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Views of India album, between 1857 and 1863

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Views of India album
Views of India album, between 1857 and 1863 1 Linear Feet (1 box)
Views of India album (digitized version)

The album contains 54 views of central and northern India that appear to have been taken by a skilled amateur photographer.
In original order.
box item
1 front cover 2017.R.35-fc Front cover
1 front endpapers 2017.R.35-fe Front endpapers
1 front free endpaper verso 2017.R.35-fev Verso of front free endpaper
1 fly leaf - recto 2017.R.35-f Fly-leaf
Dedication on flyleaf: To the Revd. Edward Cole, M.A. / from Edmund & William Bellairs, / in memory of a kind deed. / October, 1863. Two cartes-de-visite are associated with the fly leaf. The carte-de-visite adhered below the dedication portrays a seated man with a young girl standing between his legs, and has a handwritten caption attached to its lower edge which reads: Capt. E. H. Bellows & Cassandra. The second carte-de-viste, inserted at the page opening, is a portrait of an unidentified man seated at a desk and writing in a book. The photographer's imprint on its verso reads: Mason & Co. / 28, Old Bond Street, London / 9 Promenade Villas, Cheltenham / 20 St. Giles Street, Norwich.
1 1st blank page 2017.R.35-bl1 Blank page
1 2nd blank page 2017.R.35-bl2 Blank page
1 1 recto 2017.R.35-1r Chachai Waterfalls, Rewah, C.I.
1 2 recto 2017.R.35-2r Poowah Waterfalls, Rewah, C.I.
1 3 recto 2017.R.35-3r Kajrāhā Temples, Chutterpore State, C.I.
Khajuraho, Chhatapur district.
1 4 recto 2017.R.35-4r Bhadaura Temples, Churkhance State, C.I.
1 5 recto 2017.R.35-5r Chunar Fort, Mirzapore Dist.
Chunar Fort, also known as Chandrakanta Chunarghar or Charanadri, Mirzapur district, Uttar Pradesh.
1 6 recto 2017.R.35-6r Gatēhri, Chutterpore, C.I.
1 7 recto 2017.R.35-7r Gateway of Nawab's Palace, Banda
1 8 recto 2017.R.35-8r The Baradari, Seonda Fort nr. Banda
Datia era fort near Seondha, Madhya Pradesh.
1 9 recto 2017.R.35-9r The Nagode Chief in Durbar
1 10 recto 2017.R.35-10r Head of the Keontee Waterfall, Rewah, C.I.
Keoti Falls, Rewa district, Uttar Pradesh.
1 11 recto 2017.R.35-11r The Mohani Temple & Street, Mirzapore
Mohini temple, Mirzapur. Numbered in negative: 23; with monogram: WM.
1 12 recto 2017.R.35-12r The Naiabakri Ke Hareli, Kalinjir Fort
1 13 recto 2017.R.35-13r Gateway of the Doorgah, Chunar
Gate to Shah Qasim Sulaiman's tomb. Numbered in negative: 6; with monogram: WM.
1 14 recto 2017.R.35-14r Bamboos near Sohawul, C.I.
Numbers in negative are cropped off: 15?
1 15 recto 2017.R.35-15r Kotwali Well, Mirzapore
Numbered in negative: 20; with monogram: WM.
1 16 recto 2017.R.35-16r Luchminaram's Ghat, Mirzapore
Pakka Ghat.
1 17 recto 2017.R.35-17r Niagwrhi Falls, Rewah, C.I.
Annotation on mount: 360 ft.
1 18 recto 2017.R.35-18r Kot Tirth Tank, Kalinjar Fort
1 19 recto 2017.R.35-19r Below the Chachai Falls, Rewah, C.I.
1 20 recto 2017.R.35-20r Gopal Sagar, Kalinjar Village
1 21 recto 2017.R.35-21r Bharigarh, Old Fort Gateway
Bhanghar? Annotation on mount: A.D. 200. Numbered in negative: 99.
1 22 recto 2017.R.35-22r The Mohani Temple &c. at Mirzapore
Mohini temple. Monogram in negative: WM.
1 23 recto 2017.R.35-23r Doorova Ghat, Nagode & Banda Road
1 24 recto 2017.R.35-24r Causeway over the Beylun River, Great Deccan Road
