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J. G. (Jan Gerrit) van Gelder papers, circa 1906-1981

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Descriptive Summary
Biographical/Historical Note
Scope and Content of Collection
Indexing Terms
Administrative Information
Container List
Series I. General art, art history, and cultural history, ca. 1930-1978
Series II. Dutch art, general, ca. 1941-1980
Series III. 15th and 16th century Dutch and Flemish art, 1932-1980
Series III.A. General, 1932-1979
Series III.B. Artists, 1939-1980
Series IV. Rubens, 1938-1981, n.d.
Series IV.A. JvG publications, 1965-1981, n.d.
Series IV.B. Publications by other scholars, 1967-1980
Series IV.C. Correspondence and miscellaneous materials, 1938-1980
Series IV.D. Materials taken from books now in the Getty Library, 1956-1976, n.d.
Series V. 17th century Dutch art, 1927-1981
Series V.A. General, 1934-1981
Series V.B. Artists, 1927-1981
Series VI. Rembrandt, 1925-1980
Series VI.A. Rembrandt symposia, 1969-1972
Series VI.B. JvG publications, 1937-1980
Series VI.C. Manuscripts and typescripts, 1957, n.d.
Series VI.D. Books and off-prints of articles by other scholars, 1925-1981
Series VI.E. Materials from books now in the Getty Library, 1934-1980
Series VI.F. Miscellaneous Rembrandt materials, 1957-1979
Series VI.G. Annotated books, 1906-1956
Series VII. 18th and 19th century Dutch art, 1938-1978
Series VII.A. General, 1938-1978
Series VII.B. Artists, 1939-1978
Series VIII. Vincent van Gogh (not for Catalogue Raisonné), 1928-1978
Series IX. 20th century Dutch art, 1938-1980, n.d.
Series IX.A. General, 1950-1980, n.d.
Series IX.B. Artists, 1938-1980
Series X. Non-Dutch art, 1926-1981
Series X.A. General, 1946-1981
Series X.B. Artists, 1926-1978
Series XI. Miscellaneous materials, ca. 1920-1980
Series XII. Vincent van Gogh, Catalogue Raisonné, 1959-1974, n.d.
Series XII.A. General documentation pertaining to the publication of the CatRais, 1959-1970
Series XII.B. Notes from editorial board meetings, 1961-1971
Series XII.C. Correspondence: JvG and members of the editorial board, 1961-1970
Series XII.D. Correspondence: With persons not on the editorial board, 1962-1974
Series XII.E. Stichting Documentatie Vincent van Gogh (VvG foundation documentation), 1971-1974
Series XII.F. Notes and Lists; notecards, 1960-1968, n.d.
Series XII.G. Captions, 1966-1973, n.d.
Series XII.H. "Bewerkte Numbers" (organized numbers), n.d.
Series XII.I. Annotated caption text, 1967-1969, n.d.
Series XII.J. Caption text: drawings, 1968-1969
Series XII.K. Final drafts (complete set), 1967-1970
Series XII.L. CatRais photographs and caption clippings, n.d.
Series XII.M. CatRais photographs of drawings, n.d.
Finding aid for the J. G. van Gelder papers, ca. 1930-1980

Biographical/Historical Note

Jan Gerrit van Gelder was the eldest son of H.E. van Gelder (1876-1960) who was director of the municipal museum of The Hague from 1912 to 1941. In 1922, while still at the gymnasium in The Hague, he published his first article on Dutch landscape painting from the 16th to the 20th century. In 1923 Van Gelder enrolled as a student in art history at the University of Utrecht. He studied there with W. Vogelsang, then one of the most prominent art historians in the Netherlands. However, Van Gelder did not spend much time at Utrecht while studying for his degree; already in 1924, he obtained a position as research assistant at Museum Boymans in Rotterdam. He remained at Boymans until 1940, and, from 1936, was conservator of the library and the print collection. In 1933, he received his doctoral degree for his dissertation dealing with the role of Jan van de Velde in early seventeenth century Dutch painting.

During the war, Van Gelder worked on the government office for art historical documentation. In 1945, he was appointed director of the Mauritshuis museum in The Hague. One year later he accepted a professorship in art history at the University of Utrecht. With this position came the directorship of the Institute for Art History (Kunsthistorisch Instituut) as well. After a drawn-out conflict with other members of the faculty at Utrecht, Van Gelder was given his own research institute by the university (Centrum voor Voortgezet Kunsthistorisch Onderzoek) in 1966. He worked there until his retirement in 1973.

A detailed account of Van Gelder's approach to art history and his place among Dutch art historians can be found in Chris Stolwijk, Die wetenschap noemen Gij en ik kunstgeschiedenis;... Denken over kunstgeschiedenis in Nederland: Jan van Gelder (1903-1980), Steenwijkk: Van Kerkvoorde & Hollander 1952.

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