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Malvina Hoffman papers, 1807-1882, 1897-1984, undated

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Scope and Content of Collection
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Container List
Series I. Correspondence and personal papers, 1903-1984, undated
Series I.A. Correspondence, 1903-1967, undated
Series I.B. Correspondence, research materials, photographs, and personal documents for commissions, 1927-1965
Series I.C. Correspondence about exhibitions, publications and lectures, 1920-1967
Series I.D. Correspondence, War relief, Dance International, and miscellaneous, 1908-1984, undated
Series II. Datebooks, 1902-1966, undated
Series III. Manuscripts, publications and lectures, 1807-1882, 1905-1966
Series IV. Periodicals, clippings, and exhibitions catalogs, 1915-1962, 1917-1980, undated
Series V. Photographs, negatives, and copper printing plates, circa 1910-1965
Series V.A. Photograph Albums, "The Races of Mankind," circa 1930-1933
Series V.B. Photographs of projects, volunteer activities, and personal life, circa 1919-1964
Series V.C. Negatives, lantern slides, copper printing plates, circa 1915-1957, undated
Series VI. Videocassettes and sound cassettes, 1924-1939, 1961, undated
Series VII. Travel diaries, postcards, scrapbooks and memorabilia, 1897-1966, undated
Series VIII. Sketchbooks, drawings, and photographs, 1898-1964
Series VIII.A. Sketchbooks, 1898-1964
Series VIII.B. Large photographs of sculptures and commissions, 1915-1960
Series VIII.C. Working drawings, sketches and progress photographs, 1915-1964
Series X. Motion picture films and negatives, 1924-1939, undated
Hoffman (Malvina) Papers
Series VII. Travel diaries, postcards, scrapbooks and memorabilia, 1897-1966, undated 40 box(es)
Diaries contain detailed accounts of Hoffman's travels, and include three journals of anthropological notes used for the Hall of Man. There is a small collection of postcards, some in albums, with images of art and European cities. Thirty two scrapbooks kept by Hoffman from 1899 until 1966 are comprised of clippings and photographs relating to her work and art in general. One box holds memorabilia, papers, and assignments from Hoffman's years at the Brearley School (1898-1903).
Travel diaries, 1902-1916
box folder
134 1 "Yellowstone National Park," 1902
With photographs.
134 2 "Boar's Head, Dick Davis, Mt. Kisco," 1909
134 3 "First European Trip: N.Y. Azores, Gibraltar, Genoa, Naples, Rome, Como, Florence, Paris (Rodin), London, Keats," 1910
134 4 "Paris, New York, Rodin, S. Grimson," 1911-1912 circa 11 items inserted
Handmade book of transcribed poems with clippings and photographs.
134 5 "Bar Harbor, Paris, New York" 1913-1916
Drawings and photographs of Hoffman, her family and her work; includes news clippings.
box folder
135 1 Athens, Kossovo, Mipan, Paris, 1919 circa 20 items
Includes photographs and news clippings.
World Trip - Hall of Man, 1928-1931
box folder
135 2 1930-1931
Includes Hall of Man data (with list of plasters).
135 3 1930-1931
Hall of Man data, kept by Gretchen Green (secretary to Hoffman during the trip).
135 4 1928-1931
Hall of Man data, trip to Africa; list of bronzes in Hall of Man.
135 5 Diary, 1948
Postcards and postcard albums, undated
box folder
136 1 "Races of Mankind" circa 75 items
Loose postcards of Hall of Man sculptures.
136 2 Packet of postcards of Tunis
136 3 Postcards of Gabès, Médénine, and Tunis circa 30 items
Postcard albums, circa 1919
box folder
136 4 "Paintings" (various artists)
136 5 "Sculpture: Rodin, Houdon, Meunier"
136 6 "Genoa; Rome; Pompeii; Florence" (with images of New Hampshire and New England)
136 7 "Chalons Sur Marne; Compiègne; Battle of Verdun, 1916"
136 8 "Paintings (Old Masters); Reims; Fêtes en l'honneur de Jeanne d'Arc (Compiègne, 1911)"
136 9 "Paris; Versailles; Pierrefonds; Venice; Macedonia - Salonica (caricatures)"
136 10 "Mont St. Michel; Les Andelys; Versailles; Barbizon St. Cloud; Montainbleau; Rouen Peasant Costumes; London"
box folder
137 1 "Paris et Petit Métiers de Paris"
137 2 "France; Holland; Modern Art (Gaston La Touche, etc.)"
