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Nikolaus Pevsner papers, 1903-1982

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Pevsner (Nikolaus) Papers
Series III. Lectures, 1934-1978, undated 13 Linear Feet (25 boxes)
Series contains notes, correspondence, agendae, visual aids, and other material related to Pevsner's lectures and lecture tours.
Arranged in three sub-series: A) University lectures, B) Special Lectures and lecture tours, C) Lecture notes.
Series III.A. University lectures, 1934-1978 2.8 Linear Feet (7 boxes)
Material includes correspondence, study schemes, student lists and lecture preparations (see also Lecture Notes).
Arranged by geographic location, and in roughly chronological order.
53 Courtauld Institute of Art, 1934-1976
Correspondence, examination material, candidates, and study schemes.
54 Birkbeck, University of London, 1942-1968
Lecture notes, bibliography, schedules, and lists of students. See also Series II. Publication notes and manuscripts, Planning of the Elizabethan Country House, Box 29.
55-57 Lecture preparations, circa 1944-1945
Handwritten notes and newspaper clippings.
58 University of Cambridge, 1948-1978
Lecture notes. See also Series II. Publication notes and manuscripts, Matthew Digby Wyatt,, Box 26.
59 Oxford Slade Lectures, 1967-1969
Includes correspondence, lecture preparations. See also Some Architectural Writers of the XIXth Century, 1972, Boxes 31-32.
Series III.B. Special lectures and lecture tours, 1950-1978 3.3 Linear Feet (8 boxes)
Agendas, notes, manuscripts and typescripts of lectures, and correspondence, including correspondence and clippings relating to subsequent publications such as Palladio and Europe (Venize, 1955), L'Inghilterra e il Manierismo and Palladio e il Manierismo (Vicenza, 1967), Borromini e l'Inghilterra (Rome, 1968), Ruskin and Violet-le-Duc (W. Neurath Memorial Lecture, 1969), Die deutsche Stadt im 19. Jahrhundert (Munich 1971). Correspondents include Alford Albini, Marcia Allentuck, Alf Boe, Henry R. Hitchcock, Hans Kaufmann, Brian Knox, P. Douglas Knowles, Susi Lang, Stephen Tschudi Madsen, Michael McCarthy, William B. O'Neal, and Anna Zador.
Arranged chronologically, and therewithin primarily by geographic location.
60 Maitland Historical Society, 1950
Correspondence regarding lecture on Anglo-Saxon art.
60 Society of Antiquaries: "The Warwick Giltern," 1952-1953
Includes Correspondence, notes, printed material, and photographs.
61 Australia and New Zealand, 1958
62 Canada, 1959
62 Hamburg, 1959
62 South America, 1960
62 Austria, 1962
62 Denmark, 1962
63 Munich, 1963
63 Miami (AIA convention), 1963
63 Yale, 1963
63 Rome (Italia Nostra), 1964
63 Switzerland, 1965
63 Aachen (Council of Europe), 1965
63 North Germany, 1965
63 Baltimore, 1965
63 Hungary and Yugoslavia, 1965
64 Hamburg, 1966
64 Munster, 1966
64 Turkey, 1966
64 Prague, 1966
64 Dusseldorf, 1967
64 Vicenza (Centro Internazionale di Studi di Architettura Andrea Palladio), 1966-1969
Includes L'Inghilterra e il Manierismo and Palladio e il Manierismo manuscript, typescript, and notes.
64 Rome (Convegno di Studi Borrominiani Accademia, Nazionale di San Luca), 1967
64 Smith College (Robert Willis lecture), 1968
64 Munich, 1968
64 Czechoslovakia, 1968
64 Germany, 1968
64 Walter Neurath Memorial Lectures (Ruskin and Viollet-le-Duc lecture), 1969
64 Coburg, 1969
64 Zagreb (University of Zagreb's 300th anniversary), 1969
65 Mellon Lectures, 1970
See also Series II. Publication notes and manuscripts, A History of Building Types, Box 35-36.
65 Southwestern State University in Great Britain, 1971
65 Berkley, 1971
65 Munich (Die Stadt in 19 Jahrhundert Symposium), 1971
65 Israel, 1971
65 Cambridge (Cuno Amiet; opening speech for Giacometti exhibition), 1971
66 Dumbarton Oaks: The Picturesque Garden and its influence outside the British Isles, 1972
Includes correspondence with Anna Zador, Michael McCarthy, Marcia Allentuck, Brian Knox and Susi Lang.
66 Columbia University (Mathews Lectures), 1972
67 America (Victorian Society lectures), 1972
67 America, 1973
67 Groningen, 1975
67 Leningrad, 1975
67 East Germany, 1976-1977
Includes "Buildings of England" typescript, 1977.
67 Leicester, 1978
67 Convocation lecture: Social Aspects of Architecture, 1978
Series III.C. Lecture notes, undated 6.9 Linear Feet (10 boxes)
Includes correspondence, bibliographical material and clippings.
Arranged and indexed by Pevsner according to periods and countries.
68 General and miscellanea
69 Funeral monuments
70 Antiquity and Middle Ages (general)
71 1750-1914
72 Modern architecture and design
73 Germany
74 Britain I
75 Britain II
76 Britain III: Architectural theory (Pugin and after)
77 Italy and Spain

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