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Wilhelm Arntz papers, 1898-1986

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Arntz (Wilhelm) Papers
Series IV. Research files, 1896-1986, undated 102 boxes
Series IV.A. Degenerate art, 1921-1981, undated 9 boxes
A comprehensive documentation of Bildersturm, the campaign against art the Nazi government considered degenerate, and of the efforts to recover the looted artworks after the war.
The material is subdivided into three groups: correspondence and documents, confiscated artworks, and publications.
28-30 Correspondence and documents, 1934-1963, undated 3 boxes
This group consist mainly of letters by artists, Nazi government officials and their collaborators, and government authorities in postwar Germany. Also present are texts of articles by Arntz. Most items are typed transcripts, frequently carbon copies. Only a few original documents are present.
The material is further divided into groups: prewar correspondence, postwar correspondence, documents regarding the ERR activities in France, documents regarding the Confiscation Committee, various other documents, and documents concerning the postwar recovery.
box folder
28 1-19 Prewar correspondence, 1921-1958, undated
The prewar correspondence consists predominantly of excerpts transcribed from diaries and letters by various artists, compiled by Arntz from postwar publications. The excerpts detail personal experiences under the Nazi regime. A few postwar items are included with this group.
Particularly insightful is the correspondence between Oskar Schlemmer and the Nazi-appointed director of the Museum Folkwang in Essen, Klaus Graf Baudissin, in which both argue extensively about the aesthetics of National Socialism.
Well documented with original government documents and correpondence is Georg Tappert's dismissal from his teaching position at Staatliche Kunstschule in Berlin.
Arranged alphabetically by artist's name.
28 1 Barlach, Hans, undated 3 Leaves
Transcripts from Barlach's correspondence from 1936 and 1937 with Fritz Schumacher.
28 2 Feininger, Lyonel, undated 6 Leaves
Transcripts from Feininger's letters from 1934 to 1937 to W. B. Eichberg, son Lux, and wife Julia, and an unidentified text about Feininger.
28 3 Gilles, Werner, undated 1 leaf
Transcript from Schlemmer's diary about Gilles (from 1935).
28 4 Kirchner, Ernst Ludwig, undated 2 items (4 leaves)
Transcripts from two letters from 1937 to Hans Fehr.
28 5 Kollwitz, Käthe, undated 5 Leaves
Transcripts from diary entries from 1933 and 1936.
28 6 Nay, Ernst Wilhelm, undated 2 items
A note by Arntz and transcript of Nay's recollection of his visit by Edvard Munch in Norway during the summer of 1937.
28 7 Purrmann, Hans, undated 2 Leaves
A certified statement by Heinz Braune from 1949, and an unidentified text about Purrmann. Both are transcripts.
28 8 Scharff, Edwin, undated 2 Leaves
Transcript from an unidentified text about Scharff. Two copies.
28 9-16 Schlemmer, Oskar, 1934-1958, undated
28 9 Transcripts of letters, 1958, undated 9 items
Transcripts of letters dating from 1930 to 1934 to Willi Baumeister, Ernst Gosebruch, Karl Nierendorf, T [?], Paul Westheim, exerpts from Schlemmer's diary, and a press clipping. Also included is a note by Arntz dated 1958.
28 10-15 Correspondence with Klaus Graf Baudissin at Museum Folkwang, 1934
28 10 Letter sent 19 Apr 1934 2 items (4 leaves)
Carbon copy. [Two transcripts? one incomplete.]
28 11 Letter received 4 May 1934 1 item (4 leaves)
28 12 Letter sent 22 May 1934 2 items (5 leaves)
Carbon copy. [Two transcripts?]
28 13 Letter received 1 Jun 1934 1 item (5 leaves)
28 14 Letter sent 17 Jun 1934 1 item (6 leaves)
Carbon copy. [Transcript?]
28 15 Letter received 25 Jun 1934 1 item (7 leaves)
28 16 Various transcripts, undated 10 Leaves
Transcripts of entries from Schlemmer's diary and letters sent to Willi Baumeister, Karl Nierendorf, and T [?] dating between 1935 and 1941.
28 17-19 Tappert, Georg, 1921-1957
28 17 Permission issued by Staatliche Kunstschule in Berlin, 1921 5 items
Permission to carry the title of a professor. Typescripts (carbon copies), stamped and signed by school's administrators.
28 18 Correspondence concerning employment at Staatliche Kunstschule in Berlin, 1933-1937 12 items
Included are letters received and statements signed by school administrators, collective statements and letters by students, and school records of Tappert's salary. Also present is Tappert's correspondence with the Ministry of Science and Education regarding his affiliation with artists whose art was considered degenerate. Originals and carbon copies, signed and stamped.
28 19 Various documents, 1937-1957 circa 20 items
Documents and correspondence concerning Tappert's dismissal from his teaching position at Staatliche Kunstschule in Berlin and school records of his salary. Also present is a certified copy of a statement by Hans Zimbal. Originals and carbon copies, signed and stamped.
28 20-32 Postwar correspondence, 1961-1969
This group details Arntz's research for his two articles for the magazine Das Schönste.
Arranged alphabetically by correspondent.
28 20 Deutscher Kunstverlag, 1969 1 item
Letter to Arntz from Ernst Herman confirming the 1938 distribution ban of prints by Feininger, Heckel, Hofer, Marc, Pechstein, and Schmidt-Rottluff.
28 21 Heinisch, Erika, 1962, undated 6 items
Two letters to Arntz from the widow of Rudolf W. Heinisch, one letter from Arntz, notes, and printed matter.
28 22 Hirzel, Stefan, 1962 1 item
Letter from Arntz inquiring about Rolf Hetsch.
28 23 Kindler und Schiermeyer Verlag (Kurt Fassmann), 1963 7 items
Carbon copies of letters from Fassmann to Helga Kreuter-Eggemann, F. Kuntze, Bruno Lohse, Dieter Rosskamp, and Günter Schiedlauski regarding Helga Kreuter-Eggemann's involvement in the degenerate art campaign in France. Included is a list of recipients of the article "Bildersturm in Deutschland."
28 24 Lüdecke, Heinz, 1962 1 letter sent
Letter to Arntz regarding Otto Nagel.
28 25 Nagel, Otto, 1962 1 item
Letter from Arntz. An inquiry about artworks confiscated by the Nazis from Deutsche Akademie der Künste in Berlin.
28 26 Schlemmer, Tut, 1962 1 letter sent
Letter to Arntz from the wife of Oskar Schlemmer. Mrs. Schlemmer comments on her husband's 1934 correspondence with Baudissin [filed in box 28, folders 10-15.]
28 27 Scholz, Robert, 1962 1 letter sent
Letter to the editors of Das Schönste regarding Arntz's article "Bildersturm in Frankreich."
28 28 Schult, Friedrich, 1961-1962 4 letters
One letter from Arntz and three letters to Arntz. Schult relates biographical details concerning Rolf Hetsch, and comments on Arntz's article "Bildersturm in Deutschland."
28 29 Varga von Kibéd, Maryam, 1963 6 items
One letter and two postcards to Arntz, three letters from Arntz. Regarding Rolf Hetsch and Arntz's article "Bildersturm in Deutschland."
28 30 Voelkl, Konr., 1962 3 letters sent
Letters to Arntz and the editors of Das Schönste regarding looting and destruction of degenerate art in France, and Arntz's article "Bildersturm in Frankreich."
28 31 Waldschmidt, Oly, 1962 1 item
Letter from Arntz regarding painting Der Turm der blauen Pferde by Franz Marc.
28 32 Wiese, Erich, 1962 2 letters
Correspondence regarding a drawing by Wilhelm Leibl, and the inventory of a museum in Breslau. Mentioned is an artwork by Otto Mueller.
28 33-47 ERR activities in France, 1940-1962, undated circa 15 items
Documents concerning activities of the Reich Leader Rosenberg Task Force for Occupied Territories [Einsatzstab Reichsleiter Rosenberg für die Besetzen Gebiete] in Nazi occupied France. Documents dating from 1940 to 1942 are carbon copies of typescripts. Present is correspondence between the ERR and the Army High Command, Head of military Administration in France [Oberkommando des Heeres, der Chef der Militärverwaltung in Frankreich], and with government institutions in Germany; also reports and statements. Some documents detail exchanges of artworks with the German dealer, Gustav Rochlitz, in Paris. The postwar items include a draft for Arntz's article "Bildersturm in Frankreich," transcripts from Le Monde concerning the trial of ERR agents Ebert, Utical, Scholz, Hofer, Lohse and Pfannstiel, a statement by Erich Schwinge, and a report by Rose Valland. Frequently included are lists of the looted or destroyed artworks.
28 33 Statement by the German military administration in France, 1940 2 items
Regarding transfer of jurisdiction over cultural policy files from the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs to the German Embassy in Paris. Also a typed note [by Arntz?] regarding the ERR file.
28 34 Letter to the German military administration in France, 1940 1 item
Letter from ERR regarding confiscation of Jewish property from the art collections of castles Brissac, Chambord, and Moyres.
28 35 Statement by the German military administration in France, 1940 1 item (3 leaves)
Regarding collaboration with the ERR in recording artworks owned by Jews in occupied France.
28 36 Protocol by the German Embassy in Paris, 1941 1 item (4 leaves)
Regarding involvement of ERR in recording artworks owned by Jews in occupied France. Includes inventory of confiscated artworks.
28 37 Letters regarding exchange of artworks, 1941 2 letters
Letters from military administrator [der Stabsführer] to Robert Scholz at Amt Bildende Kunst in Berlin, and to Reichsleiter Alfred Rosenberg regarding exchange of artworks. With a mention of Günter Schiedlauski, Bruno Lohse, and F. Kuntze.
28 38 Exchange agreements [Tauschverträge], 1941 2 items
Two exchange agreements between ERR and Gustav Rochlitz.
28 39 Rosenberg's report to Adolf Hitler, 1941 1 item (10 leaves)
Report about ERR activities in Nazi-occupied France and the Netherlands.
28 40 Statement by the German military administration in France, 1941 1 item
Regarding ERR activities in Nazi-occupied France.
28 41 Letter to General Vogel, chairman of the Deutsche Waffenstillstandskommission, 1942 1 item (3 leaves)
Letter from Armeekorpsgeneral Beynet at Französische Abordnung der Deutschen Waffenstillstandskommission regarding confiscation of private property in Nazi-occupied France.
28 42 Fragments of Kunstschutz-Lagebericht, undated 1 item (5 leaves)
Two fragments of an ERR report to the German military administration in France for the time period 12 January to 15 February 1941. Regarding appropriation of art collections, national monuments, and libraries in France, including the library of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Paris.
28 43 Letter to Deutsche Waffenstillstandskommission in Wiesbaden, 1942 1 item (2 leaves)
Letter from the German military administration in France regarding appropriation of artworks owned by Jews.
28 44 Statement regarding exchange of artworks with Gustav Rochlitz, 1942 1 item
ERR statement signed by Bruno Lohse, regarding artworks by Franz Krüger, Abraham Janssens, and Matisse.
28 45 "Bildersturm in Frankreich (IV)", undated 1 item (6 leaves)
Arntz's article for the magazine Das Schönste. Typescript, carbon copy.
28 46 Articles from Le Monde, undated 1 item (3 leaves)
Transcript of several articles concerning the trial of ERR agents Ebert, Utical, Scholz, Hofer, Lohse and Pfannstiel. Transcribed from 2 March 1950 and 4 August 1950 issues of Le Monde. Photocopy of typescript.
28 47 Various postwar documents, 1950-1962 3 items (8 leaves)
Photograph of a 1950 statement by Erich Schwinge regarding the trial of ERR agents Ebert, Utical, Scholz, Hofer, Lohse and Pfannstiel; a detailed report by Rose Valland on ERR's activities, mainly the destruction of artworks stored at Jeu de Paume; and three leaves from an unidentified inventory.
28 48-75 Confiscation Committee, 1931-1949, undated
Correspondence, meeting reports, and other documents concerning activities of the Confiscation Committee [Kommission zur Verwertung der eingezogenen Produkte Entarteter Kunst], chaired by Franz Hofmann. Several letters detail the involvement of the art dealer, Karl Haberstock. Also present are letters by Heinz Braune, Bernhard A. Böhmer, Karl Feuchtmayr, and Theodor Fischer. All items are photocopies or photographs of original documents. Arranged chronologically.
28 48 Glück, Gustav, 1931 1 item
Statement regarding attribution of a painting to Rubens.
28 49 Letters from the Chairman of Bund Deutscher Kunst- & Antiquitaetenhaendler, 1934 2 items
Two letters regarding Adolf Hitler donation [Adolf Hitler Spende], signed: A. Weinmüller.
28 50 Ban of Alfred Kubin's 20 Bilder zur Bibel, 1936 2 items
Correspondence between R. Piper Verlag and the president of Reichsschrifttumskammer.
28 51 Various, 1937 2 items
A statement by the Ministry of Science and Education [Der Reichs- und Preussische Minister für Wissenschaft, Erziehung, und Volksbildung] specifying criteria for appointment of government officials. Also present is an unsigned letter to Director Zimbal regarding teaching ban.
28 52 Letter to the Minister of Science and Education, 1938 4 items
Regarding policy of selling degenerate art to foreign buyers. Signed by Franz Hofmann. With a mention of Karl Haberstock. Three copies. Also included is a list of members of the Committee.
28 53 Reports to the Minister of Science and Education, 1938 4 items
Two reports by Franz Hofmann from 21 October 1938 (two copies), and 28 November 1938 (two copies, one incomplete).
28 54 Letter to the Minister of Science and Education, 1938 1 item
Franz Hofmann's letter dated 10 November 1938 regarding sale of degenerate art from the collection of the Folkwang Museum.
28 55 Report of 17 November 1938 Confiscation Committee's meeting, 1938 2 items
Two copies, one incomplete.
28 56 Report of 20 February 1939 Confiscation Committee's meeting, 1939 4 items
Four copies.
28 56.1 Letter from Abteilungsleiter IX to Herr Minister [Goebels?], 1939 2 photographs
Regarding the 20 February 1939 meeting of the Confiscation Committee in Schloss Niederschönhausen.
28 57-65 Karl Haberstock correspondence, 1938-1939 16 items
The letters detail Haberstock's business dealings with the Nazi government, particularly his involvement in selling and exchange of artworks by Lovis Corinth, Emil Nolde, Paul Gauguin, Joris[?] van Son, Anthony[?] van Dyck, Belotto [Canaletto], [?] Pannini, and Peter Paul Rubens.
28 57 Bormann, Martin, 1938 2 items
Letter from Haberstock to the Reichsleiter, Martin Bormann, regarding his business dealings with Swiss financial institutions. Two copies.
28 58 Hofmann, Franz, 1938 1 item
Hofmann's letter to Haberstock regarding artworks by Lovis Corinth.
28 59 Fischer, Theodor, 1939 1 item
Letter from the art dealer Fischer to Haberstock regarding Fischer's business dealings with Swiss financial institutions.
28 60 Hofmann, Franz, 1939 1 item
Hofmann's letter to Haberstock regarding the sale of artwork by Emil Nolde.
28 61 Hetsch, Rolf, 1939 1 item
Letter received from Rolf Hetsch, member of the Committee.
28 62 Letter to Staatssekretär des Preussischen Staatsministeriums, 1939 4 items
Haberstock's letter to the Ministry regarding sale of artworks by van Son, van Dyck, Belotto [Canaletto], and Pannini. Four copies.
28 63 Letter to Reichspropaganda-Ministerium, 1939 2 items
Haberstock's letter to the Ministry regarding artworks by Paul Gauguin and Peter Paul Rubens. Two copies.
28 64 Letter to Reichsminister für Volksaufklärung und Propaganda (attention Franz Hofmann), 1939 2 items
Haberstock's letter to Hofmann regarding a painting by Rubens. Two copies.
28 65 Hofmann, Franz, 1939 1 item
A statement by Hofmann regarding Haberstock.