137 3 "Salonica - Greek Sculptures in Athens; Modern Sculptures in America"
137 4 "Chateaux (France)"
137 5 "French Cathedrals and Fountains"
137 6 Images of soldiers from Scotland, England and France; La Pompelle and Berry au Bac after World War I; March of Victory, circa 1919
137 7 "Sculpture"
Images of L'Abbaye de Saint-Denis, Indian sculpture [British Museum and Victoria Albert Museum], Italian and French sculpture [Michelangelo, Donatello] and Egyptian sculpture.
137 8 Postcard packet, "Serbian Warriors," by S. Tchernoff
Notebooks and papers from Brearley School, 1899-1915, undated
box folder
138 1 Midyear exams notebook, 1901
138 2 Art notebook
With mounted illustrations of art work and notes on master artists.
138 3 Notebook of assorted assigned papers, 1899-1902
138 4 "History of Art" handmade book, 1903
138 5 "Poems, Musings, Random Thoughts and Observations" circa 40 items, news clippings
138 6 "Harper Pennington's words to Hoffman, transcribed by Hoffman," 1909
138 7 "June Night - Musings (in a studio)," undated
138 8 "Odds and Ends," undated
Notebook with loose papers, news clippings.
138 9 "Russian language notebook," circa 1915
138 10 Sheet Music, "Under the Balcony, Song for a Medium Voice With Piano Accompaniment, by Malvina & Richard Hoffman (based on Poem by Oscar Wilde)," undated
139 Scrapbook, 1897-1907
140 Photo Album, "Trip Abroad , Vol. 9" 1910
141 Scrapbook, 1911-1930
142 Scrapbook, Bush House Project, 1922-1947
143 Scrapbook, "[Hoffman's] Personal Descriptions and thoughts regarding models for Field Works [Hall of Man]," circa 1930-1933
144 Visitor's book to Hoffman's studio and exhibitions, circa 1938-1961
145 Scrapbook, "The Civilization of the Mycenae," undated
146 Scrapbook, "Book of Symbols," undated
147 Scrapbook (with photographs), undated
Photographs, clippings, "Bullfight Series," circa 1952
box folder
148 1 Photographs and news clippings about bullfights and matadors, circa 1952 circa 30 items
148 1 Postcards, images of bullfights circa 20 items
Oversize cloth transferred to Box 191*.
Scrapbooks, sketches, correspondence, 1921-1961, undated
box folder
149 1 Miscellaneous items, photographs, Bush House Project (from scrapbook, Box 142), 1922-1947 5 items
149 2 "Epinal Project," (small notebook with sketches and notes), circa 1948-1960
149 3 "Opera Stars," small notebook, undated
149 4 Miscellaneous items pertaining to Visitor's book, Box 144, 1938-1961 circa 30 items
150-151 "Scrapbook: clippings," 1923-1930
Hoffman's life and work.
152 Scrapbook, "Processes of Sculpture"
Photographs for Sculpture Inside and Out.
153 Scrapbook, "World Tour," 1931 September-1932 March
Hall of Man sculptures.
154 "Scrapbook of clippings," 1931-1937
Work by Hoffman, exhibitions, honorary degrees.
155 Scrapbook, "Publicity and Photographs of Traveling Exhibitions," 1933-1938
156 Scrapbook, "Malvina Hoffman's work," 1937-1942
157 Scrapbook, "Publicity for Heads and Tales and Sculpture Inside and Out," 1936-1938
158 Scrapbook, "Malvina Hoffman's work," 1937-1943
159 "Scrapbook of Malvina Hoffman's work," 1944-1966
160 Scrapbook, "Dance International," 1900-1937
161 Scrapbook, postcards of museum pieces, undated
162 Scrapbook, "Miscellaneous clippings," 1917-1919, 1926, 1931-1941
163 "Scrapbook (Dance International, etc.) not of Malvina Hoffman's work," , 1937-1942
With photograph signed by Helen Keller.
"Scrapbook, not of Malvina Hoffman's work," 1940-1966
164 1940-1944
165 1945-1947
166 1947-1949
167 1950-1951
168 1951-1954
169 1955-1958
170 1959-1966
171 Album, Exhibition at IBM school 1943, 1943-1947
With correspondence and clippings. Related drawings and photographs transferred to flat file folder 1**.
172-173 "Scrapbook, compiled by Edward McCarton about Malvina Hoffman," undated

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