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Eric Orr documentary photographs and papers, 1959-2012, undated

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Orr (Eric) documentary photographs and papers
Series III. Papers, 1959-2012, undated 2.63 Linear Feet (7 boxes. Computer media: 10.90 GB [195 files])
Series III. contains administrative files and ephemera pertaining to Orr's work, with exhibition announcement postcards, typescript firsthand accounts of Orr's friendship with conceptual artist James Lee Byars, acquisition documentation and pricing for works by Orr, and Orr's handwritten notes and typescript proposals for projects. The series also includes binders consisting of both photographs and schematic drawings that were not described in Series I. or Series II.
Arranged alphabetically by subject.
Articles and essays, 1984-1999, undated
On Orr, his work, and his role in the Light and Space movement.
Box Folder
29 12 Photocopies, 1984-1999, undated
Box Folder
35* 5 Oversize, 1989
Box Folder
29 13 Thermofax originals, 1999
Box Folder
25 7 Ashkenazy Galleries consignment memo and color Polaroids, 1989
Includes seven Polaroids of 1989 paintings Wait; Blue Void A; Dark Light #14; Time Shadow; One Way; Other Side of Light AA; and No Fire.
Box Folder
30 7 Assorted documents, circa 1985-circa 1995, 2003, undated
Includes Orr's application for entry to Vietnam and a "Robot Poetry Manifesto" signed by Orr, James Lee Byars, Marian McEvilley, and others.
Binders of photographs and schematic drawings, 1978-2003, undated
"Sculpture 1987," 1978-1987, undated
Binder of schematic drawings (photocopies), descriptions, lists, and proposals for sculptural works. Includes Untitled (Prime Matter series), the Beck commission; Solar Fountain; the Anaheim city center fountain; the Newquist doors and shutters; Waterwall; the Vena-Mondt studio/residence project; Naked Singularity; the Michael Goodman project; the Jenkins project; Fire and Water Column; Triangular Fire and Water Column; the Panza proposals: Prime Matter 8, Thermal Time Window, Prime Matter, North of Yesterday, Space Delineator-Single/Double/Planar Wall, Heliostatic Rain, Sunrise, Sound Tunnel, Ocean of Time, Silence and the Ion Wind, Sound in the Shape of a Pear, Nothing Special; LACMA project: Prime Matter 9; Home Savings of America; Hawaii project; Whitney Museum multiple project; Amber Hill commission; Cedars Sinai project.
Box Folder
29 14 Schematic drawings
Box Folder
25 8 Color prints
"Selected Works," 1981-1986, undated
Includes typescript descriptions, some on Eric Orr letterhead, and schematic drawings of selected Orr works; photocopies of clippings; and a proposal application for the City of Brea's Art in Public Places Program. Identified works include North of Yesterday, Solar Fountain, and Prime Matter.
Box Folder
29 15 Descriptions and proposals
Box Folder
27 2 Color prints
box folder
37 1 "Empty sheets, slides," undated
Binder of empty photographic print and slide sheets with labels for the following works and locations: Sandrich Singularity #1; Janssen Prime Matter; International Creative Manange (?); Fukushima Stadium; Eastern Oceans of Time; Sandel; LACMA Prime Matter; Lee Singularity; North of Yesterday; Prime Matter IV (Venice Bien); Nippon Arch; Naked Singularity; Topanga Plaza Mall, Rain Box (Scottsdale); MacArthur Place; Moreno Valley Mall; Solar Fountain; Teak Singularity (1995); Fukushima Prime Matter (1994); Edge of Light (33 x 9); St. Louis Galleria; Chicago Sheraton; and Jon Douglas.
"Sculpture/blueprints," undated
Binder of schematic drawings for works of sculpture. Schematic drawings were originally adhered to the original binder sleeves, which were not archival. Drawings were removed from the binder during conservation treatment. The original binder and sleeves have been maintained separately from the schematic drawings.
box folder
37 2 Original binder and sleeves
37 3-4 Schematic drawings
Box Folder
25 9 Color prints
Unlabeled, 1991,1996, 2001-2003
Assorted sculpture, undated
Mostly empty binder of missing schematic drawings, with ink remnants of drawings on most of the binder sleeves. Also includes color photographs of select works and a list of works on Orr's letterhead.
box folder
37 5 Original sleeves
Box folder
25 10 Color prints
Also includes list of works on Orr's letterhead.