28 66 Letter to SS-Gruppenführer Julius Schaub, 1939 1 item
Letter to Schaub from the office of the Reichsminister für Volksaufklärung und Propaganda [i.e. Joseph Goebbels] regarding the sale of artworks by Belotto [Canaletto], Fyt, and Dietrich. With a mention of Haberstock. Two copies.
28 67 Report of Confiscation Committee's meeting, 1939 1 item
Report of 6 December 1939 meeting.
28 68 Böhmer, Bernhard A., 1939 1 item
Böhmer's letter to the Reichsministerium für Volksaufklärung und Propaganda regarding exchange of a painting by Otto Modersohn for prints by Ernst Barlach.
28 69 Report of Confiscation Committee's meeting, 1940 1 item
Report of 7 May 1940 meeting.
28 70 Böhmer, Bernhard A., 1940 1 item
Sales contract sent to Bernhard A. Böhmer from the Reichsministerium für Volksaufklärung und Propaganda regarding Barlach's monument Kieler Ehrenmal.
28 71 Report of Confiscation Committee's meeting, 1941 1 item
Report of 11 December 1941 meeting.
28 72 Fischer, Theodor, 1947 1 item
Statement by Fischer addressed to Georg Seibold regarding Karl Haberstock.
28 73 Feuchtmayr, Karl [Bayerische Staatsgemäldesammlungen], 1949 1 item
Statement in lieu of oath regarding Karl Haberstock.
28 74 Braune, Heinz, undated 1 item
Letter to Karl Haberstock regarding Braune's involvement in exchange of degenerate art from the collection of Schlesisches Museum der bildenden Künste Breslau. With a mention of artwork by Max Liebermann.
28 75 Unidentified, undated 11 Leaves
Second page of an unidentified document signed by Franz Hofmann, and ten leaves of photocopies in negative and in reverse from photographs included in this group.
28, 96A* Various other documents, 1937-1964, undated
Lists of artworks auctioned in 1939 at Galerie Fischer in Lucern and of artworks confiscated from public collections in Germany. Also included are mostly unsigned drafts for essays and articles, and printed matter. Many items are carbon copies of typescripts. Also box 96A*, folders 19-21.
box folder
28 76 Pages from an unidentified publication, undated 1 item (3 leaves)
List of artworks auctioned 30 June 1939 at Galerie Fischer in Lucerne, and two lists of artworks confiscated from museums in Germany. Reprinted from the files of Reichspropaganda-Ministerium.
28 77 List of firms commissioned to trade degenerate art, undated 1 leaf
28 78 "Erläuterungen zum Gesetz über Einziehung von Erzeugnissen entarteter Kunst," undated 4 items (10 leaves)
Four copies, of which one is incomplete.
28 79 "Schlussbericht über die Abwicklung der Entarteten Kunst," undated 2 items (4 leaves)
Report on sale and exchange of degenerate art. Two copies.
28 80 Transcripts from "Entartete Kunst" files, undated 3 items (7 leaves)
Included are excerpts about the 30 June 1939 auction at Galerie Fischer in Lucerne, confiscation of artworks by Wilhelm Lehmbruck and Edvard Munch, and details concerning sales and exchanges of various artworks. Also included is a press clipping listing artworks sold at Galerie Fischer on 30 June 1939, with prices.
28 81 List of confiscated artworks, undated 1 leaf
Works by van Gogh, Cezanne, Marc, Munch, Signac, and Gauguin from the collection of Folkwang Museum, National-Galerie, and Wallraf Museum. With prices.
28 82 "Gemälde und Plastiken aus deutschen Museen unter dem Hammer," undated 1 item (5 leaves)
Signed: J.O.K.
28 83 Various transcripts, undated 5 Leaves
Texts on Franz Marc, the magazine Kunst und Künstler, and a letter to W. B. Eichberg from 31 March 1935.
28 84 Two lists, undated 2 Leaves
A list of artworks by Erich Heckel captioned "Heckel-Ausstellung," and an incomplete list of artworks by various artists sold for Swiss franks.
28 84.1 List of artworks sold to Emanuel Fohn, undated 3 items
List compiled by Arntz of artworks sold by Nationalgalerie in Berlin to Emanuel Fohn, and notes by Arntz.
28 85 Printed and illustrated matter 1964, undated 2 Leaves
Page from Weltkunst (15 April 1964), and illustratation of an unidentified graphic Klee[?]
28 86 Der Bildersturm 1937, typescript by Karl Haberstock, after 1949 1 item (5 leaves)
28 86.1 "Für die Berliner Secession" (transcript), by Emil van Hauth, 1933 2 Leaves
28 87 "Gemälde und Plastiken aus deutschen Museen unter dem Hammer," undated 1 item (5 leaves)
Detailed report on the auction at Galerie Fischer in Lucerne, signed J.O.K.
28 88 Excerpts from a memoir by Georg Muche, undated 1 item (4 leaves)
From an unidentified source, unsigned.
28 89 Statement in lieu of oath by Wilhelm Arntz, undated 1 item (6 leaves)
Regarding the loss of his collection during the war. Photocopy of a typescript draft.
28 90 Various, undated 3 items (4 leaves)
Transcript of a document titled "Erläuterungen zum Gesetz über die Einziehung von Erzeugnissen entarteter Kunst" (two leaves), and two other transcripts regarding the degenerate art law and the auction in Lucerne. Carbon copies.
28 91 Two photographs, undated 2 items
Photograph of a group of five unidentified men standing near a car. Two prints.
box folder
96A* 19 Deutsche Allgemeine Zeitung, 1937 2 items
Two issues from 24 July and 8 September 1937. Included is an article on degenerate art and Adolf Hitler's cultural policy.
96A* 20-21 Stuttgarter Neues Tagblatt, 1937 2 items (8 leaves)
96A* 20 19 July 1937 issue, pages 1-4 only 2 items (4 leaves)
Included are articles on the opening of the Haus der Deutschen Kunst in Munich. Two copies.
96A* 21 8 September 1937 issue, pages 1-6 only 2 items (4 leaves)
Included are articles on Adolf Hitler's cultural policy. Two copies.
28-30, 113 Postwar recovery, 1934-1981, undated
The documents concerning the postwar recovery efforts are divided into three groups: documents concerning the recovery of looted artworks and property rights, photographs from the 1937 Degenerate art exhibition in Munich, and Kurt Reutti files. Filed at the end of documents concerning the recovery of looted artworks are fourteen black and white photographs of the underground storage depot of artworks looted by the Nazis at a salt mine in Altaussee, Austria. Some of the photographs show Jan van Eyck's Ghent Altarpiece. Also present is a photograph of the plan of the salt mine with caption "Übersichtplan der Lagerräume für Kunstgegenstände im Steinberghof." The photographs are on Agfa paper and not credited.
box folder
28 92-96 Recovery of looted artworks and property rights, 1945-1966, undated
Documents regarding property rights of various German museums: correspondence, reports, and legal statements by museums staff, government officials, and legal experts. Also present is a confidential US Army report, and photographs of an underground storage depot of looted art at Steinberghof.
28 92 Museum für Kunst und Kulturgeschichte Dortmund, 1954 4 items
Letters from attorney Noske to the Museum für Kunst und Kulturgeschichte Dortmund, the Stuttgarter Kunstkabinett, and the administration of the city of Dortmund (Der Oberstadtdirektor). Also present is a statement by the Oberstadtdirektor of Dortmund.
28 93 Museum Dahlem in Berlin, 1952 2 items
Statement by the Polizeipräsident in Berlin [President of Berlin Police], and a report by Voigtländer.
28 94 Museum der Bildenden Künste in Breslau, 1949, undated 2 items
Statement in lieu of oath by Heinz Braune, and an undated text signed by Friedrich Winkler [incomplete.]
28 94.1 Deutsches Museum in Nuremberg, 1966 1 item
Declaration in lieu of oath by Fritz [?] regarding removal of artworks between 1937 and 1938. Mentioned are Gauleiter Wagner, Hermann Kaspar, and Adolf Ziegler. Photocopy.
28 95 Confidential report and printed matter, 1945 2 items
US Army report regarding Hitler's museum and library in Linz and the Goering collection. [Report no. 4, 15 December 1945, issued by the Strategic Services Unit War Department Art Looting Investigation Unit, APO 413, US Army]. Incomplete: 3 leaves only, photocopy. Also present is one leaf of printed matter with an article by I.-A. H. Linz. From The New Yorker[?]
28 96 Photographs of Altaussee repository of looted art, undated 14 photographs
Fourteen black and white photographs of the underground storage at a salt mine in Altaussee, Austria. Some of the photographs show Jan van Eyck's Ghent Altarpiece. Also present is a plan of the salt mine with caption "Übersichtplan der Lagerräume für Kunstgegenstände im Steinberghof." The photographs are on Agfa paper and not credited.
box folder
29 1-21 Photographs from the 1937 Degenerate art exhibition in Munich, 1981, undated
The photographs show overall views of installations, and individual artworks.
The photographs of individual artworks are arranged by medium, and subsequently alphabetically by artist.
29 1 Exhibition space, undated 12 photographs
Included is a photograph of an unidentified man standing near an abstract painting.
29 2-14 Paintings, 1981, undated
29 2 Beckmann, Max, undated 5 items
29 3 Chagall, Marc, undated 2 items
29 4 Dexel, Walter, undated 2 items
box folder
113 60.2 Deylitz, Klaus, 1981 1 color photograph
box folder
29 5 Dix, Otto, undated 2 items
29 6 Felixmüller, Conrad, undated 2 items
29 7 Hofer, Carl, undated 2 items
29 8 Kirchner, Ernst, undated 7 items
29 9 Kokoschka, Oskar, undated 3 items
29 10 Nolde, Emil, undated 5 items
29 11 Pechstein, Max, undated 3 items
29 12 Schmitt-Rottluff, Karl, undated 8 items
29 13 Schwitters, Kurt, undated 2 items
29 14 Various, undated 6 items
Jankel Adler, Philipp Bauknecht, Heinrich Campendonk, Xaver Fuhr, Walter Scholz, and portrait of Hermann Scherer by [?]
29 15-22 Sculptures, undated
29 15 Brün, Theo 4 items
29 16 Freundlich, Otto 4 items
29 17 Gies, Ludwig 4 items
29 18 Hoffmann, Eugen, undated 4 items
29 19 Kirchner, Ernst Ludwig 7 items
29 20 Röder, Emy 4 items
29 21 Voll, Christoph 4 items
29 22 Unidentified 1 item
29-30 Kurt Reutti files, 1934-1962, undated
In 1946, the German Central Administration for National Education in the Soviet Zone of Occupation [Deutsche Zentralverwaltung für Volksbildung in der Sowjetischen Besatzungszone], subordinated to the Soviet Military Administration [SMAD], charged the sculptor, Kurt Reutti, with the recovery of artworks sold or otherwise disposed of during the degenerate art campaign, mainly of artworks confiscated from the collection of the National-Galerie in Berlin and the Museum Folkwang in Essen. The main portion constitutes correspondence between Kurt Reutti and G. Strauss at Deutsche Zentralverwaltung für Volksbildung in Berlin who was responsible for the recovery campaign. Also present are lists of the confiscated artworks, and an extensive final report by Reutti. The documents detail business deals of Ferdinand Möller, Bernhard A. Böhmer, and Karl Haberstock, the activities of Rolf Hetsch, and the case of Wilma Zelk. Most items are present in multiple copies as unsigned typescripts or carbon copies, some are photocopies.
Arranged chronologically.
box folder
29 23 1934 1 item (2 leaves)
Letter from Der Preussische Minister für Wissenschaft, Kunst und Volksbildung to National-Galerie Berlin regarding memorial monument for Ernst Barlach. Two copies.
29 24 1938 4 items
List of telegrams sent by the Propaganda Ministry, list of firms commissioned by the Propaganda Ministry to sell degenerate art for foreign currency, and two transcripts regarding degenerate art law from 31 May 1938.
29 25 1939 2 items
List of artworks sold by Bernhard A. Böhmer to Fischer in Lucerne, and a typescript regarding the Lucerne auction and Ernst Barlach's Kieler Ehrenmal.
29 26 1940 1 item (13 leaves)
Summary of business transactions at Galerie Ferdinand Möller. Transcript, carbon copy.
29 27 1945 1 item (2 leaves)
[Reutti's?] letter to G. Strauss regarding business dealings of Bernhard A. Böhmer.
29 28-34 1946 10 items
29 28 Authorization for Deutsche Verwaltung für Volksbildung in der Sowjetischen Besatzungszone to recover degenerate art, 1946 2 items (4 leaves)
Copies in Russian and German.
29 29 Letter to Reutti from the Deutsche Zentralverwaltung für Volksbildung in der Sowjetischen Besatzungszone, 1946 1 item (3 leaves)
Three copies.
29 30 A statement under oath by Ferdinand Möller, 1946 1 item (3 leaves)
Three copies.
29 31 Certified authorization for Reutti from the Deutsche Zentralverwaltung für Volksbildung in der Sowjetischen Besatzungszone, 1946 2 items
Signed by G. Strauss. In German and Russian. Copies.
29 32 A report by Reutti of his visit to Galerie Ferdinand Möller, 1946 3 items (7 leaves)
Three copies.
29 33 Contract from 21 November 1941, 1946 1 item (3 leaves)
Contract between the Ministry of Propaganda and Möller to sell artworks by Lehmbruck and Beckmann. Transcript. Three copies.
29 34 Letter from G. Staruss to Galerie Ferdinand Möller, 1946 1 item (3 leaves)
Three copies.
29 35-40 1947 18 items
29 35 Correspondence concerning the recovery of artworks by Christian Rohlfs, 1947 7 items (13 leaves)
Correspondence between G. Strauss, Christian Rohlf's wife, Magistrat von Gross-Berlin, Kurt Reutti, Deutsche Zentralverwaltung für Volksbildung, Bernhard Jasmand, and Wilma Zelck.
29 36 Letters concerning recovery of a painting by Kirchner, 1947 2 items (4 leaves)
Two letters from the Amt Museen und Sammlungen Referat Rückführung von Kunstgütern, signed by Reutti, to the Kriminalpolizei [Criminal Police] in Berlin. Two copies.
29 37 Letter regarding Otto Felsing, Wilma Zelck, and Berhard A. Böhmer, 1947 2 items (3 leaves)
Two copies of a letter to Friedrich Schult in Güstrow.
29 38 Documents regarding the search for Rolf Hetsch, 1947 4 items (6 leaves)
Authorization for Reutti, and letters from the Deutsche Zentralverwaltung für Volksbildung to the Volksbildungsministerium Mecklenburg/Vorpommern, all signed by Strauss.
29 39 List of artworks found in the possession of Galerie Ferdinand Möller on 21 January 1947, 1947 1 item (8 leaves)
Carbon copy, annotated in pencil.
29 40 A report by Reutti, 1947 2 items (6 leaves)
Addressed to Strauss at the Deutsche Zentralverwaltung für Volksbildung, with Nachtrag [addendum.] Two photocopies.
29 41-48 1948 18 items
29 41 Letter regarding a painting by Macke, 1948 1 item
Letter from Strauss to Reutti regarding the painting Zoologischer Garten by Macke.
29 42 Letter regarding business dealings of Ferdinand Möller, 1948 1 item (2 leaves)
Letter from Reutti to Christopher Norris at the Education Branch, I.A. U.O. Division, Zonal Executive Offices, Control Commission for Germany (BE). Two copies.
29 43 Correspondence regarding artworks by Oskar Moll, 1948 2 items (4 leaves)
Correspondence between Reutti and Walter Passarge at the Städtische Kunsthalle Mannheim.
29 44 A statement regarding recovery of artworks looted from German museums, 1948 2 items
A statement by Magistrat von Gross-Berlin, Abteilung für Volksbildung, Amt Museen und Sammlungen. Translated into German. Two copies.
29 45 Letter regarding Reutti's report, 1948 2 items
Letter from Reutti to Dr. Lehmann-Haupt. Two copies.
