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Claude-Joseph Portier Algérie photograph album, circa 1867

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Portier (Claude Joseph) Algérie

Container List

Series I. Claude-Joseph Portier Algérie Photograph Album, circa 1867
Claude-Joseph Portier Algérie photograph album (digitized version)

The album contains 29 albumen photographs of Algiers and environs.
In original order.
box item
1 front cover 2017.R.17-fc Front cover
1 front endpapers 2017.R.17-fe Front endpapers
1 front free endpaper verso 2017.R.17-fe_v Verso of free front endpaper
1 1st blank recto 2017.R.17-bl1_r Blank page
1 1st blank verso 2017.R.17-bl1_v Blank page
1 1 recto 2017.R.17-1r Alger
1 2 recto 2017.R.17-2r Boulevard de la Républic
1 3 recto 2017.R.17-3r Rue de la Marine
1 4 recto 2017.R.17-4r Notre-Dame d'Afrique
1 5 recto 2017.R.17-5r Mosquée d'Alger
1 6 recto 2017.R.17-6r Mosquée Sidi-Abdheraman
1 7 recto 2017.R.17-7r Mosquée à Alger
1 8 recto 2017.R.17-8r Rue à Alger
View towards a building with an octagonal tower.
1 9 recto 2017.R.17-9r Rue à Alger
View looking up a street towards its steps.
1 10 recto 2017.R.17-10r Rue à Alger
View of a narrow passageway between buildings.
1 11 recto 2017.R.17-11r Rue à Alger
View of a hooded figure about to descend the stairs into a dark passageway.
1 12 recto 2017.R.17-12r Jardin d'essai
1 13 recto 2017.R.17-13r [View of an Empty Salon]
1 14 recto 2017.R.17-14r Intérieur
View taken from the corner of a balcony looking across an interior courtyard.
1 15 recto 2017.R.17-15r [Man Sitting beneath a Tree at the Edge of a Road]
1 16 recto 2017.R.17-16r Gorges de la Chiffa
General view across the gorges.
1 17 recto 2017.R.17-17r Gorges de la Chiffa
View of Portier's photo van on the bend of a road going through the gorges.
2017.R.17-18r Algerian types
Each page contains 4 carte-de-visite-sized studio portraits.
box page
1 18 recto 2017.R.17-18r 18 recto
1 18 recto-1 2017.R.17-18r.1 Mauresque, costume de ville
1 18 recto-2 2017.R.17-18r.2 Mauresque, costume d'intérieur
1 18 recto-3 2017.R.17-18r.3 Maure d'Alger
1 18 recto-4 2017.R.17-18r.4 Arabe de la plaine
1 19 recto 2017.R.17-19r 19 recto
1 19 recto-1 2017.R.17-19r.1 Femme kabyle
Woman wearing a rolled and padded headdress.
1 19 recto-2 2017.R.17-19r.2 Kabyle
Flute player seated on a mat.
1 19 recto-3 2017.R.17-19r.3 Mulâtre
Woman holding a flat basket in one hand with her other hand on her hip.
1 19 recto-4 2017.R.17-19r.4 Negro
Man seated on carpet playing a stringed instrument.
1 20 recto 2017.R.17-20r 20 recto
1 20 recto-1 2017.R.17-20r.1 Juif
Seated man holding his shoes.
1 20 recto-2 2017.R.17-20r.2 Juive
Full-length portrait of a woman standing next to a chair.
1 20 recto-3 2017.R.17-20r.3 Mendiant
Three young girls.
1 20 recto-4 2017.R.17-20r.4 Yaouled de place
Two boys standing with their arms around each other's shoulders.
1 2nd blank page 2017.R.17-bl2 Blank page
1 3rd blank page 2017.R.17-bl3 Blank page
1 Back endpapers 2017.R.17-be Back endpapers
1 Back cover 2017.R.17-bc Back cover

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