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Nikolaus Pevsner papers, 1903-1982

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Pevsner (Nikolaus) Papers
Series II. Publication notes and manuscripts, 1919-1979 17.1 Linear Feet (42 boxes)
Series includes manuscripts, notes, correspondence, photographs, reviews, and other material related to Pevsner's books and articles.
Arranged in general chronological order by publication date.
15 "Vincent Van Gogh," 1919
15 "Die Gemalde des Giovanni Battista Crespi gennant Cerano," 1925
15 "Gegeninformation und Manierismus," 1925
Correspondence, notes.
15 "Spatbarock und Rokoko: Handbuch, III teil," undated
15 "Ausstellung der Akademie Dresden," 1927
1 letter.
15 "Beitrage zur Stilgeschichte des Fruh-und Hochbarok," 1928
15 "Die Lehrjahre des Caravaggio," 1928-1929
Notes, correspondence, ephemera.
15 "Giulio Cesare Procaccion," 1929
Notes, correspondence.
15 "Die Antwerpener Jahrhundert Ausstellung," 1930
15 "Gemeinschaftsideals unter den Bildenden Künstlern des 19 Jahrhunderts," 1931
1 letter.
15 "Die wandlung um 1650 in der Italienishes Malerei, Werner Jahrbuch fur Kunstgegichte," 1932
15 "Die Deutsche Kunst und die Hoheren Schulen," 1933
1 letter.
15 "Kunst der Gegenward und Kunst der Zukunft," 1934
Manuscript and correspondence.
15 "Pottery," 1936
15 "The Designer in Industry," 1936
Pioneers of the Modern Movement from William Morris to Walter Gropius, 1935-1974
16 English editions, 1935-1974
Correspondence, including: Faber-Faber (1936-1941, 1946-1961) and letters by Charles R. Ashbee, Walter Gropius, Josef Hoffmann, Arthur Mackmurdo, Gordon Russell, Henry van de Velde and Charles A. Voysey (1935-1936); press cuttings; typescript forward and correspondence for the Museum of Modern Art edition (1947-1963); forward, additions, illustrations and correspondence for Penguin books editions, the latter arranged according to correspondents (1957-1974); black-and-white photographic prints and negatives, including 6 4 x 6 in. badly deteriorated acetate negatives (channeling), and one 35mm color slide.
17A Foreign editions, 1937-1965
Correspondence regarding foreign editions (1953-1965); black-and-white photographic prints (see also illustrations in: Ch. R. Mackintosh, 1950 and "Minor Masters of the XIX Century: Christopher Dresser, Industrial Designer," 1937); printed material, including the German Art Nouveau publication Jugend, 1905, Number 41.
17A "An Inquiry into Industrial Art in England," 1937
Letters by Gordon Russell, Frank Pick and Frank Murphy (36 items); black-and-white photographic prints of various fabric patterns, dinnerware, furniture, space heaters, automobiles, and automobile manufacturing; royalties statements from Cambridge University Press; reviews.
17B "Minor Masters of the XIX Century: Christopher Dresser, Industrial Designer," 1936, 1978
Correspondence with Ada Nettleton Dresser and the Victoria & Albert Museum; black-and-white photographic prints.
17B "English and German Art and their Inter-relations in German Life and Letters," 1937-1938
Correspondence with L. A. Willenghly, and a handwritten chronology of architect Charles Francis Annesley Voysey's work.
17A "The First Plywood Furniture," 1938-1939
Manuscript, correspondence, notes and printed material.
17B "George Walton, His Life and Work," 1939
Correspondence from Frank Pick and Daisy A. Walton, and one photographic print.
18 "The Elements of Contemporary Architecture in Britain - Historicism and Traditionalism," 1939
Typescript and manuscript, correspondence with J. H. Richards, notes, printed material, and photographic prints.
18 "Ch. R. Mackintosh, A Glasgow Pioneer of Modern Architecture," 1939
Correspondence, printed material.
17B "Charles F. Annesley Voysey," 1939-1947
Includes typescript, correspondence including letters by Charles A. Voysey and C. Cowles Voysey, notes, printed material, research material, postcards, and black-and-white photographic prints. Original edition published in 1940.
Academies of Art, Past and Present, 1921-1976
Original edition published in 1940.
19 Correspondence, 1931-1949, 1968-1976
Includes letters by Walter Gropius; notes; and printed material including catalogues for the Bauhaus and academies in Berlin, Dusseldorf, Nurnberg, Dresden, Leipzig and Stuttgart.
20 Schools and academies (Germany), 1921-1952
Printed material regarding schools and academies in Germany (Berlin, Dresden, Karlsruhe, Nuremberg, Munich, Düsseldorf, Leipzig, Stuttgart), and a photographic print of a portrait of Bauhaus (students including Water Gropuis, Ladislaus Maholy-Nagy, Herbert Bayer, Marcel Breuer, Wassily Kandinsky, Paul Klee, Gunta Stolzl and others). Also includes an annotated bound copy of a first proof of Academies of Art, Past and Present, 1939.
