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Ada Louise Huxtable papers, 1859-2013 (bulk 1954-2012)

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Huxtable (Ada Louise) papers, 1859-2013 (bulk 1954-2012)
Series I. Correspondence, 1949-2012 5.4 Linear Feet (13 boxes)
Series I contains correspondence comprised mostly of letters to Huxtable requesting her coverage of a specific site or building, advocating the preservation of certain buildings or commenting on a previously published article. Included in this correspondence are letters from architects who felt compelled to pen their agreement or disagreement with what she had written about other architects, and sometimes about themselves. Other correspondence includes scheduling and work requests between Huxtable and her colleagues. Huxtable corresponded with numerous architects, politicians and scholars including Hugh Hardy, Richard Meier, Stephen Sondheim, Joel Honig, Raymond Sokolov, Walter Muir Whitehill and Arthur Ochs Sulzberger. Especially complimentary or important letters were filed by Huxtable in "Nice Letters."
Huxtable maintained two systems of arrangement, the bulk of the correspondence is arranged chronologically, but some correspondence is organized by subject or name. A few correspondents appear in both arrangements. Huxtable sometimes grouped correspondence from one correspondent and filed the group by the date of the most recent letter.
Chronological, 1949-2012, undated
box folder
1 1 1949-1957
Includes letter from Frank Lloyd Wright.
1 2 1963-1967
Includes letters from Olgivanna Lloyd Wright and Howard Grad.
1 3 1968
1, 365 1969
Includes letters from Buckminster Fuller, Peter Eisenman, Robert L. Geddes, Philip Johnson and John Lindsay.
box folder
2 1-4 1970
Includes letters from John Hejduk, John Carl Warnecke, Esther McCoy, Moshe Safdie, M. Paul Friedberg, Richard Meier and Ulrich Franzen.
2-3 1971
Includes letters from Paolo Soleri and William F. Buckley, Jr.
box folder
3 4 1972
Includes letter from John Lindsay.
3-4 1973
Includes letters from John Lindsay, Robert F. Wagner, Ted Kennedy, George E. Kassabaum, Norman Pfeiffer, Marcel Breuer and Philip Johnson.
4-6 1974
Includes letters from Norman Pfeiffer, Moshe Safdie, Hugh Hardy, Richard Meier, Lady Bird Johnson, Esther McCoy.
7-8, 365 1975
Includes letters from John Lindsay, I.M. Pei, Nelson Rockefeller, Walter Muir Whitehill.
8-9 1976
Includes letters from Donald Trump, William Caudill, Michael Graves, Georgia van der Rohe.
box folder
9 3 1977-1980
Includes letters from John Cheever, Walter Muir Whitehill, Robert T. Stafford and Daniel Patrick Moynihan.
9 4 1981-1982
9 5 1983
Includes letter from Inge-Lise Weeke and telegram from Mable Brandon, social secretary to President Reagan.
9 6 1984
9 7 1985-1986
9 8 1987-1992
Includes letters from Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and Daniel Patrick Moynihan.
9-10 1993
Includes letters to Frank Gehry, Moshe Safdie and letters from Alan Hess, Thomas S. Hines, Seymour Slive, Jed Perl, Robert Merton and Hugh Hardy.
box folder
10 2 1994
Includes letters from Charles E. Young, Hugh Hardy, Thomas S. Hines and Gordon Hyatt.
10 3 1995
Includes letters from Stephen Sondheim, Robert A.M. Stern and Hugh Hardy.
10 4 1996
Includes letters from Thomas S. Hines.
10 5 1997
Includes letters from Colin St. John Wilson and Raymond Sokolov.
10 6 1998
Includes letters from Charles Correa, Jorge Silvetti, Raymond Sokolov and Hugh Hardy.
10, 365 1999
Includes letters from Jacob Rothschild, Stephen Sondheim, Lewis Davis and Raymond Sokolov.
Includes letters from James Stewart Polshek and Stephen Sondheim.
box folder
10 8 Papers
box item
427 D16 Digital versions of facsimiles to Gregory Gallagher and Claire Shea
Two Microsoft Word 97-2003 (.doc) files. Gallagher.doc; sheaC.doc.
