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Jerry McMillan photographs of the Los Angeles art scene in the 1960s and 1970s, 1957-2014

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McMillan (Jerry) photographs of the Los Angeles art scene in the 1960s and 1970s
Series III. Papers and ephemera, 1960-2014 5.46 Linear Feet (six boxes).
Series III contains papers and ephemera relating to McMillan's exhibitions, to exhibitions of fellow artists featuring his photography, including postcards, announcements, posters, and drafts of panel text. The series also contains several catalogues McMillan designed and illustrated with his photographs. Also present are personal notes and correspondence, and photocopies of contact sheets and prints on which McMillan has made notes or added his signature. See scope and contents notes for individual projects in Series I for McMillan's handwritten notes about corresponding collection materials. Additional catalogs designed or illustrated by McMillan have been transferred to the Library and will be available after cataloging.
Material is arranged alphabetically.
Box Folder
40 1 24 Young Los Angeles Artists, 1971
Original LACMA exhibition announcement using McMillan's photograph of the 24 participating artists sitting on the LACMA stairs.
box folder
41 1-2 Artweek and Artforum magazines, 1979-1984
Includes Artforum v. 18 n. 3, November, 1979; Artweek v. 10 n. 31, September 29, 1979; Artweek v. 10 n. 38, November 17, 1979; Artweek v. 11 n. 1, January 12, 1980; Artweek v. 11 n. 3, January 26, 1980; Artweek v. 11 n. 21, May 31, 1980; Artweek v. 11 n. 25, July 19, 1980; Artweek v. 12 n. 7, February 21, 1981; Artweek v. 12 n. 10, March 14, 1981; Artweek v. 12 n. 14, April 11, 1981; Artweek v. 12 n. 22, June 20, 1981; Artweek v. 12, n. 33, October 10, 1981; Artweek v. 15 n. 2, January 14, 1984; and Artweek v. 15 n. 9, March 3, 1984.
Box Folder
48* 1 Patrick, Garie, Anastasia Blackwell promotional material, 1963
Three 11 x 13 promotional posters designed by McMillan and featuring his photographs of individual Blackwell family members.
Judy Chicago, 1970-2014
Box Folder
40 6 Announcement for McMillan show at Craig Krull Gallery, 2012
Announcement for 2012 Jerry McMillan exhibition using one of his photos of Judy Chicago in the boxing ring. Originally placed by McMillan with the Judy Chicago material, relocated to the Jerry McMillan press and announcements file.
Box folder
48* 2 Posters for Judy Chicago exhibitions, 1970, 2014
Two posters for Judy Chicago exhibitions using McMillan's photographs of Judy Chicago posing as a boxer. A 13 x 13 poster is for a 1970 exhibition at California State University, Fullerton, and a 11 x 17 poster is for a 2012 Judy Chicago exhibition at Penn State University Libraries.
48* 3 Ronald Davis exhibition poster, 1967
One 12 x 18 advertisement poster for a Ron Davis exhibition at Tibor de Nagy Gallery in New York, October 11-29, 1967.
48* 4 Don Everly album photocopy, 1970
Color photocopies of a Don Everly album cover, recto and verso, and album insert, all featuring McMillan photographs of Everly. The papers were originally stapled together at the corners to replicate a 12" record album sleeve.
Box Folder
40 2 Fred Eversley, 2011
Announcement for the exhibition Now Dig This! Art & Black Los Angeles 1960-1980 featuring a McMillan portrait of Eversley.
Joe Goode, 1962-1966
Box Folder
40 3 Joe Goode exhibition at Dilexi Gallery announcement and ephemera
Two identical 9 x 12 announcements for a Goode exhibition at Dilexi Gallery, May 13 - June 1, 1963, as well as letterhead, envelope, and business card with a portrait of Goode printed on them.
Box Folder
48* 5 Joe Goode exhibition at Nicholas Wilder Gallery announcement posters
Two 15 x 19 announcement posters for Goode's 1966 exhibition at Nicholas Wilder Gallery, with a full-body portrait of Goode standing against a dark backdrop with exhibition information at the bottom.
48* 6 Joe Goode exhibition at Rolf Nelson Gallery announcement posters
Three 12 x 14 announcement posters for a 1963 Goode exhibition at Rolf Nelson Gallery showing the image of a white house with handwritten information about the exhibition in the top left corner.
Robert (Bob) Graham, 1967, 1985
Box Folder
48* 7 Robert Graham exhibition at Nicholas Wilder Gallery announcement poster
One 15 x 15 announcement poster for a Graham exhibition at Nicholas Wilder Gallery, January 24 - February 11, 1967.
1** Robert Graham Fragments exhibition poster 1985
One 20 x 38 nnouncement poster for the Fragments exhibition at 48 Market Street, Venice, CA.
Box Folder
40 4 Handwritten notes
One page of handwritten notes found in Graham envelope #1 with negatives and contact sheets.
40 5 George Herms, 1992
Announcement, booklet, and postcards for Herms's exhibition The Secret Archives, September 8 - November 1, 1992 at Barnsdall Art Park, as well as photocopies of contact sheets and prints.
40 6 Jerry McMillan, 1981, 2011-2013
Press items on McMillan and announcements for McMillan exhibitions. Two full magazines include Art Ltd. from 2011 in which pages 31 and 66-69 feature photographs by McMillan, marked by a sticky note. A Black & White magazine from 2013 has a feature on McMillan on pages 76-85. There are also three photocopies of short articles in which McMillan was mentioned or featured.