Assorted sculpture, 1991, 2001-2003
Identified works include: Last Oceans of Time, Granite Singularity, Enclave, Cedars Cascade, Kanner Water Veil, ICM Prime Matter, L.A. Prime Matter, Birmingham Prime Matter, and Cuba Libre.
Box Folder
29 16 Original housing
Box folder
25 11 Color prints
Box folder
26 1 Assorted sculpture, 1996, undated
Binder includes twenty-five color prints, with one identified work: Archimedes Gate.
Box Folder
29 17 Biographies and chronologies, 1996, undated
29 18 Business and resume cards, undated
Box Item
32 V1 Chaparral VHS, undated
1 videocassette (VHS) (28 min.) ; 1/2 in. Original label reads, Stereo / final mix. Unavailable until reformatted. Contact reference for reformatting.
Box Folder
29 19 Cirrus Editions catalogue sheets, 2007, undated
Acquisition documents for works by Eric Orr.
Correspondence, 1979, 1987-1999, undated
Primarily includes faxes and blank postcards, with one unsigned postcard addressed to Orr, and a blank postcard addressed to Kurt Hodgetts.
Box Folder
29 20 1979, 1987-1999, undated
Box Folder
26 2 Transparencies, 1979
Box Item
31 DVD1 Crazy Wisdom: The Life and Work of Eric Orr, viewing copy (video), 2012
Sound not re-mastered.
1 video disc (DVD-R) : digital ; 4 3/4 in. Unavailable until reformatted. Contact reference for reformatting.
Box Folder
29 21 Electrum documents, 1996, undated
Includes correspondence, exhibition invitations, schematic drawings, and typescript notes. Original housing read: To: Kent Hodgetts / Re: Electrum to SCI-Arc 1.07.2003.
Box Item
31 DVD2 "Eric Orr and a Tower of Fire and Water" (video), undated
1 video disc (DVD-R) (120 min.) : digital ; 4 3/4 in. Unavailable until reformatted. Contact reference for reformatting.
Box Folder
29 22 Exhibition announcements and postcards, 1979-1996, undated
Postcards primarily for Orr's national solo and group exhibitions, with some postcards for exhibitions held at international venues. Includes photocopies.
Box Item
31 DVD3 Five Sisters viewing copy (video), 1980s
1 video disc (DVD-R) (120 min.) : digital ; 4 3/4 in. Unavailable until reformatted. Contact reference for reformatting.
31 CM3 "If I Can't Dance, I Don't Want To Be Part of Your Revolution," undated
1 computer disc (CD-R) : digital ; 4 3/4 in. CM3 contains: 3 Microsoft Word for Windows files (.docx) titled, Five Sisters credits; 46 image files (.jpg) with alphanumeric titles; 1 Quicktime file (.mov) titled, Frascati WG; and 1 unidentified file (.m4v) titled, MUSAC. One file was corrupt and could not be transferred from the disc: Video/Reina Unavailable until reformatted. Contact reference for reformatting.
Box Folder
29 23 Interview transcripts, 2007
Transcripts of Elizabeth Orr interviews with curator Maurice Tuchman, art critic Thomas McEvilley, and art historian Gail Gelburd on their relationships with her father, Eric Orr.
James Lee Byars, 1983, 1997-1998, undated
Box Folder
29 24 "Jimmy stories," 1997-1998, undated
Typescript anecdotes by Orr that detail his friendship with artist James Lee Byars. Also includes Orr's personal chronology, exhibition announcements, and color printouts of Orr with Byars and Thomas McEvilley.
29 25 "Jimmy stories" (thermofax), 1997
Box Folder
26 3 Photographs, 1983, undated
Four color prints and two black-and-white prints.
Box Item
31 D1 "1. James Lee Byars 2. Eric Orr," undated
James Lee Byars, "The Death of James Lee Byars" and Eric Orr Gold Room lecture at LACMA.
1 audio disc (CD) : digital ; 4 3/4 in. Unavailable until reformatted. Contact reference for reformatting.
Box Folder
29 26 Kentucadet: Alumni Journal, 1959 May
Alumni journal for the Kentucky Military Institute.
29 27 Limited edition water sculptures, 2004, undated
29 28 Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego acquisition documents, 2006
Artist surveys and licensing agreements for Orr's You Had the Meaning but Missed the Experience (circa 1981-1982) and Red Void II (1992).
Notebooks and notes, 1974-1992, undated
Box Folder
30 1 1974
30 2 1980
30 3 1992, undated
Includes typescript pages for a lecture at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) on the indigenous art of Zaire (now the Democratic Republic of the Congo).
