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Louis Vignes views and panoramas of Beirut and the ruins of Palmyra, 1864

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Vignes (Louis) Views and Panoramas

Related Material

The repository holds a significant body of materials related to Louis Vignes and the duc de Luynes's expeditions. Materials relating to the duc de Luynes's expeditions to the Dead Sea region, accession no. 2019.M.20, is an extensive collection of both visual and written materials from both Luynes's 1864 and 1866 expeditions. Voyage d'exploration à la mer Morte, à Petra, et sur la rive gauche du Jourdain par M. le duc de Luynes; œuvre posthume publiée par ses petits-fils sous la direction de M. le comte de Vogüé, 1874, id no. 2850-401, is the three-volume publication resulting from the expedition. Photographs from the 1866 expedition are found in Henri Joseph Sauvaire photographs from the duc de Luynes's second expedition to the Holy Land, accession no. 2019.R.32.

Several collections comprise materials related more directly to Vignes's photographic output during the 1864 expedition. Of particular note is an album of photographs by him, Vues de Phénicie, de Judée, des pays de Moab et de Petra / photographiées par M. Vignes Lieutenant de vaisseau pendant son voyage, en 1864, avec le duc de Luynes de Beyrouth à la mer Rouge et son retour avec M. Lartet de Jérusalem à Damas par la rive gauche du Jourdain, accession no. 2012.R.14. Photographic reproductions of two maps drawn by Vignes, with assistance from Dr. Gustave Combe, are found in Louis Vignes maps from the duc de Luynes's expedition to the Dead Sea, accession no. 2015.R.16. Thirty-three loose photogravure plates made by Charles Nègre after Vignes's photographs and published in Voyage d'exploration à la mer Morte, are contained in the Ken and Jenny Jacobson Orientalist photography collection, accession no. 2008.R.3. Two versions of a view from Mar Saba (a two-part photographic panorama by Vignes and a photogravure after it by Nègre) can be found in the Joachim Bonnemaison collection of panorama photographs, accession no. 98.R.19. Finally, a self-portrait that Vignes took at age 28, five years before he accompanied Luynes to the Dead Sea, forms part of the Louis Vignes self-portrait and portraits of naval officers, accession number 2016.R.40.

Digitzed Materials

The collection was digitized in 2015 and the images are available online:

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