21 Schools and academies, 1921-1952
Printed material regarding schools and academies in the United States including Chicago, North Carolina, and Los Angeles (Art Center School, 1939), and Europe; Holland (Elckerlyc, and a copy of De Academie van's-Gravenhage 1682-1937), Great Britain, Sweden (Stockholm), Italy, Czechoslovakia (The Academy of Fine Arts, Prague, 1926-1928), Italy (Torino) and Belgium (Brussels).
22 "Omega," 1941
Correspondence regarding the Omega workshops including letters by Margaret Armitage, J. M. Keynes, Frederik Etchelle, E. M. Forster, Vanessa Bell, Margery Fry, notes, photographs and printed material.
22 "Schuttsschiffer von Ramaduri," 1941
22 "Architecture in Germany under the Nazis by Peter F. R. Donner, 1941," 1936-1940
Notes and German newspaper clippings.
22 "The Evolution of the Easy Chair," 1942
Notes, printed material, photographic prints, and pencil and pen-and-ink sketches of a variety of chair designs.
22 "Patient Progress: the Life Work of Frank Pick," 1941-1942
Correspondence, notes and research material regarding industrial design.
An Outline of European Architecture, 1947-1976
Original edition published in 1942.
23 New editions, 1957-1976
Correspondence with Penguin Books Limited and others; newspaper clippings and reviews; additions, and illustrations for new editions.
24 Correspondence regarding foreign editions, 1947-1975
Additions, illustrations and reviews.
25 "Terms of Architectural Planning in the Middle Ages," 1942
Proof, notes, and extracts.
25 The Leaves of Southwell, 1945-1953
Photographs by F. L. Attenborough, correspondence, and reviews.
25 "Visual Planning and the City of London," 1945
Manuscript, notes, illustrations.
25 "Architecture of Mannerism," for Geoffrey Grigson's Mint, 1946
25 "Frank Lloyd Wright," 1946
25 "Neue Baukunst und Bautradition," 1947
26 "The Picturesque in Architecture," 1947
26 "Price on Picturesque," 1949
26 "Richard Payne Knight," 1949
Proof, notes.
26 "Reassessment 4: Three Oxford Colleges," 1949
See "Visual Planning...," Box 25.
26 Matthew Digby Wyatt: The First Cambridge Slade Professor of Fine Art, 1949-1950
Correspondence and notes.
26 "Goethe and Architecture," 1950
26 Ch. R. Mackintosh, 1948-1961
Correspondence, notes, printed material, and illustrations. Also includes correspondence, clippings, and notes regarding the Ingram Street tea room article (1953), and "No Grace for Mackintosh," (1955).
27 "A Century of Industrial Design and Designers, 1851-1951," 1951
Correspondence and notes. Published in Designers in Britain.
27 High Victorian Design: A Study of the Exhibit of 1851, 1949-1978
Correspondence and notes.
158 The Buildings of England, 1951, 1974-1979
Includes typescripts, correspondence, and letters of appeal and support. Also includes correspondence regarding the second edition of Nottinghamshire.
27 "CoID: Progress Report. Industrial Design: 1951, An examination of the exhibits chosen by the CoID for the South Bank exhibition," 1951
27 "Thoughts on Coventry Cathedral," 1952
Notes; printed material; photographs.
27 "Art Furniture in the Eighteen-Seventies," 1952
Correspondence (1949), notes, photographs.
28 "A Note on the Art of the Exeter Carvers," 1953
28 "Old Somerset House," 1953
Correspondence, notes, photograph.
28 "Colonel Gillum and the Pre-Raphaelites," 1953
Typescript, notes, correspondence, photographs.
28 Christopher Wren, 1632-1723, 1954
Manuscript, notes, correspondence, photograph.
28 "Hill Hall," 1953-1955
Correspondence and notes.
28 The Englishness of English Art, 1955-1975
Correspondence, additions, notes, and printed material. See also the Reith Lectures, BBC Talks, Box 52.
28 "The Egyptian Revival," 1951-1969
Correspondence, notes, and photographs. Article with Susi Lang.
28 "An Italian Miscellany: Pedrocchino...," 1957
Manuscript, correspondence, notes, photographs.
28 "Universities: I. Yesterday," 1957
Manuscript; notes.
28 "A Note on the East End of Winchester Cathedral," 1958-1960
29 "Libraries, I.: Nutrimentum Spiritus," 1961
Notes, correspondence, and a newspaper clipping.