1 25 recto 2017.R.35-25r Beylun River Causeway
1 26 recto 2017.R.35-26r Part of the Old College, Seonda Fort nr. Banda
1 27 recto 2017.R.35-27r Bhadaura Temples
1 28 recto 2017.R.35-28r Madhogurh Fort, Rewah, C.I.
Madhogarh Fort, Rewah. Numbered in negative: 62; with monogram: WM. Components of the fort complex are also noted in annotations on the mount.
1 29 recto 2017.R.35-29r Sohawul Fort, C.I.
Numbered in negative: 44; with monogram: WM.
1 30 recto 2017.R.35-30r Bharighar, the New Town
1 31 recto 2017.R.35-31r Baba Manda Ke Mandil, Banda
Numbered in negative: 86; with monogram: WM.
1 32 recto 2017.R.35-32r Interior of Madhogurh Fort, Rewah, C.I.
1 33 recto 2017.R.35-33r Kajrāhā Temples, Chutterpore, C.I.
Numbered in negative: 115; with monogram: WM.
1 34 recto 2017.R.35-34r Patarkechar Fort, C.I.
Numbered in negative: 143; with monogram: WM.
1 35 recto 2017.R.35-35r Rewah Survey, Secondary Station at Kalinjir Fort
1 36 recto 2017.R.35-36r Holy Place in Baba Manda Ke Mandil, Banda
1 37 recto 2017.R.35-37r Temples at the Bharia Ghat, Mirzapore
Burrier (Bariya) Ghat, Mirzapur. Numbered in negative: 14; with monogram: WM.
1 38 recto 2017.R.35-38r Katehra, Chutterpore, C.I.
1 39 recto 2017.R.35-39r Punnah Rajah's Palace, at Punnah, C.I.
1 40 recto 2017.R.35-40r Burgut Tree at Bharighar
Annotation continues: Tank built A.D. 1062. Numbered in negative: 97; with monogram: WM.
1 41 recto 2017.R.35-41r Mackinnon's House, the Old Brewery, Mussoorie, N.W.P.
1 42 recto 2017.R.35-42r Old Walls at Bharighar
Annotation continues: Built about A.D. 200.
1 43 recto 2017.R.35-43r Our Garden at Kingscraig, Mussorie [sic]
Annotation in left margin: W. H. L. & / W. G. M. / made here / F. E.
1 44 recto 2017.R.35-44r Pau Gardens at Raipoor, Rewah, C.I.
1 45 recto 2017.R.35-45r Gooraia, on the River Touse, Rewah
Faint annotation on mount in a second hand: Scene on the douse at Gooraia Mewahli. Numbered in negative: 20 (?, cutoff); with monogram: MW.
1 46 recto 2017.R.35-46r Banda Church
Numbered in negative: 80.
1 47 recto 2017.R.35-47r Weighing Cotton at the Nahr Ghat, Mirzapore
Numbered in negative: 18; with monogram: WM.
1 48 recto 2017.R.35-48r Kajraha Temple
Numbered in negative: 111; with monogram WM.
1 49 recto 2017.R.35-49r Kumhow Talao, Kalinjir Fort
Faint annotation on mount in a second hand: Kumbow, Salow, Kalinjr.
1 50 recto 2017.R.35-50r Looking Down Stream from the Chachai Falls, Rewah, C.I.
Numbered in negative: 66.
1 51 recto 2017.R.35-52r Kalinjir Fort from the Distance
1 52 recto 2017.R.35-52r Poorwa Waterfalls, Rewah, C.I.
Purwa Falls, Rewa.
1 53 recto 2017.R.35-53r Stone Idols
Annotations below the statues read, from left to right: The Buh?; Vishnu; Krishnu; Hanooman; Mahadeo; Gunesh.
1 54 recto 2017.R.35-54r Kirwee, Palace & Fort
1 55 recto - 90 recto 2017.R.35-55r_90r Blank pages
1 back endpapers 2017.R.35-be Back endpapers
1 back cover 2017.R.35-bc Back cover
1 1 Notes
Two notes from different hands and dates are also inserted in the album at the first blank page. The older note, written in pencil on buff laid paper, describes the making of the Banda & Kirnie(?) prize money. The second, written in ink on blue paper lists the accomplishments of Professor Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin, the winner of the 1964 Nobel Prize for Chemistry.

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