29 46 Letter regarding Lothar-Günther Buchheim's business dealings with Galerie Ferdinand Möller, 1948 3 items
Two copies of Reutti's letter to Strauss at Deutsche Verwaltung für Volksbildung. With a mention of artworks by Kirchner and Heckel. Also present is photocopy of Buchheim's letter to Reutti.
29 47 Letter regarding painting Blumige Bergwiese by Rohlfs, 1948 4 items
Letter from Reutti to Strauss at Deutsche Verwaltung für Volksbildung. Four copies.
29 48 Correspondence regarding artworks by Jan Steen, Rembrandt, Pieter de Hooch, Salomon de Ruysdael, and a ring, 1948 3 items
Correspondence between Magistrat von Gross-Berlin, Abteilung für Volksbildung, Amt Museen und Sammlungen and Monuments and Fine Arts Section, Education Branch [...] Control Commission for Germany (British Element) regarding a claim submitted by Heinz Bannermann to the judicial trustee of the heirs of Bernhard A. Böhmer. Photocopies.
29 49-57 1949 25 items
29 49 Documents regarding recovery of artworks by several artists, 1949 8 items
Three letters from Reutti to Friedrich Schult, transcript of a report by Schult, and a letter from Justi to Dr. Behrsing at the Amt Museen und Sammlungen. Regarding recovery of artworks by several artists, including Ernst Barlach, Rudolf Belling, Adolf Wissel, Wilhelm Lehmbruck, and Lyonel Feininger. Typescripts with carbon copies.
29 50 Letter regarding sculptures sold by Böhmer, 1949 2 items
Letter from Reutti to Paul Zschimmer. Included is a list of the artworks. Two copies.
29 51 Letter regarding painting Die Macht der Musik by Oskar Kokoschka, 1949 2 items
Letter from Reutti to Strauss at the Deutsche Verwaltung für Volksbildung. Two copies.
29 52 Statement regarding painting Blumige Bergwiese by Christian Rohlfs, 1949 3 items
Statement by the Deutsche Verwaltung für Volksbildung, signed by Strauss, and Reutti's letter to Strauss (two copies).
29 53 Various letters, 1949 3 items (5 leaves)
Two letters to Ferdinand Möller, including one from Reutti, and a telegram from Möller to Reutti. With a mention of artworks by Kirchner, Schmidt-Rottluff, Mataré, and Heckel.
29 54 Correspondence regarding recovery of artworks confiscated from the Rostock museum, 1949 3 items (6 leaves)
Correspondence between the Amt Museen und Sammlungen Referat Rückführung von Kunstwerken and a museum in Rostock. Six copies.
29 55 Letter regarding artworks lent by Möller to the Moritzburg Museum in Halle, 1949 2 items (4 leaves)
Letter from Reutti to Ferdinand Möller and Möller's letter to the Landesregierung Brandenburg, Minister für Volksbildung. Four copies.
29 56 Letter regarding business dealings of Ferdinand Möller, 1949 1 item (2 leaves)
Letter from Reutti to Justi at the Nationalgalerie in Berlin. Two copies.
29 57 Letter to Dr. Jannesch, 1949 1 item (3 leaves)
Letter from Ferdinand Möller to Dr. Jannesch at the Hauptamt Kunst und Literatur in Berlin. Photocopy.
box folder
30 1-3 1950 6 items
30 1 Letter regarding a monument by Ernst Barlach from the cathedral in Magdeburg, 1950 1 item (2 leaves)
Letter from Reutti to Generaldirektor [?] Two copies.
30 2 Correspondence regarding the return of artworks to National-Galerie in Berlin and business dealings of Ferdinand Möller, 1950 4 items (8 leaves)
Correspondence between Reutti and the Städtisches Museum in der Moritzburg.
30 3 Letter regarding the involvement of Karl Haberstock in the degererate art campaign, 1950 1 item (2 leaves)
Letter from Reutti to the Oberstaatsanwaltschaft in Munich. Typed transcript, carbon copy.
30 4-5 1951 6 items
30 4 Letter from Reutti to Dr. Pagel at Haus der Bunderregierung in Berlin, 1951 2 items (4 leaves)
Reutti summarizes his work for the Zentralverwaltung für Volksbildung der sowjetisch besetzten Zone, and relates details about, in his opinion, controversial cultural policy in parts of Germany governed by the Soviet Military Administration (SVAG). Two copies.
30 5 Correspondence regarding the recovery of several artworks, 1951 4 items (10 leaves)
Correspondence between Reutti and the Folkwang Museum in Essen. Four copies of Reutti's letters.
30 6-8 1952 6 items
30 6 Letters regarding business dealings of Ferdinand Möller, 1952 3 items (8 leaves)
Two letters from Reutti to Will Grohmann, and Reutti's letter to Dr. Pagel at the Ministerium für gesamtdeutsche Fragen. With a mention of the art dealer Gurlitt.
30 7 Correspondence regarding Karl Haberstock, 1952 2 items (4 leaves)
Reutti's correspondence with Dorothee Westphal.
30 8 Letter regarding business dealings of Ferdinand Möller, Rolf Hetsch, and Bernhard A. Böhmer, and the case of Wilma Zelck. 1952 1 item (6 leaves)
Letter from Reutti to Dr. Pagel at the Ministerium für gesamtdeutsche Fragen. Two copies.
30 9 1954 2 items (3 leaves)
Reutti's correspondence with the Staatliche Galerie Moritzburg in Halle regarding the painting Wildschweine by Franz Marc.
30 10 1955 5 items (circa 40 leaves)
Letter from Reutti to Paul Ortwin Rave at Kunstbibliothek Berlin-Charlottenburg regarding artworks from Bernhard A. Böhmer's estate seized from the house of Wilma Zelk. Included are lists of artworks to be returned to the Museum der bildenden Künste Leipzig, and the Kupferstichkabinett in Berlin. Also present are an extensive list of artworks from degenerate art campaign seized by Reutti from the heirs of Böhmer and returned to museums in East Berlin [incomplete, missing pages no. 6, 7, 22, 23], and an unidentified list.
30 11 1962 1 item (2 leaves)
Letter from Maria Möller-Garny to Dr. Dross regarding Ernst Barlach.
30 12-15 undated 6 items
30 12 Essay titled "Schicksal der 'Entarteten Kunst' nach 1945," undated 2 items (16 leaves)
Unsigned Kurt Reutti[?] typescript. Two copies, one with corrections.
30 13 Two reports, undated 2 items (10 leaves)
One titled "Bericht" about the fate of artworks by Ernst Barlach under Soviet occupation, and a report about the confiscation, sale, and exchange of degenerate art by the Nazis. Two copies of each report. Both reports are unsigned and possibly by Kurt Reutti.
30 14 List of artworks returned by Mrs. Fischer to Stadtgemeinde Halle, undated 1 item
30 15 Final report by Reutti, undated 1 item (390 pages)
Unbound photocopy of typescript.
31-36 Confiscated artworks, undated 6 boxes
This group consists of several hundred catalog sheets compiled by Arntz in an effort to create a comprehensive catalog of artworks looted from public collections in Germany.
For his research Arntz designed catalog sheets organized by the following categories: artist, title, technique/size, owner, acquisition/price, seizure number (seizure numbers are not consistently documented), exhibitions (mainly refering to the 1937 Degenerate Art exhibition in Munich), name of art dealer, original location, record in oeuvre catalog, existing reproductions, and notes. The catalog sheets are typed and frequently updated by hand. Arntz filed the sheets in two separate files: by name of the artist, and by location of the collection from which the artwork was confiscated.
There is an additional file arranged alphabetically by artists' names. These catalog sheets include only the name of the artist and the number of artworks confiscated. Occasionally added are titles of the artworks and other information.
Several lists of confiscated artworks are also included.
31-32 By name of artist, undated
box folder
31 1 Jussuf Abbo - Jankel Adler circa 20 catalog sheets
Jussuf Abbo, Josef Achman, Max Ackermann, Jankel Adler.
31 2 Friedrich Ahlers-Hestermann - W. Antes 13 catalog sheets
Friedrich Ahlers-Hestermann, Karl Albiker, Heinrich Altherr, Cuno Amiet, Charles Angrand, August Anhalt, Maria Annot next hit Jacobi, W. Antes.
31 3 Alexander Archipenko - B. Arnold circa 15 catalog sheets
Alexander Archipenko, B. Arnold.
31 4 August Babberger - Hermann Bänder circa 15 catalog sheets
August Babberger, Arnold Balwe, Alma del Banco, Hermann Bänder.
31 5 Ernst Barlach circa 35 catalog sheets
31 6 Maurice Barraud - Willi Baumeister circa 20 catalog sheets
Maurice Barraud, Mathias Barz, Josef Bauer, Rudolf Bauer, Philipp Bauknecht, Otto Baum, Willi Baumeister.
31 7 Herbert Bayer - Walter Becker circa 20 catalog sheets
Herbert Bayer, Hans Bayerlein, Wladimir Georgiewitsch von Bechtejeff, C. G. Becker, Hellmut Becker, Walter Becker.
31 8 Max Beckmann circa 50 catalog sheets
31 9 René Beeh - Christian Beyer circa 15 catalog sheets
René Beeh, Hans Otto Beier, Rudolf Belling, Charlotte Berend-Corinth, Werner Berg, Adolf Bernath, Karl Bertsch, Jakob Best, Christian Beyer.
31 10 Egon Biel - Peter August Böckstiegel circa 20 catalog sheets
Egon Biel, Ernst Billder, Albert Birkle, Emil Bizer, Hermann Blumenthal, Peter August Böckstiegel.
31 11 Arnold Bode- Fritz Burger-Mühlfeldt circa 40 catalog sheets
Arnold Bode, Hans Bolz, Camille Bombois, Walter Bötticher, George Braque, H. Brasch, Hans Breinlinger, Arno Breker, Theo Brockhusen, Hans Brühlmann, Heinrich Brüne, Carl Buchheister, Max Burchartz, Fritz Burger-Mühlfeldt.
31 12 Paul Camemisch - Peter Comer circa 55 catalog sheets
Paul Camemisch, Heinrich Campendonk, Massimo Campigli, Karl Caspar, Maria Caspar-Filser, Pol Cassel, Paul Cézanne, Henk Chabo, Marc Chagall, Giorgio de Chirico, Oskar Coester, Peter Comer.
31 13 Lovis Corinth circa 50 catalog sheets
31 14 Ottocar Coubine - Otto Ditscher circa 40 catalog sheets
Ottocar Coubine, Charles Crodel, Eugen Croissant, E. Henry Cross, Ferdinand Cürten, Gustav Dahler, Nils van Dardel, Willy Davidsohn, Heinrich Maria Davringhausen, Arthur Degner, Robert Delaunay, André Derain, Edith Dettmann, Walter Dexel, Diesener, Adolf Dietrich, Jakob Dietz, Ernst Richard Dietze, Karl Dillinger, Erna Dinklage, Otto Ditscher.
31 15 Otto Dix circa 40 catalog sheets
31 16 Josef Dobrowsky - Max Dunken circa 30 catalog sheets
Josef Dobrowsky, Karl Doebel [Döbel], Theo van Doesburg, Franz Domscheidt, Tour Donas, Karl Drebel, Wilhelm Dressler, Hans Christoph Drexel, Johannes Driesch, Max Dungert, Max Dunken.
31 17 Heinrich Eberhard - Rudolf Ewald circa 40 catalog sheets
Heinrich Eberhard, Josef Eberz, Otto Eckmann, Karl Ederer, Dietz Edzard, Heinrich Ehmsen, Georg Ehrlich, Benno Elkan, Edgar Ende, Aurél Endi, James Ensor, Ignaz Epper, Alois Erbach, Adolf Erbslöh, Arthur Erdle, F. R. Ericksdun, Max Ernst, Karl Eulenstein, Reinhold Ewald, Rudolf Ewald.
31 18 Anton Faistauer - Lyonel Feininger circa 55 catalog sheets
Anton Faistauer, Etienne Farkas [István Farkas], Maurice Le Fauconnier, Jakob Fehrle, Hans Feibusch, Friedrich Feigl, Fritz Feigler, Lyonel Feininger.
31 19 Max Feldbauer - Xaver Fuhr circa 55 catalog sheets
Max Feldbauer, Paul Felger, Conrad Felixmüller, Emil Filla, Ernesto de Fiori, Oskar Fischer, Fritz Flinte, Otto Freundlich, Otto Freytag, Frank Frigyen, Ernst Fritsch, Xaver Fuhr.
31 20 Bernhard Gaertner - Friedrich Göttler circa 55 catalog sheets
Bernhard Gaertner, Herbert Garbe, Franz Gaudek, Paul Gauguin, Geigenberger, Willi Geiger, Otto Hermann Geiseler, Walter Geissler, Franz Gelb, Robert Genin, Ida Gerhardi, Ludwig Gies, Werner Gilles, Otto Gleichmann, Albert Gleizes, Erich Glette, Hans Weddo von Glümer, Paul Gösch, Hans Gött, Friedrich Göttler.
31 20.1 Vincent van Gogh - Juan Gris
Vincent van Gogh, Grabow, Gottfried Graf, Walter Gramaté, Günther Grassmann, Anton Grauel, Johannes Greferath, Fritz Grewenig, Juan Gris.
31 21 E. Gross - Rudolf Grossmann circa 30 catalog sheets
E. Gross, Rudolf Grossmann.
31 22 George Grosz - Albert Paris von Gütersloh circa 30 catalog sheets
George Grosz, Hans Grundig, Paula Grünefeld, Isaac Grünewald, Herbert Gurschner, Albert Paris von Gütersloh.
31 23 Berthold Haag - Guido Hebert circa 20 catalog sheets
Berthold Haag, Karl Haase-Halver, Adolf de Haer, Richard Haizmann, Hans Hal, Hermann Haller, Erich Hartmann, Albert Haueisen, R. Haussmann, Guido Hebert.
31 24-26 Erich Heckel circa 130 catalog sheets
31 27 Franz Heckendorff - Heinrich Heuser circa 50 catalog sheets
Franz Heckendorff, Hans Hecker, Wilhelm Heckrott, Marta Hegemann, Fritz Heidingsfeld, Rudolf W. Heinisch, August Heitmüller, Walter Helbig, Carl Hemmerlein, Manfred Henninger, Albert Henselmann, Richard Herber, Otto Herbig, Auguste Herbin, Kurt Hermann, Heinrich Hertges, Ludwig Herthel, Oswald Herzog, Paul Hesstrich, Otto Hettner, Fritz Heubner, Heinrich Heuser.
31 28 Werner Heuser - Bernhard Hoetger circa 15 catalog sheets
Werner Heuser, Helene von Heyden, Adolf Hildebrand, Reinhard Hilker, Heinrich Hoerle, Bernhard Hoetger.
31 29 Carl Hofer circa 60 catalog sheets
31 30 Eugen Hoffmann - Julius Hüther circa 30 catalog sheets
Eugen Hoffmann, Wolf Hoffmann, Hohlt, Ludwig ten Hompel, Heinrich Hörle, Karl Hosch, Oluf Höst, Karl Hubbuch, Franz Huber, Georg Hublitz, Fritz Huf, Fritz Hülsamann, Hermann Hundt, Julius Hüther.
box folder
32 1 Heinrich Ilgenfritz - Rudolf Junghanns circa 50 catalog sheets
Heinrich Ilgenfritz, Arthur Illies, Ernst Isselmann, Johannes Itten, Willi Jäckel, Wilhelm Jaeckel, Maximilian Jahns, Richard Janthur, Alexej Jawlensky, F. Jerusalem, Erich Johanson, Karl Jörres, Ewald Jorzig, Rudolf Junghanns.
32 2 Eugen von Kahler - Wassily Kandinsky circa 30 catalog sheets
Eugen von Kahler, Leo Kahn, Franz Kaiser, Hans Jürgen Kallmann, Wassily Kandinsky.
