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Oleg Grabar papers, 1898-2009

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Grabar (Oleg) Papers
Series II. Research materials, 1898-2009, undated 42 Linear Feet (96 boxes, 4 flat file folders)
Series II. B. Artistic medium, 1899-2006, undated 10.2 Linear Feet (29 boxes)
Research materials focusing on a specific medium or form of art comprise this subseries.
Arranged by medium.
Architecture, 1922-1994, undated
Includes general treatments of building types, elements and surveys by dynasty, including Umayyad and Seljuq, as well as materials relating to urbanism and city planning, proportions and landscape architecture.
49-50 Offprints and photocopies, 1932-1994, undated
box folder
111 1 Oversize offprint, 1922
box folder
51 1-3 M.Arch and M.S. theses, 1981-1992
51 4-5 Unpublished material, 1980-1994, undated
Various unpublished materials created by colleagues and students, includes partial draft of Ayyubid Architecture by Terry Allen, conference papers and drafts of articles, course syllabus, announcements.
box folder
122 1 Negatives and transparencies, undated
Miniatures and illuminated manuscripts, 1933-2000, undated
Individual texts, 1939-1996, undated
box folder
55 1-2 Codex-Calendar of 354, 1952, undated
Notes and unbound copy of Stern publication.
52-53 Andarz-nāmeh, 1954-1974, undated
Notes, correspondence, offprints, student papers, black-and-white photographs and drafts of remarks on the manuscript.
Maqāmāt, 1960-1996, undated
box folder
54 1-5 Notes, correspondence, offprint and photocopies, 1960-1996, undated
58 Black-and-white photographs, undated
box folder
57 5-7 Kalila wa Dimna, 1980-1990, undated
Notes, offprints
box folder
54 6-8 Shah-nameh, 1939-1986, undated
Print-out of draft of Shah-nameh illustration index, offprints and ephemera.
56-57 Islamic manuscripts, 1933-2000, undated
Offprints, photocopies, drafts, postcards, letters and grant proposal; also includes material relating to individual painters and calligraphy.
box folder
55 3-5 Judeo-Christian manuscripts, 1956-1993, undated
Offprints and drafts; also includes Western secular works.
55 6-7 Manuscript production and bookbinding, undated
Photocopies of typescript and printouts.
59 Research on manuscripts in the Harvard University Art Museum, undated
Includes notes, photocopies, correspondence.
Photographic documentation of various manuscripts, including De Materia Medica, undated
box folder
72 1-2 Black-and-white photographs
box folder
122 2 Color photographs, negatives, transparencies
Metalwork, 1899-2003, undated
With an strong emphasis on Sasanian vessels.
60-61 Offprints, photocopies, drafts, ephemera, 1931-2000, undated
box folder
111 2 Oversize offprint, 1899
box folder
61 4 Conference papers, 1970-1971
Includes materials from the 1971 Sasanian Silver conference at the Fogg Art Museum and the symposium on Application of Scientific Methods in the Analysis of Works of Art, Boston, Museum of Fine Arts, 1970.
61 5 Notes, 1968, undated
Also includes letters from Dorothy G. Shepherd, Prudence Harper and Cyril Stanley Smith.
Photographic documentation, 2003, undated
Includes occasional notes and images of objects in other media.
62-65 Black-and-white photographs, undated
box folder
122 3 Color photographs, transparencies, negatives, 2003, undated
Ceramic vessels and lamps, 1929-1990, undated
Also includes faience vessels.
box folder
66 1-5 Offprints, photocopies and drafts, 1929-1990, undated
69 Black-and-white photographs, undated
Glass vessels and lamps, 1937-1988, undated
box folder
67 1-3 Papers, 1937-1988, undated
Offprints, photocopies, ephemera, drafts and student work; includes extensive coverage of the glass from the Serçe Limani shipwreck.
70 Black-and-white photographs, undated
Tilework, stucco and mosaic, 1958-1990, undated
box folder
67 4-5 Offprints, photocopies, draft, 1958-1990, undated
box folder
75 1 Black-and-white photographs of Christian mosaics, undated
Sculpture, 1924-2006, undated
Sculpture in the round and in relief; includes carved stone, wood, ivory and jade.
box folder
68 1-2 Offprints and photocopies, 1924-2006, undated
Overwhelmingly pre-Islamic or Medieval West; one photocopy includes letter from Yaron Eliav.
box folder
72 3-4 Black-and-white photographs, undated
Includes notes on Fatamid wood carving.
box folder
68 3 Mirrors, 1961-1985
Offprint, student paper.
Textiles, 1937-1975, undated
box folder
68 4 Offprints, photocopies, postcard, 1937-1975, undated
71 Black-and-white photographs, undated
Coins and medallions, 1950-1995, undated
Includes general treatments of Islamic numismatics, see also economic history materials in Series II.D.
box folder
73 1-4 Offprints and photocopy, 1950-1995, undated
74 Black-and white photographs, undated
box folder
67 6 Seals, amulets, bullae, jewelry, 1967-1994
Offprints, conference paper.
67 7 Panel painting and icons, 1966-1974, undated
box folder
68 5 Weights and measures, 1956-1977
box folder
75 2 Wall-painting, undated
Black-and-white photographs of Christian and Roman mural painting, most with location not identified.
Various minor arts, 1925-2003, undated
Offprints on topics including Mamluk playing cards, keys, crystal and cut stone vessels.
box folder
68 6 Offprints, 1925-1974
box folder
122 4 Color photographs, 2003, undated

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