29 The Planning of the Elizabethean Country House, 1960
An inaugural lecture delivered at Birkbeck College in May 1960. Includes correspondence, an undated typescript of "A Tudor Checklist," and notes.
29 "Gropius and Van de Velde," 1962
Notes. See also Gropius correspondence in Series I.A General correspondence, E-H, Box 2.
30 "Gordon Russell," 1925-1962
Manuscript, notes, photographs, correspondence with Gordon Russell, and research material including catalogues and prospectuses, with Pevsner's Roots and Branches: the Story of Gordon Russell, 1961, and photocopies of material from the Gordon Russell Limited archives.
30 The Choir of Lincoln Cathedral, 1963
30 "Kunzle," 1964
30 "Randall Wells," 1964
With Enid Ratcliffe. Correspondence; notes; photographs.
30 Introduction for Ludwig Münz and Gustave Künstler's Adolf Loos: Pioneer of Modern Architecture, 1965-1966
The Penguin Dictionary of Architecture, 1966-1977
31 Notes and revisions
Notes, revisions, and photographic prints of architecture.
32 Correspondence
Includes correspondence with John Fleming, Hugh Honour, Penguin Books Ltd and Prestel Verlag (1966-1970), and mixed correspondence arranged alphabetically, including files for: Burchard, John E.; Burke, J.; Coia, J. A.; Desterlen, Dieter; Gowans, Alan; Gutbrod, Rolf; Hentrich, H.; Hermres, Bernard; Joedicke, Jurgen; Kahn, Louis; Kraemer, F. W.; Krahn, Johannes; Krup, Ove; Martienssen, Heather; Matthew, Robert; McCormick, Thomas J.; Otto, F.; Prinsloo, Ivor Rainer, R.; Rup, Sep; Schneider, Paul; Schwippert, Hans; Taylor, Nicholas; Walker, David; Weber, Gerhard; Womersley, Peter.
box folder
144 9 Color photographic print of the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce Complex
An aerial image of the complex, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Print removed from the folder labeled "3rd Ed. South Africa, Canada, Australia: photos," Box 31.
33 Introduction for Oscar Beyer's edition of Eric Mendelsohn: Letters of an Architect, 1966-1969
1967 edition; translation by Geoffrey Strachan. Typescript, notes, printed material, correspondence including letters by Louise Mendelsohn and Ralph Beyer (1966-1969).
33 "The Architectural Setting of Jane Austen's Novels," 1968
Proof, notes, correspondence, and photographs.
33 The Sources of Modern Architecture and Design, 1968-1969
33 Foreword for Andor Gomme and David W. Walker's Architecture in Glasgow, 1968
Typescript and proof.
33 Foreword for Alison Smithson and Peter Smithson's The Euston Arch and the Growth of the London, Midland & Scottish Railway, 1968
Correspondence and notes.
33 Foreword for William B. O'Neal's American Association of Architectural Bibliographers Papers, 1970, 1969-1970
Correspondence and notes.
Some Architectural Writers of the XIXth Century, 1969-1973
33 Annotated typescripts
34 Related material
Addenda, notes, correspondence, photographic prints (illustrations), and reviews. See also Series III.A. University lectures, Oxford Slade Lectures, Box 59.
Photographic material
box folder
144 1 Black-and-white negatives 43 items; 35 mm., 4 x 6 cm., 4 x 5 in.
Various images of illustrations from other publications.
144 2 Color negatives 4 items; 35 mm.
Images of buildings and ornamental architectural elements.
145 Glass plate negatives 4 items; 6.5 x 8.5 in.
Images of plates from other publications or image libraries. Includes two images of various examples of architectural details (one labeled "14th Siecle"), a plate of the "Vault of Henry the Seventh's Chapel at Westminster," and a plate of a "Doorway in the Cathedral of Nevers."
34 Introduction for Seven Victorian Architects, 1976-1979
Typescript and notes for the foreward, or introduction to, Jane Fawcett's 1978 publication Seven Victorian Architects.
34 Menzel, undated
Annotated six-page typescript titled "Menzel," and a biography of Adolph von Menzel.
34 German Architecture, undated
Annotated nine-page typescript titled "German Architecture."
34 "A Westminster Cathedral Episode" with Norbert Wibiral, 1975-1976
Includes manuscript, notes, correspondence, and photographs. Originally published in 1976.
A History of Building Types, 1955-1977
35 Annotated typescript (first draft), 1976
36 Addenda and notes, 1971-1976
Includes newspaper clippings, printed material, and 6 negatives (black-and-white; 35 mm.) depicting drawings of buildings.
Notes, 1965-1977
Handwritten notes organized according to chapter. Each chapter has been demarcated by a brown paper folder made and labeled by Pevsner. The labels (chapter titles) are listed below for each file.
