Box 107A.
box folder
116 1 Glass negatives for lecture, 1933 20 items
For lecture at Colony Club regarding world trip and types.
Acetate negatives
box folder
116 2 Volume I 89 items
World tour. 3 damaged negatives moved to Box 208. See negative list, Box 107A, f.4.
116 3 Volume II 46 negatives
World tour. See negative list, Box 107A, f.4.
116 4 Volume III 125 negatives
World tour. See negative list, Box 107A, f.4.
116 5 Volume IV 108 negatives
World tour. See negative list, Box 107A, f.4.
116 6 Acetate negatives: Hall of Man 6 negatives
116 7 Acetate negatives: India (World Tour) 56 negatives
116 8 Acetate negatives: China (World Tour) 85 negatives
box folder
117 1 Glass negatives: Hall of Man sculptures circa 45 items
117 2 Photocopied list of glass and acetate negatives, Hall of Man sculptures. See another copy in Box 107A, f.4. 6 items
box folder
118 1 Glass negatives: World Tour, 1930-1932 13 items
118 2 Glass negatives: Hall of Man Bronzes 24 items
1 group of acetate negs moved to Box 209.
Glass negatives: World Tour, 1930-1932
box folder
118 3 1930-1932 22 items
Includes images of Gypsy dancers and Jaipur, Burma, Cambodia, Ceylon; Brittany - St. Guénolé and La Malvi Calvaire; Paris (Villa Asti); Pierre and Fils Limet; and New York - "L'après midi d'un faune."
118 4 circa 1930-1932 circa 20 items
box folder
119 1 1931-1932 17 items
"Racial Types," taken by S.B. Grimson.
119 2 Glass negatives, photographs, undated 8 items
box folder
120 1 Glass negatives from World Trip, circa 1930-1933 circa 60 items
Images by M. Hoffman and S. Grimson.
Lantern Slides: Yugoslavian War Relief, 1918-1933, undated
Used in Yugoslavia lecture, circa 1918-1919
box folder
120 2 Captions, 1919 circa 10 items
120 3 Of drawings by Hoffman, 1919 circa 10 items
120 4 Images of war and relief effort in Yugoslavia, circa 1918 circa 10 items
120 5-7 "Views in Balkans," circa 1919 circa 30 items
120 8 Maps of Serbia, 1918 4 items
120 9 World trip and Mestrovic portrait, undated circa 10 items
120 10 Used in lecture on Yugoslavia, circa 1919 circa 10 items
With list of slides.
120 11 Images of war and relief in Yugoslavia, circa 1919 circa 10 items
Negatives: portraits, undated
box folder
121 1 Glass negatives: miscellaneous portraits and sculptures 17 items
121 2 Acetate negatives, miscellaneous portraits by Hoffman circa 15 items
Keats, Moore, Morgan, others.
121 3 Glass negatives, portraits by Hoffman 9 items
Robert Bacon.
Negatives, lantern slides: portraits, Dance International/New York World's Fair, circa 1912-1964
box folder
122 1 Acetate negatives: portraits by M. Hoffman, circa 1912-1964
Dr. Charles Malik, 1956; Henry de Monfried, 1954; Henry David Thoreau, 1962; John Keats, 1912-1926; Ivan Mestrovic, 1947; Father Teilhard de Chardin, 1948, 1964; Marshall Field, 1958; Marguerite Yourcenar, 1962; Mr. Bayard Dodge, 1962; Professor Hockin; Katherine Cornell (acetate negatives for International Dance Fountain, New York World's Fair, circa 1937-1939).
122 2 Lantern slides, used in lecture, "War and Relief in Serbia," circa 1919 circa 10 items
122 3 Glass negatives: "Views of the Balkans," circa 1919 circa 10 items
122 4 Glass negatives: Serbian drawings, circa 1919 circa 10 items
122 5 Lantern slides, "Serbian War photographs," 1919 2 items
Transferred from photo album, Box 75.
123 Glass negatives: Portraits by Hoffman
James Greenleaf Croswell, Richard Hoffman, "L'Offrande," "Sacrifice," and Henry Clay Frick.
Negatives of work by Malvina Hoffman, undated
124 "Sacrifice," Paderewski, Boldini, Emma Eames and "The Mattress Maker [Edouard Schuré]," undated circa 20 items
Glass negatives of portraits by Hoffman.
box folder
125 1 Acetate negatives, Binder 1 circa 30 items
With photocopied list of negatives. One negative moved to Box 208, f.1.
125 2 Acetate negatives, photographs of sculptures and portraits circa 20 items
Bullfight series.
125 3 Acetate negatives of sculptures and portraits circa 20 items
Epstein memorial.
125 4 Acetate negatives of miscellaneous works circa 20 items
Edouard Shuré, "Paris Neighbor - Mattress Maker," Paderewski, Mestrovic, "Hand of Lemordant," others.
125 5 Acetate and glass negatives of Hoffman sculptures circa 15 items
"Surprise," Joslin Hospital panels, Epinal Monument.
125 6 Strips of unidentified negatives 12 items
35mm Kodak film taken from Box 97. photographs of Pavlova, "Bacchanale," "Shilluk Warrior," and "Hindu Incense Burner."
125 7 Acetate negatives, "Serbian War photographs" circa 25 items
Removed from Box 32, f.4.
Negatives, lantern slides, 1957, undated
box folder
126 1 Glass negatives: Rudier Foundry, "Elemental Man," and International Dance Fountain 15 items
126 2 Lantern slides: "American Friends of France," World War II, Anne Morgan, others 11 items
126 3 Lantern slides: Joslin Project finished panels, 1957 6 items
126 4 Lantern slides: Joslin Project, medical data for panels, 1957 8 items
126 5 Lantern slides: Joslin Project, 1957 7 items
126 6 Glass negatives: miscellaneous portraits, sculptures circa 15 items
126 7 Acetate negatives and lantern slides: miscellaneous sculptures circa 30 items
American Friends of France, International Dance Fountain, "Progress tests - unfinished Epinal."