See Series VII, Digital media for further description about individual physical media.
box item
428 D65 Letter to Georges Borchardt
One Microsoft Word 97-2003 (.doc) file. borchardt.doc.
See Series VII, Digital media for further description about individual physical media.
box folder
11 1 2004-2006
Includes letters from James Stewart Polshek, Cesar Pelli, Richard Meier and Stephen Sondheim.
11 2 2007
Includes letters from Frank Gehry.
11 3 2008-2009
Includes letters from Hugh Hardy, David M. Childs, Louis A. Auchincloss and Richard Dattner.
11, 365 2010-2012
Includes letter from Kevin Roche.
box folder
11 5-6 undated
Includes photocopy of memorandum from William Safire.
Topic or name, 1959-2001, undated
box folder
11 7 Ada Louise Huxtable, An Annotated Bibliography, 1974-1981
Correspondence regarding the publication of the Lawrence Woodhouse bibliography published by Garland Publishing.
11 8 Bender, Tom, 1984
11 9 Brunner grant, 1959-1962
Campbell, Robert, 1988-2001
box folder
12 1 Papers
Includes clipping from the Boston Globe.
box item
427 D16 Digital version of letter
One Microsoft Word 97-2003 (.doc) file. CampbellR.doc.
See Series VII, Digital media for further description about individual physical media.
box folder
12 2 Cantrell, Scott, 1997-1999
Includes clippings from the Kansas City Star.
12 3 Cowin, Jackie, 1997
Includes clipping from the Middlesex News.
12 4 Cowin, Ruth, 1992
12 5 Delattre, Brigitte, 1989-1994
12 6 Eno, Will, 2001
12 7 Epstein, Joseph, 1975-1979
American Scholar.
12 8 Filler, Martin, 1982-1995
Includes clipping from the New York Review.
12 9 George, Laura, undated
12, 365 Golden, William T., 1980-1997
box folder
12 11 Hines, Thomas S., 1985, 1996
12 12 Honig, Joel, 1994-1997
Includes essay by Honig, "Springtime for Schwarzkoff."
12 13 Kamin, Blair, 1998-1999
12 14 Kamner, Peter, 1996
12 15 Koch, Ed, 1981-1986
12 16 Kollek, Teddy, 1971-1982
12, 365 Krinsky, John, 1985-1997
box folder
12 18 Lacy, Bill, 1985-1995
12 19 Lampugnani, Vittorio, 1984-1995
12 20 Laura, 1996
Surname is unknown.
12 21 Muschamp, Herbert, 1995-1998
Includes clippings from the New York Times.
12 22 Newlin, George, 1993
12 23 New York Times, 1967-1981
Contains mostly company memoranda and inter-office correspondence.
12-13 Nice letters, 1970-1986, undated
Includes letters from Robert L. Geddes, Robert L. Zion, Lewis Mumford, Robert Venturi, Ulrich Franzen, Louis S. Auchincloss, John Lindsay, Walter Muir Whitehill, Paul Goldberger, Edward Larrabee Barnes, James Wines, John Hejduk, Wallace K. Harrison, Bernard Tschumi, Hugh Stubbins, Charles Gwathmey, Philip Johnson and John Portman.
box folder
13 2 Nilsson, Ed, 1998
13 3 Nilsson, Peter, 1997
13 4 Oakes, John, 2001
Correspondence regarding John Oakes's obituary. Includes clipping from the New York Times.
13 5 Rogers, Elizabeth Barlow, 1996
13 6 Simon, Jeremy, 1999-2000
Contains letters about and essays by Simon.
13 7 Sleeper, Jim, 1988
Includes photocopies of clippings from Newsday.
13 8 Yamamoto, Hideki, 1998
13 9-17 Assorted correspondents, 1975-1986
432 Email, 2003-2012
Huxtable's email archive is comprised of messages following up on her writing progress or to discuss the reception of her Wall Street Journal articles; requests for her presence at sites or meetings; as well as general familiar communication. Her most common correspondents in this collection are Stuart Denenberg and Eric Gibson.
Huxtable's email archive is available for access using ePadd software in the reading room by requesting the associated box number.
Mozilla email account 2003-2006
Mozilla email (digital version available on-site only)

Outlook Express 2006-2008
Outlook Express email (digital version available on-site only): 2006-2008

Outlook Express 2009-2012
Outlook Express email (digital version available on-site only): 2009-2012

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