40 20 Miscellaneous ephemera 1973-1991
Box Folder
48* 8 Clark Murray exhibition at Nicholas Wilder Gallery announcement poster, 1967
One 16 x 18 poster announcement for a Clark Murray exhibition at Nicholas Wilder Gallery, February 21 - March 11, 1967.
Box Folder
40 7 Oklahoma Art Center, 1960
McMillan's handwritten notes on envelope read, "Opening announcement, our first show, 1960, Patrick Blackwell, Joe Goode, Jerry McMillan, Ed Ruscha."
Pasadena Art Museum announcements and ephemera 1970-2005
Box Folder
48* 9 Pasadena Art Museum advertisement posters
Twelve advertising posters for the Pasadena Art Museum featuring photographs by McMillan.
Box folder
40 8-9 Pasadena Art Museum ephemera
Papers and ephemera collected by McMillan relating to the Pasadena Art Museum activities, including schedules and other material for art classes and workshops, membership appeals, and photocopies of his photographic contact sheets with McMillan's handwritten labels identifying persons and exhibitions. Also included is a letter from the Armory Center of the Arts thanking McMillan for a loan.
40 10 Pasadena's Choice, 1991
Two announcements with a photograph by McMillan for group exhibition at the Armory Center for the Arts.
40 11 Photocopies of envelopes with metadata, 2015
Black-and-white photocopies of the original collection envelopes featuring McMillan's handwritten notes. These are the same envelopes as those preserved with the negatives and contact sheets.
40 12 Ed Ruscha and Danna, 1969-2012
Photocopies of black-and-white contact sheets showing Ed Ruscha posing with his family, and several postcard announcements featuring McMillan photographs of Ruscha, including for Picturing Ed: Jerry McMillan's Photographs of Ed Ruscha, 1957-1970 at Craig Krull Gallery, 2004; Ed Ruscha: Reading Ed Ruscha, 2012; and the group show Stand Still Like the Hummingbird, 2012.
Box Folder
48* 10 Ed Ruscha and Joe Goode Newport Harbor exhibition announcement, 1968
One 11 x 14 black-and-white announcement poster featuring McMillan's photograph of Ed Ruscha and Goode on horseback. The exhibition was presented at Newport Harbor at the Balboa Pavilion, March 27 - April 21, 1968. A photocopy of the announcement is also included.
Box Folder
40 13 Ed Ruscha Color - Ed Ruscha: Books & Co. exhibition announcement, 2012
Box Folder
48* 11 Ed Ruscha Says Goodbye to College Joys, 1967
One 10 1/2 x 10 1/2 black-and-white print magazine image of Ruscha in bed with two women, with title along the bottom, published in Artforum magazine. Business advertisements are on the verso. One of the women's arms has been outlined and cut with a razor, a detail more visible on the verso. An 11 x 16 piece of cardboard with McMillan's handwritten title, which originally held the magazine page is also included. Another advertisement featuring Nancy Ames singing at the Plaza Hotel in New York, originally placed in Ed Ruscha Says Goodbye to College Joys project envelope, has been moved to the Mason Williams and Nancy Ames project file, Box 40, Folder 19. A handwritten note in pencil on the Ames advertisement states, "This was Nancy Ames's bed we used [for College Joys" photo shoot], I made this photo of Nancy also." Negatives for McMillan's photograph of Nancy Ames is stored with the Mason Williams and Nancy Ames project material in Box 38.
Box Folder
40 14 Ed Ruscha with Hollywood sign, color photos for Life, 1972
One envelope from Life magazine that held color 35mm transparencies of McMillan's photographs of Ruscha posing with the Hollywood sign.
40 15 Paul Sarkisian at Pasadena Art Museum, 1968
One foldout information catalogue about a Paul Sarkisian exhibition at Pasadena Art Museum, featuring a photograph of the artist by McMillan.
40 16 Diana Vitale exhibition announcement, 1962
Two advertising announcements for Vitale featuring a McMillan portrait of the artist, and a printing receipt and envelope from K & L Litho in Los Angeles.
War Babies, 1961
Box Folder
49* 1 War Babies original announcement posters
Two original 17 x 22 announcement posters for the War Babies exhibition at Huysman Gallery, May 29 - June 17, 1961. One poster has damaged, brittle edges and one corner torn off, and also has light surface damage. The other poster is in relatively good condition, and was originally housed in a glassine envelope with the other War Babies material.
Box Folder
40 17 War Babies ephemera
One copy of X-tra magazine, in which the War Babies exhibition poster appears on page 67. Also included is a printer receipt from Stat House-Colortone House printer.
40 18 Doug Wheeler and Robert Irwin, Fort Worth Art Center, 1969
One envelope and one letter from the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego. The letter is a request for a Doug Wheeler image.
Box Folder
48* 12 Charles E. White III moving announcement, 1964
One 16 x 20 poster announcing White's business relocation to another address in Los Angeles, featuring White and a nude female model, and one foldout advertising card with images of White and text describing his business and contact information, with the headline "Get to Know This Face!"
Box Folder
40 19 Mason Williams and Nancy Ames, 1967
One paperback book cover for Williams' book Boneless Roast, featuring a McMillan photograph of packaged meat. Also included is an magazine advertisement for a singing engagement by Ames at the Plaza Hotel in New York, featuring a portrait of Ames by McMillan. The advertisement has a handwritten note that reads, "This was Nancy Ames's bed we used. I made this photo of Nancy also," referring to the bed pictured in Ed Ruscha Says Goodby to College Joys project, where McMillan placed it originally.

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