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L. Garth Huxtable papers, 1913-2012

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Finding aid for the L. Garth Huxtable papers, 1913-2012
Series I. Project files, 1928-2012, undated 99.2 linear feet (58 boxes, 23 flatfile folders, 6 rolls)
This series contains the industrial design work from Huxtable's professional oeuvre including blueprints, drawings, sketches, renderings, photographs, models and product samples. His design process is well articulated in this series, progressing from product analysis and sketches to drawings and plans and finally models and product samples. Papers include correspondence, invoices and publicity materials such as clippings and catalogs. The bulk of the documentation included in this series dates from after Huxtable established his own firm in 1948. The Four Seasons materials contain documentation dating after Huxtable closed his office in 1980. It is often unclear if Huxtable was the principal designer for a project, and it is also not always certain whether specific designs were actually manufactured.
Arrangement note
The series is arranged in chronological order. Some items are included with projects that are possibly related to different projects. Huxtable's clients are listed when identified.
Boxes 16-40 and 69*-71* contain models and product samples.
Access to Box 60, which contains deteriorated black-and-white negatives, is restricted.
1, 64* Massachusetts School of Art, 1928-1934
Includes a perspective project and an anatomy project. Projects were probably completed while Huxtable was a design student. Some work has professors' comments. Includes drawings and notes.
Unidentified early projects, 1933-1940
Includes work that was possibly completed in the studios of J. Albert Cavanagh or Egmont Arens.
Box Folder
1 4-5 Documentation
Contains drawings and black-and-white photographs.
1** Large drawings
Contains blueprints.
Box Folder
1 6-8 New York World's Fair, General Motors pavilion, 1939
The Futurama exhibition space. For Norman Bel Geddes & Company. Includes clipping and black-and-white photographs.
1 9 Frigidaire, 1939-1945
Huxtable designed a refrigerator for the Design Styling Section of General Motors. Includes drawings.
2** Norman Bel Geddes & Company offices, 1939
Designs are for Geddes' office space in Rockefeller Center. Includes blueprints.
1, 61* Constance Spry Incorporated, 1941
Huxtable designed gardening tools. Includes sketches and material sample.
1, 55 Higgins Ink Company, 1942
Huxtable deisgned ink bottles for the office of Egmont Arens. Includes clippings, black-and white photograph and negative.
Sperry Gyroscope Company, 1942-1945
Contains designs for Nassau plant.
1, 68* Documentation
Includes clipping and rendering.
3**-4** Large drawings
Includes blueprints.
76** Rolled drawings
1, 55, 60 Federal Telephone and Radio Corporation, 1945-1949
Huxtable designed the New Jersey laboratories and transmitter cabinets. Includes black-and-white photographs, black-and-white negatives and color slides.
Box Folder
1 15 Chesapeake Ohio Railroad passenger and sleeper units, circa 1946
For the office of Benjamin Webster. Includes drawings and black-and-white photographs.
1 16 Cottage, circa 1946
For the office of Benjamin Webster.
5** Iron, 1946
Probably for the office of Benjamin Webster. Includes sketches.
6** Commonwealth Edison Building, 1947
For Norman Bel Geddes & Company. Includes blueprints.
Console cigarette machine, 1947
For Rowe Manufacturing Company, from the office of Norman Bel Geddes & Company.
Box Folder
2 1 Documentation
Includes sketch and rendering.
7** Large drawing
Box Folder
61* 2 Isaac P. Miller memorial, 1947
Possibly for the office of Norman Bel Geddes & Company.
Millers Falls Company, 1948-1978
A division of Ingersoll-Rand Tool Companies.
Box Folder
2 2 Roy E. Parker Associates
A manufacturing agent for Millers Falls. Huxtable designed the letterhead. Includes letter, drawings and proofs.
2, 16 Frost Cut knife
Huxtable designed the knife, packaging, and logo. Includes correspondence, sketches, drawings, rendering, photographs, models and product samples.
2, 17 Craftsman glass cutter
For Sears Roebuck & Company and Millers Falls. Includes clippings, renderings, black-and-white photographs, models and product samples.
2, 18 Utility knife
Includes renderings, black-and-white photographs, models and product samples.
Box Folder
2 7 Putty knives and scrapers
Includes correspondence, sketches and drawings.
2, 19-23, 69* Drills
Huxtable designed electric drills and an automatic drill. Huxtable's design of Millers Falls aluminum electric drill no. 1814 was awarded the silver medal at the Triennale di Milano in 1954. The award certificate is filed in Series III. Includes project descriptions, letter, sketches, rendering, drawings, black-and-white photographs, models and product samples.
