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Oleg Grabar papers, 1898-2009

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Grabar (Oleg) Papers
Series II. Research materials, 1898-2009, undated 42 Linear Feet (96 boxes, 4 flat file folders)
Series II.A. Geography, 1922-2007, undated 21.6 Linear Feet (41 boxes, 4 flat files)
Material with region- or site-specific content is included in this subseries: site excavation and survey reports, works on specific architectural monuments, and in situ sculpture and inscriptions. The sites listed for each country/region represent the bulk of the material, but are not comprehensive.
Arranged alphabetically by country or region, with Jerusalem at the end of the subseries.
box folder
13 1-3 Afghanistan, 1949-1988, undated
Includes partial draft of Allen dissertation on Timurid Herat with cover letter bound in, offprints (one with supplemental photographs of site in Seistan), photocopies; includes material on sites of Bamiyan, Herat and Balkh.
13 4 Algeria, 1958-1966
Offprints; includes material on Tlemcen.
13 5 Bahrain, 1978
Bulgaria, 1959-circa 1995, undated
box folder
13 6 Papers and postcards, 1959-circa 1995, undated
box folder
34 1 Black-and-white photographs of Christian mural painting, undated
Central Asian republics, 1957-1994, undated
Offprints, photocopies, drafts, grant application, and Samarkand design competition document (with cover letter), as well as a pamphlet, postcard set, and map set. Sites documented include Teschebaini, Irepuni, Sarazm, Bukhara, Panjikent, Samarkand and Khiva, with an emphasis on Uzbekistan and Tajikistan; also includes general treatments of the Silk Road and Skythian art.
box folder
14 1-7 General, 1957-1994, undated
box folder
109 1 Merv Oasis (Turkmenistan) project portfolio, 1989
box folder
33 6 China, 1995, undated
Offprint and map; pamphlet set relating to Xinjiang, Uighur Autonomous Region, including Urumqi and monuments in the Turfan Basin; postcards and photographs of objects. See also Series V for further materials relating to Grabar's travel to China for projects of the Aga Khan Development Network.
33 1 Cyprus, 1989-1995
Offprint and photocopies about Paphos.
Egypt, 1922-1994, undated
Sites and architecture, 1922-1994, undated
15-16 Papers, 1922-1994, undated
Includes offprints, photocopies, drafts, newsletters, and booklets. The majority of the material deals with Cairo, but there is also material on the sites of Alexandria, Mount Sinai, Abu Mena and Quseir al-Qadim.
box folder
41 2 Black-and-white photographs, undated
Maps of Cairo, 1951, undated
box folder
16 7 General, undated
Map of Cairo showing Muhammadan monuments on scale 1:5000, supplement to The Mosques of Egypt from 21 H. (641) to 1365 H. (1946), 1951
box folder
110 2 Index
2** Map sheets
box folder
17 1-2 Other art forms in Egypt, 1951-1990
Offprints and photocopies relating to a broad range of topics, from ceramics to textiles to Mamluk heraldry; list of loan objects for Islamic Art in Egypt 969-1517 exhibition (1969).
Greece, 1956-1981, undated
box folder
33 2 Offprints, 1956-1981
Offprints relating to Athens, Acrocorinth and Crete.
box folder
34 2 Black-and-white photographs of Christian mural painting at Mistra, undated
18, 48 Indian subcontinent, 1964-1994, undated
Materials relating to present-day India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal and Ceylon; includes offprints, photocopies, drafts and UNESCO reports, as well as maps, guidebooks and postcards. Also included is a letter from Anita Pearlroth with accompanying photograph.
Iran, 1930-1992, undated
Material relating to sites of Susa, Persepolis, Kharg, Atesh-Kouh, Ghubayra, Rey, Isfahan, Bastam, Robat Zayn-al-Din, Na'in, Nushabad, Zuzan, Torbat-i Jam, Sistan, Horasan, Shahr-i Qumis, Siraf, Tepe Yahya, Istakhr, Hamadhan, Gunbad-i Kharraqan, Zaware, Hasanlu.
19-20 General, 1930-1992, undated
Includes offprints, photocopies, UNESCO report, one brief letter received (sent with offprint), typescript project reports and a student paper.
36 Black-and-white photographs of Isfahan, undated
Includes prints from Grabar negatives in Series I.
box folder
109 2 Plates from Flights over Ancient Cities of Iran, 1940
box folder
21 1-3 Iraq, 1955-1991, undated
Includes offprints, photocopies, text of conference paper, and project grant application with map; includes sites of Baghdad, Hillah, Samarra, Isin, Tell 'Umar, Mosul, Hatra (one article on Hatra includes additional photographic documentation).
Israel and Palestine, 1936-2007, undated
box folder
32 5-6 Papers, 1936-2007
Offprints, photocopies and guidebooks, relating to Bethlehem, Hebron, Beth Shan, Lachish, Khirbet Abu Suwwana, Ashkelon, Capernaum, Sepphoris, Caesarea Maritima.
box folder
41 1 Black-and-white photographs of the mosaics in the Church of the Nativity, Bethlehem, undated
See photographs and contact sheets in Series I.
Italy and Sicily, 1983, undated
box folder
33 3 Offprint and postcard, 1983, undated
box folder
35 1 Black-and-white photographs, undated
Study photographs of architecure and decoration at sites including Palermo, Monreale, and Torre Pisana.
