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Nikolaus Pevsner papers, 1903-1982

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Pevsner (Nikolaus) Papers
Series IV. Research material: abstracts, 1906-1977, undated 17.8 Linear Feet (28 boxes)
Labeled as: Vorlesung S-S or W-S (lecture notes) or (excerpts). Includes reading notes, biographical and bibliographical data, correspondence and clippings organized by Pevsner according to subject.
Arranged in four sub-series: A) History, philosophy, and literature, B) Art history: origins to XVIIIth century, C) Art history, XIX-XXth century, and D) Miscellaneous.
Series IV.A. History, philosophy and literature, 1912-1951 2.25 Linear Feet (3 boxes)
Contains clippings, notes, and other materials on various non-art or architecture-related topics.
78 Philosophy and religion, 1912-1942
79 History, 1912-1942
79 History of science, agriculture, botany, 1912-1951
79 Trade and industry, 1922-1951
79 Navy, 1937-1944
79 Music, 1922-1947
80 Literature, history of literature and intellectual history, 1919-1944
Series IV.B Art history: origins to XVIIIth century, 1919-1977, undated 9.8 Linear Feet (13 boxes)
Contains clippings, photographs, printed material, notes, and correspondence related to the history of art and architecture from antiquity to the 18th century.
Arranged by Pevsner into subject files.
81 Art history, 1921-1962
Antiquity, ancient Orient, Roman, early Christian and Byzantine.
82 Medieval, Mannerism, applied art, furniture, iconography, 1921-1965
83 Architecture, 1944-1955
General, whole countries including United States, Spain and Portugal.
84 Italy, 1938-1970
Architecture (early Christian to Baroque); Sculpture (Romanesque).
85 Painting and sculpture, 1921-1977
Renaissance and Baroque.
86 Germany, 1919-1968
Medieval sculpture, painting and architecture.
87 XVth-XVIIth century sculpture and painting, undated
88 France, 1927-1975
Painting, sculpture and architecture (Medieval to XVIIIth century).
89 Dutch and Flemish painting (XIVth-XVIIth century), 1921-1930
90 Britain: Prehistoric, Anglo-Saxon, Norman; Medieval architecture, 1944-1951
91 Britain: Medieval architecture; Medieval painting and sculpture, 1950-1958
English vaults/St. Stephen's controversy, secular architecture.
92 Britain: 1600-1820 (General); XVIth-XIXth century painting, 1941-1973
93 Britain: Architecture (1600-1830) and minor art, 1950-1951, undated
Series IV.C Art history: XIX-XXth century, 1906-1977, undated 2.3 Linear Feet (6 boxes)
Contains clippings, photographs, printed material, notes, and correspondence related to the history of art and architecture in the 19th and 20th century (Index in Box 94).
Arranged by Pevsner into subject files.
94 [I] XIXth century painting and sculpture, 1943-1968, undated
94 [II] Art theory and aesthetics, 1947-1976, undated
Includes correspondence and notes about John Broad's Clio, 1961-1962.
94 [III] Architectural theory, 1955-1976, undated
95 [V] Victorian: General, 1963-1973, undated
95 [VI] Victorian: XIXth century architecture, 1956-1976, undated
95 [VII] Victorian: William Morris, 1941-1947, undated
Includes correspondence with Fred. J. Mayers and J. Scarrett Rigby; the Arts and Crafts Movement.
96 [VII] Victorian: William Morris, 1939-1969, undated
Printed material and photographs.
97 [VIII] Victorian: British Museum, 1906-1964, undated
Early iron (used for Pioneers, New York edition, including notes and correspondence with Erika Hellich (1948-1949), model housing; non conformist churches.
97 [X] Victorian: town planning (England - continent), 1941-1964, undated
Victorian architects (biographical material arranged alphabetically according to architect).
97 [XI] Early XXth century, 1934-1974, undated
Includes reading on Pioneers arranged alphabetically.
98 [XII] Classical revival, undated
98 [XIII] Gothic revival, neo-Oriental, neo-Egyptian, neo-Jacobean, neo-Moorish, 1953-1977
98 [XIV] Victorian history and culture, Victorian taste, design, typography, 1948-1974, undated
98 Early modern; modern architecture and painting, circa 1920s-1966
Includes material regarding Walter Gropius and town planning.
99 Fabrics, advertising, undated
99 The architect in history, 1912-1949, undated
Includes correspondence with Julius Schlosser and Burkhard Meier.
99 Social aspects of art, undated
99 Thomas Mann, 1921-1977
Includes notes and printed material.
Series IV.D Miscellaneous, 1926-1976, undated 3.5 Linear Feet (6 boxes)
Includes notes, index cards, magazines, lists, and various other materials Pevsner used for research and reference.
Arranged into subject files.
100-101 Biographical data on index cards, undated
Cards are arranged in alphabetical order; Box 100 contains A-I, Box 101 contains K-Y.
102 Register of artists, undated
102 Architectural magazines, 1938, undated
102 Country Life, 1926, undated
General extracts. Also includes index of memorabilia.
103-104 Notes, 1929-1976
Arranged alphabetically according to country or subject: Box 103 contains A-K, Box 104 contains N-Y.
105 Travel notes, 1930-1951
Notes on museums.
105 Bibliographical material, 1927-1956

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