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Study photographs of ancient mosaics, 1900s


Scope and Content of Collection

An assembled collection of modern photographs of ancient mosaics, both in situ and removed, concentrating on the Greek and Roman periods, Greek Archaic through the late Roman Empire (6th century BC-6th century AD). Photographic coverage of ancient sites is most complete for the countries of Greece, Italy, Libya, Tunisia, and Turkey, but the collection also contains photos of mosaics from other countries, including Algeria, Austria, Cyprus, Egypt, England, France, Germany, Hungary, Jordan, Lebanon, Malta, Morocco, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, Syria, and Yugoslavia.

The collection contains photographs from numerous sources including commercial vendors and photographers, research institutions' archives, excavation campaigns, and scholars' archives and collections. Among the commercial sources, the most important are Alinari (including the Anderson and Brogi archives); Photographie Giraudon; Gabinetto fotografico nazionale, Rome, including the Antonio Giuliano collection; Hirmer Verlag; Rheinisches Bildarchiv Köln; Scala Art Resource; Barbara Bini; John Ross; and Emile Serafis.

Some of the research institutions' archives from which the collection holds modern prints are the Fototeca unione at the American Academy in Rome; Deutsches Archäologisches Institut (DAI), Athens and Rome; École française d'archéologie d'Athènes; Art Museum, Princeton University; and the American School of Classical Studies at Athens.


Arrangement is geographical, filed alphabetically by name of modern country, then name of ancient city or site, and monument.

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