2, 24-25 Saws
Huxtable designed a circular saw, keyhole saw, hacksaw and jig saw. Includes project descriptions, renderings, sketch, black-and-white photographs, and product samples.
2, 70* Planes
Huxtable designed the Plane-R-file which won the silver medal in the 1957 Triennale di Milano. The award certificate is filed in Series III. Includes project descriptions, black-and-white photographs, and models.
2, 23, 26-28, 71* Other tools
Includes other Millers Falls tools and parts as well as tools by other companies. Tools from other companies were possibly used in researching Huxtable's Millers Falls designs or perhaps they were tools he used in his workshop for general production. Also includes project descriptions, renderings, drawings, black-and-white photographs, models and product samples.
Box Folder
3 1-2 Trademark and packaging
Includes sketches, drawings, proofs and black-and-white photographs. Also includes trademark design ideas for Ingersoll Rand.
3-4, 72* Other documentation
Includes correspondence, patent papers, publicity materials, advertisements, as well as drawing, and renderings for all tool types.
55, 60 Black-and-white negatives and color slides
8** Large drawings
United Nations, 1949-1952
Huxtable worked at the United Nations Headquarters Planning Office in New York.
Box Folder
5 1 Documentation
Black-and-white photographs, sketch, clipping, rendering, project description.
9** Large drawings
77** Rolled drawings
5, 55, 60 Christmas trim, 1952-1959
For Paper Novelty Manufacturing Company. Includes correspondence, project description, drawings, National Variety Packaging Competition press release, black-and-white photographs, color slides and black-and-white negative. Huxtable's Christmas Icicles packaging design won the 18th National Variety Packaging Competition, Seasonal Goods division. The award certificate is filed in Series III.
Box Folder
5 4 Scott Paper Company, 1952
Huxtable submitted designs for a single roll tissue fixture. Includes correspondence and drawings.
5 5 Text for the Museum of Modern Art, 1953-1963
Includes text design pieces by Huxtable and other MOMA ephemera that was probably not designed by Huxtable.
United States Army, Quartermaster Corps., 1953-1958
For the office of Egmont Arens. Huxtable designed a refrigeration locking device, ski harness release and protective headgear.
5, 29 Documentation
Includes sketches, drawings, research reports, patent paperwork, and models.
10** Large drawings
5-6, 55 Lunt Silversmiths, 1954-1970
Huxtable designed sterling silver flatware. Includes clippings, correspondence, project descriptions, a black-and-white photographs, sketches, drawings, renderings, color slides and black-and-white negative. Also includes note from Ada Louise Huxtable discussing the design process.
6, 55, 61* Clyde Cutlery, 1955-1956
Huxtable designed a knife and snack spatula as well as their logos and packaging. Includes correspondence, notes, sketches, renderings, drawings and proofs.
Box Folder
7 1-2 Thayer Inc., 1955-1956
Huxtable designed cribs. Includes a letter and renderings.
7, 61* International Business Machines, 1956
Huxtable designed an airlines reservation system. Includes sketches and notes.
7, 55, 61* Kamkap, 1956-1957
Designs for Magic Spit and Adapktable. Includes notes, sketches, proofs and color slides.
7, 61* The Museum in the United States, 1956
For the American Federation of Arts. The exhibition was designed with Ada Louise Huxtable. Includes proofs and sketches.
7, 55 General Electric packaging, 1956-1957
Huxtable designed packaging for a heating pad. Includes black-and-white photographs and color slides.
7, 55, 68* "Green Stamp" Town, circa 1957-1959
For Sperry & Hutchison. Huxtable designed the model town with Ada Louise Huxtable. Includes black-and-white photographs, clippings, and color slides.
7, 68* Velocipede, 1957-1964
For Hedstrom Union Company. Includes a black-and-white photograph, catalog and drawings.
Box Folder
68* 4-5 Wardrobe cabinets, 1957-1958
Prefabricated modular institutional furniture, for Proctor Furniture Company with specific designs for Georgia Institute of Technology, Illinois State University and Wentworth Military Academy. Includes drawings.
Four Seasons Restaurant, 1958-2012
For Restaurant Associates. A service was designed with Ada Louise Huxtable. It included china, glassware, serving pieces, service wagons and special services pieces. The Huxtables' wooden tray, glassware and ashtray designs were commercially available through Restaurants Associates.
8-9, 30, 55, 73*-74* Documentation
Includes correspondence, notes, project descriptions, silver serving pan sample product, drawings, black-and-white photographs, color slides and photograph, and publicity materials. See Restaurant Associates for additional correspondence.