32 3 Alexander Kanoldt - Adolf Kessler circa 30 catalog sheets
Alexander Kanoldt, Georg Kars, Joachim Karsch, A. L. Katz, Hanns Ludwig Katz, Robert Katz, Julie Katz-Aerebon, Arthur Kaufmann, Max Kaus, Laurent Keller, Ida Kerkovius, Anton Kerschbaumer, Adolf Kessler.
32 4-5 Ernst Ludwig Kirchner circa 90 catalog sheets
32 6 Moise Kisling - Wilhelm Kohlhoff circa 60 catalog sheets
Moise Kisling, Paul Klee, Cesar Klein [Cäsar Klein], Fritz Klein, Paul Kleinschmidt, Walter Klemm, Gustav Klimt, Julius Klinger, Karl Kluth, Karl Knappe, Egon Knaus, Max Kneisel, Moissey Kogan, Wilhelm Kohlhoff.
32 7 Oskar Kokoschka circa 55 catalog sheets
32 8 Anton Kolig - Willi Küpper circa 25 catalog sheets
Anton Kolig, Georg Kolbe, Helmut Kolle (Helmut von Hügel), Käthe Kollwitz, Josef Kölschbach, Leo von König, Maxim Kopf, Erwin von Körmendy, Hermann Kraidt, Bernhard Krauskopf, Bruno Krauskopf, Bernhard Kretzschmar, Willy Kriegel, Per Krogh, Fritz Kronenberg, Paul Krüger, Rudolf Kuhn, Josef Kuisl, Willi Küpper.
32 9 Ladengast - Fernand Léger circa 25 catalog sheets
Ladengast, Kurt Lahs, Anton Lamprecht, Otto Lange, André Lanskoy, Else Lasker-Schüler, Hans Lasser, K. A. Lattner, Marie Laurencin, Werner Laves, Fernand Léger.
32 10 Wilhelm Lehmbruck - Oskar Lüthy circa 50 catalog sheets
Wilhelm Lehmbruck, Julo Levin, Rudolf Levy, Karl Leyhausen, H. R. Lichtenberger, Max Liebermann, Georg Liebhard, Walter Lindgens, El Lissitzky, H. Lissmann, Alfred Lörcher, Oskar Lüthy.
32 11 August Macke circa 25 catalog sheets
32 12 Helmuth Macke - Franz Marc circa 35 catalog sheets
Helmuth Macke, Franz Marc.
32 13 Gerhard Marcks - Henri Matisse circa 40 catalog sheets
Gerhard Marcks, Hans de Marées, Edmund Marffy, Frans Masereel, Ewald Mataré, Henri Matisse.
32 14 Wilhelm Maxon - Constantin von Mitschke-Collande circa 35 catalog sheets
Wilhelm Maxon, Mathias May, Ludwig Meidner, Melchen, Moritz Melzer, Carl Mense, Hans Mettel, Jean Metzinger, Otto Meyer, Renier Meyer, Heinrich Minkenberg, Constantin von Mitschke-Collande.
32 15 Paula Modersohn-Becker circa 25 catalog sheets
32 16 Amadeo Modigliani - Muche circa 60 catalog sheets
Amadeo Modigliani, László Moholy-Nagy, Margarete Moll, Oskar Moll, Rudolf Möller, Paul Molnar, Johannes Molzahn, Piet Mondrian, Montanari, Henrik Moor, Ernst Morgenthaler, Wilhelm Morgner, Georg Mosson, Muche.
32 17 Otto Mueller circa 60 catalog sheets
32 18 Albert Müller - Edvard Munch circa 20 catalog sheets
Albert Müller, Hans Alexander Müller, Edvard Munch.
32 19 Franz Naager - Heinrich Nauen circa 60 catalog sheets
Franz Naager, Erich Nagel, Reinhold Nägele, Heinrich Nauen.
32 20 Ernst Wilhelm Nay - Ernst Noether circa 15 catalog sheets
Ernst Wilhelm Nay, Kay Heinrich Nebel, Marczell von Nemes [collector?], Georg Nerlich, O. Neumann, Karl Niestrath, Artur Nikodem, Nitschke, Ernst Noether.
32 21-23 Emil Nolde circa 130 catalog sheets
32 24 Franz Nölken - Eduard Overhoff circa 30 catalog sheets
Franz Nölken, Willi Nowak, Willi Oeser, K. Opfermann, Walter Ophey, Desider Orban, Wilfried Otto, Eduard Overhoff.
32 25 Wolf Panizza - Max Pechstein circa 65 catalog sheets
Wolf Panizza, Otto Pankok, Alfred Partikel, Jules Pascin, Karl Patko, Fritz Pauli, Max Pechstein.
32 26 Max Peiffer Watenphul - Hans Purrmann circa 50 catalog sheets
Max Peiffer Watenphul, Alfred Heinrich Pellegrini, Wilhelm Philipp, Pablo Picasso, Josef Pieper, Richard Pietsch, Wilhelm von Pigage, Ewald Platte, Josef Plenk, Carla Pohle, F. Pollak, [Heinz?] Porep, Alexandra Povorina, Henny Protzen-Kundmüller, Robert Pudlich, Hans Purrmann.
32 27 Gregor Rabinovitsch - Otto Paul Rössler circa 30 catalog sheets
Gregor Rabinovitsch, Karl Rabus, Jan Rädecker, Anton Räderscheidt, Franz Radziwill, Max Rauh, Max Rausch, Alfred Reder, Anita Ree, Hans Reiffenstuel, Rwald Reinhold, Hans Richter, Arnolde Rickert, Joachim Ringelnatz, Emi Röder, Otto Rodewald, Henry de Buys Roessingh, Wolf Röhricht, Waldemar Rösler, Otto Paul Rössler.
32 28-30 Christian Rohlfs circa 130 catalog sheets
32 31 Heinz Rose - Heinrich Rüter circa 15 catalog sheets
Heinz Rose, Max Rotthaler, Georges Rouault, Josef Rübsam, Jupp Rübsam, Walter von Ruckteschell, Wilhelm Rudolph, Rudolphi, Heinrich Rüter.
32 32 Jacinto Salvado - Theodor Schindler circa 35 catalog sheets
Jacinto Salvado, Eva Samuel, Fritz Schaefler, Josefine Schaller, Edwin Scharff, Josef Scharl, Otto Scheffels, H. Scheiber, Lodewig Schelfhout, Fritz Scherer, Egon Schiele, Theodor Schindler.
32 33 Oskar Schlemmer circa 25 catalog sheets
32 34 Eva Marie Schlenzig - P. H. Schmidt circa 20 catalog sheets
Eva Marie Schlenzig, Rudolf Schlichter, Wilhelm Schmid, Bruno Schmidt, Leronhard Schmidt, P.H. Schmidt.
32 35-36 Karl Schmidt-Rottluff circa 100 catalog sheets
32 37 Ferdinand Schmitz - Georg Schrimpf circa 35 catalog sheets
Ferdinand Schmitz, P. Schmitz, Franz Schnabel, Wilhelm Schnarrenberger, Fritz Schneider, Hubert Schöllgen, Georg Schollz, Werner Scholz, A. Otto Schreiber, Karl Moritz Schreiner, Georg Schrimpf.
32 38 Heinrich Schröder - Kurt Schwitters circa 25 catalog sheets
Heinrich Schröder, Otto Schubert, Schult, Max Schulze-Sölde, Karl Schwalbach, Karl Schwesig, Martel Schwichtenberg, Kurt Schwitters.
32 39 Götz von Seckendorf - Imre Szobotka circa 60 catalog sheets
Götz von Seckendorf, Adolf Paul Seehaus, Max Seehaus, T. A. Seehaus, Richard Seewald, Arthur Segal, Lasar Segall, Richard Seiffert-Wattenberg, Ismael Gonzalez de la Serna, Gino Severini, Paul Signac, Renée Sintenis, Mario Sironi, Friedrich Skade, Maxlevogt, Jens Söndergaard, Willi Sohl, Karl Sohn, Hans Spiegel, Søren Steen-Johnsen, Milly Steger, Josef Steib, Heinrich Steinhagen, Hermann Stenner, Robert Sterl, Peter Stermann, Armin Stern, Max Stern, Richard Stitzel, William Straube, Imre Szobotka.
32 40 Rabindra Nath Tagore - Maurice Utrillo circa 40 catalog sheets
Rabindra Nath Tagore, Walter Tanck, Georg Tappert, Walter Teutsch, Paul Thalheimer, Ernst Thoms, Wilhelm Thöny, Herbert von Thuenen, Johannes Tietz, Hans Tombrock, Hugo Troendle, Hans Troschel, Otto Tügel, Richard Tzschirmer, unbekannter Künstler, Max Unold, Karl Emil Uphoff, Fürst Albrecht von Urach, Josef Urbach, Friedrich Urschbach, Maurice Utrillo.
32 41 Eberhard Viegener - Friedrich Vordemberge-Gildewart circa 15 catalog sheets
Eberhard Viegener, L. Vivin, Maurice de Vlaminck, Alfred Vocke, Elisabeth Voigt, K. Völker, Christof Voll, Friedrich Vordemberge-Gildewart.
32 42 Ludwig Waldschmidt - Max Wylluda circa 75 catalog sheets
Ludwig Waldschmidt, Karl Walser, Erich Waske, Otto Friedrich Weber, Walter von Wecus, Albert Weisgerber, Josef Weiss, Konrad Westermayer, Ines Wetzel, Weyrich, Wilhelm Wieger, Jenny Wiegmann, Hans Wienenberg, Gustav Wiethüchter, Otto Wilfried, Ulfert Wilke, O. Willi, Fritz Winkler, Winzheimer, Hans Wissel, Prinz zu Wittgenstein, Gustav Wolff, Gustav Heinrich Wolff, Gert Wollheim, Fritz Wrampe, Max Wylluda.
32 43 Wladimir Lukianowitsch von Zabotin - Wiktoria Zimmermann circa 40 catalog sheets
Wladimir Lukianowitsch von Zabotin, Max Zachman, Arthur Zahn, Egen Zeller, Karl Zerbe, Ernst Zeuthen, Wiktoria Zimmermann.
33-35 By location, undated
box folder
33 1 Location unknown circa 60 catalog sheets
Alexander Archipenko, Rudolf Bauer, Hans Bolz, Braque, Fritz Burger-Mühlfeldt, Heinrich Campendonk, Maria Caspar-Filser, Marc Chagall, Lovis Corinth, Heinrich Maria Davringhausen, Otto Dix, Lyonel Feininger, Robert Genin, Rudolf Grossmann, Georg Grosz, Erich Heckel, Karl Hofer, Alexej von Jawlensky, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Paul Klee, Wilhelm Lehmbruck, Rudolf Levy, Ewald Mataré, Moritz Melzer, Paula Modersohn-Becker, Heinrich Nauen, Emil Nolde, Anton Räderscheidt, Karl Schmidt-Rottluff, Paul Thalheimer.
33 2 Aachen: Städtisches Suermondt-Museum 5 catalog sheets
Hans Bolz, Heinrich Maria Davringhausen, August Macke, Anton Räderscheidt.
33 3 Barmen: Ruhmeshalle (Sammlung Ibach) 2 catalog sheets
Wassily Kandinsky, Franz Marc.
33 4-17 Berlin: Nationalgalerie
33 4 Josef Achmann - Theo Brockhusen circa 40 catalog sheets
Josef Achmann, Jankel Adler, Jacobi previous hit Annot next hit, Alexander Archipenko, Ernst Barlach, Otto Baum, Willi Baumeister, Max Beckmann, Rudolf Belling, Albert Birkle, George Braque, Theo Brockhusen.
33 5 Heinrich Campendonk - Charles Crodel circa 35 catalog sheets
Heinrich Campendonk, Lovis Corinth, Charles Crodel.
33 6 Adolf Dietrich - Max Dungert circa 30 catalog sheets
Adolf Dietrich, Otto Dix, Karl Doebel, Franz Domscheit, Karl Drebel, Wilhelm Dressler, Christoph Drexel, Max Dungert.
33 7 Josef Eberz - Xaver Fuhr circa 30 catalog sheets
Josef Eberz, Heinrich Ehmsen, Benno Elkan, F. R. Ericksdun, Max Ernst, Lyonel Feininger, Conrad Felixmüller, Ernesto de Fiori, Otto Freytag, Ernst Fritsch, Xaver Fuhr.
33 8 Herbert Garbe - Paula Grünefeld circa 20 catalog sheets
Herbert Garbe, Werner Gilles, Vincent van Gogh, Anton Grauel, Juan Gris, Adolf Grossmann, George Grosz, Paula Grünefeld.
33 9 Hans Hal - Oluf Höst circa 45 catalog sheets
Hans Hal, Hermann Haller, Erich Heckel, Franz Heckendorf, Otto Hettner, Carl Hofer, Wolf Hoffmann, Oluf Höst.
33 10 Jacobi - Leo von König circa 60 catalog sheets
Jacobi, Steen Johnsen, Hans Kallmann, Wassily Kandinsky, Joachim Karsch, Max Kaus, Laurent Keller, Anton Kerschbaumer, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Paul Klee, Paul Kleinschmidt, Gustav Klimt, Karl Kluth, Wilhelm Kohlhoff, Oskar Kokoschka, Leo von König.
33 11 Bruno Krauskopf - Franz Marc circa 40 catalog sheets
Bruno Krauskopf, Ladengast, Else Lasker-Schüler, A. K. Lattner, Wilhelm Lehmbruck, Rudolf Levy, Max Liebermann, August Macke, Franz Marc.
33 12 Ewald Mataré - Edvard Munch circa 50 catalog sheets
Ewald Mataré, Ludwig Meidner, Hans Mettel, Jean Metzinger, Heinrich Minkenberg, Amadeo Modigliani, Oskar Moll, Rudolf Möller, Dante Montanari, Wilhelm Morgner, Georg Mosson, Otto Mueller, Edvard Munch.
33 13 Erich Nagel - Emil Nolde circa 40 catalog sheets
Erich Nagel, Heinrich Nauen, Ernst Wilhelm Nay, Georg Nerlich, Emil Nolde.
33 14 Eduard Overhoff - Wilhelm Philipp circa 25 catalog sheets
Eduard Overhoff, Alfred Partikel, Jules Pascin, Max Pechstein, Max Peiffer Watenphul, Wilhelm Philipp.
33 15 Franz Radziwill - P. H. Schmidt circa 35 catalog sheets
Franz Radziwill, Arnolde Rickert, Joachim Ringelnatz, Christian Rohlfs, Wolf Röhricht, Edwin Scharff, Lodewig Schelfhout, Egon Schiele, Oskar Schlemmer, Eva Marie Schlenzig, Rudolf Schlichter, P. H. Schmidt.
33 16 Karl Schmidt-Rottluff - Milly Steger circa 35 catalog sheets
Karl Schmidt-Rottluff, P. Schmitz, Werner Scholz, A. Otto Schreiber, Georg Schrimpf, Schubert, Kurt Schwitters, Adolf Paul Seehaus, Arthur Segal, Ismael Gomez de la Serna, Gino Severini, Paul Signac, Renée Sintenis, Mario Sironi, Max Slevogt, Jens Söndergaard, Milly Steger.
33 17 Rabindra Nath Tagore - Ernst Zeuthen circa 20 catalog sheets
Rabindra Nath Tagore, Hans Troschel, Eberhard Viegener, K. Völker, Voll, Erich Waske, Ines Wetzel, Gustav Wiethüchter, Hans Wissel, Gert Wollheim, Karl Zerbe, Ernst Zeuthen.
33 18 Braunschweig: Herzog-Anton-Ulrich Museum 1 catalog sheet
Karl Hofer.
33 19 Bremen: Kunsthalle circa 20 catalog sheets
Ottocar Coubine, Rudolf Grossmann, Erich Heckel, Karl Hofer, Karl Jörres, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Oskar Kokoschka, Leo von König, Henri Matisse, Jules Pascin, Max Pechstein, Hans Purrmann, Franz Radziwill, Anita Rée, Henry Roessingh, Heinz Witte.