Negatives of work by Malvina Hoffman, undated
box folder
127 1 Glass plate negatives: "Four Horseman of the Apocalypse" circa 10 items
127 2 Acetate negatives: photo murals circa 50 items
127 3 Acetate negatives: "The Four Horseman of the Apocalypse" circa 20 items
127 4 Acetate negatives: Sculpture Inside and Out circa 50 items
Negatives, lantern slides: works by Hoffman, undated
box folder
128 1 Lantern slides: miscellaneous works
128 2 Lantern slides: unidentified circa 50 items
With a list.
128 3 Acetate negatives, miscellaneous images circa 35 items
Includes S. Grimson's images and foundry images.
128A Lantern slides: Yugoslavia, undated
29 images, 7 of which are of drawings (M. Hoffman) of people.
128B Lantern slides: Ballet, busts, undated
35 images, 33 of a ballet (L'Après-midi d'un faune?), one of a bust of Paderewski (by M. Hoffman), one of a bust of a man (by M. Hoffman) image labelled "Straits Settlements Malay, Sakai Jungle Tribe" from the Chicago Nat. History Museum exhibit.
128C Lantern slides: Gardens, undated
32 images of gardens and garden sculptures in Italy, England, U.S.A, France, India, Cambodia.
128 Lantern slides: M. Hoffman sculptures, undated
22 images: 2 of Col. Milan Pribricenvic; 8 of the Bush House sculpture group; 8 of the Four Horsemen; 4 unidentified.
Copper plates of photographs, undated
129 Plate 1: "M. Hoffman's signature"
129 Plate 2: "Photo of M. Hoffman"
129 Plate 3: "William Adams Delano"
129 Plate 4: "Ivan Mestrovic (drawing)"
129 Plate 5: "Marble Portrait of Thoreau"
129 Plate 6: "Daboa" (Hall of Man)
129 Plate 7: "Sir Raina Krishna (in Alabaster)"
129 Plate 8: "Père Limet (drawing)"
129 Plate 9: "Marble Portrait of Keats"
129 Plate 10: "Mongolian Archer (Hall of Man)"
129 Plate 11: "Portuguese Rider of Lipizzian Horse (1955)"
Copper plates of photographs, undated
130 Plate 1: "Ivan Mestrovic - Heroic (1/2 figure)"
130 Plate 2: "Bali Dancer with Fan (Hall of Man)"
130 Plate 3: "Pièrre Leconte du Moñy"
130 Plate 4: "Rickshaw Driver (Hall of Man)"
130 Plate 5: "Japanese Lady (Hall of Man)"
130 Plate 6: "Senegalese Male - Heroic Head (Hall of Man)"
130 Plate 7: "Female Javanese Dancer - Heroic Head (Hall of Man)"
130 Plate 8: "Hands, Vita Nuova"
130 Plate 9: "Daboa (Hall of Man)"
130 Plate 10: "Jaipur Lady (Hall of Man)"
130 Plate 11: "Daboa (Hall of Man)"
130 Plate 12: "Bullfight series: Mulka - 'Natural'"
130 Plate 13: "Mongolian Archer (Hall of Man)"
130 Plate 14: "Pièrre Teilhard de Chardin"
130 Plate 15: "Bullfight series"
130 Plate 16: "Bullfight series: Matador, 'Veronica'"
130 Plate 17: "Bacchanale Frieze"
130 Plate 18: "Bali Woman (Hall of Man)"
130 Plate 19: "Dutch East Indies Group (Hall of Man)"
130 Plate 20: "Bullfight series: 'Picador'"
Copper plates of photographs, undated
131 Plate 1: "Senegalese Heroic Head (Hall of Man)"
131 Plate 2: "Boldini"
131 Plate 3: "Samoan Male (Hall of Man)"
131 Plate 4: "Hamite (Hall of Man)"
131 Plate 5: "M. Hoffman with Kiki in Paris Garden"
131 Plate 6: "Male Javanese Dancer (Hall of Man)"
131 Plate 7: "Bali Woman"
131 Plate 8-9: "Corner Design Woodcut for Grand Central Gallery Catalogue," 1929 2 pieces
131 Plate 10-13: "Bacchanale Frieze" 4 plates
131 Plate 14: "Tam-Tam - African Drummer (Hall of Man)"
131 Plate 15: "Shilluk Warrior"
131 Plate 16: "Armenian Jew"
Copper plates of photographs, undated
132 Plate 1: "Père Limet (drawing)"
132 Plate 2: "Horse's Head for Gate Post"
132 Plate 3: "Mask of African Slave"
132 Plate 4: "Martinique Woman (Hall of Man)"
132 Plate 5: "Coal Man"
132 Plate 6: "Samoan-Polynesian man bust (Hall of Man)"
132 Plate 7: "Marble portrait of John Keats bust"
132 Plate 8: "Cantonese Woman (Hall of Man)"
132 Plate 9: "Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (frieze)"
132 Plate 10: "Ivan Mestrovic (1/2 of Heroic size figure)"
132 Plate 11: "Daboa (Hall of Man)"
132 Plate 12: "Kashmiri in Meditation"
132 Plate 13: "Cantonese Woman, Mud Carrier (Hall of Man)"
132 Plate 14: "Kalahari Bushwoman and Baby (Hall of Man)"
132 Plate 15: "Bacchanale (Pavlova and Morkdin) - Art Deco Design" (plate for lithograph)

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