11** Large drawing
9, 56, 68* Kellogg Brush Manufacturing Company, 1958-1967
Huxtable designed a line of domestic brushes. Includes correspondence, black-and-white photographs, color slides and a black-and-white negative.
11, 64* Playground equipment, 1958-1964
For Hedstrom Union Company. Includes catalogs.
Box Folder
9 8-9 Restaurant Associates, 1958-1968
Contains the bulk of Huxtable's invoicing and correspondence for Restaurant Associates projects including Four Seasons, Caratina, La Fonda del Sol, Brasserie, Tower Suite, Zum Zum and the Newark Airport coffee shop. Also includes Restaurant Associates catalogs and clippings.
Baum Residence, 1959-1960
Huxtable designed cabinetry and tables. Includes letters and drawings.
9, 68* Documentation
12** Large drawings
Box Folder
9 11 Caratina, 1959
For Restaurant Associates. Huxtable designed food-catering truck. Includes notes, research and sketches.
9, 56, 61* Hedstrom Union Company, 1959-1973
Huxtable designed children's furniture. Some designs are for the Oak Hill line. Includes correspondence, catalogs and a color slide.
9-10, 56, 65* I. Freeman & Son Inc., 1959-1961
Huxtable designed silver hollowware, coffee service and a candelabra. Includes correspondence, project descriptions, sketches, drawings and color slides.
La Fonda del Sol Restaurant, 1959-1965
For Restaurant Associates. Includes drawings by Alexander Girard.
10, 56, 68* Documentation
Includes notes, research, clippings, drawings, color photographs and slides.
13** Large drawings
Box Folder
10 4 Robinson Technical Products Inc., 1959-1965
Huxtable designed plastic food service for Western, Continental, Capital and American airlines. Includes correspondence.
10, 75* Service wagon, 1959-1960
For S. Blickman Company. Includes correspondence and drawings.
10, 31, 61* Unidentified chair project, 1959
Includes black-and-white photographs, project description, sketches, drawings and model.
10, 75* Tower Suite, 1960-1962
For Restaurant Associates. Includes notes, research, sketches and drawings.
10, 32-36, 56, 59, 61* Brasserie Restaurant, 1961-1962
For Restaurant Associates. In addition to his designs for the restaurant, Huxtable also designed commercially available casseroles and pans. Includes material sample, drawings, a black-and-white photograph and negative, color photographs and product samples.
10, 37-38, 56, 64* Inca Pisco, 1961-1967
For McKesson & Robbins International. Huxtable designed the bottle and packaging. Includes correspondence, research, color samples, drawings, proofs, packaging samples, a black-and-white negative and photographs, color slides and product samples.
Luana, 1961-1965
For McKesson & Robbins International. Huxtable designed the bottle and packaging.
11, 56, 59, 62* Documentation
Includes black-and-white negatives and photographs, color slides and a color photograph, correspondence, project descriptions, drawings and proofs.
14** Large drawings
11, 75* Totliner, 1961-1964
For Hedstrom Union Company. Huxtable designed a stroller. Includes correspondence, black-and-white photographs and catalog.
Box Folder
11 6 Philadelphia Handle Company, 1962
Huxtable designed a handle and an ice bucket. Includes correspondence and sketches.
11, 64* Zum Zum, 1962-1964
For Restaurant Associates. Huxtable designed a soup cauldron. Includes notes and sketches.
11, 64* Brody residences, 1963-1964
200 Central Park South and 920 Park Avenue. Huxtable designed lighting and cabinetry for the residences. Includes correspondence, research and plans.
11, 64* Federal Pavilion exhibition, 1963
Huxtable designed a proposal for The Land, an exhibition for the 1964 New York World's Fair. Includes correspondence and project descriptions.
Metropolitan Opera Cafe, 1963-1972
In collaboration with Harrison and Abramovitz Architects.
11, 75* Documentation
Includes project description, correspondence, clippings, notes, research, drawings, and black-and-white photographs.
15**-16** Large drawings
78**-81** Rolled drawings
11, 75* Pan Am Building cart, 1963
For Restaurant Associates. Includes proposal, sketches and drawings.
Lewis Residence, 1964
Huxtable designed alterations to the kitchen and bathroom.
Box Folder
11 15 Documentation
Includes notes, sketches and a plan.
17** Large drawings
Includes plans.
Sterling Farm Restaurant, 1965
For National Food Management Service, Inc. Huxtable designed the dining room for the Sterling Gardens International Pavilion.