30 4 undated
30 5 Orr Studio sculpture booklet, 2001-2002
With a Hosfelt Gallery envelope addressed to Peggy Orr in 2002.
Painting price lists and invoices, 1990-1991, undated
Box Folder
30 6 Documents
Includes a black-and-white print of Time Switch (1973) by Gus Foster.
Box Folder
27 1 Color Polaroids
Includes seventy-seven color Polaroids, with the following identified paintings: Purple Elapsed Time; Where Is Infinity; Red Void; Violent Edge; Oceans of Time; Xanadu; Blue Ecliptic; Green Ecliptic; Harry's Cauldron; Lee Musgrave; Hahn's Birthdate; Three of a Kind; Without Green; Amarillo; Crazy Wisdom T.O; Sam's Pic; Darkness In Back of The Sky; May to December; Peggy's Pic; What Takes 4 Light Years to Stop; Red Cloud; In Hand; You've Had the Experience But You Missed the Meaning; Plum Threshold; Parmenides Dilemma; Zero +; 91 Mu; Edge of Thought; Emergence of Time; Navaho; 3+3=3; If Tachyons Could Tell the Truth; Always Everywhere at Once Always Nowhere Sometime; Threshold of Substance; Time Dilation; The Rossi; Time Window 1; Time Window 2; The Passage; The Sky is Not A Way Back; 3 Ways; Uaho; Green Guy; Fugitive Blue; Circadian Rhythm; Nine Times Nine; Crazy Wisdom II; Crazy Wisdom X; Pangaea; and Temporal Crazy Wisdom.
Box Folder
30 8 Proposals and histories, 1998-1999, undated
Includes descriptions of Electrum, Karnak, L.A. Prime Matter, Silence and the Ion Wind, Solar Fountain, and Zero Mass Space.
30 9 Slide list, Hope and Healing Center, circa 1998
Box Item
31 CM1 "Teece - E Orr," 2005 June
1 computer disc (CD-RW) : digital ; 4 3/4 in. CM1 contains: 48 image files (.jpg) titled: Teece CWC and workers 6 13 05 E Orr. Unavailable until reformatted. Contact reference for reformatting.
Box Item
32 R1 Tibetan Temple Gongs audiotape reel, 1975 December
1 audiotape reel (60 min.) : analog, 15 ips. ; 5 in., 1/4 in. tape. Original label reads: Eric Orr / Tibetan Temple Gongs / Dec. 1975 / 15 i.p.s. / Full track / "B" tape / (slightly noisier). Unavailable until reformatted. Contact reference for reformatting.
Wall Shadow, 2011-2012
Box Item
31 CM2 Eugenia Butler Gallery, 2011 February
1 computer disc (CD-R) : digital ; 4 3/4 in. CM2 contains: 34 Tagged Image File Format (.tif) files titled: Orr light piece. One file was corrupt and could not be transferred from the disc: Orr light piece 7.tif. Unavailable until reformatted. Contact reference for reformatting.
Box Folder
34 5 Oversize flier, 2012
A flier for a re-creation of Orr's 1970 piece, Wall Shadow, presented by LAND (Los Angeles Nomadic Division) and Corazon del Sol as part of the Pacific Standard Time Performance and Public Art Festival.
The Works Gallery, 1989, undated
Ashkenazy resource exchange, 1989
Box Folder
30 10 Schematic drawings
Box Folder
27 3 Color Polaroids
Seven color Polaroids.
Box Folder
30 11 Collector kits, undated
Includes collector solicitations and postcards with brief resumes for artists represented by the gallery.
Box Item
32 C1 Unidentified audiocassette, undated
Original label reads: I.
1 audiocassette : analog ; 3 7/8 x 2 1/2 in., 1/8 in. tape. Unavailable until reformatted. Contact reference for reformatting.
Box Item
31 D2 Unidentified audio CD, undated
1 compact disc (CD) : digital ; 4 3/4 in. Unavailable until reformatted. Contact reference for reformatting.
31 CM4 Unidentified disc, 2007 July
Possibly includes images of Eric Orr exhibition at Robert Berman Gallery, curated by Elizabeth Orr.
1 computer disc (CD-R) : digital ; 4 3/4 in. CM4 contains: 4 JPEG File Interchange Format files (.jpg) and 31 Exchangeable Image File Format (Uncompressed) files (.tif). Unavailable until reformatted. Contact reference for reformatting.

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