33 20 Breslau: Schlesisches Museum der bildenden Künste circa 20 catalog sheets
Diesener, George Grosz, Karl Hofer, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Oskar Kokoschka, Ludwig Meidner, Margarete Moll, Oskar Moll, Johannes Molzahn, Otto Mueller, Max Pechstein, Karl Schmidt-Rottluff.
33 21 Chemnitz: Kunstverein 4 catalog sheets
Erich Heckel, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Karl Schmidt-Rottluff.
33 22 Darmstadt: Hessisches Landesmuseum 16 catalog sheets
Massimo Campigli, Otto Herbig, Hans Lasser, Oskar Moll, Emil Nolde, Max Pechstein, Ewald Reinhold, Hans Tombrock.
33 23 Dessau: Museum 1 catalog sheet
Wassily Kandinsky.
33 24-28 Dresden
33 24 Staatliche Kunstsammlungen circa 30 catalog sheets
Max Beckmann, Peter August Böckstiegel, Karl Caspar, Pol Cassel, Marc Chagall, Ernst Richard Dietze, Otto Dix, Lyonel Feininger, Conrad Felixmüller, Erich Heckel, Otto Hettner, Carl Hofer, Alexej Jawlensky, Paul Klee, Oskar Kokoschka, Otto Lange, August Macke, Edvard Munch, Emil Nolde, Max Pechstein, Paul Rössler, Oskar Schlemmer, Karl Schmidt-Rottluff, Robert Sterl.
33 25 Staatliche Skulpturensammlung 1 catalog sheet
Ernst Barlach.
33 26 Stadtmuseum 1 catalog sheet
Otto Dix.
33 27-28 Staatliche Gemäldegalerie circa 50 catalog sheets
Otto Dix, Lyonel Feininger, Conrad Felixmüller, George Grosz, Hans Grundig, Guido Herbert, Erich Heckel, Wilhelm Heckrott, Carl Hofer, Eugen Hoffmann, Erich Johanson, Wassily Kandinsky, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Paul Klee, Oskar Kokoschka, Otto Lange, Oskar Lüthy, Franz Marc, Gerhard Marcks, Constantin von Mitschke-Collande, Emil Nolde, Jules Pasch, Karl Schmidt-Rottluff, Otto Schubert, Kurt Schwitters, Lasar Segall, Friedrich Skade, Johannes Tietz, Christof Voll.
33 29-34 Düsseldorf
33 29 Städtische Kunstsammlung 5 catalog sheets
Jankel Adler, Emil Nolde, Edwin Scharff, Richard Seewald.
33 30-33 Kunstmuseum
33 30 Jankel Adler - Adolf de Haer circa 35 catalog sheets
Jankel Adler, Ernst Barlach, Curth [Kurt] Georg Becker, Paul Bindel, Heinrich Campendonk, Lovis Corinth, Otto Dix, Josef Eberz, Karl Ederer, Alois Erbach, Arthur Erdle, Max Ernst, Friedrich Feigl, Fritz Feigler, Bernhard Gaertner, Willi Geiger, Karl Grossberg, Rudolf Grossmann, George Grosz, Adolf de Haer.
33 31 Erich Heckel - Arthur Kaufmann circa 20 catalog sheets
Erich Heckel, Werner Heuser, Carl Hofer, Ludwig ten Hompel, Hermann Hundt, Willi Jäckel, Arthur Kaufmann.
33 32 Ernst Ludwig Kirchner - Heinrich Nauen circa 30 catalog sheets
Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Walter Klemm, Oskar Kokoschka, Käthe Kollwitz, Willi Küpper, Curt Lahs, Julo Levin, August Macke, Helmuth Macke, Franz Marc, Ewald Mataré, Ludwig Meidner, Renier Meyer, Oskar Moll, Wilhelm Morgner, Otto Mueller, Heinrich Nauen.
33 33 Emil Nolde - Gerd Wollheim circa 50 catalog sheets
Emil Nolde, Walter Ophey, Otto Pankok, Max Pechstein, Robert Pudlich, Jan Rädecker, Hans Reiffenstuel, Christian Rohlfs, Josef Rübsam, Jupp Rübsam, Egon Schiele, Karl Schmidt-Rottluff, Hubert Schöllgen, Georg Scholz, Karl Moritz Schreiner, Max Schulze-Sölde, Karl Schwesig, Richard Seewald, Karl Sohn, Max Stern, Maurice Vlaminck, Walter von Wecus, Josef Weisz, Gerd Wollheim.
33 34 Städtische Galerie 2 catalog sheets
Heinrich Nauen.
33 35 Duisburg: Städtisches Kunstmuseum circa 25 catalog sheets
Hermann Bänder, Ernst Barlach, Arno Breker, Henk Chabo, Heinrich Hertges, Wilhelm Lehmbruck, Heinrich Nauen, Christian Rohlfs, Wilhelm Schmid, Bruno Schmidt, Max Schulze-Sölde, Peter Stermann, Otto Friedrich Weber, Friedrich August Winzheimer, Arthur Zahn.
33 36 Erfurt: Museum 4 catalog sheets
Erich Heckel, Wassily Kandinsky, Emil Nolde, Christian Rohlfs.
33 37-46 Essen: Folkwang Museum
33 37 Jankel Adler - Hans Brühlmann circa 40 catalog sheets
Jankel Adler, Angrand, Alexander Archipenko, B. Arnold, Ernst Barlach, Willi Baumeister, Herbert Bayer, Walter Becker, Max Beckmann, Rudolf Belling, Hermann Blumenthal, August Böckstiegel, Walter Bötticher, George Braque, Hans Brühlmann.
33 38 Paul Camemisch - Albert Paris von Gütersloh circa 40 catalog sheets
Paul Camemisch, Carl Caspar, Paul Cézanne, Marc Chagall, Giorgio de Chirico, Lovis Corinth, E. Henry Cross, Gustav Dahler, André Derain, Otto Dix, Hans Christoph Drexel, Josef Eberz, Karl Eulenstein, Lyonel Feininger, Conrad Felixmüller, Otto Freundlich, Ida Gerhardi, Werner Gilles, von Glümer, Johannes Greferath, Albert Paris von Gütersloh.
33 39 Albert Haueisen - Alexej von Jawlensky circa 50 catalog sheets
Albert Haueisen, Erich Heckel, Fritz Heidingsfeld, Otto Herbig, Kurt Hermann, Paul Hesstrich, Reinhard Hilker, Carl Hofer, Ernst Isselmann, Johannes Itten, Alexej von Jawlensky.
33 40 Wassily Kandinsky - Paul Krüger circa 50 catalog sheets
Wassily Kandinsky, Gerard Keller, Anton Kerschbaumer, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Paul Klee, Julius Klinger, Moissey Kogan, Oskar Kokoschka, Hermann Kraidt, Paul Krüger.
33 41 Maurice Le Fauconnier - Paula Modersohn-Becker circa 40 catalog sheets
Maurice Le Fauconnier, Rudolf Levi, Max Liebermann, August Macke, Franz Marc, Gerhard Marcks, Hans de Marées, Henri Matisse, Ludwig Meidner, Paula Modersohn-Becker.
33 42 László Moholy-Nagy - Edvard Munch circa 30 catalog sheets
László Moholy-Nagy, Oskar Moll, Johannes Molzahn, Piet Mondrian, Wilhelm Morgner, Otto Mueller, Edvard Munch.
33 43 Heinrich Nauen - Emil Nolde circa 40 catalog sheets
Heinrich Nauen, Emil Nolde.
33 44 Walter Ophey - Christian Rohlfs circa 65 catalog sheets
Walter Ophey, Max Pechstein, Max Peiffer-Watenphul, Josef Piper, Ewald Platte, Franz Radziwill, Christian Rohlfs.
33 45 Eva Samuel - Karl Schmidt-Rottluff circa 30 catalog sheets
Eva Samuel, H. Scheiber, Egon Schiele, Oskar Schlemmer, Wilhelm Schmid, Karl Schmidt-Rottluff.
33 46 Max Schulze-Sölde - Gustav Heinrich Wolff circa 45 catalog sheets
Max Schulze-Sölde, Lasar Segall, William Straube, Georg Tappert, Richard Tzschirmer, [unknown artist], Josef Urbach, Maurice de Vlaminck, Josef Weiss, Konrad Westermayr, Gustav Wolff, Gustav Heinrich Wolff.
33 47-50 Frankfurt am Main: Städtisches Kunstkabinett
33 47-48 Städtisches Kunstkabinett
33 47 August Babberger - Carl Hofer circa 30 catalog sheets
August Babberger, Willi Baumeister, Max Beckmann, George Braque, H. Brasch, Heinrich Campendonk, Lovis Corinth, Rudolf Ewald, H. Feibusch, Paul Gauguin, Vincent van Gogh, E. Gross, Erich Heckel, Rudolf W. Heinisch, Bernhard Hoetger, Carl Hofer.
33 48 F. Jerusalem - Louis Vivin circa 35 catalog sheets
F. Jerusalem, Hanns Ludwig Katz, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Paul Klee, Paul Kleinschmidt, Oskar Kokoschka, Helmut Kolle (Helmut von Hügel), Bernhard Krauskopf, Wilhelm Lehmbruck, Rudolf Levy, H. Lissmann, Gerhard Marcks, Paula Modersohn-Becker, Edvard Munch, Emil Nolde, Max Pechstein, F. Pollak, Georges Rouault, Karl Schmidt-Rottluff, Louis Vivin.
33 49 Städtische Skulpturensammlung 1 catalog sheet
Ernst Barlach.
33 50 Städtische Galerie circa 25 catalog sheets
Max Beckmann, George Braque, Heinrich Campendonk, Marc Chagall, Hans Feibusch, Paul Gauguin, Erich Heckel, Karl Hofer, Paul Klee, Oskar Kokoschka, Franz Marc, Henri Matisse, Pablo Picasso, Christian Rohlfs, Karl Schmidt-Rottluff.
33 51 Hagen: Karl Ernst Osthaus-Museum 8 catalog sheets
Niestrat [?], Christian Rohlfs.
33 52 Halle: Moritzburg-Museum circa 40 catalog sheets
Lyonel Feininger, Erich Heckel, Wassily Kandinsky, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Oskar Kokoschka, Franz Marc, Otto Mueller, Emil Nolde, Christian Rohlfs, Karl Schmidt-Rottluff.
33 53-55 Hamburg: Kunsthalle
33 53 Alma del Banco - Georg Kars circa 40 catalog sheets
Alma del Banco, Ernst Barlach, Wladimir Georgiewitsch von Bechtejeff, Lovis Corinth, Nils van Dardel, Willy Davidsohn, Josef Eberz, Dietz Edzard, Edgar Ende, Fritz Flinte, Otto Freundlich, George Grosz, Isaac Grünewald, Richard Haizmann, Erich Hartmann, Erich Heckel, August Heitmüller, Karl Hofer, Fritz Huf, Maximilian Jahns, Franz Kaiser, Alexander Kanoldt, Georg Kars.
33 54 Ernst Ludwig Kirchner - Franz Nölken circa 30 catalog sheets
Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Cäsar Klein, Karl Kluth, Oskar Kokoschka, Fritz Kronenberg, Rudolf Levy, Dorothea Maetzel-Johannsen, Franz Marc, Carl Mense, Paula Modersohn-Becker, Otto Mueller, Edvard Munch, Heinrich Nauen, Franz Nölken.
33 55 Emil Nolde - Albert Weisgerber circa 30 catalog sheets
Emil Nolde, K. Opfermann, Max Pechstein, Pablo Picasso, Alexandra Povorina, Otto Rodewald, Christian Rohlfs, Edwin Scharff, Karl Schmidt-Rottluff, Götz von Seckendorf, Heinrich Steinhagen, Walter Tanck, Otto Tügel, Maurice de Vlaminck, Albert Weisgerber.
33 56-57 Hannover: Landesgalerie
33 56 Willi Baumeister - Wassili Kandinsky circa 35 catalog sheets
Lovis Corinth, Walter Dexel, Theo van Doesburg, Tour Donas, Lyonel Feininger, Emil Filla, Otto Gleichmann, Albert Gleizes, Grabow, Erich Heckel, Hohlt, Julius Hüther, Maximilian Jahns, Alexej von Jawlensky, Karl Jörres, Wassili Kandinsky.
33 57 Anton Kerschbaumer - Wilhelm Wieger circa 55 catalog sheets
Anton Kerschbaumer, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Paul Klee, Fernand Léger, El Lissitzky, Melchen, Paula Modersohn-Becker, László Moholy-Nagy, Piet Mondrian, Muche, Otto Mueller, Ernst Wilhelm Nay, Nitschke, Emil Nolde, Alfred Partikel, [Heinz?] Porep, Alexandra Povorina, Hans Richter, Heinz Rose, Rudolphi, Heinrich Rüter, Karl Schmidt-Rottluff, Schulte, Kurt Schwitters, Richard Seiffert-Wattenberg, Ernst Thoms, Friedrich Vordemberge-Gildewart, Wilhelm Wieger.
box folder
34 1 Jena: Kunstverein 3 catalog sheets
Cuno Amiet, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner.
34 2-5 Karlsruhe: Staatliche Kunsthalle
34 2 W. Antes - Lyonel Feininger circa 45 catalog sheets
W. Antes, August Babberger, Ernst Barlach, Willi Baumeister, Max Beckmann, Emil Bizer, Heinrich Campendonk, Lovis Corinth, Heinrich Maria Davringhausen, Karl Dillinger, Otto Dix, Heinrich Eberhard, Adolf Erbslöh, Lyonel Feininger.
34 3 Conrad Felixmüller - Karl Hubbuch circa 45 catalog sheets
Conrad Felixmüller, Oskar Fischer, Xaver Fuhr, Rudolf Grossmann, George Grosz, Erich Heckel, Carl Hofer, Karl Hubbuch.
34 4 L. A. Katz - Otto Neumann circa 35 catalog sheets
L. A. Katz, Robert Katz, Ida Kerkovius, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, M. Kogan, Oskar Kokoschka, Franz Marc, Ludwig Meidner, Otto Mueller, Otto Neumann.
34 5 Emil Nolde -Wladimir Lukianowitsch von Zabotin circa 30 catalog sheets
Emil Nolde, Max Pechstein, Pablo Picasso, Emil Röder, Walter von Ruckteschell, Edwin Scharff, Theodor Schindler, Rudolf Schlichter, Karl Schmidt-Rottluff, Georg Scholz, Weyrich, O. Willi, Wladimir Lukianowitsch von Zabotin.
34 6 Kassel: Städtische Kunstsammlungen circa 60 catalog sheets
Karl Albiker, August Anahalt, Charlotte Berend, Christian Beyer, Ernst Billder, Alfred Birkle, Arnold Bode, Camille Bombois, Karl Döbel, Reinhold Ewald, Lyonel Feininger, Franz Gaudek, Günther Grassmann, Karl Haase-Halver, Adolf de Haer, Erich Heckel, Bernhard Hoetger, Carl Hofer, Julie Katz-Aerebon, Georg Kolbe, Helmuth Kolle, Karl Leyhausen, Frans Masereel, Hans Alexander Müller, Ernst Wilhelm Nay, Kay Heinrich Nebel, Willi Nowak, Max Pechstein, Max Peiffer Watenphul, Alfred Pütz, Karl Rabus, Oskar Schlemmer, Karl Schmidt-Rottluff, Ferdinand Schmitz, Franz Schnabel, Fritz Schneider, Willy Steger, Armin Stern, Hugo Troendle, Maurice Utrillo, Alfred Vocke, Albert Weisgerber, Jenny Wiegmann, Prinz zu Wittgenstein.
34 7 Kiel: Kunsthalle circa 45 catalog sheets
Ernst Barlach, Lyonel Feininger, Carl Hofer, Emil Nolde, Christian Rohlfs.
