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Malvina Hoffman papers, 1807-1882, 1897-1984, undated

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Scope and Content of Collection
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Administrative Information
Container List
Series I. Correspondence and personal papers, 1903-1984, undated
Series I.A. Correspondence, 1903-1967, undated
Series I.B. Correspondence, research materials, photographs, and personal documents for commissions, 1927-1965
Series I.C. Correspondence about exhibitions, publications and lectures, 1920-1967
Series I.D. Correspondence, War relief, Dance International, and miscellaneous, 1908-1984, undated
Series II. Datebooks, 1902-1966, undated
Series III. Manuscripts, publications and lectures, 1807-1882, 1905-1966
Series IV. Periodicals, clippings, and exhibitions catalogs, 1915-1962, 1917-1980, undated
Series V. Photographs, negatives, and copper printing plates, circa 1910-1965
Series V.A. Photograph Albums, "The Races of Mankind," circa 1930-1933
Series V.B. Photographs of projects, volunteer activities, and personal life, circa 1919-1964
Series V.C. Negatives, lantern slides, copper printing plates, circa 1915-1957, undated
Series VI. Videocassettes and sound cassettes, 1924-1939, 1961, undated
Series VII. Travel diaries, postcards, scrapbooks and memorabilia, 1897-1966, undated
Series VIII. Sketchbooks, drawings, and photographs, 1898-1964
Series VIII.A. Sketchbooks, 1898-1964
Series VIII.B. Large photographs of sculptures and commissions, 1915-1960
Series VIII.C. Working drawings, sketches and progress photographs, 1915-1964
Series X. Motion picture films and negatives, 1924-1939, undated
Hoffman (Malvina) Papers
Series IV. Periodicals, clippings, and exhibitions catalogs, 1915-1962, 1917-1980, undated 7 box(es)
This series contains exhibition announcements and catalogs, periodicals, and clippings of reviews of Hoffman's work and exhibitions. There is a small group of clippings, periodicals and photographs relating to other artists, in addition to several anthropological articles.
51-52 Clippings, articles and reviews of Hoffman's work, circa 1920-1966 circa 75 items
53 Hoffman's exhibition announcements cards, photographs of exhibits, and exhibition catalogs, 1915-1980 circa 65 items
Two catalogs transferred to Box 210.
54 Periodicals relating to Hoffman: articles about Hoffman's work, 1939-1966 circa 35 items
Includes various articles about Hoffman's work, including Epinal and the International Dance Fountain.
55 Periodicals, exhibition catalogs about other artists, and anthropological articles, circa 1933-1955 circa 35 items
Includes various articles about Iacovleff, Lemordant and Mestrovic as well as several articles by French ethnographer Marcel Griaule.
Clippings, photographs and slides of work by other artists, 1918-1982, undated
box folder
56 1 "Van Gogh: The Dutch Master from Modern Art Has His Greatest American Show," (from Life magazine), undated
56 2 "George Braque: Great French Innovator Has Evolved a Serene Modern Art of His Own," (from Life magazine), undated
56 3 "Georgia O'Keeffe," by Ernest Watson (from American Artist), 1943 June
56 4 "America's Famous Master of Modern Art is Wizard of Watercolors," by John Marin (from Life magazine), undated
56 5 "William Orpen's Self-Portraits," by Frank Rutter, undated
56 6 Iacovleff, undated
56 7 Poster for Russian Ballet, undated
56 8 Photographs of designs and murals by artists in Oslo, circa 1920-1956
Alf Rolfsen, circa 1930; Axel Revold, circa 1928; Pev Krohg, circa 1925-1933; Aage Storstein, 1938; Henrik Sörensen, 1938; Edvard Munch, 1928; Erik Werenskiold, circa 1920-1933. Programs for exhibition for Mara Rucki, 1946, 1956.
56 9 "Ville D'Arras - Les Peintures Murales de L'Hôtel De Ville," (with typewritten insert) undated
56 10 "The Van Eyck Altarpiece" (from Life magazine), undated
56 11 Announcement for "Doubt and Other Things," by Elihu Vedder (verse and illustration), undated
56 12 "La Guerre," par Steinlen (Gordon), Numéro Spécial de Mars, 1918 (Quatrième Série de Guerre: Nº 1), L'Art et Les Artistes (monograph with photo of artist), 1918
56 13 Article on Gaston La Touche, undated
56 14 "George De La Tour," by René Huyghe (includes postcard), undated
56 15 Miscellaneous clippings of illustrations, undated 4 items
56 16 Miscellaneous photographs of various art pieces, undated circa 35 items
56 17 Art by George Miyasaki, 1982 12 color slides
Clippings cut from Life magazine, 1951-1952, undated
box folder
57 1 L'Art Eglise, no. 2 (with letter stapled inside cover), 1951-1952
57 2 Pictures and articles from Life - list of articles, undated 1 item
57 3-6 Miscellaneous articles from Life regarding art and culture, undated 45 items
57 7 Miscellaneous clippings for Scrapbooks, undated circa 25 items
Images of Churchill, Eisenhower, others.
210 Exhibition catalogs about Malvina Hoffman: Two copies of Hobbies
The magazine of the Buffalo Museum of Science, Vol. 17, June 1937 (from Box 53). Moldy.

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