11, 75* Documentation
Includes sketches and drawings.
18** Large drawings
Box Folder
12 1 McCormick & Company Inc., 1966-1967
Huxtable designed an institutional spice rack. Includes correspondence and sketches.
Box Folder
56 8 Newark Airport, 1966
For Restaurant Associates. Huxtable designed the employee snack bar, cafe bar and coffee shop. Includes color slides.
12, 75* L'√Čtoile Restaurant, 1967
For Brody Corporation. Includes correspondence, research and sketches.
12, 62* Fordyce Hamby & Kennerly, 1967-1969
Huxtable designed letterhead and brochures for the architectural office and text for the Sallie Franklin Cheatham Memorial Garden. Firm name was later changed to Hamby Kennerly Slomanson. Includes correspondence, samples, proofs and drawings.
12-13, 56, 66* Libbey, 1967-1977
A division of Owens-Illinois. Huxtable designs include soda fountain glassware, stemware, an ashtray and a glassware caddy.
12-13, 56, 66* Documentation
Includes correspondence, research, notes, catalogs and publicity materials, sketches, drawings, color slides and black-and-white photographs.
19** Large drawings
Box Folder
13 5 Martin's V.V.O., 1967
For McKesson & Robbins International. Huxtable designed label. Includes proofs, sketches and clipping.
Metropolitan Life Insurance, 1967
Huxtable designed the hospitality room.
13, 56 Documentation
Includes color slide, sketches, notes and correspondence.
20** Large drawing
13-14, 62* State University of New York College at Plattsburgh, 1967-1969
For Fordyce Hamby & Kennerly. Huxtable designed directional signage and institutional graphics related to campus architecture. Includes correspondence, notes, sketches, research, proofs and drawings.
14, 75* Huxtable Residence, 1968-1978
Huxtable made designs for his and Ada Louise's Manhattan home. Includes letters and drawings.
14, 56, 63* KGH Corporation, 1968
Huxtable designed and developed corporate identity materials and promotional brochures. Includes letters, project description, drawings, proofs, color slides and photograph.
Box Folder
14 7-8 Max O. Urban Associates, 1969-1970
Design and development of letterhead and brochure. Includes letters, notes, research and sketches.
14, 75* Metropolitan Transit Authority, 1970-1971
For Johnson & Burgee. Huxtable designed a subway change booth unit. Includes correspondence, color samples, a photograph, notes and sketches.
Box Folder
15 1 Unidentified lighting fixture, 1970-1972
Includes model, correspondence, notes and sketches. Possibly related to or inspired by the Metropolitan Opera Cafe project.
Wham-O, 1970-1972
Huxtable submitted designs for a dog droppings scoop, novelty alarm clock, shower curtain and a continuous-use soap cake. Huxtable also submitted the soap cake design to Lever Brothers.
Box Folder
15 2 Documentation
Includes correspondence, notes and sketches.
39 Model for continuous use soap cake
World Trade Center, Sky Lobby, 1970-1972
For Port of New York Authority.
15, 56 Documentation
Includes color photographs and slides, notes, sketches and clippings.
21**-22** Large drawings
Pennsylvania State University, Museum of Art, 1971-1974
Huxtable designed museum exhibition cases.
Box Folder
15 5-6 Documentation
Includes correspondence, notes, sketches and drawings.
23** Large drawings
Box Folder
15 8 Unidentified cookie dispenser project, 1971
Includes sketches.
15 9 Unidentified fashion project, 1973-1974
Designs for sportswear. Includes sketches and clippings.
15 10 Brady Brown Inc., 1974
Huxtable designed antacid container packaging. Includes correspondence, sketches, drawings and notes.
Box Folder
63* 2 Kelpper Residence, 1974
Huxtable designed cabinets and shelving.
15, 64* Gallagher's, 1975-1976
For Brody Corporation. Includes correspondence, sketches and drawings.
Box Folder
15 12 Stuart, Gunn & Furuta, 1976-1979
Huxtable designs include a watering can and various gardening tools. The line was possibly called Pfizer Gardening tools. Includes correspondence and drawings. Also includes an invoice regarding the design of frozen pie product packaging.
15 13 Weingarten Consulting, 1976
Huxtable consulted on a project for a potential patent. Includes letters.
15 14 Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, 1977
For Stuart, Gunn & Furuta. Huxtable designed corporate branding. Includes correspondence, notes and sketches.
15, 40, 64* Unidentified, 1941-1972, undated
Includes parts for a possible light fixture prototype possibly related to the World Trade Center Sky Lobby project.

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