37 General; Royalty; National Monuments; Houses of Parliament; Government Buildings; Law Courts; Town Halls
38 University Buildings; Libraries; Museums
39 Hospitals; Prisons; Hotels
40 Exchanges; Banks; Stations; Theater Halls; Exhibition Building; Public Baths; Shops and Stores and Arcades
41 Factories; Office Buildings; Warehouses; Skyscrapers; Houses; Churches; Town Planning; Types Not Done; Addenda
42 Index cards, undated
A box of index cards containing biographical and bibliography data, under the following headings: Monument; Parliament/Public Buildings; Theatres, Hospitals/Prisons; Hotels; Exchanges/Market Halls; Banks/Warehouses/Offices; Shops/Factories; Berlin; London; Paris. A note written on the inside lid of the box reads "R = read, U = use, S = say in book".
43 Correspondence: general, 1969-1976
General correspondence arranged alphabetically according to correspondents or subject. Includes correspondence with Thames & Hudson, and with Princeton University Press.
44-45 Correspondence: chapters, 1970-1974
Correspondence arranged according to chapter, and therein according to correspondents or subjects. Box 44 includes national monuments, parliaments, government buildings, law courts, town halls, theatres, libraries, museums, hospitals, prisons; Box 45 includes hotels, banks and exchanges, stations, exhibition buildings, market halls, shops and stores.
Correspondence: illustrations, 1970-1976
Correspondence regarding illustrations, arranged alphabetically according to correspondent. Also includes documentation of purchase and copyright information.
46 A-O
47 P-Z
48 Copyright and invoices
49 Printed material, 1955-1974
Arranged according to chapter.
Photographic materials, undated
50 Black-and-white prints
Photographic prints of sites and architecture, arranged according to chapters.
Black-and-white negatives
box folder
144 3 Addenda 6 items; 35 mm.
Images of two unidentified buildings. Negatives were removed from the folder labeled "Addenda: notes," Box 36.
144 4 Libraries: Clark University
Negatives accompanied by contact prints and an annotated paper envelope. Negatives were removed from the folder labeled "Photos: Libraries - Clark University," Box 50.
144 5 Color prints 5 items; 3.5 x 5 in.
Exterior views of buildings; numbered and labeled on verso. Prints were removed from the folder labeled "Factories: Baccarat," Box 50.
Color slides
box folder
144 6 Factories 4 items; 35 mm.
Labeled on mounts.
144 7 Factories: Le Grand Hornu 8 items; 35 mm.
Images of various buildings and a monument; accompanied by a library card from the "Archives de L'Architecture Morderne Bruxelles". Slides were removed from the folder labeled "Photos: Factories - le Grand Hornu," Box 50.
144 8 Mercantile buildings, department stores 2 items; 35 mm.
Images of the exterior of a building labeled as being "221-223 Essex St., Salem, Mass. Mercantile building. No foundry mark."; accompanied by a note from Margot Gayle. Slides were removed from the folder labeled "Mercantile buildings, department stores," Box 50.
51 Book reviews by Pevsner, 1928-1977
Typescripts, correspondence, newspaper clippings, and notes related to book reviews written by Pevsner. Includes material regarding reviews for: Bock, Henning (Der Decorated Style, 1962), including a signed and annotated copy of the book; Briggs, Martin Shaw (significant files related to Architect in History, 1930-1932); Dobai, Johannes (Die Kunstliteratur des Klassizismus und der Romantik in England, 1974); Frankl, Paul (The Gothic: Literary Sources and Interpretations Through Eight Centuries, 1960); Ganz, Paul (The Drawings of Henry Fuseli, 1949); Geretsegger, Heinz (Otto Wagner 1841-1918, 1979); Hartt, Frederick (Giulio Romano, 1958); Henderson, George (Gothic, 1967); Huxtable, Ada Louise (Kicked a Building Lately?), 1976; Krönig, Wolfgang (Altenberg und die Baukunst der Zisterzienser, 1973); Langewiesche, Karl Robert (Fachwerkkirchen in Hessen, 1978); Reitlinger, Gerald (The Economics of Taste); Revesz-Alexander, Magda (Die alten Lagerhäuser Amsterdams: Eine Kunstgeschichtliche Studie, 1962); Rice, Howard C. (Thomas Jefferson's Paris, 1976); Rump, Gerhard Charles (George Romney, 1734–1802, 1974); Schreyl, Karl Heinz (Joseph Maria Olbrich Die Zeichnungen in der Kunstbibliothek Berlin Kritischer Katalog, 1972); and Stonorov, O. and Boesiger, W. (Le Corbusier and Jeanneret).
52 BBC talks, 1946-1977
Material related to the "Art for Everyone" radio talks. Includes typescripts, correspondence, letters to newspapers, clippings from The Listener, and printed material. Includes the Reith Lectures (1955).

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