Jordan, 1960-1994, undated
Includes material relating to Amman, Aqaba, Petra, Umm er-Rasas, Mount Nebo, Hammam al-Sarah, Qasr al-Qastal, Qasr al-Hallabat.
box folder
22 1-5 Papers, 1960-1994, undated
Includes offprints, photocopies, drafts, letter from Robert Schick and correspondence with Alistair Northedge, and project proposals.
22 6 Guidebooks, photographs, maps, postcards, 1988-1989, undated
box folder
32 3 Kuwait, 1984-1991, undated
Offprints relating to Failaka and newsletter and guidebooks for the Kuwait National Museum.
32 4 Lebanon, 1949-1972
Offprints relating to Beirut.
Morocco, 1980-1995, undated
box folder
32 1-2 Papers, 1980-1995, undated
Offprints, newsletters, typescripts and drafts relating to Marrakesh, Sijilmasa, Fez and Rabat.
box folder
35 4 Black-and-white photographs, undated
box folder
31 6 Oman, 1975-1987
Offprints, photocopies, photographs of Muttrah Fort.
Saudi Arabia, 1950-1991, undated
box folder
23 1-4 Papers, 1950-1991, undated
Offprints, photocopies, drafts, student paper and site guides, includes material relating to Mecca, Medina, al-Rabadha, Jiddah, Asir-Nejran, Hejaz, Hail-Wadi Sirhan, Hasa-Qatif oases and Dariyyah, al-Jawf oasis.
box folder
35 3 Black-and-white photographs, undated
Study photographs of Mecca and Medina.
box folder
33 4 Senegal, 1971, undated
Newsletter and other material relating to Saint Louis and Zuguinchor.
Spain and Portugal, 1956-1995, undated
box folder
24 1-5 Papers, 1956-1995, undated
Offprints, newsletters, drafts, photocopies, notes, postcards, guidebook and map relating to the Alhambra at Granada, Córdoba, Toledo, Castulo, Recopolis, Calatrava la Vieja, Sintra, Madinat al-Zahra.
37 Black-and-white photographs, undated
Study photographs of Seville, Córdoba, Toledo and the Alhambra.
box folder
121 2 Color photographs, undated
box folder
33 5 Sudan, 1981
Report on Aydhâb.
Syria, 1923-1993, undated
Material relating to Palmyra, Damascus, Aleppo, Djebel Seis, Qal'a Sim'an (with notes), Bosra (with notes), Ruhin, Rusafa, Balis, Taibe Oasis, Salkhad, Raqqah, Bilad al-Sham, Khan Tuman, Madinat al-Far, Qasr al-Hayr al-Gharbi, and Dura Europas.
Papers, 1923-1993, undated
25-26A Offprints, photocopies, newsletters, 1923-1993, undated
box folder
27 1-2 Typescripts, drafts, papers, 1988-1993, undated
27 3-4 Maps, postcards, guidebooks, 1985-1989, undated
38-39 Black-and-white photographs, undated
Includes images from University of Michigan survey expedition; also includes a significant quantity of pre-Islamic material.
box folder
121 1 Black-and-white negatives and transparencies, undated
Tunisia, 1952-1983, undated
box folder
31 1-2 Papers, 1952-1983, undated
Offprints, photocopies and maps, relating to Tunis, Kairouan, Sousse and Carthage.
box folder
35 2 Black-and-white photographs of Kairouan, undated
Turkey, 1934-2005, undated
28-29 Site reports and architecture, 1934-2005, undated
Offprints, photocopies and drafts relating to Diyarbakir, Iznik, Kayseri, Divrigi, Istanbul, Konya, Kobadabad, Bayburt, Erzurum, Bozuyuk, Sardis, Ankara, Harran, Antioch on the Orontes, Gritille, Izmit, Adana and Bursa.
box folder
30 3 Tourist guidebooks, maps, 1949-1967, undated
30 1-2 Other arts in Turkey, 1947-1985
Offprints and photocopies.
40 Black-and-white photographs, undated
Includes images from University of Michigan survey expedition; also includes a significant quantity of Byzantine material.
Yemen, 1955-1994, undated
box folder
31 3-5 Papers, 1955-1994, undated
Offprints (one with letter from Berta Segall), photocopies and papers, relating to Sana'a, Zabib and Hadramawt; manuscript by Ory relating to the al-Abbas Mosque in Asnaf (with images, correspondence, and notes by Grabar).
box folder
110 1 Prints of drawings of structures in Mokha, 1980
Possibly part of a UNESCO report.
box folder
34 3 Yugoslavia, undated
Black-and-white study photographs of Christian architecture and mural painting.
Jerusalem, 1928-2007, undated
42-45 Offprints, photocopies, drafts, 1928-2007, undated
box folder
123* 1 Newspaper clippings, 1991-2006
46 Notes and correspondence, 1987-2004, undated
3**-5** Maps, 1952-2002, undated
box folder
45 4 Plans, undated
45 5 Guidebooks, 1951-1954, undated
45 6-7 Postcard sets and panorama pamphlet, undated
47 Black-and-white photographs, undated
120 Color slides by M. Cross, color print and transparency, negatives, 1992, undated

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