34 8 Köln: Wallraf-Richartz-Museum circa 60 catalog sheets
Friedrich (Fritz) Ahlers-Hestermann, Max Beckmann, Heinrich Maria Davringhausen, André Derain, Max Dinken, Otto Dix, Max Ernst, Xaver Fuhr, Paul Gauguin, Vincent van Gogh, Erich Heckel, Marta Hegemann, Carl Hofer, Heinrich Hörle, Hans Jürgen Kallmann, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Oskar Kokoschka, Josef Kölschbach, Rudolf Levy, Walter Lindgens, Franz Marc, Paula Modersohn-Becker, Otto Mueller, Edvard Munch, Heinrich Nauen, Max Pechstein, Pablo Picasso, Hans Purrmann, Anton Räderscheidt, Christian Rohlfs, Karl Schmidt-Rottluff, Werner Scholz, Max Seehaus, Richard Seewald, Maurice de Vlaminck, Karl Walser.
34 9 Königsberg/Pr.: Städtische Kunstsammlungen 1 catalog sheet
Otto Dix.
34 10 Krefeld: Kaiser-Wilhelm-Museum 7 catalog sheets
Oskar Kokoschka, Otto Mueller, Emil Nolde, Max Pechstein, Karl Schmidt-Rottluff.
34 11-12 Leipzig
34 11 Museum der bildenden Künste circa 15 catalog sheets
Max Beckmann, Lyonel Feininger, Erich Heckel, Karl Hofer, Oskar Kokoschka, Wilhelm Lehmbruck, Helmut Macke, Ewald Mataré, Oskar Moll, Otto Mueller, Emil Nolde, Karl Schmidt-Rottluff, Fritz Winkler.
34 12 Städtisches Museum 1 catalog sheet
Max Pechstein.
34 13-14 Lübeck
34 13 Behnhaus 12 catalog sheets
Johannes Driesch, Erich Heckel, Karl Hofer, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Oskar Kokoschka, Wilhelm Lehmbruck, Gerhard Marcks, Franz Masereel, Paula Modersohn-Becker, Ernst Wilhelm Nay, Karl Schmidt-Rottluff.
34 14 Cathedral [Dom] 1 catalog sheet
Ludwig Gies.
34 15 Magdeburg: Kaiser-Friedrich-Museum 5 catalog sheets
Erich Heckel, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Max Pechstein, Karl Schmidt-Rottluff.
34 16-25 Mannheim: Städtische Kunsthalle
34 16 Jussuf Abbo - Lovis Corinth circa 45 catalog sheets
Jussuf Abbo, Jankel Adler, Alexander Archipenko, August Babberger, Willi Baumeister, Hellmut Becker, Walter Becker, Max Beckmann, René Beeh, Karl Bertsch, Jakob Best, Egon Biel, Paul Böckstiegel [Peter August Böckstiegel?], Hans Breinlinger, Hans Brühlmann, Marc Chagall, Lovis Corinth.
34 17 Heinrich Maria Davringhausen - Xaver Fuhr circa 45 catalog sheets
Heinrich Maria Davringhausen, Robert Delaunay, André Derain, Edith Dettmann, Karl Dillinger, Otto Dix, Josef Eberz, Otto Eckmann, Heinrich Ehmsen, Georg Ehrlich, James Ensor, Ignaz Epper, Karl Eulenstein, Reinhold Ewald, Etienne Farkas [István Farkas], Lyonel Feininger, Conrad Felixmüller, Emil Filla, Ernesto de Fiori, Xaver Fuhr.
34 18 Franz Gelb - R. Haussmann circa 60 catalog sheets
Franz Gelb, Otto Gleichmann, Paul Gösch, Friedrich Göttler, Walter Grammatté, Fritz Grewenig, Karl Grossberg, Rudolf Grossmann, George Grosz, Berthold Haag, Albert Haueisen, R. Haussmann.
34 19 Erich Heckel - Rudolf Junghanns circa 50 catalog sheets
Erich Heckel, Hans Hecker, Walter Helbig, Manfred Henninger, Albert Henselmann, Richard Herber, Auguste Herbin, Otto Hettner, Heinrich Heuser, Helene von Heyden, Adolf Hildebrand, Heinrich Hoerle, Carl Hofer, Karl Hosch, Karl Hubbuch, Franz Huber, Johannes Itten, Wilhelm Jaeckel, Richard Janthur, Alexej von Jawlensky, Rudolf Junghanns.
34 20 Leo Kahn - Georg Liebhard circa 60 catalog sheets
Leo Kahn, Wassily Kandinsky, Alexander Kanoldt, Georg Kars, Max Kaus, Anton Kerschbaumer, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Moise Kisling, Paul Klee, Cesar Klein, Paul Kleinschmidt, Gustav Klimt, Egon Knaus, Wilhelm Kohlhoff, Oskar Kokoschka, Bernhard Kretzschmar, Per Krogh, Otto Lange, André Lanskoy, Fernand Léger, Edy Legrand, Wilhelm Lehmbruck, Georg Liebhard.
34 21 El Lissitzky - Franz Nölken circa 45 catalog sheets
El Lissitzky, Franz Marc, Franz Masereel, Mathias May, Ludwig Meidner, Karl Mense, Otto Meyer, Hans Mittel, Paula Modersohn-Becker, László Moholy-Nagy, Oskar Moll, Ernst Morgenthaler, Wilhelm Morgner, Otto Mueller, Edvard Munch, Reinhold Nägele, Heinrich Nauen, Ernst Noether, Emil Nolde, Franz Nölken.
34 22 Willi Oeser - Wilhelm Rudolph circa 45 catalog sheets
Willi Oeser, Wilfried Otto, Otto Pankok, Fritz Pauli, Max Pechstein, Max Peiffer-Watenphul, Wilhelm von Pigage, Robert Pudlich, Hans Purrmann, Gregor Rabinovitsch, Christian Rohlfs, Wilhelm Rudolph.
34 23 Jacinto Salvado - Karl Schmidt-Rottluff circa 55 catalog sheets
Jacinto Salvado, Fritz Schaefler, Josefine Schaller, Edwin Scharff, Otto Scheffels, Fritz Scherer, Egon Schiele, Oskar Schlemmer, Rudolf Schlichter, Wilhelm Schmid, Karl Schmidt-Rottluff.
34 24 Wilhelm Schnarrenberger - William Straube circa 25 catalog sheets
Wilhelm Schnarrenberger, Georg Scholz, Georg Schrimpf, Kurt Schwitters, Adolf Paul Seehaus, Richard Seewald, Arthur Segall, Ismael Gomez de la Serna, Willi Sohl, Milly Steger, Richard Stitzel, William Straube.
34 25 Max Unold - Max Zachmann circa 50 catalog sheets
Max Unold, Karl Emil Uphoff, Vock, Elisabeth Voigt, Ludwig Waldschmidt, Albert Weisgerber, Hans Wissel, Friedrich Wrampe, Wladimir Zabotin, Max Zachmann.
34 26-27 Mönchengladbach
34 26 Karl-Brandes-Haus circa 75 catalog sheets
Heinrich Campendonk, Lyonel Feininger, Erich Heckel, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Wilhelm Lehmbruck, August Macke, Wilhelm Morgner, Otto Mueller, Heinrich Nauen, Emil Nolde, Max Pechstein, Christian Rohlfs, Karl Schmidt-Rottluff.
34 27 Städtisches Museum (Kaesbach-Stiftung) 5 catalog sheets
Erich Heckel, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner.
34 28 Mühlheim/Ruhr: Städtisches Museum 2 catalog sheets
August Macke, Emil Nolde.
34 29-32 München
34 29-31 Bayerische Staatsgemäldesammlung
34 29 Josef Achmann - Max Feldbauer circa 30 catalog sheets
Josef Achmann, Arnold Balwé, Max Beckmann, Heinrich Brüne, Heinrich Campendonk, Karl Caspar, Maria Caspar-Filser, Oskar Coester, Lovis Corinth, Eugen Croissant, Erna Dinklage, Otto Ditscher, Max Dunken, Josef Eberz, Anton Faistauer, Max Feldbauer.
34 30 Otto Geigenberger - Max Kaus circa 30 catalog sheets
Otto Geigenberger, Hermann Geiseler, Erich Glette, Hans Gött, Günter Grassmann, W. L. Grossmann, Rudolf Grossmann, Erich Heckel, Ludwig Herthel, Fritz Heubner, Carl Hofer, Fritz Hülsamann, Julius Hüther, Eugen von Kahler, Alexander Kanoldt, Max Kaus.
34 31 Adolf Kessler - Wiktoria Zimmermann circa 50 catalog sheets
Adolf Kessler, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Oskar Kokoschka, Josef Kuisl, Wilhelm Lehmbruck, Hans Reinhold Lichtenberger, Max Liebermann, August Macke, Wilhelm Maly, Franz Marc, Wilhelm Maxon, Henrik Moor, Edvard Munch, Franz Naager, Emil Nolde, Wolf Panizza, Alfred Heinrich Pellegrini, Josef Plenk, Carla Pohle, Henny Protzen-Kundmüller, Hans Purrmann, Christian Rohlfs, Waldemar Rösler, Max Rotthaler, Edwin Scharff, Josef Scharl, Karl Schmidt-Rottluff, George Schrimpf, Karl Schwalbach, Richard Seewald, Hans Spiegel, Walter Teutsch, Paul Thalheimer, Wilhelm Thöny, Herbert von Thuenen, Hugo Trendle, Friedrich Urschbach, Konrad Westermayer, Fritz Wrampe, Karl Zerbe, Wiktoria Zimmermann.
34 32 Städtische Galerie, Neue Staatsgalerie 12 catalog sheets
Karl Caspar, Lovis Corinth, Vincent van Gogh, Karl Hofer, Oskar Kokoschka, Emil Nolde, Max Rauh, Karl Schmidt-Rottluff.
34 33 Nürnberg: Städtische Kunstsammlungen circa 85 catalog sheets
Friedrich Ahlers-Hestermann, Mathias Barz, Josef Bauer, Hans Bayerlein, Hans Otto Beier, Charlotte Berend-Corinth, Werner Berg, Adolf Bernath, August Böckstiegel, Peter Comer, Lovis Corinth, Ferdinand Cürten, Arthur Degner, Jakob Dietz, Otto Dix, Josef Dobrowsky, Aurél Endi, Arthur Erdle, Conrad Felixmüller, Frank Frigyen, Ernst Fritsch, Willi Geiger, Rudolf Grossmann, George Grosz, Herbert Gurschner, Adolf de Haer, Rudolf Heinisch, Carl Hemmerlein, Otto Herbig, Werner Heuser, Carl Hofer, Georg Hublitz, Julius Hüther, Heinrich Ilgenfritz, Arthur Illies, Ewald Jorzig, Fritz Klein, Maxim Kopf, Erwin von Körmendy, Willi Kriegel, Anton Lamprecht, Werner Laves, Edmund Marffy, Paul Molnar, Heinrich Nauen, Marczell von Nemes [collector?], Artur Nikodem, Willi Nowak, Desider Orban, Wolf Panizza, Albert Partikel, Karl Patko, Richard Pietsch, Hans Purrmann, Max Rausch, Wolf Röhricht, Heinz Rose, Waldemar Rösler, Josef Scharl, Heinrich Schröder, Martel Schwichtenberg, Josef Steib, Imre Szobotka, Hugo Troendle, Ulfert Wilke, Max Wylluda.
box folder
35 1 Oldenburg: Landesmuseum 3 catalog sheets
Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Emil Nolde.
35 2 Plauen: Staatliche Schule für Textilindustrie 1 catalog sheet
Wassily Kandinsky.
35 3 Rostock: [name of museum not given] 1 catalog sheet
Erich Heckel.
35 4 Saarbrücken: Staatliches Museum 3 catalog sheets
Ernst Barlach, George Braque, Emil Nolde.
35 5 Stettin: Städtisches Museum 6 catalog sheets
Lovis Corinth, Otto Dix, Erich Heckel, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Christian Rohlfs.
35 6-7 Stuttgart
35 6 Staatliche Kunstsammlungen circa 30 catalog sheets
Max Ackermann, Heinrich Altherr, Otto Baum, Maria Caspar-Filser, Lovis Corinth, Josef Eberz, Jakob Fehrle, Paul Felger, Ernesto de Fiori, Gottfried Graf, Johann Greferath, Erich Heckel, Carl Hofer, Karl Knappe, Anton Kolig, Rudolf Kuhn, Wilhelm Lehmbruck, Alfred Lörcher, Ewald Mataré, Alfred Reder, Oskar Schlemmer, Leonhard Schmidt, Hermann Stenner, Max Unold, Fürst Albrecht von Urach.
35 7 Staatliche Galerie 16 catalog sheets
Ernst Barlach, Philipp Bauknecht, Max Beckmann, Conrad Felixmüller, Erich Heckel, Karl Hofer, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Max Liebermann, Paul Klee, Paul Kleinschmidt, Wilhelm Lehmbruck, Rudolf Levy, Otto Mueller, Emil Nolde, Oskar Schlemmer, Karl Schmidt-Rottluff.
35 8 Ulm: Städtisches Museum 3 catalog sheets
Carl Hofer, Oskar Kokoschka, Marie Laurencin.
35 9 Weimar: Landesmuseum 1 catalog sheet
Lyonel Feininger.
35 10 Wiesbaden: Nassauisches Landesmuseum undated 4 catalog sheets
Lovis Corinth, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Wilhelm Lehmbruck.
35 11 Wolframs-Eschenbach: [name of museum is not given] 1 catalog sheet
Christian Rohlfs.
35 12 Wuppertal-Barmen: Ruhmeshalle 2 catalog sheets
Erich Heckel, Wassily Kandinsky.
35 13 Wuppertal-Elberfeld: Städtische Galerie 9 catalog sheets
Maurice Barraud, Heinrich Maria Davringhausen, Walter Dexel, Otto Dix, Conrad Felixmüller, Karl Hofer, Otto Mueller, Pablo Picasso.
35 14-55 Additional file by name of artist, undated
35 14 Abbo - Aufseeser circa 30 catalog sheets
Jussuf Abbo, Abelen, Josef Achmann, Max Ackermann, Adams, Ade, Jankel Adler, Friedrich Ahlers-Hestermann, Ahner, Albrecht, Heinrich Altherr, Amiet, Hermann Amrhein, Angrand, August Anhalt, Anhalzer, Maria previous hit Annot next hit-Jacobi, Anselment, W. Antes, Appen, Alexander Archipenko, Aretz, B. Arnold, Eduard Arnthal, Hans Arp, Ascheim, Asendorf, Ast, Aubergeaunois, Aufseeser.
35 15 Babberger - Beckerath circa 40 catalog sheets
August Babberger, Heinz Baden, Baer, Baer-Hanf, Baumer, Bagge, Ball, C. Ballmer, Arnold Balwé, Alma del Banco, Hermann Bander, Bangemann, Barcinski, Eduard Bargheer, Barlach, Maurice Barraud, Bartels, Barth, Bartolozzi, Matthias Barz, Bassler, Battermann, Battke, Josef Bauer, W. Baugerber, Bauknecht, Otto Baum, Hans Baumann, Baumeister, Baur-Mütten, Herbert Bayer, Wladimir Georgiewitsch von Bechtejeff, Bechtel, Beck, Walter Becker, Beckerath.
35 16 Beckmann - Biermann circa 30 catalog sheets
Max Beckmann, Bednorz, René Béeh, Behmer, Behrens, Behringer, Otto Hans Beier, Bell, Belling, Bellmann, Benkert, Benn, Berend-Corinth, Werner Berg, O. Berger, Berger-Bergner, Berlit, Adolf Bernath, Berndt, Bernecker, Bernstein, Bertolozzi, Karl Bertsch, Besch, Jakob Best, Betzler, Beyer, Beyerlein, Biel, Biermann.
35 17 Billie - Bossert circa 35 catalog sheets
Billie, Paul Bindel, Henry Bing, Albert Birkle, Birnbacher, Bischoff, Bissiger, Bittkow, Bittorf, Bizer, Blaue, Blepp, Bleue, Bloch, Blocherer, Blohm, Hermann Blumenthal, August Böckstiegel, Bogler, Böhme, Paul Bollmann, Bölthy, Hans Bolz, Camille Bombois, Bonk, Borutta, Bösken, Bosselt, Bossert, S. Böttger, Bötticher (Ringelnatz).
35 18 Brandenburg - Bussewitz circa 40 catalog sheets
Brandenburg, Brandenburg-Polster, Braque, Brasch, Braun, Breinlinger, Breker, Bremer, Brendgen, Breyholz, Briese, Briesmann, Brin, Britze, Bröke, Bröcker, Brockhusen, Brockmann, Broer, Bronstert, Brühlmann, Brün, Heinrich Brüne, Brust, Max Bucherer, Carl Buchheister, Buchholz, Budzies, Bulz-Alsen, Max Burchartz, Burdenski, Burger-Mühlfeld, Burkhart, Burmann, Walter Busch, Hans Busch-Alsen, Buschle, Buschmann, Businio, Busionis, Bussewitz.
35 19 Cahn - Czobel circa 35 catalog sheets
Cahn, Camemisch, Heinrich Campendonk, Campigli, Carvé, Carwen, Karl Caspar, Maria Caspar-Filser, Pol Cassel, Cézanne, Henk Chabot, Marc Chagall, Chamont, Chirico, Christiansen, Cissarz, Clar, Clässerath, Claus, Charles Clément, Otto Coester, Cogan, Cohn, Peter Comes, Conrad, Corinth, Corsten, Crodel, Eugen Croissant, Cross, Marta Cunz, Ferdinand Cürten, Joseph Czapski, Bela Adalbert Czobel.
35 20 Dada Zeitschrift - Dix circa 35 catalog sheets
Dada Zeitschrift, [Will?] Dahlem, [Paul?] Dahlen, Gustav Dahler, Damker, Dardel, Davidsohn, Heinrich Maria Davringhausen, Degener, Degenkolb, Arthur Degner, De Haer, Robert Delaunay, Dell, Dellavilla, Denecke, Denis, Derain, Edith Dettmann, Deuser, Deusser, Walter Dexel, Dickinson, Diehl, Diene, Diesener, Wolf Dietrich, Jakob Dietz, Ernst Richard Dietze, Karl Dillinger, Erna Dinklage, Otto Ditscher, Diveky, Dix.
35 21 Dobers - Dunken circa 30 catalog sheets
Dobers, Dobrizinsky, Josef Dobrowski, Karl Doebel, Karl Doerbecker, Doesburg, Dollerschell, Dombrowski, Dominicus, Domke, Doms, Domscheit, Donndorf, Dorn, Dornbach, Bernhard Dörries, Drechsler, Drees, Dreesbeindicke, Wilhelm Dressler, Christoph [Hans?] Drexel, Driesch, Dufy, Dülberg, Dungert, Dunken, Düren, Düssel.
35 22 Eberbach - Ewald circa 40 catalog sheets
Eberbach, Eberhardt, Ebersbach, Ebertz, Josef Eberz, H. Eberz, Karl Ederer, Edzard, Eekmann, Eggeling, Ehlers, Ehmsen, Ehrlich, Eichelsheim, Eilbrecht, Eimer, Einöd, Einschlag, Eisenlohr, Elkan, Ende, Engel, Engelmann, Enseling, Ensor, Epper, Alois Erbach, Erbslöh, Arthur Erdle, Eriksdun, Max Ernst, Eerwald [Erwald Stuart Hinton?], Ertl, Esse, Esser, Essler, Eulenstein, Ewald.
35 23 Fabricius - Fuhrmann circa 50 catalog sheets
Fabricius, Fabry, Farkas, Farwich, Federmann, Fehrle, Feibusch, Feidler, Friedrich Feigl, Fritz Feigler, Feininger, Feistauer, Feldbauer, Felger, Felixmüller, Fernkorn, Fiedler, Filla, Filser, Maria Filser, Fingesten, Fiori, Fischer, Joh. Fischer, Fischer-Camberg, Fischli, Flaig, Flegel, Flinte, Flores, Foell, Foucomnier [Henri Le Fauconnier?], Erich Fraass, Frank, Franke, Elisabeth Fränkel, Franz, Freitag, de Fresnaye, Freundlich, Freytag, Friedrich, Friedrichs, Fries, Friess, Fritsch, Fuhr, Fuhrmann.
35 24 Gabo - Geyger circa 30 catalog sheets
Gabo, Gallhoff, Gangolf, Ganz, Garbe, Garoé, Bernhard Gärtner, Gauguin, Gawell, Gebürsch, Geerken, Gehlofen, Gehri, Geigenberger, Willi Geiger, Geiseler, Geiser, Geissler, Geitlinger, Gelb, Gelbke, Genin, Gerbig, Gerhardt, Germer, Gerson, Gertges, Gesser, Geyer, Geyer-Pflüger, Geyger.
35 25 Gies - Güttner circa 50 catalog sheets
Gies, Gilkes, Gilles, Gisiend, Giskes, Glatte, Gleichmann, Gleizes, Glette, von Glummer, Bernard Gobiet, Göbel, Godenschrag, Godenschweg, Godewald, Goebel, Goesch, van Gogh, Goldbach, Gothein, Gotsch, Gött, Göttler, Grabe, Grabow, Graf, Gramatté, Grasegger, Grassmann, Grauel, Greferath, Griebel, Grimm, Goodginsky, Gromaire, Karl Grossberg, Grossmann, Grosspietsch, George Grosz, Grundig, Grünfeld, Grünwald, Gruschka, Gullbransson, Günschmann, Günther, Gunzinger, Gurschner, Gussmann, von Gütersloh, Gutmann, Gütt, Güttner.
35 26 Haag - Haymann circa 30 catalog sheets
Haag, Haake, Haas, Haberfeld, Häberlein, de Haer, Hähnel, Haizmann, Hal, Haller, Hallerstede, Hamm, Hammalle, Bob[?]Hanf, Hantke, Hartig, Hartmann, Hartung, Hasse, Hasselbrauck, Hasselmann, Hassenrichter, Haueisen, Hauser, Häuser, Hausmann, Hauswirth, Haymann.
35 27 Hebert - Henselmann circa 30 catalog sheets
Hebert, Hecht, Heck, Heckel, Heckendorf, Hecker, Heckrott, van Heemskerk, Hegenbarth, Hehlberger, Fritz Heidingsfeld, Hein, Heinicke, Heinisch, Heinsheimer, Heise, Heisig, Heister, Heit-Müller, Helbig, Helmbach, Hemmerle, Hemmerlein, Hempel, Hengstenberg, Henke, Henli, Hennig, Henning, Henninger, Henselmann.
35 28 Herber - Huther circa 65 catalog sheets
Herber, Herbich, Herbig, Herbin, Herburger, Hergarden, Hermann, Herricht, Herthel, Herwick, Herzog, Hestermann, Hestrich, Hettner, Heubner, Heuser, Heyden, Heyer, Heymann, Hildebrandt, Hilker, Hiller-Foell, Himmelreich, Hinkes, Hitzberger, Hoeck, Hoeloff, Hoerle, Hoetzel, Hoetger, Karl Hofer, von den Hoff, Hoffmann, Eugen Hoffmann, Hoffmann-Crinz, E. von Hofmann, Juan Hofmann, O. Hofmann, Hohlt, Hohly, Holtorf, Holtz, Holz, Ludwig ten Hompel, Hopf, Höpfner, Hopta, Horchler, Horn, Hornberg, Hosch, Hosellek, Höst, Hotzel-Hanf, Hubbuch, Huber, Hublitz, Huend, Hufner, Huhnen, Hülsmann, Huth, Huther.
35 29 Ilgenfritz - Jute circa 30 catalog sheets
Ilgenfritz, Illies, Isenstein, Isselmann, Itten, Jacob, Jacobi, von Jäden, Jaeckel, Jagerspacher, Jahnert, Jahns, Jahrmilla, Jansen, Janthur, Jawlensky, Jawlensky-Nesnakomoff, Jeks, Jené, Jerusalem, Johanson, John, Johnsen, Jörres, Jörzig, Joseph, Jüchser, Junghanns, Jungnickel, Jute.
35 30 Kahler - Knoterus-Meyer circa 50 catalog sheets
Kahler, Kahn, Kaiser, Kallin, Kallmann, Kallrasser, Kampmann, Kandinsky, Kanoldt, Kars, Karsch, Karschkamp, Katz, Kaufmann, Max Kaus, Kayser, Keller, Kempel, Kempe-Uerschey, Kempter, Kerkovius, Kerschbaum, Kerschbaumer, Kerselkaul, Kessler, Kesting, Kiekebusch, Kieritz, Kieseritzky, Kind, Kinzinger, Kirchner, Kirschenbaum, Kisling, Klabund-Seewald, Klee, Klein, Kleinert, Kleinschmidt, Klemm, Klimt, Kling, Klinger, Klinzer, Kloss-Grege, Klossowsky, Kluth, Knappe, Knaus, Knecht, Kniestraht, Knoterus-Meyer.
35 31 Kogan - Kurth circa 60 catalog sheets
Kogan, Kohl, Kohler, Kohlhoff, Kohlschein, Kokoschka, Kolbe, Kolde, Kolig, Kolk, Kolle, Kollwitz, Kölschbach, von König, Kopf, Kopp, von Körmandy, Kornfeld, Körte, Koschnitzki, Kost, Kottenkamp, Kowalsky, Kowol, Kozol, Kramme, Kranz, Krauskopf, Krayn, Kreidt, Kretschmann, Kretzschmar, Kreuto, Kreuzhage, Kriegel, Kriete, Krogh, Kronenbly, Krüger, Kruse, Kubin, Kufellich, Kuhfuss, Kuhlen, Kuhmichel, Kuhn, Kuhnau, Kuhr, Kuisl, Kulmann, Kunowski, Kunstreich, Kunstschier-Saarbrücken, Kunze, Küpper, Kürau, Kurth.
35 32 Laage - Lurcat circa 60 catalog sheets
Laage, Lachmit, Ladengast, Lahs, Lammeyer, Lamprecht, Lang, Otto Lange, Langfeld, Lanskoy, Laserstein, Lasker-Schüler, Laskowsky, Lassart, Lasser, Lattner, Lauckner-Thum, Laurencin, K. Laurenz, Lauterbach, Laves, Laviarow, Leeger, Léger, Legrand, Lehmbruck, Lehs, Leithäuser, Leningret Mallwitz, Leonhard, Lesser, Leverenz, Levi, Levin, Levy, Lichte, Lichtenberger, Liebermann, Liebhart, Liel, Lilienfeld, Lindemann, Lindgens, Lippert, Lippmann, Lismann, Lissitzky, List, Lohse, Lohse-Wächter, Lomnitz, Lörcher, Lorenz, Loviscach, Löwengard, Luckner, Lüdecke, Ludwig, Ludwigs, Luethy, Lurcat.
35 33 Mach - Marx circa 15 catalog sheets
Mach, August Macke, H. Macke, Macon, Maetzel, Mahlau, Mahr, Maier, Malakowski, Malau, Mallek, Maly, Malzburg, Man Ray, Franz Marc, Maria Marc, Marcks, Marcoussis, de Marées, Marffy, Marion, Marquardt, Marten, Martho, Martini, Marx.
35 34 Masereel - Mervelt circa 25 catalog sheets
Masereel, Maskos, Mataré, Mathéy, Matisse, Maxon, May, Mayer, Mayershofer, Mechlen, Medem, Meidner, Hans Meier, Ruth Meier, Meier-Thur, Meifert, Meiser, Otto Meister, Meister, Melchers, Melzer, Mense, Mertges, Mervelt.
35 35 Meseck - Moholy-Nagy circa 25 catalog sheets
Meseck, Mette, Mettel, Metzel-Johannsen, Metzinger, Metzner, Gerd Meyer, Meyer, F. W. Meyer, W. Meyer, [Heinrich] Meyer Egg, Meyer-Spelbrink, Mez, Michaelson, Michel, Miller, Milling, Minkenberg, Minne, Minztrick, Mitschke-Collande, Modersohn-Becker, Modigliani, Mögelin, Moholy-Nagy.
35 36 Mohr - Mystek circa 25 catalog sheets
Mohr, Mojilewsky, Moll, Möller, Molnar, Molzahn, de Monda Misstrik, Mondrian, Montanari, Monticelli, Moove, Morgenthaler, Morgner, Muche, Otto Mueller, Mühsam, A. Müller, Bernhard Müller, Ewald Müller, G. Müller, Hans Müller, K. A. Müller, Basel Müller, Müller-Graefe, Munch, Mystek.
35 37 Naager - Niestrath circa 25 catalog sheets
Naager, Nagel, Nägele, Nantke, Nass, Nauen, Nay, Nebel, Nehmert, Nehrling, Neidhardt, von Nemes, Nerlich, Nerlinger, Nesch, Nestle, Neu, Neumann, Neumann-Regenbarth, Niechial, Niedick, Niemeyer, Niestrath.
35 38 Nikodem - Overhoff circa 30 catalog sheets
Nikodem, Nitsche-Nitzsche, Nitschke, Noack, Noether, Nölcken, Nolde, Nowack, Nyssen, Oberhoff, Oberländer, Ockert, Oeltjen, Oepts, Oeser, Oertel, Ohly, Olms, Oltmann, Opfermann, Ophey, Oppenberg, Oppenheim, Oppenheimer, Orban, Orlowski, Otto, Overhoff.
35 39 Paatz - Peiffer-Watenphuhl circa 25 catalog sheets
Paatz, Pajer-Gartegen, Paling, Pallmann, Panitza, Pankok, Pape, Partikel, Pascin, Passow, Patko, Pauli, Payer, Pechstein, Pellegrini, Pels-Leusden, Perner, Perpéet, Peschel, Peters, Petersen, Pfeifer-Calw, Peiffer-Watenphuhl.
35 40 Philipp - Pütz circa 30 catalog sheets
Philipp, Philippi, Picasso, Pieper, Pietschmann, Pietzsch, Pigage, Pissarro, Plaetzer, Platte, Plenk, Pochow, Pohl, Pohle, Polack, Poll, Pollack, Polte, Porep, Povorina, Praas, Pramolino, Prechner, Preiser, Preiss, Protzen-Kundmüller, Pudlich, Purrmann, Pütz.
35 41 Raber - Emma Ritter circa 40 catalog sheets
Raber, Rabinowitsch, Rabus, Radecker, Raderscheidt, Ramsdorf, Ranoult, Rasch, Rasmussen, Rathenau, [Harriet Ellen Siderowna von] Rathlef-Keilmann, Rauh, Radziwill, Radziwill-Niemeyer, Reder, Rederer, Redon, Redslob-Hanf, Rée, Rehn, Reichel, Reichmann, Reifensbuch, Reigmann, Reimann, Reiner, Reinhardt, Renfordt, Reymann, Richter, Rickert, Riedlin, Riesch, Riester, Ringelnatz (Hans Bötticher), Rinneck, Ritschel, Emma Ritter.
35 42 Rodewald - Rysselberghe circa 30 catalog sheets
Rodewald, Rodulphi, Roeder, Roesch, Röhl, Rohlfs, Röhricht, Ronig, Röntgen, Rose, Röse, Rösler, Rossing, Rössingh, Otto Paul Rössler, Rotthaler, Rouault, Roux, Rübsam, Rück, Ruckteschel, Rudolph, Ruppert, Rupprecht, Rüter, Ruwoldt, Rysselberghe.
35 43 Sabata - Schenk circa 30 catalog sheets
Sabata, Sagewka, Sallinen, Salvado, Samuel, Sändergaard, Sarmatzki, Sarvey, Sass, Schabben, Schaefler, Schäfer, Schaffer, Schaller, Schames, Schamoni, Schanze, Schardt, Scharff, Scharl, Scharrenberger, Schaurte, Scheele, Scheerer, Scheffels, Scheffer, Scheibe, Scheiben, Scheidler, Scheil, Scheiwe, Schelfhout, Scheli, Schenk.
35 44 Schenzing - Schnell circa 35 catalog sheets
Schenzing, Scheper, Scherer, Scheu, Schiele, Schiestl, Schiller, Schindler, Schinnerer, Schirrmacher, Schlangenhauser, Schleicher, Schlemmer, Schlenzig, Schlichter, Schlief, Schmalling, Schmialek, Schmid, Schmidt, Gustav Schmidt, Schmidt-Dethoff, Schmidt-Nicherell, Schmidt-Rottluff, Schmidt-Steinpleis, Schmidt-Walbaum, Schmitz, Schnegg, Schneider, Schneider-Kainer, Schneiders, Schnell.
35 45 Schobinger - Schwitters circa 35 catalog sheets
Schobinger, Schoff, Schöllgen, Sch[?]z, Schott, Schrader, Schrag, Schramm, Schrammen, Schreiber, Schreier, Schreihage, Schreiner, Schreyer, Schrimpf, Schröder, Schroers, Schrotter, Schubert, Schuftan, Schuh, Schülein, Schuler, Schüler, Schulsinger, Schulte, Schulte im Hof, Schuhmacher-Salig, Schulze, Otto Schulze, Schulze-Gölde, Schulze-Walbaum, Schwalbach, Schwammberger, Schwarz, Schwarzkopf, Schwemmer, Schwerdtfeger, Schwesig, Schwichtenberg, Schwimmer, Schwippert, Schwitters.
35 46 Sebba - Skade circa 25 catalog sheets
Sebba, Seche, von Seckendorff, Seehaus, Seepolt, Seewald, Segall, Seidel, Seiffert, Seip, Seiwert, de la Serna, Severini, Sicke, Siegfried, Sieloff, Sievert, Signac, Simon, Sinkwitz, Sinori, Sintenis, Sittig, Skade.
35 47 Slevogt - Stegemann circa 40 catalog sheets
Slevogt, Slutzky, Sohl, Sohn, Sohn-Rethel, Sohns, Sommer, Sonnet, Soucek, Spahn, Speck, Sperling, Spiecker, Sprauer, Spregel, Spriek, Starke, Staudt, Steck, Stegemann.
35 48 Steger - Stockmann circa 20 catalog sheets
Steger, Steib, Steiger, Stein, Steinhagen, Steinhardt, Steinitz, Steinkühler, Stemmler, Stenner, Sterl, Stermann, Stern, Stiefel, Stiller, Stitzel, Stocke, Stockmann.
35 49 Stoermer - Szobotka circa 20 catalog sheets
Stoermer, Störrn, Sträme, von Straten, Stratmann, Straube, Straussfeld, Strecker, Strick, Strübe, Struntz, Stryi, Stüber, Stübner, Stuckenberg, Sturm, Sturzkopf, Stüver, Szadurska, Szobotka.
35 50 Tagore - Trepke circa 30 catalog sheets
Tagore, Tanck, Tappert, Tegtmeier, Teuber, Teuren, Teutsch, Thalheimer, Thalmann, Thiesing, Thiolliére, Thoms, Thöny, Thorn-Prikker, Thuemer, Thum, Thylmann, Tietz, Tinzmann, Tombraek, Topp, Töschler, Donaec Tour, Tränkler, Trati, Trenkler, Trepke.
35 51 Trillhase - Unbekannt circa 25 catalog sheets
Trillhase, Troende, Troendle, Tröger, Troschel, Trudel, Trumpfheller, Tschech, Tschirmer, Tuch, Tucholski, Tügel, Tuxhorn, Uhden, Unold, Unruh, Uphoff, Urach, Urbach, Urschbach, Usadel, Uzarski, Unbekannt.
35 52 Vallaton - Verschiedene Mappenwerke circa 20 catalog sheets
Vallaton, Varch, Vetter, Viegener, Villon, Vinecky, Vivin, Vlaminck, Vocke, Voelker, Vogelsang, Vogler, Vogt, Voigt, Völker, Voll, Vordemberge-Gildewart, Vaclav Vytlacil, verschiedene Mappenwerke.
35 53 Wach - Wex circa 40 catalog sheets
Wach, Wachlmeier, Wacker, Wadephuhl, Wagner, Waldschmidt, Walser, Walther, Waske, Wauer, Weber, Wecus, Wedekind, Wegner, Weidmüller, Weihers, Weinzheimer, Weisbach Zehm, Weischat, Weiss, E.R. Weiss, Weissgerber, Weisskopf, Weiss-Planegg, Wellershaus, Wenzel, Werner, Wessel, Wssel-Zum[?]ch, Westermayer, Westhäuser, Westmayr, Wetterath, Wetzel, Wetzel-Schubert, Wex, Weyrich.
35 54 Wichmann-Dobert [?] - Winneberg von Zaborski-Wahlschmitt circa 40 catalog sheets
Wichmann-Dobert [?] [Julius Wichmann?], Wiebus, Wiegele, Wieger, Wienburg, Wiethüchter, Wild, Wildemann, Wildermann, Wilhelm, [Hannah?] Wilke, Willings, Willuda, Wimmer, Winkler, Winter, Wirsching, Wissell, Witt, Witte, Wittenberg, Wittig, Wittmer, Wöbske, Wohlgemut, Wöhlk, Wolf, Wolff, Wolfgang, Wölke, Wollheim, Wörlen, Worringer, Wrage, Wrampe, Wünsche, Wüsten, Wüstenberg, Winneberg von Zaborski-Wahlschmitt.
35 55 Zabotin - Zoliss circa 20 catalog sheets
Zabotin, Zachmann, Zahn, Zähringer, Zaliss, Zappenfeld, Zcobel, Zeiss, Zeller, Zerbe, Zethmeyer, Zeuthen, Ziegler, Zilken, Zille, Zimmermann, Zinek, Zohnhofer, Zoliss.
36 Lists of artworks, 1937-1949, undated
The lists are divided into three groups: by city and instutution from which the artworks were confiscated, by art dealer from whose possesion the artworks were seized, and various other lists. The arrangement is alphabetical. Usually included are the title of the artwork, name of city and institution from which the painting was confiscated, number [inventory?], and measurements.
36 1-4 By city, undated
36 1 Essen: Museum Folkwang 1 item (2 leaves)
With numbers in Entartete Kunst catalog. Also included are artworks confiscated from Duisburg, Oldenburg, and Dortmund.
36 2 Hamburg: Kunsthalle 1 item (40 leaves)
With [purchase or sale?] prices. Annotated.
36 3 Wuppertal: Kunstverein Barmen 1 item (6 leaves)
With value in DM [Deutschmark.]
36 4 Unknown museum 1 item (2 leaves)
36 5-11 By art dealer, 1937-1949, undated
36 5 Böhmer, Bernhard A., undated 1 item
List of paintings.
36 6 Fischer, Mrs. [wife of Theodor Fischer], undated 1 item
List of artworks given by Mrs. Fischer to the city of Halle [Stadtgemeinde Halle]. Works by Kirchner, Heckel, Nolde, and Schmidt-Rottluff.
36 7-10 Möller, Ferdinand, 1937-1949, undated
36 7 An undated list, undated 1 item (9 leaves)
Arranged geographically by west and east of Germany, and subsequently alphabetically by city and name of artist.
36 8 List and photographs, 1937-1949, undated 3 items
One list, dated October. 1949, and two photographs, both inscribed and sent to Möller's galerie in Berlin in 1937.
36 9-10 An undated list, undated 2 items (3 leaves)
List of works by Kirchner, also by Schmidt-Rottluff, Heckel, Modersohn-Becker, Feininger, and Marcks.
36 11 Schult, Böhmer, Möller, undated 1 item
Draft of a letter to Deutsche Verwaltung für Volksbildung, signed by [?], regarding artworks confiscated from various museums in Berlin seized from Bernhard A. Böhmer, Ferdinand Möller, and Friedrich Schult. Carbon copy, annotated.
36 12-17 Various other lists, undated
36 12 An unidentified list 1 item (23 leaves)
36 13 Various unidentified lists 8 items
36 14 Art work owned by Mrs. Zelck 1 item
With a mention of Barlach and Böhmer.
36 15 List entitled "Beschlagnahmte Werke (international verwertbar)" 2 items (46 leaves)
Paintings and sculpture are listed separately. Arranged alphabetically by name of artist, then subsequently by title. Also included are location from which the artwork was confiscated, inventory number and estimated price. Two copies.
36 16 List of artworks by Lyonel Feininger and Ernst Ludwig Kirchner 9 items
Also listed are artworks by Karl Schmidt-Rottluff, Erich Heckel, and Otto Mueller.
36 17 List of artworks confiscated in 1937 1 item (2 leaves)
Includes name of artist, title of artwork, and estimated price.
36, 96A*, 97* Publications, 1932-1977, undated 1 box
This group comprises printed matter and notes by Arntz concerning the cultural policy in Germany towards modernist art between 1933 and 1965. The material is arranged in three groups: transcripts from the magazine Weltkunst, newspaper clippings, and notes.
Also included are miscellaneous items, including copies of the judgment in legal case Leo Spik and Axel Kettner against Elisabeth Hofer and Marta Pechstein, a licence application for a publishing house, an unidentified catalog of Expressionist art, and photographs and illustrated matter of various artworks.
Arranged chronologically within each group.
box folder
36 18-24 Transcripts from Weltkunst, undated
Typed transcripts of articles published in Weltkunst between 1933 and 1937. The selected articles detail the progression of the Nazi control over the visual arts during these years. All entries are dated.
36 18 1 Jan 1933 - 24 Dec 1933 26 Leaves
36 19 9 Apr 1933 and 7 May 1933 2 items (6 leaves)
Two copies of article "Personalveränderungen in deutschen Museen."
36 20-21 7 Jan 1934 - 16 Dec 1934 66 Leaves
Included are two leaves of index to selected articles, and carbon copies of leaves shelved in box 36, folder 20.
36 22 6 Jan 1935 - 22 Dec 1935 58 Leaves
36 23 5 Jan 1936 - 29. Nov 1936 23 Leaves
36 24 3 Jan1937 - 19 Dec 1937 20 Leaves
36 25-44 Newspaper clippings, 1932-1977
The clippings are predominantly articles about various artists: current exhibitions, news about their professional lives, and brief obituaries. The postwar clippings include articles on art and architecture during the Nazi regime and under totalitarian rule in general. This group supplements Arntz's vast collection of press clippings on 20th century art comprising series IV.D.3 [see boxes 80-92H.]
36 25 1932 3 items
Articles on Werner Scholz, Georg Ehrlich, Paul Strecker.
36 26 1933 15 items
Articles on Anton Kerschbaumer, Walter Lindgens, Christian Rohlfs, Josef Ebertz, Charles Despiau, Peter Cornelius, Charles Crodel, Ernst Barlach, the artists' group Gemeinschaft, and Otto Dix.
box folder
96A* 22 1933-1934 3 items
Articles from Weltkunst: "Nationale Erhebung und Kunst" (15 April 1933) , an article on Christian Rohlfs (12 November 1933), and article "Internationale und regionale Kunst" (14 January 1934). Pulled from box 36, folder 26 and box. 26, folder 27.
box folder
36 27 1934 16 items
Articles on Edvard Munch, Ernst Barlach, August Macke, Arno Breker, Erich Heckel.
36 28 1935 9 items
Articles on Ernesto de Fiori, Lyonel Feininger, Ernst Barlach, and an article about Gemäldegalerie Abels titled "Jüdischer Geist im Kunstsalon."
36 29 1936 4 items
Articles on Romeyn de Hooghe, Helmut Macke, and Heinrich Stegemann.
36 30 1937 11 items
Articles on Gerhard Marcks, Raoul Dufy, Arno Breker, Joachim Lutz, Georg Kolbe, Karl Walser, and several articles on degenerate art.
36 31 1938 1 item
Article on the Degenerate Art exhibition in Düsseldorf. Photocopy.
36 32 1939 10 items
Included are an article on Josef Thorak, and several items regarding the art auction in Lucerne.
36 33 1940 4 items
Articles on Arno Breker, Hugo Lederer, Ignacio Zuloaga, and the Karl Ernst Osthaus collection at Museum Folkwang.
36 34 1941 2 items
Obituaries for Rudolf Grossmann and Heinrich von Zügel.
36 35 1942 4 items
A note on Henry van de Velde, and obituaries for Ernst Moritz Geyger, Josef Eberz, and Georges Minne.
36 36 1943 4 items
Included are obituaries for Momme Nissen, Maurice Denis, and Edvard Munch.
36 37 1944-1945 3 items
Article "Kunst im Dritten Reich" by Franz Roh from Die Zeit, a note on the estate of Edvard Munch, and an obituary for Leo von König.
36 38 1947-1949 4 items
Articles on Ferdinand Möller, degenerate art, and reviews of recent novels by Leon Uris, Saul Bellow, and Len Deighton.
36 39 1951 1 item
Article on artwork looted by Hermann Göring. Transcript from Rheinische Post.
36 40 1955 1 item (3 leaves)
Article "Klassizismus als Maske des totalitären Staates, zum künftigen Lenin-Stalin-Pantheon in Moskau" from Neue Zürcher Zeitung.
box folder
97* 1 1958 3 items
Articles on Werner Scholz and Ferdinand Lammeyer.
box folder
36 41 1962 7 items
Various articles on degenerate art, and an article about Arntz.
36 42 1963 5 items
Also box 97*, folder 2.
36 42 Announcement of a broadcast, and an article 2 items
Announcement of a broadcast on degenerate art, and article about an exhibition at Städtisches Museum Wiesbaden.
box folder
97* 2 Oversize items 3 items
Article from Die Zeit about the 1937 exhibition at Haus der deutschen Kunst in Munich, and two pages with various articles from Frankfurter Allegemeine Zeitung. Pulled from box. 36, folder 42.
97* 3 1966 1 item
Article by Arntz on Oskar Kokoschka, from Die Zeit .
box folder
36 43 1977 1 item
Article on Oskar Kokoschka.
36 44-67 Notes, 1945-1961, undated
The main portion consists of handwritten notes taken by Arntz between 1945 and 1961. The notes detail Arntz's visits to private collectors and public institutions, mainly in Germany but also abroad, including the United States. Most notes are descriptive, some list artworks in a particular collection. Measurements are frequently included.
36 44 1945 circa 30 leaves
Includes invitation to an art exhibition in Überlingen.
36 45 1952 3 Leaves
Includes two catalog sheets of works by Willi Baumeister.
36 46-49 1953 circa 30 leaves
36 50 1954 12 Leaves
36 51 1955 12 Leaves
36 52-54 1956 23 Leaves
36 55-56 1957 25 Leaves
36 57-58 1959 22 Leaves
36 59 1960 9 Leaves
36 60 1961 1 leaf
36 61-66 undated circa 100 leaves
36 67 Application for licence, undated 1 item (2 leaves)
Application to the Military Government of Germany, Section Publications for permission to get the licence for the foundation of a publishing house Rundschau-Verlag in Stuttgart. To be signed by [Paul?] Gross-Talmon. Carbon copy of typescript.
36 68 Judgment in legal case, 1969-1970 4 items
Three copies of judgment and an addendum called Revisionsschrift in legal case Leo Spik and Axel Kettner against Elisabeth Hofer and Marta Pechstein.
36 69 Printed matter, undated 1 item (circa 100 leaves)
Loose leaves from an unidentified catalog of works by Expressionist artists. A few entries are annotated with names of art dealers, previous owners, dates of auction, and price.
36 70 Photographs and illustrated matter, undated 10 items
Various artworks. Most are unidentified. Included are paintings by Ernst Ferdinand Oehme, and one by Lyonel Feininger. Two photographs bear the stamp of Falerie Ferd. Möller on verso.

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